Providers with Taxonomy: Optometry in the state of Missouri

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Optometry
in the state of Missouri:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Daniel P Walsh 63042, MOOptometry1275536849
Stephen Vincent Cusumano 63011, MOOptometry1831192533
Raymond I Myers 63121, MOOptometry1356344840
Shelley Williams 65203, MOOptometry1750384111
Jaimie M Pfeifer 64506, MOOptometry1760484950
Harry M Sulzberger 65201, MOOptometry1104828375
Debra Kirk 64112, MOOptometry1427050475
Debra Lynne Williams 65686, MOOptometry1215931886
Mark Veenhuis 63043, MOOptometry1467456046
Theodore K. Sullivan 63090, MOOptometry1437153772
Matthew E Honson 64506, MOOptometry1508868795
Kimberly Swan 64112, MOOptometry1548265937
Timothy D. Lischwe 65065, MOOptometry1730184151
Kevin Kyle Edward Carl 65301, MOOptometry1326043787
Daniel J Brothers 64804, MOOptometry1851396279
Melissa Y Brown 64804, MOOptometry1316942642
Desmon Paige Carl 65301, MOOptometry1073518247
Eldon R Repsher 64804, MOOptometry1629073697
Michelle Ann Kindler 65301, MOOptometry1912902644
Dennis W Bezold 64804, MOOptometry1558366880
Mary Carol Blatt 63108, MOOptometry1437154499
Erica S. Burton 64759, MOOptometry1518962059
Gerald B. Swearingen 64759, MOOptometry1760487201
Todd E Bellamy 63141, MOOptometry1093711137
Jeanine Dalton 63031, MOOptometry1780680868
Margaret Deltergo -wachter 63040, MOOptometry1770589855
Jennifer Klinger 63084, MOOptometry1114923109
Brian G Lojka 63011, MOOptometry1912903907
Timothy Buydos 63069, MOOptometry1184620239
Raymond Fada 63304, MOOptometry1013913094
Kathryn Reynolds 63017, MOOptometry1689670689
Michael Rohde 63125, MOOptometry1023014024
Leon Romaine 63051, MOOptometry1922004928
Robert Rottler 63366, MOOptometry1376549378
Lisa Durham 63025, MOOptometry1629074620
Colleen Shear 63144, MOOptometry1437155439
Amanda Jessie Bissell 63090, MOOptometry1336145481
Karen Brahm 63122, MOOptometry1295731347
Pamela Coslick 63304, MOOptometry1013913185
Tuyet K Doan 63368, MOOptometry1578569653
Jerry Kassel 63010, MOOptometry1306842398
Stephen Menzel 63026, MOOptometry1063418051
Charles Metz 63144, MOOptometry1679579437
Scott A. Tomasino 63366, MOOptometry1124024906
Janet Graf 63144, MOOptometry1972509883
Lawrence Jehling 63025, MOOptometry1588660484
Robert George Goerss 63366, MOOptometry1386640050
Alan S Kwiatek 63303, MOOptometry1750387452
Glenn Alan Branson 63703, MOOptometry1952308546
Henry W Allhoff 63131, MOOptometry1942206107
George William Doolin 32547, MOOptometry1396741633
Amber Karpel 63131, MOOptometry1033115019
James Wachter 63011, MOOptometry1689670697
Larry J Brothers 64804, MOOptometry1740287952
Brady L Wilborn 65018, MOOptometry1124025879
Melanie Lynn Linderer 64068, MOOptometry1184621005
Ann Chapman Waterman 64068, MOOptometry1023015872
Robert Ellis Vangilder 63304, MOOptometry1326046087
Mary Jean Bennett 63303, MOOptometry1972501385
Cathy L Frier 64744, MOOptometry1073511366
Robert Christian Brusatti 63131, MOOptometry1568460723
Judith Lynn Miles 63141, MOOptometry1588662746
Kent B Hill 63084, MOOptometry1164420972
Daniel M Kwiatek 63303, MOOptometry1386642106
Michael C Frier 64744, MOOptometry1154320810
John S Bonebrake 64506, MOOptometry1194724328
Craig M Brawley 63128, MOOptometry1558360644
David B Seibel 63128, MOOptometry1427058080
John L Holcomb 64683, MOOptometry1952301053
John Edward Drenon 65301, MOOptometry1760482285
Jolene Fenske 64801, MOOptometry1760482228
Bradford B. Kesler 63028, MOOptometry1548269954
Gina R Scott 35016, MOOptometry1841290152
Steven L Padget 64133, MOOptometry1306847991
James Matthew Kirks 63367, MOOptometry1346242377
Christopher J Brenon 63601, MOOptometry1871595520
Don Robert O'donnell 64801, MOOptometry1558363994
Evan T Williams 63601, MOOptometry1124020672
Kinch T Jones 63601, MOOptometry1033111588
Vincent R. Parsons 64130, MOOptometry1124010194
Patricia A Bequette 63376, MOOptometry1053303859
David M Amos 66204, MOOptometry1134111925
Bruce Allen Kater 65804, MOOptometry1316939051
Charles E. Bruce 63090, MOOptometry1609868140
James T Hall 63957, MOOptometry1316939606
Chad L. Carter 65804, MOOptometry1255323648
Jeff Birdsong 65233, MOOptometry1790777191
James C Rieger 63017, MOOptometry1205828514
Michael P Steele 63011, MOOptometry1194717405
Sharon Kay Dyer 64015, MOOptometry1043203300
Brett T Dawson 64055, MOOptometry1023001302
Steven A Mckay 64055, MOOptometry1427041789
Carol Anna Pranulis 64081, MOOptometry1942293204
William Leslie Crawford 66211, MOOptometry1275526535
Roger G Newth 66211, MOOptometry1801889167
Glen C Pate 64155, MOOptometry1912990276
Lon S Eudaly 66211, MOOptometry1427041797
William A Vogel 64701, MOOptometry1386637650
Robert C Weixeldorfer 64081, MOOptometry1528051802
Todd D Hildreth 64015, MOOptometry1407849789
Robert C Butcher 64155, MOOptometry1952394223
Lloyd Theodore Dixon 64055, MOOptometry1518950898
Brent Edward Parsons 64055, MOOptometry1427041706
Cherie Ann Johnson 66062, MOOptometry1972596252
David Edward Phillips 64015, MOOptometry1881687168
Joseph P Hegyi 63368, MOOptometry1649263856
Wesley Don Kemp 65613, MOOptometry1457344525
Jimmy H Elam 63901, MOOptometry1194718379
Kent E Studer 65201, MOOptometry1770576522
Janet L Collier 63122, MOOptometry1982606695
Johnny L Bowman 65734, MOOptometry1104818749
Radhika Veerapaneni 64130, MOOptometry1841284296
Michael Shurley 64850, MOOptometry1366436370
Barbara Louise Knight 65301, MOOptometry1205820156
Marcia Bray 64055, MOOptometry1730174210
Roger Dale Hopkins 65301, MOOptometry1689669921
Marie Eleanor Batson 65721, MOOptometry1700871035
Thomas Wayne Jasper 63042, MOOptometry1962497180
Margaret Garwood-jasper 63135, MOOptometry1871588095
Keith R. Hamm 62269, MOOptometry1225023401
Thomas A Dettmer 65065, MOOptometry1477548527
Peter H Zimmerman 63028, MOOptometry1841285061
James E. Bureman 65804, MOOptometry1700872249
Ronald W Keeling 65804, MOOptometry1285620880
Barbara Kay Gilley 64024, MOOptometry1588659106
Brenda A Carrell 65804, MOOptometry1164418778
Bary M Brown 65804, MOOptometry1386630580
Diana Meade Scoggin 65020, MOOptometry1407842156
Mark D Peckham 63028, MOOptometry1376539064
John Arthur Mcgreal 63141, MOOptometry1689661886
Michael Billings 63901, MOOptometry1164419354
Stephen L Nichols 66204, MOOptometry1568459469
Paul Alan Whitten 63031, MOOptometry1467440008
Carrie T Hruza 63026, MOOptometry1700870284
Steven Macdonald 64055, MOOptometry1851389423
Lisa K Parks 64735, MOOptometry1063408169
Lawrence N. Nicastro 35801, MOOptometry1790772655
James E Skoney 35235, MOOptometry1568450195
Mary Tally Watson 35758, MOOptometry1467445965
Dustin Grubbs 32566, MOOptometry1285620104
Neil A Hook 32566, MOOptometry1366438293
Michael E Turner 65807, MOOptometry1891789780
Christine Broeder 63130, MOOptometry1568450039
Kelsey J Kleinsasser 64133, MOOptometry1740278944
Erin Cleary Sullivan 63141, MOOptometry1205825080
Lisa Marie Mackey 63368, MOOptometry1982693297
Benjamin Thomas Secoy 63011, MOOptometry1417946518
Chad Baker 62025, MOOptometry1932199585
Ray A Lassen 63935, MOOptometry1275523680
Everett A Tilley 63775, MOOptometry1952392086
Amber L Mccormick-gossage 63775, MOOptometry1013908938
Mark Alan Dalton 63080, MOOptometry1942291547
Scott R. Ream 65791, MOOptometry1073504676
Mark A Manary 65109, MOOptometry1972594224
Steven D Tilley 63775, MOOptometry1699766014
Gary Wayne Delancey 63021, MOOptometry1164413415
Matthew David Wickham 63368, MOOptometry1083695803
Douglas J Mcguire 63129, MOOptometry1013998707
Jeffrey T Griffin 65265, MOOptometry1770564304
Carl G Abbott 65265, MOOptometry1184605719
Darren A Plank 65807, MOOptometry1396726865
Teresa L Stice 63382, MOOptometry1760463384
Lynn A Herndon 65807, MOOptometry1396726642
Kenneth Charles Detring 63755, MOOptometry1093797052
Michelle Lea Pyle 64836, MOOptometry1356323356
Tamra Leona Soriano 64836, MOOptometry1588646582
Thomas L Monje 63026, MOOptometry1326020769
Matthew J Bednar 64079, MOOptometry1528041860
David Thomas Tischinski 64118, MOOptometry1407839756
Brad C Lewis 65807, MOOptometry1619958188
Stephen R Rice 65807, MOOptometry1558342808
Jimmie Jean Corley 35405, MOOptometry1518940717
Lynn S Hammonds 35244, MOOptometry1801884085
Jeffrey D Hill 35023, MOOptometry1962485052
Kenneth R Winton 35802, MOOptometry1316936487
Gregory Randolph Boschert 63025, MOOptometry1558344937
Mary A Murphy 63126, MOOptometry1134118102
David Scott Bennett 64118, MOOptometry1669455747
Lawrence D Reed 64133, MOOptometry1013991454
Daniel Robert Obermark 63801, MOOptometry1194709220
Richard C Wilson 64133, MOOptometry1538143540
Charles A Banks 64133, MOOptometry1124002134
Paul Varner 63901, MOOptometry1629052550
Michael R Montgomery 65536, MOOptometry1124002969
Stephen Todd Pierson 65616, MOOptometry1649254343
Rick W Davis 65616, MOOptometry1811971518
Steven E Rosen 63126, MOOptometry1619951274
Stacey R Wenger Bowling 65616, MOOptometry1780668491
Vernon Gary Green 65401, MOOptometry1598740375
Rex A Newcomb 65622, MOOptometry1891771390
Scott M Burks 65622, MOOptometry1598741084
James William Vann 65251, MOOptometry1396721619
Timothy Reed Fields 64506, MOOptometry1497731764
Sara Ellen Schmitz 63114, MOOptometry1962488924
David L Kramer 65622, MOOptometry1467438481
Alan K. Lewis 64836, MOOptometry1174500789
David Joe Luke 65240, MOOptometry1720066699
Barbara A Aalbers 63141, MOOptometry1366421158
Geoffrey Ryan Haidon Powell 64155, MOOptometry1114906625
Bernard M Kovacs 63126, MOOptometry1831179670


Explanations of Terms and Helpful Links

Q: What is a NPI number?
A: As per CMS, a National Provider Identifier (NPI) is a unique identification number for covered health care providers, which was created to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of electronic transmission of health information.

Q: How does NPI number registration work? How do I get, apply, or register for a NPI number? Is there an easy way of obtaining an NPI number?
A: As per CMS, the most convenient method of registering for a NPI number is to visit NPPES and follow the on-screen instructions. If you have any questions during the registration process, you may contact NPI customer service at 1-800-465-3203.

Q: Is there any easy-to-read NPI number list or a list of NPI numbers?
A: There are several lists that you may find online, but an example of an official one is from CMS, which allows you to view certain data using table-like interfaces. An NPI number search can also be performed via the NPPES NPI registry.

Q: What is my profession's NPI number? How about my group NPI number? And my medical NPI number?
A: The NPPES NPI registry is the official website for finding / locating and verifying your NPI number and related details. Our website does indeed utilize NPPES data as one of its sources and we encourage you to explore all possible sources for NPI verification.

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