Providers with Taxonomy: Optometry in the state of Maryland

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Optometry
in the state of Maryland:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Deborah Marie Amoroso 30346, MDOptometry1679541700
Richard Yang 96205, MDOptometry1932289782
Tina N Burr 77479, MDOptometry1205978624
Theodore Francis Sees 49341, MDOptometry1235320680
Ejemeare P Igene 21228, MDOptometry1538466032
Nathan Thomas Frank 99515, MDOptometry1588812390
Chantel Nicole Garcia Tarbett 28075, MDOptometry1952666406
Chun H Auyeung 20904, MDOptometry1073878476
Nicole A Regis 21401, MDOptometry1487090114
Jennifer Lee 22182, MDOptometry1255715082
Kristin Stupiansky 20895, MDOptometry1912310673
Edward J Patro 21801, MDOptometry1902917123
Sheetal M. Haria 24540, MDOptometry1437234077
Molly Elizabeth Guzic 17225, MDOptometry1205911435
20/20 Retail Management, Llc 20707, MDOptometry1598286932
Nv Optometry 21054, MDOptometry1972080869
Roma Desai 21224, MDOptometry1831542372
Andrew Henry Williams 30311, MDOptometry1932445202
Victoria Chan 91367, MDOptometry1023548542
Jessy Ung 20906, MDOptometry1639697584
Helen Wang 20707, MDOptometry1992157564
Mandana Nasiri Manesh 20783, MDOptometry1861050650
Hares Banuwal 21244, MDOptometry1285293100
Brian Anthony Gonzales 21401, MDOptometry1720150915
Chisom P Umogbai 85730, MDOptometry1881002376
Trey Michel Haugen 21075, MDOptometry1548740772
Nguyen Waterman 20002, MDOptometry1528098415
Chesapeake Eye Care & Laser Center Llc 21157, MDOptometry1336790906
Caroline Ann Lee 20815, MDOptometry1952892671
Chesapeake Eye Care & Laser Center Llc 21740, MDOptometry1811537061
Thuy Vu Strong 21044, MDOptometry1871634972
Maria Bernadette Nunez-imholtz 20601, MDOptometry1760420418
Katzen Medical Associates, Pc 21093, MDOptometry1326052614
Alexander Earl Carpenter 21801, MDOptometry1154761435
Chesapeake Eye Care & Laser Center Llc 21244, MDOptometry1588298293
Marcus Aaron Hood 27597, MDOptometry1306058516
Howai Jenny Chan 21209, MDOptometry1689012577
Fabrice Djoko Dzuguia 21740, MDOptometry1285288506
Cerella F Rainey 21703, MDOptometry1003083486
Roxanne Chalifoux 23666, MDOptometry1164074761
Joseph L Derose 21014, MDOptometry1679516595
Reid Brian Gardner 17201, MDOptometry1528626363
Chippewa Optical Llc 21208, MDOptometry1972017358
Jillian Sue Chapman 21014, MDOptometry1558340836
Christina T Phan 20166, MDOptometry1023427432
Meghan Corkery 06107, MDOptometry1053763557
Kelly M Cooper 21601, MDOptometry1124628300
Visionmd, Llc 20769, MDOptometry1801381884
Christie Mackenzie 94704, MDOptometry1124478128
Aspen Hill Optometry, Llc 20906, MDOptometry1629293170
Joy Mariah Hines 20912, MDOptometry1649770835
Marina Ishak Abdalla 33331, MDOptometry1720573173
Eseosa Christine Omoruyi 20721, MDOptometry1811219355
Mary Mantini 20109, MDOptometry1184073033
Margaret Ann Schlosser 48026, MDOptometry1073034757
Kyle Nicholas Kravetz 19967, MDOptometry1609306141
Samantha Haslbeck Kravetz 19967, MDOptometry1295265734
Susannah Neff 26105, MDOptometry1336208040
Rizwana Iqbal 21043, MDOptometry1447676119
Raina Jacob Kallarackal 20852, MDOptometry1861052631
Janice Anita Simmons 20866, MDOptometry1033266119
Cameron Michael Rowe 22405, MDOptometry1083238471
Daniel Rogers 20879, MDOptometry1053470245
Mandel Vision Care Llc 21208, MDOptometry1932770906
Tan Kim Duong 20912, MDOptometry1396351490
Sonia Tsay 21740, MDOptometry1801469523
Myeyedr Optometry Of Maryland, Llc 21014, MDOptometry1114397908
Wink Vision 20132, MDOptometry1205366333
Charene-marie Francesca Duboyce 21742, MDOptometry1821512971
Saadia Asma Tariq 21224, MDOptometry1558928648
Connor Blake 17201, MDOptometry1972142545
Erin Lee 21030, MDOptometry1568740793
Nova Vision Care, Llc 22046, MDOptometry1811650146
Lindsay Marie Agro 21201, MDOptometry1487110656
Azar/filipov Md Pa 21804, MDOptometry1700889755
Frederick J Sauerburger Md Pa 20603, MDOptometry1588660385
Catonsville Eye Group, Inc. 21228, MDOptometry1578569190
Barenburg Optical Service, Inc 21201, MDOptometry1639179112
Steven R Allgaier Od Pa 21793, MDOptometry1790787133
Md Eyecare Llc 21286, MDOptometry1548253040
Dr. James R. Nickol Dr. Frank L. Weidema Optometrists, P.a. 21851, MDOptometry1710973771
Longmeadow Eyecare Incorporated 21742, MDOptometry1417944299
Dr Phyllis Strickland & Associates 21236, MDOptometry1790766434
Leisure World Opticians Inc 20906, MDOptometry1750369120
Parris Castoro Eye Care Center, P.a. 21014, MDOptometry1235117441
Mt. Airy Eye Care, Llc 21771, MDOptometry1497714356
Dr Alan N Glazier Optometrist Pa 20850, MDOptometry1124083530
Sober Family Eye Care Pa 21236, MDOptometry1013970615
Bert M. Glaser National Retina Institute, Llc 21204, MDOptometry1962456780
Grifasi Eyecare And Optical, Inc. 21921, MDOptometry1083640429
Grifasi Eyecare & Optical Ii, Inc. 21078, MDOptometry1073549416
Ivan H Garcia Md Pc 21244, MDOptometry1417986712
Adaptify Solutions, Llc 20910, MDOptometry1598126377
Stephen Polakoff 21090, MDOptometry1710402219
America's Best Contacts & Eyeglasses 21244, MDOptometry1235160045
National Vision Inc 21286, MDOptometry1790712198
National Vision, Inc. 21014, MDOptometry1609807403
National Vision, Inc. 20852, MDOptometry1427089242
National Vision, Inc. 20747, MDOptometry1104857929
National Vision, Inc. 20912, MDOptometry1427089259
Insight Vision Care Inc 21601, MDOptometry1467485763
Doctors On Sight, Optometrists, Inc. 20601, MDOptometry1700801339
Dependable Eye Care Inc 21620, MDOptometry1720004203
Visionworks, Inc. 21228, MDOptometry1104847912
Drs. Ely And Cohen, Optometry 20906, MDOptometry1417970609
Accurate Optical Co Inc 21804, MDOptometry1437164183
Accurate Optical Co Of Ocean City Inc 21842, MDOptometry1063427714
Accurate Optical Co Of Kent Island Inc 21666, MDOptometry1326053075
Accurate Optical Co Of Cambridge Inc 21613, MDOptometry1467467126
Montgomery County Eye Care Llc 20877, MDOptometry1184633257
Stephanie Price harris, O.d., P.a. 21842, MDOptometry1053322933
St Paul Place Specialists, Inc. 21202, MDOptometry1851405187
Alianiello Eye Care, Inc. 21087, MDOptometry1093820284
Accurate Optical Co Of Easton Inc 21601, MDOptometry1962510628
Cho & Cho Professional, Inc. 21043, MDOptometry1972614204
Associated Eye Care Optometry Pa 21015, MDOptometry1548364045
Visionworks, Inc. 20879, MDOptometry1962509224
Halpern Eye Care Of Maryland, Inc. 21078, MDOptometry1881792190
Giannas Eyecare Professionals Inc. 21237, MDOptometry1134229131
Select Eye Care Pa 21286, MDOptometry1356435572
Lee D. Caplan O.d., Inc. 21244, MDOptometry1578647764
Sgl Inc 21061, MDOptometry1417031675
Accurate Optical Co Of Laurel Inc 19956, MDOptometry1043397888
Douglas J Lavenburg Md Pa 21921, MDOptometry1831276385
Allegany Optical Llc 21742, MDOptometry1215014832
Dr. Stuart D. Schatz, Optometrist, P.a. 20740, MDOptometry1992874986
Canton Vision Center, Inc. 21224, MDOptometry1992899967
Mohr & Barber Md Llc 21157, MDOptometry1508978925
Jeremy Goldman, O.d., Llc 21117, MDOptometry1235221029
Arturo Betancourt, Md, Pa 21061, MDOptometry1578663985
Shady Grove Eye & Vision Care, Llc 20850, MDOptometry1023103801
Budget Optical Inc. 21136, MDOptometry1538231303
Teunis Vision Center 20855, MDOptometry1386702082
Dr Irwin Azman & Dr Thomas Azman Ods Pa 21093, MDOptometry1891856357
South Baltimore Eye Associtate Inc. 21230, MDOptometry1003978180
Irwin Azman O.d. And Thomas Azman O.d. 21222, MDOptometry1639231491
Professional Vision Associates, Inc. 21234, MDOptometry1720141963
Gary H. Cassel, M.d.,p.a. 21204, MDOptometry1265597082
Eye Tech Llc 21502, MDOptometry1104975150
John H. Reynolds, O.d., P.a. 21901, MDOptometry1083765564
Modern Eyes, Llc 20877, MDOptometry1548311640
Eyecare Professionals P C 21740, MDOptometry1962553818
Aurora Vision Group, P.c. 21401, MDOptometry1144372103
Steven P. Schwartz, O.d., P.a. 21666, MDOptometry1558414599
Levin Eye Care Services Inc 21236, MDOptometry1437295300
Dr Keramati & Associates, Inc. 21044, MDOptometry1629115753
Psm Inc. 20770, MDOptometry1538208277
The Lasik Vision Institute Llc 21076, MDOptometry1699817403
Stephen C. Flemke,o.d.,p.a. 21030, MDOptometry1649315318
Longmeadow Optical, Ltd 21702, MDOptometry1861529240
Td annapolis Inc 21401, MDOptometry1770616294
Bft Vision Inc 21146, MDOptometry1528183191
Eye Care Associates Of Md, Inc 21114, MDOptometry1619093762
Weinstein Eye Associates, Pa 21113, MDOptometry1922124072
Columbia Family Eye Care, Inc. 21029, MDOptometry1598881476
Apple Blossom Optics 21702, MDOptometry1033237144
Dr. Flora Feldman & Associates, Llc 20877, MDOptometry1922145127
Padmini R Nathan, Optometrists, P.a. 21702, MDOptometry1952435620
Family Optometric Associates P.c. 21702, MDOptometry1629197520
Vision Center Opticians 20906, MDOptometry1871613091
Vision Center Optician 20852, MDOptometry1518087543
Dr. Jil Klein Delmarva Vision Assoc's, P.c. 21801, MDOptometry1639392509
Dr. Jil Klein Ocean Pines Vision Care, Pc 21811, MDOptometry1417171588
Ver, Inc. 20603, MDOptometry1225254683
North Mall Optics, Inc. 21234, MDOptometry1760609820
Deanne Leonard Od Llc 21215, MDOptometry1558589796
Sterling Optical 20724, MDOptometry1760696751
Penn Optical Co. Ltd 21206, MDOptometry1902013824
Sterling Optical 21061, MDOptometry1073722898
2020 Eyecare Of Virginia, Inc. 21801, MDOptometry1871794206
Randallstown Family Eye Care Llc 21133, MDOptometry1487857835
Eye Associates 20740, MDOptometry1275730491
Eye Associates 21044, MDOptometry1033317532
George B. Shields, O.d., P.c. 21402, MDOptometry1316147184
Woolf, Llc 21122, MDOptometry1235339524
Bruce Hyatt 21210, MDOptometry1760672729
Eye To Eye Of Frederick Inc 21702, MDOptometry1861683872
Eye To Eye Inc 20874, MDOptometry1639360407
Carl M Waxman Od Llc 21157, MDOptometry1720270234
Stanley J. Amernick, 21204, MDOptometry1538352315
Allegany Optical Llc 21702, MDOptometry1588857379
Michael A Sless, O.d. P.a. 21111, MDOptometry1528252632
Town Optical 21133, MDOptometry1346436110
All Eyes Optical 21215, MDOptometry1538355300
Penn Optical Co Ltd 21244, MDOptometry1952597155
Penn Optical Co. Ltd 21205, MDOptometry1053507236
Penn Optical Co Ltd 21215, MDOptometry1215123401
Karen S Beling Optometry Llc 21037, MDOptometry1073700746
Gem Optical, Llc 20737, MDOptometry1437346459
Norman Shedlo, P.a. 20782, MDOptometry1063601714
Eye Design, Inc 20735, MDOptometry1194914408
Allegany Optical Llc 21703, MDOptometry1285813717
Halpern Eye Care Of Maryland, Inc. 21921, MDOptometry1801076880
James A. Eickhoff And Harold D. Rowe, Partners 21136, MDOptometry1699955260
Allegany Optical Llc 21740, MDOptometry1487834982
Halpern Eye Care Of Maryland, Inc. 21040, MDOptometry1083895478
Halpern Eye Care Of Maryland, Inc. 21015, MDOptometry1144401530
Halpern Eye Care Of Maryland, Inc. 21001, MDOptometry1497936884
Halpern Eye Care Of Maryland, Inc. 21050, MDOptometry1316128705
Stephen H Getz. O.d. 21047, MDOptometry1679754980


Explanations of Terms and Helpful Links

Q: What is a NPI number?
A: As per CMS, a National Provider Identifier (NPI) is a unique identification number for covered health care providers, which was created to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of electronic transmission of health information.

Q: How does NPI number registration work? How do I get, apply, or register for a NPI number? Is there an easy way of obtaining an NPI number?
A: As per CMS, the most convenient method of registering for a NPI number is to visit NPPES and follow the on-screen instructions. If you have any questions during the registration process, you may contact NPI customer service at 1-800-465-3203.

Q: Is there any easy-to-read NPI number list or a list of NPI numbers?
A: There are several lists that you may find online, but an example of an official one is from CMS, which allows you to view certain data using table-like interfaces. An NPI number search can also be performed via the NPPES NPI registry.

Q: What is my profession's NPI number? How about my group NPI number? And my medical NPI number?
A: The NPPES NPI registry is the official website for finding / locating and verifying your NPI number and related details. Our website does indeed utilize NPPES data as one of its sources and we encourage you to explore all possible sources for NPI verification.

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