Providers with Taxonomy: Optometry in the state of Alabama

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Optometry
in the state of Alabama:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Johnnie Paul Barnes 35802, ALOptometry1003816521
Helton Vision Associates ,p.c. 36502, ALOptometry1467504100
Victor C Lacour 35111, ALOptometry1649346446
Justin D Smith 35242, ALOptometry1881976025
Kimberly W Stroup 35405, ALOptometry1518252584
Sunita Jagani 35758, ALOptometry1548518319
Tiffany Luke 30040, ALOptometry1780050526
Jeffrey A Williams, Od, Pc 36542, ALOptometry1629589213
Chelsea Nicole Chandler 36265, ALOptometry1285158022
Kelly King Cleary 31707, ALOptometry1740713569
Troy Lee Enfinger 36527, ALOptometry1659800829
Samara Dudley Perryman 36081, ALOptometry1063941631
Kathryn Claire Mowrer 35022, ALOptometry1447775226
Mccurdy Family Eye Care 35802, ALOptometry1346758778
Icare Llc 36732, ALOptometry1437579000
Lowe Family Eye Care, Llc 35173, ALOptometry1407349400
Charles Derrick Franklin 35213, ALOptometry1649771957
Daniel De Armas 75028, ALOptometry1659898450
Lindsay Durtschi 32504, ALOptometry1407222185
Whitney Lowe 35215, ALOptometry1326563867
Zackary Elkins 36608, ALOptometry1114410040
Elizabeth Cameron Denneny 30097, ALOptometry1457876468
James Brandon Perry 35124, ALOptometry1326527904
Drew W Gann 35023, ALOptometry1538644117
Merin Amanda Graves 35907, ALOptometry1700172954
Sara Lynn Mcgowan 35223, ALOptometry1669988309
Sarah Clark Cleghern 35125, ALOptometry1831508308
Haley Henson 36079, ALOptometry1003301664
Melissa Marie Schiffer 85012, ALOptometry1346760790
Laura Leanne Whitaker 35613, ALOptometry1710967609
Jessica Arighi Boyd 35801, ALOptometry1508354093
Minhthu Nguyen 39051, ALOptometry1639528912
David Schaeffer 35223, ALOptometry1619403508
Lisa B. Daniel 36830, ALOptometry1457443491
Anna Ablamowicz Tichenor 47405, ALOptometry1316372303
Tracy Mulvehill Millwood 35077, ALOptometry1518203611
Andrew Munther Sahawneh 32514, ALOptometry1356844187
Jodi Pederson Baker 35976, ALOptometry1205329653
Yancy Carl York 35801, ALOptometry1437121928
Melissa Gibson Shotts 35570, ALOptometry1306156484
Raymond Wayne Cobb 35570, ALOptometry1669463972
Caitlin Gregory 35215, ALOptometry1366899478
Mason Buckley Childers 36330, ALOptometry1952926776
Sarah M Berry 35404, ALOptometry1952822694
Justin Michael Kendall 35950, ALOptometry1932727120
Amy Patel 35473, ALOptometry1942824156
Whiting Eye Care, Llc 36606, ALOptometry1386258523
Katherine Greer Kennedy 35976, ALOptometry1871014969
Brandon James Alderton 35758, ALOptometry1407464043
Eye Care Associates Inc 36066, ALOptometry1902902463
Judson Lee Harrison 35043, ALOptometry1649838764
Eye Care Associates, Inc 36081, ALOptometry1366043424
Eye Care Associates, Inc. 35209, ALOptometry1275668378
Superior Eyecare Of Madison Inc 30223, ALOptometry1811390826
Keisha Brown 35294, ALOptometry1538712435
Latesha Walker 31903, ALOptometry1316387210
Barking, Inc. 36602, ALOptometry1346762820
Bryan Truett Holman 36054, ALOptometry1225285083
William James Calvin Jones 36203, ALOptometry1598293938
Kelsie Morgan Graffagnino 35244, ALOptometry1770108573
Rocket City Vision Care, Llc 35811, ALOptometry1164002747
Tracy Lynn Schroeder Swartz 35806, ALOptometry1306973417
Family First Vision Care Kentucky 35243, ALOptometry1023694007
Ashley Savage 35242, ALOptometry1972111995
Frances Louise Davis 71730, ALOptometry1457739831
Mohammed Zubayel Haque 36203, ALOptometry1992329734
A G Meighen 35049, ALOptometry1053364596
Nathania Nhouyvanisvong 98101, ALOptometry1336680370
Mark David Taylor 35768, ALOptometry1801027552
Travis Tucker 35758, ALOptometry1841622073
Michael Petros Bilalis 70122, ALOptometry1215440482
Martika Shonta Swain 35950, ALOptometry1154770725
Frank Francisco 35235, ALOptometry1902208424
D & J Optical Inc 36360, ALOptometry1669478236
Franklin Primary Health Center, Inc. 36603, ALOptometry1043794480
D & J Optical Inc 36467, ALOptometry1447257910
Premier Health Management, Inc. 36606, ALOptometry1538154760
Family Eye Center, Llc 36081, ALOptometry1487635397
Oak Mountain Eye Care Pc 35242, ALOptometry1255316006
The Eyecare Place, Inc. 35215, ALOptometry1679548044
Franklin Primary Health Center, Inc. 36617, ALOptometry1497724256
Wood Family Eyecare Od Llc 36854, ALOptometry1871066878
Franklin Primary Health Center, Inc. 36908, ALOptometry1093775918
Valley Eye, Pc 35630, ALOptometry1174588057
Alabama Eye Surgery Pc 35211, ALOptometry1184680647
Dachelet & Associates Pc 36207, ALOptometry1982652293
Clinic For Vision Pc 35951, ALOptometry1710925342
Adams Eye Care, Pc 35203, ALOptometry1942242300
Selma Eye Associates, Inc 36701, ALOptometry1730124850
C.d. Denney & Associates 36301, ALOptometry1770519050
Hoover Vision Center, P.c. 35244, ALOptometry1073542965
Eagle Vision Llc 36830, ALOptometry1205865938
Greene County Eye Clinic, Llc 35462, ALOptometry1336179209
Eye Health Partners Of Alabama Inc 35209, ALOptometry1619923745
Southern Eye Care Inc 36310, ALOptometry1770591380
John A. Essinger Ii, O.d. P.c. 35216, ALOptometry1851301188
Enterprise Optical Llc 36330, ALOptometry1538179866
Institute For Total Eye Care 36106, ALOptometry1417968389
Community Services For Vision Rehabilitation, Inc. 36606, ALOptometry1881708238
Eye Care Alabama Inc 36272, ALOptometry1962518803
The University Of Alabama At Birmingham 35294, ALOptometry1487677811
Cherokee Eye Clinic, P.c. 35960, ALOptometry1851403315
Landreth & Associates Inc 35481, ALOptometry1043313661
Eye Associates Pc 35010, ALOptometry1538268685
Cullman Eye Specialists, P.c. 35055, ALOptometry1407957368
John T. Bender, Jr., O.d., P.c. 36330, ALOptometry1194826057
Campbell Vision Center, Inc. 35653, ALOptometry1649371550
Drs Simon & Medlock Prtnr 35211, ALOptometry1811089808
Eye Care Of Berryhill, Llc 36117, ALOptometry1851483895
Eye Care Associates Of The Southeast, P.c. 36301, ALOptometry1689768038
Vestavia Eye Care, P.c. 35243, ALOptometry1851484596
Eastern Shore Eye Care, Pc 36532, ALOptometry1932294386
Mobile Bay Dental Llc 36602, ALOptometry1922193002
K. Michael Anderson,o.d.,p.c. 35115, ALOptometry1255426342
South East Eyecare 35763, ALOptometry1861573198
Selma Family Practice Optometry, Inc. 36701, ALOptometry1871677260
Landreth & Associates Inc 35473, ALOptometry1922183722
Visionfirst Eye Center 35235, ALOptometry1447329958
Eyecare Professionals, P.c. 35653, ALOptometry1740350842
20 20 Eyecare Inc 35045, ALOptometry1093885105
Light And Vision, Inc 35071, ALOptometry1275617227
Dr Tammy Wallace Llc 36360, ALOptometry1295118255
Poarch Band Of Creek Indians Dba Premier Family Eye Care 36502, ALOptometry1336257575
Athens Eye Care Center, P.c. 35613, ALOptometry1881781268
Milano Eyecare 36203, ALOptometry1164594230
Gregory Chad Green Od 36732, ALOptometry1720152739
Vision Source, Inc. 35235, ALOptometry1063587590
Elite Eye Care Of Huntsville 35811, ALOptometry1689740995
Montgomery Optometric Clinic 36117, ALOptometry1154497238
Wallace Optometry Associates 35020, ALOptometry1245307032
Coosa Eye Associates, P.c. 35044, ALOptometry1053488544
Cargus Eyecare Inc 35111, ALOptometry1619044948
Susan H Eiland Md Pc 35205, ALOptometry1962570085
St. Clair Eye Care Llc 35004, ALOptometry1346318912
Eyecare For Life, Pc 35653, ALOptometry1659449015
Madison Eye Care Center, Llc 35758, ALOptometry1649338781
Samuel D. Pierce, O.d., P.c. 35173, ALOptometry1750449542
St Clair Eye Care Llc 35146, ALOptometry1356409080
Perry Eye & Vision Inc 35148, ALOptometry1679632665
Leeds Family Eye Care, Inc 35094, ALOptometry1821157660
Cheaha Eye Associates Pc 35160, ALOptometry1700946449
Fountain City Eyecare Llc 36066, ALOptometry1245390459
Vision Source, Inc. 35235, ALOptometry1083775050
Dr. William Bradley 36606, ALOptometry1508928664
Decatur Eye Institute 35603, ALOptometry1609938448
Florence Eye Center, Inc. 35630, ALOptometry1457414104
Robert P Klingenbeck Od Pc 35901, ALOptometry1801959846
Decatur Eye Institute 35603, ALOptometry1598829814
Decatur Eye Insutitute 35603, ALOptometry1316001639
Albertville Family Optical, Pc 35950, ALOptometry1134284318
Robert L. Moore, P.c. 35404, ALOptometry1609931666
Eufaula Eye Associates, Inc. 36027, ALOptometry1053478701
Dr. Marbourg And Associates, P.c. 35121, ALOptometry1942357637
Chad Brewer, Od Pc 35630, ALOptometry1033267398
Advent Eye Care Center, Llc 35802, ALOptometry1841347267
Brian P Ingle Optometry, Llc 35630, ALOptometry1588712707
William F. Pittenger, Jr., O.d., P.c. 35801, ALOptometry1548318603
Donna L. Lee Od ,d/b/a Talladega Family Optical 35160, ALOptometry1003965633
Dr Charles J Brazeal Pc 36854, ALOptometry1316097371
Samuel Louis Kirby 35630, ALOptometry1598816167
Dr Charles J Brazeal P C 36274, ALOptometry1982757480
Selma Family Practice Optometry, Inc. 36732, ALOptometry1104971803
Mclendon & Sons Optical 2 35661, ALOptometry1396890455
Wyatt Kirkpatrick Eye Md Associates 36701, ALOptometry1992841886
Hooks Eyecare Associates 35243, ALOptometry1770620866
David G. Chandler, Od 36201, ALOptometry1346387677
David G. Chandler, O.d.,p.c. 36265, ALOptometry1730226762
T Jefferson Hicks Od Pc 36571, ALOptometry1710025721
New Horizons Eyecare, Pc 35222, ALOptometry1588702443
Kenny R Blackston Od Pc 36420, ALOptometry1710028618
Jemison Eye Care Llc 35085, ALOptometry1558403568
Jessica Palmer, O.d., Llc 35242, ALOptometry1730216805
Jill K. Meyer, O.d. P.c. 35124, ALOptometry1710014857
Pair Vision Center Pc 35235, ALOptometry1194853812
C B Mcinnish, Od Pa 36426, ALOptometry1548391337
Douglas C Clark, Od, Inc 35124, ALOptometry1699808295
Joshua Driver Pc 36467, ALOptometry1770616989
Total Eye Card Pc 35209, ALOptometry1285768499
Wynwood Eye Clinic, Inc 17889, ALOptometry1033235080
Dobbs Eye Clinic P.a. 36330, ALOptometry1679690143
Dr Charles J Bell And Associates 36083, ALOptometry1063572360
Roswell R. Pfister Md Pc 35216, ALOptometry1548312499
Andalusia Eye Clinic Llc 36421, ALOptometry1629133111
Whatley Eye Care, P.c. 36801, ALOptometry1538237771
Fleming Kirk, Llc 36079, ALOptometry1821138413
Inverness Eye Care 35242, ALOptometry1760559488
Bay Eyes Cataract And Laser Center, Inc. 36532, ALOptometry1396884227
Rogersville Eye Clinic 35652, ALOptometry1851434625
Ray & Associates 36111, ALOptometry1518087857
Clardy Contact Lens Center, Inc. 36606, ALOptometry1407977408
Whispering Pines, Inc. 35758, ALOptometry1265553499
Optometry Exchange Of Alabama, Inc 36571, ALOptometry1124140173
Robert G Carden 35150, ALOptometry1407978984
Rainbow City Family Eye Care Llc 35121, ALOptometry1871717199
Velvet Jeter Maddox, O.d. P.c. 36330, ALOptometry1538382973
Stuart Greenberg 35244, ALOptometry1043422678
Rogers Eye Care Inc 35005, ALOptometry1497962930
Martha Wright Od Llc 36535, ALOptometry1700093085
Anthony Riley Austin 35473, ALOptometry1396955068
Bill Mitchell, Od., Pc 35950, ALOptometry1346443249


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Q: What is a NPI number?
A: As per CMS, a National Provider Identifier (NPI) is a unique identification number for covered health care providers, which was created to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of electronic transmission of health information.

Q: How does NPI number registration work? How do I get, apply, or register for a NPI number? Is there an easy way of obtaining an NPI number?
A: As per CMS, the most convenient method of registering for a NPI number is to visit NPPES and follow the on-screen instructions. If you have any questions during the registration process, you may contact NPI customer service at 1-800-465-3203.

Q: Is there any easy-to-read NPI number list or a list of NPI numbers?
A: There are several lists that you may find online, but an example of an official one is from CMS, which allows you to view certain data using table-like interfaces. An NPI number search can also be performed via the NPPES NPI registry.

Q: What is my profession's NPI number? How about my group NPI number? And my medical NPI number?
A: The NPPES NPI registry is the official website for finding / locating and verifying your NPI number and related details. Our website does indeed utilize NPPES data as one of its sources and we encourage you to explore all possible sources for NPI verification.

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