Providers with Taxonomy: Ophthalmology in the state of Virginia

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Ophthalmology
in the state of Virginia:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
John Henry Varga 22046, VAOphthalmology1952304156
Philip R Chung 20155, VAOphthalmology1902809684
Kenneth Michael Karlin 20190, VAOphthalmology1528061074
Ann B Sowers 24019, VAOphthalmology1912909094
Scott Andrew Strelow 24014, VAOphthalmology1043214315
Chad Albright 24016, VAOphthalmology1447254701
Jon Philip Brisley 24153, VAOphthalmology1356345615
Frank Cotter 24016, VAOphthalmology1932101037
David A Kinsler 24153, VAOphthalmology1063416337
John Robert Wood 24012, VAOphthalmology1568466423
Andrew Joseph Odwyer 23434, VAOphthalmology1386648053
Amos J. Willis, M.d., Pc 22405, VAOphthalmology1952305625
Kurt W Guelzow 24016, VAOphthalmology1295739852
John Marcus Facciani 24153, VAOphthalmology1417951989
Thomas Falkenberg 22405, VAOphthalmology1275537649
John L Hines 24019, VAOphthalmology1316942253
Kenneth D Tuck 24014, VAOphthalmology1730184805
Donald John Race 24016, VAOphthalmology1558366625
Anthony John Derosa 23606, VAOphthalmology1235134214
Jon Michael Adleberg 23320, VAOphthalmology1710981246
Timothy R Byrnes 24019, VAOphthalmology1245234715
Samuel Balana Luague 24333, VAOphthalmology1760488233
William A. Macilwaine 22911, VAOphthalmology1215934864
Mark A Gonce 22911, VAOphthalmology1295732840
Ashley Hamilton Schauer 22901, VAOphthalmology1457358012
Randall Vernon Wong 22031, VAOphthalmology1851397988
Glaucoma Laser Center Pc 23505, VAOphthalmology1891791521
Richard W Morton 22911, VAOphthalmology1558368100
William Mckinley Thompson 24018, VAOphthalmology1023015476
Andrew Stuart Collins 22901, VAOphthalmology1619974813
Mark Jerrold Schefkind 22306, VAOphthalmology1972500650
Lee Thomas Helms 24018, VAOphthalmology1720085608
Reynaldo Molina Francisco 23464, VAOphthalmology1205834975
Carey William Robinson 24018, VAOphthalmology1508864109
Terry D Odom 24541, VAOphthalmology1942208384
Joseph John Timmes 22003, VAOphthalmology1841298965
Mark A Pavilack 23703, VAOphthalmology1245238096
David Benjamin Summer 22031, VAOphthalmology1003814534
Flinton Callahan 20175, VAOphthalmology1063411817
Daniel Herschel Framm 22180, VAOphthalmology1225037021
Michael Raymond Keverline 23321, VAOphthalmology1962401612
Lisa Framm Sklar 22180, VAOphthalmology1114926763
Bruce Ira Bodner 23502, VAOphthalmology1356340830
Norma Lizette Zapata-de Perez 22192, VAOphthalmology1992704373
Joseph Eugene Oboyle 24541, VAOphthalmology1083614408
Robert E Baker 23321, VAOphthalmology1144220575
Yoon Mo Myung 24639, VAOphthalmology1134120967
John Daniel Sheppard 23502, VAOphthalmology1588663702
Saxton T Moss 24502, VAOphthalmology1942200449
Virginia Retina Specialists 22042, VAOphthalmology1770943565
Ruta Jane Skrinska 23502, VAOphthalmology1215938634
Aris Philip Delianides 23454, VAOphthalmology1902807449
Donald E Evans 23502, VAOphthalmology1780685826
Claudia Sieger Cohen 22101, VAOphthalmology1104828920
Kian Monica Kaz 23602, VAOphthalmology1588657837
Kian M Kaz Md Eye Physician & Surgeon Pc 23602, VAOphthalmology1902899255
Lewis Jay Singer 24014, VAOphthalmology1417940495
William David Kiser 24354, VAOphthalmology1700879665
Jeffrey J Zuravleff 23233, VAOphthalmology1164415964
Eye Associates Of Winchester Inc. 22601, VAOphthalmology1477545051
Joel Kenneth Lall-trail 23502, VAOphthalmology1821099243
Anne C Schwartz 22101, VAOphthalmology1841284940
David Wishart Macmillan 23060, VAOphthalmology1356335020
David M. Bowman 23235, VAOphthalmology1104810829
Barry E. Roper 23235, VAOphthalmology1811981541
Jorge Luis Campana 22044, VAOphthalmology1811981483
Alan J Pollack 22304, VAOphthalmology1629063052
David Alan Chandler 23111, VAOphthalmology1740275213
Vivek Kumar Jain 23454, VAOphthalmology1487649687
Daryl Edward Kurz 22801, VAOphthalmology1043205271
Malcolm Magovern 23111, VAOphthalmology1639164387
Brian J Mckee 23606, VAOphthalmology1407841133
Hugh E Berckmueller 23606, VAOphthalmology1093701682
Babur Bari Lateef 22191, VAOphthalmology1962499186
George Peyton Neatrour 23454, VAOphthalmology1669466181
Robert Marc Jaffee 23606, VAOphthalmology1508851783
Dietrich Albert Fellner 23455, VAOphthalmology1922097179
Michael Hamilton 23604, VAOphthalmology1972593838
Diemngoc T. Dang 22407, VAOphthalmology1215927629
Arnold L Oshinsky 22044, VAOphthalmology1770574691
Steven J Hudson 22405, VAOphthalmology1578554739
James C Harkrader 23294, VAOphthalmology1790766897
Walter Q Wang 22204, VAOphthalmology1578544862
Mohit Nanda 22911, VAOphthalmology1750363396
Marcia Denise Carney 23462, VAOphthalmology1669456166
Barry Alan Mandell 23452, VAOphthalmology1972587491
Nirmal Kanal, Md Pc 22630, VAOphthalmology1710961073
John R. Nordlund 23188, VAOphthalmology1841275831
Mary Beth Mcateer 22044, VAOphthalmology1003892324
William Lawrence Rich 22044, VAOphthalmology1730165051
Falls Church Medical Center, Inc. 22044, VAOphthalmology1245216670
Bijan Youssefi 22204, VAOphthalmology1780660902
John Patrick Martin 22044, VAOphthalmology1972589992
Robert Gregory Elgin 23606, VAOphthalmology1235116807
Denise Chamblee 23606, VAOphthalmology1437136009
Andrew W Lewis 23606, VAOphthalmology1003893694
Patrick D Moore 23606, VAOphthalmology1508843103
John Frederick Frantz 23606, VAOphthalmology1043297567
Brian Michael Keel 23606, VAOphthalmology1720065394
Robert Douglas Cullom 23185, VAOphthalmology1467439042
Arash Mansouri 22405, VAOphthalmology1780662312
William P. Coleman 22407, VAOphthalmology1932187622
George Uthuan Char 20147, VAOphthalmology1003895970
Richard Johnson 24153, VAOphthalmology1073592655
Elizabeth Ann Tonon 23708, VAOphthalmology1508845835
Brian Andrew Alexander 23708, VAOphthalmology1669452991
Steven Elliot Kitay 23606, VAOphthalmology1760452809
Pierre Kamguia 23225, VAOphthalmology1447234844
David John Forster 22044, VAOphthalmology1629054945
Jessica Elizabeth Oliver 22044, VAOphthalmology1134105455
Eric S Lee 22401, VAOphthalmology1356329981
Mary Ellen Cullom 23606, VAOphthalmology1275503864
Dayna M Lago 23502, VAOphthalmology1750351110
Evms Academic Physicians And Surgeons Health Services Foundation 23508, VAOphthalmology1003887118
Amy Kotecha 22203, VAOphthalmology1326019241
Jonathan Till 24018, VAOphthalmology1497726475
Kimberly D Davis 23708, VAOphthalmology1003887837
David Andrew Eliason 24153, VAOphthalmology1346211802
Nicole Kyongnan Renaud 22201, VAOphthalmology1134190556
Alan C Egge 20109, VAOphthalmology1376515759
Jennifer H Jacobs 20109, VAOphthalmology1902878382
Charles C Hogge 20109, VAOphthalmology1235101312
Craig Dwight Hartranft 24019, VAOphthalmology1760454532
Donald Michael Grayson 24112, VAOphthalmology1225001340
Sara Alice Kaltreider 22911, VAOphthalmology1841263670
Steven G Spellman 23606, VAOphthalmology1316911290
A. Raymond Pilkerton 22031, VAOphthalmology1750355905
Kevin R Scott 22033, VAOphthalmology1962476713
Maurice Leonard Gaspar 22205, VAOphthalmology1609841162
Michael H. Goldberg 22152, VAOphthalmology1366418733
Lionel Chisholm 20186, VAOphthalmology1124094040
Paul A Yates 22908, VAOphthalmology1508833997
Leana S. Long 23185, VAOphthalmology1104893528
Dressler Ophthalmology Assoc Plc 22030, VAOphthalmology1679540843
Linda B Dressler 22030, VAOphthalmology1801863071
Daniel M Geller 22030, VAOphthalmology1861460743
Matthew D Reed 23606, VAOphthalmology1790753564
Judith Gadol 22152, VAOphthalmology1760451702
John A Foley 23350, VAOphthalmology1194794289
Douglas Mercer Rampona 23451, VAOphthalmology1053370007
Leland D Whitelock 23320, VAOphthalmology1457310401
Dulles Eye Associates 20176, VAOphthalmology1144289661
Paul M Griffey 23320, VAOphthalmology1528027976
Richard Thomas Griffey 23320, VAOphthalmology1235198680
David Frederick Klink 24502, VAOphthalmology1003886581
Gary Alfred Tanner 23606, VAOphthalmology1851364772
Robert Peter Larys 23606, VAOphthalmology1578538567
John Bocock Carter 22601, VAOphthalmology1750353140
Gordon A Byrnes 22310, VAOphthalmology1295709699
Michael B Rivers 22310, VAOphthalmology1396719332
Reshma C Katira 22310, VAOphthalmology1700851607
Jose M. Portal 23185, VAOphthalmology1932179538
John A Stathos 24401, VAOphthalmology1457311375
Remo Andrea Lotano 24501, VAOphthalmology1740240365
Manfred A Vonfricken 22031, VAOphthalmology1457311839
James River Eye Physicians Pc 23606, VAOphthalmology1881655058
Soo Young Shin 20176, VAOphthalmology1952362600
Virginia Eye Center P.c. 20176, VAOphthalmology1841251402
Niloofar Ziai 20176, VAOphthalmology1528029261
Sam Edward Mansour 20186, VAOphthalmology1376506873
Francis Dipaolo 22204, VAOphthalmology1164485355
Cheryl Genessa Cauthen 23504, VAOphthalmology1770546442
Paul Roy Yoder 22801, VAOphthalmology1578527933
Edgar Morris Levine 23708, VAOphthalmology1679537674
Shannon Marie Mccole 23507, VAOphthalmology1598729444
Nadia C Shockley 23602, VAOphthalmology1952367195
Juan J Orellana 23298, VAOphthalmology1568428530
Staunton Eye Clinic Plc 24401, VAOphthalmology1578520219
John A Stefano 22601, VAOphthalmology1962469270
Jeanne Quarles Brooks 23061, VAOphthalmology1306804844
Walter N Wills 22314, VAOphthalmology1013965227
Christopher Theodore Leffler 23060, VAOphthalmology1063460707
Muneera Asad Mahmood 23249, VAOphthalmology1225088560
Zeynel A. Karcioglu 22908, VAOphthalmology1326098286
Oculoplastics And Orbital Consultants Plc 22911, VAOphthalmology1295787539
Seth Russell Krawitz 23226, VAOphthalmology1295787141
Darin K. Bowers 24502, VAOphthalmology1841250230
Robert B. Vogel 24502, VAOphthalmology1932169323
Gail L. Ganser 24502, VAOphthalmology1023078581
Piedmont Eye Center, Inc. 24502, VAOphthalmology1801857529
Elizenda M. Ceballos 54502, VAOphthalmology1558321182
Richard M. Fenton 23249, VAOphthalmology1932158060
Sameer I Ahmad 20170, VAOphthalmology1326003401
Quentin Franklin 23504, VAOphthalmology1639131972
Dennis C Pratt 23249, VAOphthalmology1447204755
Robert E. Searle 22908, VAOphthalmology1558316224
George Walton Riddick 24153, VAOphthalmology1396790879
David M Salib 23502, VAOphthalmology1053367946
Pranay Gupta 23834, VAOphthalmology1982641049
Charlottesville Eye Associates Ltd 22911, VAOphthalmology1548200280
Jacob A Clark 22314, VAOphthalmology1164464806
Maryam Zamani 22003, VAOphthalmology1215979737
William Alexander Hobbs 24501, VAOphthalmology1740224609
Robert Alexander Whisnant 24501, VAOphthalmology1881638773
Cornea Consultants, P.c. 22102, VAOphthalmology1396789673
Daniel B Drysdale 24060, VAOphthalmology1629013776
Gary R Cook 23298, VAOphthalmology1346286630
Daniel Joseph Mcgrath 23298, VAOphthalmology1487680351
Namtran H Pham 22203, VAOphthalmology1730117359
Henry Tucker Dalton 22203, VAOphthalmology1265462899


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