Providers with Taxonomy: Optometry in the state of Louisiana

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Optometry
in the state of Louisiana:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Michael J Haynes 71201, LAOptometry1407859440
Toni Coates Harvey 71301, LAOptometry1164426839
Williamson Eye Center 70726, LAOptometry1841295813
Williamson Eye Center 70806, LAOptometry1841295888
Stacy G Gandy 71269, LAOptometry1205831252
Jason P Allemond 70791, LAOptometry1649275447
Chad Michael Belanger 70791, LAOptometry1164427969
Jimmy S Gandy 71269, LAOptometry1366447310
Vincent Oscar Rachal 70737, LAOptometry1699770404
Edwin Frank Adams 70737, LAOptometry1437155793
Oliver Wendell Whitney 70471, LAOptometry1912903162
Williamson Eye Center 70791, LAOptometry1972509156
Richard Hunter Bond 70422, LAOptometry1396742698
Cary J Vincent 70056, LAOptometry1568460533
Elliot Finkelstein 70002, LAOptometry1366443160
Steven G Zegar 70461, LAOptometry1275525107
Elmo Clyde Dean 70817, LAOptometry1972595460
Gary M Artigue 70458, LAOptometry1396737813
William David Gordon 71201, LAOptometry1528050069
William C Risinger 71303, LAOptometry1184617292
Clifton M. Cowan 71446, LAOptometry1811980600
Robert Theus Crotty 71303, LAOptometry1659364453
David Mitchell 70301, LAOptometry1912908658
Lisa L Mitchell 70301, LAOptometry1427059146
Herbert P. Thomas 71446, LAOptometry1245225697
Cherri T. Cowan 71446, LAOptometry1164417374
Donald Walker 71129, LAOptometry1386639110
Mitchell Neil Broussard 70503, LAOptometry1013904473
Sue Ellen Myers 70570, LAOptometry1083601280
Jerry W Williams 71483, LAOptometry1053308114
J D Miller 70535, LAOptometry1457345837
Joseph V Sica 70433, LAOptometry1386634376
Carl A Kelly 71103, LAOptometry1942290523
James R Walker 71483, LAOptometry1477534147
Andrew G. Erneston 70601, LAOptometry1477535987
Melvin M. Gehrig 70601, LAOptometry1932181427
Jeffrey S. Hankin 70601, LAOptometry1538141049
Southern Eye Institute Llc 70360, LAOptometry1912980566
Henry P Langhetee 70114, LAOptometry1265415715
Scv Vision Outlet Inc 70065, LAOptometry1881679934
St. Charles Vision Outlet Elmwood, Llc 70121, LAOptometry1114902251
James C Mcguinness 70121, LAOptometry1871570580
Darby Charles Chiasson 70345, LAOptometry1518944826
Visual Care & Contact Lens Clinic Inc 71303, LAOptometry1619957347
Errol M. Bloom 70053, LAOptometry1336129923
Richard L. Granger 70071, LAOptometry1720058878
Shelly Anastasio 70433, LAOptometry1407826464
Kiet T Huynh 70815, LAOptometry1033189709
Ernest Arthur Wilbur 70114, LAOptometry1760453625
Mark Thomas Bowen 71342, LAOptometry1598736209
Acadian Vision Associates, Inc. 70506, LAOptometry1518939909
William Donner Mizelle 70506, LAOptometry1740252733
Marc Hautot 70427, LAOptometry1346215274
Jon Branton 71106, LAOptometry1275500696
Elvis Surles 71201, LAOptometry1265409510
Durward Jones Thomas 71019, LAOptometry1891763207
Elizabeth Martin Granger 70791, LAOptometry1730158841
Louis Arnold Cloutier 70360, LAOptometry1649248774
Glenn Coullard 70791, LAOptometry1346209236
Ronald G. Dimitri 70005, LAOptometry1265491658
Charles Thomas 70422, LAOptometry1497715619
Robert Howard Pierce 71270, LAOptometry1760451439
Pierce Optometry, Llc 71270, LAOptometry1558330316
Optimal Eye Care Center, L.l.c. 70791, LAOptometry1497249361
Earl Joseph Primo 70433, LAOptometry1326015751
C.j. Pollet 70471, LAOptometry1700846581
Richard M Walters 71303, LAOptometry1881655082
Evelyn B Hanna 70520, LAOptometry1891757373
Phillip Leo Carney 71303, LAOptometry1306808811
Paul Etienne Prouet 70005, LAOptometry1184686420
John Harvey Labbe 70401, LAOptometry1770545980
Derrell R Spurlock 71055, LAOptometry1376506063
David Lee Jordan 71109, LAOptometry1730143371
Fred L Birmingham 70458, LAOptometry1598729956
Keith L Sehon 70458, LAOptometry1477517803
Christine K Pastilong 71111, LAOptometry1487618401
Timothy John Barry 70546, LAOptometry1043274947
Randal V Christian 70570, LAOptometry1124083621
Donald J. Costello 70072, LAOptometry1982661872
Lionel Boudreaux 70121, LAOptometry1770540668
Kefla G. Brown 70121, LAOptometry1275590176
Carl Joseph Carnaggio 70806, LAOptometry1306803713
Hosea Joseph Soileau 70586, LAOptometry1679530711
Jeffrey Allen Colegrove 70002, LAOptometry1558329524
Pamela Blanchard Carter 70535, LAOptometry1942268727
Yvonne Major 70714, LAOptometry1770531543
Severn Eyecare Inc. 70002, LAOptometry1225086689
Gary James Avallone 71270, LAOptometry1457300261
Shelley Huff 70121, LAOptometry1073563433
Michael Abbott 70808, LAOptometry1720038573
Glen Lamonica 70817, LAOptometry1154372696
John David Linson 70433, LAOptometry1326098880
Joseph Lamendola 70808, LAOptometry1780634329
Shenandoah Eye Clinic 70817, LAOptometry1497707780
Brian Kent Nelson 70072, LAOptometry1558314344
Donald Scott Jacobsen 70503, LAOptometry1679527444
Manuel Mariano De La Rua 70065, LAOptometry1255385753
Mitchell Eye Care Associates, L.l.c. 70301, LAOptometry1568415776
Carl Joseph Carnaggio 70806, LAOptometry1538126214
Guidry Eye Care Llc 70510, LAOptometry1447765318
Constance D Nelson 70121, LAOptometry1093769952
Larry Caminita 70072, LAOptometry1316992167
Christie Childress Goudeau 71351, LAOptometry1578518007
Eye Clinic A Professional Medical Corp. 70601, LAOptometry1619915121
Eric Nhan Giang Thai 70816, LAOptometry1649210873
Dennis J Muller 70043, LAOptometry1841230521
Keith M Menard 70605, LAOptometry1487695482
Jennifer Ann Floyd 71270, LAOptometry1174565295
David H. Fisher 70503, LAOptometry1497798771
Lawrence C Aderhold 70817, LAOptometry1669418760
James K Thompson 70817, LAOptometry1518903335
Rhonda Fink Moser 70535, LAOptometry1104853621
Thomas R Fairley 70809, LAOptometry1023046158
Jeffery L. Dibenedetto 70726, LAOptometry1255360525
Amy Thanh Dinh 70815, LAOptometry1083643365
Charles Savage Adams 71111, LAOptometry1043240906
Stephaine L Cauley 70809, LAOptometry1972533750
Larry Geoffroy 70582, LAOptometry1760413983
Joseph Andrew Atkins 70503, LAOptometry1346271384
Christine D. Norred 70806, LAOptometry1013949833
Pete Wardell 71457, LAOptometry1467495382
Erica Lukasko 70508, LAOptometry1326079575
Vision Optique Inc 70471, LAOptometry1134152408
Lisa R Pradillo 70123, LAOptometry1851324123
Heather Dimaggio 70634, LAOptometry1154354215
Jason Wonch, O.d. And Associates, A.p.c. 70065, LAOptometry1295769008
David Michael Ostrick 70068, LAOptometry1831114073
Glenn C Young 70471, LAOptometry1255366423
Anthony Dimaggio 71446, LAOptometry1295760635
Cathy M Guidry 70503, LAOptometry1992721252
Koleman R Finkelstein 70065, LAOptometry1881610731
Robert Dale Cagnolatti 71201, LAOptometry1174549158
John F Musselman 70003, LAOptometry1952327801
Jarrett Ann Johnson 70119, LAOptometry1174540629
Marshall Lynn Cauley 70809, LAOptometry1427076538
Jerry Aubrey Hollimon 70401, LAOptometry1770505414
Joseph E. Roy 70634, LAOptometry1356364046
Steve D. Gill 70115, LAOptometry1285657296
Daphne L Richardson 70115, LAOptometry1730103623
Michelle Denise Korcz 70115, LAOptometry1295749638
Walter B Blankenship 71052, LAOptometry1770597072
Christopher Shelby M D A Professional Medical Corporation 71052, LAOptometry1962418301
Garett Paul Thibodeaux 70517, LAOptometry1831106335
Donavon Neil Lafleur 70816, LAOptometry1649287913
Steven C. East 70601, LAOptometry1164439923
Wayne Allan Mcclure 70601, LAOptometry1669480877
Eyedox Inc. 70043, LAOptometry1710995402
Cynthia W. Baker 70726, LAOptometry1518976091
Brandon B Wax 71463, LAOptometry1902815046
Hosea J. Soileau, Jr., Od, Inc. 70586, LAOptometry1700896537
Sara B Armand 70508, LAOptometry1497767511
Robert Mouledoux Kelly 70072, LAOptometry1811900756
Christopher Wayne Wroten 70403, LAOptometry1902919913
Sarah F Wroten 70726, LAOptometry1073626099
Deborah Ann Broussard 70002, LAOptometry1568575561
Neil Winston Brogden 71104, LAOptometry1265545644
Albert Charles Burns 71295, LAOptometry1326152257
Charles L Seaman 70301, LAOptometry1598879447
Ricky Dean Scogin 71291, LAOptometry1811003916
Sheldon M. Andeson 71201, LAOptometry1679689681
Carolyn Van Od & Associates, Llc 70508, LAOptometry1497116297
Alisa Kay Brogden 71106, LAOptometry1598878860
Monique Jackson 70119, LAOptometry1891178281
Mercy Angela Elahi-neal 71291, LAOptometry1306859848
Edwin Burnett Moss 71055, LAOptometry1801903638
Rebecca Sue Mumm Cronan 70605, LAOptometry1699883850
Christine Marie Dodge 71360, LAOptometry1093825937
Alan Richard Pradillo 70401, LAOptometry1831209311
Patrick Martin Fontenot 70663, LAOptometry1013029305
Thao Phuong Mai 70072, LAOptometry1669584397
Eye Medical Center, Apmc 70808, LAOptometry1053422113
Vision Clinic Inc 70503, LAOptometry1215048624
Andre Long 71360, LAOptometry1861503617
Camile Louis Chiasson 70301, LAOptometry1316040314
Deana Mcgowan Clifton 71111, LAOptometry1952404352
Michael David Pickering 71106, LAOptometry1114022175
Melissa Sue Parker 70114, LAOptometry1306942362
Mark Siverd 70433, LAOptometry1871690883
Bryan Granger 70560, LAOptometry1497853782
Lawrence Matthew Dawson 70785, LAOptometry1609974930
Dr. Charles V. Dileo & Associates 70065, LAOptometry1235238759
Marcus D. Andrepont 70508, LAOptometry1861591422
John F Thompson 70503, LAOptometry1598864076
Henry Joseph Carter 70503, LAOptometry1689773137
Ricky Lacombe 70508, LAOptometry1295834141
Stephen Eugene Warren 70427, LAOptometry1659471340
Linda L Bui 70058, LAOptometry1932209525
Lee H. Craddock 70380, LAOptometry1487754040
Shonda D. Achord 70810, LAOptometry1861593477
Jennifer Lynn Wandell 70460, LAOptometry1265523278
Anh Lan Vu 70068, LAOptometry1841381084
Patrick Adema 70471, LAOptometry1598858789
Norwood R. Kelly 70058, LAOptometry1396838314
Donna Marie Gauthreaux 70503, LAOptometry1801989579
David R Heitmeier 70114, LAOptometry1801989009
Philip A. Lahaye 71105, LAOptometry1164516340
Lusk Eye Specialists, Llc 71106, LAOptometry1053405357
Sam Ray Silverblatt 71105, LAOptometry1891889267
Jennifer Vaught 70065, LAOptometry1033204128
Lacy B Shaw 71303, LAOptometry1265528665


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A: As per CMS, a National Provider Identifier (NPI) is a unique identification number for covered health care providers, which was created to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of electronic transmission of health information.

Q: How does NPI number registration work? How do I get, apply, or register for a NPI number? Is there an easy way of obtaining an NPI number?
A: As per CMS, the most convenient method of registering for a NPI number is to visit NPPES and follow the on-screen instructions. If you have any questions during the registration process, you may contact NPI customer service at 1-800-465-3203.

Q: Is there any easy-to-read NPI number list or a list of NPI numbers?
A: There are several lists that you may find online, but an example of an official one is from CMS, which allows you to view certain data using table-like interfaces. An NPI number search can also be performed via the NPPES NPI registry.

Q: What is my profession's NPI number? How about my group NPI number? And my medical NPI number?
A: The NPPES NPI registry is the official website for finding / locating and verifying your NPI number and related details. Our website does indeed utilize NPPES data as one of its sources and we encourage you to explore all possible sources for NPI verification.

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