Providers with Taxonomy: Optometry in the state of Mississippi

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Optometry
in the state of Mississippi:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Dillon Ott 39577, MSOptometry1013360957
Katie Elizabeth Richardson 38801, MSOptometry1598218752
Sidney D Taylor 38618, MSOptometry1821511361
Karina Elaine Moore-massey 39564, MSOptometry1770138794
Mallory Morris Collins 38614, MSOptometry1801449756
Oscar H Corredor 32502, MSOptometry1275634800
Christopher Charles Evans 39211, MSOptometry1205921467
William Franklin Stringer 36606, MSOptometry1295231264
Justin Mcelroy 38654, MSOptometry1962925214
Patton Family Optometry, Inc 39211, MSOptometry1679515464
Rebecca Cox Patton 39211, MSOptometry1306935770
Barbara Van 39157, MSOptometry1942819289
Charles Jacob Luke 79707, MSOptometry1710995493
Megan Sumrall Lott 39402, MSOptometry1801802913
Channing F Bucklew 39339, MSOptometry1699320929
Trent A Stribling 39350, MSOptometry1831745199
Pritesh S Patel 39564, MSOptometry1609398809
Joshua Hunter Wilson 39730, MSOptometry1255874368
Megan Danielle Tomsik 39564, MSOptometry1669927505
Paul Hogue 39056, MSOptometry1457969255
Irefract Pc 40218, MSOptometry1679166193
Benjamin T Hubbard 38606, MSOptometry1073622106
Sawyer Scott Llc Dba The Eyecare Center 38666, MSOptometry1619460607
Sawyer Scott Eyecare Center Pllc 38666, MSOptometry1356904445
Ayushi Amin 38119, MSOptometry1700398880
Rebecca Weisbrot 38120, MSOptometry1265057350
Brittany Nicole Rogers 39157, MSOptometry1477995009
Jarvis Johnson 31021, MSOptometry1447627815
Holly E Bowie 39564, MSOptometry1972506020
Fred H Mothershed 38804, MSOptometry1417950262
Dax M Eckard 38804, MSOptometry1932102779
Christopher Cockrum White 39232, MSOptometry1073516456
Brenda Kaye Thornhill 39301, MSOptometry1982608477
Walter S Rose 38751, MSOptometry1417956616
Thomas S Powell 38821, MSOptometry1255323903
Philip Wayne Marler 39051, MSOptometry1831181437
Allan G Schoen 38618, MSOptometry1013900208
Kristopher Alan May 38618, MSOptometry1598758781
Clifford Wayne Brewer 39553, MSOptometry1346235223
Kimberly J Ragan 39110, MSOptometry1225024862
Terry Michael Joslin 38652, MSOptometry1073500716
James E Brooks 39705, MSOptometry1972590859
Emmett Donald Smith 38732, MSOptometry1104815992
William M. Strickland 38655, MSOptometry1093704223
Patrick Rowan Doherty 39120, MSOptometry1780674317
Shawn Paul Doherty 39120, MSOptometry1043200553
Glen H Stribling 39272, MSOptometry1881685220
William Wilson Stanfill 38756, MSOptometry1649251604
Roderick D Fields 39531, MSOptometry1073595906
Ryan D Russell 38801, MSOptometry1831180900
Oxford Eye Clinic & Optical, Pllc 38655, MSOptometry1154833572
Tina Renee Sorey 39216, MSOptometry1245213081
Eye Clinic Of Meridian Pllc 39301, MSOptometry1942285564
Nicole Yvonne Monroe 38654, MSOptometry1700862042
Lawrence Adrian Routt 39090, MSOptometry1245219245
Christopher Kendall Rains 39531, MSOptometry1407835408
Mark D Tomsik 39563, MSOptometry1679553697
Michael Leslie Weeden 38834, MSOptometry1972583524
John Mcintosh Turner 39402, MSOptometry1750361051
William Gil Davis 39345, MSOptometry1063482453
David W Cheatham 39773, MSOptometry1467423210
Craig R Belk 39503, MSOptometry1346211745
Casey J Andrus 39710, MSOptometry1073586012
Richard Kent Stribling 39350, MSOptometry1245203850
Julie C. Brock 38866, MSOptometry1720053952
William E Malone 39530, MSOptometry1306813126
Glenn M Cochran 39355, MSOptometry1619944287
Charles Curtis Gipson 39531, MSOptometry1053389627
Lori L Blackmer 39466, MSOptometry1760451595
Barnes Crossing Vision Center P. A. 38804, MSOptometry1407825037
Bethany G Harrington 39466, MSOptometry1750350070
Danny R Clifton 39339, MSOptometry1134198328
Picayune Eye Clinic 39466, MSOptometry1922067016
Sean Phillip Aldinger 38654, MSOptometry1659330231
David Lloyd Parker 38654, MSOptometry1558321729
Maurice Allan Clark 38801, MSOptometry1770543092
Tri County Eye Clinic, Pllc 39531, MSOptometry1700859881
Riverbend Eyecare, P.a. 39180, MSOptometry1811957624
Heather Michelle Dowdy 38671, MSOptometry1023079068
Steven Thomas Reed 39111, MSOptometry1598728800
Phillip Harold Gray 38852, MSOptometry1841254570
Reese Eye Care Services Pa 38732, MSOptometry1780642785
Moore Vision Inc 39648, MSOptometry1528026309
James Stephen Moore 39648, MSOptometry1700834728
William Boyce Craig 39046, MSOptometry1659322980
Mothershed Optometry Associates P.l.l.c. 38804, MSOptometry1831140300
David Hill Curtis 39705, MSOptometry1518917053
Sarah Barnes Fratesi 39759, MSOptometry1013968965
Susanne Stumpf Cunningham 39705, MSOptometry1730133828
Hedy G Walker 39503, MSOptometry1083660757
Kevin Grafton Clark 39232, MSOptometry1912947144
Patricia R O'kelley-hughes 36564, MSOptometry1194765776
Linda Johnson 39213, MSOptometry1417991985
Deborah J Marcev 39402, MSOptometry1154365542
Michael Shawn Hellums 38606, MSOptometry1083659684
Aberdeen Eye Clinic P A 39730, MSOptometry1003851304
Sallye S. Scott 38666, MSOptometry1497783864
Southaven Vision Center, Inc. 38671, MSOptometry1982633152
Steve Randle 38821, MSOptometry1114958758
Amy Ajax Crigler 39759, MSOptometry1659302735
Kemily Alexander Rankin 39120, MSOptometry1649213471
Rankin Eye Professionals 39120, MSOptometry1124060744
Danny Latrell Green 39209, MSOptometry1982644597
Max M Edrington 39560, MSOptometry1336172428
Dellia Salone Mckinney 39211, MSOptometry1164457941
Kimberly R Benigno 39532, MSOptometry1558395806
Harold A Jefcoat 39120, MSOptometry1013932516
Robert Ray Lacey 39730, MSOptometry1639198203
David M Bourgeois 39531, MSOptometry1801815329
Jacob A Ivey 39339, MSOptometry1508885369
Reagan Lee Ford 39705, MSOptometry1902826696
Reagan Lee Ford 39759, MSOptometry1124048277
Phillip Adam Gray 38852, MSOptometry1518980051
Thi Bui 39301, MSOptometry1063435469
Christopher Thomas Walls 38901, MSOptometry1215951314
Jimmy Allen Walker 39428, MSOptometry1073527230
Eric J Johnson 39301, MSOptometry1154345486
Frank Evans 38916, MSOptometry1972517506
Jasmine Donnette Shipp 38732, MSOptometry1508871195
Shipp Family Eyecare, Pllc 38732, MSOptometry1730194358
Phillip A Hooker 38671, MSOptometry1407861834
Robert Searcy Shipp 38701, MSOptometry1225044001
Shipp Family Eyecare, Pllc 38701, MSOptometry1689680464
Edward Watts Davis 39440, MSOptometry1558379206
Michael G Cook 38672, MSOptometry1457360679
Laurel Eye Clinic, Pc 39440, MSOptometry1053320820
Louisville Eye Care, Pllc 39339, MSOptometry1386656924
Louisville Eye Care 39339, MSOptometry1184737017
Loy Willard Nations 39232, MSOptometry1679686984
Craig Webster Cleveland 38829, MSOptometry1396859054
James Edward Brown 38915, MSOptometry1447364005
Michael D Honeycutt 38632, MSOptometry1679689855
Eleanor L Null 38632, MSOptometry1841672128
Charles Edwin Mcmasters 39232, MSOptometry1548289010
2020 Vision Center, Pa 38801, MSOptometry1952310492
Glenn Goldring 38668, MSOptometry1073532693
Paul M Williston 39503, MSOptometry1689781619
Stacie L Moore 39773, MSOptometry1477662138
William Samuel Ashley 39180, MSOptometry1952410011
C. Chris Collins 39183, MSOptometry1679682835
The Vision Clinic Of Vicksburg Llc 39180, MSOptometry1871602862
Glen H Stone 38606, MSOptometry1992817597
Tonyatta T Hairston 39202, MSOptometry1295847432
Batesville Vision Clinic 38606, MSOptometry1174635700
Sandra Lynn Bright 38606, MSOptometry1275645889
Brooks Eye Center Inc 39705, MSOptometry1639280274
Minh Tan Duong 39305, MSOptometry1871604207
Neil Simmons 39051, MSOptometry1104937556
Katherine Lynne Sanders 39540, MSOptometry1255434460
Eyedok Llc 38654, MSOptometry1780789172
Dr. Phillip H. Gray, P.a. 38852, MSOptometry1891890794
Kraig Michael Stasney 39466, MSOptometry1861598765
Tonya Cannon Stewart 39056, MSOptometry1962509620
Mark W Martindale 38663, MSOptometry1134226723
Charles P Tillman 39744, MSOptometry1275630626
Eric Dale Randle 38635, MSOptometry1336247816
Mark H Allen 39232, MSOptometry1467551549
Robin D Bennett 38652, MSOptometry1700986452
Joseph Peter Portera 38701, MSOptometry1619078771
Leesa Hogg Smith 38701, MSOptometry1629179791
Charles Stanton Newman 39520, MSOptometry1407957079
Randy Dawayne Eason 39074, MSOptometry1417048620
Joseph E Gregory 39525, MSOptometry1134210123
Cassandra Leigh Clements Matney 39301, MSOptometry1922199751
Alexandria Bahl 39074, MSOptometry1437240215
Ramonica Lewis 39056, MSOptometry1154412534
Vivian Marie Fountain 39301, MSOptometry1790877413
Ragan Family Eye Care, Llc 39110, MSOptometry1659463495
Michael G Turner 38655, MSOptometry1023101342
Joe Chaddrick Kea 38804, MSOptometry1053404012
Patrick Francis Phelan 39534, MSOptometry1851484547
Dee C Blackwell 39465, MSOptometry1053405134
Brunswick Royalton Wong 38701, MSOptometry1376637405
R Kent Stribling Od Pa 39350, MSOptometry1346334554
Mark P Smith 39601, MSOptometry1952497679
Mark Andrew Kahrhoff 39534, MSOptometry1528154275
William Lee Johnson 39350, MSOptometry1386733301
Holly Springs Eyecare Pllc 38635, MSOptometry1356430987
John D Carlson 38632, MSOptometry1467542241
Margo Denice Boler 38654, MSOptometry1043300585
Michael Lance Presley 38652, MSOptometry1972693992
Carl J Marascalco 38901, MSOptometry1457432239
John H Mohr 39208, MSOptometry1598847691
Sherylan Anne Webb 39759, MSOptometry1699857771
John D Dodd 38834, MSOptometry1326121336
Madison Professional Eyecare Associates, Inc 39110, MSOptometry1144304460
Canton Vision Clinic, P.a. 39046, MSOptometry1174607477
Steve Beaty 38843, MSOptometry1043394208
Samantha T. Beaty 38843, MSOptometry1952485112
Alan Charles Smith 38671, MSOptometry1235213687
Total Eye Care Pc 38843, MSOptometry1003990193
Megan Sumrall, Od, Pllc 39095, MSOptometry1982788022
Professional Eyecare Associates ,inc 39157, MSOptometry1497830020
L B Adkins 39365, MSOptometry1730265489
Michael Edward Obrien 38671, MSOptometry1306925029
Obrien Vision Center, P.a. 38671, MSOptometry1518046234
Gregory D Loose 39577, MSOptometry1013096825
Cleveland Eye Clinic Pa 38732, MSOptometry1962571380
Charles E Barnes 39648, MSOptometry1083783963
Scott Edward Sanders 39520, MSOptometry1558431163


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Q: What is a NPI number?
A: As per CMS, a National Provider Identifier (NPI) is a unique identification number for covered health care providers, which was created to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of electronic transmission of health information.

Q: How does NPI number registration work? How do I get, apply, or register for a NPI number? Is there an easy way of obtaining an NPI number?
A: As per CMS, the most convenient method of registering for a NPI number is to visit NPPES and follow the on-screen instructions. If you have any questions during the registration process, you may contact NPI customer service at 1-800-465-3203.

Q: Is there any easy-to-read NPI number list or a list of NPI numbers?
A: There are several lists that you may find online, but an example of an official one is from CMS, which allows you to view certain data using table-like interfaces. An NPI number search can also be performed via the NPPES NPI registry.

Q: What is my profession's NPI number? How about my group NPI number? And my medical NPI number?
A: The NPPES NPI registry is the official website for finding / locating and verifying your NPI number and related details. Our website does indeed utilize NPPES data as one of its sources and we encourage you to explore all possible sources for NPI verification.

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