Providers with Taxonomy: Optometry in the state of New Jersey

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Optometry
in the state of New Jersey:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Christine D Squeri 10128, NJOptometry1326028325
Patricia E Carniglia 07701, NJOptometry1366487662
Jaimini Patel 07849, NJOptometry1336618776
Albert J Staab 08053, NJOptometry1306880257
Nura Salameh 11552, NJOptometry1548670920
Scott Rufolo, O.d., P.c. 07060, NJOptometry1235156662
Evesham Eye Associates, Inc. 08053, NJOptometry1619987062
Nina Masi 07036, NJOptometry1376622779
Gillian George 10458, NJOptometry1114039302
Community Health Care, Inc. 08360, NJOptometry1568572568
Ma Le Trieu 07020, NJOptometry1023156643
John Young Lee 07675, NJOptometry1962694356
J Lee Optometry Llc 07675, NJOptometry1639302839
Haejin Han 07020, NJOptometry1942715248
Aaisha Ahmed 07702, NJOptometry1487039327
Amanda Mammano 10012, NJOptometry1053795922
Paul Obasuyi 07052, NJOptometry1730463118
Lauren Elizabeth Lusardi 08865, NJOptometry1902359326
Mina Pi Han 07512, NJOptometry1548798473
Ryan Naglak 19020, NJOptometry1801318977
20/20 Retail Management, Llc 20707, NJOptometry1598286932
Nj Eye And Ear Llc 07011, NJOptometry1154838316
Shinjini Bose 08904, NJOptometry1720506199
David Martella-whorton 18940, NJOptometry1124510870
Rachna Shah 08361, NJOptometry1295227296
Mary Wu 07018, NJOptometry1528588811
Bindi Dinesh Patel 10710, NJOptometry1366972887
Zupsic Eye Associates Llc 08028, NJOptometry1699272674
Complete Vision Care Llc 07840, NJOptometry1225508773
Saurin Patel 19082, NJOptometry1689965097
Erica O'lenick 07726, NJOptometry1033525530
Jacob Bedzrah 07866, NJOptometry1023586179
Stella Lee 07871, NJOptometry1841678927
Amy Vinod Jasani 07960, NJOptometry1275973513
Maya Poplyansky 10037, NJOptometry1952896664
Anuradha P Rana 07003, NJOptometry1154981140
Tristan Campbell Barrueco 10312, NJOptometry1396237335
Vantage Eyecare, Llc 18966, NJOptometry1689184384
Justina Marie Jacob 07075, NJOptometry1972165058
Steven D. Starkman 07666, NJOptometry1659352540
Sunya Ali 07728, NJOptometry1568017689
Sandy Tran 91316, NJOptometry1801205638
Andrew James Mackner 55435, NJOptometry1639646664
Bonnie Silverstein 08902, NJOptometry1912071812
Elena L. Monks 33414, NJOptometry1518195353
Michelle V Timko 08876, NJOptometry1548339690
Nisha Shah 08691, NJOptometry1285981431
Bright Vision 08691, NJOptometry1043779739
Andrew Jayson Savitz 07081, NJOptometry1306134960
Ashley Dawli Izar 10025, NJOptometry1295387926
Yulia Naumova 07094, NJOptometry1003220351
Dimple Patel 07310, NJOptometry1366003568
Cindy Nesha Chhedi 08046, NJOptometry1316902083
Gubman Eye Associates, Pa 08043, NJOptometry1497798763
Shannon Eunhwa Lee 19020, NJOptometry1558919449
Shailka Dawar 92345, NJOptometry1700327871
Kelsey Marie Sarver 08028, NJOptometry1093245698
Sneha Bagavandoss 63084, NJOptometry1104302660
Amanda Marie Minervini 07834, NJOptometry1184240780
Parminder Singh Multani 10314, NJOptometry1306460589
Mary Cairnie 79762, NJOptometry1205205408
Payal P Patel 07424, NJOptometry1972115566
Julianna Marie Mola 07018, NJOptometry1740892280
Hira Javeed 07866, NJOptometry1114237450
Lori Napolitano 07458, NJOptometry1467769273
Dennis C Miller 08057, NJOptometry1528076478
Christine Elizabeth Corrente 07457, NJOptometry1962886986
Smart Eyecare Llc 07093, NJOptometry1417559634
Clare Tao 07093, NJOptometry1003320136
Jamie John 29730, NJOptometry1710544564
Jenny He 07310, NJOptometry1437754363
Tina Choe 07013, NJOptometry1851987119
Thomas Yantorni 29708, NJOptometry1841857695
Roa Fathi Al-abdalla 10033, NJOptometry1730660978
New Jersey Eye Center, P.a. 07621, NJOptometry1235155615
Avi David Yehudai 07930, NJOptometry1013400043
Alvin Siv 22306, NJOptometry1356894869
Fatima Lucila Constante-gonzalez 07011, NJOptometry1457516106
Navdeep Hayer 08854, NJOptometry1336700681
Lucy Zhu 10027, NJOptometry1912560319
Optometric Physicians Of Middletown Pa 07748, NJOptometry1457354037
Steve & Beth Inc. 08801, NJOptometry1104820836
Johnson Vision Care, Inc. 08036, NJOptometry1568467207
Dr Suzanne Offen Inc 07090, NJOptometry1922091255
Soll Eye Pc Of Nj 08103, NJOptometry1821081258
South Jersey Eye Associates Pa 08302, NJOptometry1366438939
Herbert J Bell P A 08618, NJOptometry1700872702
Eyexam Associates Pa 08002, NJOptometry1760470405
Steven E. Croucher, O.d. & Gabrielle Nitti, O.d. 07042, NJOptometry1770571580
Campus Eye Group, Llc 08690, NJOptometry1447232913
Clinton Family Eyecare Center, Llc 08809, NJOptometry1346228285
Snyder& Snyder& Scharf snyder Ptr 08008, NJOptometry1699754077
Midatlantic Ophthalmology Group Pa 07701, NJOptometry1861472870
Double Vision, Pc 07747, NJOptometry1053391219
Howell Eye Center Llc 07731, NJOptometry1972062487
Ophthalmic Partners Of New Jersey, Pc 08053, NJOptometry1619940343
Ocean Eye Associates, Inc 08723, NJOptometry1184699100
Sheldon G. Greenspan, Od, Pa 07054, NJOptometry1285602631
James Tracey Optical, Inc. 07432, NJOptometry1770024507
Center For Visual Rehabilitation, Inc. 07719, NJOptometry1275595241
Drs Barnes & Carter Llc 07042, NJOptometry1396701959
Northwest Optometry Group, P.a. 07871, NJOptometry1801853254
Southern Shores Eye Center, P.a. 08050, NJOptometry1669421194
The Eye Health Group Of Toms River, Inc 08753, NJOptometry1396796546
Eye Health Group Of Springfield, Llc 07081, NJOptometry1154373819
The Eye Health Group, Llc 08830, NJOptometry1669424495
The Eye Health Group Of Paramus, Llc 07652, NJOptometry1104879451
The Eye Health Group Of Totowa, Llc 07512, NJOptometry1093768343
Broban Of Nj, Inc 07728, NJOptometry1518910884
Jean S. Heisman 08062, NJOptometry1972557544
Ravine Eye Center Inc 07719, NJOptometry1700839743
Stephen A. Kowalsky, O.d. 07871, NJOptometry1730133950
Wasser & Edelstein, Pa 08052, NJOptometry1871547943
Sandler Eye Care 08053, NJOptometry1336194240
Cdr Eye Associates, Inc. 08234, NJOptometry1548215569
Dr. S.b. Bregman, Llc 07040, NJOptometry1255387262
Moorestown Eye Associates 08057, NJOptometry1194771634
Drs Zigman And Schwartz 07701, NJOptometry1174579676
Medford Eyewear Center, Inc. 08055, NJOptometry1407893019
Family Eye Care Services, P.a. 07866, NJOptometry1245271204
Kaplan & Tyson, Llc 08361, NJOptometry1437191970
Abady, Steiner And Ravine Eye Care O D P C 07755, NJOptometry1649213406
Advanced Eyecare Associates, Llc 07852, NJOptometry1972548824
Haddonfield Vision P.c. 08033, NJOptometry1881639391
Martin Sung Kim, O.d., Inc. 07650, NJOptometry1851337703
Eyecare Professionals, P.c. 08690, NJOptometry1538105036
Mobile Eye Professionals 08690, NJOptometry1174551907
Monroe Vision Associates Llc 08831, NJOptometry1043249337
Community Health Care Inc. 08302, NJOptometry1700816816
Union Family Eyecare, Pc 07701, NJOptometry1598796062
Akt Eye Care, Llc 07024, NJOptometry1194756312
C&b Enterprises Llc 07840, NJOptometry1053776161
New Jersey Regional Eye Care, Pa 07446, NJOptometry1548202948
Enfocus, Llc 08033, NJOptometry1699262832
Complete Vision Services 07083, NJOptometry1902389869
Charles M. Cummins, O.d., Pa 07003, NJOptometry1598797722
Arthur Starr & Sherry Lench Ptr 08360, NJOptometry1710910229
Dr. Harold Wiener Optometrist P A 07031, NJOptometry1659304657
Barry J. Edison D.o. P.c. 07724, NJOptometry1043236185
Fsa Vision Associates Pa 08057, NJOptometry1942226303
Robert J Manoli Od And Associates Pc 08242, NJOptometry1790702710
Resident Eye Care Associates, Llc 07410, NJOptometry1508883307
Atlantic Cumberland Eye Associates 08221, NJOptometry1154349793
Visionary Eye Care Associates Llc 08054, NJOptometry1093733610
Marlton Eye Associates, Pc 08053, NJOptometry1548281157
Optometric Physicians Of Hazlet Llc 07730, NJOptometry1609885623
Optometric Physicians Of Eatontown Llc 07724, NJOptometry1912917147
Optical World Of Elizabeth Llc 07201, NJOptometry1366455032
Visual Eyes, Inc. 08750, NJOptometry1861405268
Optometric Physicians Of Red Bank Llc 07701, NJOptometry1457464190
Mrl Vision Associates Inc 08741, NJOptometry1912010240
Perlin Eye Associates, Pa 08002, NJOptometry1992819643
Optometric Physicians Of Long Branch Llc 07740, NJOptometry1780790097
Sight Saver Optical 08753, NJOptometry1699881243
Diering And Dipietro Associates Ptrs 08012, NJOptometry1972618254
William C. Fruchtman Od Pa 07073, NJOptometry1407881667
Eyecare One Llc 07652, NJOptometry1780794768
Professional Eyecare Associates Pa 07652, NJOptometry1497865463
Bayshore Ophthalmology, Llc 07733, NJOptometry1215047493
Community Health Care, Inc. 08210, NJOptometry1689785610
Community Health Care, Inc. 08028, NJOptometry1518078559
Community Health Care, Inc 08332, NJOptometry1346342441
Bedminster Eye And Laser Center, P.a. 07921, NJOptometry1659473973
Anthony J Boni Od And Alicia N Dorman Od/pa 07424, NJOptometry1346344868
Marfori Family Eye Care 08723, NJOptometry1598862773
Mercer Vision Associates 08618, NJOptometry1255439519
University Children's Eye Center, Pc 08816, NJOptometry1073612149
Englewood Eye Associates P.a. 07631, NJOptometry1295834240
Dr. Edward T Beja Associate Doctor Of Optometry Pc 07642, NJOptometry1528168911
Eyes For America, Inc. 07505, NJOptometry1609976836
Atlantic Eyecare Associates 08753, NJOptometry1598856569
Morganstein Eye Associates Llc 07093, NJOptometry1578655189
Jeffery H Auerbacher John S White 07652, NJOptometry1417042409
Eyexam Group Totowa, P.a. 07512, NJOptometry1609966332
Bellmawr Eye Care, Llc 08031, NJOptometry1467533794
Eyexam Group Watchung Pa 07069, NJOptometry1053493627
Tice's Eyes, Inc. 07677, NJOptometry1467994749
Eyexam Group P A 07652, NJOptometry1669553087
Del Negro & Senft Eye Associates, P.c. 07753, NJOptometry1891866323
Nathaniel Ross & Associates, Pa 08837, NJOptometry1841364619
Garden State Eyecare Inc. 07726, NJOptometry1366517260
The Eyexam Group Of East Brunswick 08816, NJOptometry1902972698
Eye Site Eye Care Center Pc 08046, NJOptometry1336215425
Truway Vision Care Pa 07050, NJOptometry1043387178
Optika Eyecare, Inc. 07405, NJOptometry1609934207
Drs. Pritz & Gray Eyecare 08232, NJOptometry1508924085
Focus Eye Health And Vision Care, 07601, NJOptometry1356401038
Robert D. Levy Pc 08016, NJOptometry1154481042
Dr.michael F. Schwartz Optometrist Pc 08904, NJOptometry1518027440
Invision Eye Care Inc. 07039, NJOptometry1356401889
Fridel Eye Associates, P.a. 07712, NJOptometry1578624037
Ronald B. Wilson & Larry J. Greidinger Ptrs 08648, NJOptometry1336200179
Athwal Eye Associates, P.c 08755, NJOptometry1659433142
Shore Family Eyecare, Pa 08736, NJOptometry1154483287
Robert B Breeden Od Ronald J Minsky Od Pa 07724, NJOptometry1104989797
Mbc Eyecare Inc 07748, NJOptometry1013070242
Rosenblatt Family Eyecare Associates, Pa 08869, NJOptometry1336202274
Drs. Matzo And Rosenheck, Llc 07731, NJOptometry1003971862
Kenneth Daniels, O.d., P.c. 08525, NJOptometry1275690307
Kenneth Daniels, O.d., P.c. 08530, NJOptometry1316004807


Explanations of Terms and Helpful Links

Q: What is a NPI number?
A: As per CMS, a National Provider Identifier (NPI) is a unique identification number for covered health care providers, which was created to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of electronic transmission of health information.

Q: How does NPI number registration work? How do I get, apply, or register for a NPI number? Is there an easy way of obtaining an NPI number?
A: As per CMS, the most convenient method of registering for a NPI number is to visit NPPES and follow the on-screen instructions. If you have any questions during the registration process, you may contact NPI customer service at 1-800-465-3203.

Q: Is there any easy-to-read NPI number list or a list of NPI numbers?
A: There are several lists that you may find online, but an example of an official one is from CMS, which allows you to view certain data using table-like interfaces. An NPI number search can also be performed via the NPPES NPI registry.

Q: What is my profession's NPI number? How about my group NPI number? And my medical NPI number?
A: The NPPES NPI registry is the official website for finding / locating and verifying your NPI number and related details. Our website does indeed utilize NPPES data as one of its sources and we encourage you to explore all possible sources for NPI verification.

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