Providers with Taxonomy: Optometry in the state of Maine

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Optometry
in the state of Maine:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Michelle Diaz 03904, MEOptometry1699778621
Richard John Smart 04330, MEOptometry1689677080
Peter Douglas Paradis 04901, MEOptometry1912900309
Philip Ralph Poulin 04901, MEOptometry1235132614
Alesia Lee Higgins 04468, MEOptometry1154325637
John E. Gaetani 04468, MEOptometry1497759989
Anne Marie Hall 04468, MEOptometry1912901372
Paul P Cote 04240, MEOptometry1144225475
Janet C Whelan 04005, MEOptometry1457356024
Michelle L Higgins 04096, MEOptometry1063417517
George M Taylor 04619, MEOptometry1073518502
Helen Lydia Bell Necevski 04901, MEOptometry1205831732
Michael C Parks 04967, MEOptometry1598761595
Christine G. Newell 04009, MEOptometry1245236314
Nirupama Aggarwal 04102, MEOptometry1871599928
Matthew A Thees 04102, MEOptometry1376549451
John L Walters 04102, MEOptometry1689670762
Jill M Amundson 04102, MEOptometry1710983861
Philip M. Savage 04401, MEOptometry1356349989
William J Airey 04412, MEOptometry1871591404
Peter A Beauboeuf 04086, MEOptometry1104824747
Blaine A. Littlefield 04011, MEOptometry1710985155
Todd M. Hamilton 04011, MEOptometry1649278912
Michelle A. Broderick 04011, MEOptometry1003814096
Lorie Ann Parks 04901, MEOptometry1134120975
Stephen L Lauritsen Od Pa 04105, MEOptometry1154322287
David Thomas Douglass 04401, MEOptometry1417949678
Ian Milton Jones 04953, MEOptometry1992797179
Flint C Reid 04967, MEOptometry1407840309
Colin Richard Robinson 04062, MEOptometry1154316610
Pauline V. Beale 04240, MEOptometry1356337919
Richard P Thompson 04073, MEOptometry1639165095
Douglas J. Henry 04240, MEOptometry1750377958
Thomas P. Nadeau 04538, MEOptometry1275520975
Charles F. Meyer 04539, MEOptometry1053300764
Robert W Banglmaier 04102, MEOptometry1659360345
Sian E Liem 04074, MEOptometry1275522948
Jonathan F Cook 04039, MEOptometry1194714733
Casco Bay Eyecare Llc 04074, MEOptometry1063401693
Timothy W Tolford 04102, MEOptometry1063401578
Michael P. Anastasio 04102, MEOptometry1578552980
Steven A Goldstein 04101, MEOptometry1992794309
Francis H Robbins 04106, MEOptometry1619966041
Wolf Eye Associates, Pa 04240, MEOptometry1750372868
Mark B Weatherbee 04457, MEOptometry1184615635
Anne-louise Goulet 04105, MEOptometry1134100357
John A Dubois 04020, MEOptometry1831171206
Renee Caron Whelan 04105, MEOptometry1285618355
Sean R. Kull Od 04473, MEOptometry1578548798
William P Beeaker 04254, MEOptometry1316925225
Charles M Tessman 04938, MEOptometry1306825393
Danielle Kathryn Pelletier 04103, MEOptometry1679553713
Timothy David Rioux 04743, MEOptometry1922088335
Mark Paul Lambrecht 29902, MEOptometry1447237326
Holly Knight Mccarthy 04102, MEOptometry1952718413
Normand Roger Madore 04240, MEOptometry1386616589
Norman Kenneth Ferguson 04037, MEOptometry1174592919
Peter Ebbert Hall 04102, MEOptometry1972562734
Kirn, Everett & Cameron, Optometrists 04276, MEOptometry1275592073
Peter C. Everett 04276, MEOptometry1801855796
Maurice Everett Knapp 04938, MEOptometry1063471548
Krishna Krithivas 04106, MEOptometry1760441042
Linda T.g. Cameron 04276, MEOptometry1467412601
Sammy L Pelletier 03909, MEOptometry1609841360
Howard A Sleeper 04426, MEOptometry1588625602
Kathryn Dingley Gurney 04938, MEOptometry1104887900
Sheila M Miller 04426, MEOptometry1730143439
Daniel Noyes Brooks 04401, MEOptometry1285684811
Peter F Morse 04106, MEOptometry1407807126
Dunn & Pakulski Optometrists 04976, MEOptometry1699728154
Joseph David Heward 04005, MEOptometry1851356588
Kiran B Jones 04953, MEOptometry1811941255
Jones Eye Associates, Pa 04953, MEOptometry1881649671
Reginald Mailhot 04240, MEOptometry1962458505
Rochelle Jessica Hudson 04901, MEOptometry1063469195
John T Mccormick 04543, MEOptometry1154360428
Michelle M Bouchard 04543, MEOptometry1770522047
Randolph B Sawyer 04210, MEOptometry1346281128
Robert A Poole 04915, MEOptometry1942244637
Charles N Marquez 04412, MEOptometry1508801531
Jeffrey E Sawyer 04412, MEOptometry1043255086
Kathryn O Ward 04412, MEOptometry1538103718
Stephen Lewis Ebersole 04240, MEOptometry1235174889
Richard A Graves 04769, MEOptometry1467488569
Craig K Small 04736, MEOptometry1134156144
Jessica Jon Vancil 04416, MEOptometry1194754325
John C Hersey 04496, MEOptometry1700816352
Kathryn R Beveridge 04011, MEOptometry1881633154
Penobscot Eye Care Pa 04412, MEOptometry1073554853
Maine Optometry Pa 04032, MEOptometry1538192497
Maine Optometry Pa 04011, MEOptometry1437182383
Leonard J Mendez 04005, MEOptometry1770518177
Associated Eye Care, P.a. 04073, MEOptometry1144245150
William T. Kirn 04073, MEOptometry1285659417
Edward Bruce Kirn 04240, MEOptometry1821013913
James P Smith 04330, MEOptometry1013932110
Eric Todd Roush 04092, MEOptometry1528083524
Robert J Bolduc 04005, MEOptometry1629094313
Richard J Doiron 04005, MEOptometry1831115724
David L. Lavoie 04073, MEOptometry1942229398
Alan Joseph Mathieu 04038, MEOptometry1457367419
Bradford D Smith 04330, MEOptometry1992711840
David L Guiseley 04039, MEOptometry1558378737
Brian E Hallowell 04619, MEOptometry1851308977
Robert A Macmannis 04619, MEOptometry1295742989
Kenneth John Wich 04605, MEOptometry1861401267
Michael Harold Gonyea 04605, MEOptometry1851301022
Eyes, P.a. 04605, MEOptometry1477564235
Roger L Brignull 04605, MEOptometry1700897188
Dana Lawrence Mccurdy 04330, MEOptometry1982616819
Virginia Gilmore 04401, MEOptometry1821000258
Bangor Mall Eye Association 04401, MEOptometry1487667168
The Iris Network 04102, MEOptometry1548273147
Faith Anne Smith 04330, MEOptometry1982617411
Steven M Lord 04444, MEOptometry1518072602
Thomas S. Crawford 04658, MEOptometry1366467573
Sarah Hanmer 04011, MEOptometry1902327372
Dale L Rodrigue 04330, MEOptometry1427164045
Gray Family Vision Center, P.a. 04039, MEOptometry1821106105
Peter F Morse Inc 04106, MEOptometry1073621090
Paul K Albert 04605, MEOptometry1255440467
Larry E Farmer 04268, MEOptometry1144330853
Frank J Myska 04901, MEOptometry1699887109
Central Maine Eye Optical 04240, MEOptometry1225149370
Ryan M Hogan 04901, MEOptometry1629180120
Troy Michael Avery 04240, MEOptometry1497857429
Charles A Civiello 04401, MEOptometry1528160025
John F. Mccann 04605, MEOptometry1609979244
Poulin & Associates Eye Center 04901, MEOptometry1336243963
Ruth E Stevens 04102, MEOptometry1467558601
Mid State Eye Associates 04963, MEOptometry1548366958
Mark Stephen Varnum 04401, MEOptometry1336245745
Bradford D Smith 04330, MEOptometry1366548059
Jeffery J Dutch 04915, MEOptometry1275630352
Lee U De Rosa 04240, MEOptometry1568560811
Kimberly D. Allen 04412, MEOptometry1659479624
Derosa & Chamberland, Llc 04240, MEOptometry1427157007
Parise Marie Chamberland 04240, MEOptometry1104924174
Michael E Marden 04856, MEOptometry1265532139
Roger R Gagnon 04106, MEOptometry1124128913
Anthony M Lee 04901, MEOptometry1851491732
Amy M Abbott 04106, MEOptometry1578663365
David J Shippee 04462, MEOptometry1093815367
Troy A Norton 04938, MEOptometry1417058579
David S Lowell 04102, MEOptometry1770684177
Roxanne Parker Metayer 04062, MEOptometry1609967470
Kennebec Eyecare Pa 04901, MEOptometry1659462067
Tere And Judy Pa 04268, MEOptometry1659462174
Family Eye Health & Contact Lens 04240, MEOptometry1447343819
John David Higgins 03904, MEOptometry1083707582
Mark E. Elkinson 04106, MEOptometry1336233931
Karen D Healy 03904, MEOptometry1588759112
Ronald Dennis Roy 04073, MEOptometry1235223496
Jessica M. Philbrook 04730, MEOptometry1992899884
Stanley L Shapleigh 03904, MEOptometry1851486351
Kevin M Webb 03904, MEOptometry1124113618
Amy M Marnecheck 04915, MEOptometry1104911908
David W Seaton 03904, MEOptometry1225124878
Drs. Dutch & Marnecheck,llc 04915, MEOptometry1073609129
Boldcoast Eyecare Incorporated 04105, MEOptometry1336236918
Kenneth F. Nuzzo, O.d., P.a. 04347, MEOptometry1184711319
Linwood L Colson 04401, MEOptometry1326136250
Dr Alan J Mathieu P.a. 04038, MEOptometry1831279553
Brian L Daniels 04011, MEOptometry1912087636
Nicole C Shipp 04011, MEOptometry1346320074
Louis Francis Ricciardone 04530, MEOptometry1750461216
Brunswick Eye Care Associates, Pa 04011, MEOptometry1467533588
Metayer Eye Care Pa 04062, MEOptometry1174604037
Richard B Mcgraw 04330, MEOptometry1194807479
Vision Care Of Maine, Llc Optometry Group 04401, MEOptometry1649356700
David Herbert Upton 04090, MEOptometry1629155106
Troy A Norton Od, Inc. 04938, MEOptometry1487733143
Catherine J Varnum 04769, MEOptometry1205915618
Thomas Hwnry Dwelley 04401, MEOptometry1629147442
Gerrard Rudmin 04930, MEOptometry1356410609
Albert Joseph Mastraccio 04073, MEOptometry1912077843
Arthur Chapman Iii 04084, MEOptometry1780755116
Kittery Optometric Associates, Pllc 03904, MEOptometry1447343926
Vision Care Of Maine Llc 04401, MEOptometry1225137847
Vision Care Of Maine aroostook Llc 04769, MEOptometry1588763189
Central Maine Eye Care P.a. 04240, MEOptometry1508977869
Steven Paul Lary 04843, MEOptometry1649351552
Smart Vision, Llc 04401, MEOptometry1811066079
Smart Vision, Llc 04344, MEOptometry1245309400
Robert Fulton Murray 04101, MEOptometry1437231883
Mark Alexander 04011, MEOptometry1225118953
James L. Tompkins 04769, MEOptometry1457423865
Thomas Vincent Gordon 04077, MEOptometry1023181062
Eric J Hebert 04841, MEOptometry1396810164
David A Pakulski 04976, MEOptometry1053488221
Gerald G Dunn 04976, MEOptometry1902973175
Tricia Lynn Pirone 04102, MEOptometry1417025503
Philip N. Goldthwait 04401, MEOptometry1508925363
Randall Crockett Himes 04769, MEOptometry1144380478
William Vincent Coppola 04841, MEOptometry1770642175
Nancy L Murray 04412, MEOptometry1609937390
Roger L. Bergeron 04240, MEOptometry1467514356
Robert D. Ellis, O.d. P.a. 04730, MEOptometry1316000276
Michael David Pirone 04102, MEOptometry1336297704
Terry Wayne Smith 04096, MEOptometry1275684524


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Q: What is a NPI number?
A: As per CMS, a National Provider Identifier (NPI) is a unique identification number for covered health care providers, which was created to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of electronic transmission of health information.

Q: How does NPI number registration work? How do I get, apply, or register for a NPI number? Is there an easy way of obtaining an NPI number?
A: As per CMS, the most convenient method of registering for a NPI number is to visit NPPES and follow the on-screen instructions. If you have any questions during the registration process, you may contact NPI customer service at 1-800-465-3203.

Q: Is there any easy-to-read NPI number list or a list of NPI numbers?
A: There are several lists that you may find online, but an example of an official one is from CMS, which allows you to view certain data using table-like interfaces. An NPI number search can also be performed via the NPPES NPI registry.

Q: What is my profession's NPI number? How about my group NPI number? And my medical NPI number?
A: The NPPES NPI registry is the official website for finding / locating and verifying your NPI number and related details. Our website does indeed utilize NPPES data as one of its sources and we encourage you to explore all possible sources for NPI verification.

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