Providers with Taxonomy: Optometry in the state of Illinois

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Optometry
in the state of Illinois:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Dennis W Rabe 62568, ILOptometry1710980560
Debra Smothers-champley 62568, ILOptometry1144223983
Gary W Lasken 61614, ILOptometry1386647311
Raymond I Myers 63121, ILOptometry1356344840
Julie B. Hendricks 62234, ILOptometry1760486096
Ernest Dale Brock 62896, ILOptometry1538161708
Sharon Saum Burruss 62901, ILOptometry1942202064
Patricia Helen Simpson 60441, ILOptometry1649274366
Bill M Park 60542, ILOptometry1912902115
James William Sunday 61747, ILOptometry1821093980
Mary Kirsch Lampe 62249, ILOptometry1942205711
Kathleen M Rivera - Kunz 62801, ILOptometry1235134982
Nathan A Crouch 62526, ILOptometry1750386215
Robert James Blumthal 62704, ILOptometry1578568077
Sandra Rose Pelfrey-jones 62656, ILOptometry1770589244
Martin M Matus 60005, ILOptometry1609872076
Rodney G Fleming 61938, ILOptometry1841296985
Bryan R Bowen 62274, ILOptometry1588660633
David Sassouni Eghigian 62269, ILOptometry1467459057
Mark D. Esarey 61920, ILOptometry1548267099
Karen C Rubrich 62626, ILOptometry1871590331
Keith T Hedrick 62626, ILOptometry1013914571
Thomas Gober 47129, ILOptometry1619974722
Andrea Shelton 40291, ILOptometry1932106036
Daphne Cotner 40291, ILOptometry1457358558
Kirsten Klauss Reynolds 62220, ILOptometry1982601001
Kristen Lynn Cresswell 60060, ILOptometry1386641439
Jeffrey S Heden 61201, ILOptometry1770580797
Jamey C Ware 60124, ILOptometry1205833225
Todd E Funk 61571, ILOptometry1013914068
Kevin Crawford 42701, ILOptometry1194722819
Kenneth Hall 40291, ILOptometry1124025853
Rebecca Atkinson 42701, ILOptometry1437157112
Todd Arthur Robert 60515, ILOptometry1538167168
Leonard B. Hardesty 60515, ILOptometry1972501278
Jerold F Silverman 60076, ILOptometry1992703250
David Rocks 60156, ILOptometry1023016151
Wrigleyville Eye Ctr Ltd 60618, ILOptometry1730617606
Barry P Siegel 60613, ILOptometry1639177694
John Robert Eigenbrodt 62025, ILOptometry1982602918
Linda S Weil 60515, ILOptometry1063410033
Michael Patrick Bert 60035, ILOptometry1306844261
Robert J S Mack 60169, ILOptometry1932107778
Gary G. Hauser 60608, ILOptometry1023016870
Stephen M Felt 68134, ILOptometry1144229543
Tina Renee Thomas 61571, ILOptometry1285633693
Francis Xavier Cottone 60638, ILOptometry1568461853
Tazewell County Resource Centers Inc 61611, ILOptometry1265431506
J. A. Nolan, Od Ltd 60482, ILOptometry1992704365
Reid Allen Pettit 61764, ILOptometry1326047531
Neal H Malashock 68114, ILOptometry1770582892
Marion Eye Centers Ltd. 62959, ILOptometry1508865643
Bryan Matthew Stoller 61764, ILOptometry1316946338
Ned B Hubbard 61443, ILOptometry1801895784
Edward E Perry 62864, ILOptometry1477553956
Larry D. Malashock 68144, ILOptometry1962402214
Family Eye Care Of Pontiac, Llc 61764, ILOptometry1003816000
John Emmert 61350, ILOptometry1730189754
Jennifer K Bass 62864, ILOptometry1922009950
Dennis E Dettmann 60532, ILOptometry1609877455
Mark L Skowron 60126, ILOptometry1780685552
Cesar L. Lau 60630, ILOptometry1699776203
Tammy Lynn Wieties 62454, ILOptometry1467453993
Charles Hoang 60601, ILOptometry1073514485
Charles K Atwell 60510, ILOptometry1255332441
Jessica Dixon Heinke 60098, ILOptometry1720089865
Nucrown, Llc 62002, ILOptometry1295737294
J. Allen Potter 61571, ILOptometry1467454496
Beth Ann Swetland 60160, ILOptometry1043212608
Ava Rose Eyecare Ltd 61401, ILOptometry1609258581
Patricia A Steiner 60134, ILOptometry1609878040
Freeport Optometric Center P C 61032, ILOptometry1538151592
Craig Matthew Declark 60630, ILOptometry1033101993
Leo J Prentice 60517, ILOptometry1144212028
John P. Capellani 60131, ILOptometry1861484743
Andrew W. Backus 61704, ILOptometry1336131259
For Eyes Optical Of Pa 60148, ILOptometry1508330580
John Phillip Gysin 61614, ILOptometry1598757304
Jasper J Gulotta 60473, ILOptometry1669464251
Trevor Ray Crabtree 62959, ILOptometry1770575284
William E Fish 61603, ILOptometry1922090331
John P Gabriel 60632, ILOptometry1235121559
Claud R Snowden 62095, ILOptometry1235122466
Nisha Jani 60409, ILOptometry1538152558
Brenda Simons 60409, ILOptometry1447243464
Jennifer K Bulmann 60659, ILOptometry1811980964
Heyde Eye Center S.c 61603, ILOptometry1205829389
Jonathan Edward Micetich 60416, ILOptometry1740273754
Jimmy H Elam 63901, ILOptometry1194718379
Michael Scott Feldt 61104, ILOptometry1659364586
Peter H Kehoe 61401, ILOptometry1164415139
Brian J Plattner 61401, ILOptometry1225021298
Laurence S Chadwick 61401, ILOptometry1134112105
Thomas J Carr 60134, ILOptometry1881687671
Miki Kitahata 60134, ILOptometry1568455277
Rock Island Optometric Center Ltd 61201, ILOptometry1275526931
Joseph James Nordquist 61201, ILOptometry1790778454
Robin Barry Valenti 62703, ILOptometry1780677377
Timothy P Arbet 61201, ILOptometry1508859265
Christopher F Lear 61201, ILOptometry1225021983
Jill K Hays 61201, ILOptometry1932192697
Breeze Evelyn Bellen 60625, ILOptometry1124011788
Janice M Mcmahon 60616, ILOptometry1760475297
Neil R Hodur 60616, ILOptometry1770576217
Tracy L Matchinski 60616, ILOptometry1730172271
Christine L Allison 60616, ILOptometry1467445908
Luis C Lewis 60616, ILOptometry1437142973
Casey L Hogan 60453, ILOptometry1346233889
Helen M Gabriel 60616, ILOptometry1164415600
Yiu-tung David Lee 60616, ILOptometry1518950054
Janice M Jurkus 60616, ILOptometry1972596419
Gary G Gunderson 60616, ILOptometry1699768135
Valerie M Kattouf 60616, ILOptometry1144213687
Janis E Winters 60616, ILOptometry1275526758
Derrald G Taylor 60616, ILOptometry1497748982
Michael A Chaglasian 60616, ILOptometry1841283330
Elise M Corgiat 60616, ILOptometry1831182328
Elyse L Chaglasian 60169, ILOptometry1740273234
Mark K Colip 60616, ILOptometry1659364149
Lisa M Young 60026, ILOptometry1235122748
Daisy Qiwen Chan 60616, ILOptometry1881687366
Jeannie L Wang 60616, ILOptometry1548253032
Pamela Jm Boyce 60616, ILOptometry1457344947
John L Baker 60616, ILOptometry1447243936
Bruce A Teitelbaum 60616, ILOptometry1326031824
Sandra S Block 60616, ILOptometry1235122730
Stephen A Beckerman 60616, ILOptometry1376536888
Jeffrey R Henline 61603, ILOptometry1275526790
Stephanie S Messner 60616, ILOptometry1215920749
Kara E Crumbliss 60616, ILOptometry1831182377
Joseph W Mccray 60616, ILOptometry1275526717
Wendy J Haaland Stone 60616, ILOptometry1801889340
Leonard V Messner 60616, ILOptometry1629061163
Renee E Reeder 60616, ILOptometry1871586289
Janice Emigh Scharre 60616, ILOptometry1770576191
Phillip R Elston 60616, ILOptometry1205829629
Faheemah A Saeed 60616, ILOptometry1437142841
Brian W Caden 60616, ILOptometry1255324661
Mary F Roberts 60616, ILOptometry1790778108
Melanie A Riley 60616, ILOptometry1225021637
David D Castells 60616, ILOptometry1689667099
Kelly A Frantz 60616, ILOptometry1467445874
Geoffrey William Goodfellow 60616, ILOptometry1407840838
Dennis H Ireland 60616, ILOptometry1053304402
Daniel K Roberts 60616, ILOptometry1205820644
Gm Revelle Inc 60435, ILOptometry1972597342
Alex R Tan 60302, ILOptometry1215921655
Eileen M Gable 60153, ILOptometry1124012562
Darrell G Schlange 60616, ILOptometry1811981251
Andria M Pihos 60616, ILOptometry1013900422
Yi Pang 60616, ILOptometry1386637791
Kerry M John 60126, ILOptometry1891788212
Anne Spies Rozwat 60616, ILOptometry1346233764
Tricia L Newman 60616, ILOptometry1215921671
Prayag D Shah 61108, ILOptometry1720072184
Dominick M Maino 60616, ILOptometry1902899313
Melissa K Sigler 60544, ILOptometry1063405488
Erika Amundson Melchiorre 60616, ILOptometry1649263070
David J Catrone 60172, ILOptometry1861486193
Shmaila S Tahir 60616, ILOptometry1093709230
Tiffany L Polanek 60616, ILOptometry1952395014
Dennis Dettmann, O.d. S.c. 60532, ILOptometry1265426217
Sun Ae Ma 60053, ILOptometry1750375622
John R Lang 60160, ILOptometry1225022783
Curtis Weaver 60189, ILOptometry1386638997
Valarie L Conrad 60616, ILOptometry1033103536
Michelle Chan 60616, ILOptometry1942294442
Karen D. Reed 62208, ILOptometry1669467130
Joseph T Marcin 62565, ILOptometry1669467189
Paul Christopher Jacobs 62901, ILOptometry1255326500
Keith R. Hamm 62269, ILOptometry1225023401
Michael Gerald Hoerres 61282, ILOptometry1316932171
Christopher James Wetzler 61614, ILOptometry1346235124
Gary D Distin 61462, ILOptometry1477548287
Shawna L Heddinghaus 62009, ILOptometry1811982515
Daniel R Doyle 61462, ILOptometry1033104757
Robin Lynn Wilson 61614, ILOptometry1912993544
Grace E Castells 60616, ILOptometry1285620856
David R. Culver 61455, ILOptometry1720074396
Paula I Jacobsen 61282, ILOptometry1790771384
Jon E Mccutchan 61356, ILOptometry1104812650
Jenniffer Shiple 60462, ILOptometry1942296413
Michael James Bowker 60301, ILOptometry1164418273
Mary Agnes Bigelow 62618, ILOptometry1457347346
Steven K. Kajita 60614, ILOptometry1558358283
Palos Vision Care, Inc 60463, ILOptometry1417456195
Steve P. Butzon 60101, ILOptometry1306832126
Donald L Buehler 61615, ILOptometry1083601637
Thomas C Kirchgessner 61615, ILOptometry1518954163
Kenneth A Schaidle 61614, ILOptometry1639166226
Karen S Cycotte 62535, ILOptometry1528055118
Charles E Atkins 62650, ILOptometry1154318749
Robert E Schmidt 61611, ILOptometry1275520850
Ronald L Richmond 61761, ILOptometry1184611766
Norbert J Kulpinski 61008, ILOptometry1245227602
Douglas W Devore 61704, ILOptometry1104813542
Mark D Hahn 61571, ILOptometry1528055969
Ivetta S Daccache 61554, ILOptometry1790772143
Timothy Dane Shelley 61554, ILOptometry1699762047
William Fix 62948, ILOptometry1285621656


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Q: What is a NPI number?
A: As per CMS, a National Provider Identifier (NPI) is a unique identification number for covered health care providers, which was created to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of electronic transmission of health information.

Q: How does NPI number registration work? How do I get, apply, or register for a NPI number? Is there an easy way of obtaining an NPI number?
A: As per CMS, the most convenient method of registering for a NPI number is to visit NPPES and follow the on-screen instructions. If you have any questions during the registration process, you may contact NPI customer service at 1-800-465-3203.

Q: Is there any easy-to-read NPI number list or a list of NPI numbers?
A: There are several lists that you may find online, but an example of an official one is from CMS, which allows you to view certain data using table-like interfaces. An NPI number search can also be performed via the NPPES NPI registry.

Q: What is my profession's NPI number? How about my group NPI number? And my medical NPI number?
A: The NPPES NPI registry is the official website for finding / locating and verifying your NPI number and related details. Our website does indeed utilize NPPES data as one of its sources and we encourage you to explore all possible sources for NPI verification.

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