Providers with Taxonomy: Optometry in the state of Michigan

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Optometry
in the state of Michigan:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Bernard C Tekiele 48532, MIOptometry1609879741
Thomas Francis Klimek 49307, MIOptometry1508869272
Kari Martha Visser-robel 49735, MIOptometry1164425666
Rachel Gates Hollenbeck 49525, MIOptometry1174526479
Leonard S Silverman 48864, MIOptometry1295737302
Emmett Dewayne Cosgrove 49090, MIOptometry1316941255
Louis E Boggs 48651, MIOptometry1134123987
Lakeside Vision Inc 48651, MIOptometry1790789550
Danny Ralph Dibble 48838, MIOptometry1003810870
Gerard M Choryan 49525, MIOptometry1629072301
Philip J Vanderlugt 49525, MIOptometry1942204623
Robert Thomas Clark 48114, MIOptometry1386648087
Charlene I Hamilton 49525, MIOptometry1366446973
Dean L Hartwig 49801, MIOptometry1457355067
Jay W Bosco 48732, MIOptometry1649274101
David L Bejot 43623, MIOptometry1588668222
Monica Anne Fenton 49525, MIOptometry1427052919
David Michael Den Braber 49525, MIOptometry1336143825
Gregory Leon Patera 49525, MIOptometry1245234731
Daniel Phillips 48195, MIOptometry1477557817
Thomas Paul Dunning 49525, MIOptometry1558365908
Mark E Bernthal 48080, MIOptometry1811991391
Patrick J Kiella 49686, MIOptometry1588669857
Garry M Deo 48176, MIOptometry1295730687
Shelia Arlene Fuller 48307, MIOptometry1134124555
Carder Robert Burns 48519, MIOptometry1609871870
Heidi Marie Mccullah 48059, MIOptometry1538164728
Randy Scott U'ren 49682, MIOptometry1962407817
Steven Lee Bierlein 48734, MIOptometry1255336202
Eric Carl Webb 48051, MIOptometry1437154564
Jason M Donahue 48604, MIOptometry1548265630
Heidi Bauer Skelley 48604, MIOptometry1972508067
Douglas E Gillies 48162, MIOptometry1205831245
Family Eye Care Ctr P C 48734, MIOptometry1780689687
John W. Marohn 49085, MIOptometry1548265879
Duane Allen Tolsma 49085, MIOptometry1306841630
Kenneth Son 48054, MIOptometry1831194992
Andrea S Becker 49682, MIOptometry1710982715
Mid Michigan Eye Care Center, Pc 49202, MIOptometry1649275041
John Earl Kaminski 48640, MIOptometry1003811605
Christopher David Zehnder 48734, MIOptometry1679578124
Scott Mason Buckingham 48640, MIOptometry1467457051
Robert C Huizenga 49428, MIOptometry1447255914
Theodore B Walton 48371, MIOptometry1780680843
Cara A Condon 49221, MIOptometry1558367300
Dale L Wittkop 49010, MIOptometry1447256136
Paul Anton Hodge 49010, MIOptometry1861498974
Paul W Lanczki 49221, MIOptometry1982600722
Dana E Gillin 49286, MIOptometry1013914225
Phillips Eye Care, P.l.l.c. 48195, MIOptometry1689672396
Alice Marie Bacak 49090, MIOptometry1669470159
John A Mannik 49090, MIOptometry1003814500
Bruce L Bullion 49508, MIOptometry1003814492
Jay J Crank 49525, MIOptometry1083612162
Lara Ann Eenigenburg 49412, MIOptometry1013915859
John M Schmitz 48025, MIOptometry1912906397
Daniel N Wrubel 48827, MIOptometry1528067600
Steven S. Burmeister 49441, MIOptometry1962402883
Thomas Michael Adamczak 49461, MIOptometry1083614911
James E. Budge 48823, MIOptometry1013918069
Family Eye Care Pc 48629, MIOptometry1235130923
Teresa Marie Ennis-decker 48746, MIOptometry1154322956
Jeffrey B Byland 49412, MIOptometry1487655643
Darren Lee Meyer 49091, MIOptometry1821099367
Bryon A Bohnet 49007, MIOptometry1306847421
John William Muir 48843, MIOptometry1639161615
Wes L Frisbey 49938, MIOptometry1497747687
Craig Joseph Watson 48446, MIOptometry1083606073
Howard E Crane 48220, MIOptometry1124010988
Joseph Kostesich 48316, MIOptometry1831181411
Robert Fredrick Lee 48205, MIOptometry1013909555
Crystal M Carrington-hellier 49938, MIOptometry1689666968
Carl Louis Stites 49341, MIOptometry1013909415
Thomas Woytta Inc. 48040, MIOptometry1942292289
Jennifer Mazzola Sortor 48103, MIOptometry1578555884
Steven I Bennett 48104, MIOptometry1316930670
Edward H Grattan Od Pc 48346, MIOptometry1144213083
Heather Marie Burgess-peterson 49445, MIOptometry1720071798
Holicki Optical Inc 49036, MIOptometry1386637957
Johnny L Deflonty 48603, MIOptometry1639162233
Medical Enterprises, Inc. 48755, MIOptometry1619960150
Patrick J Bell 48603, MIOptometry1013900612
Manijeh Shafiemir 48126, MIOptometry1225020043
Donald Bart Darnell 48730, MIOptometry1306839535
Allison M.b. Schulte 48346, MIOptometry1295727832
Holicki Eye Centers, P.c. 49036, MIOptometry1811980386
Kathryn A Cizek 49684, MIOptometry1134113517
Clayton G Skrzypczak 49686, MIOptometry1649264995
Robert C Layman 48144, MIOptometry1699769836
Jennifer Leigh Henbest 49684, MIOptometry1710971650
Heidi L Johnson 49855, MIOptometry1578557443
Gregory R Morgan 49506, MIOptometry1497749956
Alan D Scott 48617, MIOptometry1114911666
Robert Michael Hardy 49412, MIOptometry1174518617
Gerald Lawrence Almy 49331, MIOptometry1932194370
David C Batzer 48413, MIOptometry1962497347
C. Steven Kocks 48638, MIOptometry1134114531
William J Buckingham 49202, MIOptometry1366437675
Mark Michael Garin 48302, MIOptometry1982699294
William B Hass 48616, MIOptometry1972598258
Diana Lowry Koslowske 49534, MIOptometry1053306274
Jason G Tuchowski 48026, MIOptometry1851386981
Eric Siesel 49783, MIOptometry1528053683
Arlie Vanderhoof 48026, MIOptometry1790770816
Sarah Margaret Trommater 48617, MIOptometry1801881842
Steven Lynn Helms 49525, MIOptometry1306831276
Lynnette Gay Burgess 49519, MIOptometry1598750416
Rodney Wayne Bellows 49601, MIOptometry1417942152
Martin Jay Levin 48167, MIOptometry1467447094
Richard J Abbott 49686, MIOptometry1295721520
Christina Lee Curcione 48103, MIOptometry1538155395
George William Mcniven 48471, MIOptometry1629064316
Pasqua Darnell Pc 48740, MIOptometry1033106406
Optical Fashion, Inc. 48084, MIOptometry1639166895
H.w. Bennett Optometrist Co. 48104, MIOptometry1992792154
Brian James Houser 48842, MIOptometry1467449793
Yvonne Marie Kwapis 48623, MIOptometry1023005279
Robert M. Hass 48429, MIOptometry1043207277
Edward Paul Kosanke 49721, MIOptometry1568459659
Matthew Joseph Martin 48611, MIOptometry1063409142
H.w. Bennett Optometrist Co 48105, MIOptometry1013904028
General Optical Company 48509, MIOptometry1003803990
Gregory D Popowitz Pc 48917, MIOptometry1992793749
Kristina Nicole Wittrock 48084, MIOptometry1366430068
Brian M Carney 48170, MIOptometry1356339998
Lisa Renee Lagassa 48236, MIOptometry1720076375
Rocky G Hansen 48838, MIOptometry1003804667
Krista Marie Anderson 48236, MIOptometry1710975479
Detroit Optical Co 48073, MIOptometry1740278357
Thomas John Schaperkotter 49720, MIOptometry1760470470
James M Carney 48170, MIOptometry1285622811
Kenneth B Foon 48073, MIOptometry1497743108
Mark J Cook 48116, MIOptometry1205824711
Edward L Scarbrough 49684, MIOptometry1316931710
Mark Dennis Wilson 49456, MIOptometry1932195450
Steven S. Ellinger 49002, MIOptometry1164416376
Renee V Martin 48838, MIOptometry1902894561
Grand Traverse Ophthalmology Clinic Pc 49686, MIOptometry1265426514
Thomas Lees 48059, MIOptometry1407842040
David Matthew Tykocki 48502, MIOptometry1093703589
Scott James Moore 48509, MIOptometry1730177122
David Neil Moore 48509, MIOptometry1780672279
Scott Mcdowell 48430, MIOptometry1689662173
Gregory D Popowitz Pc 48864, MIOptometry1003804378
Richard Lee Mcdonald 49601, MIOptometry1891783163
Stephen C Mcclintic 48625, MIOptometry1699763979
John P Veith 49202, MIOptometry1023006327
James Allen Adams 49002, MIOptometry1336137397
Eyecare Associates Of Haslett, P.c. 48840, MIOptometry1114915196
Robbie J Pairolero 48840, MIOptometry1912995986
William J Hooker 48840, MIOptometry1639167505
Mark Edward Kosciuszko 49242, MIOptometry1841289774
Marie Louise Fox 49002, MIOptometry1790773646
Deltavision Optical Center Pc 48507, MIOptometry1093704850
Scott F Browne 49418, MIOptometry1386633147
Cheryl Vincent-riemer 48823, MIOptometry1134118912
Eyes Right Opticalii, Inc. 48237, MIOptometry1114916848
Ronald Raymond Watson 48471, MIOptometry1881683407
Paul C Uslan 48103, MIOptometry1629067236
Wilbur Eugene Phillips 48195, MIOptometry1649269218
Samuel S Estes 48912, MIOptometry1902895295
Sarah Ann Lee 48509, MIOptometry1306835640
Korinne Marie Swain 49445, MIOptometry1720077845
Mark S White 48879, MIOptometry1962491902
Rhonda Marie Bifano 48178, MIOptometry1285623207
Christopher Bifano 48127, MIOptometry1003806910
Andrew H. Schmitzer 48837, MIOptometry1841280641
Edward A Peters 48879, MIOptometry1740270388
Douglas Edward Atkinson 49316, MIOptometry1003806696
Jeffrey Dean Johnston 48446, MIOptometry1508856105
James Alden Stewart 48457, MIOptometry1912997560
Dennis James Francisco 48127, MIOptometry1528058989
John C. Cress 49441, MIOptometry1497745889
Frederick William Scarpace 48127, MIOptometry1215927769
Jeffrey Alan Vonseggern 48838, MIOptometry1992795132
Gilbert C Blanks 49202, MIOptometry1114917317
Allison Acker Bissot 49202, MIOptometry1093705295
The Center For Sight, P.c. 49202, MIOptometry1346230554
John Richard Compton 48180, MIOptometry1447240569
Paul Kent Voreis 48164, MIOptometry1205827383
Randall Edward Myers 49601, MIOptometry1265423248
Ronald Joe Anderson 49017, MIOptometry1801887922
Patricia M Kowalski 48823, MIOptometry1730170697
Susan M Perdue 48415, MIOptometry1386635050
Phillip A Kohanov 48059, MIOptometry1184615742
Chris Michael Kramer 48842, MIOptometry1245221969
Kenneth I Marton 48912, MIOptometry1336130012
Keith Ronald Moulds 49321, MIOptometry1487645065
Heidi Lynn Schefferly 49201, MIOptometry1063403632
Paul Kenzie Od Pc 48170, MIOptometry1518958974
Fracer Optical Clinic Inc. 48026, MIOptometry1144211525
Douglas Walter Batchelder 48858, MIOptometry1609867878
Stephen Michael Prince 48858, MIOptometry1841281037
Lee Christopher Newton 48706, MIOptometry1902897101
James Allen Barnhart 48661, MIOptometry1366423451
Carol Lynn Marston-foucher 48150, MIOptometry1255312195
Erin Rene Miller 48858, MIOptometry1619958519
Lynn Optical Associates Pc 48341, MIOptometry1326029190
Jodi Marie Hummel 49684, MIOptometry1497736102
Kirk Robert Schott 49925, MIOptometry1205817970


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Q: What is a NPI number?
A: As per CMS, a National Provider Identifier (NPI) is a unique identification number for covered health care providers, which was created to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of electronic transmission of health information.

Q: How does NPI number registration work? How do I get, apply, or register for a NPI number? Is there an easy way of obtaining an NPI number?
A: As per CMS, the most convenient method of registering for a NPI number is to visit NPPES and follow the on-screen instructions. If you have any questions during the registration process, you may contact NPI customer service at 1-800-465-3203.

Q: Is there any easy-to-read NPI number list or a list of NPI numbers?
A: There are several lists that you may find online, but an example of an official one is from CMS, which allows you to view certain data using table-like interfaces. An NPI number search can also be performed via the NPPES NPI registry.

Q: What is my profession's NPI number? How about my group NPI number? And my medical NPI number?
A: The NPPES NPI registry is the official website for finding / locating and verifying your NPI number and related details. Our website does indeed utilize NPPES data as one of its sources and we encourage you to explore all possible sources for NPI verification.

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