Providers with Taxonomy: Ophthalmology in the state of Virginia

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Ophthalmology
in the state of Virginia:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Mary Catherine Fischer 20815, VAOphthalmology1306844113
Mohit Nanda 22911, VAOphthalmology1750363396
Binoy R Jani 22407, VAOphthalmology1548222557
Paul C Kang 20815, VAOphthalmology1487680070
Alla Yurievna Golovkina-hynes 22602, VAOphthalmology1386690428
Waqas Ilyas 22601, VAOphthalmology1467482984
Valley Physician Enterprise, Inc. 22601, VAOphthalmology1053800961
Claude Donald Belgrave 23434, VAOphthalmology1376578138
Kimberly K Anderson 23226, VAOphthalmology1922194828
Virginia Retina Center Llc 20186, VAOphthalmology1093869976
Jacob Conrad Meyer 22911, VAOphthalmology1588837645
John Phillip Essepian 22031, VAOphthalmology1376766816
Jessica Dionne Randolph 23219, VAOphthalmology1447487301
Albert L. Lin 39216, VAOphthalmology1669760385
Bina S. Patel 38401, VAOphthalmology1720213994
Eye Physicians And Surgeons Inc 22031, VAOphthalmology1518292275
Lindsay Smithen 20017, VAOphthalmology1932384559
Kevin Joseph Talbot 77707, VAOphthalmology1033522529
Hylton Richard Mayer 20815, VAOphthalmology1174568695
Deepika Shah 20815, VAOphthalmology1316172489
Juanita Sonya Bryant 20003, VAOphthalmology1235388679
Capital Eye Care Llc 22003, VAOphthalmology1518427368
Melissa D Kern 20165, VAOphthalmology1386606549
Jon Christian Berry 73104, VAOphthalmology1558867143
Natario Couser 23219, VAOphthalmology1083822704
Alexandre F Gauthier 22042, VAOphthalmology1710206057
Rita Digrazia Page 22901, VAOphthalmology1851788236
Rebecca Leigh Zaydel 23435, VAOphthalmology1821650615
Amy Lynn Nicholas 20190, VAOphthalmology1407081680
Ghada Abdullah Orkubi 19102, VAOphthalmology1598995128
Ian Chauncey Uber 23708, VAOphthalmology1891016796
Brent Aebi 37620, VAOphthalmology1902291859
Alice Y Zhang 22903, VAOphthalmology1770977944
Jeffrey Hunt Sedgewick 20147, VAOphthalmology1700998630
Jonathan Manhard 05403, VAOphthalmology1235526567
Sedgewick Eye Associates Pc 20147, VAOphthalmology1912019845
John Chuong Quang Le 23226, VAOphthalmology1740541150
Kathleen Guerrero Figuereo 00791, VAOphthalmology1437598026
Erwin Calvo Puente 20817, VAOphthalmology1003105677
Odette Callender 24541, VAOphthalmology1053421552
John Coghlan Allen 30260, VAOphthalmology1679969935
Anton Orlin 10021, VAOphthalmology1720138498
Kyle Andrew Dallas Den Beste 32806, VAOphthalmology1366853731
Kevin Lowder 24551, VAOphthalmology1619330586
Catherine Elizabeth Baston 24551, VAOphthalmology1992952865
Darrell Steven Reisner 20166, VAOphthalmology1912095019
Jessica Alana Scott 10032, VAOphthalmology1386099695
Andrew Jay Siegel 20190, VAOphthalmology1982045043
Marithe Gabrielle Gutierrez-roberts 75390, VAOphthalmology1669835419
William F Deegan 20165, VAOphthalmology1982678223
Brian K. Do 20815, VAOphthalmology1073807681
Guneet Singh Sodhi 44195, VAOphthalmology1083069926
Boonkit Purt 20889, VAOphthalmology1376903377
Richard A Garfinkel 20815, VAOphthalmology1831163997
Jonathan William Brugger 34243, VAOphthalmology1013172105
Eric Alexander Liss 33952, VAOphthalmology1225477748
Benjamin Daniel Abramowitz 22152, VAOphthalmology1376800078
Marcus Colyer 98431, VAOphthalmology1215033915
Peter V Mitrev 27909, VAOphthalmology1902859374
Commonwealth Eye Care Associates Pc 23233, VAOphthalmology1568571065
Sandra Marie Johnson 65212, VAOphthalmology1730198714
Eric A Adams 23502, VAOphthalmology1164417077
Sara De La Rosa 62526, VAOphthalmology1992190821
Luke Tae Jong Moore 55805, VAOphthalmology1023452182
Caleb Morris 89511, VAOphthalmology1316359524
Amanda Gibson 23112, VAOphthalmology1912324708
Fredric Jay Gross 23320, VAOphthalmology1184629271
Steven Keith Snyder 23320, VAOphthalmology1427053149
Marlet G Bazemore 20010, VAOphthalmology1518044650
Scott Dennis Barnes 53207, VAOphthalmology1902054406
Evan M Berger 23703, VAOphthalmology1356769731
Hayley Ryan James 63110, VAOphthalmology1356882542
Scott David Lawrence 22980, VAOphthalmology1558562264
Andrew D. Munro 23233, VAOphthalmology1619138823
Ozgur I Ozkan 22903, VAOphthalmology1609123694
Fiona Elizabeth Seager 22601, VAOphthalmology1275970428
David M Harman Md Llc 24551, VAOphthalmology1306950431
Amos J. Willis, M.d., Pc 22405, VAOphthalmology1952305625
Glaucoma Laser Center Pc 23505, VAOphthalmology1891791521
Virginia Retina Specialists 22042, VAOphthalmology1770943565
Kian M Kaz Md Eye Physician & Surgeon Pc 23602, VAOphthalmology1902899255
Eye Associates Of Winchester Inc. 22601, VAOphthalmology1477545051
Eye Physicians Of Southwest Virginia P C 24210, VAOphthalmology1154315901
Nirmal Kanal, Md Pc 22630, VAOphthalmology1710961073
Falls Church Medical Center, Inc. 22044, VAOphthalmology1245216670
Evms Academic Physicians And Surgeons Health Services Foundation 23508, VAOphthalmology1003887118
Dressler Ophthalmology Assoc Plc 22030, VAOphthalmology1679540843
Dulles Eye Associates 20176, VAOphthalmology1144289661
James River Eye Physicians Pc 23606, VAOphthalmology1881655058
Virginia Eye Center P.c. 20176, VAOphthalmology1841251402
Staunton Eye Clinic Plc 24401, VAOphthalmology1578520219
Oculoplastics And Orbital Consultants Plc 22911, VAOphthalmology1295787539
Piedmont Eye Center, Inc. 24502, VAOphthalmology1801857529
Charlottesville Eye Associates Ltd 22911, VAOphthalmology1548200280
Cornea Consultants, P.c. 22102, VAOphthalmology1396789673
Virginia Ophthalmology Associates, P.c. 23502, VAOphthalmology1275588477
Chesterfield Ophthalmology Pc 23112, VAOphthalmology1033142708
Anh Nguyen, M.d., P.c. 22046, VAOphthalmology1215962840
Riverside Physician Services Inc 23606, VAOphthalmology1083630651
Riverside Physician Services Inc 23666, VAOphthalmology1962428532
Suffolk Eye Physicians And Surgeons 23434, VAOphthalmology1306863337
Virginia Eye Consultants Inc 23502, VAOphthalmology1992727820
Southside Optical Center Llc 23901, VAOphthalmology1386650729
Eye Surgeons Of Richmond, Inc. 23226, VAOphthalmology1669480448
Medical Optical Lab 22601, VAOphthalmology1912012527
David J Hedges Md Pc 24060, VAOphthalmology1750485017
Medical & Surgical Eye Specialists Inc 23502, VAOphthalmology1851495139
Eye Center Inc 23233, VAOphthalmology1669576393
Carl D. Outen, Md, Pc 23236, VAOphthalmology1821195801
Blue Ridge Ophthalmology Pllc 22901, VAOphthalmology1407947559
Ophthalmic Consultants Of Tidewater Pc 23320, VAOphthalmology1013008861
The Eye Specialists Ltd 23455, VAOphthalmology1720179104
Commonwealth Eye Center, Pc 22701, VAOphthalmology1457444309
Danville Eye Center Inc 24541, VAOphthalmology1255425591
Medical & Surgical Eye Specialists Inc 23320, VAOphthalmology1184719353
Eye Physicians Of Virginia, Ltd. 22101, VAOphthalmology1740377969
Richard Huberman M.d. & Alan J. Pollack M.d., Ltd. 22304, VAOphthalmology1629165873
Chesapeake Eye Physicians, Plc 23320, VAOphthalmology1831288257
John A Foley, Jr., M.d., P.c. 23350, VAOphthalmology1932299492
Douglas M Rampona Md Pc 23451, VAOphthalmology1144304916
Atlantic Ophthalmology 23455, VAOphthalmology1841378031
Nrv Eye Center, Inc 24073, VAOphthalmology1124198122
William E. Shaw, Jr., Md Llc. 23834, VAOphthalmology1760567051
Harman Eye Center Of Lynchburg, Llc 24501, VAOphthalmology1578654026
Northern Virginia Vision Center, Inc. 20166, VAOphthalmology1710069950
Albemarle Pediatric Ophthalmology & Strabismus Pc 22902, VAOphthalmology1750456745
Verdi Eye Specialist Pllc 23504, VAOphthalmology1487729679
Tidewater Eye Center Spc 23703, VAOphthalmology1578638748
Tysons Corner Ophthalmic Associates, Ltd 22182, VAOphthalmology1316015399
John A Stefano, Md Pc 22601, VAOphthalmology1881752277
Southside Eye Center Pc 23901, VAOphthalmology1841352481
Frank H. Reuling Jr Md Pc & Thomas P Keenan Md Pc Ptr 22601, VAOphthalmology1790848265
Awan Ophthalmology Clinic 24273, VAOphthalmology1891858783
Colonial Opthalmology 23188, VAOphthalmology1295882835
Silk Vision And Surgical Center 22003, VAOphthalmology1417009267
Eye Physicians Of Virginia, Ltd. 20190, VAOphthalmology1427102763
Advanced Ophthalmology Inc 22191, VAOphthalmology1780720532
Joanne Crenshaw, Md Pc 20165, VAOphthalmology1821137738
Virginia Eye Specialists Pc 23834, VAOphthalmology1215072400
Premier Eye Center Llc 22314, VAOphthalmology1972635696
Suffolk Eye Associates Pc 23434, VAOphthalmology1174657175
Eye Specialists Of Virginia , P.c. 23226, VAOphthalmology1821122144
Northern Virginia Eye Institute 22601, VAOphthalmology1063570513
Retina Vitreous Consultants 23235, VAOphthalmology1962955286
Riverside Physician Services, Inc. 23601, VAOphthalmology1710020623
Eye Specialists And Surgeons Of Northern Virginia, Llc 22033, VAOphthalmology1275904674
Atlantic Eye Consultants 23454, VAOphthalmology1457470338
Dr. Jacqueline D. Griffiths, Md Pc 20190, VAOphthalmology1851515472
A. Wali Ziayee, M.d. , Pllc 22205, VAOphthalmology1942426770
Blue Ridge Eye Specialists Pc 22601, VAOphthalmology1043422314
Virginia Eye Center, P.c. 20190, VAOphthalmology1275740615
Steven R. Bullard, M.d., P.c. 22314, VAOphthalmology1336350552
Riverside Physician Services Inc 23061, VAOphthalmology1467659797
Yoon Mo Myung Md Llc 24639, VAOphthalmology1043418783
Sina J. Sabet Md Pc 22304, VAOphthalmology1396944567
Arlington Eye Center 22205, VAOphthalmology1447440797
Eye Plastic Associates Pc 22033, VAOphthalmology1386834620
John R. Karickhoff, M,d, P.c. 22046, VAOphthalmology1245421999
Premier Ophthalmology, Plc 23452, VAOphthalmology1568655389
Fairfax Eye Center, Pc 22033, VAOphthalmology1205024692
Northern Virginia Vision Center, Inc. 22031, VAOphthalmology1184813172
A New Vision Eyecare And Laser Surgery, Plc 23507, VAOphthalmology1740469469
John P Essepian Md Pc 22031, VAOphthalmology1902085376
Juliana Y. Park Md Pc 22031, VAOphthalmology1013197755
David K Chow, Md, Pc 20190, VAOphthalmology1689855587
Jerald J. Littlefield, Md, Pc 22314, VAOphthalmology1639351174
Dulles Eye Associates 22003, VAOphthalmology1528241965
Loudoun Eye Care 20147, VAOphthalmology1336325760
Retina Group Of Tidewater Pc 23507, VAOphthalmology1629256441
Robert S Mccormick Md Inc 22801, VAOphthalmology1184802795
Glaucoma Consultants Of Washington, Inc. 20170, VAOphthalmology1962671818
Glaucoma Consultants Of Washington 22601, VAOphthalmology1992974950
Glaucoma Consultants Of Washington 21601, VAOphthalmology1083883789
American Association Of Professional Eye Care Specialists Aapecs P C 23462, VAOphthalmology1679743645
Robert W Jacey Md Pc 23294, VAOphthalmology1316118763
Jorge L. Campana, M.d., P.c. 22044, VAOphthalmology1679744734
Glaucoma Consultants Of Washington 20910, VAOphthalmology1407028962
Mitrev Eye Center, Pc 23320, VAOphthalmology1619149945
Glenn K Davis Ii Md Pc 24301, VAOphthalmology1881869618
Gainesville Eye Associates, Llc 20155, VAOphthalmology1356518849
Potomac Ophthalmology Pc 22191, VAOphthalmology1194982819
Southwest Virginia Eye Center, Pllc 24018, VAOphthalmology1861651507
N.k. Renaud, M.d. P.c. 22204, VAOphthalmology1003078924
Sight Center Llc 24112, VAOphthalmology1356506869
Access Eye Centers, Pc 22407, VAOphthalmology1578741278
Glaucoma Consultants Of Washington, Inc. 20170, VAOphthalmology1073782777
Nova Eye Md, Inc. 20121, VAOphthalmology1598911406
Carney Retina And Macula Center Pc 23462, VAOphthalmology1205081841
Retina & Vitreous Consultants Of Virginia, Pc 22601, VAOphthalmology1114172319
James C. Harkrader Md, Pc 23294, VAOphthalmology1679710503
Timothy J Malone Md And Associates Pc 22066, VAOphthalmology1932336112
Vista Eye Specialists Pc 22508, VAOphthalmology1649408253
Franklin Eye Care Of Virginia Beach, Pllc 23456, VAOphthalmology1144553611
Suzanne M. Everhart, D.o., P.c. 23005, VAOphthalmology1033445713
Frank R Romano Md Pc 23851, VAOphthalmology1770811937
Daniel B. Drysdale, Md, Pc 24060, VAOphthalmology1952631723
Alexandria Ophthalmic Associates, P.c. 22314, VAOphthalmology1285958538
James River Eye Physicians 23606, VAOphthalmology1659696391
Harman Eye Center Of Bedford Llc 24523, VAOphthalmology1740507664
Access Eye Centers, Pc 22554, VAOphthalmology1811215726


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