Providers with Taxonomy: Optometry in the state of California

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Optometry
in the state of California:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Dawn Lam 92807, CAOptometry1720081029
Suzan Burmayan 91101, CAOptometry1619498078
Frank Brian Sue 90701, CAOptometry1851384440
Richard Kenneth Simonds 92121, CAOptometry1710988027
Sharon Wai-mon Lee 94122, CAOptometry1982696100
Kathryn L Larsson 95350, CAOptometry1750375440
Shelsea Rachelle Winkler 92801, CAOptometry1174976039
Chanchai Karouna 92071, CAOptometry1114914405
Ashley Kadakia 94583, CAOptometry1346756855
Kathy Chriqui 91324, CAOptometry1760468607
Joanne B Yoon 90703, CAOptometry1811973878
Steven Roy Kleen 92373, CAOptometry1063497741
Damon Lee 92656, CAOptometry1538128582
Kelly Hien Tran 92782, CAOptometry1093783797
Kha Tu Do 90620, CAOptometry1316914294
Aza Pivazyan 91606, CAOptometry1336591742
Paul Joseph Wesling 91945, CAOptometry1932130648
Mai Ngoc Quintana 94043, CAOptometry1871535617
Oxnard Eye Associates Medical Group, Inc. 93030, CAOptometry1417060245
Christina Sun 90006, CAOptometry1518479187
Miran Julie Kim 91362, CAOptometry1497778393
East Bay Vision Center Optometry Inc 94607, CAOptometry1396779344
Gayle Ann Reis 92373, CAOptometry1164484259
Ronald G. Seger And Jenifer E.l. Webb Optometrists 94040, CAOptometry1124104773
Steven Rex 91101, CAOptometry1669575197
Jeremy Ball 92223, CAOptometry1639662802
Jonathan Chan 92881, CAOptometry1093123721
Michael P Decarlo 92870, CAOptometry1346327673
Katherine K Takaki 92807, CAOptometry1083783435
Focus Vision Clinic Optometry Inc 92223, CAOptometry1275619116
Vanna T Hoang 92804, CAOptometry1851424071
Bei Zhang 94588, CAOptometry1629144191
Bich C Tran 92653, CAOptometry1093867590
Ngoc-yen Thi Hoang 90805, CAOptometry1609993682
Parisa Maryam Jalalat 90240, CAOptometry1184140915
Crystal Kim 90503, CAOptometry1356861645
Haleh Guilak 92592, CAOptometry1346390481
Lilit Javadian 91207, CAOptometry1578041356
Howard Hai Tuan Nguyen 91710, CAOptometry1023152766
Stephen W Lum 91950, CAOptometry1538210182
Laura Lee Cloutier,o.d., Apc 92606, CAOptometry1528102928
Taylor Woodbury Bladh 91765, CAOptometry1467527028
Julie Cheon Kim 90004, CAOptometry1881882223
Jia Lao 91776, CAOptometry1598965568
Dorys Paulina Vargas 92571, CAOptometry1962665034
Huong T Vu 92553, CAOptometry1699975821
Melissa Ann Fowler 83642, CAOptometry1770776353
Kim Nhat Nguyen Le-huynh 92708, CAOptometry1497947311
Jeffrey Dang 92683, CAOptometry1306367370
Nicholas Shashati 92108, CAOptometry1881892115
Jesse A Camen 92037, CAOptometry1659521987
Mary Demirjian 91436, CAOptometry1043449655
Jenny Kuan 90670, CAOptometry1891925640
Therese Anne Vy-phuc Thuy Nguyen 92161, CAOptometry1699084442
Joanne Beyer Rentmeester 53005, CAOptometry1427336353
Luis Alfonso Molina 92113, CAOptometry1902052590
Kathy Chriqui A Professional Optometric Corporation 91324, CAOptometry1992948103
Tiffanny N Lai 90744, CAOptometry1194004788
Matthew R. Ulibarri 92544, CAOptometry1457688947
Nhu Quynh Ly 92703, CAOptometry1114252954
Melissa Contreras 90037, CAOptometry1376855502
Lori Ashley Bailey 91362, CAOptometry1063660033
Kelly Lee 91755, CAOptometry1578729273
Christina La 91710, CAOptometry1326569864
Carla A Ursetta 92677, CAOptometry1114175171
Eco Optometry, Inc 92553, CAOptometry1548575061
Allisyn S Feucht 95661, CAOptometry1750679247
Kyle Shively 93306, CAOptometry1861707564
Ruth Marquez 93036, CAOptometry1417113184
Reena A Patel 92807, CAOptometry1528297173
Mallory Nicole Lynch 78753, CAOptometry1558674846
Daniel Joseph Rosenbaum 92102, CAOptometry1093735359
Minh-hanh Thi Nguyen 92020, CAOptometry1548313786
Nadia Martens 95630, CAOptometry1730318197
Caitlin Elizabeth Walsh 98201, CAOptometry1093079915
Collin Kenwin Lee 95035, CAOptometry1376975235
Danielle Katrina Benosa 91355, CAOptometry1265868723
Jennifer Lynn Choi 90292, CAOptometry1891117008
Thomas Wai-tim Wong 10019, CAOptometry1922417518
Marilu Ford 32003, CAOptometry1871964361
Aileen Maring Horner 23434, CAOptometry1194123380
Michelina Lillian Timenovich 93446, CAOptometry1902210586
Vanna Hoang Od Inc 92804, CAOptometry1558771808
Janelle Yanogacio Santa Maria 94304, CAOptometry1134513963
Ann Nhu Le 92201, CAOptometry1285006874
Michelle Nguyen 94538, CAOptometry1164942017
Dr Dorys P Vargas Optometrist Inc 92571, CAOptometry1487914123
Carlo G Castro 95602, CAOptometry1972986180
Selena Constance Chu 91107, CAOptometry1164787628
Maggie Jan 92831, CAOptometry1962824391
Michael Scott Bold 92660, CAOptometry1346349909
Nivedita Chandrasekharan 99709, CAOptometry1164763058
Sharlette Saldana 94015, CAOptometry1992147052
Jacqueline Yen-chi Vu 92708, CAOptometry1790190494
Jennifer Tran Cheng 91776, CAOptometry1144606237
Marisa Raquel Robles 90255, CAOptometry1083097059
Melody Deborah Tavakoli 92113, CAOptometry1154623254
Linda Chau 90012, CAOptometry1710296488
Katrina Ann Gallardo-chang 95814, CAOptometry1568711497
Marianna Samuels 92024, CAOptometry1760767461
Tina Licina 89130, CAOptometry1457703340
Stefie Ribeiro 92253, CAOptometry1548422207
Julie Tran 21076, CAOptometry1184932444
Yura Kim 94040, CAOptometry1891060737
Steven Matthew Kleen 93436, CAOptometry1376924779
Tiffany Cheung 91006, CAOptometry1548642507
Meredith Walton Od, Optometric Corporation 92116, CAOptometry1801317672
Keith Tio 90502, CAOptometry1366967796
Corinne Chick 93105, CAOptometry1033637574
Tara Seymour 06517, CAOptometry1871999896
Kellie Jaclyn Ross-chavez 98683, CAOptometry1376907626
Mandeep Dhillon 90822, CAOptometry1104271659
Kathleen Au 93703, CAOptometry1871956441
Hakop Khurdajian 90035, CAOptometry1376906784
Jade Yu Juang 91345, CAOptometry1881057248
Jeffrey Connor 92595, CAOptometry1063968980
Erica W Wong 94545, CAOptometry1417471848
Quynh Tran Optometry, Inc 91710, CAOptometry1104340330
See Sharp Optometry 95825, CAOptometry1427588847
Jaymie Niida 90503, CAOptometry1073035143
Precious Faith Hwang 90621, CAOptometry1598287104
Monica Vu 92562, CAOptometry1992157887
Misha Jean Chi 94583, CAOptometry1366841017
Evelyn Lee 92881, CAOptometry1073042941
Pearl Y Shih 95131, CAOptometry1073034054
Somaia Gamal Nassef 94531, CAOptometry1578016457
Piper Qiao Bahr 94538, CAOptometry1881057016
Lisa Chea 92201, CAOptometry1902341472
Joan Le 93703, CAOptometry1942723630
Gary Huang 92571, CAOptometry1336669506
Atanes Atanesyan 91405, CAOptometry1740781426
Latisha Patel 91506, CAOptometry1386026102
Idocs Optometry, Inc. 92591, CAOptometry1619404589
Ryan Hoekstra 90027, CAOptometry1225392582
Casey Rae Shoop 82005, CAOptometry1114239365
Tracey H. Nguyen, O.d., Professional Optometric Corporation 93631, CAOptometry1699264655
Lisa Nguyen 91367, CAOptometry1073977567
Emily Huynh 94040, CAOptometry1720430168
Adrian Salamanca 92054, CAOptometry1710239058
Michelle Cruz 92530, CAOptometry1679926646
Marilyn Hernandez 90201, CAOptometry1376079020
Optometric Specialties Inc 90008, CAOptometry1023094570
Melanie Louise Mason 94550, CAOptometry1891082913
Michael P Decarlo Optometrist Inc 92870, CAOptometry1336351998
Dr Jeremy B Ball Od Inc 92223, CAOptometry1669968053
Sophia Wong 94121, CAOptometry1093291452
Yue Liu 97116, CAOptometry1952671265
Gabrielle Erin Gan 91355, CAOptometry1336626639
Nirvighna N. Kanjiya 28562, CAOptometry1376876227
Faria Islam 90022, CAOptometry1538647979
Mark Bimen Yeghiazarian 92130, CAOptometry1356829691
Jennifer Juang 94706, CAOptometry1487036661
Daniel Cha 91902, CAOptometry1386078020
Cheng Yu Wang 92395, CAOptometry1881996692
Henry Hua 94080, CAOptometry1427537679
Richard Ly 90701, CAOptometry1124509252
Clarifeye Family Optometry P.c 92821, CAOptometry1871098301
Krista Wong 90250, CAOptometry1124504204
Steven Thomas Perry 94550, CAOptometry1821571043
Tina Cheung 94108, CAOptometry1306213160
Visually Sound Optometry 95630, CAOptometry1699201087
Huong Le 92399, CAOptometry1750894630
Lillian Trinh 90012, CAOptometry1447704168
Veasna Ma 90048, CAOptometry1992856595
Dinna Lea 91722, CAOptometry1952856031
Jessika Benjamin 91763, CAOptometry1568815611
Stephanie Joo 95129, CAOptometry1114335429
Carol Fong 91101, CAOptometry1720519382
Eric E Gaylord 90008, CAOptometry1255317780
Alyssa Louie 95401, CAOptometry1659892669
Michael Sota Jitosho 92869, CAOptometry1740767201
Medi Medi Community Health Center 90061, CAOptometry1154892875
Jeffrey S. Dang Inc 92683, CAOptometry1275015190
Alexandra Moore 93612, CAOptometry1154758894
Tiffany Thai Nguyen 91324, CAOptometry1689054884
Eye Center Optometrics, A Professional Corporation 95816, CAOptometry1619440567
Carla Yee Chiu 92604, CAOptometry1578914578
Amy H. Ishigo 90248, CAOptometry1962955567
Huma Siddiqui 94607, CAOptometry1619233285
Meha Hari Trivedi 30328, CAOptometry1356757819
Amy Lee 94611, CAOptometry1124160015
Neda Rashti, O.d., Inc. 92683, CAOptometry1164986204
Galina Vardanyan 90005, CAOptometry1467929265
Shirley Quicho 95123, CAOptometry1023370137
Melinda Thomas De Jesus 91016, CAOptometry1588143739
Jennifer Larie Renard 98801, CAOptometry1699183061
Judy Yuk Yiu Chun 63043, CAOptometry1356419006
Thuy Nguyen 94306, CAOptometry1093147092
Sabrina Dea 91773, CAOptometry1639664295
Teresa A Mayhew-sutherland 93108, CAOptometry1265404180
Preny Honarchian 91210, CAOptometry1124547914
Lynn A. Nguyen 93551, CAOptometry1740763309
Melissa D Macco 89436, CAOptometry1992205363
Uyen Nguyen 91748, CAOptometry1134680804
Dr. Annie Le Od Inc 92532, CAOptometry1831651983
Raven Shenette Mayes James 90245, CAOptometry1558829721
Stephanie L Mulick 92673, CAOptometry1174676613
Robert Gilbert 98604, CAOptometry1215389721
Aya Egger 11205, CAOptometry1013316413
Your Two Eyes Optometry Inc. 94709, CAOptometry1184287641


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Q: What is a NPI number?
A: As per CMS, a National Provider Identifier (NPI) is a unique identification number for covered health care providers, which was created to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of electronic transmission of health information.

Q: How does NPI number registration work? How do I get, apply, or register for a NPI number? Is there an easy way of obtaining an NPI number?
A: As per CMS, the most convenient method of registering for a NPI number is to visit NPPES and follow the on-screen instructions. If you have any questions during the registration process, you may contact NPI customer service at 1-800-465-3203.

Q: Is there any easy-to-read NPI number list or a list of NPI numbers?
A: There are several lists that you may find online, but an example of an official one is from CMS, which allows you to view certain data using table-like interfaces. An NPI number search can also be performed via the NPPES NPI registry.

Q: What is my profession's NPI number? How about my group NPI number? And my medical NPI number?
A: The NPPES NPI registry is the official website for finding / locating and verifying your NPI number and related details. Our website does indeed utilize NPPES data as one of its sources and we encourage you to explore all possible sources for NPI verification.

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