Providers with Taxonomy: Optometry in the state of Iowa

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Optometry
in the state of Iowa:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Clarence Joseph Vanderlei 51247, IAOptometry1811347685
Mark Allen Benson 52742, IAOptometry1871596452
Scott Driesen 51250, IAOptometry1922002989
Donald E Mckim 50801, IAOptometry1679577548
Kenneth D Stults 50801, IAOptometry1982608865
Wing C. Hsieh 51104, IAOptometry1891799672
Driesen Eye Center, P.c. 51250, IAOptometry1932103611
Toni R Eller 52761, IAOptometry1306840715
Chris M Scholz 52761, IAOptometry1649274051
Mark E Mather 52761, IAOptometry1750385159
Brian J Davis 52761, IAOptometry1275537672
Criag K Carson 52101, IAOptometry1548265861
Kenneth Richard Hansen 50023, IAOptometry1295730992
Lynda Marie Burr 52402, IAOptometry1144225194
Dr Zieger 50140, IAOptometry1700882966
Mark M Zimmer 50644, IAOptometry1689670598
Robert Micheal Heston 50401, IAOptometry1558368258
Jeffrey Allen Leeper 52136, IAOptometry1932107513
Laura Jean Kain 52404, IAOptometry1285631390
David E Scott 50315, IAOptometry1609874536
John D Kiernan 51105, IAOptometry1326046152
Clark J Jensen 50112, IAOptometry1336148576
Scott A Jensen 50112, IAOptometry1780683920
Jay Chris Christensen 51537, IAOptometry1992705404
Craig L Semler 50441, IAOptometry1699775981
Daniel Louis Brodkey 51106, IAOptometry1811997802
Larry J Taylor 52601, IAOptometry1518968577
Monique P Root 50266, IAOptometry1184623860
Michael J Portz 51566, IAOptometry1568463065
Christine W Sindt 52242, IAOptometry1346241916
Mark E Wilkinson 52242, IAOptometry1568463826
Janet Louise Wade 51566, IAOptometry1801897178
Brian R Kirschling 52242, IAOptometry1013918259
Penelope A Haeker Od Plc 51106, IAOptometry1124020177
Penelope Ann Haeker 51106, IAOptometry1326040361
Dan R Dye 50627, IAOptometry1164424891
Jeffrey P Collett 52501, IAOptometry1912909516
Robert Payson Moreland 52501, IAOptometry1740282243
Dennis Roy Vannatta 51106, IAOptometry1144212358
Scott R. Beecher 51106, IAOptometry1841282050
Keith A Schrunk 51442, IAOptometry1477545697
Gerrie L Lubben 50401, IAOptometry1043202922
Tina Kastler 51503, IAOptometry1376535187
Joseph W Johll 50273, IAOptometry1396737102
Christine L. Semler-blue 50248, IAOptometry1568454379
James C Tesdahl 50595, IAOptometry1912999723
John P Ferrell 50595, IAOptometry1831181668
Daniel T Lantz 51632, IAOptometry1699767442
Michael K. Chapman 51301, IAOptometry1447242086
Michael J Kruger 50010, IAOptometry1851383111
Richard Skotowski 52314, IAOptometry1659364909
Steven Sindt 52314, IAOptometry1346233699
John E Kruger 50010, IAOptometry1548253586
David E. Gildner 50421, IAOptometry1407849359
Curtis David Opp 50616, IAOptometry1568455319
Paul Howard Burnham 50616, IAOptometry1710970579
Cory L Bower 52403, IAOptometry1407848203
Chad A Gidel 50010, IAOptometry1316939127
Denise C Gimbel 50158, IAOptometry1740272574
Mark G Holmes 50266, IAOptometry1306838115
Thomas R Munger 50583, IAOptometry1578555389
Marshall K Walker 52342, IAOptometry1285626093
Mark H Jeppesen 50677, IAOptometry1033101845
Optometric Center Of Charles City Pc 50616, IAOptometry1972596732
Charles A Clark 50060, IAOptometry1922090752
James J Roberts 51334, IAOptometry1700870037
Kirk C Whittlesey 50548, IAOptometry1407840754
Dexter E. Wilson 50701, IAOptometry1902890858
Terry Donn Moehnke 50501, IAOptometry1679567481
Cara Vander Wilt 50138, IAOptometry1124012869
Edmund A Seaward 50317, IAOptometry1235124041
Steven D. Sloan 52031, IAOptometry1881689461
Martha S. Smith 52031, IAOptometry1427044031
Jerome Richard Greenberg 50316, IAOptometry1841286176
Ronald Leslie Borcherding 52806, IAOptometry1124014527
Wendell F Stoelting 51012, IAOptometry1497741201
Karen Paulus Anderson 50428, IAOptometry1699761478
Wendianne M Wilson 50322, IAOptometry1679569495
Bruce Richard Landis 52043, IAOptometry1154318772
Douglas C Spyrison 52001, IAOptometry1871580498
James Delbert Barker 50036, IAOptometry1063409597
Sheila M Fetters 52404, IAOptometry1043207434
Dr. J. Brent Altfillisch, O.d. P.c. 52501, IAOptometry1467449686
Myra N Mendoza 50010, IAOptometry1235126376
Sarah Nabors 51442, IAOptometry1881074623
Jamie W Ostrander 51401, IAOptometry1124015912
Larry Don Peck 52627, IAOptometry1730174129
Bradley Weyers 52601, IAOptometry1396739082
Jane Wang 50322, IAOptometry1518955905
Neil N Silbermann 50322, IAOptometry1457349912
Robert Todd Brown 50525, IAOptometry1780672899
Thomas James Anderson 52328, IAOptometry1669460770
Brandon Glen Stalzer 52402, IAOptometry1215925227
Christopher David Radig 50574, IAOptometry1154319010
Mark L. Bottelson, O.d. And Associates, P.c. 50324, IAOptometry1740279470
Carrie Jean Koenig 50010, IAOptometry1881684652
Larry David Swanger 50265, IAOptometry1518957299
Daniel James Koenig 50010, IAOptometry1235129917
Gregory L Samuelson 51632, IAOptometry1487645156
James O Cloepfil 51601, IAOptometry1093706731
Todd Allen Heying 52402, IAOptometry1275524795
Christine Winter Corella 52402, IAOptometry1053302588
Kara Elizabeth Heying 52402, IAOptometry1184615379
Richard Lee Hill 52402, IAOptometry1417938317
Deann M Fitzgerald 52404, IAOptometry1619958428
Amanda A Wood 50126, IAOptometry1205817087
Carroll Eye Clinic Pc 51401, IAOptometry1518948231
Ethan Everett Huisman 50266, IAOptometry1891776365
Lori Lea Digmann 52302, IAOptometry1952382442
Douglas Dean Hand 52240, IAOptometry1689655169
Troy W Albrecht 52302, IAOptometry1053392522
Boone Vision Center Llc 50036, IAOptometry1750362174
Thomas D Lowe 52353, IAOptometry1457333759
Mcdonald Optical Dispensary Inc 52240, IAOptometry1689655961
Grinnell Eye Care Pc 50112, IAOptometry1770565749
Family Eye Care Of Ida Grove Pc 51445, IAOptometry1043292949
T L Brown Od Pc 50129, IAOptometry1164404109
Gary W. Fisher 52310, IAOptometry1437131364
Amy L Hartmann 50701, IAOptometry1508848151
Kristian Lee Dugger 50201, IAOptometry1295723633
Ramona D Mitchell 50112, IAOptometry1174505143
Terry L Brown 50129, IAOptometry1992786354
Alex Jon Uhlenhopp 50401, IAOptometry1578055521
Mindy Jane Dickinson 51503, IAOptometry1629050604
Lily Mark -maasdam 50138, IAOptometry1477536423
Eye Health Solutions Pc 50138, IAOptometry1487637443
Jason Maasdam 50138, IAOptometry1922081678
David Cash Hoadley 50213, IAOptometry1639153059
Kirk L Meints 50125, IAOptometry1821072265
Jane A Snodgrass 50325, IAOptometry1184608499
Leland G Denhartog 52544, IAOptometry1316921653
Donovan L Crouch 50588, IAOptometry1255315644
Jeffrey Craig Anderson 50036, IAOptometry1760466098
Fred Dehaan 50588, IAOptometry1265416671
Cedar Valley Ophthalmology Pc 50701, IAOptometry1285618496
Craig D Crouch 50588, IAOptometry1336123355
Paul W Beaver Od Pc 51250, IAOptometry1528043494
Robert Scott Mcpheron 52645, IAOptometry1972589505
Chad R Kluver 52722, IAOptometry1982680237
Ryan J Wilson 61254, IAOptometry1407832454
Michael Joseph Hittenmiller 52722, IAOptometry1124004171
Matthew W Ruhl 52601, IAOptometry1386621985
Susan Elizabeth Davis 52301, IAOptometry1740267970
David Warren Jensen 52246, IAOptometry1164400875
Kevin T Jennings 52601, IAOptometry1801874714
David L Mcmanis 52807, IAOptometry1710965629
Tod S Gerhardt 52601, IAOptometry1093793903
Richard Y Jacobson 50501, IAOptometry1053399691
Charles R Varcoe 50003, IAOptometry1811975592
Patrick A Lenane 50501, IAOptometry1598743155
Wayne Vanderleest 50219, IAOptometry1750369971
James D Else 52577, IAOptometry1083692214
Sandra Kay Hundt 50219, IAOptometry1982682118
Ralph Jacob Dehaan 50219, IAOptometry1790763811
Richard Loren Nelson 50125, IAOptometry1437137429
Elizabeth M Zingula 52057, IAOptometry1215915251
Kristin Kay Maus 52627, IAOptometry1295714145
Wolfe Clinic Eye Centers Lc 50158, IAOptometry1720067424
Cynthia E. Shoup 52577, IAOptometry1932188604
Wolfe Clinic Inc 50158, IAOptometry1477532174
Orlin James Fick 51601, IAOptometry1659350148
Casey Matthew Roelfs 50036, IAOptometry1881673267
Dean Albin Ver Mulm 50536, IAOptometry1427037787
John E Kruger, O.d., P.c. 50010, IAOptometry1336128651
Lorayne Caroline Middendorp 51104, IAOptometry1053390328
Midwest Eye Care, Pc 51503, IAOptometry1013996156
Raymond Walter Corry 52803, IAOptometry1295714343
Steven A. Shoup 52577, IAOptometry1619956786
Anthony Douglas Bailey 50613, IAOptometry1477532562
Melissa June Hogren 52803, IAOptometry1538148622
Sam Chadwell Kang 52404, IAOptometry1922088038
Dennis Wayne Francis 52302, IAOptometry1558341537
David B Auer 52002, IAOptometry1497735260
Jacque Diane Young 51534, IAOptometry1174503734
Robert Gerard Skelley 52060, IAOptometry1700866282
Ruth Schewe Mcandrews 52803, IAOptometry1346220886
Robb Schmidt, Od, Pc 50201, IAOptometry1487634994
Colin Joseph Howe 52803, IAOptometry1760462287
Kelly Joy Soults 50266, IAOptometry1932189354
Kevin R Snodgrass 50325, IAOptometry1750361176
David Christensen 52302, IAOptometry1891775276
Kimberly Kay Cruise 52302, IAOptometry1437129558
Eye Care Pavilion Plc 52807, IAOptometry1083684211
Richard Paul Hintz 52803, IAOptometry1013997238
Virdi Eye Clinic Of Iowa, P.c. 52761, IAOptometry1538139357
Blake Brandon Franzeen 50111, IAOptometry1043280977
Ophthalmic Holdings Inc 51041, IAOptometry1548230410
Justin M Schulte 50266, IAOptometry1083693337
Domino Eye Care, Pllc 50023, IAOptometry1033637079
Family Eye Care Of Osceola Pc 50213, IAOptometry1982674578
Family Eye Care Pc 51442, IAOptometry1134199722
Manchester Family Vision Center Pc 52057, IAOptometry1811967557
Connie Jo Feldman 50158, IAOptometry1245200583
Central Iowa Eye Associates, P.c. 50312, IAOptometry1871563213
Abie R Chadderdon 50158, IAOptometry1922078278
Bradley Joseph Knox 50701, IAOptometry1780654046
Terry Duane Huseman 50310, IAOptometry1699745125
Linda S Thomsen 50801, IAOptometry1699746719
Jarod R Wood 50126, IAOptometry1366413635
Mark A Hanson 50220, IAOptometry1730150020


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Q: What is a NPI number?
A: As per CMS, a National Provider Identifier (NPI) is a unique identification number for covered health care providers, which was created to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of electronic transmission of health information.

Q: How does NPI number registration work? How do I get, apply, or register for a NPI number? Is there an easy way of obtaining an NPI number?
A: As per CMS, the most convenient method of registering for a NPI number is to visit NPPES and follow the on-screen instructions. If you have any questions during the registration process, you may contact NPI customer service at 1-800-465-3203.

Q: Is there any easy-to-read NPI number list or a list of NPI numbers?
A: There are several lists that you may find online, but an example of an official one is from CMS, which allows you to view certain data using table-like interfaces. An NPI number search can also be performed via the NPPES NPI registry.

Q: What is my profession's NPI number? How about my group NPI number? And my medical NPI number?
A: The NPPES NPI registry is the official website for finding / locating and verifying your NPI number and related details. Our website does indeed utilize NPPES data as one of its sources and we encourage you to explore all possible sources for NPI verification.

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