Providers with Taxonomy: Optometry in the state of Delaware

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Optometry
in the state of Delaware:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Jeffrey P Hilovsky 19947, DEOptometry1306840236
Richard Salvatore Grifasi 19958, DEOptometry1881698116
Amanda Sue Fichter 19805, DEOptometry1588660351
Phillip Warren Petterborg 19902, DEOptometry1376536813
Dennis R Mirra 19904, DEOptometry1295720522
Jay C. Taylor 19971, DEOptometry1790771822
George Popel 19805, DEOptometry1346223195
Scott J. Tucci 19808, DEOptometry1902883895
John Otto 19713, DEOptometry1992783716
Optometry Associates, P.a. 19801, DEOptometry1295714103
Howard B Stromwasser 19711, DEOptometry1396715512
Elizabeth Bessie Cluff 19709, DEOptometry1598735573
New Era Optical Inc 19720, DEOptometry1649240623
I Joel Halpern 19904, DEOptometry1821062936
Troy D Raber 19904, DEOptometry1356315394
Laura Christina Castillo 19904, DEOptometry1689648768
Kristen Marie Semenick 19904, DEOptometry1700851383
Jason G Moyer 19904, DEOptometry1992770952
Colleen M Everett 19904, DEOptometry1740255512
Lance E Underwood 19901, DEOptometry1407823933
Advanced Eye Care P A 19805, DEOptometry1467420414
Karen Lynne Darrell 19804, DEOptometry1467411751
James P Boyland 19904, DEOptometry1013977230
Medhat R Iskander 19963, DEOptometry1588630214
Timothy M Westgate 19973, DEOptometry1093789752
Bethany M Lewallen 19904, DEOptometry1366416026
Delaware Eye Care Center Pa 19904, DEOptometry1932174505
Amanda M Friess 19803, DEOptometry1891757837
Talitha Robinson D'italia 19808, DEOptometry1063477990
Hayley A Sprague 19947, DEOptometry1619933785
Joseph G. Goldberg 19804, DEOptometry1093772683
Kimberly R Bristow 19713, DEOptometry1669430211
Chrystyna Rakoczy 19146, DEOptometry1750349973
Anny Paek Kim 19720, DEOptometry1588615926
Brian Patrick Mahoney 19805, DEOptometry1427009547
Matt Jeffrey Epstein 19720, DEOptometry1376594945
Lisa Vanderbeek Stottlemyer 19805, DEOptometry1649222415
Sonja Pargina Biddle 19973, DEOptometry1124071899
Christopher P Davolos 19805, DEOptometry1013961663
Mira Silbert Aumiller 19805, DEOptometry1578514592
Nmadinaobi Maduemezia 19026, DEOptometry1235607102
William L Velardi 19709, DEOptometry1225082217
Sussex Eye Center Pa 19947, DEOptometry1427090570
William Arthur Monaco 19702, DEOptometry1427091057
Delaware Ophthalmology Consultants 19810, DEOptometry1467496638
Simon Eye Associates Pa 19808, DEOptometry1205871506
W. Lee Mackewiz 19701, DEOptometry1588609812
William Jeppe 19808, DEOptometry1801832829
Philip James Gross 19904, DEOptometry1295771939
Angela Clapper 19808, DEOptometry1962438127
Grifasi Eyecare And Optical, Iii, Inc. 19958, DEOptometry1154357598
Joseph M Senall 19808, DEOptometry1104854017
Yvonne Kneisley 19808, DEOptometry1780613083
Middletown Eye Care Inc 19709, DEOptometry1518998103
Tracey Marshall-underwood 19901, DEOptometry1154353944
Maria Fernandez 19808, DEOptometry1689606329
Kevin Brown 19808, DEOptometry1831121573
Charles Simon 19808, DEOptometry1962434613
Jean M Stewart 19810, DEOptometry1083658207
Greta I Steinbach-wallis 19810, DEOptometry1346289162
Andrew Michael Berman 19904, DEOptometry1487681284
Laurie A Conti 19968, DEOptometry1629001441
Rachana Chokshi 19348, DEOptometry1629001151
Dr. Andrew M. Berman, Optometrist P.a. 19904, DEOptometry1851324263
Brian Gardner 19808, DEOptometry1144245465
Linen J Pok 19713, DEOptometry1710906730
Lawrence Joseph Kruse 19711, DEOptometry1073535571
Paul C Mitchell 19713, DEOptometry1043232754
Michele Renee Haranin 19904, DEOptometry1033132915
Jane Costanza 19702, DEOptometry1558375204
Amanda J. Bourgeois 32207, DEOptometry1063423580
Joseph G. Goldberg O.d. 19804, DEOptometry1659484004
Ronald G Young 19810, DEOptometry1972522829
Jennifer Turano 19805, DEOptometry1770963449
Halpern Eye Associates, P. A. 19904, DEOptometry1245251313
Millsboro Eye Care Llc 19968, DEOptometry1366550600
Vision Quest Eye Care Center Inc 19904, DEOptometry1821107558
David Gary Jupiter 19810, DEOptometry1780794024
Don D Blackburn 19808, DEOptometry1639271216
Patricia Lynn Sparks 19904, DEOptometry1124128715
Roger D. Ammon 19803, DEOptometry1144311010
Eye Physicians & Surgeons, Pa 19806, DEOptometry1972695435
Patricia Ann Lynch 19801, DEOptometry1386732592
Adam K Schmidt 19971, DEOptometry1578652293
Priti V Patel 19904, DEOptometry1093895260
Delaware Eye Surgeons Pa 19808, DEOptometry1609956846
John Lynch 19956, DEOptometry1093892812
Accurate Optical Co Of Laurel Inc 19956, DEOptometry1043397888
John Nickolas Psaltis 19806, DEOptometry1346327301
Bryan K Sterling 19904, DEOptometry1558440032
Steven Quillin 19952, DEOptometry1801975198
Lorna H Simmerman 19808, DEOptometry1720157662
Ronald Sidney Pogach 19808, DEOptometry1013087725
Allan S Tocker 19808, DEOptometry1629153127
Jeffrey S Filandro 19709, DEOptometry1639271166
Harrington Eye Care Center Llc 19952, DEOptometry1174608632
Phyllis E Chambers 19810, DEOptometry1598842676
Hosmane Eye Care Llc 19713, DEOptometry1023564499
Chinye Mukosolu Otojare 19904, DEOptometry1578672549
Arkady Yatskevich 19904, DEOptometry1215027917
Thomas George Bastholm 19958, DEOptometry1295808848
Bryan K Sterling Od Llc 19904, DEOptometry1235203266
Amy Marie Farrall 19711, DEOptometry1154496149
David Thomas Matusiewicz 19711, DEOptometry1679648653
Louis William Reardon 19809, DEOptometry1528134103
Douglas C. Demello 19806, DEOptometry1821164302
Delaware Eye Associates Pa 19806, DEOptometry1194893925
Diane Marie Zelinka 19810, DEOptometry1952469199
Sam M Stumer 22101, DEOptometry1881756476
Whitfield Eugene Warmouth 19963, DEOptometry1588714646
Stephanie Day Muscelli 21921, DEOptometry1285785550
George W. Kledaras, O.d., P.a. 19809, DEOptometry1154461432
George W Kledaras 19809, DEOptometry1700926037
Rod Thomas Gualtieri 19063, DEOptometry1871636829
Amy M Farrall Od Llc 19713, DEOptometry1841334182
Delaware Vision Academy Llc 19808, DEOptometry1518092659
Stanley A. Strauss 19810, DEOptometry1083741599
Halpern Eye Associates, P.a. 19709, DEOptometry1710016639
Halpern Eye Associates, P.a. 19973, DEOptometry1528197563
Halpern Eye Associates, P. A. 19977, DEOptometry1932238789
Halpern Eye Associates P. A. 19963, DEOptometry1982734547
Halpern Eye Associates, P. A. 19967, DEOptometry1407986086
Halpern Eye Associates, P. A. 19904, DEOptometry1417087164
Caring Vision Inc 19977, DEOptometry1194856492
In Vision Eye Care, Inc. 19803, DEOptometry1699807875
In Vision Eye Care, Inc. 19707, DEOptometry1609992502
Sarah L. Foster 19803, DEOptometry1972636017
Christy Marie Slagle 21921, DEOptometry1528184058
Steven Dale Warwick 19803, DEOptometry1811033483
Christiana Care Health Services, Inc 19713, DEOptometry1982778270
Dr. Susan Betts 19973, DEOptometry1306967732
Kneisley Eye Care Pa 19711, DEOptometry1225159585
Associates In Eye Care, Llc 19808, DEOptometry1285838318
Epstein Eye Associates, P.a. 19720, DEOptometry1124223185
Sterling Optical 19901, DEOptometry1043415797
Jessica Marie Vanek 19904, DEOptometry1578753984
Samuel Ryan Halpern 19904, DEOptometry1750571162
Thuc Khai Nguyen 19805, DEOptometry1083809891
Amy M Farrall Od Llc 19711, DEOptometry1841475167
Eye To Eye Optomety, Llc 19901, DEOptometry1588849772
Dr Ronald Pogach 19808, DEOptometry1992982318
Dr Lawrence Joseph Kruse Od 19711, DEOptometry1912185950
Bradley William Gardner 19808, DEOptometry1023289964
Aimee Parker 19947, DEOptometry1821269473
Alton Allen Williams 19702, DEOptometry1275708224
Sussex Eye Center 19966, DEOptometry1265609358
Angela I Pellegrini 19810, DEOptometry1841453495
Dennis R Mirra, Od Pa 19808, DEOptometry1609032085
Dr. Allan S. Tocker & Assoc., Optometry Pa 19808, DEOptometry1588813877
Betts And Biddle Eye Care Pa 19973, DEOptometry1396980884
Halpern Eye Associates, P. A. 19904, DEOptometry1659506723
Heather Marie Riemann 19904, DEOptometry1578799516
Timothy John Smith 19904, DEOptometry1356573141
Kelly Kristine Chambers 19904, DEOptometry1639403058
Agnes Forsac Esaka 19363, DEOptometry1053640540
Accurate Optical Co Of Millsboro Inc. 19966, DEOptometry1801112875
Michael Rebarchik 19947, DEOptometry1871806372
Tarra Justine Winchell 19711, DEOptometry1396052163
Prachi Nilesh Pathak 19904, DEOptometry1952605743
W Lee Mackewiz, O.d., P.a. 19701, DEOptometry1538450200
Dr. Allan S. Tocker And Associates 19808, DEOptometry1972872471
Stanley A Strauss Od Pa 19810, DEOptometry1235402397
Daniel John Baruffi 19804, DEOptometry1982916458
Tejal Patel 19808, DEOptometry1316191018
Alissa R Long 19904, DEOptometry1639326721
Jacob John Tonozzi 19967, DEOptometry1518245356
Emily Clare Ridge 19977, DEOptometry1861916991
Anahita Abazari 19805, DEOptometry1477048452
Adriane Rae Hohmann 19904, DEOptometry1922484211
John Erickson 32207, DEOptometry1144584160
Myloan Thi Nguyen 19947, DEOptometry1588911739
Halpern Eye Associates, P. A. 19808, DEOptometry1427390533
Envision Eye Care, Llc 19971, DEOptometry1336570811
Halpern Eye Associates, P. A. 19904, DEOptometry1053737163
Tara E Yerkes 19709, DEOptometry1518375260
All About Eyes Inc 19363, DEOptometry1699179812
Vision To Learn 19899, DEOptometry1508259839
New Castle Eye Associates,llc 19720, DEOptometry1841675444
Jenna Korsan 19808, DEOptometry1316310592
Robert Luke Wagoner 19904, DEOptometry1568551265
Scott Daniel Rinehart 19805, DEOptometry1205097144
Jamie Wohlhagen 19810, DEOptometry1487993143
Lisa Draper 19808, DEOptometry1740696749
Linh Le 19977, DEOptometry1992245906
Kathleen Mary O'donnell 19808, DEOptometry1417345745
Myeyedr Optometry Of Delaware Pa 19709, DEOptometry1841669595
Myeyedr Optometry Of Delaware Pa 19701, DEOptometry1871962613
Myeyedr Optometry Of Delaware Pa 19967, DEOptometry1205205960
Myeyedr Optometry Of Delaware Pa 19977, DEOptometry1538538293
Myeyedr Optometry Of Delaware Pa 19973, DEOptometry1912376674
Myeyedr Optometry Of Delaware Pa 19947, DEOptometry1174992929
Myeyedr Optometry Of Delaware Pa 19808, DEOptometry1871962621
Myeyedr Optometry Of Delaware Pa 19904, DEOptometry1972972636
Myeyedr Optometry Of Delaware Pa 19904, DEOptometry1215306055
Nikolas Sutsko 19805, DEOptometry1649790163
Roshni Patel 19348, DEOptometry1306311162
Myeyedr Optometry Of Delaware Pa 19963, DEOptometry1144699893
Andrea Gallo 19803, DEOptometry1114284544
Thomas Hufnal 19899, DEOptometry1821481367
Vision Plus Of De P A 19702, DEOptometry1881770063


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Q: What is a NPI number?
A: As per CMS, a National Provider Identifier (NPI) is a unique identification number for covered health care providers, which was created to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of electronic transmission of health information.

Q: How does NPI number registration work? How do I get, apply, or register for a NPI number? Is there an easy way of obtaining an NPI number?
A: As per CMS, the most convenient method of registering for a NPI number is to visit NPPES and follow the on-screen instructions. If you have any questions during the registration process, you may contact NPI customer service at 1-800-465-3203.

Q: Is there any easy-to-read NPI number list or a list of NPI numbers?
A: There are several lists that you may find online, but an example of an official one is from CMS, which allows you to view certain data using table-like interfaces. An NPI number search can also be performed via the NPPES NPI registry.

Q: What is my profession's NPI number? How about my group NPI number? And my medical NPI number?
A: The NPPES NPI registry is the official website for finding / locating and verifying your NPI number and related details. Our website does indeed utilize NPPES data as one of its sources and we encourage you to explore all possible sources for NPI verification.

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