Providers with Taxonomy: Optometry in the state of California

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Optometry
in the state of California:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Mark Alan Robin 92604, CAOptometry1598768525
Duane Thomas Brooks 96067, CAOptometry1063415065
James T. Franta 93454, CAOptometry1255334256
Terry Williams 96097, CAOptometry1811990591
Debra C Pattison 95678, CAOptometry1760485429
Dale A. Young 93561, CAOptometry1851394688
Kenneth R. Kendall 93436, CAOptometry1700889532
Peter N. Brudner 93436, CAOptometry1811990633
John Charles Moessinger 93454, CAOptometry1114920741
David L. Browning 95453, CAOptometry1447253034
Donald R. Lasher 95453, CAOptometry1922001593
Gary W Asano 90720, CAOptometry1417950924
Robert Charles Tarr 92691, CAOptometry1033112552
Hollis Loren Stavn 95403, CAOptometry1194728527
John E. Larcabal 90650, CAOptometry1639172273
Dawn Lam 92807, CAOptometry1720081029
Dennis R Fellner 95901, CAOptometry1740282086
Dawn M Viramontes 95361, CAOptometry1750385787
Michael Wang 95624, CAOptometry1104820950
Christina Vogel 95823, CAOptometry1013911866
Maurice Kaz 95823, CAOptometry1700880564
Dale Irvin Barr 95124, CAOptometry1396749123
Daniel H Mallory 93555, CAOptometry1023012739
Mark J Park 93215, CAOptometry1073517801
Scott Dinh 95131, CAOptometry1487658100
Ian James Middleton 95405, CAOptometry1144224791
Lisa Valentine Keltner 92506, CAOptometry1629072533
Alexander M Bonakdar 92705, CAOptometry1588668917
Frank H. Yoon 92867, CAOptometry1629073051
Jeffrey Charles Krohn 93704, CAOptometry1609871961
Alan R. Julien 95382, CAOptometry1366447633
Jeffery P Hamel 95382, CAOptometry1700881083
Colleen Chew Tashiro 94606, CAOptometry1700881117
Jay K Berry 95382, CAOptometry1710982095
Richard David Jones 95404, CAOptometry1295730406
Garrick T Sit 92025, CAOptometry1710982806
John Charles Spaeth 92887, CAOptometry1033114814
Sandra M Davidson 92506, CAOptometry1164427282
Jeffrey W Klink 95815, CAOptometry1639174378
Mark Glenn Mitchell 95112, CAOptometry1134124308
John Clayton Urey 92025, CAOptometry1770588485
Trajan Joaquin Soares 93635, CAOptometry1982609590
Margit Craig 91361, CAOptometry1124024294
Michael William Baumann 93291, CAOptometry1417953498
David Paul Espinosa 92243, CAOptometry1457357220
William Samuel Shields 93065, CAOptometry1538165303
Mark William Alpert 90706, CAOptometry1801892773
Jaime Estrada 90201, CAOptometry1073519997
Payam Zarehbin 94601, CAOptometry1164428942
G. Barnard Wilson 95355, CAOptometry1811993629
Steven Nakauchi 90033, CAOptometry1295731982
Gregory L Mcfarland 92240, CAOptometry1699771436
Patrick Richard Casey 94558, CAOptometry1518963222
Matthew Robert Hileman 94574, CAOptometry1477559011
Wesley S Umeda 95628, CAOptometry1174529721
Jane Medcalf 93901, CAOptometry1033116637
Curtis C Hoggarth 92395, CAOptometry1134125321
Fay Fereshteh Niazi 94541, CAOptometry1467458166
Pamela J. Fong 94010, CAOptometry1568469161
Gregg John Roberts 92653, CAOptometry1215934617
Karin N Boehm 95472, CAOptometry1689671976
Robert Kummer 90035, CAOptometry1568469732
Terry C Migdal 92653, CAOptometry1912904046
Paul S. Hirano 90504, CAOptometry1124025960
George M. Rajacich, Md Inc, Valley Eye Center Surgical Med Grp 91405, CAOptometry1659378313
John A Van Every 95060, CAOptometry1750388575
Gina Marie Trentacosti 94588, CAOptometry1295733939
Susan C Lodenquai 94024, CAOptometry1336146257
Natalie Li 92127, CAOptometry1972501591
Jodi Lynn Clark 90260, CAOptometry1053319673
Jay Roy Delaney 94583, CAOptometry1720086135
William Michael Rogoway 92880, CAOptometry1720086085
Robert A Lafont 90621, CAOptometry1598763674
Valerie Rasner 92508, CAOptometry1447258868
Michael David Neunzig 93950, CAOptometry1083611552
C Stephen Johnson 94583, CAOptometry1902804875
Norma Jean Levingston 95148, CAOptometry1376542092
Terry Kent Isbill 95838, CAOptometry1255339073
Lee Arthur Goldstein 93271, CAOptometry1952300238
Jonathan Savell, Md., Inc. 94588, CAOptometry1669471835
Robert A Wayda 93618, CAOptometry1558360701
Suzanne D Huang 94945, CAOptometry1215936174
Alexander Paul Lukens 94501, CAOptometry1275533879
Corwyn Alfred Mosiman 95076, CAOptometry1689674145
Matthew Wang 92618, CAOptometry1043210578
Wayne Charles Schrader 95616, CAOptometry1932109410
Leonard Wong Ma 94010, CAOptometry1427058684
Walter S Kim 90004, CAOptometry1821098096
Victor Allen Lim 95616, CAOptometry1639179724
Linda Anne Cushing 94597, CAOptometry1790785780
Kristine M Eng 94563, CAOptometry1811997828
David J. Lau 95628, CAOptometry1356342166
Luelinda Tomlin 90815, CAOptometry1013918911
Moshe Mendelson 94087, CAOptometry1366443277
Ronald Lee Harris 94954, CAOptometry1437159803
Suzan Burmayan 91101, CAOptometry1619498078
Valerie Quan 91766, CAOptometry1003816620
Marcelline Alane Ciuffreda 92020, CAOptometry1861493769
Donald H Spaulding Od Inc 91786, CAOptometry1104827815
Karen Ann Griffith 94952, CAOptometry1659372365
Robert Joel Kurtz 95054, CAOptometry1396746012
Riverside Medical Clinic,inc. 92506, CAOptometry1730180415
Robert Bonner 95422, CAOptometry1992706220
Susan Truong Cervantes 92065, CAOptometry1164423240
Lee Cornforth 92055, CAOptometry1104827203
Scott Nygard 95621, CAOptometry1265434286
Thomas S King 94115, CAOptometry1851393789
James F Bragno 95350, CAOptometry1588666382
Mark William Waldmire 95821, CAOptometry1154313963
Steve Phung 90606, CAOptometry1144212713
Carl Allen Boeck 92071, CAOptometry1588656151
Bryan Dean Vanesian 92371, CAOptometry1346232923
Gordon Miles Wong 94952, CAOptometry1417949942
Cheng-hong Johnson Lee 90701, CAOptometry1558353029
Jay Anand Newsome 93612, CAOptometry1215929831
Sandra Gail Horwitz 90260, CAOptometry1790777381
Richard Kennedy 92311, CAOptometry1154313633
Amy Tien-tsuen Chu 90745, CAOptometry1528050093
Loran Bruce Mebine 94127, CAOptometry1932191483
Channie A. Duhn 94941, CAOptometry1487646931
Pamela Veronica Falk 92868, CAOptometry1811989262
L. Edward Elliott 95320, CAOptometry1023000502
Gerald Dennis Chan 95945, CAOptometry1275525644
Kim Johnson Butler 92021, CAOptometry1467444844
Robert Lloyd Shapiro 90013, CAOptometry1144212531
Hartune Neffian 93704, CAOptometry1811989254
Quynh T Phan 93534, CAOptometry1538151873
Jennifer H Ong 94501, CAOptometry1700878055
Regents Of The Univ Of Ca 95817, CAOptometry1629061882
Steven Richard Henteleff 91361, CAOptometry1538152707
Randy Dell Smart 93420, CAOptometry1982697207
Brian Calvert 95540, CAOptometry1790778017
James S. Linville 95322, CAOptometry1558354720
Thomas F Norman 94538, CAOptometry1609868934
Michael Joseph Zirhut 95667, CAOptometry1952394900
Donald J Guido 91750, CAOptometry1275526279
David W. Stemley 92008, CAOptometry1821081845
Nelson Richard Bates 91505, CAOptometry1720071822
Tom Francis Mihok 95361, CAOptometry1952394959
Ena Huang Leo 91505, CAOptometry1639162670
Helen Gardiner 95603, CAOptometry1447243340
Leslie Charles Bender 92646, CAOptometry1245223163
Michael J Jones 92649, CAOptometry1083607949
Diane Jungyun Song 91381, CAOptometry1891788725
Frederick E Slater 95008, CAOptometry1275526220
David R King 93662, CAOptometry1720071517
Tracy A Phillips 94070, CAOptometry1619960408
John Edward Fagan 93561, CAOptometry1255324042
Gary Sneag 92117, CAOptometry1952394777
Michael Emmett Hoey 91007, CAOptometry1891788634
Anna Bedrossian 92315, CAOptometry1609869395
Donald J Beilstein Od Apc 95946, CAOptometry1841283520
Les Huey 90501, CAOptometry1558354126
Weylin G. Eng 94563, CAOptometry1346233087
Anna M Pennino 90293, CAOptometry1962495408
Shannon Phuong Nguyen 90680, CAOptometry1346233954
Wendy Kim Duncan 92335, CAOptometry1538152145
Mark Vincent Mingrone 95070, CAOptometry1679566129
Raymond F Pedersen 94536, CAOptometry1457343717
Orlando G Guiang 92126, CAOptometry1063404515
Robin J Drescher 91766, CAOptometry1326031477
Fanny Lee Kwok 91790, CAOptometry1639162076
Frank Brian Sue 90701, CAOptometry1851384440
Richard Kenneth Simonds 92121, CAOptometry1710988027
Sharon Wai-mon Lee 94122, CAOptometry1982696100
Edward Haack 94939, CAOptometry1174516462
Alexander Wong 90806, CAOptometry1225021017
Tanya L Vanguilder 92223, CAOptometry1588666481
Young Sun Kim 90010, CAOptometry1184616567
Michael Wayne Hansen 90277, CAOptometry1669465035
Sanford Gerry Koyama 92708, CAOptometry1346233798
Martin Lee Hetland 91304, CAOptometry1851384218
Diana Kiyome Tsukamoto 95014, CAOptometry1386638609
Takao Shimazaki 90504, CAOptometry1215921598
Michael Mayeda 90504, CAOptometry1972597250
Dennis R Brewer 95382, CAOptometry1366436578
Michael A Roy 94596, CAOptometry1770577892
Keith H. Kosakura 95014, CAOptometry1922092022
Chad Takao Shimazaki 90504, CAOptometry1871587972
Beau Stapf Stocking 91505, CAOptometry1922092105
Howard M Austin 92868, CAOptometry1932193018
Steven L. Howell 93637, CAOptometry1588658397
James Craig Dally 95008, CAOptometry1255325007
Liza F Dimaranan 90660, CAOptometry1407840960
Gary Gene Schwab 92117, CAOptometry1740274372
Christopher Michael Wright 92243, CAOptometry1124012745
Loren A Polte 95667, CAOptometry1508850132
Kim-thanh Thi Dinh 95121, CAOptometry1962496588
Carole L Sachs 95380, CAOptometry1205821741
Elliott J Caine 90042, CAOptometry1558355040
Tracy Thao Le 95133, CAOptometry1396730719
Harry Joel Charm 92807, CAOptometry1144215575
Charles Cam Luu 92683, CAOptometry1306831649
Phong Quoc Nguyen 91792, CAOptometry1710972195
Lynne Dianne Louie Luu 92683, CAOptometry1922093269
May C Tam 92243, CAOptometry1548255896
Mei Lee Fleming 94507, CAOptometry1578558706
Duane Phillip Gibson 95642, CAOptometry1083609101
Frederick William Stellhorn 95336, CAOptometry1457346330
Christopher P. Ciampa 90650, CAOptometry1518952498


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Q: What is a NPI number?
A: As per CMS, a National Provider Identifier (NPI) is a unique identification number for covered health care providers, which was created to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of electronic transmission of health information.

Q: How does NPI number registration work? How do I get, apply, or register for a NPI number? Is there an easy way of obtaining an NPI number?
A: As per CMS, the most convenient method of registering for a NPI number is to visit NPPES and follow the on-screen instructions. If you have any questions during the registration process, you may contact NPI customer service at 1-800-465-3203.

Q: Is there any easy-to-read NPI number list or a list of NPI numbers?
A: There are several lists that you may find online, but an example of an official one is from CMS, which allows you to view certain data using table-like interfaces. An NPI number search can also be performed via the NPPES NPI registry.

Q: What is my profession's NPI number? How about my group NPI number? And my medical NPI number?
A: The NPPES NPI registry is the official website for finding / locating and verifying your NPI number and related details. Our website does indeed utilize NPPES data as one of its sources and we encourage you to explore all possible sources for NPI verification.

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