Providers with Taxonomy: Ophthalmology in the state of New York

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Ophthalmology
in the state of New York:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Shari Carney 31404, NYOphthalmology1083617419
Earlene Catherine Siebold 14618, NYOphthalmology1134101157
Geoffrey H Basson 10467, NYOphthalmology1427038603
Joel S Schuman 10017, NYOphthalmology1932184777
James Kirszrot 07675, NYOphthalmology1447234117
Jodi Ian Luchs 33401, NYOphthalmology1366413023
Hindola Konrad 06810, NYOphthalmology1992766174
Jason D Horowitz 10032, NYOphthalmology1679535314
Craig N Cole 32763, NYOphthalmology1851336846
Jeffrey L. Zonderman 12180, NYOphthalmology1649206053
Robert L Farris 10037, NYOphthalmology1730108903
Ronald Gentile 10003, NYOphthalmology1124039854
Shobha Boghani 14621, NYOphthalmology1821023854
Baljeet Purewal 07078, NYOphthalmology1265516355
Srilaxmi Bearelly 10032, NYOphthalmology1972687887
Liwu Chen 11373, NYOphthalmology1225261530
Nancy I Fan-paul 11354, NYOphthalmology1386772531
Neil Suresh Patel 10451, NYOphthalmology1063561439
Prabjot Channa 02903, NYOphthalmology1730205279
Theresa Marie Tretter 02886, NYOphthalmology1528110244
Erika Wandel 06708, NYOphthalmology1407017742
Carolyn Page Graeber 10532, NYOphthalmology1053572438
Sara Yoon 11355, NYOphthalmology1770782187
Roslyn Stahl 10021, NYOphthalmology1104944859
Glaucoma Medical Consultants Of New York, Pllc 11229, NYOphthalmology1467656355
Long Island Vitreo Retinal Consultants 11021, NYOphthalmology1740474402
Vicente Antonio Diaz 06614, NYOphthalmology1114190154
Jonathan Michael Schulhof 11234, NYOphthalmology1972893915
Sejal Shah Desai 33613, NYOphthalmology1790919868
Eunice Maya Kohara 90232, NYOphthalmology1386899631
Vincent C Fan 14621, NYOphthalmology1356586549
Jung Min Lee 10065, NYOphthalmology1386904548
Cristos Ifantides 80204, NYOphthalmology1821356676
Stephanie Marie Llop Santiago 10003, NYOphthalmology1538422357
Anna Gabriela Escuder 02115, NYOphthalmology1790103331
Valerie Chen 12159, NYOphthalmology1750624987
John Hunt Lillvis 14209, NYOphthalmology1558625293
Frank Cao 64804, NYOphthalmology1366703969
Nataliya Pokeza 19107, NYOphthalmology1467795120
Jennifer Park 60612, NYOphthalmology1568880318
Talia Rosenberg Kaden 10017, NYOphthalmology1770825689
Eric David Rosenberg 10021, NYOphthalmology1194164186
Jennifer Lee 60611, NYOphthalmology1053708305
Katherine Fallano 21204, NYOphthalmology1225398241
Donald Munro Fox, Md Pc 10019, NYOphthalmology1720503352
Finny T John 73104, NYOphthalmology1750739264
Scott Greenbaum Md Pc 11375, NYOphthalmology1104334119
Jon L Dusse 14221, NYOphthalmology1558327742
Alexander Voldman 06460, NYOphthalmology1659622900
Jeffrey David Schiller 10314, NYOphthalmology1710989470
Gotham Eye Medical, P.c. 10451, NYOphthalmology1346663051
Stephen Charles Kaufman 53226, NYOphthalmology1558421958
Colin Joseph Prensky 15213, NYOphthalmology1255682217
Samantha Xavier 34761, NYOphthalmology1316240690
Nyeei Of Mount Sinai Professional Services 10003, NYOphthalmology1134600547
Oculus Medical Eye Care Pc 10013, NYOphthalmology1174037758
Long Island Vitreo Retinal Consultants Pc 11021, NYOphthalmology1437262755
David Yao Fei Poon 11021, NYOphthalmology1376861864
Prachi Dua 10065, NYOphthalmology1922341247
Alan Sheyman 10075, NYOphthalmology1659663268
Mahsa A Sohrab Md Pllc 06830, NYOphthalmology1134692924
Ekaterina Semenova 10003, NYOphthalmology1801276191
Van Ann Quynh Tran 10032, NYOphthalmology1346629250
Western New York Medical Practice P.c 14534, NYOphthalmology1891359824
Michelle K Rhee 10022, NYOphthalmology1518068162
Michael Scott Christopher Hemond 94602, NYOphthalmology1952740920
Laiyin Ma 10003, NYOphthalmology1073900353
Stephanie K Becker 11801, NYOphthalmology1477630390
Pediatric Ophthalmic Care Pc 10023, NYOphthalmology1538640594
Alan F. Bloom 14534, NYOphthalmology1003841446
Colleen Maturana 10021, NYOphthalmology1174905202
Gareth M. C. Lema 10029, NYOphthalmology1982802476
Mehdi Najafi 02446, NYOphthalmology1003252297
Sana Ali Bautista 19104, NYOphthalmology1548689425
Farzan Gorgani 44278, NYOphthalmology1497133615
Robert B Feldman 12205, NYOphthalmology1467443564
Gregory Dongkyu Lee 30041, NYOphthalmology1609162155
Michael Bahren Choi 11372, NYOphthalmology1871912279
Paymohn Mahdavi 91107, NYOphthalmology1295095669
Elona Dhrami 10467, NYOphthalmology1316264674
Ronald R Reed 14534, NYOphthalmology1114952546
Robert Auerbach 10065, NYOphthalmology1609874460
Kyle M Ferguson 41056, NYOphthalmology1437554102
Bradford Sgrignoli 17112, NYOphthalmology1003166000
Steven Agemy 10003, NYOphthalmology1245541671
Jorawer Singh 12205, NYOphthalmology1346660974
Sanjai Jalaj 44195, NYOphthalmology1437545191
Richard Louis Deluca 10021, NYOphthalmology1215999099
Benjeil Zurishaddai Edghill 10301, NYOphthalmology1659392520
Mark J. Friedman 11419, NYOphthalmology1265488597
Gregg Gordon 11411, NYOphthalmology1083657126
Stephen Haug 11042, NYOphthalmology1083651947
Daniel Husney 11229, NYOphthalmology1598083685
Philip S Kwait 11373, NYOphthalmology1134104136
Di Zhou 11530, NYOphthalmology1023435948
Anika S Michael 10301, NYOphthalmology1619174646
Kambiz Thomas Moazed 10033, NYOphthalmology1023056512
Alma Janet Olivos-asarian 10301, NYOphthalmology1538152681
Jeffrey Charles Paccione 11373, NYOphthalmology1467446575
Akil Pascal 11205, NYOphthalmology1336300201
Daniel Simhaee 11373, NYOphthalmology1043654973
Yufei Tu 11218, NYOphthalmology1255607206
Amita Vadada 10010, NYOphthalmology1912226416
Nitasha Gupta 10016, NYOphthalmology1972941748
Arpine Barsegian 90095, NYOphthalmology1780070649
Desiree Albert 14618, NYOphthalmology1659766228
Advanced Eye Physician Pllc 10013, NYOphthalmology1174600316
Aliaa Abdelhakim Hamed 10032, NYOphthalmology1023404175
Kelsi Leigh Greider-sideris 92083, NYOphthalmology1851771497
Christine Elizabeth Coward 14621, NYOphthalmology1215294111
Ganga R. Nair 13413, NYOphthalmology1184710386
Gaurav M. Chandra 10016, NYOphthalmology1497166730
Kyle J Godfrey 10021, NYOphthalmology1104268994
Steve Byongkoo Park 14624, NYOphthalmology1053393009
Retina Consultants Of Westchester P.c. 10552, NYOphthalmology1396206306
Vision Vibrant Medicine Pllc 11220, NYOphthalmology1922634518
Randa M Garana Md Pc 10022, NYOphthalmology1154762045
Stuart Brian Carter 18104, NYOphthalmology1477997682
Gennifer Joy Greebel 10577, NYOphthalmology1750566469
Catherine Corina Violet Gerontis 11725, NYOphthalmology1477553253
Jimmy Yan Hu 10016, NYOphthalmology1962814806
Laser And Corneal Surgery Associates, Pc 10016, NYOphthalmology1477746626
Kirkland Castellano 33770, NYOphthalmology1679936991
Ashley Khalili 19107, NYOphthalmology1780038075
Brett Bielory 07070, NYOphthalmology1437592946
Sejal Patel 10032, NYOphthalmology1770946949
Gabriel Rand 10032, NYOphthalmology1134573454
Sylvia Casas De Leon 20190, NYOphthalmology1619362993
Victoria North 02114, NYOphthalmology1922459817
Rupin Nitin Parikh 73104, NYOphthalmology1336643022
Keri Allen 96950, NYOphthalmology1487948543
Brian K. Do 20815, NYOphthalmology1073807681
North Shore Medical Group Of The Mount Sinai School Of Medicine 11740, NYOphthalmology1275640609
Brandon B Johnson Md Pc 10016, NYOphthalmology1356963755
Diana Laura 33136, NYOphthalmology1407219892
Michelle M. Maeng 33136, NYOphthalmology1871955492
Michael Politi 11590, NYOphthalmology1669886636
Isha Mehta 10065, NYOphthalmology1053798322
Ryan Phan 92103, NYOphthalmology1588027213
Alisa Jennifer Prager 60611, NYOphthalmology1174986665
Angela Pugliese Bessette 14642, NYOphthalmology1912296088
Luna Xu 10013, NYOphthalmology1558628156
Andrea Tooley 55905, NYOphthalmology1750797213
Michael Jeremy Savetsky 90640, NYOphthalmology1255598819
Katherine Ohlhausen Mccabe 22102, NYOphthalmology1114313269
Tarika Thareja 17822, NYOphthalmology1598184673
Payal Patel 10016, NYOphthalmology1912140781
Trinoveon Corporation 89109, NYOphthalmology1265084073
Ayman Matta 10962, NYOphthalmology1841288388
Ayman Z. Matta, M.d., P.c. 10962, NYOphthalmology1326267568
Ragui W Sedeek 93454, NYOphthalmology1306993571
Mark Philip Breazzano 21287, NYOphthalmology1619388121
Anna Rothstein 14424, NYOphthalmology1801998109
Sungjun John Hwang 14424, NYOphthalmology1255334132
Heidi Clare Piper 14424, NYOphthalmology1558364430
Holly Butler Hindman 14424, NYOphthalmology1285770602
Alice Wong 90095, NYOphthalmology1497114268
Ashwinee Ragam 08701, NYOphthalmology1811315278
Gabriel M Ferreira Md Pc 10016, NYOphthalmology1679107932
Katie J Macaluso 14020, NYOphthalmology1780882670
Estela Valerian Ogiste 01247, NYOphthalmology1780684902
Melissa W Ko 46202, NYOphthalmology1548325707
Stephanie Jullien Muylaert 80110, NYOphthalmology1659533511
Leslie E. Gordon, Md P.c. 10032, NYOphthalmology1285230722
Brandon B Johnson 10016, NYOphthalmology1386806693
Harry M Engel 07601, NYOphthalmology1982785317
James M Doyle 33618, NYOphthalmology1407851389
Jarod Michael Santoro 02111, NYOphthalmology1962935122
Joseph Raevis 53705, NYOphthalmology1508253048
Golnaz Moazami Md 10032, NYOphthalmology1720678568
Ilan Cohen 08857, NYOphthalmology1649374802
Carolyn Y Shih 11793, NYOphthalmology1093935413
Karen S Nipper 06905, NYOphthalmology1124093059
A'sha Mable Brown 24541, NYOphthalmology1255674719
Kevin R Mathisson Md Pc 10583, NYOphthalmology1023288610
Sabine Khan 10032, NYOphthalmology1275915845
Kevin R Mathisson 10583, NYOphthalmology1326076639
Neelofar Ghaznawi 11373, NYOphthalmology1184814048
John P Cranston 12401, NYOphthalmology1689639916
Srilata Sriram Naidu 11714, NYOphthalmology1568462042
Michael Jeffrey Weiner 11714, NYOphthalmology1245248202
Raymond Fong M.d., P.c. 10013, NYOphthalmology1083619274
Alan Jordan, M.d., P.c. 11201, NYOphthalmology1992702377
Eye Health Associates Of Western New York Pc 14221, NYOphthalmology1831181528
Lake Success Ophthalmic Associates Pc 11042, NYOphthalmology1477546307
Gregory N Joy, Md Pllc 13027, NYOphthalmology1346234572
Mark Flugman, M.d., P.c. 11570, NYOphthalmology1053305094
Twin Tiers Eye Care Associates Pc 14901, NYOphthalmology1720072663
New York Ophthalmology Associates, Pllc 10019, NYOphthalmology1467955609
Ophthalmic Plastic Surgery,pllc 12159, NYOphthalmology1235113424
Cornea Consultants Of Albany,pllc 12159, NYOphthalmology1760466858
St. Lucy's Eye Care Center, Pc 11716, NYOphthalmology1063490753
Liebergall Eye Associates, M.d.,p.c. 10901, NYOphthalmology1487633079
Glaucoma Associates Of New York Pc 10003, NYOphthalmology1730169780
Eye Physicians Of Orange County Pc 10924, NYOphthalmology1457331266
Omni Eye Surgery Of New York Pc 10017, NYOphthalmology1598748659
Retina Consultant, Pllc 12159, NYOphthalmology1841274016
Niel J Squillante Mdpc 10075, NYOphthalmology1548231913
Marcel M Admoni 11372, NYOphthalmology1336111467
Schenectady Ophthalmology Assoc Pc 12305, NYOphthalmology1710953369


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