Providers with Taxonomy: Optometry in the state of Indiana

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Optometry
in the state of Indiana:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Steve P Bennett 46733, INOptometry1568465730
Kevin A. Whiteleather 46815, INOptometry1497758395
Grey Preston Baals 46703, INOptometry1073516753
Benjamin Lee Garland 47725, INOptometry1235132929
Alicia Reed-thomas 47834, INOptometry1629071105
Kevin R Hickman 46580, INOptometry1609879030
Jon E Mark 46580, INOptometry1508869942
Dennis R Miller 46580, INOptometry1003819442
Walter H. Egenmaier 47708, INOptometry1609878990
Debra L Mcconnaha 46142, INOptometry1629070925
Thomas Joseph Wiegand 46703, INOptometry1396748703
Rod C Kaufman 46567, INOptometry1639171978
Paul Joseph Janis 46131, INOptometry1952303158
Kirk A Hearne 47265, INOptometry1376545442
Marshall W Zamora 46124, INOptometry1578565537
William D Burnett 47265, INOptometry1821092198
Robert Proudfit 46615, INOptometry1457355158
Gordon R Boyd 47933, INOptometry1427052216
Richard M Hoffman 46112, INOptometry1629072095
Christopher C Wehrle 46112, INOptometry1518961994
Christine A Singson 46112, INOptometry1689678062
Michael Ray 46131, INOptometry1528062908
Michael Gettelfinger 47150, INOptometry1790780138
Linnea M Robbins-winters 46635, INOptometry1730184060
John J Offerle 46635, INOptometry1285639252
Tom L Morton 46635, INOptometry1558366518
Robert Alan Roush 46755, INOptometry1003811860
Matthew S Will 46755, INOptometry1710982475
Kenneth L. Vanarsdall 47201, INOptometry1942205687
Jeffrey C Marshall 46219, INOptometry1194720607
Lindsay M Swearingen 47130, INOptometry1699770123
John Michael Frische 47274, INOptometry1740287390
David D Mortensen 46307, INOptometry1871590430
Mark Alan Abplanalp 45056, INOptometry1174528962
Joseph Gerard Westrick 46725, INOptometry1326045931
Donald A. Hall 47715, INOptometry1063419596
Mark Alan Couts 46511, INOptometry1831196377
David Wintergerst 47562, INOptometry1790782936
Thomas Gober 47129, INOptometry1619974722
Jeffrey L Tweedy 46072, INOptometry1992702971
Kirk A Mackay 46202, INOptometry1306844923
Glenn A Kirk 46202, INOptometry1821096330
Douglas C. Morrow 46706, INOptometry1427056829
James Ervin Blume 46825, INOptometry1831197276
James E Hunter 46202, INOptometry1487652830
Robert L Johnston 46202, INOptometry1811995269
Nathanael David Oglesbee 46550, INOptometry1316945520
Mona Ruth Dewart 46804, INOptometry1306844501
Ricky Lee Weidow 46761, INOptometry1639177793
Dawn D. Frederickson 46804, INOptometry1760489009
Paul Louis Walton 46202, INOptometry1912905423
Donald E Robbins 46176, INOptometry1639177165
Olivia Rochelle Jahnke 46217, INOptometry1831627116
Tara Lynn Svatos 46530, INOptometry1336146497
John David Mckenna 46219, INOptometry1104825900
James Daniel Ferguson 46322, INOptometry1548269202
Douglas J Wilson 46140, INOptometry1235138876
Kelly Lynne Cunningham 46151, INOptometry1881693547
Aaron Booth Cunningham 46151, INOptometry1871592535
Theodore Rex Legler 46151, INOptometry1023017639
Phillip D Stuart 47250, INOptometry1679572259
Michael D Thomas 47250, INOptometry1689673121
William R. Price 46041, INOptometry1023017308
Timothy Lee Masden 47161, INOptometry1194725051
Rebecca Mae Walton 47161, INOptometry1548260409
Martin R. White 46835, INOptometry1003816943
Scott E Lehman 46711, INOptometry1619977113
Scott D Bixler 46711, INOptometry1871593376
Andrew Dean Sharp 47715, INOptometry1740280098
Linda A Frechette 46131, INOptometry1912907379
Daniel O. Elliott 46615, INOptometry1083614267
Katherine E Jones Hardesty 47715, INOptometry1033119268
Paul J Hardesty 47715, INOptometry1992705123
John M Eagleson 47250, INOptometry1770582215
Indiana University Eye Care Inc. 46202, INOptometry1548261894
Carol A. Lohmueller 47240, INOptometry1205837622
Richard Scott Carlson 46383, INOptometry1073515938
Troy Dale Coker 47130, INOptometry1376545038
James L Short 46615, INOptometry1770585457
Joan Leslie Frank 46204, INOptometry1134121643
Kelly Neidiffer Bailey 47150, INOptometry1225020365
Frank M. Decleene 46902, INOptometry1255323226
Catherine M. Decleene 46902, INOptometry1427040492
Matthew L Harkin 47303, INOptometry1164414207
Jack T Hedrick 47167, INOptometry1053303198
Kyle Frederick Hoskins 46614, INOptometry1619969649
John Arthur Gilles 47630, INOptometry1033101944
Karen B. Smith 47906, INOptometry1629060561
Merle K Pickel Jr 47448, INOptometry1306838958
John R. Wade 47006, INOptometry1841282324
Joseph P Dale 47512, INOptometry1316939747
Travis B. Bunnell, O.d., P.c. 46040, INOptometry1992797211
Thomas Michael Funk 46143, INOptometry1326031568
Kurt W. Dougherty 46805, INOptometry1295727519
Kenneth E Lawrence 46947, INOptometry1285627208
Cheri Denise Howard 47401, INOptometry1750374617
Ossip Optometry, Pc 47807, INOptometry1891788402
Brian Matthew Ross 47807, INOptometry1144213786
Elizabeth Christoff 46016, INOptometry1801888326
Generations Family Eyecare, Pc 46815, INOptometry1821081621
Margaret Ann Lisle 47265, INOptometry1932192549
James Thomas Lisle 47265, INOptometry1790778306
Troy S Hockemeyer 46774, INOptometry1336131630
Bradley S Camp 46962, INOptometry1790786093
Ronald Joe Brinegar 46143, INOptometry1164415394
Thomas D Morlan 46615, INOptometry1790787414
Nhi Nguyet Phan 46074, INOptometry1508331018
Melissa Sue Almarales 47201, INOptometry1598758393
Lloyd R Taustine Pc 40217, INOptometry1760484307
Robert David Woodruff 47203, INOptometry1821081340
Eyeglass Express 46545, INOptometry1639163967
Tabitha G Temple 46582, INOptometry1710971924
Ronald William Szabo 46368, INOptometry1194719369
James E French 46802, INOptometry1639163710
Jeffrey A. Coppes 46545, INOptometry1083608608
Ronald Milovich 46617, INOptometry1093709602
Jeffrey Jon Yocum 47901, INOptometry1912992439
Charles Dirk Titus 46143, INOptometry1942295282
Joel Stuart Engelberg 46254, INOptometry1639164015
Lloyd K Dewar 47429, INOptometry1184619389
Angela A Archer 46143, INOptometry1417942764
Thomas Alan Johnson 46706, INOptometry1942295910
Amedco Indiana Llc 47591, INOptometry1649265570
Ashley L Springston 47542, INOptometry1326033036
Larry E Webb 47129, INOptometry1679568257
James C. Bigham 47710, INOptometry1528053113
Randall S Bernstein 46220, INOptometry1710973318
Charles Michael Wood 47635, INOptometry1225024797
William Harold Jones Jr 47882, INOptometry1467448845
Sandra J Robel-hall 46825, INOptometry1427044809
Gregory Luis Wilson 47006, INOptometry1215923420
Allyson M Bigham 47712, INOptometry1356337661
Emily K Ryan 47725, INOptometry1407842784
Rick D Bauer 47553, INOptometry1760478879
Stephen N Simpson 47712, INOptometry1619963733
Daniel L Herkert 46227, INOptometry1922094879
Jackie Michael Jones 47303, INOptometry1477540136
Kimberly Lynn Gunderson 47546, INOptometry1548257926
Robert Allan Skowbo 47715, INOptometry1841287240
Todd Cory Gunderson 47546, INOptometry1336136712
Scott Alan Miller 46923, INOptometry1306833645
Elaine R Scott 46140, INOptometry1184611295
O. Oren Olinger 47304, INOptometry1922095058
Wynde Ashman 47304, INOptometry1447247580
Christa L Walling 46140, INOptometry1306833421
Richard J. Schamerloh 46714, INOptometry1063409969
Sandra J. Hullinger 46714, INOptometry1265429153
Dawn E. Kazmierzak 46714, INOptometry1174510069
Dennis Leland Anderson 47130, INOptometry1891782710
Don R Downing J D Roberts & D Barry Downing Ptrs 47274, INOptometry1821085788
Bradley S Basham 46816, INOptometry1477547628
City Optical Co Inc 46222, INOptometry1265429658
Ossip Optometry, P.c 46143, INOptometry1992790901
Regina R Harvey 46142, INOptometry1245228097
Megan Noel Jones 46064, INOptometry1962496430
Matthew B Bartlett 46617, INOptometry1568459444
Hancock Eye Associates Pc 46140, INOptometry1891782991
Abbey C Hoffman 46142, INOptometry1568457810
Ricky W Baron 46733, INOptometry1902893571
Patrice C Ellingson 46816, INOptometry1639163884
Allison Lynn Good 46706, INOptometry1922092824
Karon Klem Nowakowski 47304, INOptometry1801883947
Veronica Ralick 46410, INOptometry1285622639
Catheran Alice Crafton 46064, INOptometry1346238896
John G Ashman 47304, INOptometry1982692356
Nancy C Stovall 46226, INOptometry1275521551
Don R Downing J D Roberts & D Barry Downing Ptrs 47170, INOptometry1285622571
Jerry B. Lamberson 47362, INOptometry1295723427
David Mel Wilson 47304, INOptometry1952399859
Charles Hugh Rutan 47842, INOptometry1487643268
John Scott Schmutzler 46142, INOptometry1306835111
Marilyn Suzanne Burich 46254, INOptometry1679562359
Brooke Edward Dooley 46214, INOptometry1821087503
Dr Tavel Of Evansville, Llc 47715, INOptometry1205825700
Steven K. Doi 46072, INOptometry1225027675
Michael L. Komasinski 46350, INOptometry1356330716
Brian Jeffrey Kwitny 46222, INOptometry1447249727
Sarah H Appel 47620, INOptometry1538158852
Alan Gregory Tavel 47374, INOptometry1154310464
Miriam S Boyd 47591, INOptometry1720078397
Kirstin P Rhinehart 46544, INOptometry1700876067
Alan N Gordon 46321, INOptometry1407846645
Eye Center Group, Llc 47331, INOptometry1356332191
Eye Center Group, Llc 47374, INOptometry1831180678
Eye Center Group, Llc 47371, INOptometry1861483612
Eye Center Group Llc 47394, INOptometry1093706848
Eye Center Group, Llc 47304, INOptometry1255322939
Dean A. Szabo 46368, INOptometry1750372108
Timothy Harreld Troutman 47542, INOptometry1821079005
Jerry Dale Warthman 46013, INOptometry1063493906
Gary S Glenn 46260, INOptometry1417938374
Stephen R. Gregory 47501, INOptometry1184605982
Brian Patrick Magwire 46703, INOptometry1568443182
Robert William Moses 46410, INOptometry1417938010
Eye Center Group Llc 46902, INOptometry1467434753
Eye Center Group Llc 47362, INOptometry1780665059
The Eye Center Group Llc 45331, INOptometry1396726667
Katherine Rebecca Garringer 46176, INOptometry1629050885
Ronald Thomas Mcdaniel 46176, INOptometry1396727558
Anna Caroline Stegemiller 46176, INOptometry1982686150


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Q: What is a NPI number?
A: As per CMS, a National Provider Identifier (NPI) is a unique identification number for covered health care providers, which was created to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of electronic transmission of health information.

Q: How does NPI number registration work? How do I get, apply, or register for a NPI number? Is there an easy way of obtaining an NPI number?
A: As per CMS, the most convenient method of registering for a NPI number is to visit NPPES and follow the on-screen instructions. If you have any questions during the registration process, you may contact NPI customer service at 1-800-465-3203.

Q: Is there any easy-to-read NPI number list or a list of NPI numbers?
A: There are several lists that you may find online, but an example of an official one is from CMS, which allows you to view certain data using table-like interfaces. An NPI number search can also be performed via the NPPES NPI registry.

Q: What is my profession's NPI number? How about my group NPI number? And my medical NPI number?
A: The NPPES NPI registry is the official website for finding / locating and verifying your NPI number and related details. Our website does indeed utilize NPPES data as one of its sources and we encourage you to explore all possible sources for NPI verification.

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