Providers with Taxonomy: Optometry in the state of Florida

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Optometry
in the state of Florida:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Curtiss R Johnson 89511, FLOptometry1245234921
Kb Eyecare Inc. 32771, FLOptometry1477020501
Richard W Hernandez 33759, FLOptometry1952302648
Mark W Salta 33710, FLOptometry1295737989
Robert Lowell Phillips 32063, FLOptometry1699768689
Elizabeth Parrish Roberts 33813, FLOptometry1295722908
Clinton R Anderson 32818, FLOptometry1326034349
Thomas Allen Streeter 32578, FLOptometry1447246590
Carlos R Villa 32073, FLOptometry1942291901
James A Podschun 32792, FLOptometry1003804121
Helen Jelks King 32351, FLOptometry1609847433
Claudia L Chavez 34442, FLOptometry1881655645
Margaret D Argiropoulos-dhima 34655, FLOptometry1730141581
William Charles Fruchtman 07073, FLOptometry1447200241
Raquel K Moncrieffe 23226, FLOptometry1679513022
Nicole Golding 32312, FLOptometry1780615146
Catherine Bach Hough 32311, FLOptometry1639606155
Charles Wesley Bartels 34972, FLOptometry1184653768
Timothy Allan Mccan 33901, FLOptometry1588691349
James Cureton Lanier 32205, FLOptometry1538100607
Alexandra Schuette Homann 63031, FLOptometry1114351921
Brian Atkins 32608, FLOptometry1184637001
Rory Dray Brienen 34109, FLOptometry1194757377
Harry David Weinstein 32259, FLOptometry1568540870
Sharon Marie Streeter 32578, FLOptometry1194836312
Mary Susan Lilly 33578, FLOptometry1003907650
Nina Giselle Burt 33907, FLOptometry1780754622
Frank Donald Hurd 33710, FLOptometry1336266154
Paul L. Harman 32301, FLOptometry1306907860
A1a Family Eye Care, Inc 32224, FLOptometry1558416412
Lucy Jeanette Benard-zeledon 33033, FLOptometry1639295371
East Florida Eye Institute Pa 34994, FLOptometry1184788283
Robert H. Johnson 32068, FLOptometry1992907638
Willard Cail Pearce 33853, FLOptometry1386832905
Eye Doctors Optical Outlets Pa 34761, FLOptometry1942491998
Christine Rennie Giblin Creed 32403, FLOptometry1770785743
Patricia Dawson Gold 32708, FLOptometry1285845529
James Michael Petro 33596, FLOptometry1295953073
Lorena Miranda 34787, FLOptometry1689865149
Jill M Marrotte 33770, FLOptometry1992911150
Darshna Vasant Salh 32827, FLOptometry1780849463
Dr. Linda Azwell Od Llc 34432, FLOptometry1740575323
Roxanne Marie Buffano 33563, FLOptometry1275765265
Seechel Murphy Kanacheril 33063, FLOptometry1336455021
Carli Ruckman 33881, FLOptometry1891075578
Rockatonia Bradley 32034, FLOptometry1427346295
Kimberly M Chaney 33805, FLOptometry1427362359
Lucy Benard Od Pa 33033, FLOptometry1346518875
Elizabeth Ashlee Knighton 33626, FLOptometry1700174836
Juan Adalberto Menjivar 34471, FLOptometry1609025493
Mavis Jo Bulger 37067, FLOptometry1558599621
Dr Nicolas Gilberg Od Pa 33181, FLOptometry1598039000
James A Podschun Od Pa 32792, FLOptometry1942518097
Carly Elizabeth Migliorino 33559, FLOptometry1760784102
Marta I Acosta Velez 33141, FLOptometry1518190834
Thanh Thao Ho 32608, FLOptometry1336404342
William Douglas Smith 32204, FLOptometry1538401476
Nimisha Pramod Gad 91605, FLOptometry1740621010
Douglas Alan Wright 32347, FLOptometry1871902437
Ausra Elena Saxton 23435, FLOptometry1578946232
Catherine Borgeson 34787, FLOptometry1780065011
Tisha Cabatana 33844, FLOptometry1538544333
Michelle Quinn 33647, FLOptometry1578974937
Leticia Sandoval 32832, FLOptometry1144437591
Andrew S Cormier 33765, FLOptometry1548609522
Derek Alexander Richardson 33744, FLOptometry1477809697
An Tam Huynh 32607, FLOptometry1275941874
Daniel Andrew Geary 33759, FLOptometry1770969073
Daniele Jean 33076, FLOptometry1669532149
Lizeth Rebeca Delgado 96814, FLOptometry1881000487
Dr James M Petro Od, Pa 33596, FLOptometry1740614635
Savannah Faye Long 24970, FLOptometry1831597673
Annamarie Sullivan 32202, FLOptometry1740620673
Peter Huy-viet Pham 33127, FLOptometry1801279898
Douglas Scott Weston 33326, FLOptometry1285754168
Diego Ledda 33016, FLOptometry1518370840
Ann Huynh Nguyen 32256, FLOptometry1851806657
Jessica Luu 34689, FLOptometry1619364775
Yasmeen Awada 34759, FLOptometry1861875510
Osvaldo Cabrera 33178, FLOptometry1487002168
Alexander Joseph Garibay 33805, FLOptometry1689102337
Samaneh Sahand 30062, FLOptometry1265967509
Charlton Butts 34953, FLOptometry1245751759
Akram Masood 33629, FLOptometry1174942197
Sony Thomas 60616, FLOptometry1376958322
Maryann Youssef 92691, FLOptometry1033515325
Leigh Purvis 29407, FLOptometry1710430673
Isis Rouphail 78251, FLOptometry1528418605
William Rafael Roberts 34744, FLOptometry1619327905
Sandhya Ramsook 19107, FLOptometry1710337043
Joseph P Nguyen 34744, FLOptometry1891148268
Michelle Levin Od Pa 33013, FLOptometry1568905701
We Care Eyecare Co 34952, FLOptometry1245753987
Maximeyes Vision, Inc. 32703, FLOptometry1083123418
Kristine Thao Sam 34744, FLOptometry1902329238
A1a Family Eyecare 32084, FLOptometry1770622276
Marielle Alcantara 33870, FLOptometry1336590033
Bradley Eyecare Llc 32097, FLOptometry1972008555
Brianna Livingston 32701, FLOptometry1659807451
Jacqueline Tran-pastore 32955, FLOptometry1932306792
Curington Eye Associates P A 32955, FLOptometry1770758849
Hillmoor Optometric Pllc 34952, FLOptometry1285125419
Prajakta Nitinvhai Joshi 33609, FLOptometry1437640547
Douglas Reynolds, O.d. Santa Rosa, P.a. 32571, FLOptometry1891207742
Ashley Bianca Noble 33024, FLOptometry1275027245
Lindsay Durtschi 32504, FLOptometry1407222185
Dillon Smith 32780, FLOptometry1245722917
Evan Michael Criscio 32141, FLOptometry1093294662
Amanda Lauren Smith 33609, FLOptometry1447742804
Zuber Koya 60714, FLOptometry1326421082
Lang Thi Woodmansee 33496, FLOptometry1942721782
Anna Frances Kauderman 31088, FLOptometry1851726384
Tamara Domnitz 15090, FLOptometry1205211224
Claire M Lee 33199, FLOptometry1780939637
Jennifer Ann Pathiyil 33181, FLOptometry1124545827
Elyse Banister 31220, FLOptometry1912389891
Patrick Glencer 33161, FLOptometry1417421611
Rebecca Joy Sims 33606, FLOptometry1396708376
Jasmine Sodhi Chadha 03060, FLOptometry1598115784
Shirin Mawji-ali 33332, FLOptometry1407322845
Andrew Kryder 75071, FLOptometry1881124329
Araoz & Associates A Family Eye Care Practice Llc 32966, FLOptometry1174017347
Christina Farinacci Murray 33406, FLOptometry1326497785
Peter Harb 33618, FLOptometry1861913634
Raven Shenette Mayes James 90245, FLOptometry1558829721
Janet Hidalgo, Od, Pllc 33634, FLOptometry1871056804
Michelle Levin 33013, FLOptometry1225318975
Taylor Whitley Randich 33647, FLOptometry1710478532
Stephanie Quesada Moore Od Pa 32405, FLOptometry1083277347
Brandon Eye Associates Pa 33511, FLOptometry1215969357
Andrew John Vaneenenaam 33948, FLOptometry1386909729
Jessy Ung 20906, FLOptometry1639697584
Wesley Dewayne Lewis 36603, FLOptometry1386873180
Stephanie D'orazio-brafman 33326, FLOptometry1811372279
Daniel J Guild 33626, FLOptometry1184180770
Dennis Emery Wilcoxon 33759, FLOptometry1932105178
Jesse Brandon Kershner 34474, FLOptometry1659687069
Sight And Sun Eyeworks Llc 32503, FLOptometry1932359106
Alely Hostia 32114, FLOptometry1487213211
Amanda Rose Kovacs 32256, FLOptometry1588199806
Bilal Taher Ghanem 44136, FLOptometry1265969109
Monica Lauren Hazien 33317, FLOptometry1780245431
Kasey Lee Zann 33125, FLOptometry1396908588
Erika Marie Pardinas 33176, FLOptometry1639730146
Rafael F Sanchez 33145, FLOptometry1093856155
Sanchez & Tamayo, P.a. 33145, FLOptometry1912048075
Matthew Aaron Causey 34654, FLOptometry1710479738
Richard Scott Grimshaw 32218, FLOptometry1912963877
Alexander Moore Brocato 34243, FLOptometry1457919656
Valerie L. Gallo 29212, FLOptometry1639607930
Jordan Paul Petrosky 33744, FLOptometry1942793484
David Schaeffer 35223, FLOptometry1619403508
April Jackson Yancey 32669, FLOptometry1427460955
Eye Centers Of Florida 33901, FLOptometry1831286202
Kevin L. Smith 33629, FLOptometry1518945179
Laura Jankiprasad 32205, FLOptometry1073048385
Ocala Eye Pa 34474, FLOptometry1588656433
Angela L Anderson Lindsay 33825, FLOptometry1265426977
Mileidy Largo Piedra 33155, FLOptometry1053794628
Erica Lee Benson 34711, FLOptometry1275066797
Ivania Escoto 33012, FLOptometry1376101451
Nicole Marie Yontz 33907, FLOptometry1649442021
Christine Ann Manzella 33704, FLOptometry1255588877
Ilya Ginzburg 33330, FLOptometry1558711192
Richard Wayne Reed 32502, FLOptometry1285712737
Oscar H Corredor 32502, FLOptometry1275634800
Oksana Sova 32246, FLOptometry1821422197
Catalina Ruiz 33414, FLOptometry1780870311
Stephanie Cortes 33410, FLOptometry1205201936
Van Mai Vu 34785, FLOptometry1912492919
Daniel G Gaffney 33563, FLOptometry1265866149
Diana Catalina Hernandez 32904, FLOptometry1003075730
N Scott Gorman 33162, FLOptometry1578637310
Dustin J Dixon 33813, FLOptometry1245578491
Nhu Truong Beteta 33015, FLOptometry1740475870
Ashley Nicole Ritchie 45601, FLOptometry1801236252
Case Vision Associates Pa 32174, FLOptometry1174160972
Amber Aria 52241, FLOptometry1568610087
Justin Burtner 33809, FLOptometry1891159356
Magdalena Saint-louis 33027, FLOptometry1174830384
Sara Rasekhi 33461, FLOptometry1558853416
Maria Briceno 33016, FLOptometry1629260849
Florida Vision Institute Inc 34994, FLOptometry1083614366
Janet Cabanas 33012, FLOptometry1083268833
Kelsey Alcocer 33542, FLOptometry1104275932
Nicholas Anderson 33756, FLOptometry1689909442
Julie A Tyler 92807, FLOptometry1396821955
Optical Center Express, Llc 33136, FLOptometry1285293084
Fernando L Silva 33135, FLOptometry1881797355
Fernando L. Silva, O.d., P.a., 33135, FLOptometry1346571585
Leslie A Draper 33304, FLOptometry1083713622
Nicholas John Toffoli 34229, FLOptometry1376795187
Biscayne Optometry, Inc 34229, FLOptometry1467081620
Kathryn Anne Larkin 33027, FLOptometry1679822886
Rebecca Delmoral Rudolfer 32303, FLOptometry1669432241
Caleb Saint Jean 34613, FLOptometry1942650924
Anieka Deanna Ramgolam-singh 33321, FLOptometry1396179594
Kathleen Cwikla 32034, FLOptometry1669095675
Daniel G Hadland 34238, FLOptometry1326531542
John Braxton Lewis 34292, FLOptometry1982709341


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Q: What is a NPI number?
A: As per CMS, a National Provider Identifier (NPI) is a unique identification number for covered health care providers, which was created to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of electronic transmission of health information.

Q: How does NPI number registration work? How do I get, apply, or register for a NPI number? Is there an easy way of obtaining an NPI number?
A: As per CMS, the most convenient method of registering for a NPI number is to visit NPPES and follow the on-screen instructions. If you have any questions during the registration process, you may contact NPI customer service at 1-800-465-3203.

Q: Is there any easy-to-read NPI number list or a list of NPI numbers?
A: There are several lists that you may find online, but an example of an official one is from CMS, which allows you to view certain data using table-like interfaces. An NPI number search can also be performed via the NPPES NPI registry.

Q: What is my profession's NPI number? How about my group NPI number? And my medical NPI number?
A: The NPPES NPI registry is the official website for finding / locating and verifying your NPI number and related details. Our website does indeed utilize NPPES data as one of its sources and we encourage you to explore all possible sources for NPI verification.

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