Providers with Taxonomy: Optometry in the state of Connecticut

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Optometry
in the state of Connecticut:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Hal Lawrence Ostrom 06413, CTOptometry1841292802
Roger Moore 06470, CTOptometry1669476214
Robert John Kish 06340, CTOptometry1578568770
Paul J Werdell 06105, CTOptometry1033114897
Jerry Samuel Hardison 06105, CTOptometry1306841077
Susan C Danberg 06033, CTOptometry1588669220
Margaret A Marcone 06810, CTOptometry1427056969
Michelene Todd 06810, CTOptometry1962400416
Edward F. Pinn 06475, CTOptometry1942200639
Peter Rosenwald 06611, CTOptometry1770584781
Audrey S Fung 06705, CTOptometry1083615850
John Biestek 06450, CTOptometry1174524896
David L Macdonald 06475, CTOptometry1740282896
Calvin S Price 06095, CTOptometry1487656328
Norman Jerald Savage 06473, CTOptometry1265434609
David W. Joel 06515, CTOptometry1861484081
Noelbis Cid 06825, CTOptometry1871585794
Carol E Gordon 06475, CTOptometry1134111966
Matthew E Elgart 06475, CTOptometry1043202872
Monya D Elgart 06475, CTOptometry1770575508
Jeffrey Seth Migdol 06804, CTOptometry1366435646
Thaddeus W Bartles 06010, CTOptometry1154314144
Mark T Lopez 06335, CTOptometry1487648051
Donald Stephen Teig 06877, CTOptometry1215922380
Alison A Baikal 06067, CTOptometry1992790869
Steven Richard Squillace 06071, CTOptometry1265427983
Michael T Woronick 06810, CTOptometry1114912789
Eric Lee Bran 06877, CTOptometry1851387427
Paul H Foeller 06018, CTOptometry1861488173
Alan M Berman 06877, CTOptometry1114913340
Victor A Richardson 06488, CTOptometry1710973912
William E Kimball 06488, CTOptometry1205822426
Liann H Kimball 06488, CTOptometry1225024458
Family Vision Center Llc 06615, CTOptometry1548256647
Eugene Alan Winakor 06360, CTOptometry1073509048
George Z Tzepos 06483, CTOptometry1285621946
Rhonda Greifinger 06468, CTOptometry1376530915
Tommasina Pasqua Sideris 06759, CTOptometry1942297312
Howard Steven Grad 06040, CTOptometry1609865146
Robert T Yarosh 06040, CTOptometry1184613259
Charlene Marie Chateauneuf 06107, CTOptometry1154311801
Howard Robert Cohen 06484, CTOptometry1679564736
Rick Crolla 06840, CTOptometry1740271816
Middlesex Eye Physicians, P.c. 06457, CTOptometry1295716413
James L Boccuzzi 06239, CTOptometry1578544532
Robert B Macneil 06239, CTOptometry1689655656
Dennis P Iadarola 06468, CTOptometry1649251562
Stewart Edward Galeucia 06340, CTOptometry1265414114
Elizabeth C Mcmunn 06333, CTOptometry1104808930
Marcia Y. Nearing 06776, CTOptometry1063496024
Gary R Maglio 06062, CTOptometry1093799975
A Victor Horvitz 06415, CTOptometry1811972243
Ryan Michael Trimble 06085, CTOptometry1932185303
Melvyn S. Mazer 06611, CTOptometry1861470569
Craig Lawrence Nielsen 06450, CTOptometry1558349738
Michael Gerard Rayher 06460, CTOptometry1205815511
Scott Edward Saunders 06098, CTOptometry1538149570
Kathryn H Bony 06360, CTOptometry1013997923
Geoffrey Leland Nemser 06905, CTOptometry1871573535
Joseph James Thimons 06825, CTOptometry1851371454
Hope Bernard Marandola 06332, CTOptometry1548240146
Mark Wolmer 06810, CTOptometry1588644033
Sidney Lee Shafran 06010, CTOptometry1578543708
William Douglas Wachtel 06010, CTOptometry1194705327
Wayne M Castagna 06084, CTOptometry1356327407
Laura Ann Scanlon 06477, CTOptometry1164492674
Michelle Elizabeth Moore 06010, CTOptometry1194795971
Christopher Louis Agro 06082, CTOptometry1912977380
Enfield Eyecare Associates, L.l.p. 06082, CTOptometry1396715785
Jeffrey Martin Doot 06082, CTOptometry1245200617
Steven Neil Frankel 06604, CTOptometry1114998317
Thomas J Prignano 06108, CTOptometry1649241647
David B Gaudreau 06260, CTOptometry1649241506
Frances Sites 06422, CTOptometry1699746040
George Raymond Stimac 06042, CTOptometry1063484103
Laura M Glasz 06518, CTOptometry1346212982
Steven Shaby 06905, CTOptometry1144293317
Lance I Alpert 06040, CTOptometry1316910185
Carol Maloney 06518, CTOptometry1598739005
Jesse Chin 06905, CTOptometry1336113794
Beverly Ann Reidy 06518, CTOptometry1265406219
Joseph E. Pavano 06051, CTOptometry1700851565
Thomas Jeffrey Wagner 06355, CTOptometry1114993789
Maria I Diaz 06513, CTOptometry1265408371
Mark R Chasse 06416, CTOptometry1699742429
Matthew Blondin 06790, CTOptometry1386611762
Paul Montague 06107, CTOptometry1881663599
Nelson Leonard Gould 06825, CTOptometry1780653378
Toniann Sagnella 06033, CTOptometry1740259969
David M Imondi 06033, CTOptometry1790754901
Melissa Lambright 06107, CTOptometry1518936749
Joel Zuckerbraun 06351, CTOptometry1609835784
Stephanie T. Borey 06340, CTOptometry1528027869
Keith E Watson 06066, CTOptometry1194795948
John Mark Lertora 06002, CTOptometry1780657213
Bradford Alan Newman 06002, CTOptometry1942272737
Family Optometric Care Pc 06002, CTOptometry1780656579
John Stephen Rubsam 06405, CTOptometry1164493391
Catherine M. Ferentini 06111, CTOptometry1144297425
Joseph S. Madrak 06484, CTOptometry1336112770
Marcie Lustgarten 06443, CTOptometry1134190887
Peter Alexander Link 06801, CTOptometry1225006323
Eye Disease Consultants, Llc 06107, CTOptometry1487621819
Robert R Palozej 06029, CTOptometry1477513851
Alphonse A Inclima 06516, CTOptometry1740241751
Christopher M Inclima 06516, CTOptometry1063474575
Robin M Segal 06033, CTOptometry1932161122
Mara S Capuano 06410, CTOptometry1750343711
Laura C Dake-roche 06770, CTOptometry1558323428
Richard Thomas Daddio 06516, CTOptometry1912960410
Douglas P Agranov 06443, CTOptometry1952364465
Joseph J Carillo 06851, CTOptometry1932162351
James Lefevre 06795, CTOptometry1588628697
Janine R Elder 06776, CTOptometry1942264049
Sharon Martino 06111, CTOptometry1790740371
Thaddeus W Bartles Od Pc 06010, CTOptometry1477518116
George Dennis Adrian 06340, CTOptometry1659337145
Michael James Shiembob 06001, CTOptometry1225087000
Nancy P. Loveland 06416, CTOptometry1770532392
James Ciccarelli 06032, CTOptometry1558311878
Thuylinh N Roschangar 06770, CTOptometry1487604617
Peter A Remillard 06410, CTOptometry1063462174
Louis Rodier 06790, CTOptometry1801846084
Opticare Eye Health Centers, Inc. 06708, CTOptometry1497705677
Crystal L Seaforth 06611, CTOptometry1790735447
Shannon M Mulligan 06704, CTOptometry1528018157
Mark G Ryan 06515, CTOptometry1548211220
John E Stanley 06790, CTOptometry1922050285
Loveland Eyecare, Llc 06416, CTOptometry1952353989
Lisa Michelle Arciero 06492, CTOptometry1558315275
John Loucopoulos 06460, CTOptometry1861457814
Donald Samuel Fulton 06468, CTOptometry1609837541
Eye Center Of Southern Connecticut Pc 06518, CTOptometry1528029634
Peter A Silver 06870, CTOptometry1659323210
Totalvision Eyecare Center Of Glastonbury,llc 06033, CTOptometry1790739233
Patricia Ann Aucello 06111, CTOptometry1417902289
Ridgefield Family Eye Care Pc 06877, CTOptometry1790730703
Judith F Elson 06851, CTOptometry1043267537
Kurt Joseph Tichy 06614, CTOptometry1750338414
Oronoque Eye Care Inc. 06614, CTOptometry1801834247
Howard Saul Gottlieb 06460, CTOptometry1760421259
Mary Beth Schanz 06851, CTOptometry1518908052
Daniel Thomas Fitzpatrick 06001, CTOptometry1366483372
Michael J Aucello 06074, CTOptometry1457395337
Linda Shilberg 06067, CTOptometry1740225127
Jola Rzegocki 06475, CTOptometry1669417325
Paul F Hyder 06226, CTOptometry1912942210
Mark David Sturgis 06040, CTOptometry1740226752
Albert E. Germain 06708, CTOptometry1841236122
Frederick Allen Moffa 06035, CTOptometry1679509509
Michael W Costa 06702, CTOptometry1083642771
Brian Paul Courtemanche 06042, CTOptometry1386673648
New England Eyecare Of Manchester, P.c. 06040, CTOptometry1487683470
Ann Mary Carone 06606, CTOptometry1114956992
Monique L Dawson 06450, CTOptometry1902835713
Greenwich Eye Center 06830, CTOptometry1346279007
Robert Alan Connors 06716, CTOptometry1669402913
Tracey Lynn Asmus 06111, CTOptometry1053341701
Sally Elizabeth Austin-fitzpatrick 06057, CTOptometry1417988908
Jeffrey L. Morer, Od, Pc 06457, CTOptometry1679504161
Martin D. Arkin 06851, CTOptometry1740212315
David Earl Eaton 06035, CTOptometry1831348598
Christina Vu 06042, CTOptometry1164451290
Jennifer L Stroh 06226, CTOptometry1053344879
Cheryl B Haskes 06111, CTOptometry1538191945
David C Arendt 06520, CTOptometry1497788764
Sight, Llc 06107, CTOptometry1437182680
Amy Stein 10016, CTOptometry1952336141
Kimberly A. Lefevre 06040, CTOptometry1861427080
Robert P Mingrone 06516, CTOptometry1275568701
Robert Martin Scarpati 06032, CTOptometry1487689949
Rachel Lyn Hawran 06877, CTOptometry1528084662
Gina M Lippi 06042, CTOptometry1811913593
Brett W Kjellen 06037, CTOptometry1053338046
Amy Himmelstein 06010, CTOptometry1245257153
Vasiliki A Soldatos 06905, CTOptometry1013934850
Matthew Stephen King 06475, CTOptometry1093733347
Lawrence Lefland 06473, CTOptometry1619995214
Jerome I Glazer 06109, CTOptometry1497774301
Kerry K Oneal 06385, CTOptometry1487673349
Janice Ocampo Doot 06019, CTOptometry1144242082
Philip M Perrino 06510, CTOptometry1639191588
Windham Eye Group P.c. 06226, CTOptometry1801818802
Thomas Dempsey 06415, CTOptometry1760405542
Laura Anne Mafuz 06084, CTOptometry1447273719
Elizabeth Bladek Smith 06385, CTOptometry1205850401
Regina Ann Strand 06382, CTOptometry1093739310
Mitchel Boyd Strand 06111, CTOptometry1003830308
Louis G Hochberg 06517, CTOptometry1851315170
Marnie Catherine Smith 06032, CTOptometry1821002916
Robert Alexander Buck 06702, CTOptometry1821002346
Kenneth L Burke 06798, CTOptometry1881608263
Madison Eye Care Llc 06443, CTOptometry1144235847
Susan Barbara Janik 06107, CTOptometry1275549099
Christine Jacqueline Kantor 06830, CTOptometry1235145764
Peter J Stein 06418, CTOptometry1487661914
David J Sobel 06759, CTOptometry1780692707
Anthony Gordon 06066, CTOptometry1831107077
Henry B Samson 06511, CTOptometry1831107994
Lance Call Lysiuk 06457, CTOptometry1366450041


Explanations of Terms and Helpful Links

Q: What is a NPI number?
A: As per CMS, a National Provider Identifier (NPI) is a unique identification number for covered health care providers, which was created to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of electronic transmission of health information.

Q: How does NPI number registration work? How do I get, apply, or register for a NPI number? Is there an easy way of obtaining an NPI number?
A: As per CMS, the most convenient method of registering for a NPI number is to visit NPPES and follow the on-screen instructions. If you have any questions during the registration process, you may contact NPI customer service at 1-800-465-3203.

Q: Is there any easy-to-read NPI number list or a list of NPI numbers?
A: There are several lists that you may find online, but an example of an official one is from CMS, which allows you to view certain data using table-like interfaces. An NPI number search can also be performed via the NPPES NPI registry.

Q: What is my profession's NPI number? How about my group NPI number? And my medical NPI number?
A: The NPPES NPI registry is the official website for finding / locating and verifying your NPI number and related details. Our website does indeed utilize NPPES data as one of its sources and we encourage you to explore all possible sources for NPI verification.

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