Providers with Taxonomy: Ophthalmology in the state of New York

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Ophthalmology
in the state of New York:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
John Chu-hong Chang 10965, NYOphthalmology1073516027
Andrew Spinak 10965, NYOphthalmology1558364505
Karl James Marchenese 14424, NYOphthalmology1497758387
Joseph David Silverberg 14621, NYOphthalmology1881697605
Kenneth H Spitzer 13210, NYOphthalmology1821091315
Leon-paul Noel 13210, NYOphthalmology1952304388
Alan L. Siegel 14569, NYOphthalmology1386647675
Gary E Torbey 13676, NYOphthalmology1487657888
Allan Kanter 13210, NYOphthalmology1942203302
James Kinsey 13210, NYOphthalmology1659374098
Mark Jofe 11235, NYOphthalmology1548263858
Daniel B. Levin 14569, NYOphthalmology1942203252
Regina M Smolyak 14642, NYOphthalmology1497758791
Lawrence Marc Jacobson 10016, NYOphthalmology1184627465
Charles Mango 13210, NYOphthalmology1285637611
Reginald E. Ishman 14569, NYOphthalmology1710980016
Ilona Genis 11235, NYOphthalmology1063415537
William N. White 14569, NYOphthalmology1770586075
Raymond Fong 10013, NYOphthalmology1730181868
Robert M Fisch 12401, NYOphthalmology1861496143
Gary I Povill 12449, NYOphthalmology1801898978
Angela Faye Crisp 14845, NYOphthalmology1376547273
Marc G Rubinstein 10017, NYOphthalmology1821092800
David Franklin Westfall 12801, NYOphthalmology1811991433
Melissa Leung 10013, NYOphthalmology1982608444
Boaz J Lissauer 10028, NYOphthalmology1639173123
F Franklin Westfall 12801, NYOphthalmology1942204458
Stephen Allan Obstbaum 10016, NYOphthalmology1184628604
Paul J Orioli 13815, NYOphthalmology1306840764
Cynthia A Briglin-mavady 13815, NYOphthalmology1841294204
Stanley J Berke 11590, NYOphthalmology1053315416
Paul James Hartman 14618, NYOphthalmology1447254917
Howard Irwin Schenker 14618, NYOphthalmology1346244811
Alan Howard Gruber 14618, NYOphthalmology1356345839
Amarjit S Atwal 14225, NYOphthalmology1356346795
Jeffrey A Kramer 13815, NYOphthalmology1689679060
Carl A Todoro 14075, NYOphthalmology1881699221
Bingjing Z Roberts 10013, NYOphthalmology1184629503
Ramesh H Shastri 14224, NYOphthalmology1598760944
Michael Lahood 14048, NYOphthalmology1205831534
Jonathan M Kagan 10028, NYOphthalmology1548265796
Jay A Fleischman 10461, NYOphthalmology1497750673
Raymond Fong M.d., P.c. 10013, NYOphthalmology1083619274
Cyrus I Kahn 11021, NYOphthalmology1134124068
Lloyd Ray Hoffman 10567, NYOphthalmology1790780633
William I Kestin 11235, NYOphthalmology1144225210
Sara Rachel Sirkin 14150, NYOphthalmology1225033236
Timothy Young Chou 11794, NYOphthalmology1588669469
Maureen K Lundergan 14221, NYOphthalmology1306841226
Timothy J Riccardi 13215, NYOphthalmology1982609780
Patrick A Costello 13421, NYOphthalmology1346245156
Jeffrey Alan Spitzer 11215, NYOphthalmology1891790556
Edward P Franks 12188, NYOphthalmology1578568556
Roger C. Husted 12572, NYOphthalmology1679577191
Diane J. Kraus 12449, NYOphthalmology1144224668
Julius Shulman 10021, NYOphthalmology1841294584
Joseph P Gale 13413, NYOphthalmology1942205935
Steven M Williams 13413, NYOphthalmology1417952193
Steven P Koenig 10016, NYOphthalmology1720083306
Richard Nauheim 11566, NYOphthalmology1063417566
Mary Susan Napoleon 14513, NYOphthalmology1003812454
John J Costello 13421, NYOphthalmology1487650743
Anthony John Terraciano 10469, NYOphthalmology1730185810
Barrie Soloway 10022, NYOphthalmology1154327807
Ellen Pan 11214, NYOphthalmology1003813247
Martin R Leopold 12524, NYOphthalmology1215934351
Philip Zweifach 10021, NYOphthalmology1417954223
Stanley Elihu Bogaty 11777, NYOphthalmology1508863234
Elisabeth Jane Cohen 10021, NYOphthalmology1538167283
Alan Harold Jaffee 12701, NYOphthalmology1750389417
Neal A Simkovic 11375, NYOphthalmology1942208483
Gary Evan Turer 10605, NYOphthalmology1992703367
Eric Zweifach 10021, NYOphthalmology1497753883
Andrew N. Bainnson 11787, NYOphthalmology1669470829
Alan Herbert Friedman 11554, NYOphthalmology1013915057
Andrew E Gewirtz 10009, NYOphthalmology1982601191
Alan Jordan, M.d., P.c. 11201, NYOphthalmology1992702377
Adria Burrows 10010, NYOphthalmology1841298932
Eric R Brocks 12524, NYOphthalmology1942207980
Greg A Diamond 12524, NYOphthalmology1801894316
Thomas John Federici 12203, NYOphthalmology1427055672
Ramin Mostafavi 10306, NYOphthalmology1619974433
Donna Lynn Geiger 11777, NYOphthalmology1821096553
Robin Susan Hayworth 10021, NYOphthalmology1174521876
Janet B Serle 10029, NYOphthalmology1487652061
Adam B Pass 11209, NYOphthalmology1184623803
Norman Bret Medow 10467, NYOphthalmology1508864364
Irene Magramm 10021, NYOphthalmology1962400747
Jack Greenberg 10016, NYOphthalmology1790784502
Michael Nissen 10021, NYOphthalmology1609875442
George Traykovski 10023, NYOphthalmology1003815432
Donna J Gagliuso 10029, NYOphthalmology1851390173
Mary Elizabeth Davidian 12553, NYOphthalmology1780683052
Paul Marius Beer 12159, NYOphthalmology1891794921
Sai B Gandham 12159, NYOphthalmology1922007038
Richard Luck 11557, NYOphthalmology1588664379
Jay I Lippman 10801, NYOphthalmology1376543017
Thomas A Bersani 13212, NYOphthalmology1083614226
Sameena Khan 11429, NYOphthalmology1801896030
Richard Dean Lisman 10021, NYOphthalmology1043219900
Paul C Holmwood 14221, NYOphthalmology1225039043
Clifford Marc Ratner 10528, NYOphthalmology1477552248
Luis Silva Alvarez 10003, NYOphthalmology1912362708
Herbert C Henken 11561, NYOphthalmology1104827591
Michael L Vilardo 14051, NYOphthalmology1316948714
David Dean Speck 13021, NYOphthalmology1528069986
Theodore N Isseks 12754, NYOphthalmology1164423448
Laurey Gail Mogil 11230, NYOphthalmology1326049644
Demetrios Halikiopoulos 11021, NYOphthalmology1467453506
Philip W. Kramer 10301, NYOphthalmology1437150547
Michael W. Belin 12159, NYOphthalmology1205838125
Madelyn D. Pullman 10304, NYOphthalmology1386646248
Robert Anthony Catalano 12208, NYOphthalmology1063414589
Marc R Imundo 11550, NYOphthalmology1053303073
Chai-luk Wo 11354, NYOphthalmology1962494989
Peter L Menger 11385, NYOphthalmology1477545572
Peter J Duffy 12206, NYOphthalmology1376535385
Kenneth David Anthone 14221, NYOphthalmology1427040294
Eye Health Associates Of Western New York Pc 14221, NYOphthalmology1831181528
Aaron Kassoff 12204, NYOphthalmology1073505665
Nancy H Coles 10021, NYOphthalmology1609868074
Florence Sue Lee 13760, NYOphthalmology1104818574
Henry R Goldstein 12771, NYOphthalmology1871586099
Evan Louis Silvi 11209, NYOphthalmology1033102322
Michael B Whalen 12206, NYOphthalmology1386637411
Lake Success Ophthalmic Associates Pc 11042, NYOphthalmology1477546307
Gerald W Zaidman 10595, NYOphthalmology1043203995
Robert D Malkin 11042, NYOphthalmology1851384762
Patricia A Eretto 12204, NYOphthalmology1275526154
Jordan Kassoff 12204, NYOphthalmology1407849292
Martin J Fox 11042, NYOphthalmology1205829736
Ira J Salzman 11791, NYOphthalmology1194718635
Dennis J. Gormley 10301, NYOphthalmology1972505683
David P Montesanti 14222, NYOphthalmology1386636389
George W Pfohl 14222, NYOphthalmology1477554566
Paul Neil Guerriero 10962, NYOphthalmology1982697033
Marc E Wietschner 11001, NYOphthalmology1477555829
Joseph L Bacotti 11501, NYOphthalmology1962403519
Elwood Murl Heddon 13856, NYOphthalmology1063405421
Barry Michael Epstein 14221, NYOphthalmology1760475156
Paul Chester Rutkowski 10528, NYOphthalmology1629062989
Gregory N Joy, Md Pllc 13027, NYOphthalmology1346234572
Joseph Younger 11530, NYOphthalmology1457345696
Alan D. Harris 13413, NYOphthalmology1225022338
Kenneth Jay Wald 10021, NYOphthalmology1700870904
Steven Carl Greenberg 10580, NYOphthalmology1538153705
Norman C Charles 10021, NYOphthalmology1356335525
Mark Flugman, M.d., P.c. 11570, NYOphthalmology1053305094
Twin Tiers Eye Care Associates Pc 14901, NYOphthalmology1720072663
Douglas Frank Willard 14901, NYOphthalmology1184618035
Lloyd Eugene Suter 13903, NYOphthalmology1124012075
Robert Stephen Morello 14901, NYOphthalmology1790779643
Richard Alan Rosenberg 14830, NYOphthalmology1942294657
James J Lombardo 11209, NYOphthalmology1538153366
Lisabeth Sara Hall 10023, NYOphthalmology1922093491
Paul Francis Torrisi 13224, NYOphthalmology1609861046
Kristina M Lynch-guyette 12204, NYOphthalmology1770578833
David Maxwell Kleinman 14642, NYOphthalmology1568457752
Gerald A Hecker 10024, NYOphthalmology1518952696
Richard P White 12204, NYOphthalmology1952396590
Mehdi A Khan 14221, NYOphthalmology1679569214
Jacqueline Dauhajre 11372, NYOphthalmology1043206469
Peter H Berglas 10065, NYOphthalmology1962498311
Glenn J Green 12550, NYOphthalmology1912994328
Melvin Lee Haller 11103, NYOphthalmology1124015946
David Alan Goldfarb 12550, NYOphthalmology1326036823
Russell Dennis Cranston 14830, NYOphthalmology1902890841
Luz Amaro-quireza 10032, NYOphthalmology1134113921
New York Ophthalmology Associates, Pllc 10019, NYOphthalmology1467955609
George Robert Hampton 13224, NYOphthalmology1871588210
Benjamin David Spirn 08820, NYOphthalmology1417941592
Adel Batri 10010, NYOphthalmology1952397614
Mark Flugman 11570, NYOphthalmology1013901024
Nicholas A Stathopoulos 14150, NYOphthalmology1487642682
Alexander J Ricci 11365, NYOphthalmology1518955715
Timothy J O'brien 14701, NYOphthalmology1912995184
Alan Charles Brown 10023, NYOphthalmology1144218256
Rajendra Kumar Modi 11385, NYOphthalmology1902895733
George Thomas Schirripa 10701, NYOphthalmology1417946294
Julia D Katz 10065, NYOphthalmology1679562821
Brian Jacob Herschorn 10021, NYOphthalmology1578552550
Dennis J Picano 12804, NYOphthalmology1780673715
Seth A Biser 10552, NYOphthalmology1154311793
Michele A Jamison 14626, NYOphthalmology1235129479
Richard R Jamison 14626, NYOphthalmology1255321352
Robert M Schwarcz 10075, NYOphthalmology1649260746
Steven R Bodine 10708, NYOphthalmology1457342123
Ralph Michael Bishop 14850, NYOphthalmology1740271212
Marc A Rosenblatt 10021, NYOphthalmology1952392466
Richard Joel Schneider 10021, NYOphthalmology1609867050
George O Temnycky 13212, NYOphthalmology1528059995
Philip Bonanno 11542, NYOphthalmology1609867845
Chad Benjamin Haller 11103, NYOphthalmology1548251713
Warren Appleman 10075, NYOphthalmology1851382048
Benjamin Chang 11530, NYOphthalmology1598756793
Edward A Griggs 10705, NYOphthalmology1457332587
Edmund Kelvin Ling-chung 10306, NYOphthalmology1477534592
Robert Schumer 12401, NYOphthalmology1093796112
Sidney Jack Kalish 11211, NYOphthalmology1588645550
Mark J Kupersmith 10019, NYOphthalmology1922089655


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