Providers with Taxonomy: Ophthalmology in the state of Pennsylvania

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Ophthalmology
in the state of Pennsylvania:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Shawn M Weigel 17201, PAOphthalmology1467455675
Lucy Janet Cairns 19608, PAOphthalmology1750384855
Peter Carl Campanella 19608, PAOphthalmology1447253554
Adam Jason Marcovitch 16801, PAOphthalmology1235132051
David M Armesto 17050, PAOphthalmology1699778514
Patrick T Lally 15650, PAOphthalmology1447253331
Gwendolyn Joan Liang 19046, PAOphthalmology1588667547
T Ramsey Thorp 19462, PAOphthalmology1699778779
Richard S Rowley 19460, PAOphthalmology1669475026
Frances Jane Barton 17104, PAOphthalmology1740282060
Geoffrey John Brent 17104, PAOphthalmology1003818329
Spage M Yee 17601, PAOphthalmology1295737500
Daniel J Nadler 15143, PAOphthalmology1699777821
Angela Faye Crisp 14845, PAOphthalmology1376547273
Salvatore Desimone 19124, PAOphthalmology1083618029
Neil Chesen 19611, PAOphthalmology1801890843
Michael P Schneider 15237, PAOphthalmology1881698728
Sharon L Taylor 15237, PAOphthalmology1679577514
Ernest Ronald Salvitti 15301, PAOphthalmology1124022769
Mark C Maria 17042, PAOphthalmology1154325504
George E Fava 17042, PAOphthalmology1629072087
Jennifer Salvitti Davis 15301, PAOphthalmology1053315432
William M Spitler 17601, PAOphthalmology1013912435
Kerry T Givens 17601, PAOphthalmology1528063948
Helga Olsen Magargal 18940, PAOphthalmology1548265408
Christopher T Olivia 08103, PAOphthalmology1164427241
Anthony Antonello 19063, PAOphthalmology1548265374
Jonathan S Myers 19107, PAOphthalmology1023013190
Richard L. Jahnle 19083, PAOphthalmology1083619878
Christopher James Patitsas 16652, PAOphthalmology1831194497
Patrick Gerard Brannac 17201, PAOphthalmology1689679235
Michael D. Cefaratti 19610, PAOphthalmology1447255062
Robert D Stratton 16507, PAOphthalmology1578568192
James Alan Nesper 15701, PAOphthalmology1376548875
Lawrence Laray Gipson 15022, PAOphthalmology1770589103
Sharon Dyckman 18966, PAOphthalmology1801892278
Daniel V Zimmer 16066, PAOphthalmology1265438634
Bruce Markovitz 19444, PAOphthalmology1144226523
Brian H Jewart 15122, PAOphthalmology1811993207
John P Nairn 15122, PAOphthalmology1528064912
Lisa M Cibik 15122, PAOphthalmology1477559854
Raymond Demaio 17042, PAOphthalmology1457357790
Robert E. Morrison 18017, PAOphthalmology1548266489
Carl A Frankel 17110, PAOphthalmology1528064383
Shann B Lin 17901, PAOphthalmology1316943053
Simon R Russin 19004, PAOphthalmology1407852049
William T Kellogg 17901, PAOphthalmology1417953134
Solomon C Luo 17901, PAOphthalmology1447256169
Vipin K Goyal 19004, PAOphthalmology1881690451
Paul J Driver 19124, PAOphthalmology1477550002
Maria E Barbe 17901, PAOphthalmology1699771279
Harvey S. Cheng 18104, PAOphthalmology1679579254
Anthony Frank Grosso 17901, PAOphthalmology1396742979
Norman L Edelstein 15146, PAOphthalmology1275539926
Leah R Wartluft 19610, PAOphthalmology1588669105
Edward Alan Deglin 19152, PAOphthalmology1164428744
Stephen M Soll 19124, PAOphthalmology1114924701
Joseph J Kesselring 19446, PAOphthalmology1518964055
David S Rho 19124, PAOphthalmology1932106440
David B Werner 16801, PAOphthalmology1063419380
Barry Neil Kutner 19067, PAOphthalmology1386641181
Masayuki Kazahaya 18103, PAOphthalmology1619974391
Peter Robert Laibson 19107, PAOphthalmology1194723841
Thomas D Coats 19034, PAOphthalmology1558369942
Geoffrey P Schwartz 19446, PAOphthalmology1326046533
Louis W Schwartz 19446, PAOphthalmology1407854607
James L Cristol 19008, PAOphthalmology1326045741
Richard E Roth 18704, PAOphthalmology1366449977
Robert S Bailey 19462, PAOphthalmology1548267834
Amy E Weber 19462, PAOphthalmology1437156726
Thomas J O'connor 19446, PAOphthalmology1891792347
Colleen J Christian 19446, PAOphthalmology1346247871
George Od Rosenwasser 17033, PAOphthalmology1780682724
Bernard Schneider 19145, PAOphthalmology1902805435
David John Ludwick 17201, PAOphthalmology1326047770
Jacques L Surer, Jr. 17403, PAOphthalmology1578562930
Mary A Stefanyszyn 19096, PAOphthalmology1245239318
Joseph C Flanagan 19096, PAOphthalmology1659370633
Marta E Sivitz 19145, PAOphthalmology1952301871
Lonnie Luscavage 19348, PAOphthalmology1306846225
Wayne Hamilton Dunn 19145, PAOphthalmology1669472114
Renee L Jones 16602, PAOphthalmology1326048778
Charles J Hrach 15146, PAOphthalmology1225038516
Franklin E Cignetti 15146, PAOphthalmology1134129430
Rebecca H Ward 19380, PAOphthalmology1982604286
Michael J Azar 15146, PAOphthalmology1386644482
Scott Lawrence Portnoy 15065, PAOphthalmology1144221102
Larry W Jones 16673, PAOphthalmology1578564498
Lisa M Nath 15202, PAOphthalmology1073514923
Glenn E Moyer 18015, PAOphthalmology1508867482
Nancy W. Crawford 19064, PAOphthalmology1750381182
Scott Alan Griffith 16506, PAOphthalmology1063411122
Robert P Liss 19380, PAOphthalmology1063412161
Jurij Roman Bilyk 19107, PAOphthalmology1821098740
Robert Charles Sergott 19107, PAOphthalmology1285634105
Stuart Howard Goldberg 17601, PAOphthalmology1962402073
Daniel I Ross 18104, PAOphthalmology1609876994
Houman Ahdieh 18104, PAOphthalmology1659371060
Leonard H. Ginsburg 19064, PAOphthalmology1316947740
Alan Robert Forman 19107, PAOphthalmology1174524771
Paul Ezell 19083, PAOphthalmology1235130741
Michael B Sigal 15065, PAOphthalmology1215938774
Deepak Dave 18201, PAOphthalmology1245231620
Frank X Stanish 15025, PAOphthalmology1134120264
Howard M Tanning 15025, PAOphthalmology1831191964
William Clark Christie 16066, PAOphthalmology1396747366
Thomas Louis Manzo 19464, PAOphthalmology1073515888
Howard S Manasse 16502, PAOphthalmology1336131440
Thomas C Trevorrow 15701, PAOphthalmology1427040567
Francis J Clark 19040, PAOphthalmology1043202930
Catherine T Rommel 17603, PAOphthalmology1194717090
Robert F Haverly 16502, PAOphthalmology1821080722
Amanda Cook 15143, PAOphthalmology1912999822
Stephen R Griebel 15767, PAOphthalmology1861484586
Francis J Manning 17603, PAOphthalmology1891787404
Dennis Slochower 19149, PAOphthalmology1932192259
Richard Eric Naids 08046, PAOphthalmology1700879921
James William Bush 17042, PAOphthalmology1740273952
Daniel V Will 19040, PAOphthalmology1861485906
David L Streisfeld 17042, PAOphthalmology1366435174
Joseph I Markoff 19148, PAOphthalmology1043203532
Edward H Bedrossian 19026, PAOphthalmology1841283488
Erik M. Happ 15212, PAOphthalmology1861484032
V. Eugene Kilmore, Jr. 17055, PAOphthalmology1386636363
Mark H Blecher 19148, PAOphthalmology1356343248
Marc Davis Garden 19148, PAOphthalmology1447252333
Joshua M Greene 19152, PAOphthalmology1619978756
Joanna Fisher 19006, PAOphthalmology1740273382
Jody R Piltz-seymour 19006, PAOphthalmology1144213372
Jon Michael Lampkin 15825, PAOphthalmology1922090174
Michael Gerard Necas 16354, PAOphthalmology1174517445
John J Siliquini 19149, PAOphthalmology1942294723
Windell Henry Anthony Murphy 19082, PAOphthalmology1245224187
Deborah S Kelly 19104, PAOphthalmology1073507703
Stephen M. Goldman 19106, PAOphthalmology1982698619
James B. Carty 19010, PAOphthalmology1134114572
Laurie A Roba 15238, PAOphthalmology1780679035
Christ A Balouris 15090, PAOphthalmology1679568927
John C Stuart 15237, PAOphthalmology1609861855
John C. Maher 15215, PAOphthalmology1003801176
Richard C. Lanning 17011, PAOphthalmology1275528283
Andrew Hinkley Ruzich 15126, PAOphthalmology1124013180
Gary Weinstein 15213, PAOphthalmology1134115017
Stephen Sorokanich 18411, PAOphthalmology1518953264
Lynnwood A Walmer 17701, PAOphthalmology1730176355
Michael Posner 18960, PAOphthalmology1447247093
Mary E Defrancisco 19149, PAOphthalmology1881681435
Steven Vale 18505, PAOphthalmology1720075310
Begona Aristimuno 17402, PAOphthalmology1972590305
Jerome V Benz 17408, PAOphthalmology1104813468
Denise M Visco 17404, PAOphthalmology1790772937
Laura E Lehn 17408, PAOphthalmology1215924360
John Siliquini 19114, PAOphthalmology1225025299
Avani Shah 18104, PAOphthalmology1255328373
Joseph Manuel Ortiz 19063, PAOphthalmology1235126624
Jeffrey Donaldson Henderer 19140, PAOphthalmology1730173410
John J Schietroma 17111, PAOphthalmology1447248992
Thomas Frank Krulewski 17601, PAOphthalmology1861480170
Sandford Charles Frisch 17601, PAOphthalmology1407844616
Gautam Mishra 17110, PAOphthalmology1295723385
Stephen Wong 19140, PAOphthalmology1891783866
Hugo Jose Maria Cerri 15219, PAOphthalmology1811986680
David L. Galiani 18901, PAOphthalmology1407845076
Elena R Farrell 17110, PAOphthalmology1932198504
Marianne Bouvier 16201, PAOphthalmology1023007689
Louis H Sweterlitsch 18018, PAOphthalmology1346239860
Pierre K Palandjian 17601, PAOphthalmology1174513147
William J Mcvay 15213, PAOphthalmology1497745269
Domenic C Izzo 19610, PAOphthalmology1225028624
Francisco L Tellez 19610, PAOphthalmology1285624684
Thomas B Souders 19610, PAOphthalmology1790776847
Peter D Calder 19610, PAOphthalmology1043201106
Troy Michael Karlik 15229, PAOphthalmology1073504197
Gilbert Sussman 17601, PAOphthalmology1487645289
Jeffrey Scott Karlik 15229, PAOphthalmology1093706749
Frank Nicholas Genovese 16201, PAOphthalmology1932180114
Miguel J. Quintero 15203, PAOphthalmology1659352862
Barry Oppenheim 18940, PAOphthalmology1588645543
Antonio A Montalbo 16801, PAOphthalmology1346221918
Stephanie Arlotti 17055, PAOphthalmology1083695795
Frank J Bobick 18252, PAOphthalmology1891777900
Stanton Bernard Elias 15238, PAOphthalmology1457333601
Frank A Bucci 18702, PAOphthalmology1366425704
Seshaiyengar Venkatesh 15215, PAOphthalmology1477536605
Donald A Newman 18252, PAOphthalmology1316929482
Thomas F. Findlan 15025, PAOphthalmology1184615072
Barton L Halpern 17601, PAOphthalmology1629050661
Gary F Domeracki 19140, PAOphthalmology1558359471
David Larned 19140, PAOphthalmology1316938970
Janice Ann Gault 19107, PAOphthalmology1780673137
Herbert J Nevyas 19004, PAOphthalmology1548244072
Anita Nevyas-wallace 19004, PAOphthalmology1699759191
Mitchell E Stein 19004, PAOphthalmology1003890120
Paul E. Caimano 15301, PAOphthalmology1700860376
Richard A Bowers 15143, PAOphthalmology1588648109
Samuel L Glass 15901, PAOphthalmology1326023995
John J Lee 19083, PAOphthalmology1811973472
Daniel Pallen 17601, PAOphthalmology1619953650
Jerome Albert Peters 15601, PAOphthalmology1467438366
Patrick T Tiedeken 17601, PAOphthalmology1013994805


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Q: How does NPI number registration work? How do I get, apply, or register for a NPI number? Is there an easy way of obtaining an NPI number?
A: As per CMS, the most convenient method of registering for a NPI number is to visit NPPES and follow the on-screen instructions. If you have any questions during the registration process, you may contact NPI customer service at 1-800-465-3203.

Q: Is there any easy-to-read NPI number list or a list of NPI numbers?
A: There are several lists that you may find online, but an example of an official one is from CMS, which allows you to view certain data using table-like interfaces. An NPI number search can also be performed via the NPPES NPI registry.

Q: What is my profession's NPI number? How about my group NPI number? And my medical NPI number?
A: The NPPES NPI registry is the official website for finding / locating and verifying your NPI number and related details. Our website does indeed utilize NPPES data as one of its sources and we encourage you to explore all possible sources for NPI verification.

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