Providers with Taxonomy: Ophthalmology in the state of Ohio

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Ophthalmology
in the state of Ohio:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Carl Augustine Minning 43701, OHOphthalmology1316940513
Y. Victor Shin 44124, OHOphthalmology1487657672
Hillcrest mayfield Eye Associates, Inc. 44124, OHOphthalmology1427051697
Ann Elizabeth Melick 43701, OHOphthalmology1154324341
Leonard C. Tucker 44124, OHOphthalmology1316940406
Randal E. March 44124, OHOphthalmology1316940414
James Johnston 44278, OHOphthalmology1316940174
Jerry Keith Shell 45503, OHOphthalmology1235132135
Elliot Davidoff 43055, OHOphthalmology1760485734
Todd Lee Beyer 44278, OHOphthalmology1407859275
Stephen E. Clark 43551, OHOphthalmology1134122948
Mark Stephen Law 43055, OHOphthalmology1275536237
James Edward Silone 43055, OHOphthalmology1487657342
Donald Charles Stephens 44278, OHOphthalmology1952304685
James Lee Vendeland 44118, OHOphthalmology1548263007
Prafulla N. Patel 43130, OHOphthalmology1639172364
James R Rademacher 45373, OHOphthalmology1669475133
Richard Allen Statesir 44107, OHOphthalmology1699778142
Steven Hwan Suh 43082, OHOphthalmology1023011475
Lisa Marie Ward 44060, OHOphthalmology1598768855
George Michael Chioran 43082, OHOphthalmology1609879055
Joseph James Fammartino 44718, OHOphthalmology1528061876
Mark Andrew Gersman 44718, OHOphthalmology1205839552
Robert Edward Wenz 44718, OHOphthalmology1639172984
Gary G Carothers 45236, OHOphthalmology1679575948
Marcus Fawzy George Estafanous 44718, OHOphthalmology1437151743
Wesley James Harnish 43081, OHOphthalmology1619979911
Lindsay W Bibler 45236, OHOphthalmology1174525463
David R Adam 45013, OHOphthalmology1730181025
Charles J Breen 41042, OHOphthalmology1437151719
Christopher J Devine 45202, OHOphthalmology1205838562
Michael E Daun 45202, OHOphthalmology1457353708
Sean P Davitt 45224, OHOphthalmology1144222407
William Joseph Kessler 45419, OHOphthalmology1134121494
Stephen Edward Demick 45601, OHOphthalmology1689676942
John Denoon Evans 45662, OHOphthalmology1386646644
Saif Jaweed 41017, OHOphthalmology1255333472
Louis J Schott 45230, OHOphthalmology1386646545
Stephen Richard Kaufman 44718, OHOphthalmology1568464832
Robert B Werner 45207, OHOphthalmology1487656633
Mark H Gooch 45207, OHOphthalmology1861494098
Daniel F Marcus 43606, OHOphthalmology1124020359
John A Halpin 45236, OHOphthalmology1841292075
Michael S Halpin 41017, OHOphthalmology1376545590
Stephen T Kondash 45238, OHOphthalmology1962404186
Daniel C Love 45013, OHOphthalmology1760484984
David W Kozy 43615, OHOphthalmology1750383964
Gregroy Alan Eippert 44060, OHOphthalmology1730181934
Jean M Noll 41017, OHOphthalmology1760484935
Philip J Poon 45224, OHOphthalmology1912909185
Rees W Sheppard 45255, OHOphthalmology1811999071
John J Antalis 43725, OHOphthalmology1689676777
David Howard 45255, OHOphthalmology1972507838
Michael Patrick Varley 44121, OHOphthalmology1154325983
Ronald N Brown 43623, OHOphthalmology1386648970
Neal A Tolchin 43623, OHOphthalmology1902800642
James G Ravin 43623, OHOphthalmology1437153178
Ronald E Warwar 45409, OHOphthalmology1881698363
Robert William Beyer 44130, OHOphthalmology1922003300
Karl J Luketic 43623, OHOphthalmology1669477998
Khalil A Raffoul 43623, OHOphthalmology1407851736
Abraham Yap Sim 43623, OHOphthalmology1053316240
Robert K. Rhee 43615, OHOphthalmology1700881729
John Joseph Wilding 45365, OHOphthalmology1194720235
Paul Allen Kurz 44266, OHOphthalmology1063417152
Yael Dinar-kushnir 44060, OHOphthalmology1699770784
Stephen Y Reed 48162, OHOphthalmology1528063526
Ronald Edgar Posner 44060, OHOphthalmology1952306961
Matthew P Koehler 48334, OHOphthalmology1821093535
Louis P Caravella 44126, OHOphthalmology1154326999
Michael A Novak 44122, OHOphthalmology1265437867
Myron Eugene Bodnar 44256, OHOphthalmology1457356032
Carla M Krebs 44126, OHOphthalmology1487659066
A R Srikantiah 43725, OHOphthalmology1114923646
Kong T Oh 44512, OHOphthalmology1164428199
Tac Zhun Lee 44512, OHOphthalmology1790781722
Michael Lee Stark 45365, OHOphthalmology1679579577
Spectrum Eye Care, Inc. 45840, OHOphthalmology1821095381
Warren M Sobol 43215, OHOphthalmology1881691327
Charles Patrick Carroll 45440, OHOphthalmology1780681239
Ann Marie Martinek 45440, OHOphthalmology1912904467
Robert L Peets 45415, OHOphthalmology1720085236
Robert J Knox 45662, OHOphthalmology1790782035
James Vincent Furicchia 43606, OHOphthalmology1235137936
Peter B Wittstein 45503, OHOphthalmology1104824580
Mohinder K Gupta 44805, OHOphthalmology1629076948
Michael J Janowicz 43623, OHOphthalmology1285632430
Patricia Ann Welter 43551, OHOphthalmology1790783066
Trent Joseph Carroll 45503, OHOphthalmology1417955626
Marshall Claude Wareham 45429, OHOphthalmology1114925112
Gerald S Sevachko 44512, OHOphthalmology1477551349
Carl K. Shin 44077, OHOphthalmology1326046251
Paul W Turgeon 44703, OHOphthalmology1386643104
Gregory Mark Gray 44720, OHOphthalmology1962401679
Laurence J Karns 44720, OHOphthalmology1871592584
Jerry Irving Macher 44703, OHOphthalmology1134128861
Elbert Hendrik Magoon 44703, OHOphthalmology1588663223
Bennett Sanford Romanoff 43560, OHOphthalmology1790784155
Robin Francis Beran 43081, OHOphthalmology1053310011
Tony P. Sellitti 43952, OHOphthalmology1366441446
David W Nelson 44720, OHOphthalmology1407855661
Todd Gould Md Inc 45373, OHOphthalmology1609875749
Ronald C. Agresta 43952, OHOphthalmology1740289628
Howard Lee Bell 45255, OHOphthalmology1861491789
James R Conforto 44126, OHOphthalmology1629078365
Lawrence E Lohman 44240, OHOphthalmology1154321859
Stephen H Orr 45840, OHOphthalmology1326048851
Robert G Helwig 44483, OHOphthalmology1154321313
William J Helwig 44483, OHOphthalmology1275533564
Marc F Jones 44240, OHOphthalmology1790785772
Mary Lou Mcgregor 43205, OHOphthalmology1487654422
Cybil Bean Cassady 43205, OHOphthalmology1073513016
Gary L Rogers 43205, OHOphthalmology1760482707
James Harold Bates 44304, OHOphthalmology1316947492
Paul F Armstrong 45840, OHOphthalmology1285634360
Richard P Golden 43205, OHOphthalmology1437159571
Jack Gg Hendershot 45840, OHOphthalmology1255332987
James V Martuccio 44484, OHOphthalmology1003817420
Douglas Phillips Webb 44143, OHOphthalmology1366443764
Sangita Patel Mehta 44143, OHOphthalmology1538160932
Edward J Sheridan 45601, OHOphthalmology1710988936
Jeffrey A Nerad 45242, OHOphthalmology1023019262
Linn M Mangano 45229, OHOphthalmology1346241403
Ildiko T Kondray 44125, OHOphthalmology1275534380
Brian Ray Stahl 45440, OHOphthalmology1942202700
Sergul A Erzurum 44502, OHOphthalmology1235131913
Keith A Wilson 44502, OHOphthalmology1164424743
Lyn E Yakubov 44502, OHOphthalmology1144222746
John P Aey 44502, OHOphthalmology1316949803
Patrick L Spencer 45405, OHOphthalmology1861494304
Marietta Ophthalmology Associates Inc 45750, OHOphthalmology1639171010
Richard E Wyszynski 44502, OHOphthalmology1134121577
Hai-shiuh M Wang 44502, OHOphthalmology1053313551
Brian W Chinavare 45805, OHOphthalmology1568455806
Mark D Pophal 44121, OHOphthalmology1407849516
Saroj Aggarwal 44125, OHOphthalmology1760475800
David J Mitchell 44122, OHOphthalmology1043203045
Jonathan A Eisengart 44121, OHOphthalmology1497748495
Carl F. Asseff 44131, OHOphthalmology1306839212
Brian E Wind 44646, OHOphthalmology1164415147
Bruce M Buerk 45440, OHOphthalmology1891792339
Michael L Smit 44703, OHOphthalmology1952395352
Beatrice Yvette Brewington 43212, OHOphthalmology1861486110
Zvetan Nicholas Zakov 44122, OHOphthalmology1932193208
Lawrence J. Singerman 44122, OHOphthalmology1780678029
Fort Steuben Ophthalmologists, Inc. 43952, OHOphthalmology1487648739
Scott D. Pendergast 44122, OHOphthalmology1386638682
Retina Associates Of Cleveland, Inc. 44122, OHOphthalmology1912991225
Hernando Zegarra 44122, OHOphthalmology1710971098
Richard L Fuller 44646, OHOphthalmology1376537506
David G. Miller 44122, OHOphthalmology1992799191
James George Limbert 43213, OHOphthalmology1730173782
Stuart M Terman 44139, OHOphthalmology1326032053
Don L Bremer 43205, OHOphthalmology1821082413
George Franklin Calloway 43081, OHOphthalmology1033104518
Canyon Eye Associates 43213, OHOphthalmology1235124728
Lisa Marie Borkowski 43215, OHOphthalmology1033104435
Emil Mitchel Opremcak 43215, OHOphthalmology1023003415
Harry E Bash 45840, OHOphthalmology1710972179
Jay P Kelman 45242, OHOphthalmology1760477087
Alan Jay Rehmar 43215, OHOphthalmology1396730651
Eric S Eleff 44113, OHOphthalmology1376538421
Todd Edward Woodruff 44320, OHOphthalmology1871588863
James Roy Knowles 45440, OHOphthalmology1053306001
Chester Duane Ridenour 43215, OHOphthalmology1184619140
Aaron C Mack 43213, OHOphthalmology1225023047
Jennifer H Young 43213, OHOphthalmology1275528010
Kenneth Andrew Boyle 43214, OHOphthalmology1427044072
Cei Physicians P.s.c., Llc 45242, OHOphthalmology1942296298
John Geoffrey Allen 43214, OHOphthalmology1821084096
Sanders M Farber 43213, OHOphthalmology1346236312
Jeffrey Floyd Mcadoo 45701, OHOphthalmology1982690814
George W Rozakis 44145, OHOphthalmology1023004983
Joseph David Cooper 45750, OHOphthalmology1740277177
Kevin G Kegler 43026, OHOphthalmology1710974043
Craig Howard Dodrill 45701, OHOphthalmology1003803388
Thomas J Mehelas 43617, OHOphthalmology1902893241
Karen L Klugo 45236, OHOphthalmology1306833496
Anson T Miedel 44691, OHOphthalmology1457348518
Richard R Roebuck 45011, OHOphthalmology1750378782
Gary A Varley 45242, OHOphthalmology1043207996
Robert E Foster 45242, OHOphthalmology1679560528
Michael E Snyder 45242, OHOphthalmology1720075682
Ronald Howard Krasney 44121, OHOphthalmology1154319333
James Lloyd Moses 43204, OHOphthalmology1831187194
Tri state Pediatric Ophthalmology, Llc 43935, OHOphthalmology1205825122
Bernard D Perla 44094, OHOphthalmology1790774370
Cei Physicians P.s.c., Llc 47025, OHOphthalmology1265421960
Christopher D Riemann 45242, OHOphthalmology1962491571
Lisa Diane Kelly 45242, OHOphthalmology1265421705
Cei Physicians Psc, Inc 45242, OHOphthalmology1053300517
Cei Physicians P.s.c., Llc 41017, OHOphthalmology1033108592
Kathleen A Lamping 44121, OHOphthalmology1497744882
Susmitha P. Kolli 43130, OHOphthalmology1871582288
Christine M Thorne 44106, OHOphthalmology1003805300
Annapurna Singh 44106, OHOphthalmology1851380158
Manasvee S Kapadia 44115, OHOphthalmology1396734307
Juginder K Luthra 26062, OHOphthalmology1629068630
Charles H Davis 44221, OHOphthalmology1407846389
Harold A Ballitch 44906, OHOphthalmology1275523896


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