Providers with Taxonomy: Optometry in the state of Florida

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Optometry
in the state of Florida:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Victor A Higuera 32757, FLOptometry1265435358
Christopher J Esbensen 32703, FLOptometry1952304065
Larry Garland Brown 32204, FLOptometry1952304032
Lori Helman 32757, FLOptometry1205839396
Jack N Shorr 32757, FLOptometry1346243425
Barry A Aronson 33635, FLOptometry1003819830
Mid Florida Eye Center Pa 32757, FLOptometry1710980883
Thomas W Dawson 34429, FLOptometry1548263171
Mariann Louise Tucker 32826, FLOptometry1679576128
Alan Shaffer 33305, FLOptometry1679576995
Anthony Joseph Lorelli 33403, FLOptometry1578565800
Terry Lee Neal 34655, FLOptometry1366445819
James William Cobb 32905, FLOptometry1568466803
William Dodds Tanke 32904, FLOptometry1982608220
Robert M Easton 33334, FLOptometry1134121247
Michael Stuart Nason 33409, FLOptometry1073515284
John Tivnan 33880, FLOptometry1013911379
Edward Attaway 33880, FLOptometry1003810367
Valerie Moulds 33870, FLOptometry1366446627
Anthony H Schaffer 33870, FLOptometry1609878701
Thomas Brinton 33880, FLOptometry1124020227
David Newlan Burry 33880, FLOptometry1750383857
John Linden Davidson 33880, FLOptometry1164424255
Pauline Kolker Buck 33137, FLOptometry1083616155
Charles Kirk Howard 32536, FLOptometry1942204938
Scott D Clough 34668, FLOptometry1326042375
Mark P Strosser 33713, FLOptometry1902800683
Carl L Milovac 34788, FLOptometry1588668438
Daniel J Behn 33713, FLOptometry1093719775
Michael Alan Fregger 32547, FLOptometry1316942311
Tiffany T Malone 32312, FLOptometry1205831153
Troy Lee Bedinghaus 34202, FLOptometry1831194075
Boyd A Clark 32404, FLOptometry1205830767
Rebecca R Matchok 34210, FLOptometry1740285659
William Keene Ramsay 34474, FLOptometry1821093873
Steven H Schwartz 32204, FLOptometry1023013851
Brian S Armitage 32256, FLOptometry1437154283
Stanley John Hallock 32812, FLOptometry1588669238
Mark N Dobin 33067, FLOptometry1457356966
Michael L Maggard 33563, FLOptometry1437155868
Timothy E. Underhill 33919, FLOptometry1629074067
Dennis Emery Wilcoxon 33703, FLOptometry1932105178
Jason Lewis Schwartz 33316, FLOptometry1982600078
Dr. Gene J.a. Terrezza, O.d. & Associates, P.a. 32570, FLOptometry1902802911
Mark Thomas Marciano 33411, FLOptometry1528064656
Robert G. Lesage 33919, FLOptometry1073519153
Michael L Haynes 32117, FLOptometry1194721001
George William Doolin 32547, FLOptometry1396741633
Ingrid S Whitbourne-cooke 33313, FLOptometry1174528632
Kb Eyecare Inc. 32771, FLOptometry1477020501
John D Roberts 34491, FLOptometry1730186131
Richard B Lake 33884, FLOptometry1255338513
Terrance W Hafner 33870, FLOptometry1053318238
Susan H Payne 33573, FLOptometry1497752356
Barton James Parker 33467, FLOptometry1700884442
Donna J Belcher 32119, FLOptometry1972500726
Jay Rosenfeld 33761, FLOptometry1114924040
Mary Lou Smith 33770, FLOptometry1558369108
Douglas Gordon Johnson 33770, FLOptometry1114925773
Carol H Nason 33414, FLOptometry1700884103
Douglas E. Radish 33983, FLOptometry1053319335
Jon K Batzer 33952, FLOptometry1104824473
Jennifer L. Gallo 33991, FLOptometry1912905290
Gregory A Lieb 33614, FLOptometry1962400952
Salvatore Musumeci 33614, FLOptometry1003814088
Donald Azbell 34209, FLOptometry1760480792
Scott Han 34209, FLOptometry1104824051
Kent M Sieboldt 33511, FLOptometry1295733137
Jeannene L Dieter 34239, FLOptometry1417955451
Michael Bacigalupi 33328, FLOptometry1386643930
Charles Suivski 34994, FLOptometry1922007483
Mark J. Sarno 33778, FLOptometry1861491144
John Barry Cochran 33761, FLOptometry1538168836
Bryan Andrew Stam 32250, FLOptometry1245239581
Marc Edward Brockman 33401, FLOptometry1598764672
John Joseph Hammerli 32817, FLOptometry1790784833
Rafael Angel Diaz 34994, FLOptometry1720087737
Community Eye Center Pa 33952, FLOptometry1083613095
Colleen M King 32218, FLOptometry1629077649
Susan Rost Monahan 32082, FLOptometry1013916949
Walter Lee Ball 32256, FLOptometry1811997752
Lance Mitchell Koepnick 33176, FLOptometry1801896394
Suzane S Mechler 32308, FLOptometry1487654158
Todd Alan Shettle 33770, FLOptometry1194725663
David Scott Shettle 33703, FLOptometry1740280130
James Brauss 33305, FLOptometry1730189150
Mary Jo Baize 34209, FLOptometry1073513057
Lisa Bishop 32092, FLOptometry1437150448
Emilio H. Balius 33134, FLOptometry1619978509
Sandler L Burkley 33907, FLOptometry1700884525
Christine Lee Rogienski 33558, FLOptometry1558360537
Theodore N Gillette 33774, FLOptometry1851392666
Kim Patel 32757, FLOptometry1144685694
Sidney J Stern Visual Health Centers Pa 33183, FLOptometry1114429487
Richard W Hernandez 33759, FLOptometry1952302648
Susan S Whaley 32308, FLOptometry1730189382
April Lov Jasper 33405, FLOptometry1417957937
Florida Vision Optique Inc 34994, FLOptometry1023018355
Scott M. Pearl 32095, FLOptometry1467452474
Michael D Camp 34209, FLOptometry1427056365
Joseph Legiec 33907, FLOptometry1538160197
Carlos Sanchez 33928, FLOptometry1942201298
Samuel A Kaler 33907, FLOptometry1528069903
Mona A Henri 33704, FLOptometry1003818915
Archie Bockhorst 32925, FLOptometry1942202817
John Monte Renaldo 33907, FLOptometry1710989603
Chad Trevor Sulkes 34113, FLOptometry1225030109
Seth M. Berg 33322, FLOptometry1467454157
Alfred F Lappano 34655, FLOptometry1194727669
Lisa B. Galluzzo 33324, FLOptometry1255333902
Michael A Dagostino 32084, FLOptometry1871595488
John C. Derickson 32216, FLOptometry1972505477
Sheridan Ann Martin 32544, FLOptometry1124020524
Bradley David Middaugh 33907, FLOptometry1679575187
Marc H Sherman 32750, FLOptometry1629060751
Richard M. Ross 32789, FLOptometry1437141512
Barry Daniel Tuerkheimer 34102, FLOptometry1740272939
John Thomas Beckum 32605, FLOptometry1770575748
Steven J Zorn 34761, FLOptometry1053303263
Louis Philip Baier 33952, FLOptometry1306838446
Melissa V Mercer 33625, FLOptometry1558353466
Merryl S Koplo 33322, FLOptometry1497747331
Terry R. Van Der Heyden 34103, FLOptometry1932191756
Sarah Saputo Mackie 34209, FLOptometry1457343253
Marcia Glass 33432, FLOptometry1760474464
Carroll Gregory Aker 32796, FLOptometry1245222934
John M Marcin 34207, FLOptometry1336131002
Steven Wigdor 33160, FLOptometry1215929989
Wayne Golden 34232, FLOptometry1861484446
Stuart Glass 33432, FLOptometry1548252182
Leoncio V Gonzalez 33175, FLOptometry1356333900
Paul Klein 33306, FLOptometry1245222660
Phillip J. Mackinder 32720, FLOptometry1730171174
Robert J Parnes 34210, FLOptometry1568454825
Michael Lee Fogt 34994, FLOptometry1730172073
David James Underill 34974, FLOptometry1295728418
Douglas John Machiela 33463, FLOptometry1700879046
Lawrence P Fuller 34744, FLOptometry1447243589
Ricardo Silva 33176, FLOptometry1063405009
Mitchell Frank Goldstein 33308, FLOptometry1770576811
Leslie Ann Church 33544, FLOptometry1992798052
James Wallace Robinson 33544, FLOptometry1144213182
Joyce E Desrosiers 32960, FLOptometry1932192853
Buena Vista Eyeland Inc 32958, FLOptometry1205829033
Ronald Eugene Mccord 34952, FLOptometry1295728053
Jay A Weil 33607, FLOptometry1437142205
Barry M Gaffney 33563, FLOptometry1033102512
Roy Webster Bruce 33566, FLOptometry1932192010
Ricky Jay Billings 34233, FLOptometry1194717678
Gary E Goberville 33065, FLOptometry1346233780
Scott R Prickett 34109, FLOptometry1235122169
Michael A Mackie 34207, FLOptometry1972595643
Regina Louise Manes 33405, FLOptometry1467445312
Sidney J Stern Visual Health Centers Pa 33125, FLOptometry1982106258
Mark W Salta 33710, FLOptometry1295737989
Kirsten Reed Wilgers 32128, FLOptometry1265424188
Glass Vision Associates, P.a. 33432, FLOptometry1730171430
Richard Harry Myers 33144, FLOptometry1578555439
Hoss Eyecare, P.c. 39819, FLOptometry1184134744
Frank E. Houser 32225, FLOptometry1366435604
Jennifer S Stanley 33618, FLOptometry1730181207
Robert Lowell Phillips 32063, FLOptometry1699768689
Kenneth David Grier 34491, FLOptometry1710979794
John David Chiaramonti 32163, FLOptometry1902382526
For Eyes Optical Of Pa 60148, FLOptometry1508330580
Charles F. Paglia 32162, FLOptometry1538151485
James William Andrews 32506, FLOptometry1265425755
Frank V Dina 34689, FLOptometry1609860949
Maria Loulourgas 34689, FLOptometry1033103387
Rachael Streeter 34689, FLOptometry1255325478
Brandee Owens Marciano 33411, FLOptometry1184618365
Kenneth Robert Murphy 34689, FLOptometry1700870854
Phillips Salomon & Parrish Pa 33881, FLOptometry1508850371
Jeffrey L Timko 32720, FLOptometry1013901073
Karen Sue Wolf 32082, FLOptometry1154315125
Robert G Arick 34997, FLOptometry1114911096
Gilbert Houston 32082, FLOptometry1013901990
Charles E Heacock 32720, FLOptometry1942294905
Oscar Ernest Castro 33027, FLOptometry1457345373
Michael J Causey 34654, FLOptometry1033103999
William S Fleisher 33308, FLOptometry1316931116
Angela L Anderson 33872, FLOptometry1265426977
Ronald E Mccord Od Pa 34952, FLOptometry1801880521
Stephen F Phillips 33881, FLOptometry1871587592
Frank Andrew Curington 32955, FLOptometry1679567291
Jay S Rosen 33907, FLOptometry1326032822
St Lukes Cataract & Laser Institute 34689, FLOptometry1154316628
Clifton N Timmerman 33873, FLOptometry1376538884
Randy W Dutton 32925, FLOptometry1902891468
Edward C Miller 33020, FLOptometry1952396293
Phillips Salomon & Parrish Pa 33809, FLOptometry1811982192
Gerald J Gallentine 33629, FLOptometry1164417556
Phillips Salomon & Parrish Pa 33870, FLOptometry1528053808
Sherrie D Teddy 34655, FLOptometry1720073984
David Delmar Haughton 33407, FLOptometry1699760777
Luther Luck 33870, FLOptometry1689669574
Martin Saul Wiesenthal 33324, FLOptometry1558356352
Eric A Fazio 33618, FLOptometry1447245246
Max Irving Friedman 34243, FLOptometry1962497644
Ronald R Loring 33140, FLOptometry1366437022


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Q: What is a NPI number?
A: As per CMS, a National Provider Identifier (NPI) is a unique identification number for covered health care providers, which was created to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of electronic transmission of health information.

Q: How does NPI number registration work? How do I get, apply, or register for a NPI number? Is there an easy way of obtaining an NPI number?
A: As per CMS, the most convenient method of registering for a NPI number is to visit NPPES and follow the on-screen instructions. If you have any questions during the registration process, you may contact NPI customer service at 1-800-465-3203.

Q: Is there any easy-to-read NPI number list or a list of NPI numbers?
A: There are several lists that you may find online, but an example of an official one is from CMS, which allows you to view certain data using table-like interfaces. An NPI number search can also be performed via the NPPES NPI registry.

Q: What is my profession's NPI number? How about my group NPI number? And my medical NPI number?
A: The NPPES NPI registry is the official website for finding / locating and verifying your NPI number and related details. Our website does indeed utilize NPPES data as one of its sources and we encourage you to explore all possible sources for NPI verification.

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