Providers with Taxonomy: Optometry in the state of New Hampshire

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Optometry
in the state of New Hampshire:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Sawyer Optometric Services Llc 03860, NHOptometry1275037566
Elizabeth Adrienne Reese 03860, NHOptometry1932463916
Stephanie Nicole Shoults 59102, NHOptometry1811551500
Deidre R Cullen 03301, NHOptometry1639662372
Rachel Hillary Swaniger 06451, NHOptometry1922668342
Yasmin Agha Kouchak 92115, NHOptometry1225316821
Wendy Kathleen Crusberg 03104, NHOptometry1306159421
Andrew D Savard 03249, NHOptometry1528671088
Dorothy L Hitchmoth 03257, NHOptometry1043270796
Andrew M. Jones 05033, NHOptometry1396781159
Thuy-nga Nguyen 33870, NHOptometry1558746511
Kosmack Promket 03060, NHOptometry1881251502
Clarissa D. Lewis 03101, NHOptometry1558845669
Dc Eye Associates, P.l.l.c. 03874, NHOptometry1477828119
Derrick Y. Chung 03874, NHOptometry1386876282
Nicholas Pike 03103, NHOptometry1710594015
Naila Aslam 03820, NHOptometry1265480958
Alexander Martin 03079, NHOptometry1851816201
Kaitlyn Ann Gregory 03825, NHOptometry1063901619
Ryan Watari 03561, NHOptometry1437761731
Susan Haskell 03801, NHOptometry1821091877
Henry Agustin Lopez 03063, NHOptometry1003811191
Ferdinand Karl Engelhart 03063, NHOptometry1821093915
Philip Lee Sutherland 03063, NHOptometry1720083819
Ronald Bernard Coutu 03063, NHOptometry1194720193
Amanda Jean Tarr 03301, NHOptometry1962400697
Richard L Walker 03860, NHOptometry1710985866
Amy L Michaud 03276, NHOptometry1811998719
Michael B Gordon 03458, NHOptometry1265433429
Stephen James Harney 01851, NHOptometry1124029269
Randy Michael Williams 03102, NHOptometry1417940560
David John Caban 03102, NHOptometry1184617235
Douglas P Benoit 03301, NHOptometry1083608491
Linda Squillace Gilligan 03102, NHOptometry1649264805
Karl Robert Erdmann 03833, NHOptometry1679567689
Paul M Lindstrom 05819, NHOptometry1649266149
Norman G Michaud 03045, NHOptometry1629064944
Alvin Kam Mun 03103, NHOptometry1548257355
Michael Edward Johnson 03103, NHOptometry1245226976
Norman P Menard 03820, NHOptometry1508848763
Anthony U Messa 03060, NHOptometry1992788277
Christi Paige Marrow 03862, NHOptometry1518956861
Gregory James Marrow 03862, NHOptometry1720077076
Beth H Kohn 03079, NHOptometry1245213156
Nathan H Drum 03584, NHOptometry1386620789
Brenda Joyce Fogarty 03079, NHOptometry1043296445
David V. Appler 03051, NHOptometry1154300499
Herbert C. Clark 03867, NHOptometry1417927336
Kenneth P Clark 03867, NHOptometry1962472498
Sheila M White 03801, NHOptometry1265404610
Leonard S Shaw 03570, NHOptometry1528039955
Nisha Patel 03053, NHOptometry1871565770
Joseph J Jordan 03867, NHOptometry1174597199
Sarah J Hudson 03801, NHOptometry1457325482
Marilynn Acker Ezell 03452, NHOptometry1194799379
Kevin M Chauvette 03054, NHOptometry1851366876
Steven Marc Siegal 03104, NHOptometry1942276688
Jessica Potter 03104, NHOptometry1487620332
James C Frangos 03820, NHOptometry1770551236
Tracy A Roettiger 03431, NHOptometry1285606954
Lia Ann Sprague 03101, NHOptometry1215903950
Thomas Lubelczyk 03101, NHOptometry1194796045
Joseph W Gallagher 03755, NHOptometry1558339382
The Medical Eye Center, P.c. 03104, NHOptometry1225004955
Judson K. Dexter 03431, NHOptometry1063484749
Debra A Poulin-belair 03825, NHOptometry1447227038
Richard D. Brannen 03755, NHOptometry1003877028
Cynthia Jean Lawrence 03756, NHOptometry1205897139
Nadia S Zalatimo 03104, NHOptometry1790747590
Robert F. Troendle 03867, NHOptometry1114981859
Joseph Raczek 03055, NHOptometry1710941125
Douglas E Knee 03581, NHOptometry1770547044
Vincent P Mcmahon 03431, NHOptometry1497711261
Julie M Le 03431, NHOptometry1306802178
Raymond Chew 03104, NHOptometry1982655015
Michael James Onyon 03079, NHOptometry1760434237
Mark Christopher Steadman 03060, NHOptometry1750344099
Mary P Pearson 03079, NHOptometry1881645968
James Mancini 03301, NHOptometry1154376119
Janet Irene Aug 03431, NHOptometry1518914001
Fabrice Brenot 03104, NHOptometry1003858457
Brian S. Klinger 03801, NHOptometry1790727956
Ronald William Douville 03054, NHOptometry1679515043
Marguerite Cote 03103, NHOptometry1194760256
Andrew James Di Mattina 03062, NHOptometry1346286879
Amy Dee Pruszenski 03801, NHOptometry1174559348
Richard Lee Talkington 03235, NHOptometry1407886963
Donna Reed 03257, NHOptometry1427089770
Richard Hp Robillard 03063, NHOptometry1891727632
Northeast Corneal Consultants, Pa 03801, NHOptometry1699714329
Samuel C Giveen 03743, NHOptometry1649202706
Susan E Fischer 03079, NHOptometry1811920689
James R. Eakin O.d. Pllc 03246, NHOptometry1649203159
Robert Marc Tyszko 03458, NHOptometry1467486852
Anthony Fusco 03079, NHOptometry1841224599
Eugene S. Baylus 03301, NHOptometry1255366092
Roger Milan Hill 03431, NHOptometry1093731044
Willard Carleton Carpenter 03773, NHOptometry1447278726
James Richard Vitale 03865, NHOptometry1811910136
Brian John Weber 03301, NHOptometry1215941604
Guy Lessard 03103, NHOptometry1083629943
Inhyang Song 03801, NHOptometry1902812522
Jason Gilbert Deviney 03431, NHOptometry1275542409
Jennifer Marie Shanley 03087, NHOptometry1437162963
John Frederick Minteer 03458, NHOptometry1295848455
Alan K. Thompson 03801, NHOptometry1740393156
Joseph W Alger 03431, NHOptometry1457467367
Brenda J. Fogarty Od &assoc. P.a. 03079, NHOptometry1558477547
Michael S Kaminski 03053, NHOptometry1679680128
Paula Marie Bergeron 03079, NHOptometry1134144579
Thomas F Scadova 03063, NHOptometry1356459846
Chris R Fields 03766, NHOptometry1548378532
Concord Eye Care Pc 03301, NHOptometry1942302377
Sherri A. Quimby-cronin 03064, NHOptometry1619079076
Kimberly Brian Boyer 03842, NHOptometry1447356340
Mark William Harris 03103, NHOptometry1962500280
Wesley Gilman Nichols 03257, NHOptometry1518065671
Lori Schafer Kirwan 03896, NHOptometry1699873687
Nancy Eileen Wolf 03110, NHOptometry1194824680
Wenhong Tao 03031, NHOptometry1659471316
David M Hartenstein 03842, NHOptometry1710087184
Sally A Hartenstein 03842, NHOptometry1356441729
Bao Che 03301, NHOptometry1508967969
Michael Brad Abrams 03303, NHOptometry1245321728
Stephen John Kirwan 03894, NHOptometry1841381860
Lauren Gump 03878, NHOptometry1891886644
Paul E Noury Od Pa 03110, NHOptometry1740372721
Carl Arthur Quimby 03064, NHOptometry1518059211
Laurel J Pulsifer 03570, NHOptometry1538254024
Tim Jordan 03042, NHOptometry1255427068
Gary E Cole 03860, NHOptometry1982791737
Michael Brian Nolen 03103, NHOptometry1104915008
Douglas J Blair 03053, NHOptometry1730261769
Sarah L Wood 03038, NHOptometry1598847907
Jeanine Elizabeth Turner 03801, NHOptometry1043392574
Jeffrey P Michaud 03045, NHOptometry1811070642
Anthony N Sacco Od Pc 03301, NHOptometry1962586594
Paula A. Ting-downing 03301, NHOptometry1275617847
Robert W Wyman 03431, NHOptometry1407930894
Koray Tolga Arin 03110, NHOptometry1568547537
Nh Eye Associates Pa 03101, NHOptometry1518044213
Denis Roger Allard 03104, NHOptometry1114004363
Eye Care Associates Of Derry Pc 03038, NHOptometry1831276922
Keith Alan Emery 03038, NHOptometry1336226547
Diane J Nelson 03038, NHOptometry1861579070
Derek Wentworth Guarino 03820, NHOptometry1427137710
Amy Christian Catalano Boyer 03801, NHOptometry1942379862
Chang Soo Daniel Lee 03874, NHOptometry1285745604
Marcy Schultenover 03801, NHOptometry1548357999
Lens Doctors 03801, NHOptometry1306927082
Valley Vision Eyecare Llc 03766, NHOptometry1194274340
Scott M Krauchunas 03220, NHOptometry1770681710
Shirlie Antoinette Dowd Herbst 03820, NHOptometry1720176266
William Stanley Holmes 03561, NHOptometry1669544144
Kevin Michael Stratton 03561, NHOptometry1285706762
Winnie Tseng 03561, NHOptometry1629140108
Charles Francis Lafreniere 03878, NHOptometry1669544300
Richard A Kay 03576, NHOptometry1871666537
Ilara K Donarum 03801, NHOptometry1770657504
Andrew C G Armstrong 03264, NHOptometry1841364650
Roger John Connelly 03079, NHOptometry1205903986
Meese Eye Care, Pllc 03755, NHOptometry1942378120
Eva Fung 03062, NHOptometry1265592919
Barry John Collins 03885, NHOptometry1598825721
David Pope Mackay 03110, NHOptometry1124181177
Roger P Collins 03102, NHOptometry1245395045
Philip Aubrey 03055, NHOptometry1912064890
Dwight Brooks Arvidson 03801, NHOptometry1528125283
Gary E Cole Odpc 03860, NHOptometry1063563492
Dr. Donna Reed Pllc 03257, NHOptometry1972655686
Christopher Paul Udina 03301, NHOptometry1477690378
Stephen P Byrnes 03053, NHOptometry1245379924
Laconia Eye Associates Pa 03249, NHOptometry1295875383
Hogan Eye Associates Inc. 03301, NHOptometry1639211402
Michael E Dobrowolski 03060, NHOptometry1588708713
Deborah Vallieres 03301, NHOptometry1316073166
Donna M Hogan 03301, NHOptometry1205963469
Jeanne Hein Thurber 03106, NHOptometry1144351768
Joseph A Bouchard 03743, NHOptometry1962533463
Richard D Brannen Od Pllc 03755, NHOptometry1134250640
Hooksett Family Eyecare, Inc 03106, NHOptometry1942334925
William S Holmes, Od 03561, NHOptometry1346364197
Spindel Eye Associates Pc 03865, NHOptometry1538284070
Harbor Eyecare Center Pc 03801, NHOptometry1598824898
Peter K Mocklis 03801, NHOptometry1073655437
Joseph P Larochelle 03301, NHOptometry1801933791
Emily Tuthill 03431, NHOptometry1366519324
Paul Mcmanus 03246, NHOptometry1649393208
Eyesight Ophthalmic Services P. A. 03801, NHOptometry1073736310
Katherine Zagroba 03246, NHOptometry1538384730
Leigh Sha R Chervenka 01886, NHOptometry1093931271
Merrimack Vision Care, Llc 03054, NHOptometry1669685368
Anthony N Sacco 03301, NHOptometry1073722278
Paul Edward Noury 03110, NHOptometry1205031630
Capital Vision Center Pc 03301, NHOptometry1467659185
New England Eyeworks Llc 03431, NHOptometry1134327836
Dr. Michael J. Onyon And Associates, P.c. 03079, NHOptometry1073712840
Joel Robert Tuite 03561, NHOptometry1912107285
Tina Marie Smrkovski 03743, NHOptometry1568654614
Jeffrey Alan Smrkovski 03743, NHOptometry1366634412


Explanations of Terms and Helpful Links

Q: What is a NPI number?
A: As per CMS, a National Provider Identifier (NPI) is a unique identification number for covered health care providers, which was created to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of electronic transmission of health information.

Q: How does NPI number registration work? How do I get, apply, or register for a NPI number? Is there an easy way of obtaining an NPI number?
A: As per CMS, the most convenient method of registering for a NPI number is to visit NPPES and follow the on-screen instructions. If you have any questions during the registration process, you may contact NPI customer service at 1-800-465-3203.

Q: Is there any easy-to-read NPI number list or a list of NPI numbers?
A: There are several lists that you may find online, but an example of an official one is from CMS, which allows you to view certain data using table-like interfaces. An NPI number search can also be performed via the NPPES NPI registry.

Q: What is my profession's NPI number? How about my group NPI number? And my medical NPI number?
A: The NPPES NPI registry is the official website for finding / locating and verifying your NPI number and related details. Our website does indeed utilize NPPES data as one of its sources and we encourage you to explore all possible sources for NPI verification.

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