Providers with Taxonomy: Optometry in the state of Iowa

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Optometry
in the state of Iowa:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Larry Don Peck 52627, IAOptometry1730174129
Alex Jon Uhlenhopp 50401, IAOptometry1578055521
Sarah Vanway 52556, IAOptometry1134152796
Dr. Curtis Broek, Od, Pc 50322, IAOptometry1831224419
Lisa G Domino 50023, IAOptometry1124283767
Lindsay Kleve 50263, IAOptometry1518305622
Kevin Robert Jones 50219, IAOptometry1548421423
Daniel Wallace Alletto 52544, IAOptometry1043668700
Stacy Trang Phuong 68114, IAOptometry1588176168
Allison Zimmer 98801, IAOptometry1275815359
Dalton Miller 50441, IAOptometry1891288569
Joseph Conner Peters 52722, IAOptometry1902399298
Logan Jose Granera 52601, IAOptometry1306354147
Abigail Anne Granera 52601, IAOptometry1215445051
Shawna Harvey 50701, IAOptometry1548757586
Child And Family Eyecare, P.c. 50219, IAOptometry1447412861
Central Iowa Family Eyecare Pllc 50129, IAOptometry1023599685
Eye Care Associates Llc 50220, IAOptometry1841771318
Zachery Baumfalk 68467, IAOptometry1871002170
Sara Jo Downes 52242, IAOptometry1578850038
Brooke A Wiener 55037, IAOptometry1356367866
Rees Beaver 51250, IAOptometry1932768793
Lisa Asman 50701, IAOptometry1700334752
Jonathan Hoaglund 51442, IAOptometry1124689740
Marcus Richard Noyes 52242, IAOptometry1093206096
Bradley Boyle 50644, IAOptometry1255781068
Michael Woltman Ohlson 56258, IAOptometry1245294784
Marissa Aldrich 60659, IAOptometry1629304191
Julia Lee Hibbing 52240, IAOptometry1316430481
Precision Eye Care Llc 50644, IAOptometry1063074680
Amanda Joy Korth 52175, IAOptometry1013349869
Haley Mathews 52403, IAOptometry1992328900
Sara S Kloft 52722, IAOptometry1457979197
Joseph Foster Jahner 50112, IAOptometry1285245274
Megan Woolery 57106, IAOptometry1639609282
In Focus Eyecare Llc 57106, IAOptometry1720509227
Kelly Beth German 80525, IAOptometry1063862126
Washington Eye Care Center 52353, IAOptometry1447553474
Macy Dieleman 50036, IAOptometry1891148151
Klauer Optometry Pc 52001, IAOptometry1992291132
Hanna Lydia Kim 98431, IAOptometry1417235318
Nickolas J Huisman 52240, IAOptometry1275972697
Benjamin Randall Groth 68122, IAOptometry1073008314
Christopher Carter 52761, IAOptometry1669047304
Ashley Anne Hui 52242, IAOptometry1356728778
Jordan L Ukena 50131, IAOptometry1013584549
Kassandra Rose Mehrl 50265, IAOptometry1568039568
Aric Joseph Waltz 63304, IAOptometry1609491422
Aspectu, Llc 50049, IAOptometry1992471718
Jacob Oliver Weber 68510, IAOptometry1447870258
Driesen Eye Center, P.c. 51250, IAOptometry1932103611
Dr Zieger 50140, IAOptometry1700882966
Penelope A Haeker Od Plc 51106, IAOptometry1124020177
Optometric Center Of Charles City Pc 50616, IAOptometry1972596732
Dr. J. Brent Altfillisch, O.d. P.c. 52501, IAOptometry1467449686
Mark L. Bottelson, O.d. And Associates, P.c. 50324, IAOptometry1740279470
Carroll Eye Clinic Pc 51401, IAOptometry1518948231
Boone Vision Center Llc 50036, IAOptometry1750362174
Mcdonald Optical Dispensary Inc 52240, IAOptometry1689655961
Grinnell Eye Care Pc 50112, IAOptometry1770565749
Family Eye Care Of Ida Grove Pc 51445, IAOptometry1043292949
T L Brown Od Pc 50129, IAOptometry1164404109
Eye Health Solutions Pc 50138, IAOptometry1487637443
Cedar Valley Ophthalmology Pc 50701, IAOptometry1285618496
Paul W Beaver Od Pc 51250, IAOptometry1528043494
Wolfe Clinic Eye Centers Lc 50158, IAOptometry1720067424
Wolfe Clinic Inc 50158, IAOptometry1477532174
John E Kruger, O.d., P.c. 50010, IAOptometry1336128651
Eye Care Pavilion Plc 52807, IAOptometry1083684211
Virdi Eye Clinic Of Iowa, P.c. 52761, IAOptometry1538139357
Ophthalmic Holdings Inc 51041, IAOptometry1548230410
Domino Eye Care, Pllc 50023, IAOptometry1033637079
Family Eye Care Of Osceola Pc 50213, IAOptometry1982674578
Family Eye Care Pc 51442, IAOptometry1134199722
Manchester Family Vision Center Pc 52057, IAOptometry1811967557
Central Iowa Eye Associates, P.c. 50312, IAOptometry1871563213
Spronk Vander Griend & Radke 51201, IAOptometry1346211257
Spronk Vander Griend & Radke 51046, IAOptometry1427029388
Dr. Robert H. Sharp, P.c. 51566, IAOptometry1194796763
Midwest Optometric Associates Pc 52040, IAOptometry1710958301
Davenport Eye Group Pc 52803, IAOptometry1508838954
Waddingham urbaitis And Associates Pc 52722, IAOptometry1013980051
Eye Associates Of Iowa City Pc 52240, IAOptometry1265405807
Insight Vision Inc. 52302, IAOptometry1316912579
Sinek Vision Clinic Pc 50579, IAOptometry1467429902
Sinek Vision Clinic Pc 50563, IAOptometry1659348100
I Care Of Muscatine, Inc 52653, IAOptometry1184692188
I Care Of Muscatine, Inc 52761, IAOptometry1891763884
I Care Of Muscatine, Inc 52772, IAOptometry1740258730
Dr. Robert H. Sharp, P.c. 50841, IAOptometry1336117118
Newton Eye Clinic, P.c. 50208, IAOptometry1427027176
Mcadams Eyewear, Inc. 50265, IAOptometry1497714042
Dr. Robert H. Sharp, Pc 50022, IAOptometry1275504037
Dr. Robert H Sharp, Pc 50801, IAOptometry1043280399
Sinek Vision Clinic Pc 50574, IAOptometry1225098874
Iowa Eyecare Associates Pc 50701, IAOptometry1619937133
Vision Care Associates Pc 50588, IAOptometry1528020773
David L Gohman Od Inc 51041, IAOptometry1629030457
Vision Park Family Eye Care, Llp 50322, IAOptometry1336102052
Mark T Mentzer Od Pc 52233, IAOptometry1932163946
Eyecare Partners, P.c. 50219, IAOptometry1225093735
Eyecare Partners, P.c. 52577, IAOptometry1942265467
Donald W. Furman, P.c. 50423, IAOptometry1942268990
Eye Care Of Iowa Pc 50327, IAOptometry1578512778
Eye Care Of Iowa Pc 50315, IAOptometry1487603684
Courtney Eye Care, P.c. 52747, IAOptometry1811947849
Larry J Taylor Pc 52601, IAOptometry1699725275
Optometric Associates Of Warren County Pc 50125, IAOptometry1144271958
Optometric Associates Of Warren County Pc 50047, IAOptometry1053362863
Optometric Associates Of Warren County Pc 50211, IAOptometry1962453779
Drs Heying And Heying Pc 52402, IAOptometry1881647428
John C. Kortenber Optometry Pc 50511, IAOptometry1134172430
Vision Care Clinic Pc 51442, IAOptometry1083668206
Central Vision Center Of Oskaloosa P.c. 52577, IAOptometry1730133885
Vision Care Clinic Pc 51555, IAOptometry1548215395
Russell R Gist Od Pc 50023, IAOptometry1700831492
Paul E Schroeder & Scott B Ihrke 51031, IAOptometry1932144623
Marshalltown Vision P.c. 50158, IAOptometry1205862539
Klepper And Trainer Partnership 50511, IAOptometry1730119710
Eye Care Of Iowa P.c. 50265, IAOptometry1073544201
Eye Care Of Iowa P.c. 50317, IAOptometry1972535722
Eyecare Centre 51360, IAOptometry1750315040
Wood Vision Clinic Inc 50126, IAOptometry1215962329
Midwest Vision Clinic Plc 52732, IAOptometry1245254648
Anderson & Brown Eye Care, Plc 52233, IAOptometry1639189368
Michael J Portz Od Pc 51566, IAOptometry1225041890
Absolute Vision Care Pc 50801, IAOptometry1811900871
Craig L Semler, O.d., P.c. 50441, IAOptometry1922113216
Rvfe Llc 51247, IAOptometry1487191979
Dr Jays Family Eye Care Llc 51537, IAOptometry1255449575
Dr Ryan J Brown Pc 50501, IAOptometry1871602771
Drs. Snively And Gildner P.c. 50525, IAOptometry1902917149
Vision Health Center, P.c. 52031, IAOptometry1043322688
Vision Health Center, P.c. 52003, IAOptometry1215031596
Lovik Family Eyecare, P.c. 50401, IAOptometry1780789537
2c Or Not 2c Pc 50613, IAOptometry1205931920
R.d. Espe Od, Pc 50644, IAOptometry1043315633
Thomas D Lowe, Od Pc 52353, IAOptometry1467543561
Dr Mark M Zimmer Pc 50662, IAOptometry1710078019
American Eyecare Pc 52601, IAOptometry1881789667
Southern Hills Eye Care Pc 51106, IAOptometry1811084353
Creston Vision Clinic Pc 50801, IAOptometry1982792339
American Eyecare Pc 52627, IAOptometry1538258363
American Eyecare Pc 52632, IAOptometry1447349279
Tarra Vander Leest Od Pc 51360, IAOptometry1194806117
Newton Optometric Center P C 50208, IAOptometry1194809681
Kingsley Vision Center Pc 51028, IAOptometry1639252331
Cvk Corporation 50312, IAOptometry1134203466
Anthony D Bailey Od Pc 50613, IAOptometry1518041813
Fetters Family Eyecare Pc 52404, IAOptometry1730265117
Eyecare Centre 51301, IAOptometry1780762229
Westrum Optometry Plc 50309, IAOptometry1548347255
Danny Lee Rupp 52641, IAOptometry1912077660
Pamela J Young, Od Plc 50211, IAOptometry1649365743
Robert R Negrete Od Pc 50158, IAOptometry1861590325
Karma Peterson Sloop Od Pc 52241, IAOptometry1578656609
L.d Peck,pc 52632, IAOptometry1215008164
Mt Vernon Eye Clinic Plc 52314, IAOptometry1578635686
Optometric Associates Of Cedar Rapids,p.c. 52403, IAOptometry1396817367
Dr. Mark M. Zimmer P.c 50644, IAOptometry1376619247
Dr Mark M Zimmer Pc 50644, IAOptometry1285700153
Gary W. Fisher O.d., P.c. 52310, IAOptometry1184791642
Johnson Eyecare, P.c. 52722, IAOptometry1780742908
Eye Health Physicians, P.c. 50322, IAOptometry1811055825
Gary W. Fisher O.d.,p.c. 52302, IAOptometry1578621462
Gary W. Fisher O.d.,p.c. 52205, IAOptometry1487712378
Dr P O Swanson Od Pc 52501, IAOptometry1720146277
Terry D. Huseman Od Pc 50310, IAOptometry1639237951
Terry D. Huseman Od Pc 50266, IAOptometry1548328867
Iowa Eye Care Pc 52302, IAOptometry1275692220
Advanced Eyecare Associates Of Eastern Iowa Pc 52057, IAOptometry1972662930
Optix Eye Design Inc 52402, IAOptometry1881757326
Eye Care Associates Pc 50220, IAOptometry1356405658
Jensen Optometrists, P.l.l.c. 50112, IAOptometry1659436723
Gregg S Sunner, O.d., P.c. 50023, IAOptometry1982760575
Family Eyecare Of Winterset Pc 50273, IAOptometry1104974476
Freedom Laser, L.l.c. 52601, IAOptometry1932256583
West Union Eye Clinic, Pc 52175, IAOptometry1801948500
Elkader Eye Clinic, Pc 52043, IAOptometry1093867574
Dr. Karen Anderson Pc 50428, IAOptometry1801949680
Chizek Family Eyecare Inc 52722, IAOptometry1316083561
Tokarczyk Enterprises 55792, IAOptometry1770629503
Osceola Vision Center P.c. 50213, IAOptometry1891832788
Meehan And Schwartz O D P L C 52101, IAOptometry1609916535
Larson Eyecare Inc 50010, IAOptometry1003957127
Hotsenpiller Inc 52241, IAOptometry1932234754
Allen S Jones Od Pc 51249, IAOptometry1447386180
Allen S Jones Od Pc 51201, IAOptometry1568599827
Richard L. Nelson, O.d. P.l.c. 50125, IAOptometry1235260340
Iowa Eyecare Associates Pc 50613, IAOptometry1407988009
Total Eye Health Center Inc 52205, IAOptometry1629194816
Tkc Optical Inc 51101, IAOptometry1548386915
Elwood M Young Od Pc 51534, IAOptometry1376660340
Dubuque Optometric, P.c. 52003, IAOptometry1376661777
Dr Curtis Broek Od Pc 50322, IAOptometry1306971973
Medical Arts Eyecare, Plc 50501, IAOptometry1912065095
Ashworth Vision Clinic Pc 50266, IAOptometry1215064357
Beth Bruening Pc 57049, IAOptometry1053446443
Donald W. Furman, P.c. 50438, IAOptometry1700907839
Vision Center Of Dewitt P C 52742, IAOptometry1588787691


Explanations of Terms and Helpful Links

Q: What is a NPI number?
A: As per CMS, a National Provider Identifier (NPI) is a unique identification number for covered health care providers, which was created to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of electronic transmission of health information.

Q: How does NPI number registration work? How do I get, apply, or register for a NPI number? Is there an easy way of obtaining an NPI number?
A: As per CMS, the most convenient method of registering for a NPI number is to visit NPPES and follow the on-screen instructions. If you have any questions during the registration process, you may contact NPI customer service at 1-800-465-3203.

Q: Is there any easy-to-read NPI number list or a list of NPI numbers?
A: There are several lists that you may find online, but an example of an official one is from CMS, which allows you to view certain data using table-like interfaces. An NPI number search can also be performed via the NPPES NPI registry.

Q: What is my profession's NPI number? How about my group NPI number? And my medical NPI number?
A: The NPPES NPI registry is the official website for finding / locating and verifying your NPI number and related details. Our website does indeed utilize NPPES data as one of its sources and we encourage you to explore all possible sources for NPI verification.

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