Providers with Taxonomy: Optometry in the state of North Carolina

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Optometry
in the state of North Carolina:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
William Martin Walker 27203, NCOptometry1235132382
Sandra Schrader-moore 27292, NCOptometry1346243318
John Lee Lewis 28472, NCOptometry1508869447
James Curtis Moore 27292, NCOptometry1093718736
Steven James Leighton 28227, NCOptometry1982607412
Briana Johnson Shelton 28752, NCOptometry1144223504
David Michael Lavely 27803, NCOptometry1699777870
J. Jeffrey Leinwand 28328, NCOptometry1942204748
Michael Douglas Farris 28025, NCOptometry1619971397
William Earl Mitchell 27534, NCOptometry1477557007
Freddie Lamont Mitchell 27534, NCOptometry1932103553
Alison Anne Bailey 28226, NCOptometry1043214844
Kimberley Dawn Walters 28787, NCOptometry1598769093
Jamie J Casper 28412, NCOptometry1932103439
Carl David Sasser 27107, NCOptometry1932103470
Tommie Russell Bowman 27215, NCOptometry1336143775
Joshua W Baker 28034, NCOptometry1679577027
Charles Rick Gilliam 27263, NCOptometry1720083199
James M Kernodle 27203, NCOptometry1154326528
James D Reynolds 27804, NCOptometry1285639526
Karl Jurgen Kleinau 28012, NCOptometry1598760894
Stephanie T Whitacre 27516, NCOptometry1609871854
Keitha Ann Covalla 28562, NCOptometry1124023221
Janet Lee Perkins 28621, NCOptometry1851396782
Richard Gregory Langellotti 27893, NCOptometry1154326163
Edward Weaver 28403, NCOptometry1346245263
Michael Jude Sowa 28704, NCOptometry1366448870
Mark D. Salopek 27603, NCOptometry1295731214
Joseph Nelson Perez 27265, NCOptometry1699771642
Paul David Michalove 28804, NCOptometry1437155199
Paul Joseph Endry 28801, NCOptometry1710984323
David Ray Wells 27030, NCOptometry1881691319
James Robert Grigsby 28147, NCOptometry1215934641
Cathy A Fulp 27263, NCOptometry1902803323
Steven G Laymon 27028, NCOptometry1467459859
Jack D. Lawrence 28607, NCOptometry1548267594
Joseph I Sie 28147, NCOptometry1598762478
William James Henderson 28226, NCOptometry1396742094
James W Shaver 28088, NCOptometry1174521686
Julian A Crowder 28715, NCOptometry1497753800
David Thomas Hoyle 27870, NCOptometry1871591750
James S Pope 27360, NCOptometry1295733426
Eva S Singletary 28304, NCOptometry1700885357
Jeffrey D Handschumacher 27616, NCOptometry1295734739
David M Bigsby 27606, NCOptometry1447259924
Catherine Mauro Chickos 27705, NCOptometry1841299401
David Gibson 27518, NCOptometry1437158854
James H Singletary 28304, NCOptometry1215936885
Gary Arthur Roach 28115, NCOptometry1922007251
Frank Ernest Roofe 28352, NCOptometry1427057868
Eric E Schmidt 28337, NCOptometry1922007368
Peggy Lynn Wike 28115, NCOptometry1386643757
Jeffrey R Coleman 28401, NCOptometry1326047689
Donald Benton Helms 28320, NCOptometry1255330296
Heather C Smith 28213, NCOptometry1750380796
Harald Vaher 28012, NCOptometry1669472528
Brandy E Hicks 28779, NCOptometry1043210933
Allen F Downum 27932, NCOptometry1174523724
Miriam J Lavelle 27573, NCOptometry1275533960
Jeffrey Stikeleather 27511, NCOptometry1154321834
Rick Dale Bartlett 28677, NCOptometry1669472106
Richard Henry Mackowsky 27707, NCOptometry1861492381
Coy A Brown, Od Pa 28785, NCOptometry1568462919
Phillip M Vito 27540, NCOptometry1104826528
Kenneth Robert Turner 28227, NCOptometry1790785129
Gilbert Sean Catino 28411, NCOptometry1376543579
Jeffrey Adam Sterling 27834, NCOptometry1861492019
Robert Lee Sullivan 28054, NCOptometry1023018041
Donna R Wike 28677, NCOptometry1114928132
Peter Wright Hollis 27609, NCOptometry1154321172
Barbara Marcussen Vaher 28012, NCOptometry1366442220
Coy A Brown 28785, NCOptometry1164422044
Daniel Turney Beck 28403, NCOptometry1205836525
William E Dolan 27410, NCOptometry1992704050
Frederic Alan Munz 27587, NCOptometry1912908872
Nancie H. Nguyen-marynell 28273, NCOptometry1245239516
Jennifer Fishel 27858, NCOptometry1770584567
Darren Winston Hilburn 27502, NCOptometry1043211709
Paula Renee Newsome 28203, NCOptometry1225039993
Stephen Joseph Kaluzne 27103, NCOptometry1053312579
Thomas Keith Boan 28602, NCOptometry1699776096
Charles Harold Aldridge 28714, NCOptometry1336140730
Susan Beard Wise 28754, NCOptometry1285635581
Lester Stowe 28754, NCOptometry1952302184
Lionel Nelson Chamberlain 28340, NCOptometry1225039340
Hal C Herring 28340, NCOptometry1053312181
Robert Mcdow Cureton 28340, NCOptometry1942201074
Claremont Optometric Eye Care Center, Llc 28602, NCOptometry1922000892
Kenneth John Lentz 28777, NCOptometry1003818972
David J. Kulesia 28602, NCOptometry1437151321
Maiden Optometric Eye Care Center, Pllc 28650, NCOptometry1578565305
Doris Chin 27615, NCOptometry1033111976
Jeffrey Lane Taylor 28906, NCOptometry1427050210
John Michael Burke 27127, NCOptometry1700888492
Steven W Bernstorf 27406, NCOptometry1740282219
James Rick Davis 28658, NCOptometry1841292554
Charles Roy Pruden 27893, NCOptometry1245232826
Marcia R Dettloff 27513, NCOptometry1265434617
Patrick A Odowd 27526, NCOptometry1386636561
Nathaniel Alexander Martin 27332, NCOptometry1952393035
John Philip Foster 28054, NCOptometry1669464442
Russell Alan Hughes 28904, NCOptometry1861484487
David Eugene Alexander 28655, NCOptometry1154313468
Walter Lee King 28601, NCOptometry1639162597
Rey Garrido 28054, NCOptometry1255324034
William Ross Easterling 27530, NCOptometry1083607824
Randall K. Thomas 28025, NCOptometry1083607717
Frank William Spaeth 27377, NCOptometry1033102694
Sherry Briggs 27609, NCOptometry1457344897
Staci Palmer Perez 27265, NCOptometry1528069754
Billy Keith Cash 27106, NCOptometry1265424246
Phillip Dean Strickland 27520, NCOptometry1740273002
James Arthur Porter 28311, NCOptometry1427050947
Evangeline P Odowd 27526, NCOptometry1740272996
Caroline Silver 27511, NCOptometry1417940958
Andrew G. Cook 27529, NCOptometry1063413607
Gail C Gordon 27055, NCOptometry1417940552
H. Mike Johnson 27804, NCOptometry1841283702
Kerry M Reeves 28314, NCOptometry1003818964
Steven Kirk Johnson 28211, NCOptometry1659363265
Stephen F Bolick 27615, NCOptometry1992798433
Sara Brigman 28403, NCOptometry1710970165
Elizabeth Reid Mullett 27834, NCOptometry1831182252
Fuquay Eye Care Od Pa 27526, NCOptometry1811981228
Daniel Gray 27519, NCOptometry1366435729
Warren Eye Care Optometry Pa 28334, NCOptometry1124012380
Lawrence H. Goldberg 27511, NCOptometry1912991100
Hubert Holman Warren 28334, NCOptometry1881688943
Russell Alan Warren 28334, NCOptometry1699769752
William C Elmore 28304, NCOptometry1669466744
Andrew Gallant Hahn 28105, NCOptometry1073507125
William Charles Kistner 27607, NCOptometry1225022296
Robert Grier Harding 27534, NCOptometry1609860261
Robert William Morris 28144, NCOptometry1356335822
Lynn Carringer Taylor 28906, NCOptometry1598750069
Andrew Joseph Lovsin 28348, NCOptometry1164417549
Kristel Whitley Causby 28721, NCOptometry1225023310
Stacy Trego 28262, NCOptometry1982699013
Keshav Bhat 28104, NCOptometry1336134485
Melvin Roy Berman 27609, NCOptometry1982699856
David L Kroninger 27514, NCOptometry1841285863
Michael Edward Vollmer 28697, NCOptometry1821083593
Alexander Bunich 28202, NCOptometry1659366383
Henry Arthur Greene 27707, NCOptometry1760478366
Steven C Moore 28202, NCOptometry1083600530
Walter Barnett King 28308, NCOptometry1568458768
Thomas John Turrentine 28779, NCOptometry1558357343
John David Aycock 28110, NCOptometry1275520942
C. Brantley Aycock 28110, NCOptometry1679560056
Scott O Mcdonald 28806, NCOptometry1912994799
Alecia Lane Barnes 27560, NCOptometry1437142890
Paul Douglas Ware 27360, NCOptometry1134113475
Mountain Eye Associates, Pllc. 28721, NCOptometry1811982317
Jason Price 27587, NCOptometry1821081282
Stacy Levinson 28273, NCOptometry1013902154
David M Wells 28315, NCOptometry1336134436
Katherine Whittington 27617, NCOptometry1477548972
Altagracia H Lopez 27511, NCOptometry1194718536
Morris Sheffer 28207, NCOptometry1306831003
Michael Peters 27614, NCOptometry1306839766
Jeffrey Strand 27597, NCOptometry1063405447
Donald James Kamer 29303, NCOptometry1164416020
Amanda Steele Johnson 27703, NCOptometry1831182294
Rebecca Hensley Wartman 28805, NCOptometry1376537472
Robert Harry Dickey 28721, NCOptometry1326036807
Gaston Eye Associates 28054, NCOptometry1417945775
Matthew J Behil 28547, NCOptometry1639167984
Nathan M Cheek 27302, NCOptometry1497743447
Bruce Alan Pate 27705, NCOptometry1003805565
Matthew R Cannon 28791, NCOptometry1528057700
J Douglas Kilgo 28791, NCOptometry1508855784
Juan R Canizales 33907, NCOptometry1912996984
Sidney W Spencer 27041, NCOptometry1366431439
Gary L Poland 27531, NCOptometry1336138338
Eugene Everette Benfield 27379, NCOptometry1851381289
Crystal S Hefner 28658, NCOptometry1154311389
Kerrie Lynn Padilla 28310, NCOptometry1760473805
James Lewis Marshall 28001, NCOptometry1306837687
Nancy M. Mackowsky 27607, NCOptometry1285615302
David Lamar Curtis 28037, NCOptometry1568443349
Brian Scott Nishek 28037, NCOptometry1477534253
George Sherman Thurmond 27410, NCOptometry1255312963
Gaston Eye Associates 28034, NCOptometry1770565939
Leroy Simons Roberson 28786, NCOptometry1336121540
Rickey L. Sipe 27023, NCOptometry1346222403
Michael Clark 27030, NCOptometry1851373252
Kevin P Hoye 27707, NCOptometry1225011570
Constance L Woldorff 27705, NCOptometry1205819554
Julie Edney Tullock 28803, NCOptometry1295718609
Optometric Eye Care Center Of Durham Pa 27701, NCOptometry1205819547
William Hayes Richardson 27215, NCOptometry1629051800
Jeffrey Paul Schultz 28806, NCOptometry1063494763
Geeta Chowdhary 27609, NCOptometry1306828025
Heather Hill Day 28677, NCOptometry1134100779
Keith R Hoffman 27704, NCOptometry1558344804
Steven David Friedman 28031, NCOptometry1497745871
Inview Eye Care 2, Od, Pllc 27707, NCOptometry1285107136
Peter Michael Rogaski 27360, NCOptometry1629051693
Timothy H Istock 27157, NCOptometry1366425068
Dianna Popa Jicha 27265, NCOptometry1619951035


Explanations of Terms and Helpful Links

Q: What is a NPI number?
A: As per CMS, a National Provider Identifier (NPI) is a unique identification number for covered health care providers, which was created to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of electronic transmission of health information.

Q: How does NPI number registration work? How do I get, apply, or register for a NPI number? Is there an easy way of obtaining an NPI number?
A: As per CMS, the most convenient method of registering for a NPI number is to visit NPPES and follow the on-screen instructions. If you have any questions during the registration process, you may contact NPI customer service at 1-800-465-3203.

Q: Is there any easy-to-read NPI number list or a list of NPI numbers?
A: There are several lists that you may find online, but an example of an official one is from CMS, which allows you to view certain data using table-like interfaces. An NPI number search can also be performed via the NPPES NPI registry.

Q: What is my profession's NPI number? How about my group NPI number? And my medical NPI number?
A: The NPPES NPI registry is the official website for finding / locating and verifying your NPI number and related details. Our website does indeed utilize NPPES data as one of its sources and we encourage you to explore all possible sources for NPI verification.

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