Providers with Taxonomy: Optometry in the state of North Carolina

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Optometry
in the state of North Carolina:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
James S Pope 27360, NCOptometry1295733426
Daniel Turney Beck 28403, NCOptometry1205836525
Nancie H. Nguyen-marynell 28273, NCOptometry1245239516
Phillip Dean Strickland 27520, NCOptometry1740273002
James Arthur Porter 28311, NCOptometry1427050947
Steven Kirk Johnson 28211, NCOptometry1659363265
Jason Price 27587, NCOptometry1821081282
Stacy Levinson 28273, NCOptometry1013902154
Dana Agnes 02451, NCOptometry1235124389
Heather Hill Day 28677, NCOptometry1134100779
Keith R Hoffman 27704, NCOptometry1558344804
Michael Scott 28054, NCOptometry1740260686
Paul Denis Hayes 27518, NCOptometry1053397968
Lyndon Charles Wong 28217, NCOptometry1649244674
George Edwin Glosson 27215, NCOptometry1881642882
John Kevin Lindsay 27265, NCOptometry1710935606
Stephen David Garrett 27536, NCOptometry1609825793
Lisa Joy Fuller 27549, NCOptometry1609899947
Maranda Amornyard West 43228, NCOptometry1205380425
Linda Ann Frady 28704, NCOptometry1740386655
Catherine M Earl 28078, NCOptometry1043397193
Robert C Mills Jr Od Pa 27892, NCOptometry1245325000
Donald Robin Macqueen 28054, NCOptometry1740330539
Thomas Ryan Coccia 28277, NCOptometry1134272420
Amanda B Hendrix 28451, NCOptometry1669513677
William F. Stroud 27549, NCOptometry1922172196
Jennifer Michelle Powell 27707, NCOptometry1437209913
Jillian I Okeefe 27103, NCOptometry1821153230
Irina Sheludchenko Feiner 27614, NCOptometry1861618241
Katherine M. Keaveney 27707, NCOptometry1225228497
John T Krempecki 28734, NCOptometry1003079625
Jacqueline Renteria 01523, NCOptometry1457651010
Elizabeth S Gunst 27614, NCOptometry1205083755
Teresa Lynne Angeli 27545, NCOptometry1245464411
Bupathi Dissanayake-musalem 27519, NCOptometry1497043335
Leslie Worthington Singer 27519, NCOptometry1255580189
Gail Joslin Kelley 28409, NCOptometry1548596356
Emery Ward Od Pa 28207, NCOptometry1972817153
Michael Sutton Schilawski 28403, NCOptometry1972811321
Mindie Do 27513, NCOptometry1881933927
Danielle Elaine Jordan 27101, NCOptometry1386945699
Duy Quang Lam 27511, NCOptometry1407089949
Amy Sugarman Sweeney 28213, NCOptometry1013297654
Truc Ly Nguyen Tran 27025, NCOptometry1285986927
Carrie Moore Quilla 28805, NCOptometry1932589272
John Lawrence Moonan 28273, NCOptometry1730553736
Taylor Allard 27529, NCOptometry1497158018
Amorette Hanna 27707, NCOptometry1154754810
Scott Matthews 27892, NCOptometry1831527639
Joanna Davis Reiman 27615, NCOptometry1043693443
Andrew Joseph Loudon 28352, NCOptometry1548663958
Tyler Groce 27103, NCOptometry1245669969
Daniel Patrick O'dowd 27601, NCOptometry1588146492
Shirin Esmail 27516, NCOptometry1124209671
Ashwynn Halbert 22901, NCOptometry1801122866
Dustan Chris Martin 27288, NCOptometry1861493330
Tyler Mcclarnon 27704, NCOptometry1376093245
Brittney J Angelo 28262, NCOptometry1245787415
Timothy E Bass 28334, NCOptometry1205353844
Jenna Roney 27215, NCOptometry1518484617
Danford E Raynor 28001, NCOptometry1891857397
Eric L Intihar 28117, NCOptometry1396177085
Kevin Virnig 27410, NCOptometry1023446382
Amanda Rickher 28277, NCOptometry1639623853
Amorette L. Hanna, O.d., Pllc 27707, NCOptometry1124477849
Nirvighna N. Kanjiya 28562, NCOptometry1376876227
Andrew Bradbury 27106, NCOptometry1487063400
Chonda Washington 28226, NCOptometry1992927818
Amanda Heyward 28277, NCOptometry1518489723
Dr. Jeffrey I. Musler & Associates, Optometry Group, Pa 28211, NCOptometry1093988495
Elizabeth Wassenaar 02906, NCOptometry1972025187
Eyebridge Consulting Associates Odpa 28021, NCOptometry1487624425
Aynsley Girardeau 28227, NCOptometry1518311901
Dustin Clark Anderson 80920, NCOptometry1669442661
Michael S Budahn 50320, NCOptometry1619126307
John Eric Raynor 28348, NCOptometry1972617272
Brittany Flaherty 28117, NCOptometry1922409895
Kristine Maywah Loo 27215, NCOptometry1245675701
Roger Glen Davis 27103, NCOptometry1205859832
Lisa N Davis 27103, NCOptometry1104840578
Michael J Watt 28658, NCOptometry1922588961
Bryan Jacob Frantz 44212, NCOptometry1063934271
Cameron Black 27518, NCOptometry1598168445
Kimberly Mark Douglas 28277, NCOptometry1942533153
Lady Britton Aycock 27804, NCOptometry1639144462
Lisa M Try 28584, NCOptometry1891759924
Keith P Poindexter 28358, NCOptometry1427060201
Kevin M Hart 28110, NCOptometry1457745838
Lauren Walls Yao 27519, NCOptometry1053978734
Julie Ann Belanger 27858, NCOptometry1427036953
Charlotte A High 27804, NCOptometry1346201845
Valerie Wise 28711, NCOptometry1740239276
Melissa Cuan 28403, NCOptometry1679913446
Jessica Hill Oneil 28025, NCOptometry1366778979
Central Carolina Associates In Optometry Pa 27292, NCOptometry1235187352
Pelashia Moore Rhodes 27617, NCOptometry1972099919
Nathaniel William Hitt 28027, NCOptometry1558919514
Shraeya Mehta 27127, NCOptometry1972096345
Mark M Sikes 28211, NCOptometry1699743781
Nicolas Michael Beaupre 28211, NCOptometry1902199334
Lori Anne Farabaugh 28443, NCOptometry1770685372
Sarah H Barts 27358, NCOptometry1255680708
William Mark Sigmon 28602, NCOptometry1205821550
Richard L Black 27529, NCOptometry1528017399
Ryan E Snipes 27317, NCOptometry1992867402
Amy Dee-lyte Buchanan Keene 24701, NCOptometry1114295789
Professional Vision Care, Od, Pllc 27320, NCOptometry1417576620
John William Langel 27617, NCOptometry1821449406
Elizabeth Ann Davis 28144, NCOptometry1518525013
Ryan C Corte 28216, NCOptometry1336402445
Nicolas Vu 28144, NCOptometry1518525401
Charles Brian Jay 27055, NCOptometry1659860187
Melissa Chen 28054, NCOptometry1144888082
David Au 28278, NCOptometry1477954238
Sharhonda Bell Harrill 27106, NCOptometry1295129773
Eyecarecenter Od Pa 28607, NCOptometry1649759341
Abid-alhamid Dahnoun 27518, NCOptometry1396358271
Arun Thoppe Subramanian 27284, NCOptometry1538129291
Corey Burr 28470, NCOptometry1447865357
Steven Edward Bilon 28204, NCOptometry1750497301
Roy Max Raynor 27504, NCOptometry1396793477
Pec Optometry Group, P.a. 27504, NCOptometry1356529960
Carolyn Talbert Bryan 28412, NCOptometry1710467980
Deborah A Hayden 28451, NCOptometry1720001399
April Ihne Madaris 28226, NCOptometry1396078424
Nc Doctors Of Optometry Pllc 27407, NCOptometry1366047037
Shemeeka L Mcfadden 28217, NCOptometry1003079518
Jennifer Elizabeth Flaherty 27103, NCOptometry1558586768
Shivali P Desai 28207, NCOptometry1780939041
Ryan Wirkus 28110, NCOptometry1265927040
Lynda Jean Shepard-marziale 28768, NCOptometry1497783203
Kelly Lynn Virnig-myers 28202, NCOptometry1558590554
Kristin Sarah O'brien 28037, NCOptometry1255769469
Nicole Yoder Rose 28210, NCOptometry1881116093
James Bruce Baldwin 27526, NCOptometry1376539007
Emily Caroline Raynor 28348, NCOptometry1649865932
Brittany Brinkley Tatum 97424, NCOptometry1265894133
Tychnia Renee Madison 27534, NCOptometry1699351346
Ali Jaffry 27529, NCOptometry1871119925
Brent Michael Hume 09636, NCOptometry1679003420
Mary Elizabeth Raynor Massengill 27504, NCOptometry1588277735
Ali Khoshnevis 33127, NCOptometry1306083787
John Braxton Phifer 28112, NCOptometry1588293179
Vision First Optometry Pllc 28681, NCOptometry1497371710
Maria Smith Johnson 27408, NCOptometry1518994060
Nicholas Robert Reid 28584, NCOptometry1720399157
Carolina Center For Eye Care, Od Pa 27006, NCOptometry1528141009
Samantha L Dunnington 27215, NCOptometry1720637440
Yadkin Vision Center O.d., Pllc 27055, NCOptometry1487807616
Jennifer D Idoni 28207, NCOptometry1568700714
Thuyvan Vo 27103, NCOptometry1982032959
Mark Wesoloski 27312, NCOptometry1831448364
Sandra Vidacic 27707, NCOptometry1124485503
Saidivya Komma 27284, NCOptometry1447888979
Wilcox Optometry Pllc 27804, NCOptometry1407529696
Tanya Pakzad 33183, NCOptometry1194382861
Amanda Steele Johnson 27513, NCOptometry1831182294
P Wayne Moser 27612, NCOptometry1013993229
Jason Minton 27215, NCOptometry1073873865
Minton Eye Care, Od, Pllc 27215, NCOptometry1063868461
Jennifer Lyerly 27560, NCOptometry1831470350
Brandon Lynn Weyand 27560, NCOptometry1043528060
Alecia Lane Barnes 27560, NCOptometry1437142890
Truevision Eye Care Od Pa 27560, NCOptometry1164763975
Alisa D Strickland 28584, NCOptometry1548217516
Emily Scully 28607, NCOptometry1134738610
Samira F Qazi 95691, NCOptometry1740513803
Cerina Leigh Buchanan 20715, NCOptometry1588031793
Coy A Brown, Od Pa 28785, NCOptometry1568462919
Claremont Optometric Eye Care Center, Llc 28602, NCOptometry1922000892
Maiden Optometric Eye Care Center, Pllc 28650, NCOptometry1578565305
Fuquay Eye Care Od Pa 27526, NCOptometry1811981228
Warren Eye Care Optometry Pa 28334, NCOptometry1124012380
Mountain Eye Associates, Pllc. 28721, NCOptometry1811982317
Gaston Eye Associates 28054, NCOptometry1417945775
Gaston Eye Associates 28034, NCOptometry1770565939
Optometric Eye Care Center Of Durham Pa 27701, NCOptometry1205819547
Inview Eye Care 2, Od, Pllc 27707, NCOptometry1285107136
Pembroke Optometric Clinic Pa 28372, NCOptometry1942284880
Howard M Mcfarland Od Pa 27405, NCOptometry1891772158
Jicha Eye Care And Associates Pllc 27265, NCOptometry1366420770
Optometric Associates, P.a. 28466, NCOptometry1942289236
Optometric Associates, P. A. 28398, NCOptometry1790764926
Piedmont Eye Care O.d.,p.a. 28054, NCOptometry1861472037
Bowling Eye Clinic Od. Pa. 28352, NCOptometry1538139308
W E Berry Od Pa 27012, NCOptometry1376510230
Charlotte Eye Ear Nose & Throat Associates, P.a. 28210, NCOptometry1043287469
Looking Glass Eye Center Pa 28712, NCOptometry1275592271
Mission Hospitals Inc 28806, NCOptometry1336119098
Pmv Optometry, P.a. 28150, NCOptometry1760931299
Cape Fear Optometric Clinic Pa 28304, NCOptometry1679535504
Christenbury Eye Center P.a. 28211, NCOptometry1801851704
Columbus Eye Associates Od Pa 28472, NCOptometry1669439139
University Eye Associates, Od Pa 28215, NCOptometry1205893435
University Eye Associates Od, Pa 28262, NCOptometry1831157866
Visique Optometry, Pllc 27502, NCOptometry1265490395
University Eye Associates, Od Pa 28036, NCOptometry1912965989
Eye Care Associates Od Pa 27617, NCOptometry1710945639
Eye Care Associates Od Pa 27612, NCOptometry1023076940
Eye Care Associates Od Pa 27615, NCOptometry1386602209


Explanations of Terms and Helpful Links

Q: What is a NPI number?
A: As per CMS, a National Provider Identifier (NPI) is a unique identification number for covered health care providers, which was created to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of electronic transmission of health information.

Q: How does NPI number registration work? How do I get, apply, or register for a NPI number? Is there an easy way of obtaining an NPI number?
A: As per CMS, the most convenient method of registering for a NPI number is to visit NPPES and follow the on-screen instructions. If you have any questions during the registration process, you may contact NPI customer service at 1-800-465-3203.

Q: Is there any easy-to-read NPI number list or a list of NPI numbers?
A: There are several lists that you may find online, but an example of an official one is from CMS, which allows you to view certain data using table-like interfaces. An NPI number search can also be performed via the NPPES NPI registry.

Q: What is my profession's NPI number? How about my group NPI number? And my medical NPI number?
A: The NPPES NPI registry is the official website for finding / locating and verifying your NPI number and related details. Our website does indeed utilize NPPES data as one of its sources and we encourage you to explore all possible sources for NPI verification.

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