Providers with Taxonomy: Optometry in the state of New Jersey

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Optometry
in the state of New Jersey:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Steven S. Roth 08051, NJOptometry1477556421
Alvin Ira Stern 08069, NJOptometry1003819236
Sheldon Gerard Greenspan 07054, NJOptometry1346243193
Robert Dean Levy 08016, NJOptometry1861495517
Susan A Bell 08618, NJOptometry1124021894
Edward Sidney Campell 08618, NJOptometry1710980784
Ira Jay Kostman 07652, NJOptometry1659374569
Alan Ross 07624, NJOptometry1881697753
Optometric Physicians Of Middletown Pa 07748, NJOptometry1457354037
Optometric Physcians Of Long Branch 07740, NJOptometry1942203518
Optometric Physicians Of Hazlet, Pa 07730, NJOptometry1629071295
Charles D. Allen 08540, NJOptometry1194728899
Optometric Physcians Of Red Bank 07701, NJOptometry1154324721
Todd Howard Gershenow 07748, NJOptometry1699778316
Stuart Martin Lonsk 07203, NJOptometry1053314658
Lesley Kraus 07730, NJOptometry1104829795
Hedy Leibowitz 08857, NJOptometry1265435713
Sean Patrick Phibbs 08750, NJOptometry1144223579
Richard Levi Morganstein 07093, NJOptometry1740283035
Arlene Hughes Gorny 08204, NJOptometry1700889185
Ferne E Sandler 08053, NJOptometry1275535577
Frank Michael D'orio 08360, NJOptometry1154323442
Joseph Thomas Boorady 07869, NJOptometry1730183088
Rosemarie R. Cunningham 08360, NJOptometry1700888088
Charles M Shiel 07607, NJOptometry1306848536
Anna Digeso 08876, NJOptometry1396749180
Terrylee Maimone 07093, NJOptometry1265436091
Stephen Alan Kowalsky 07871, NJOptometry1700880341
Adam David Mark 07747, NJOptometry1275537961
Steve & Beth Inc. 08801, NJOptometry1104820836
Donald D Kim 07624, NJOptometry1881698322
Jean S. Heisman 08062, NJOptometry1104821545
Susskind & Almallah Eye Associates, Pa 08755, NJOptometry1548265895
Charles H Fitzpatrick 08002, NJOptometry1265437560
Barbara Joan Tarbell 08844, NJOptometry1861497984
Beverly Miller 08876, NJOptometry1043215940
Alan Siedman 08002, NJOptometry1649275405
Johnson Vision Care, Inc. 08036, NJOptometry1568467207
John L Volpe 07110, NJOptometry1467457119
Gytta Ehrman 07410, NJOptometry1558366161
Ilaxi Rana 07054, NJOptometry1790780260
Louise Colletti 08096, NJOptometry1407851934
Frederick Young 08054, NJOptometry1457357717
Stephen Leonard Sinoway 08801, NJOptometry1578569737
Jonathan J Dorn 08221, NJOptometry1154327435
Taras Walter Spivak 08312, NJOptometry1770589889
Bernard Mullin 07830, NJOptometry1487650354
Arthur L Siegel 08057, NJOptometry1225034325
Robert M Kirsch 07052, NJOptometry1629075056
Alan Shapiro 07716, NJOptometry1750388153
Theresa Catalano Fleming 08070, NJOptometry1407853757
Robert K Petrelli 08260, NJOptometry1699772988
Freddie J Davis 08008, NJOptometry1427055748
Ronald B. Wilson 08648, NJOptometry1427055516
Margaret M Ritterbusch 08540, NJOptometry1215934302
Ronald Siwoff 07834, NJOptometry1013914175
Stephen E Streitfeld 08037, NJOptometry1093712796
Robert Curtis Messinger 07030, NJOptometry1669470324
S Moshe Roth 08857, NJOptometry1124026687
Larry J Greidinger 08648, NJOptometry1649278839
Jed G. Beck 07052, NJOptometry1174521389
Thomas Altman 07660, NJOptometry1295733095
Roger Allen Young 08251, NJOptometry1396744124
Paul E. Naftali 07940, NJOptometry1316945108
Theresa Sokolowski 07869, NJOptometry1578562906
Kimberly K Friedman 08057, NJOptometry1760481949
Jonathan Wasserstein 07039, NJOptometry1053310235
Rose K. Hughes 08816, NJOptometry1851391338
David Weininger 08901, NJOptometry1477554426
Andrea J Mazur 08402, NJOptometry1730180670
Dean N Shissias 08402, NJOptometry1770584625
Elizabeth Bc Huynh 19107, NJOptometry1740272905
Peter J Vishton 14727, NJOptometry1952393779
Daniel Kohansby 08865, NJOptometry1043202492
Steve Silberberg 07747, NJOptometry1689666091
Diane A. King 07603, NJOptometry1205828589
Dr Suzanne Offen Inc 07090, NJOptometry1922091255
Steven L Sorkin 07004, NJOptometry1548253875
Gregory L Fanelli 08012, NJOptometry1306839642
Van P Vinciguerra 07010, NJOptometry1467445171
Soll Eye Pc Of Nj 08103, NJOptometry1821081258
Donald J. Seiler 07748, NJOptometry1114911476
Charles L Zolot 07652, NJOptometry1548254808
Yolanda Czerniawski 07052, NJOptometry1083609382
Nicholas Xanthos 07936, NJOptometry1992790166
Steven E Croucher 07042, NJOptometry1487649356
Scott R. Schultz 07052, NJOptometry1265427132
Sandra Kantorek 07083, NJOptometry1588659437
Larry Charles Wallis 08030, NJOptometry1821083585
Tina L Iorio 07722, NJOptometry1376539940
South Jersey Eye Associates Pa 08302, NJOptometry1366438939
Nicholas Michael Kavcsak 07823, NJOptometry1841286465
Douglas James Kelley 08205, NJOptometry1962498345
Robert M Cole 08302, NJOptometry1497741730
Michael A Feinstein 08302, NJOptometry1417943754
Herbert J Bell P A 08618, NJOptometry1700872702
Calman M Hunter 07016, NJOptometry1154317154
Madeline L. Romeu 07093, NJOptometry1235125113
Josianne Manasse 07936, NJOptometry1366438210
Francis J Sieber 08318, NJOptometry1336135391
Glenn Jay Malat 07006, NJOptometry1386630150
Sally Halim 08085, NJOptometry1063408805
Edward Lloyd Robbins 07446, NJOptometry1851387674
Robert Tandler 07087, NJOptometry1104812924
Shelli Lynn Ravine 07719, NJOptometry1366439077
Martha Dawn Goff 08641, NJOptometry1972590396
Amy L Covucci 07860, NJOptometry1891782843
Eyexam Associates Pa 08002, NJOptometry1760470405
Steven E. Croucher, O.d. & Gabrielle Nitti, O.d. 07042, NJOptometry1770571580
Linda Joan Bornstein 08007, NJOptometry1780672485
Jeffrey Steven Zlotnick 08820, NJOptometry1881689610
Darryl R Voight 07470, NJOptometry1992793376
Gabrielle Nitti 07042, NJOptometry1780673400
John A Collini 07726, NJOptometry1952390536
George W Veliky 08830, NJOptometry1932198405
Christopher J Quinn 08830, NJOptometry1710976949
Paul R Ceran 07960, NJOptometry1205825452
Drew A Ricchiuti 08361, NJOptometry1801886874
Meggan Clair Heinz 08831, NJOptometry1003806761
Sharon A Manto 08690, NJOptometry1417947532
Trinae Smargiassi Rosato 08865, NJOptometry1932190063
William Robert Marcolini 08830, NJOptometry1215928320
Steven J. Seidel 07621, NJOptometry1881685378
David Carotenuto 07722, NJOptometry1952392623
Fredrick C Mariani 08865, NJOptometry1104817998
Laurie Lynn Kessler 08070, NJOptometry1871584300
Steven D. Starkman 07010, NJOptometry1659352540
Laila Colicchio 08861, NJOptometry1366423287
Michelle Avergon 08816, NJOptometry1013998939
Lynne M Porreca 08332, NJOptometry1245211713
Dr. Harvey L. Kerker & Dr. Ivy H. Spears, Optometric Physicians, L.l.p 08753, NJOptometry1851372270
Charles L Abady 07755, NJOptometry1205817517
Leonard Marvin Steiner 07755, NJOptometry1275514556
David J Lax 08690, NJOptometry1689656712
Denise A Agness 08690, NJOptometry1902888035
Ivy Hopp Spears 08753, NJOptometry1093797912
Harvey Lee Kerker 08753, NJOptometry1467434407
John David Barbato 07094, NJOptometry1053393801
Randi Alison Freed 07094, NJOptometry1013999861
Dawn Marie Hinspeter 08037, NJOptometry1578545133
Sarah Lane 08701, NJOptometry1942282702
Campus Eye Group, Llc 08690, NJOptometry1447232913
Colleen M Schubel 08857, NJOptometry1164404570
John F Insinga 07801, NJOptometry1699757856
Lawrence Hayes Coppock 08070, NJOptometry1437140944
Edward B Didonato 08690, NJOptometry1578546545
Jack Goldstein 07087, NJOptometry1629051404
Lisa M. Andrasz 08505, NJOptometry1447234976
Russell Scott Kateman 07095, NJOptometry1942283411
Walter John Shurminsky 07110, NJOptometry1679556146
Gillian J Hayes 08540, NJOptometry1720062672
Sandy Yee 07728, NJOptometry1083698690
Maureen C Considine 07079, NJOptometry1083699516
Harvey B Richman 08736, NJOptometry1336124445
Bruce Mazie 07013, NJOptometry1871578054
Maria Richman 08736, NJOptometry1154306264
Catherine Felicia-aure 08755, NJOptometry1447235460
Erik Mohaber 08755, NJOptometry1649255670
Kenneth B Ehrlich 08755, NJOptometry1518943299
Irving Edelsberg 07712, NJOptometry1124004866
Christopher D'alterio 08755, NJOptometry1730165408
Kenneth A Shuster 08406, NJOptometry1821074923
Randolph Brooks 07852, NJOptometry1609853282
Dale M Stein 08043, NJOptometry1255318150
Wayne Goldschneider 08096, NJOptometry1588641468
Anna Z Blair 08053, NJOptometry1801873781
David M. Talbot 08753, NJOptometry1083691992
Francis N Campagna 08096, NJOptometry1982681896
Maryellen Gallick 08043, NJOptometry1780661660
Vincent L Gattuso 08043, NJOptometry1003893983
Clinton Family Eyecare Center, Llc 08809, NJOptometry1346228285
Stanley John Blyskal 07882, NJOptometry1255319190
Frank R Bucciero 07081, NJOptometry1861470601
David L. Rajkowski 07508, NJOptometry1386622140
Steffan Miller 10952, NJOptometry1346228186
Conrad G. Modica 07508, NJOptometry1437137296
Michael J Veliky 08830, NJOptometry1659359289
James Michael Sinoway 10017, NJOptometry1568441459
David J Mellish 08094, NJOptometry1396724886
Lauren Scharf-snyder 08008, NJOptometry1063491447
Snyder& Snyder& Scharf snyder Ptr 08008, NJOptometry1699754077
Sally Beth Bregman 07040, NJOptometry1427037704
Robert Snyder 08008, NJOptometry1790764066
Yelena Maryams 07083, NJOptometry1740269034
Paul L Sonenblum 07728, NJOptometry1477532661
Marc Nelson 08091, NJOptometry1295715241
Jeffrey F. Clauss 07871, NJOptometry1871573709
Midatlantic Ophthalmology Group Pa 07701, NJOptometry1861472870
Diane L. Fabery 07871, NJOptometry1619957594
Anthony A Fiorilli 07731, NJOptometry1598745127
Jill Saxon 07866, NJOptometry1881674455
Sonia Bassily 08816, NJOptometry1013997592
Double Vision, Pc 07747, NJOptometry1053391219
James John Aversa 07604, NJOptometry1710957998
Nidhi Rana 08816, NJOptometry1437129640
Gerald T. Johnson 07825, NJOptometry1346210465
William Joel Greenberg 08701, NJOptometry1306816491
Eric M Waldman 07055, NJOptometry1851361968
Matthew E Esperon 07601, NJOptometry1568442911
Michael J. Siegel 07828, NJOptometry1427035005


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Q: What is a NPI number?
A: As per CMS, a National Provider Identifier (NPI) is a unique identification number for covered health care providers, which was created to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of electronic transmission of health information.

Q: How does NPI number registration work? How do I get, apply, or register for a NPI number? Is there an easy way of obtaining an NPI number?
A: As per CMS, the most convenient method of registering for a NPI number is to visit NPPES and follow the on-screen instructions. If you have any questions during the registration process, you may contact NPI customer service at 1-800-465-3203.

Q: Is there any easy-to-read NPI number list or a list of NPI numbers?
A: There are several lists that you may find online, but an example of an official one is from CMS, which allows you to view certain data using table-like interfaces. An NPI number search can also be performed via the NPPES NPI registry.

Q: What is my profession's NPI number? How about my group NPI number? And my medical NPI number?
A: The NPPES NPI registry is the official website for finding / locating and verifying your NPI number and related details. Our website does indeed utilize NPPES data as one of its sources and we encourage you to explore all possible sources for NPI verification.

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