Providers with Taxonomy: Optometry in the state of Kansas

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Optometry
in the state of Kansas:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Douglas E Ball Od Pa 67502, KSOptometry1124021084
Scott Michael Carpenter 66442, KSOptometry1114920949
William Lee Whitesell 66083, KSOptometry1689677411
Peter F Brungardt 67401, KSOptometry1437152790
Eric C. Mcpeak 66434, KSOptometry1225031560
Jeffrey L Luty 67410, KSOptometry1801898119
Debra Kirk 64112, KSOptometry1427050475
Kenneth A. Bono 66209, KSOptometry1568466837
Michael J Keefer O.d. P.a. 66935, KSOptometry1932103876
Brian R Stephens 66112, KSOptometry1154325025
Rebecca Dobbins 67337, KSOptometry1548264245
Richard L Roenfeldt 67801, KSOptometry1255335808
Craig E Newland 67357, KSOptometry1881698330
Wayne R Gilmore 67357, KSOptometry1467456194
Kimberly Swan 64112, KSOptometry1548265937
Gail H. Mcpeak 66547, KSOptometry1801891106
Dale Kenneth Cole 67401, KSOptometry1275538225
David Lawrence Cooper 67401, KSOptometry1891790853
Christopher Allen Banninger 67401, KSOptometry1225033285
Drs. Cooper & Banninger, Llc. 67401, KSOptometry1508861584
David A Jacoby 66523, KSOptometry1003811761
Kelly F Grosdidier 66210, KSOptometry1568466985
Ronald L Fiegel 67205, KSOptometry1053316679
Steve C Mitchell 66701, KSOptometry1225034713
Christine Shrack 66211, KSOptometry1538165758
David L Waldie 67206, KSOptometry1982600821
John Mark Welsh 67401, KSOptometry1801893896
Robert Lawrence Murphey 67401, KSOptometry1174520175
Dennis Craig Hoss 66049, KSOptometry1487651287
Kevin K Trummel 66049, KSOptometry1003813809
Rex W Gibson 67554, KSOptometry1518964261
Arliss L Stebbins 66049, KSOptometry1154329787
Kirby Kay Ray 66720, KSOptometry1457359010
Timothy J. Mason 67206, KSOptometry1992703573
Dawn T Bircher 66204, KSOptometry1235137308
Jeffry David Gerson 66061, KSOptometry1659378461
Sharon M Green 66049, KSOptometry1174522775
David A Nelson 66604, KSOptometry1699774927
David L. Russell 66112, KSOptometry1578564522
Mark S Norris 66048, KSOptometry1104827948
Kyle W Kelly 66048, KSOptometry1144221672
David A Miller 66801, KSOptometry1891796991
Larry L Tagtmeyer 66801, KSOptometry1902808561
Thomas E Leonard 66604, KSOptometry1942292958
Jeffery A Cramer 66612, KSOptometry1205828191
Kyle Brent Dotson 66605, KSOptometry1174515985
David M Amos 66204, KSOptometry1134111925
Deena D Sandall 67212, KSOptometry1568454213
Enivision Inc 67213, KSOptometry1184616807
Cecil B Kohake 66603, KSOptometry1457343915
William F Hefner 66603, KSOptometry1316939879
William Leslie Crawford 66211, KSOptometry1275526535
Roger G Newth 66211, KSOptometry1801889167
Lon S Eudaly 66211, KSOptometry1427041797
Cherie Ann Johnson 66062, KSOptometry1972596252
Grene Vision Group Llc 67206, KSOptometry1285627562
Shu Tzu Wong 67213, KSOptometry1699768895
J. David Crum 67010, KSOptometry1801889571
Yvonne Cochran 67213, KSOptometry1669465167
James R Pace 67214, KSOptometry1225022635
Mike E Todd 67147, KSOptometry1801880034
Russell Wayne Icke 67207, KSOptometry1134113319
Drs Todd & Giannetti Eyecare, Pa 67010, KSOptometry1578557518
Drs Todd & Giannetti Eyecare, Pa 67147, KSOptometry1548254584
Mark Bettencourt, O.d. Pc 66547, KSOptometry1295729846
Russell W Hart 66547, KSOptometry1851386379
Joseph B. Sullivan 67206, KSOptometry1255326690
Steven Jay Flory 66049, KSOptometry1780679167
Kendall L. Krug, Od Pa 67601, KSOptometry1104811025
Kendall L Krug 67601, KSOptometry1780679605
Martin R Funk 66720, KSOptometry1740275452
Stacey R Jones 67601, KSOptometry1356337901
William Christopher Arensberg 67214, KSOptometry1346236734
Amy Renee Goertz 67235, KSOptometry1881680270
Dawn D Williams 67846, KSOptometry1417943168
Karen Suzanne Stephens 66111, KSOptometry1326035098
Wendy Runyon Foster 67208, KSOptometry1043207236
Jon D. Thayer 67410, KSOptometry1952398133
Stephen L Nichols 66204, KSOptometry1568459469
Andy P. Stephens 67212, KSOptometry1568450278
Robert C. Nelson 67212, KSOptometry1023006632
Jeremy M. Durham 67212, KSOptometry1750379368
Mark G. Coble 66111, KSOptometry1053307702
Merle K Schroeder 67460, KSOptometry1720076110
Douglas E Ball 67502, KSOptometry1922096296
Ron D Hansen 67502, KSOptometry1932197985
Norris And Kelly, P.a. 66048, KSOptometry1467440305
Randall D Bowling 67846, KSOptometry1992793871
John M Bealmear 67846, KSOptometry1851380638
Robert L Hoch 67846, KSOptometry1598754202
Paul J Niegsch 66762, KSOptometry1245229848
Garden City Optometrists, P.a. 67846, KSOptometry1386633923
David P Torrey 67846, KSOptometry1609865245
Chad Justin Thompson 67420, KSOptometry1609865120
Michael C Goering 66614, KSOptometry1710976022
Jonas J Goering 66614, KSOptometry1770572802
Stephen R Geist 67220, KSOptometry1942291703
Breckenridge Charles Dilly 66503, KSOptometry1326029216
Sam William Odle 66503, KSOptometry1053392936
Angela Kaye Truelove 66614, KSOptometry1124009014
Ronald Everett Price 66503, KSOptometry1679554547
Brian Joseph Horsch 66614, KSOptometry1649251596
Scott B Mcclain 66441, KSOptometry1437130176
Michael Joseph Keller 66801, KSOptometry1982685699
Tyler L Schremmer 67544, KSOptometry1235110909
Bridgette Anne Ostmeyer 66618, KSOptometry1821079294
Gary D Young 66503, KSOptometry1609857184
Richard John Schroeder 66503, KSOptometry1528049012
Wade G Dulin 67204, KSOptometry1013998558
Eric Scott Beatty 66217, KSOptometry1598746844
George A Hopkins 67846, KSOptometry1912988213
Darin L Hopkins 67846, KSOptometry1427030618
Edwin Ivan Rodriguez 66062, KSOptometry1821070996
John Paul Harvat 66046, KSOptometry1629050703
James Carlyle Williams 66441, KSOptometry1225010804
Frank Rodney Copeland 67801, KSOptometry1629050224
Patricia A. Dorsey 66801, KSOptometry1790773794
Nicholas Steinshouer 67218, KSOptometry1932623709
Joseph Frank Maranto 66027, KSOptometry1891778460
Grant Derril Gwinner 67439, KSOptometry1063496362
Jason B Rogers 66207, KSOptometry1831174606
Melissa R Brewer 66213, KSOptometry1902881782
L G Besler 66207, KSOptometry1447235213
Terry Foster Hawks 66207, KSOptometry1770569345
Shane R Kannarr 66762, KSOptometry1891772489
Daniel A Shea 67220, KSOptometry1164400966
Jacob D Shaw 67220, KSOptometry1093793713
Kristina Lynn Post 67005, KSOptometry1053399774
Tran, Majher And Shaw, Od, Pa 67220, KSOptometry1316925043
Gilan L Cockrell 66801, KSOptometry1386622777
Heath R Holliday 66801, KSOptometry1104805019
Paul E Reimer 66801, KSOptometry1225017924
Tricia L Holliday 66801, KSOptometry1164402566
Benjamin Lane Whittredge 67502, KSOptometry1407836968
Gerard N. Lozada 66212, KSOptometry1902876048
Harold Albright Frieden 66002, KSOptometry1073583910
Drs Hawks Besler & Rogers Optometrists Pa 66207, KSOptometry1659356442
Kent E. Dobbins O.d. & Jacob W. Letourneau O.d., P.a. 66044, KSOptometry1750351227
Rod D Stoy 67005, KSOptometry1922079268
Bradford D Majher 67220, KSOptometry1891765194
Buffie Jane Mock 66213, KSOptometry1992776793
Larry Dale Stoppel 66968, KSOptometry1205807880
Russell L Mccaulley 67530, KSOptometry1861463341
Chad T Premer 67530, KSOptometry1104897677
Flinthills Eyecare Associates Pa 66801, KSOptometry1710958145
West Wichita Family Optometrists 67213, KSOptometry1821069220
Eric W Lamp 67213, KSOptometry1285605618
Charles W Kissling 67213, KSOptometry1568434736
James D Herndon 67213, KSOptometry1912979188
Steven J Schwartz 67213, KSOptometry1831161017
Mark A Simon 67213, KSOptometry1821060013
Drs. Cooper & Banninger, Llc. 67420, KSOptometry1578535654
Wesley Eugene Garton 67213, KSOptometry1629041108
Kari L Burchett 66064, KSOptometry1184696619
Andrea Joy Baker 67212, KSOptometry1235102633
Jayna D Munson 67005, KSOptometry1336112317
Eye Care Associates Of Manhattan, P.a. 66502, KSOptometry1114991551
P Joe Jittawait 67206, KSOptometry1992770564
Eyecare Associates Of Salina, Llc 67401, KSOptometry1699740019
Douglas Alan Donnelly 66749, KSOptometry1912972308
Jaryl Ollenburger 67205, KSOptometry1083689459
C. Ellis Potter 66749, KSOptometry1023083367
Suzanne Buchanan 67205, KSOptometry1003881269
Cheryl A Mcguire 67206, KSOptometry1134194335
Jennifer P Johnson 66061, KSOptometry1003881863
Jeffrey B Morrison 67701, KSOptometry1760457881
Matthew Dennis Skahan 66749, KSOptometry1528033677
Lori D Berwald 66061, KSOptometry1508831439
Gail L Burden 67156, KSOptometry1730155565
Melissa Ramos Keusler 67209, KSOptometry1316913080
Patrick William Harmon 66204, KSOptometry1942275722
Robin L Agpoon 67206, KSOptometry1023084878
Wendy L Walker 67152, KSOptometry1518933399
Robert A Moore 67042, KSOptometry1104892983
Thomas Mccarthy 67211, KSOptometry1497721096
Jason C Eubank 67211, KSOptometry1659347151
Rebecca Hawk 67211, KSOptometry1902872401
Aaron R Wilmes 66044, KSOptometry1548236987
George R Gage 66071, KSOptometry1528034741
Jennifer E Taylor 67212, KSOptometry1295701415
Alan S Russell 67207, KSOptometry1255307278
Lori L Krueger 67212, KSOptometry1497721484
Richard Alan Reeves 67432, KSOptometry1295701183
Neel Kamal Gupta 66214, KSOptometry1245206218
Dan E Freeman 67156, KSOptometry1104893007
Misha A Anderson 67205, KSOptometry1649247552
Betty J Cantrell 66783, KSOptometry1124095039
Dwight E Blackwood 66757, KSOptometry1033186945
Joshua J Gooden 67871, KSOptometry1255308177
Douglas K Blackman 67206, KSOptometry1982671806
Tim R Ridder 67502, KSOptometry1790752574
Christopher Bryan Means 67205, KSOptometry1457328171
Anton L Young 67501, KSOptometry1811964646
Paul E Unruh 67062, KSOptometry1528035433
Gina C Ridder 67502, KSOptometry1629045448
Steven A Kuhl 67208, KSOptometry1982671707
Robert G Shank 66801, KSOptometry1467429969
Clifford L Goodman 67002, KSOptometry1811964125
William L Park 67203, KSOptometry1457329419
Drs. Hopkins, Hopkins & Ackerman Optometrist, L.l.c. 67846, KSOptometry1689642498


Explanations of Terms and Helpful Links

Q: What is a NPI number?
A: As per CMS, a National Provider Identifier (NPI) is a unique identification number for covered health care providers, which was created to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of electronic transmission of health information.

Q: How does NPI number registration work? How do I get, apply, or register for a NPI number? Is there an easy way of obtaining an NPI number?
A: As per CMS, the most convenient method of registering for a NPI number is to visit NPPES and follow the on-screen instructions. If you have any questions during the registration process, you may contact NPI customer service at 1-800-465-3203.

Q: Is there any easy-to-read NPI number list or a list of NPI numbers?
A: There are several lists that you may find online, but an example of an official one is from CMS, which allows you to view certain data using table-like interfaces. An NPI number search can also be performed via the NPPES NPI registry.

Q: What is my profession's NPI number? How about my group NPI number? And my medical NPI number?
A: The NPPES NPI registry is the official website for finding / locating and verifying your NPI number and related details. Our website does indeed utilize NPPES data as one of its sources and we encourage you to explore all possible sources for NPI verification.

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