Providers with Taxonomy: Ophthalmology in the state of Texas

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Ophthalmology
in the state of Texas:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Charles Lawson Heaton 75701, TXOphthalmology1326041377
Jeffrey Scot Hunter 75701, TXOphthalmology1134122153
Russell E Swann 76712, TXOphthalmology1841293016
Edward Raymond Rashid 78229, TXOphthalmology1922001114
H William Ranelle 76107, TXOphthalmology1831192046
Corina Stancey 78734, TXOphthalmology1366445165
Shelby A Wyll 75042, TXOphthalmology1265435184
Sue E Young Knolle 78746, TXOphthalmology1043213721
Ximena De Sabra 78746, TXOphthalmology1558364224
Thad David Hardin 75751, TXOphthalmology1497758460
Weldon Wright 75087, TXOphthalmology1881697738
Washington T Lee 78221, TXOphthalmology1316940257
Joel Thomas Muirhead 75601, TXOphthalmology1669475620
Todd Matthew Nickel 75701, TXOphthalmology1760485627
Adam Patrick Dossey 75701, TXOphthalmology1376546226
Craig C Kuglen 77304, TXOphthalmology1639172422
Robert Alan Rice 78229, TXOphthalmology1003819285
Ralphana Lynn Ehrhardt 75231, TXOphthalmology1104829910
Jason Douglas Bullajian 75071, TXOphthalmology1063415552
Dennis J. Reiter 79902, TXOphthalmology1669475109
Frank Joseph Grady 77566, TXOphthalmology1003819517
Asad Abbas 77521, TXOphthalmology1457354813
Alberto Diaz-saldana 77701, TXOphthalmology1225031602
Douglas Kopp 79072, TXOphthalmology1164424495
Henry Grady Rylander 78757, TXOphthalmology1245233618
Joann Hensel 77701, TXOphthalmology1487657821
Edward C Wade 77401, TXOphthalmology1366445645
Mark Kevin Harmon 77707, TXOphthalmology1932102290
Andrew William Ross 78757, TXOphthalmology1992708242
Halsey Settle 78745, TXOphthalmology1962404269
Peter Broberg 78745, TXOphthalmology1326040635
Peter G Amaral 77833, TXOphthalmology1245233055
Nicky Holdeman 77204, TXOphthalmology1225031677
Gurpreet D. Singh 77429, TXOphthalmology1669475919
Thomas Stacy Wood 75231, TXOphthalmology1407859135
Southeast Texas Medical Associates, Llp 77702, TXOphthalmology1922001312
Gregory Trubowitsch 79902, TXOphthalmology1821091182
David C Metrikin 79902, TXOphthalmology1902809262
Jeremy R Cuthbertson 79902, TXOphthalmology1902809247
Ting Fang-suarez 77401, TXOphthalmology1124021498
Gary R Tylock 75062, TXOphthalmology1679576920
Jerry S Lehmann 77701, TXOphthalmology1063414365
Jade Schiffman 77030, TXOphthalmology1700888971
George Scott Sawyer 77006, TXOphthalmology1750385712
David Atteberry Nethery 76132, TXOphthalmology1548264443
David Henry Saunders 75230, TXOphthalmology1518961572
William Wynn Mcmullen 77598, TXOphthalmology1013911072
Daniel Isser Goldman 77504, TXOphthalmology1255335055
Julie Chi-lung Tsai 78205, TXOphthalmology1861496630
Alfred Leon Humphrey 76012, TXOphthalmology1164426946
Donald J. Priour 78028, TXOphthalmology1659375350
James Harold Krause 77005, TXOphthalmology1801890553
William Lipsky 77598, TXOphthalmology1407850464
Mark Lawrence Mazow 75230, TXOphthalmology1639173669
Gregory T Clariday 77598, TXOphthalmology1689678641
Timothy Tamim Khater 79424, TXOphthalmology1669476255
Mary H Arno 78212, TXOphthalmology1083618433
Norman Slusher 75246, TXOphthalmology1043215429
Alexander Pradip Sudarshan 78520, TXOphthalmology1821093196
Paul Michael Mann 77338, TXOphthalmology1366447559
Maria Dolores Diaz 77025, TXOphthalmology1326043506
Gary Ray Rylander 78757, TXOphthalmology1205831344
Ronald Martin Barke 76012, TXOphthalmology1447255476
Jeffrey H Cohen 78240, TXOphthalmology1114922846
Michael A Singer 78240, TXOphthalmology1912902651
John A. Mccrary 77002, TXOphthalmology1548265382
Charles A Garcia 77002, TXOphthalmology1821093626
Gilberto Aguirre 78213, TXOphthalmology1437154168
Shannon Clinic 76903, TXOphthalmology1770587149
Everett Albert Moody 75062, TXOphthalmology1154326726
Essene C. Bell 77642, TXOphthalmology1700881372
Brent Randall Mcqueen 77339, TXOphthalmology1043216534
John Frederick Saunders 78229, TXOphthalmology1821094319
Ralph Gordon Berkeley 77027, TXOphthalmology1447256961
Berkeley Eye Liberty, Lp 77575, TXOphthalmology1205832649
Berkeley Eye Institute, Pa 77027, TXOphthalmology1740286186
William David Boothe 79410, TXOphthalmology1205832425
Aziz Samir Abdul-rahim 76102, TXOphthalmology1881690279
Janet Andrene Lindsey 78757, TXOphthalmology1790781029
Jason D Burns 78240, TXOphthalmology1679579874
Daniel Edward Bruhl 76102, TXOphthalmology1033115357
Stuart Elovitz 78402, TXOphthalmology1366448540
Derek Peter Kuhl 77802, TXOphthalmology1629074844
Richard M Evans 78240, TXOphthalmology1811993017
Steven J Fisher 78240, TXOphthalmology1144226358
Robert Eric Warren 76102, TXOphthalmology1457357584
Imtiaz A Mehkri 78539, TXOphthalmology1104822246
Theodore Edward Margo 76102, TXOphthalmology1780680892
Cary Layne Burton 76102, TXOphthalmology1366448375
George David Hendricks 76102, TXOphthalmology1063418036
Dwayne Lee Roberts 76102, TXOphthalmology1114923083
Stephen Edward Webb 75204, TXOphthalmology1093711889
Joan L Abernethy 76132, TXOphthalmology1871590471
Ming Lu 75701, TXOphthalmology1225035827
Medical Center Ophthalmology Associates 78240, TXOphthalmology1659376226
Fernando Trujillo 78209, TXOphthalmology1033115647
Michael Bernard Caplan 77027, TXOphthalmology1225034549
Reagan B Mcmillin 78550, TXOphthalmology1487650578
Victor Hugo Gonzalez 78503, TXOphthalmology1871599100
Vincent R Vann 78539, TXOphthalmology1952307209
Brian Edward Flowers 76102, TXOphthalmology1902802242
John Anthony Parchue 76102, TXOphthalmology1811993934
Frank Peter Cundari 75051, TXOphthalmology1033116470
David G. Shulman 78209, TXOphthalmology1528065943
Rgb Eye Associates,pa 75090, TXOphthalmology1508863994
Robert Geroge Burlingame 75090, TXOphthalmology1447257837
Thomas Parker Hawk 75225, TXOphthalmology1104823442
Karl Bruno Brandenberg 76132, TXOphthalmology1831196088
David A. Nethery, M.d., P.a. 76132, TXOphthalmology1740287994
Warren Robert Fagadau 75225, TXOphthalmology1497752737
Robert M Scharf 75075, TXOphthalmology1417955139
Charles Neal Thornton 75503, TXOphthalmology1245237171
David Robert Schecter 79902, TXOphthalmology1710985411
Daniel Gray Blumenfeld 79902, TXOphthalmology1295733996
Robert David Gross 75225, TXOphthalmology1316944234
Steven Alexander Beim 77833, TXOphthalmology1629075437
Gana R Nadiga 75670, TXOphthalmology1780681411
Lewis C Cook 75503, TXOphthalmology1033117593
Bernard Allen Milstein 77550, TXOphthalmology1932107497
Allan Hirsch Fradkin 77550, TXOphthalmology1447258918
Ray Chan 76010, TXOphthalmology1548268162
Georgia S Stephenson 78232, TXOphthalmology1528066172
Lyle Sheldon Thorstenson 75216, TXOphthalmology1851399364
Austin Wei Chang 76502, TXOphthalmology1063410439
Samuel J. Yankelove 77024, TXOphthalmology1073511325
Retina Center P A 77802, TXOphthalmology1922006246
Richard J. Ou 77082, TXOphthalmology1053319301
Dudley H Harris 78215, TXOphthalmology1396743431
Jason Ming Zhao 78215, TXOphthalmology1942208095
Scott J Sands 75766, TXOphthalmology1235137621
Deborah Watkins Alexander 78596, TXOphthalmology1306844097
Kelsey seybold Medical Group, Pllc 77025, TXOphthalmology1013915255
Wendy Baca 78230, TXOphthalmology1023016177
Curt Cockings 79410, TXOphthalmology1356349211
Oren N Fass 75224, TXOphthalmology1417954819
Jeffrey L Bohn 75702, TXOphthalmology1952308678
Rebecca O Jones 75702, TXOphthalmology1245238898
Thomas J. Dehaven 75702, TXOphthalmology1477550184
Richard W Jolly 76240, TXOphthalmology1376541169
Nicole Alison Mueller 76048, TXOphthalmology1992703789
David Callanan 76012, TXOphthalmology1558360339
Lori Coors 75231, TXOphthalmology1427057223
Corpus Christi Eye Associates Pllc 78411, TXOphthalmology1447259155
Arnoldo R. Villarreal 78404, TXOphthalmology1225037997
Rajiv Anand 75231, TXOphthalmology1508865254
John Marshall Haley 75042, TXOphthalmology1316946064
Gordon Charles Keehn 75042, TXOphthalmology1306845052
Eye Diseases & Laser Surgery Associated 76567, TXOphthalmology1164421707
Dwain Fuller 75231, TXOphthalmology1184623639
Roger D Nunn 76201, TXOphthalmology1891794285
Michel Shami 79424, TXOphthalmology1780683227
Brian Harper 76520, TXOphthalmology1639178155
Michelle L Brochner 75093, TXOphthalmology1962401273
Gordon H Newman 75240, TXOphthalmology1497754717
Larry R Taub 75240, TXOphthalmology1902805229
Judith Tova Feigon 77030, TXOphthalmology1871592063
Patrick S. O'connor M.d.p.a. 78222, TXOphthalmology1477552693
David Winton Lamberts 79410, TXOphthalmology1376542621
John T Dugan 78404, TXOphthalmology1356340574
Nicole A. Mueller P.a. 76048, TXOphthalmology1861491037
L Andrew Watkins 77008, TXOphthalmology1669471637
Craig Eye Associates 75654, TXOphthalmology1003815945
Paul Martin Scott 77074, TXOphthalmology1578562690
Stephen Powell Kelly 76801, TXOphthalmology1679572515
Robert M. Tenery 75230, TXOphthalmology1679573174
Eugene T Ellison 75503, TXOphthalmology1356341754
Wanda M Northam 75503, TXOphthalmology1780684183
Gary L Womack 75503, TXOphthalmology1225038565
Dora E Cantu 77008, TXOphthalmology1194725366
Randolph P Whitford 77450, TXOphthalmology1144220104
Bradley Jost 75231, TXOphthalmology1386644391
Vivek Raizada 77707, TXOphthalmology1578564530
Northwest Eye Associates 77008, TXOphthalmology1154322022
Ruben F Salinas Md Pa 78504, TXOphthalmology1528069358
Karl Randy Pierce 78756, TXOphthalmology1720089592
Dawn C Buckingham 78756, TXOphthalmology1346241122
Ronald Richard Kuffel 78411, TXOphthalmology1801895107
Joel Henry Goffman 77024, TXOphthalmology1316947088
Zuhair Mohammod Shihab 79413, TXOphthalmology1639178999
Dehaven Eye Clinic Pa 75702, TXOphthalmology1225037955
Becky Jo Fredrickson 77008, TXOphthalmology1134129455
Alan David Baribeau 78229, TXOphthalmology1952301384
Sherif Khalil 77024, TXOphthalmology1225037120
Mark A Plunkett 78756, TXOphthalmology1821099698
James D Mcnabb 78756, TXOphthalmology1568463198
Larry K Wood Md Pa 75020, TXOphthalmology1720089030
Edward Elmer Shubert 77090, TXOphthalmology1902807456
Peter T Wollan 78756, TXOphthalmology1205837432
John Malouf 78411, TXOphthalmology1659372837
Robert L Rock 78756, TXOphthalmology1619978855
Andrew G Lee 77030, TXOphthalmology1962403105
Eye Physicians Of Austin P A 78756, TXOphthalmology1023019163
Gary Mason 77074, TXOphthalmology1629079777
Robert S. Eisenberg 75062, TXOphthalmology1689675746
Debra Jane Shetlar 77479, TXOphthalmology1295736395
Timothy Noel Young 75965, TXOphthalmology1962403071
Belu Allam 77090, TXOphthalmology1346242146
Marsha Hillary Onan 78759, TXOphthalmology1376545186
Thomas Lawrence Hendrix 76574, TXOphthalmology1407858392
Patricia Barker Dearman 76574, TXOphthalmology1083616981


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