Providers with Taxonomy: Ophthalmology in the state of Texas

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Ophthalmology
in the state of Texas:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Craig C Kuglen 77304, TXOphthalmology1639172422
Sebastian A Mora 78221, TXOphthalmology1801885843
Wade Alan Graham 78503, TXOphthalmology1316938434
Richard W Yee 77401, TXOphthalmology1205817764
West Texas Medical Associates 76904, TXOphthalmology1457339525
Janis Kealohanui Croley 78229, TXOphthalmology1871565150
Retina Institute Of Texas Pa 75204, TXOphthalmology1326097460
Gregory F Kozielec 75204, TXOphthalmology1053379081
Retina Institute Of Texas Pa 75204, TXOphthalmology1023128568
Retina Institute Of Texas Pa 75204, TXOphthalmology1578673026
Jorge Adrian De La Chapa 78248, TXOphthalmology1710026596
David Edward Holck 78258, TXOphthalmology1548319601
Eliesa Ann Ing 97239, TXOphthalmology1659499317
Mhr Eye Association, Pc 76092, TXOphthalmology1427236090
Matthew Caldwell 78236, TXOphthalmology1669594859
Lauren Sasha Blieden 77030, TXOphthalmology1023271582
Carl Joshua Danzig 33064, TXOphthalmology1619137320
William Isaac Sawyer 76048, TXOphthalmology1699969634
Darrell Edward Baskin 78240, TXOphthalmology1942322409
Abumere Folashade Akinwale 78229, TXOphthalmology1083871818
Vivienne Sinh Hau 92505, TXOphthalmology1588850713
John William Branch 78613, TXOphthalmology1417142977
David Patrick Kennedy 70006, TXOphthalmology1518258755
Hena A Khaja 75231, TXOphthalmology1245558691
Richard Bradley Moore 76504, TXOphthalmology1750606505
Christopher Majka Md Pllc 78414, TXOphthalmology1831562867
Ashley Marie Brundrett 78665, TXOphthalmology1841630639
John Perry Wooten 78934, TXOphthalmology1891109005
James Garrett Webster 31602, TXOphthalmology1497172787
Kevin Joseph Talbot 77707, TXOphthalmology1033522529
Bryan Meckler Roth 44195, TXOphthalmology1275950305
Jason Randall Lewis 20889, TXOphthalmology1912323478
Kenzo James Paul Koike 32256, TXOphthalmology1053750794
Kourtney Henderson Houser 38103, TXOphthalmology1700148053
Christopher G. Fuller 79424, TXOphthalmology1790830032
Maurice G Syrquin 75204, TXOphthalmology1376501635
Bradley Jacobsen 84102, TXOphthalmology1760845184
Dallas Eye And Ear Pllc 75203, TXOphthalmology1629595327
Scott Robert Witherspoon 75204, TXOphthalmology1639203169
Marcus L Allen 75204, TXOphthalmology1164481297
Kalpana Kasala Jatla 78665, TXOphthalmology1811920028
Joseph Thomas Mando 41017, TXOphthalmology1477997591
Brandon Fullerton Harris 76544, TXOphthalmology1205252152
Sagar Yatin Patel 30519, TXOphthalmology1568808764
Laura Farber 79761, TXOphthalmology1760828636
Jessica Gomez 92123, TXOphthalmology1790041804
Usha R Pinninti Md Pllc 77004, TXOphthalmology1760922132
Deepak Sobti 75165, TXOphthalmology1790002814
Ross Tucker Lynds 79606, TXOphthalmology1356608863
Hung Le Eye Center, Pa 77072, TXOphthalmology1093996357
Sushma Yalamanchili 77024, TXOphthalmology1750471769
Garland Eye Associates, P.a. 75042, TXOphthalmology1811031768
Pasadena Eye Associates 77505, TXOphthalmology1629132675
Jihad Samir Isteitiya 78229, TXOphthalmology1104203074
Ashish Singh 75235, TXOphthalmology1669859328
Gregory Brunin 78229, TXOphthalmology1043579733
Patrick Daniel Munson 98431, TXOphthalmology1598940405
Kwok Li 77380, TXOphthalmology1487641353
Kwok Li Md Pa 77380, TXOphthalmology1487675369
Mark Joseph Trevino 78205, TXOphthalmology1164650735
Jake C. Mcmillin 37932, TXOphthalmology1205254190
Vision Center Of Texas, Pa 78613, TXOphthalmology1932490943
Jawad Ahmad Qureshi 76051, TXOphthalmology1811926769
Mark Howard Wilkerson 77304, TXOphthalmology1477641108
Erica Michelle Smith 60153, TXOphthalmology1225535669
Wesley Brundridge 78258, TXOphthalmology1073932786
Alexandra Jayne Van Brummen 98104, TXOphthalmology1750888749
West Texas Eye Pa 79424, TXOphthalmology1184733586
Rene S Rodriguez-sains 79424, TXOphthalmology1962514992
Omar Muhammad Shoukfeh 79413, TXOphthalmology1154683811
Zuhair Mohammod Shihab 79413, TXOphthalmology1639178999
Timothy Tamim Khater 79424, TXOphthalmology1669476255
Jay Cameron Bradley 79424, TXOphthalmology1912042763
Mark Philip Sherman 79413, TXOphthalmology1720377799
Bartlett H Hayes 27157, TXOphthalmology1821106147
Dejean & Kuglen Eye Associates Llp 77304, TXOphthalmology1952322067
Alice Behrens 78503, TXOphthalmology1396130555
Joshua Robert Roe 98431, TXOphthalmology1083988851
Rachel Cooley 40202, TXOphthalmology1679983548
Rizwan Shaikh 70121, TXOphthalmology1154736791
Joseph Merck 56441, TXOphthalmology1558742783
Enchun Mike Liu 78240, TXOphthalmology1285878983
Matthew Porter 79430, TXOphthalmology1649658618
Jason Douglas Bullajian 75069, TXOphthalmology1063415552
Madison Day Mcmenemy 79430, TXOphthalmology1467941336
Coby Nielson Ray 79430, TXOphthalmology1104212661
Jacqueline Elizabeth Smith 33317, TXOphthalmology1396709689
Jay Arun Rajiv Joseph 75013, TXOphthalmology1477847028
Dallas Eye Md Pllc 75013, TXOphthalmology1487158887
Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center Lubbock 79430, TXOphthalmology1336198621
Baylor College Of Medicine 77027, TXOphthalmology1881026664
Eric Weber 88001, TXOphthalmology1548324288
Tina Chen 76102, TXOphthalmology1679991053
Mirwat Shehzad Sami 77401, TXOphthalmology1194980557
Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center El Paso 79905, TXOphthalmology1225066277
Jason Mingyi Huang 20770, TXOphthalmology1093058059
Arpita Kadakia Bhasin 30281, TXOphthalmology1972895548
Lake Austin Eye Pllc 78738, TXOphthalmology1831444934
Peter Dentone 90095, TXOphthalmology1003293093
Timithy M Dunham Md Pa 78229, TXOphthalmology1861602583
Hemang Kirteekumar Pandya 75024, TXOphthalmology1700100229
Nicholas P. Bell 77401, TXOphthalmology1831180041
Ophthalmology Associates Of San Antonio 78205, TXOphthalmology1194832139
Adam Bennett 19107, TXOphthalmology1295184539
Oren N Fass 75224, TXOphthalmology1417954819
Oak Cliff Eye Clinic Pllc 75224, TXOphthalmology1235430299
Texas Tech Univesity Health Sciences Center El Paso 79905, TXOphthalmology1538240478
Mirwat S. Sami, Md Pa 77401, TXOphthalmology1710506902
Kelly J Frasier 76018, TXOphthalmology1609894773
Dallas Eye And Ear Optical, Pllc 75203, TXOphthalmology1891320826
Anthony William Evangelista 76018, TXOphthalmology1922002302
Sai Hemanth Chavala 76018, TXOphthalmology1548391311
Carrie L Morris 76092, TXOphthalmology1437294063
Margaret Hubbell 97401, TXOphthalmology1821452681
Adam Sweeney 77030, TXOphthalmology1023436896
Larry Puthenparambil 77401, TXOphthalmology1679718506
Sanford Eugene Roberts 78215, TXOphthalmology1215996525
Jeanie D Ling 77025, TXOphthalmology1821331794
Ruhi Singh Soni 77014, TXOphthalmology1841443579
Joshua Desmond Udoetuk 77025, TXOphthalmology1568691772
Nancy E Webb 77025, TXOphthalmology1841386034
Michael Alan Blair 76012, TXOphthalmology1104949841
D Todd Ford 76012, TXOphthalmology1306807177
Heidi I Becker 80205, TXOphthalmology1821293523
Brett W. Davies 78236, TXOphthalmology1497959746
Gary Laurent Legault 78234, TXOphthalmology1538396692
Benjamin H Smith 78234, TXOphthalmology1508998576
Nikhil Jai Godbole 78234, TXOphthalmology1205259116
Wayne Tie 77598, TXOphthalmology1982022687
Frank Edgar Valentin 78234, TXOphthalmology1669463725
Kinley Danae Beck 03801, TXOphthalmology1770840365
Zachary Heath 78234, TXOphthalmology1669830303
Andrew Jay Siegel 20190, TXOphthalmology1982045043
Fuad Makkouk 78750, TXOphthalmology1023454386
Karina Bostwick 78236, TXOphthalmology1609267681
Oculoplastic Associates Of Texas Pllc 75231, TXOphthalmology1144479387
Texan Eye, Pa 78602, TXOphthalmology1841399722
Laura Leticia Mendiola 78041, TXOphthalmology1467629667
Laura Mendiola, Md, Pllc 78041, TXOphthalmology1336540970
Adam Jordan Cantor 46202, TXOphthalmology1821452145
Colleen Courtney Yard 78665, TXOphthalmology1679928923
Joseph Santamaria 78234, TXOphthalmology1164882692
Ami Amar Shah Vira 78613, TXOphthalmology1801023049
Joseph Christiansen 78234, TXOphthalmology1306075619
Bobby W Douglas 37814, TXOphthalmology1023490281
Bcs Eye Associates, Inc. 77802, TXOphthalmology1447877345
Matthew Kenneth Adams 44122, TXOphthalmology1124361076
Meredith Allen Abbott 75231, TXOphthalmology1659570943
James Hansel Merritt 75231, TXOphthalmology1801850763
Helen Merritt 75231, TXOphthalmology1790075927
Jorge Corona 75231, TXOphthalmology1104816404
Aman Mittal 92617, TXOphthalmology1699126425
Grant Justin 20889, TXOphthalmology1891144515
Kyle Maclean 75063, TXOphthalmology1053706184
Alliance Retina Of Texas, Pllc 76244, TXOphthalmology1346787157
Kim-binh Thi Mai 76244, TXOphthalmology1538450721
Catherine Elizabeth Makin 78130, TXOphthalmology1932469251
Chad Harman Jackson 83702, TXOphthalmology1184067498
Amar Krishna Bhat 77401, TXOphthalmology1427443514
John Francis Gillis 45433, TXOphthalmology1083970628
Noorulain Shekoh 78503, TXOphthalmology1699385260
Warren D Cross 77401, TXOphthalmology1437173663
Michael Robert George 75062, TXOphthalmology1699966218
Gary R Tylock Md Professional Association 75062, TXOphthalmology1770753519
Saba Nawazish 92506, TXOphthalmology1184086639
William Thomas Kittleman 78681, TXOphthalmology1528060241
Kimberly Trinca Golde 78681, TXOphthalmology1457512451
Ravi Harshad Patel 78681, TXOphthalmology1912298878
Allen Shawlun Wang 75057, TXOphthalmology1891003745
Jeffrey Tran 30060, TXOphthalmology1285098533
Vitaliy Zak 78503, TXOphthalmology1669566535
Hosam Attia 78572, TXOphthalmology1790955094
Austin Eye Clinic Association 78746, TXOphthalmology1457540221
Shannon M Wong 78759, TXOphthalmology1497753040
Jaafar El Annan 77081, TXOphthalmology1457511818
Pankajkumar Gopaldas Shah 78572, TXOphthalmology1518959758
Jimena Franco 87106, TXOphthalmology1821478355
Peter Bealka 76528, TXOphthalmology1790133775
Lai Jiang 76504, TXOphthalmology1093193625
Ashley Abraham 62702, TXOphthalmology1285900423
Macula Vitreous Retina Physicians & Surgeons Pa 77030, TXOphthalmology1538526173
Petros Euthymiou Carvounis 77030, TXOphthalmology1669527537
Ronald Walden Milam 27607, TXOphthalmology1205256724
Aimee Nguyen Lam 98371, TXOphthalmology1063755791
Regina Lo Sun 77581, TXOphthalmology1104852466
Waldemar Torres 70006, TXOphthalmology1275528051
Ashvini K Reddy 78231, TXOphthalmology1417102476
Matthew Ross Phillips 74701, TXOphthalmology1457619272
Megan Xue Law 77090, TXOphthalmology1366823429
Shagun Dhaliwal 75028, TXOphthalmology1902211667
Eye Associates Of Texas, Pllc 75028, TXOphthalmology1114542230
Pankajkumar G. Shah, Md, Pa 78572, TXOphthalmology1639114291
Elvia Canseco 77029, TXOphthalmology1124282983
Shaheen Kavoussi 77027, TXOphthalmology1063788446
Daniel Paul Lee 29707, TXOphthalmology1720460181
Frank J Ruda 77384, TXOphthalmology1952561870
Eunmee Yook 77027, TXOphthalmology1669715504
Seema Kansara 43560, TXOphthalmology1326468315
Vlad Mihai Matei 80303, TXOphthalmology1922397819
Eric Hamill 77005, TXOphthalmology1871905463


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