Providers with Taxonomy: Optometry in the state of Alabama

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Optometry
in the state of Alabama:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Melanie D Sivley 35294, ALOptometry1407859531
Robert Edward Edge 36545, ALOptometry1659374361
Mark D Mcclintock 35235, ALOptometry1750384202
Toy S Holland 35007, ALOptometry1831192384
George Nicholas Eischens 36066, ALOptometry1487657912
Randy Stephen Coshatt 35442, ALOptometry1932103652
Amy Sanderson 35758, ALOptometry1669477824
Gregory Robbe Jackson 36606, ALOptometry1114922036
B Faye Andrews 35180, ALOptometry1245236637
Dane W Bagley 35806, ALOptometry1184620981
Kenny Ray Blackston 36467, ALOptometry1740286301
D & J Optical Inc 36360, ALOptometry1669478236
George Robert Crosby 36360, ALOptometry1043216609
Franklin Primary Health Center, Inc. 36603, ALOptometry1043794480
D & J Optical Inc 36467, ALOptometry1447257910
James C. Dover 36362, ALOptometry1932107307
James Ashley Ferrell 35803, ALOptometry1689673469
Robert G Carden 35466, ALOptometry1932108321
Terry Reynolds 35601, ALOptometry1427058262
Frances Rebecca Bizzle 36106, ALOptometry1831199470
Steve Luttrell Sullins 35758, ALOptometry1740280205
Frank Michael Freeman 35016, ALOptometry1144220443
Shilpa J Register 35294, ALOptometry1407856438
Gina R Scott 35016, ALOptometry1841290152
Johnnie Paul Barnes 35802, ALOptometry1003816521
Susan Maleia Persall 35640, ALOptometry1861494841
Tyler M Amos 35763, ALOptometry1568454601
R Bryan Boozer 35055, ALOptometry1669464582
Chester Thomas Crooks 35023, ALOptometry1073505657
Jason Kenneth Dickerson 35124, ALOptometry1487646832
Daniel Edward Murray 36310, ALOptometry1477545770
Douglas Curtis Clark 35124, ALOptometry1134111511
Phillip Michael Guthery 35055, ALOptometry1023001278
Kevin Wayne Neal 35055, ALOptometry1649263773
Bonnie E Mallard 35045, ALOptometry1407849318
John E Hornsby 36301, ALOptometry1437142387
Benjamin Franklin King 36606, ALOptometry1679566657
James W. Bedsole 35125, ALOptometry1700879145
Sarah C Gordon 35242, ALOptometry1235121153
Denise Murphree Show 36054, ALOptometry1285627893
Mark Wade Shirey 36608, ALOptometry1740274885
Catherine Romine Murphy 35205, ALOptometry1609860311
Premier Health Management, Inc. 36606, ALOptometry1538154760
Roy Charles Goodman 36117, ALOptometry1265428353
Tim J Thompson 35233, ALOptometry1033105283
Lorie C Woods 36330, ALOptometry1174510614
William H Sullins 35801, ALOptometry1366439499
David A. Lee 35801, ALOptometry1568450302
Ambra T Glass 35768, ALOptometry1902894686
Gary E Roquemore 35501, ALOptometry1013905637
Charles K Brown 35243, ALOptometry1588652242
James Wesley Webb 35007, ALOptometry1013902501
Trenton Stuart Cleghern 35294, ALOptometry1083090815
Lawrence N. Nicastro 35801, ALOptometry1790772655
James E Skoney 35235, ALOptometry1568450195
Mary Tally Watson 35758, ALOptometry1467445965
Julia H Gannon 35205, ALOptometry1760478226
Jessica Palmer 35242, ALOptometry1972597102
Debra H. Brown 35242, ALOptometry1073501268
Randall Walter Hoerth 35950, ALOptometry1164410387
Bruce Allen Perry 35555, ALOptometry1801884879
H Ralph Winton 35801, ALOptometry1841289352
Catherine S Amos 35244, ALOptometry1942299102
Martin Habel 35986, ALOptometry1396735593
Armand L Gagnon 35209, ALOptometry1194715318
Adrienne Beth Ari 36362, ALOptometry1790776797
Kenneth Michael Anderson 35115, ALOptometry1376534198
Gregroy A Hively 35004, ALOptometry1619968385
Weilun Hsu 36112, ALOptometry1619968278
Harriett B Foshee 36037, ALOptometry1700877263
Gregory Chad Green 36732, ALOptometry1689665101
Bryan Douglas Brown 36305, ALOptometry1972594323
Eugene W Nicholls 36301, ALOptometry1437140886
Kye L Mansfield 35007, ALOptometry1154312338
Andrew Leroy Maxwell 36301, ALOptometry1942281159
John Daniel Denney 36301, ALOptometry1851372064
David Walker Badham 36301, ALOptometry1336120542
Family Eye Center, Llc 36081, ALOptometry1487635397
Juanakee Raedell Adams 35203, ALOptometry1356322218
Ernest Jonathan Champion 35010, ALOptometry1740261601
Thomas Allen Dunn 36081, ALOptometry1295716116
Doris Ann Appleby 36117, ALOptometry1215918925
Joseph Michael Hooks 35244, ALOptometry1760463350
David R Hamlin 36081, ALOptometry1073594545
Julie Smith 35150, ALOptometry1881675387
Samuel D Pierce 35173, ALOptometry1801877311
Zachary B Steele 35173, ALOptometry1982685400
Mary Kathleen Mayhall Warner 35630, ALOptometry1578544888
James Howard Poole 35010, ALOptometry1811979982
Larry D Carter 35570, ALOptometry1518949205
David Neil Welborn 35010, ALOptometry1598747339
Michael J Carboni 35950, ALOptometry1851373385
Elaine K Thompson 35205, ALOptometry1720060320
Clyde G Echols 35215, ALOptometry1649252073
David P Duval 36609, ALOptometry1063495265
Julie M Blake 35243, ALOptometry1033192240
Susan Horton Eiland 35205, ALOptometry1982686572
Jimmie Jean Corley 35405, ALOptometry1518940717
Lynn S Hammonds 35244, ALOptometry1801884085
Jeffrey D Hill 35023, ALOptometry1962485052
Kenneth R Winton 35802, ALOptometry1316936487
Michael M Kwarcinski 35242, ALOptometry1710975917
Raymond Wayne Cobb 35570, ALOptometry1669463972
Robert Sandlin 35613, ALOptometry1700860111
Samuel L. Kirby 35630, ALOptometry1699759274
Michael B Bradford 36106, ALOptometry1346224920
Charles Clark Weeks 35594, ALOptometry1588649032
Ron Sealock 36301, ALOptometry1558346973
Timothy M Meadows 36066, ALOptometry1255316667
Fred B Setzer 35209, ALOptometry1053396465
Jeffrey L. Mclaughlin 35633, ALOptometry1780669994
Oak Mountain Eye Care Pc 35242, ALOptometry1255316006
Michael D Blackburn 35242, ALOptometry1538144399
Hernan G. Benavides 36027, ALOptometry1053397703
John M Laurent 35294, ALOptometry1114903945
Donald L Jurriaans 36207, ALOptometry1700863396
James L Driggars 35045, ALOptometry1801873302
William Fountaine Pittenger 35801, ALOptometry1417935156
Nathan A Whitaker 35404, ALOptometry1053399592
Roy D Lamb 36081, ALOptometry1639158421
Timothy C Nichols 35951, ALOptometry1508845256
Robert C. Hayes 35043, ALOptometry1467431890
Gary C Few 35058, ALOptometry1689653875
Donna Frances Matthews 35203, ALOptometry1831178920
Jane W. Lamb 36049, ALOptometry1003896838
Stacie M Cummings 35215, ALOptometry1720058621
John Keriotis 35216, ALOptometry1295715696
Bradley Drake 35640, ALOptometry1528048469
Alison Marie Kailer 36567, ALOptometry1699755470
Lisa R Green 36112, ALOptometry1164402863
Dale A Potter 35603, ALOptometry1245218767
Paula C. Robinson 35055, ALOptometry1730150954
Mark Layne Turk 35957, ALOptometry1689645764
Jeffery Alexander Morrow 36695, ALOptometry1437120219
Morri Coulter 35802, ALOptometry1114998812
James Daniel Wilder 36532, ALOptometry1386615961
Martha J Wright 36535, ALOptometry1154392736
Lee Roy Thompson 35404, ALOptometry1871564203
Terry L Bonds 36265, ALOptometry1780656819
James Hunter Manasco 35565, ALOptometry1639141534
Jon G Milano 36203, ALOptometry1841262755
William G Mcinnish 36507, ALOptometry1730151739
Sandra E Wang-harris 35801, ALOptometry1316910813
Candice Irene Turner 35244, ALOptometry1770555351
Yancy Carl York 35243, ALOptometry1437121928
David W Mcgee 35653, ALOptometry1508839010
Aimee C Poirier 35244, ALOptometry1245203744
Linda E Slade 36695, ALOptometry1477526606
David Duane Mohon 36272, ALOptometry1316910557
Marston Curtis Martin 35405, ALOptometry1285607879
John T Bender 36330, ALOptometry1528032448
Nelson Crandall 36460, ALOptometry1689649089
The Eyecare Place, Inc. 35215, ALOptometry1679548044
Matthew S. James 35223, ALOptometry1871568246
James A. Begun 35216, ALOptometry1265407563
Laura Arthur White 35215, ALOptometry1124093455
Paul F. Vandiver 35816, ALOptometry1750356762
Jack L. Schaeffer 35216, ALOptometry1598730582
Frank J Spalla, Jr. 35802, ALOptometry1053386052
Ernest E. Sisneros 36106, ALOptometry1619942612
Patricia C. Benjamin 35205, ALOptometry1073588869
Amy H. Herrington 35243, ALOptometry1609842459
Ami A. Epstein 35242, ALOptometry1962478727
Lisa A Kennedy 35244, ALOptometry1407822265
David C. King 35216, ALOptometry1548236326
Barry Rayford Basden 35630, ALOptometry1235105677
Lyman C Norden 35233, ALOptometry1669449377
Paul Curtis Roten 36301, ALOptometry1366410037
Judson Ray Ireland 31909, ALOptometry1396714416
Michael Ray Parker 35967, ALOptometry1477521698
Franklin Primary Health Center, Inc. 36617, ALOptometry1497724256
Todd David Morgan 35763, ALOptometry1669441291
E. Neal Irwin 35244, ALOptometry1215906730
David Daniel Griggs 35611, ALOptometry1669441820
Warren Hampton Moore 35630, ALOptometry1619946886
Franklin Primary Health Center, Inc. 36603, ALOptometry1679532303
Brian W Roberts 35040, ALOptometry1245299866
Clifford Lee Stratton 35758, ALOptometry1730148198
Shanna F Kirk 36079, ALOptometry1487622932
Joseph Craig Harrell 36526, ALOptometry1801867486
Murray Glusman 36608, ALOptometry1295707990
Norman C Johnson 35768, ALOptometry1134191158
John A Walters 35758, ALOptometry1639142789
David K. O'leary 35235, ALOptometry1578539334
Kenneth R Moultrie 35801, ALOptometry1376515361
Rachel L. Harvey 35209, ALOptometry1821064676
Romero R Flores 35055, ALOptometry1104894500
Bradley S. Drake, Pc 35640, ALOptometry1407828379
Wood Family Eyecare Od Llc 36854, ALOptometry1871066878
Franklin Primary Health Center, Inc. 36908, ALOptometry1093775918
Mark Patrick Mcguire 36083, ALOptometry1396705836
Karl Whiting 36652, ALOptometry1417919648
Jason Wave Cook 36207, ALOptometry1972565802
Maurice Jose Lyn 35045, ALOptometry1801859400
Joseph Anthony Schnorbus 35160, ALOptometry1730142167
Horace W. Linder 35978, ALOptometry1316901028
Robert L Moore 35404, ALOptometry1487618674
Valley Eye, Pc 35630, ALOptometry1174588057
James David Frost 35016, ALOptometry1376509943
Kelly K. Nichols 35294, ALOptometry1558327817


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Q: What is a NPI number?
A: As per CMS, a National Provider Identifier (NPI) is a unique identification number for covered health care providers, which was created to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of electronic transmission of health information.

Q: How does NPI number registration work? How do I get, apply, or register for a NPI number? Is there an easy way of obtaining an NPI number?
A: As per CMS, the most convenient method of registering for a NPI number is to visit NPPES and follow the on-screen instructions. If you have any questions during the registration process, you may contact NPI customer service at 1-800-465-3203.

Q: Is there any easy-to-read NPI number list or a list of NPI numbers?
A: There are several lists that you may find online, but an example of an official one is from CMS, which allows you to view certain data using table-like interfaces. An NPI number search can also be performed via the NPPES NPI registry.

Q: What is my profession's NPI number? How about my group NPI number? And my medical NPI number?
A: The NPPES NPI registry is the official website for finding / locating and verifying your NPI number and related details. Our website does indeed utilize NPPES data as one of its sources and we encourage you to explore all possible sources for NPI verification.

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