Providers with Taxonomy: Optometry in the state of Minnesota

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Optometry
in the state of Minnesota:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Claire J Heinonen 55433, MNOptometry1770586513
Beth L. Fischer 55811, MNOptometry1497758775
Troy M Powers 55811, MNOptometry1902809296
Robert Dodge 55448, MNOptometry1164424370
Bernie V Rottach 55364, MNOptometry1427052323
Mary K Laconic 55429, MNOptometry1316941362
J Scott Endres 55429, MNOptometry1205830254
Katie E Olineck 55311, MNOptometry1669476610
James J Hess 55355, MNOptometry1689678633
Brian J Snyder 55116, MNOptometry1609871557
Frank Clark Munns 55811, MNOptometry1124023213
Dennis Ottenstroer 55122, MNOptometry1770588840
Viktoria Larson Davis 56062, MNOptometry1477558302
Benjamin Stout 55122, MNOptometry1265437792
Erin Carlson 55122, MNOptometry1174528608
Javen Delano Holm 56031, MNOptometry1285630632
John M Muellerleile 55060, MNOptometry1851397095
James Robert Gutfleisch 55057, MNOptometry1982600524
David Kenneth Hakes 55057, MNOptometry1992701536
Dirk S Colby 55422, MNOptometry1548266273
Marilou V Stephan 55435, MNOptometry1558367136
Gregory M Macik 56201, MNOptometry1922004514
Paul J Shlafer 55435, MNOptometry1154327757
Patrick William O'neill 55057, MNOptometry1285631895
Mark Hennen 55118, MNOptometry1215934559
Darwin Dalen 55744, MNOptometry1417954553
Larry Donavon Morrison 56557, MNOptometry1841298445
Robert Jack Jackula 56301, MNOptometry1528066776
Sally Beth Jackula 56301, MNOptometry1902804149
Downtown Eyes Optometric Pllc 55402, MNOptometry1750762977
James J Hess & Scott Endres 55429, MNOptometry1215934880
John A Gess 56308, MNOptometry1679572440
Dale K Hoffmann 56501, MNOptometry1396745550
Ernest Thomas Williams 55746, MNOptometry1255331427
Lynette Rose Catapano 55320, MNOptometry1861493843
Norman Paul Reznicow 55432, MNOptometry1538160064
Brian Dwight Grudem 55110, MNOptometry1194717298
Kristine L Johnson 55337, MNOptometry1083606263
Kevin David Lucas 55110, MNOptometry1407848427
Leah Marie Colby 55374, MNOptometry1942292727
Mark A Torgerson 55435, MNOptometry1811989544
Nicholas Scott Shilman 55811, MNOptometry1750373361
Robert Bach Kennedy 55113, MNOptometry1023000312
Joseph Max Kostecki 55345, MNOptometry1366434672
Joseph Tait Gibbons 55008, MNOptometry1831182062
Elizabeth Gilthvedt 55060, MNOptometry1417940644
Paul W Wysoski 56308, MNOptometry1639162787
Brent Daniel Johnson 56013, MNOptometry1689667875
David M Kruse 56143, MNOptometry1982697686
David N Warshawsky 55402, MNOptometry1699768127
Drs. Akre & Clark, Ltd. 56073, MNOptometry1326031287
James M Hutchins 56085, MNOptometry1285627794
Molacek Family Eyecare, Inc. 56353, MNOptometry1609869031
Jacqueline M Mccall 56425, MNOptometry1376537761
Thomas N Lorentzsen 56560, MNOptometry1083608228
Stanton L Andrist 56560, MNOptometry1336133586
Ahmad M Fahmy 55404, MNOptometry1598750929
Steven A Zimmer 55013, MNOptometry1366437758
Mary J Femrite 56320, MNOptometry1598750952
Jason B Stowe 55805, MNOptometry1932194024
Scott G Hauswirth 55431, MNOptometry1417942665
Jodine L Janzen 55008, MNOptometry1952396111
Duane J Wallaker Od 55912, MNOptometry1487649489
Jeffrey L Anderson 55912, MNOptometry1427044916
Stephen P. Akre 56073, MNOptometry1881680056
Thomas Eugene Clark 56073, MNOptometry1427044692
John G Hasbrouck 56303, MNOptometry1225025927
Jerome Thomas Blaschke 55391, MNOptometry1265429849
Charles Lannom 55346, MNOptometry1205823648
Aaron R Boatz 56303, MNOptometry1023005386
Jeffrey B Anderson 56265, MNOptometry1619964855
Michael David Sufka 56303, MNOptometry1083601165
James Stanley Anderson 55346, MNOptometry1619964459
Mitchell Dean Harstad 56303, MNOptometry1396733143
Marlane J Brown 55130, MNOptometry1982699740
Deanna E Harter 55436, MNOptometry1255326401
Neelu K Hira 55455, MNOptometry1164417325
Gregory Friederichs 56387, MNOptometry1518955939
Burt Dubow 56387, MNOptometry1407844822
Bradley W Neujahr Od Pa 56542, MNOptometry1033107230
Edwin H Glur 55402, MNOptometry1871581850
Andrea Jeanne Urbach 55420, MNOptometry1841289642
David L Hoffman 55305, MNOptometry1700875168
Bradley W Neujahr Od Pa 56621, MNOptometry1558350678
Todd C Kavanagh 55092, MNOptometry1518956655
Steven Norman Monroe 55379, MNOptometry1508856345
Scott A Glaser 55350, MNOptometry1487644969
Ronald Huebsch 55371, MNOptometry1689665705
Kevin Langeson Kish 55992, MNOptometry1225029697
Jacqueline Alice Jones 55044, MNOptometry1023090396
Runestone Eye Care, Inc. 56308, MNOptometry1184606949
Matthew Arnold Gahn 55734, MNOptometry1548241938
Gina Marie Doeden 55431, MNOptometry1558350207
Danise Joann Miller 56479, MNOptometry1083603831
Lamar Wayne Gunnarson 56308, MNOptometry1336137256
Christopher J Conroy 56278, MNOptometry1225019771
Sarah C Krietlow 55318, MNOptometry1831281989
James P Busche 56031, MNOptometry1407839517
Associate Optometry, P.a. 56031, MNOptometry1558344671
Craig A Bratvold 56501, MNOptometry1861475709
Steven J Hepokoski 55416, MNOptometry1962485433
Rochester Family Eye Clinic Llc 55901, MNOptometry1831173335
Melissa K Downs 55901, MNOptometry1952385445
Douglas Gross 56303, MNOptometry1033193511
Bryan Lowell Johnson 55901, MNOptometry1184608200
Fred A Butler 55901, MNOptometry1356325476
Mark A Kidman 55901, MNOptometry1447234554
Paul Alan Seibert 56031, MNOptometry1952385023
Tyler J Johnson 55416, MNOptometry1205810868
Angela P. Johnson 55082, MNOptometry1073597670
Travis M. Johnson 55082, MNOptometry1003890609
Roger Neist 56031, MNOptometry1457336869
Steven E Reinders 55337, MNOptometry1417933854
Thomas M Scaramuzza 55416, MNOptometry1649257437
Scott M Pastryk 55987, MNOptometry1063499762
Karl J Bakken 55416, MNOptometry1033196365
Linda M Chous 55408, MNOptometry1205814134
Dean W Stensrud 55422, MNOptometry1720066582
Kimberly Helen Watson 55802, MNOptometry1295713303
Derin J Van Loon Od Pa 55802, MNOptometry1811975931
Craig Manwell Mccormick 56007, MNOptometry1902885171
Allan D Wortz 55350, MNOptometry1598745671
Brandt Opticare Inc 56560, MNOptometry1952371130
Michael W Gordon 55975, MNOptometry1316917123
James Michael Lyons 55378, MNOptometry1912982547
Scott G Ancel 55379, MNOptometry1629055314
Nathan Peter Heilman 55057, MNOptometry1053390385
Derin John Van Loon 55802, MNOptometry1568440675
Toni J Scheper 55306, MNOptometry1366429797
Patricia A Jilek 55317, MNOptometry1033193198
Leroy Affolter 56258, MNOptometry1902876303
Kirk Reid Kluegel 55125, MNOptometry1922079334
Robert Craig Hochhalter 55082, MNOptometry1902878127
Jon Olof Olson 55126, MNOptometry1881666162
Jeffrey M Peterson 55420, MNOptometry1760454946
Mark A Kapphahn 55108, MNOptometry1912979006
John Michael Consoer 55420, MNOptometry1174596555
Jerald L. Monson 55060, MNOptometry1679546261
Duane P Rutz 56728, MNOptometry1790759090
Craig D Dejong 56334, MNOptometry1063486124
Robert Eugene Swanson 55387, MNOptometry1194790246
Bruce E Watland 56201, MNOptometry1902872658
Michael S Marvin 56474, MNOptometry1396710125
Martin J Theobald 55811, MNOptometry1609842210
Mark T Mcdermott 55113, MNOptometry1083680599
Derek Allen Moline 55113, MNOptometry1588630925
Theresa K Klinge 55435, MNOptometry1710953161
Scott T Hagen 56283, MNOptometry1730155045
Leslie Todd Alsterlund 55408, MNOptometry1144296484
Jeffrey Stephen Larson 55416, MNOptometry1497722904
James Edward Buchli 55105, MNOptometry1740257278
Lane C Robeson 55987, MNOptometry1891762282
Edward Augdahl 55430, MNOptometry1720056641
Wendy A Schulz 55920, MNOptometry1679541536
Thomas C Mueller 56201, MNOptometry1285602888
Michael N Vold 55355, MNOptometry1174591945
Corey H Tabbert 56482, MNOptometry1902874480
Kerry Lee Beebe 56401, MNOptometry1902875032
Steven Todd Monda 56401, MNOptometry1992774020
James S Keller 55416, MNOptometry1356310593
Rodney W Helm 56470, MNOptometry1821057548
Scott A Mescher 55746, MNOptometry1649239401
Wallace Scott Johnson 56187, MNOptometry1346209020
Michael Perez 56470, MNOptometry1164482246
Jonathan James Schorn 55044, MNOptometry1063484566
Teresa F Theobald 55811, MNOptometry1902872518
Hillary Anderson 56601, MNOptometry1932557568
Daniel P Clare 55306, MNOptometry1831162098
Terrence L Tancabel 55355, MNOptometry1861468670
Minnesota Eye Consultants, Pa 55305, MNOptometry1932173374
Minnesota Eye Consultants, Pa 55404, MNOptometry1477526747
Minnesota Eye Consultants, Pa 55109, MNOptometry1861465064
Eric Jack-mun Bohjanen 55812, MNOptometry1477512697
David B Pelowski 56425, MNOptometry1205801032
Patrick J Wellik 55124, MNOptometry1588637078
Lori Ann Geddes 55108, MNOptometry1306813654
Glenn John Okner 55108, MNOptometry1982675393
Katherine L Spencer 55125, MNOptometry1649242066
Murry D. Westberg 56470, MNOptometry1952361032
Pamela Jo Rupnow 55024, MNOptometry1760456479
Kristina M Borespupp 55442, MNOptometry1831159680
Donald H Sealock 55442, MNOptometry1427018266
Kevin F Jund 55130, MNOptometry1619937471
Thomas J Bryan 55442, MNOptometry1285695528
Timothy J Hurley 55442, MNOptometry1518928845
Julie Renae Papenfuss 56601, MNOptometry1538120530
Frank Jay Kouchich 55033, MNOptometry1154383545
Erik S. Bachmeier 55125, MNOptometry1497717870
Sam Donovan Villella 55008, MNOptometry1720040942
Jason A Wood 55433, MNOptometry1003878091
Tammy Hartnett Peterson 55433, MNOptometry1366404386
Anna C Malikowski 56387, MNOptometry1073575098
Jennifer J Meister 55316, MNOptometry1447212477
Sandra Maureen Connell 55008, MNOptometry1609838564
Timothy E Savageau 55024, MNOptometry1629031687
Jerome Allan Fay 55104, MNOptometry1659335289
Bruce D Babcock 55016, MNOptometry1073577417
Catherine L Upham 55411, MNOptometry1689638868
Stacey Jean Bienek 56762, MNOptometry1699730036
Mark Lochridge Pletz 55121, MNOptometry1497710586


Explanations of Terms and Helpful Links

Q: What is a NPI number?
A: As per CMS, a National Provider Identifier (NPI) is a unique identification number for covered health care providers, which was created to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of electronic transmission of health information.

Q: How does NPI number registration work? How do I get, apply, or register for a NPI number? Is there an easy way of obtaining an NPI number?
A: As per CMS, the most convenient method of registering for a NPI number is to visit NPPES and follow the on-screen instructions. If you have any questions during the registration process, you may contact NPI customer service at 1-800-465-3203.

Q: Is there any easy-to-read NPI number list or a list of NPI numbers?
A: There are several lists that you may find online, but an example of an official one is from CMS, which allows you to view certain data using table-like interfaces. An NPI number search can also be performed via the NPPES NPI registry.

Q: What is my profession's NPI number? How about my group NPI number? And my medical NPI number?
A: The NPPES NPI registry is the official website for finding / locating and verifying your NPI number and related details. Our website does indeed utilize NPPES data as one of its sources and we encourage you to explore all possible sources for NPI verification.

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