Providers with Taxonomy: Optometry in the state of Massachusetts

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Optometry
in the state of Massachusetts:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Tracy A Haradon 01108, MAOptometry1023011228
Nell Rae Naideth 01420, MAOptometry1154324309
Britt E Adornato 01108, MAOptometry1821091034
Laurie J Elgas 01760, MAOptometry1982607685
George A Fleisher 01118, MAOptometry1477556843
Joseph R Donatelle 01118, MAOptometry1548263981
Marie Kathleen Salvas 01826, MAOptometry1538162847
Louis Aguiar 02721, MAOptometry1831191923
Douglas Steven Posner 02721, MAOptometry1558365221
John T. Danielson 01095, MAOptometry1629072178
Bruce William Bunker 01824, MAOptometry1750386835
Richard Jay Rosenthal 02301, MAOptometry1891790879
Gary Wolf 01069, MAOptometry1366447039
David Jennings 02771, MAOptometry1376547851
Robert Johnson 01803, MAOptometry1104822428
Faye E. Siegel 02467, MAOptometry1508862616
Ernest V. Loewenstein 02458, MAOptometry1205832359
Michael Lord Phillips 02760, MAOptometry1811993694
Steven Mark Holtzman 02035, MAOptometry1619973310
Robert Shulman 02481, MAOptometry1265438881
Donna M Valentini 02026, MAOptometry1598762122
Alec Smail 01803, MAOptometry1396742854
Martin G Rubin 01040, MAOptometry1508863606
Terry L Chin 02111, MAOptometry1497752539
Rolf Gerchberg 01020, MAOptometry1982601092
Wendy L Newman-evans 02021, MAOptometry1881692598
Paul V Hamel 02151, MAOptometry1497752513
Lyn A Benton 02601, MAOptometry1164420790
Kate E Marmelo 02739, MAOptometry1598764342
John A Dadah 02747, MAOptometry1962401703
David M Finkelstein 02568, MAOptometry1346249158
Kathryn M Arruda 02747, MAOptometry1578562385
Debra Jane Sleight 01752, MAOptometry1043219207
Jason R Chin 02215, MAOptometry1184624082
Frank D Puzio 02660, MAOptometry1871593798
Gary Moss 02215, MAOptometry1740289677
Nicole Quinn 02215, MAOptometry1376542209
Marjorie Rah 02215, MAOptometry1639178569
Robert Arnold Buonfiglio 01906, MAOptometry1518966498
Janis Faith Mertz 02360, MAOptometry1518966449
Robin S. Blair 01950, MAOptometry1689673519
Gordon A Price 02066, MAOptometry1124028030
Jeanine Prevost 02725, MAOptometry1083614838
Constance Lee 02215, MAOptometry1912907429
Stacy A Lyons 01702, MAOptometry1962402644
Clifford Scott 02215, MAOptometry1699775106
Barry Kran 02472, MAOptometry1124028592
Alan Kwok 02215, MAOptometry1033119409
Ronald Kiyoshi Watanabe 01810, MAOptometry1942200316
Richard C Laudon 02215, MAOptometry1831199116
Trinh Tu Khuu 02215, MAOptometry1871593871
Nancy Carlson 02215, MAOptometry1801896824
Matthew Garston 02215, MAOptometry1093715021
Erik Weissberg 02215, MAOptometry1528069580
Gary Yiu-kin Chu 02215, MAOptometry1891794723
Robert A Audycki 02747, MAOptometry1689673428
Hilary Wells Williams 02045, MAOptometry1457350373
Steven A Markow 01075, MAOptometry1093716235
Stephen James Harney 01851, MAOptometry1124029269
Stephen Corridon Strebel 01085, MAOptometry1528060530
Christopher A Karalekas 01851, MAOptometry1043212087
David E Baron 01420, MAOptometry1669474565
Christine L Russian 01852, MAOptometry1720080666
Wayne A Fowler 01852, MAOptometry1184626822
Bruce Moore 02215, MAOptometry1831191279
Rhonda Zwern Willinger 01701, MAOptometry1447242672
Massachusetts Eye Associates Pc 01824, MAOptometry1912999095
Vivienne Therese Kong 01824, MAOptometry1366434441
Wayne Ken Chan 02116, MAOptometry1255323473
Norman Garber 02476, MAOptometry1962494708
Alan Roger Ringenbach 01060, MAOptometry1699767467
Stephanie A Paris-whitney 02451, MAOptometry1265424758
Oscar W Ni 02771, MAOptometry1427041136
Thomas R Fabello 01852, MAOptometry1013900745
Richard Charles Martino 01583, MAOptometry1134112733
Stephen John Bourgault 01420, MAOptometry1407849029
Maribeth A Erb 01060, MAOptometry1407849987
G. Logan Eaton 02061, MAOptometry1720070030
Emil R Horowitz 02493, MAOptometry1861485641
Jessica Pierce Gage 02554, MAOptometry1962495689
Theodore Bennett Gordon 01056, MAOptometry1568455962
Nicholas Matthew Kofos 01752, MAOptometry1447244637
Malcolm Richard Greene 02472, MAOptometry1649264318
John Winston Archibald 02474, MAOptometry1295729903
Jill Beyer 02215, MAOptometry1790770063
Stephen B Adelstein 01824, MAOptometry1790770980
Arnold Steven Zide 02110, MAOptometry1043205834
Thomas David Tomasik 02664, MAOptometry1518952381
Mark Julian Forgues 01609, MAOptometry1376538975
Robert Paul Duquette 02777, MAOptometry1639165186
Matthew Simeon Forgues 01609, MAOptometry1578559886
Krishnachand Postum 02019, MAOptometry1194711309
John Lee 02364, MAOptometry1134115116
David J Sheinkopf 02664, MAOptometry1053307991
Philip E. Friedman 01803, MAOptometry1508852534
Thomas F Freddo N2L3G, MAOptometry1659367472
Lisa A. Marques 02780, MAOptometry1336136811
Carlos R. Defreitas 02747, MAOptometry1336136894
Marc H. Dodson 02747, MAOptometry1699762138
Alice A Cusner 02021, MAOptometry1427042209
Andrew D. Baker 01923, MAOptometry1942295951
Philbrook S. Mason 02360, MAOptometry1831186386
Rodney L. Immerman 02169, MAOptometry1528055068
Joseph Vincent Mega 02760, MAOptometry1851388292
Boston University Eye Associates, Inc. 02780, MAOptometry1154317865
Dana Agnes 02451, MAOptometry1235124389
Ashland Family Eyecare Llc 01721, MAOptometry1326511965
Jack Richman 02043, MAOptometry1912995218
Joseph J Bickford 02554, MAOptometry1801884960
Edward John Burns 02478, MAOptometry1053300137
Jay P Kile 02886, MAOptometry1811987746
Sunny Yoon 01970, MAOptometry1386634228
Jessica L. Stejna 02169, MAOptometry1699765396
Santwana Prasad 01104, MAOptometry1972593853
Fatima Raposo 02720, MAOptometry1003806167
Cristina M Lopes 02720, MAOptometry1811987977
Andrew Walkowiak 01301, MAOptometry1053301135
Caroline Toomey-gitto 01606, MAOptometry1235110941
Craig S Brotsky 01757, MAOptometry1831170596
Robert D Crawford 02301, MAOptometry1437130853
Deborah Ml Zopatti 01570, MAOptometry1053393025
Paul D Murray 02215, MAOptometry1962484931
Thomas J Piecewicz 01757, MAOptometry1730161712
Kristin B Tallman 01843, MAOptometry1083697361
Paulette D Turco 01843, MAOptometry1053394338
Olin V Burkhart 01843, MAOptometry1467435735
Kathleen Monica Cleary 02169, MAOptometry1972586022
Victoria L Dumont 01440, MAOptometry1134119217
Eliot Neil Cohen 02125, MAOptometry1366430779
Elise Harb 94143, MAOptometry1013906551
John C Whiting 01520, MAOptometry1982686341
Jeanne Marie Theresa Hopkins 02171, MAOptometry1205819174
James F Valenti 01843, MAOptometry1811970619
Larry T Hartung 02651, MAOptometry1679557037
Kim Mcgillicuddy Maciaszek 01028, MAOptometry1871577254
Herbert Morton Shuer 02461, MAOptometry1750366357
Ilana Orelowitz 02052, MAOptometry1669457933
Anthony Joseph Foti 01887, MAOptometry1255317830
Michael K Edelstein Od, Pc 02453, MAOptometry1962488684
Jung E Chan 02215, MAOptometry1497731152
John C Holdsworth Pc 01118, MAOptometry1699751883
Michael K Edelstein 02453, MAOptometry1043296213
Robert M. Condon 02062, MAOptometry1437135548
H. David Tabaie 02062, MAOptometry1124004247
Indra Mohindra 02130, MAOptometry1386620409
Bina Patel 02125, MAOptometry1184600173
Steven Sikalis 01851, MAOptometry1427034263
Martin J Baer 01801, MAOptometry1336125244
Richard J. Synkoski 01608, MAOptometry1306824768
Richard W Gallerani 01030, MAOptometry1699753624
Kevin Michael Gasiorowski 01950, MAOptometry1265411219
Roy Edward Baker 02476, MAOptometry1376522946
Laura Anne Potvin 01834, MAOptometry1346229655
Sara Jane Kleiner-goudey 01201, MAOptometry1689653800
Moojan Rouhi 01741, MAOptometry1912986134
Lisa Ann Traveis 01938, MAOptometry1619956794
Erica Hill 01826, MAOptometry1639158751
Judith Ann Driscoll 01301, MAOptometry1073593059
Aurora Denial 02125, MAOptometry1619957602
Valerie Lynne Kelly 01886, MAOptometry1770563637
Barry S Friedman 02370, MAOptometry1376523100
William Joseph Mateik 01475, MAOptometry1205816709
John Hartford Mackenzie 01824, MAOptometry1396725941
Robert Michael Tieri 01720, MAOptometry1427038835
Nayiri Ajoian 02144, MAOptometry1285604264
Sandra Miriam Yelen 01453, MAOptometry1740260975
Sherry L Audycki 02747, MAOptometry1679559108
Irwin M Nathanson 01923, MAOptometry1710966338
Paul Vincent Benoit 01035, MAOptometry1992781942
Daniel E Reiser 01731, MAOptometry1255318747
Jeffrey R Underkoffler 01606, MAOptometry1518942929
Ira Robert Bourne 02116, MAOptometry1356311062
Martin L. Shuman 01906, MAOptometry1265403521
Joseph V Medeiros 02720, MAOptometry1063483030
Medical Eye Care Associates, P.c. 02062, MAOptometry1386615193
Anna L Ison Chatfield 02703, MAOptometry1790756468
Gregory Taylor Bodrie 02561, MAOptometry1164493979
Gary G. Campbell 02370, MAOptometry1053382481
Colleen Davey Gonyea 01608, MAOptometry1184695561
Chad Everett Mcdonald 01950, MAOptometry1215909643
William Frederick Watts 01950, MAOptometry1841261377
William L Olson 02301, MAOptometry1427029875
Arthur Neil Rosen 01701, MAOptometry1376515585
David C Momnie 01013, MAOptometry1255303566
Lee David Lerner 02453, MAOptometry1194797001
James R Pearson 01923, MAOptometry1326010117
Thomas R Maselli 01247, MAOptometry1396718839
Katie M Field 01247, MAOptometry1265405716
Joyce S Chien 02215, MAOptometry1093787566
David John Herron 02184, MAOptometry1093788242
Mark Edward Schiffman 02657, MAOptometry1366415713
Arnold Harvey Vogel 01106, MAOptometry1023081064
Mark A. Traveis 01803, MAOptometry1871566794
Julianne R. Gallerani 01030, MAOptometry1639142334
Patti A Landry 02139, MAOptometry1689647232
Suzanne M Ward 01864, MAOptometry1659344216
Anthony Regonini 01020, MAOptometry1285608687
George Damon Leavitt 02382, MAOptometry1689648941
Dylan H Bui 02148, MAOptometry1659345874
Frank E Miller Od 01760, MAOptometry1477527471


Explanations of Terms and Helpful Links

Q: What is a NPI number?
A: As per CMS, a National Provider Identifier (NPI) is a unique identification number for covered health care providers, which was created to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of electronic transmission of health information.

Q: How does NPI number registration work? How do I get, apply, or register for a NPI number? Is there an easy way of obtaining an NPI number?
A: As per CMS, the most convenient method of registering for a NPI number is to visit NPPES and follow the on-screen instructions. If you have any questions during the registration process, you may contact NPI customer service at 1-800-465-3203.

Q: Is there any easy-to-read NPI number list or a list of NPI numbers?
A: There are several lists that you may find online, but an example of an official one is from CMS, which allows you to view certain data using table-like interfaces. An NPI number search can also be performed via the NPPES NPI registry.

Q: What is my profession's NPI number? How about my group NPI number? And my medical NPI number?
A: The NPPES NPI registry is the official website for finding / locating and verifying your NPI number and related details. Our website does indeed utilize NPPES data as one of its sources and we encourage you to explore all possible sources for NPI verification.

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