Providers with Taxonomy: Optometry in the state of Kentucky

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Optometry
in the state of Kentucky:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Mark A Jacobs 42501, KYOptometry1124023809
Jordan G Conley Od, Llc 41102, KYOptometry1295336626
Retina And Vitreous Associates Of Kentucky Psc 40509, KYOptometry1619949971
Pec Holding Pllc 40299, KYOptometry1609096247
Grace Kimrey Baird 42104, KYOptometry1255854113
Michael Andrew Case 42025, KYOptometry1730521451
Metzger Optometry Group 41001, KYOptometry1205435591
Eye Centers Of Louisville,psc 40215, KYOptometry1659385508
Lindsey Wilson 45150, KYOptometry1033568159
Jennifer A Center 45220, KYOptometry1558702241
Clarkson Optometry Midwest Inc 45305, KYOptometry1073917597
Family First Vision Care Kentucky, Llc 41017, KYOptometry1396396750
Eric Weston Fox 45238, KYOptometry1275017451
Amy Ruzicka 32301, KYOptometry1508368556
Danica Maleine Lantz 99709, KYOptometry1942535265
Todd Marvin Mcgeorge 40965, KYOptometry1164402590
Jeremy David Fowler 40014, KYOptometry1225290406
Derby City Eye Care, Pllc 40014, KYOptometry1528425444
Chad Robeck 41017, KYOptometry1033695689
Ally Pettit 48083, KYOptometry1487173514
Dale Souleyrette 42701, KYOptometry1205991791
Clarkson Optometry Midwest Inc 40033, KYOptometry1366520702
Ian W Mcwherter 40215, KYOptometry1770838732
Meredith Brooke Lanham 40207, KYOptometry1699141598
Carrie A. Young 40218, KYOptometry1275765752
Kevin Sean Jacob 41035, KYOptometry1124173521
Josiah W. Young 41017, KYOptometry1679711675
Louisville Optometric Centers, Iii Psc 40601, KYOptometry1952458218
Louisville Optometric Centers Iii, Psc 40213, KYOptometry1134111271
Alexandra Lee Muncy 28403, KYOptometry1164904611
Jacob Webster 40391, KYOptometry1306454616
Sara Lynn Sagez-barnett 42420, KYOptometry1326359746
Judy Cheng 47802, KYOptometry1407220585
Terry L Goodman 40299, KYOptometry1831235498
Kentucky Institute For Eye Health & Surgery 41339, KYOptometry1881800589
Brent Kramer 40383, KYOptometry1700474392
Eyemart Family Vision Care Inc 40299, KYOptometry1851543656
Benjamin Paxton 40222, KYOptometry1871021840
Scott Haire 28403, KYOptometry1346303153
Lisa Wang 40509, KYOptometry1871015404
Megan Danielle Tomsik 39564, KYOptometry1669927505
Hai An Bui 40503, KYOptometry1710400247
Tania Patel 40504, KYOptometry1962855437
Eventus Wholehealth, Pllc 28025, KYOptometry1548759392
Shelby Henderson 40503, KYOptometry1861019283
Thomas G Abell 42718, KYOptometry1942833397
Matthew L Dugger 40065, KYOptometry1932361367
Luke Moix 40065, KYOptometry1467946053
Laura Rayne Rosenberg 30346, KYOptometry1205124906
Lauren M Mckinch 40065, KYOptometry1366963274
Andrea Kay Smith-gray 40206, KYOptometry1740583442
Lindsey Erin Lucas 40272, KYOptometry1891281671
Ayala M Lannon 40258, KYOptometry1700132339
Holly Raeann Koopman 40258, KYOptometry1851741425
Julie Kay May 40219, KYOptometry1104878032
Richard Schuyler Roush 40222, KYOptometry1023225075
Vanessa Jean Ewing 93401, KYOptometry1780874453
Fatima Elkabti 40241, KYOptometry1609247808
Ryan Michael Alpino 40216, KYOptometry1114441110
Katherine Rachon 23502, KYOptometry1194211920
Seth James Summers 40207, KYOptometry1154332203
Fraser Douglas Mckay 40215, KYOptometry1447668058
Joseph Reynolds 59102, KYOptometry1598965162
Julie M. Rallo 40213, KYOptometry1194219063
Louisville Optometric Centers, Iii Psc 40243, KYOptometry1861540833
Rockatonia Bradley 32034, KYOptometry1427346295
Chelsey Johnson Hawks 42001, KYOptometry1407300718
Justin Eric Coleman 40353, KYOptometry1922440494
Harry Randy Steele 40351, KYOptometry1568563740
Bluegrass Vision Group Of Morehead Pllc 40351, KYOptometry1699321737
Hometown Vision Care Llc 42420, KYOptometry1659665529
Ryan L Crockett 29910, KYOptometry1295728954
Mallory Kay Harris 42071, KYOptometry1295225357
Kristin Leigh Gunn 41017, KYOptometry1104314640
Mark Wayne Lantz 99709, KYOptometry1295909398
Zachary Thomas Walters 41501, KYOptometry1497238547
Cliff M Caudill 41501, KYOptometry1841300712
Josephine Olutola Ibironke 41501, KYOptometry1831145770
Justin Chelette 41501, KYOptometry1235668138
Eilene Eugenio Kinzer 41501, KYOptometry1013242106
Ryan Eric Kern 41501, KYOptometry1497232425
Rachel L Fitzgerald 41501, KYOptometry1336599331
John L Bradley 41501, KYOptometry1386624021
Regina K Compton 41501, KYOptometry1851310817
Alicia Herrmann 40241, KYOptometry1609975614
Timothy A Sparkman 42501, KYOptometry1134409790
Gary Walter Upchurch 42602, KYOptometry1265433478
Michael J Morris 40229, KYOptometry1124072871
Stephen M Mckinley 42653, KYOptometry1902903511
Rebecca Schleter Harris 40330, KYOptometry1851521041
Kimberly Marie Hudson 41094, KYOptometry1023245610
Lindsay K Mckinley 37841, KYOptometry1013014539
Matthew Testa 37762, KYOptometry1023674488
Jacquelyn Gayle Short 37919, KYOptometry1588072003
Brian Leigh Keplinger 40601, KYOptometry1245233071
James M Campbell 42701, KYOptometry1700889441
Billy W Andrews 42749, KYOptometry1306848676
Louisville Optique Pllc 40202, KYOptometry1184626459
Stephen Damon Smith 40202, KYOptometry1114929460
Benjamin Lee Mackey 40701, KYOptometry1730181967
Chris D Thon 41017, KYOptometry1871595025
Louis P Ellen 41339, KYOptometry1134124928
Retina Associates, Psc 40206, KYOptometry1285639666
Patricia Mary Hollingsworth-cecconi 40033, KYOptometry1851396592
Carl W. Sydnor 40108, KYOptometry1619973112
Lisa Sanford Howard 40965, KYOptometry1124024302
John Fredrick Litke 42420, KYOptometry1912903634
Arthur Andrew Haley 42718, KYOptometry1770589376
Philip A. Robinson 42501, KYOptometry1326044835
Robert N Whitlow 42129, KYOptometry1265438956
Cheryl Gilchrist Whitlow 42129, KYOptometry1992701635
Andrea Shelton 40291, KYOptometry1932106036
Daphne Cotner 40291, KYOptometry1457358558
Robert L. Cottingham 42420, KYOptometry1588661573
Kevin Crawford 42701, KYOptometry1194722819
David Moore 40160, KYOptometry1871590596
Kenneth Hall 40291, KYOptometry1124025853
Rebecca Atkinson 42701, KYOptometry1437157112
Jamison J Heffron 42141, KYOptometry1760480297
Roger Ignatius Jones 42301, KYOptometry1558369009
Willie F Ross 42167, KYOptometry1205834587
Phillip Maroudis 41101, KYOptometry1053310763
John C Schertzinger 42303, KYOptometry1932108487
John W Morton 41101, KYOptometry1811996325
Robert A. Hamilton 42303, KYOptometry1669471843
Michael S. Shields 42303, KYOptometry1609875848
Steven Lee Compton 42134, KYOptometry1699774596
Kathryn Grace Robbins 40509, KYOptometry1992705636
Steven A. Klecker 40509, KYOptometry1821098401
Anthony Scott Kee 41143, KYOptometry1053311589
Darla Sherrod Barrow 42276, KYOptometry1235139247
Tony Shawn Smith 42066, KYOptometry1487655437
Physicians Eye Center Of Owensboro, Psc 42303, KYOptometry1245239037
Steven R Colwell 40503, KYOptometry1235138157
Sharon M Schaffield 41015, KYOptometry1508867201
Max Mitchell Downey 42728, KYOptometry1689675159
Howard E Crum 40503, KYOptometry1780685156
Ward R Ransdell 40503, KYOptometry1962403394
Roger D. Fannin 41143, KYOptometry1407857766
Thea T. Shearer 40475, KYOptometry1073514204
James D Hurt 40217, KYOptometry1194727743
Julie Hogan 40217, KYOptometry1356343990
Kevin D Stallard 40601, KYOptometry1770575805
Larry Brett Abney 42754, KYOptometry1487646527
Rod Rallo 40213, KYOptometry1831181973
Thomas E Lalonde 40220, KYOptometry1548252687
Beth Anne Minton 40213, KYOptometry1205828357
Thomas J Keenan 40065, KYOptometry1083606123
William E Leadingham 41101, KYOptometry1073505814
Grant C Amstutz 42754, KYOptometry1902898547
Keith L. Sellers 41071, KYOptometry1013900265
Eyecare Center Optometrist Psc 40475, KYOptometry1851384960
Anthony C Harris 40475, KYOptometry1083607105
Karen Santos Mccloud 40509, KYOptometry1033102249
Mark C Ward 40422, KYOptometry1346233129
Lowell Charles Ware 42101, KYOptometry1003809849
Randall K Puckett 40391, KYOptometry1326031527
Teshawna Barker-sutton 40741, KYOptometry1891796314
William T Reynolds 40475, KYOptometry1174516298
Lloyd R Taustine Pc 40217, KYOptometry1760484307
Advantage Eye Care, Pllc 42301, KYOptometry1437143849
Anna L Harned 42754, KYOptometry1225022593
Todd F Lewis 40214, KYOptometry1013901180
Karl Mcclanahan 40391, KYOptometry1598759250
Robert Lee Mcclellan 40004, KYOptometry1265428940
Amy Denise Henson 40741, KYOptometry1033106653
Sarah C Parker 42445, KYOptometry1861489460
Cristina Villanueva Patrick 42701, KYOptometry1417943580
Homer Andrew Ward Jr 42301, KYOptometry1376537795
Patricia Ward Adams 42301, KYOptometry1518951938
Huffman And Huffman Psc 40741, KYOptometry1275520116
Adria N Porter 42064, KYOptometry1265429641
Rebecca Hensley Wartman 28805, KYOptometry1376537472
James C Leadingham 41230, KYOptometry1104814599
Carol Deitz-bertke 41017, KYOptometry1538158860
Rhonda Keen Bray 42134, KYOptometry1285623512
George Paul Rooney 42141, KYOptometry1902896640
Oak Tree Eye Clinic Inc Psc 42330, KYOptometry1821089640
Freddie Michael Mayes 42330, KYOptometry1548251333
John Michael Soderling 42345, KYOptometry1225029556
Eye Physicians Of Elizabethtown Psc 42701, KYOptometry1245228204
William Allan Price 42104, KYOptometry1831189570
Mcpeak Vision Partners Psc 42141, KYOptometry1801871389
Donald Eugene Beyers 40214, KYOptometry1740265628
Greg R Atkinson 40121, KYOptometry1265410161
David Maurice Blair 41005, KYOptometry1548248016
Rosemary Emmick 42348, KYOptometry1699753673
Gary Wilbur Vickers 40241, KYOptometry1912986266
Wallace Todd Cohron 42261, KYOptometry1811977937
Robert Thomas Mchugh 40351, KYOptometry1215917067
Anna Faye Stanley 42276, KYOptometry1164402939
Baptist Health Madisonville Inc 42431, KYOptometry1669452967
Austin Ray Lifferth 40215, KYOptometry1134106636
Katlyn Lane Lee 41005, KYOptometry1114445145
James A Muse 40207, KYOptometry1710964077
Paul G Taylor 40033, KYOptometry1174593701
John W Cecconi 40069, KYOptometry1487624029
Henry R Pardon 42301, KYOptometry1144291683
Thomas J Moore 41011, KYOptometry1275505489
Robert K. Mcdonald 40059, KYOptometry1366414278


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Q: What is a NPI number?
A: As per CMS, a National Provider Identifier (NPI) is a unique identification number for covered health care providers, which was created to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of electronic transmission of health information.

Q: How does NPI number registration work? How do I get, apply, or register for a NPI number? Is there an easy way of obtaining an NPI number?
A: As per CMS, the most convenient method of registering for a NPI number is to visit NPPES and follow the on-screen instructions. If you have any questions during the registration process, you may contact NPI customer service at 1-800-465-3203.

Q: Is there any easy-to-read NPI number list or a list of NPI numbers?
A: There are several lists that you may find online, but an example of an official one is from CMS, which allows you to view certain data using table-like interfaces. An NPI number search can also be performed via the NPPES NPI registry.

Q: What is my profession's NPI number? How about my group NPI number? And my medical NPI number?
A: The NPPES NPI registry is the official website for finding / locating and verifying your NPI number and related details. Our website does indeed utilize NPPES data as one of its sources and we encourage you to explore all possible sources for NPI verification.

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