Providers with Taxonomy: Optometry in the state of Arkansas

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Optometry
in the state of Arkansas:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Charles G Crosslin 72635, AROptometry1124028493
Angela Carol Howell 72401, AROptometry1932179942
Family Eye Clinic 72120, AROptometry1073581575
Dusty Lee Mciver 68118, AROptometry1902994874
Angela Howell Od Pa 72401, AROptometry1750481875
Mary Lauren Eaton 78748, AROptometry1689054629
Marcus Chase Law 72120, AROptometry1558774588
Kristin Law 72120, AROptometry1811300841
Samantha Devlin 75231, AROptometry1750732616
Amanda Lucette Younger 63033, AROptometry1841743234
Ivory A. Kinslow, Mdpa 71730, AROptometry1376986539
Angela C. Howell, O.d., P.a 72450, AROptometry1720112451
Laura Elizabeth Wooten 72205, AROptometry1275029258
Clifford M Turner 72023, AROptometry1982662375
Susan Williams 75503, AROptometry1083074363
C. Wallace Liles 71953, AROptometry1184620049
Brooke Houser 72903, AROptometry1780188193
Karla A. Hefty 72114, AROptometry1881708170
Zachary Thomas Ford 72015, AROptometry1295387546
Kirsten Mcknight 38104, AROptometry1831541978
Hayden Sowers Optometry Pa 72010, AROptometry1184041873
Zachary R Burroughs 72117, AROptometry1437710373
Angela C. Howell,od Pa 72401, AROptometry1881728236
Vold Vision Pllc 72704, AROptometry1558657619
Barrett L Brown 71655, AROptometry1942642285
Patricia Flippin Westfall 72143, AROptometry1093709081
Maci Lewis 72023, AROptometry1962029587
Frank E Button 72315, AROptometry1144848284
Sarah Truman 66214, AROptometry1104485309
Dang Eyecare & Associates, P.a. 72903, AROptometry1801038195
Stephanie Stanley Moss 72756, AROptometry1043747595
Idell Marie Mitchell 71457, AROptometry1306406269
Mcdonald Eye Services, Pa 72703, AROptometry1407850217
Seth Laster 72908, AROptometry1174184873
Dr. Penny's Eye Care Inc. 71603, AROptometry1316534506
Ryan Bunch 72756, AROptometry1306225214
Jacob Dufour 72719, AROptometry1730556580
Logan Michael Page 34285, AROptometry1427535426
Eva Hudson 72023, AROptometry1134797186
Chase Harter 43123, AROptometry1861986358
Matthew B Howell 72712, AROptometry1114597481
Clemit W Liles 75078, AROptometry1003044355
Frances Louise Davis 71730, AROptometry1457739831
David Paul Schwarz 72601, AROptometry1912951187
Steven T Rae 72601, AROptometry1770586521
David P Schwarz O D P C 72601, AROptometry1902083868
Advanced Eyecare Associates Of Crossett, Pa 71635, AROptometry1053319061
Richard L. Barnes, O.d., P.a. 72032, AROptometry1407840333
Hall Eye Care Center L.l.c. 72830, AROptometry1346237708
Simmons Eye Care Clinic, P.a. 72015, AROptometry1598753279
Van M Dunn 72042, AROptometry1366432551
David L. Evans, O.d., P.a. 72204, AROptometry1295716439
Boozman hof Regional Eye Clinic Pa 72757, AROptometry1548234669
Raines Invision Eyecare 72401, AROptometry1710952981
Eye Physicians And Surgeons, Pllc 72076, AROptometry1306811294
Hubbard Eye Clinic 72601, AROptometry1790750511
Dr. Joe B. Collins 72076, AROptometry1134198682
Wood Vision Clinic 72401, AROptometry1790744738
Shane E. Ford Od Pa 72034, AROptometry1033178736
Eye Group, Llc 72903, AROptometry1154394617
Ennen Eye Center, P.a. 72903, AROptometry1003877150
Eye Care Specialties, Inc. 71909, AROptometry1407818776
Flippin westfall Eyecare Center Pc 72143, AROptometry1922060755
Dr. James O. Davis Iii O.d.p.a. 72501, AROptometry1720037914
Adams Eye Care Clinic, P.a. 72110, AROptometry1508801721
Family Eye Care Center 71701, AROptometry1528094240
W. Brent Hall, O.d. P.a. 71603, AROptometry1295760767
Arkansas Eye Care Associates, Inc. 72764, AROptometry1619981560
Simmons Eye Center 72360, AROptometry1518974070
Martha Ellen Myers, O.d. Pa 72704, AROptometry1649289265
Ronald A Burks Od Pa 72086, AROptometry1578676557
Parenti morris Eyecare Pllc 72758, AROptometry1366555633
Layton Eye Clinic, P.a. 72401, AROptometry1144336108
Southern Eye Associates Ltd 72401, AROptometry1669486528
Justin S. Mcminn, O.d.,p.a. 72076, AROptometry1952326829
Texarkana Eye Associates 75503, AROptometry1427413558
Progressive Eye Center Of Paragould, Llc 72450, AROptometry1326527995
Brandon Eye Clinic Pllc 72762, AROptometry1417067687
Mcminn Eyecare Center, P.a. 72143, AROptometry1487757738
Lifetime Vision Center 72335, AROptometry1215034699
Teague Eye Care Center Pa 71701, AROptometry1891896072
Southern Eye Associates 72422, AROptometry1518054055
Southern Eye Associates Ltd 72450, AROptometry1750478186
Southern Eye Associates, Ltd 72476, AROptometry1215025119
Chris Deitrick Od Pa 72560, AROptometry1780773481
Community Vision Center Mossco Inc Dr Randy Wayne Moss Od 71923, AROptometry1447330659
Dr. Bryant Ashley, Jr. 72118, AROptometry1942381587
Audie M Teague O D P A 71857, AROptometry1699856278
Charles Todd, Pa 72034, AROptometry1033295639
J Brian Gray Od Pa 72401, AROptometry1518043348
Baugh Eyecare Associates, Pa 71603, AROptometry1477630242
Moon Eye Clinic, P.a. 72543, AROptometry1871670620
David And Deanne Witherspoon, Optometry, P.a. 72758, AROptometry1851460430
Professional Eye Care Associates Pa 75503, AROptometry1750451449
Doctors Park Eye Clinic Pllc 72205, AROptometry1881766251
Lan F Burch 72301, AROptometry1831261148
Faulkner Eye Clinic 72364, AROptometry1780742973
Jonathan B. Ross Od Pa 72401, AROptometry1225196132
Petty And Petty, P. A. 72719, AROptometry1457412991
Seller Eye Clinic, Pa 71901, AROptometry1043372550
Charles G Pope Odpa 71701, AROptometry1255493771
Bright Eye Care 72022, AROptometry1245393271
Ronald A. Burks Od Pa 72120, AROptometry1992869945
Kelly G Ross Od Pa 72476, AROptometry1982760955
Pediatric Vision Development Center Inc. 72719, AROptometry1558427021
Family Eye Care Of Russellville 72802, AROptometry1326195181
Elite Eye Care & Optical Llc 72401, AROptometry1386795094
Chung Eye Care, Pa 72855, AROptometry1396897013
Joe Horton Family Eye Care, Pa 72703, AROptometry1285785071
Kilgore Vision Center 72601, AROptometry1124170360
Amy J S Daiber Od Pa 72834, AROptometry1467590950
Amy J S Daiber Od Pa 72801, AROptometry1669512943
Richard W Wike O D Pa 72714, AROptometry1104968510
Robert Lyon Berry M.d. 72205, AROptometry1164565560
Stefan Calloway 72160, AROptometry1114062676
Mertins Family Eye Care, Inc. 72704, AROptometry1114052164
Kerry Childers, O.d., P.a. 72396, AROptometry1568597409
Dr. Ricky Ferguson Vision Center Pa 71655, AROptometry1053446732
Gates Eye Care Center, Inc. 72112, AROptometry1205962404
Robinson Eyecare Clinic 71653, AROptometry1427186600
Bailey Vision Clinic, Ltd. 72143, AROptometry1235257619
Lee Andrew St Pierre 72401, AROptometry1770601742
Arkansas Vision Development Center Pa 72903, AROptometry1942326244
Bryant Eye Clinic 72342, AROptometry1720152887
Dr. E. L. Mcdonnell P.a 71753, AROptometry1497878540
James Eyecare Center, Inc 72223, AROptometry1740405786
C. Wallace Liles, Jr Od Pa 71953, AROptometry1275750606
C Wallace Liles Jr Od Pa 71832, AROptometry1316165178
C Wallace Liles Jr Od Pa 72958, AROptometry1043438807
Simmons Eye Center 72021, AROptometry1316168123
Robert W Smalling Od Pa 71671, AROptometry1154533776
Kenneth Childers P A 72761, AROptometry1407069487
Lane Eye Care Center, P.a. 72212, AROptometry1376750414
Lane Eye Care Center, P.a. 72101, AROptometry1316155815
Lane Eye Care Center, P.a. 72076, AROptometry1831308386
William Lawrence Yoos, O.d.,p.a. 72714, AROptometry1396947669
Derek S Long Od, Inc 72113, AROptometry1043412067
Robert Fitzhugh, Od 71860, AROptometry1962605659
Global Eye Care 72023, AROptometry1770786261
Stone Vision Center, Pa 72067, AROptometry1851597603
Decker Eye Care, Llc 72712, AROptometry1891988200
Webb Eye Care Associates, Pa 71913, AROptometry1659566800
Scott Johnson Visioncare, P.a. 72315, AROptometry1194910950
Michael O Norris Od Pa 72396, AROptometry1932395308
Webb Eye Care Pa 72921, AROptometry1942497722
Roger Totten Od Pa 72556, AROptometry1932397858
Haas Eye Clinic 72120, AROptometry1376732586
James L. Summers, O.d. 71901, AROptometry1588848550
Briggs Vision Clinic 72703, AROptometry1871778142
Justus Vision Center P.a. 72104, AROptometry1447435698
Herman H Ginger, Od,pa 71603, AROptometry1346426152
Harrell Eye Clinic Pa 72401, AROptometry1538345970
Garry Haas Eye Clinic 72120, AROptometry1154507218
Andy Langston, Od, Pa 72631, AROptometry1659558609
David J. Manning, Od, Pa 72173, AROptometry1740467117
Family Eyecare Clinic Inc 71602, AROptometry1548438617
Terry W Kuykendall Od 72209, AROptometry1366610370
Jarrell D Irby 71801, AROptometry1912176231
Garry Haas Eye Clinic 72120, AROptometry1649449679
Robert Edward Martin 72701, AROptometry1154590586
Herbert A. Fisher, O.d 72022, AROptometry1376713115
Larry E. Mccall, O.d., Inc. 72143, AROptometry1104096767
Bill F. Morgan, O.d. 72023, AROptometry1770753253
Haas Bright Eyecare 72120, AROptometry1144490772
William C. Wyatt, O.d., P.a. 72455, AROptometry1992976039
Steven Sowell Od Pa 71730, AROptometry1316118409
William C Coffee Od 71801, AROptometry1679744437
Dr. Terri L. Miller, O.d., P.a. 72703, AROptometry1588836175
Alan L. Latourette ,o.d. 72756, AROptometry1740452887
Burton Eye Care 72209, AROptometry1720251408
Arkadelphia Eye Clinic Inc. 71923, AROptometry1891968467
Dr. Rachel Morgan, P.a. 72432, AROptometry1811160427
Customeyes Vision Care Of Pocahontas 72455, AROptometry1821262155
C Michael Fletcher Od Pa 72401, AROptometry1750555660
Mena Eye Care 71953, AROptometry1528235090
Reed price Vision Clinic, P.a. 72205, AROptometry1477720738
Joe F. Chaney, Jr., Od 71852, AROptometry1649437302
Kimberly A. Owens, Optometric Physician, Pa 72764, AROptometry1861650186
Derek S Long Od Inc 71913, AROptometry1487812392
Jeff Netzel O.d. Pa 72712, AROptometry1881852556
Dht Inc 72207, AROptometry1730340506
Dr Bryan Caplinger Pa 72365, AROptometry1255593232
Heber Springs Eye Care Center Pc 72543, AROptometry1912169772
Hill Vision Center, Inc. 72956, AROptometry1013170455
Dr Perry L Amerine Pa 72117, AROptometry1578728473
Beavers Eye Care, Inc. 72758, AROptometry1184889040
Cooper Clinic Pa 72903, AROptometry1376739557
Visionary Eye Care, Pa 72401, AROptometry1184820243
Scott Eye Clinic Pa 72801, AROptometry1114115433
Austin Vision Care, P.a. 72701, AROptometry1770742686
J Steven Yaney 72903, AROptometry1124283577
Robert C. Fitzhugh,o.d.,pa, Inc 71860, AROptometry1851557177
Banks Family Eye Clinic Pllc 72703, AROptometry1548416142
Hook Eye Care, Todd W. Hook, Od, Pc 72712, AROptometry1427205657
Fletcher Baugh O.d. 72046, AROptometry1467698779
Derek S Long Od Inc 72114, AROptometry1255577532
Vision Care Associates, Inc. 71913, AROptometry1447496591
Center For Vision And Sensory Integration, Inc 71913, AROptometry1932345089
Brian Guice Optometry, Pllc 72207, AROptometry1003052622
R Dean Gurley Od Pa 72315, AROptometry1245470608


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Q: What is a NPI number?
A: As per CMS, a National Provider Identifier (NPI) is a unique identification number for covered health care providers, which was created to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of electronic transmission of health information.

Q: How does NPI number registration work? How do I get, apply, or register for a NPI number? Is there an easy way of obtaining an NPI number?
A: As per CMS, the most convenient method of registering for a NPI number is to visit NPPES and follow the on-screen instructions. If you have any questions during the registration process, you may contact NPI customer service at 1-800-465-3203.

Q: Is there any easy-to-read NPI number list or a list of NPI numbers?
A: There are several lists that you may find online, but an example of an official one is from CMS, which allows you to view certain data using table-like interfaces. An NPI number search can also be performed via the NPPES NPI registry.

Q: What is my profession's NPI number? How about my group NPI number? And my medical NPI number?
A: The NPPES NPI registry is the official website for finding / locating and verifying your NPI number and related details. Our website does indeed utilize NPPES data as one of its sources and we encourage you to explore all possible sources for NPI verification.

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