Providers with Taxonomy: Ophthalmology in the state of Puerto Rico

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Ophthalmology
in the state of Puerto Rico:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Luis A Serrano 00730, PROphthalmology1235132713
Roberto Buxeda 00907, PROphthalmology1982609996
Armando Torres-vazquez 00960, PROphthalmology1033115126
Luis R Hernandez-cott 00961, PROphthalmology1912903865
Hugo E Martinez Rodriguez 00918, PROphthalmology1376549105
Maria I Rivera Sanchez 00961, PROphthalmology1588662860
Lorna Alexandra Vargas 00909, PROphthalmology1942208509
Edgardo J Ortiz 00717, PROphthalmology1710985502
Julio E. Perez 00728, PROphthalmology1497756399
Valeriano Alicea-cruz 00909, PROphthalmology1720089501
Jose G. Matos 00918, PROphthalmology1295736452
Eli Samuel Rojas-diaz 00918, PROphthalmology1083606362
Rosana Rosado 00725, PROphthalmology1588650311
Armando L Oliver 00923, PROphthalmology1013904440
Rafael Angel Ocasio-santa 00959, PROphthalmology1851388011
Ernesto Luis Collazo 00909, PROphthalmology1134112667
Federico A Maestre Grau 00901, PROphthalmology1679561047
Carmen E Amaral 00925, PROphthalmology1114915311
Alejandro Acosta Rivera 00683, PROphthalmology1366431819
Luis A Rivera Rodriguez 00602, PROphthalmology1801885249
Bernardo Antonio Depaz Reyes 00982, PROphthalmology1700875143
Vicente Alcaraz 00918, PROphthalmology1275522591
David Silva Caraballo 00683, PROphthalmology1144219379
Hiram Quinones- Ferrer 00717, PROphthalmology1306835392
Fernando Guillermo Salazar 00680, PROphthalmology1851381495
Grimanessa Cruz-cabanas 00725, PROphthalmology1639169253
Jorge Hernandez Ruiz 00717, PROphthalmology1952391641
Miguel A Torres 00717, PROphthalmology1831189422
Guillermo Pico-alonso 00907, PROphthalmology1851381305
Elias Rufo Rosa-mendez 00791, PROphthalmology1619968575
Odalys Mendoza Villahermosa 00725, PROphthalmology1891786760
Antolin J Alvarez Pont 00909, PROphthalmology1265413439
Jose Ramon Cumba 00959, PROphthalmology1508847450
Jose Antonio Carro Soto 00612, PROphthalmology1477534790
Angel Roberto Amezaga 00983, PROphthalmology1912989146
Jorge J Ramirez 00959, PROphthalmology1952383366
Eduardo P. Taboas 00918, PROphthalmology1518940857
Ana Bartolomei 00918, PROphthalmology1073596474
Raul A. Yordan 00983, PROphthalmology1629059936
Jose L Benitez Aponte 00791, PROphthalmology1972584878
Maria H Berrocal-fernandez 00907, PROphthalmology1104800630
Jose Joaquin Lopez 00738, PROphthalmology1598749483
Juan A Nevarez Marrero 00969, PROphthalmology1790769602
Jose M. Colon-vaquer 00674, PROphthalmology1144205485
Hamed Emilio Santaella 00680, PROphthalmology1033194030
Nestor L Vazquez 00694, PROphthalmology1184609901
Alicia Litchfield 00926, PROphthalmology1154307270
Rafael A. Gallardo Mendez 00909, PROphthalmology1255318812
Nayda E Vega 00985, PROphthalmology1184601767
Marcel P. Tollinche 00959, PROphthalmology1659359743
Silvino Diaz 00918, PROphthalmology1538149000
Victoria Bartolomei 00918, PROphthalmology1902889058
Carlos Rafael Delvalle-biascoechea 00646, PROphthalmology1497730733
Maria De Lourdes Ortiz 00725, PROphthalmology1760466817
Elsie M Ortiz Goveo 00674, PROphthalmology1497726004
Ricardo Rodriguez Rosa 00959, PROphthalmology1629049341
Raul G Franceschi 00907, PROphthalmology1770558595
Cesar R. Quinones 00726, PROphthalmology1114994704
Manuel Garraton 00603, PROphthalmology1790753713
Marino Blasini-torres 00909, PROphthalmology1780652826
Walter Nieves 00662, PROphthalmology1225007453
Rene Vazquez - Botet 00918, PROphthalmology1669448494
Jaime Jose Bravo Castro 00921, PROphthalmology1386611960
Ivan Alcaraz Liboy 00921, PROphthalmology1700847654
Luis R De Corral 00921, PROphthalmology1245291194
Ian K Piovanetti 00921, PROphthalmology1205897154
Jose R Montes 00917, PROphthalmology1518928498
Manuel A Lopez Devictoria 00921, PROphthalmology1801857610
Luis J Oms 00921, PROphthalmology1629039433
Ramon M Portela 00921, PROphthalmology1538120340
Francisco J Corretjer 00921, PROphthalmology1346201167
Wandsy Milagros Velez 00968, PROphthalmology1790747855
Rafael A. Taboas 00918, PROphthalmology1467415653
Juan A Ocasio-rodriguez 00956, PROphthalmology1790748689
Francine Vivoni 00921, PROphthalmology1831153667
Roberto F Garcia 00680, PROphthalmology1063477636
Sonia Rivera-delgado 00909, PROphthalmology1467417097
Jorge L Fernandez Bahamonde 00921, PROphthalmology1467417170
Sylvia Sanchez Castro 00738, PROphthalmology1700841434
Noel S De Leon 00966, PROphthalmology1144285958
Reinaldo L. Roman Morales 00923, PROphthalmology1386609741
Jose E Piovanetti 00921, PROphthalmology1528023876
Jose Luis Rivera-pietri 00715, PROphthalmology1740247907
Luis M. Cruz Cruz 00680, PROphthalmology1093773731
Wanda Ibern 00725, PROphthalmology1346290384
Jose Luis Jimenez 00726, PROphthalmology1831142082
Robert Boada 00959, PROphthalmology1578527396
Natalio Izquierdo Encarnacion 00923, PROphthalmology1982652772
Kermell Ocasio Cabrera 00705, PROphthalmology1366497893
Guillermo Velasquez-velez 00921, PROphthalmology1366498321
Hector E Ibanez 00680, PROphthalmology1811934060
Cristobal Mendez-bonilla 00907, PROphthalmology1275572406
William Martin Townsend 00917, PROphthalmology1407897283
Miguel A Santiago-garcia 00985, PROphthalmology1376587998
Luis Raul Santiago-pagan 00705, PROphthalmology1427085448
Julio C Narvaez Oms 00612, PROphthalmology1255368536
Raul Perez 00921, PROphthalmology1275561581
Ana L Galva-rodriguez 00777, PROphthalmology1952330870
Sarah M Acevedo-roman 00969, PROphthalmology1417990441
Diana P Martinez 00925, PROphthalmology1417998097
Carmen I. Santos Gonzalez 00927, PROphthalmology1669411336
Luma Al-attar 00674, PROphthalmology1184667792
Julio Armando Rodriguez 00921, PROphthalmology1215978366
Carmen E Henn 00926, PROphthalmology1639102205
Luis Antonio Del Valle 00623, PROphthalmology1558386722
Lynette M Baez Torres 00680, PROphthalmology1679591887
Jessica - Cedeno 00917, PROphthalmology1639199599
Rosaliz M Portela 00918, PROphthalmology1235159005
Priscila Baco Bague 00918, PROphthalmology1760498950
Yanesa M Perez Berrios 00926, PROphthalmology1982610697
Milton E Irizarry 00730, PROphthalmology1871500207
William Arturo Townsend-pico 00917, PROphthalmology1104833409
Edgardo Aliover Negron 00674, PROphthalmology1629085006
Ilsa J Figueroa 00983, PROphthalmology1487666731
Jose Ramon Miranda 00961, PROphthalmology1255343323
Yaris Arlene Leon Figueroa 00921, PROphthalmology1073620639
Noel Perez 00907, PROphthalmology1841209467
Lilia I Rivera 00918, PROphthalmology1932129194
Marines Vazquez Rodriguez 00912, PROphthalmology1366466138
Emilio A Baez Rivera 00725, PROphthalmology1386676690
Victor Kevin Maldonado 00912, PROphthalmology1912929308
Luis Gerardo Alcaraz 00603, PROphthalmology1679682603
Heriberto Martinez Lebron 00784, PROphthalmology1538279617
Hector Ruben Leon 00985, PROphthalmology1659481794
Joseph Patrick Campbell 00959, PROphthalmology1508960956
Jose Luis Plaza 00907, PROphthalmology1588760862
Emilio A Arce-lopez 00907, PROphthalmology1023119831
Arnold Daniel Cortes 00921, PROphthalmology1497841803
Luis M Montalvo 00612, PROphthalmology1376639575
Rodolfo Del Toro Colberg 00680, PROphthalmology1598851347
Virginia Rodriguez 00982, PROphthalmology1104907211
Gustavo A. Hernandez 00921, PROphthalmology1376620468
Walfred Torres Davila 00953, PROphthalmology1265525273
Cesar Tort Sola 00725, PROphthalmology1942380142
Luis J. Hernandez-rios 00961, PROphthalmology1649351768
Orlando Perez 00926, PROphthalmology1275613069
Raul Leon Ramos 00927, PROphthalmology1285725127
Juan Ignacio Perez 00674, PROphthalmology1174698567
Vilma Perez 00674, PROphthalmology1497821326
Guillermo A Torres Cabrera 00726, PROphthalmology1619030517
Enery Navarrete 00791, PROphthalmology1205991148
King Wai To 02903, PROphthalmology1174670806
Jose Ricardo Llado-diaz 00959, PROphthalmology1659428217
Vanessa Cruz-villegas 00907, PROphthalmology1578614319
Nelson R Cardona 00674, PROphthalmology1073664785
Teresa Cecilia Ramirez 00959, PROphthalmology1447397591
Raul J Noy 00612, PROphthalmology1245374636
Pedro Vargas 00612, PROphthalmology1063548824
Manuel N Miranda-ferrer 00917, PROphthalmology1770612822
Manuel F Deltoro 00968, PROphthalmology1568591584
Muriel Rosa 00959, PROphthalmology1194856591
Miguel A Ramirez Ripoll 00923, PROphthalmology1417094566
Hector Javier Villarrubia 00961, PROphthalmology1811068497
Oscar Alejandro Hernandez 00627, PROphthalmology1225171952
Magda Elaine De Pool 00961, PROphthalmology1518008770
Benjamin Quinones 00791, PROphthalmology1609097351
Vanessa Lopez Beauchamp 00922, PROphthalmology1760683940
Hector Manuel Mayol 00646, PROphthalmology1649476490
Jaime J Jackson Diaz 00921, PROphthalmology1285832030
Angela Vicent 00979, PROphthalmology1518167303
Jose Noel De Leon 00979, PROphthalmology1568652279
Juan A Jurado 00738, PROphthalmology1366633315
Stella Marie Casillas 00927, PROphthalmology1093908915
Ricardo Miguel Santaella 00680, PROphthalmology1659541381
Omar N Piovanetti 00921, PROphthalmology1821252057
Ezer Camacho Rodriguez 00783, PROphthalmology1023200748
Alberto A Guardiola 00682, PROphthalmology1144426230
Horacio M Tous De Jesus 00926, PROphthalmology1508064700
Karla C Alejandro 00968, PROphthalmology1609066000
Jorge Luis Rivera 00680, PROphthalmology1023282795
Andres Emanuelli Anzalotta 00612, PROphthalmology1023213154
Juan Carlos Maldonado-melendez 00612, PROphthalmology1073711479
Cristobal J Cruz-colon 00716, PROphthalmology1548455868
Juan Carlos Almodovar 00682, PROphthalmology1194969543
Allison Toledo-candelario 00612, PROphthalmology1871881631
Mariola Monagas 00924, PROphthalmology1194040410
Enrique J Rivera Rivera 00961, PROphthalmology1699084723
Juan Carlos Jimenez Perez 00918, PROphthalmology1114236437
Luis Alberto Santiago Caban 00784, PROphthalmology1700018835
Janice Justiniano 00680, PROphthalmology1093802829
Victor M Villegas 00921, PROphthalmology1174771653
Ricardo J Cumba-bermudez 00959, PROphthalmology1356620207
Eduardo Gonzalez-stubbe 70115, PROphthalmology1245508183
Astrid E. Gonzalez Ramos 00935, PROphthalmology1386036804
Miguel A Garcia-llorens 00659, PROphthalmology1124138623
Ana H. Mejias - Soto 00984, PROphthalmology1164409785
Jorge H Gutierrez-dorrington 00716, PROphthalmology1316067200
Eduardo Perez Rodriguez 00717, PROphthalmology1023008612
Angel Rivera - Castro 00985, PROphthalmology1336153980
Jansen Colberg 00623, PROphthalmology1871652438
Irvin Collado Rosas 00680, PROphthalmology1174584767
Alberto Ortiz-arroyo 00603, PROphthalmology1396925434
Kathleen Guerrero Figuereo 00791, PROphthalmology1437598026
Pedro Juan Davila 00612, PROphthalmology1265852040
Orlando Gonzalez Vazquez 00959, PROphthalmology1275504961
Leilani J. Joy Perez 00783, PROphthalmology1972915353
Ramon R Berrios 00968, PROphthalmology1407859820
Maria Gabriela Velazquez Lamela 00926, PROphthalmology1578907614
Jaime Enrique Colon Casasnovas 00987, PROphthalmology1023322625
Ana Cristina Toro-ortiz 00985, PROphthalmology1366638165


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