Providers with Taxonomy: Optometry in the state of Colorado

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Optometry
in the state of Colorado:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Kara Hanson 80045, COOptometry1710980172
Scott Allen Chenore 80634, COOptometry1902808231
Jason L Kaminski 80501, COOptometry1790788156
Jonathan Daniel Owens 81632, COOptometry1336142793
Elizabeth M Orleans 80212, COOptometry1548262884
Patrick M Fowler 80212, COOptometry1699777839
Valerie A Valenzuela 80212, COOptometry1831191055
Michelle L Essex 80239, COOptometry1528060795
Jeff L. Chapman 80007, COOptometry1508860396
Barry Robert Moss 80124, COOptometry1316941875
Pamela Martin 80129, COOptometry1538682992
Timothy W James 80123, COOptometry1528064532
Leilani Michelle Phillips-borstad 80123, COOptometry1578569331
Linwood Page Pond 80017, COOptometry1376549055
Theodore William Archdale 80905, COOptometry1588660161
Herbert T Black 05301, COOptometry1265439723
David C Lewerenz 80045, COOptometry1861499238
Laura Jean Kain 80021, COOptometry1285631390
Mark D Jackson 80524, COOptometry1023015005
Stanley R Cushing 80210, COOptometry1710985338
George W Tull 81501, COOptometry1922006436
Russell K Williams 80210, COOptometry1609874783
Dennis Phillip Dupuis 80301, COOptometry1467450213
Tara Lynn Derose 80127, COOptometry1992703771
Sherrie Anthony Nunn 80026, COOptometry1922007616
Dale G Lervick 80232, COOptometry1326047077
Susan L Harris 80026, COOptometry1871592337
Matthew Hildebrand 76018, COOptometry1932677101
Felicia Taylor Popowski 80907, COOptometry1043219132
Hale Matthew Kell 80027, COOptometry1023018611
Robert Henry Riggert 80026, COOptometry1609876218
Wesley D Cooper 81401, COOptometry1841290319
Marcus J Meyer 80906, COOptometry1114927464
Glenn N Pierre 80906, COOptometry1457351736
Cindy Joy Beeks 80027, COOptometry1750381927
Jeri Ann Schneebeck 80016, COOptometry1184624579
Jennifer Slebos Redmond 80016, COOptometry1629078019
Jennifer S Simonson 80015, COOptometry1184624520
Roger A Freeman 80906, COOptometry1932109022
Jennifer Tasca Kell 80027, COOptometry1407857444
Channing A Baird 80209, COOptometry1043211477
Michelle Sancho 80124, COOptometry1093716425
Jeffrey Craig Marlatt 80124, COOptometry1902807332
Lloyd D Mcallister 80918, COOptometry1962404061
Michael A Bollenbacher 80302, COOptometry1780686527
John W Colvin 80538, COOptometry1487656146
Timothy R Landis 80914, COOptometry1578555645
Natalie Yampolsky 80016, COOptometry1972595932
Timothy Michael Reese 80919, COOptometry1346232253
Melissa Hergan Simmons 80914, COOptometry1962494658
Stanley Dean Hanson 80210, COOptometry1417949181
Brant Robert Gehler 80909, COOptometry1558353045
Carol Lee Kelley 80921, COOptometry1558353938
Eugene Frank Demayo 80301, COOptometry1083607345
Norman Douglas Streifel 80112, COOptometry1275526444
William S Waldman 80229, COOptometry1164415345
David Lohr 80921, COOptometry1942293980
James H Jordan 80004, COOptometry1891788832
Ron G Fair 80601, COOptometry1376536268
Loomis, Yount, Peterson & Associates, Pllc 80127, COOptometry1619960580
Rodney D Fair 80601, COOptometry1568455400
Karen Renee Wharton 80301, COOptometry1518950278
Joel Riggs 80401, COOptometry1225021843
Mark R Zilm 81601, COOptometry1043204480
Eric A Strautman 81601, COOptometry1265426613
Gerald K Hollenbaugh 81601, COOptometry1598759953
Thomas G Brookes 80033, COOptometry1164416442
Tracy C Wells 80918, COOptometry1285628289
Ann M Lippa 80214, COOptometry1760476634
Frank E Puckett 80132, COOptometry1881689198
David P Guhl 80920, COOptometry1295720514
Keely M Knoche 80919, COOptometry1992790216
Staci Perea Mcmullen 80923, COOptometry1386639615
Joanne Hendrick 80920, COOptometry1730174079
Chapel Hills Vision P C 80920, COOptometry1639164973
Chapel Hills Vision P C 80920, COOptometry1336134683
Thomas A Wilson 80920, COOptometry1720073968
Jerry Ray Pederson 80121, COOptometry1346236999
Jeffrey A Newsom 80914, COOptometry1992791560
Matthew J Skrdla 80525, COOptometry1750377172
Richard D. Bruess 80301, COOptometry1376539734
Jennifer Pelaez 80482, COOptometry1427044783
Ronnie Lee Schaeffer 81625, COOptometry1497741755
Jon F Pederson 80122, COOptometry1407842628
Louis A Spinozzi 80134, COOptometry1528054665
Richard M Goebel 80260, COOptometry1497741151
Heather M Simonson 80615, COOptometry1336136001
Donald R Simonson 80615, COOptometry1144217811
James Bennett 81505, COOptometry1043207343
Dierdre A. Fogle 80122, COOptometry1245227024
O Joseph Bebber 80215, COOptometry1689662256
Ccc Optical Pc 81122, COOptometry1184612616
Amy C. Cecil 81621, COOptometry1215925565
Ccc Optical Pc 81147, COOptometry1194713057
Steven Patrick Clancy 80920, COOptometry1619966504
Andrew R Adamich 81122, COOptometry1740279116
Gregory S Abel 80525, COOptometry1720077043
Amy S Abel 80525, COOptometry1295724516
William J. Hoover 81601, COOptometry1902895907
Jerry Michael Bell 80138, COOptometry1568452563
Sandy Schmidt Wurst 80012, COOptometry1427048438
Lynn Dwayne Durfee 80014, COOptometry1114917127
Sarah Anne Bell 80138, COOptometry1548250566
Steven C Tillman 80234, COOptometry1417947458
Kyle David Treick 80526, COOptometry1235129115
Thomas E Hankenson 80134, COOptometry1790775492
George Walter Hertneky 80723, COOptometry1053301861
John Allen Bryant 80014, COOptometry1801886635
Edith G Bowman 80526, COOptometry1801886502
Jeffrey Lee Spahr 80113, COOptometry1841280542
Eric R Reisler 80526, COOptometry1356331839
Scot B. Morris 80433, COOptometry1013907773
Northwest Eyecare Center, Llc 81625, COOptometry1275523938
Edwin Jeung 80027, COOptometry1033109483
Glen A Gunderson 80003, COOptometry1295725554
Poudre Valley Eyecare Llc 80525, COOptometry1699259143
Stephen Paris Bashford 80003, COOptometry1962492140
Brian Bucca 80045, COOptometry1770573099
John F. Mileski 80840, COOptometry1477544492
Jeffrey Reed Tidswell 80909, COOptometry1245221704
Janice I. Jarrett 80220, COOptometry1811978869
Scott Haugen 80521, COOptometry1730160722
Randolph E Fincher 80112, COOptometry1588645360
Jacqueline Marie Bowen 80634, COOptometry1194706812
Laura L Juba 80112, COOptometry1821079690
Raul Alderete 80202, COOptometry1770564494
Lisa Jordan 80020, COOptometry1669453320
David Hilton Kisling 80525, COOptometry1942281407
Paula Postma, P.c. 80303, COOptometry1023099496
Robert E Prouty 80134, COOptometry1336120724
Zoey Kay Loomis 80701, COOptometry1588646822
Jason Troy Ortman 80108, COOptometry1578545828
Jason T Garey 81501, COOptometry1801878053
Edward J Golesh 80112, COOptometry1982686002
Rachelle U Toltz 80206, COOptometry1720060817
Dean Bancroft 80920, COOptometry1295717007
Gary Neil Quarnberg 81521, COOptometry1831172196
Robert D Mcquaid 80112, COOptometry1386627693
Judith H Marrocco 80020, COOptometry1447233242
Gina Marangoni Gabriel 80501, COOptometry1902889637
Minadeo Eye Center Pllc 75455, COOptometry1457334039
Jay E. Highland 81122, COOptometry1346223831
David Scott Crist 80222, COOptometry1437132073
Benjamin Marvin Marske 80525, COOptometry1679557110
Mia Jean Jennings 80906, COOptometry1588648034
Anne M. Metzger 80020, COOptometry1588648612
Esther Naomi Matoba 80228, COOptometry1558345751
Robert Ken Matoba 80228, COOptometry1215911417
Allen Koichi Tomoeda 80016, COOptometry1447234661
Diane Elaine Reddin 81419, COOptometry1427032440
Kathy A Milano 80401, COOptometry1992780506
Stacey Holdsworth Gregory 80205, COOptometry1699750927
Ronald K Berggren 80232, COOptometry1144206657
Bradley Jay Louis 80909, COOptometry1356327852
Jerry Allen Hendricks 80919, COOptometry1730165275
Paul William Heersink 81144, COOptometry1750367231
Victoria Peters 81008, COOptometry1083690408
Mary Lou Freitag 80634, COOptometry1770569998
Bertram Tarleton Harvey 80634, COOptometry1043296965
Carol L Peters 80634, COOptometry1174509996
Traci Maxwell Peters 80906, COOptometry1568449353
Brian Boyd Meier 81122, COOptometry1467439901
Randy L Hertneky 80759, COOptometry1962489351
Richard Thomas Robinson 80226, COOptometry1639156110
Jeffrey James Autrey 80840, COOptometry1902884893
Larry Robert Kinnick 81401, COOptometry1801874334
Margaret Elizabeth Rado 80526, COOptometry1639158231
Kevin John Anderson 80525, COOptometry1447239736
Leroy A. Popowski 80907, COOptometry1881673978
Teresa S Beer 80634, COOptometry1205816063
Viveca Janel Verhagen 80222, COOptometry1528048352
Ronald Norman Leavitt 80913, COOptometry1588644900
Gary Mannheimer 80234, COOptometry1881674224
Allen Mok 80260, COOptometry1336129675
Phillip L. Knapp 80127, COOptometry1942280185
Kimberly Ann Hildebrand 80026, COOptometry1841260924
Robert James Stanga 80127, COOptometry1689654881
Keri Jo Vervaet 80126, COOptometry1447230628
Larry J. Keyser 80911, COOptometry1962472985
Arbaugh And Reuter, P.c. 80918, COOptometry1235109240
Christopher Arbaugh 80918, COOptometry1134199144
Tyson Reuter 80918, COOptometry1124098132
Sherwyn Jay Vicksman 80246, COOptometry1265402069
Carrie M Burleson 80007, COOptometry1063482560
Kim Courtney Brown 80228, COOptometry1740251065
John Michael Rabins 80917, COOptometry1790756476
Jennifer T Carr 80304, COOptometry1801867478
Richard T Pedersen 80909, COOptometry1164493631
Michelle Chaney 82070, COOptometry1528030988
Ken Foppiano 80913, COOptometry1821069352
Jennifer Eleftheriou Owen 80906, COOptometry1922070028
Bret W Harrison 80923, COOptometry1104898220
William Bruce Laurie 80401, COOptometry1073585352
Richard Gene Eddington 80922, COOptometry1538131792
Fukai And Associates Pc 80027, COOptometry1740252337
Mary Anne Catherine Murphy 80023, COOptometry1942272588
Matthew U Neal 80205, COOptometry1518930064
David A Simonson 80621, COOptometry1356314744
Joy U Hansen 80020, COOptometry1699748723
Michael Fukai 80027, COOptometry1841263571


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Q: What is a NPI number?
A: As per CMS, a National Provider Identifier (NPI) is a unique identification number for covered health care providers, which was created to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of electronic transmission of health information.

Q: How does NPI number registration work? How do I get, apply, or register for a NPI number? Is there an easy way of obtaining an NPI number?
A: As per CMS, the most convenient method of registering for a NPI number is to visit NPPES and follow the on-screen instructions. If you have any questions during the registration process, you may contact NPI customer service at 1-800-465-3203.

Q: Is there any easy-to-read NPI number list or a list of NPI numbers?
A: There are several lists that you may find online, but an example of an official one is from CMS, which allows you to view certain data using table-like interfaces. An NPI number search can also be performed via the NPPES NPI registry.

Q: What is my profession's NPI number? How about my group NPI number? And my medical NPI number?
A: The NPPES NPI registry is the official website for finding / locating and verifying your NPI number and related details. Our website does indeed utilize NPPES data as one of its sources and we encourage you to explore all possible sources for NPI verification.

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