Providers with Taxonomy: Optometry in the state of Nevada

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Optometry
in the state of Nevada:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Romy Park 89103, NVOptometry1215155254
Christopher Burt 89074, NVOptometry1982797460
Long Kevin Diep 89146, NVOptometry1598805525
Huyen Mong Nguyen 89705, NVOptometry1821155300
Kent Jay Bennion 89040, NVOptometry1558567354
Humphreys Marchant Humphreys And Cooper Ods Ltd 89434, NVOptometry1770797425
David P. Yesnick, Od Pc 89147, NVOptometry1083806970
Monica Nadine Pinon 89147, NVOptometry1194026641
Tascha Danielle Wells 89117, NVOptometry1710117197
Joseph Lao 89052, NVOptometry1083044333
Safe Co management Inc 89191, NVOptometry1215332390
Yura Kim 94040, NVOptometry1891060737
Invision Eye Center 89008, NVOptometry1962920223
Daniel Mulder 89406, NVOptometry1407396856
Clarity Vision, Llc 89117, NVOptometry1932623774
Sharon Richens Md Eye Physician & Surgeon Pc 84770, NVOptometry1831688738
Dzuy V Bi 95148, NVOptometry1457705808
Sheran Sahota 89502, NVOptometry1215413711
Cindy Trinh 89128, NVOptometry1164908679
Christopher Burt, Od, Pc 89074, NVOptometry1780103556
Suzanne Elaine Riffel 89135, NVOptometry1073812061
Jeremy Thomas Einowski 89408, NVOptometry1194386409
Phdra N Shaba 85254, NVOptometry1689803926
Rickie Kwong Chin 89052, NVOptometry1346802568
Corom Dumayne Eisley 89509, NVOptometry1568957744
Silvia Alejandra Mijares Landin 89147, NVOptometry1679131700
Nina To-nhu Tran 89086, NVOptometry1164710489
Golden Thane Smith 83402, NVOptometry1154432938
Golden Eye care P.l.l.c. 83402, NVOptometry1891958914
Matthew Walden Earhart 93514, NVOptometry1831397801
Jason A Ahee Md Pc 84790, NVOptometry1649276957
Helen Lee 89511, NVOptometry1316020175
Alexander S Choy 98686, NVOptometry1033598172
Bruce Lundin 98382, NVOptometry1750336152
Raymond James Ruckman 89703, NVOptometry1134106842
Brian Bijan Nasser 89110, NVOptometry1922668102
Jack E Abrams M D Professional Corporation 89148, NVOptometry1881611887
Gregory J Faldowski 89503, NVOptometry1225324023
Gary D Berger 84701, NVOptometry1386729721
Mary Ann Ellement Hueftle 89521, NVOptometry1215368550
Hersel Lewis 89449, NVOptometry1033116017
Amber Louise Belaustegui 89406, NVOptometry1689830598
Manpreet Rehal 89521, NVOptometry1295101244
Mark D Michitsch 89523, NVOptometry1043249394
Daniel T Rowan 89523, NVOptometry1639205818
Mariah Mitman 89523, NVOptometry1366938771
Christopher Chisholm Qualls 89521, NVOptometry1053897397
Jacqueline Anne Ecalnir Julio 89086, NVOptometry1336701788
Vincent Gassen 89074, NVOptometry1356340863
Douglas Orton 89074, NVOptometry1346249935
Jeffrey K Austin 89106, NVOptometry1891755930
Andrew Kwong 89106, NVOptometry1306298898
Stephanie Oh 89121, NVOptometry1871155168
Brad C Stewart 89121, NVOptometry1497782437
Terry Yu 93003, NVOptometry1346737467
Kyle Devon Andrus 71118, NVOptometry1316982028
Rowan Optometry Pc 89523, NVOptometry1376125351
Sahba Fakhra 89145, NVOptometry1942652706
Hera Ansari 89086, NVOptometry1427684992
Helen M Nghiem, Od, Pc 89107, NVOptometry1326614793
Sarah A. Martin 89107, NVOptometry1073799136
Isaac Jacob Ortiz 89031, NVOptometry1811365190
Tiffanny N Lai 89108, NVOptometry1194004788
Tyler S Rose 48823, NVOptometry1942668389
Esther Won Kim 89110, NVOptometry1902428345
Andy Yingju Mu 89052, NVOptometry1629418728
Sharon Long 89706, NVOptometry1861059537
Nicole Tracy Hom 94108, NVOptometry1235485152
Dana Le Vo 89148, NVOptometry1881755221
Dana Vo Od, Ltd 89148, NVOptometry1245853407
Amy E Sullivan 89445, NVOptometry1699050740
James Andrew Ho 35007, NVOptometry1073034898
Usv Optical Inc. 08012, NVOptometry1578891008
Shelvi Shah 78759, NVOptometry1154995546
Yliana Cetina 89104, NVOptometry1215564513
Douglas Orton O D Llc 89074, NVOptometry1447259544
Eric R Kroll O D Ltd 89509, NVOptometry1588648927
Robertson & Koenig, Ltd 89408, NVOptometry1699745059
Robertson & Koenig Ltd 89406, NVOptometry1194798231
Richard F Meier Od Ltd 89509, NVOptometry1821065475
Girisgen & Kopolow Od, Pc 89108, NVOptometry1457716391
Steve Girisgen O.d., P.c 89109, NVOptometry1427095538
H Kenneth Kopolow O.d & Assoc P.c 89107, NVOptometry1336186444
Erika Duggan 89052, NVOptometry1194760454
Clearvision Eye Centers Clark County Llp 89005, NVOptometry1356379408
Eye Institute Of Kentucky 42718, NVOptometry1245269539
Clearvision Eye Centers Clark County Llp 89121, NVOptometry1730106816
Ryan Peterson O.d., Inc. 89146, NVOptometry1962420455
Optical Management Systems, Inc. 48603, NVOptometry1033130778
Optical Management Systems, Inc. 48340, NVOptometry1659392397
Optical Management Systems, Inc 46241, NVOptometry1275554917
Optical Management Systems, Inc. 44484, NVOptometry1255345062
Optical Management Systems, Inc. 44515, NVOptometry1053327411
Debry Jackson Ophthalmology Pllc 89052, NVOptometry1609377423
Demers Family Vision Group, Inc. 89431, NVOptometry1649388794
Central Nevada Vision Inc 89406, NVOptometry1841391810
Drs. Sadberry & Helmick, Ods, Ltd. 89110, NVOptometry1730263252
Eyetech Visioncare, Ltd 89434, NVOptometry1669557948
Pritchett Eye Care Pc 89436, NVOptometry1033212030
Jason Bolenbaker, O.d., Pc 89511, NVOptometry1457428989
Adlington Eye Center, Inc. 89509, NVOptometry1376605097
Hemmer Eye Care, Llc 89706, NVOptometry1316004260
Ronald Winkelman O.d., Inc. 89705, NVOptometry1457403495
E. A. Angelini Od Ltd 89503, NVOptometry1578600706
Pearson Enterprises International Llc 89108, NVOptometry1952448144
The Lasik Vision Institute, Llc 89128, NVOptometry1073652541
H. Kenneth Kopolow, Od & Assoc. Prof. Corp. 89014, NVOptometry1447391024
Kent M Robertson Od Inc 89301, NVOptometry1003942707
Keith A Kohorst Od 89121, NVOptometry1104957679
Faccinto And Mayer Eye Care P.c. 89123, NVOptometry1003930462
Cory T. Steed, O.d., Prof Corp 89148, NVOptometry1235255571
Conrad Lochner Iii, Odpc 89191, NVOptometry1609992205
David S Davis Od Pc 89110, NVOptometry1306964382
Century Vision Center, Chtd. 89117, NVOptometry1396800736
Northern Nevada Eyecare Ltd 89445, NVOptometry1295883858
Cynthia Kiernan Od, Inc 89123, NVOptometry1659497923
Shannon R. Chandler, Corp 89139, NVOptometry1194890673
Mark Lee, Od Ltd 89147, NVOptometry1316067358
Las Vegas Family Eye Care, Todd C. Angell, O.d. Ltd 89104, NVOptometry1114140399
Miller And Miller, Od Ltd 89149, NVOptometry1487877064
Dr. Thomas Ha Prof. Corp. 89141, NVOptometry1316164437
Harvey Ohriner Od Ltd 89169, NVOptometry1518185859
Dr Stephanie P Lee Corporation 89052, NVOptometry1447479845
Mark G. Mitchell, Od, Ltd. 89502, NVOptometry1710108402
Clearvision Eye Centers Clark County Llp 89074, NVOptometry1225259419
Reno Family Eye Care R Andrew Boren Od A Professional Corporation 89523, NVOptometry1295957645
Lynh Hoang Nguyen O.d., Pc 89139, NVOptometry1922210988
Lynh Hoang Nguyen O.d., Pc 89139, NVOptometry1083828271
Sheryl L. Potter O.d., Inc. 89149, NVOptometry1043424062
Dr Jonathan Smith Ltd 89451, NVOptometry1689888992
Sg Optical Llc 89801, NVOptometry1649485483
Steven L Kline Od A Professional Corporation 89449, NVOptometry1699986778
Somer J. Lyons O.d., Ltd. 89423, NVOptometry1306044110
Tamara Gutierrez, Llc 89121, NVOptometry1003016072
Eyes On Las Vegas 89148, NVOptometry1760682348
Maria A Stanley O D Inc 89431, NVOptometry1144410150
Victoria M. Lupei, Od, A Professional Corp. 89117, NVOptometry1871785964
Michael D. Jones, O.d., Inc. 89146, NVOptometry1295927093
Robertson & Koenig, Ltd 89447, NVOptometry1215129069
Eyezone, Inc. 89705, NVOptometry1407049513
Melissa A. Beaty, O.d., Professional Corporation 89117, NVOptometry1881889426
Nevada Vision Group, Llp 89511, NVOptometry1871789370
Thomas R Kroll Od Chartered 89074, NVOptometry1972799302
Spencer Quinton Od Inc 89074, NVOptometry1083800452
Dr. L. Russell Margitza P.c. 89117, NVOptometry1538357801
Lawrence Wang Od Inc 89103, NVOptometry1033308440
Clearvision Eye Centers Clark County Llp 89005, NVOptometry1124208996
Carpi & Carpi, Ltd 89104, NVOptometry1538341003
Chin Hee Choi Incorporated 89048, NVOptometry1881879468
Vegas Optics, Llc 89109, NVOptometry1205011186
See Center 89706, NVOptometry1548447279
Dufur Chartered 89521, NVOptometry1962670182
John H Sutton Od, Ltd. 89509, NVOptometry1275701104
Eyezone, Inc. 89449, NVOptometry1487822201
Eyetech Visioncare, Ltd. 89509, NVOptometry1487823589
Lawrence Wang Od Inc 89149, NVOptometry1073783940
Esther H. Tan, O.d. & Associates, L.l.c. 89014, NVOptometry1568633642
Joseph K. Eng, O.d., P. C. 89119, NVOptometry1669643466
Dr. Tran Od Professional Corp 89123, NVOptometry1053578336
Dr Eric T Brooker Pc 89119, NVOptometry1285892240
Family Eyecare Center Inc 89107, NVOptometry1043478167
Nicole Yontz Od, Pc 89113, NVOptometry1811156441
Anhton Q. Le, Llc 89131, NVOptometry1669632774
Dynamic Eye Care 89084, NVOptometry1265692826
Icarelasvegas 89108, NVOptometry1366606139
Ronald Dutton Od, Pc 89060, NVOptometry1730308602
Jennifer C. Mallinger O.d. Chartered 89134, NVOptometry1275752347
7 Hills Vision Center Llc 89052, NVOptometry1629265418
Summerlin Vision Center Inc 89128, NVOptometry1063608313
Dr. Julie Chang, Od, Inc 89115, NVOptometry1811171283
Fort Mcdermitt Tribe 89421, NVOptometry1235678137
D Cory Rath Od A Professional Corporation 89074, NVOptometry1841486271
Rick G Winkelman Od Professional Corporation 89502, NVOptometry1891971263
Roger Paez O.d. Chartered 89119, NVOptometry1306034855
Romy Park Od Professional Corporation 89103, NVOptometry1841402385
Kim Family Eyecare Professional Corporation 89149, NVOptometry1972715845
Helen M Nghiem, Od, Pc 89107, NVOptometry1457517757
Pritchett Eye Care Incoprorated carson 89701, NVOptometry1083862940
Premier Vision Group 89523, NVOptometry1639328768
Trang T. Tran, O.d. Prof. Corp. 89014, NVOptometry1184874273
Jeffrey K Austin Od Ltd 89106, NVOptometry1982854881
Summerlin Vision Center 89128, NVOptometry1700038114
Vivienne Velasco O D Pc 89147, NVOptometry1548415920
Douglas D Lee Od Ltd 89005, NVOptometry1578709853
Jeffrey D. Ferris, O.d., P.c. 89502, NVOptometry1003053059
Optometric Partnership Llc 89117, NVOptometry1124265046
Desert Vision And Eye Care 89032, NVOptometry1184863557
Bright Eyes Optometry, Llc 89118, NVOptometry1912146234
David J Beecher, O.d., A Professional Corporation 89502, NVOptometry1871727032
Icare Las Vegas 89121, NVOptometry1174757231
David Leonard & Associates, Pc 89523, NVOptometry1134353568
Gomesindo E. Hendricks Ltd 89015, NVOptometry1891920187
Eye Doc, Inc. 89117, NVOptometry1265667521
Jennifer L. Shane, O.d., Ltd 89502, NVOptometry1497982243
Dr Adam Schwartz Ltd 89102, NVOptometry1952532657
Garrett H. Arizala, O.d., Prof. Corp. 89123, NVOptometry1093947020
Girisgen & Kopolow Od, Pc 89108, NVOptometry1841523164
Girisgen & Kopolow Od, Pc 89117, NVOptometry1427382415
Michael Vathanasaynee, O.d. Professional Corporation 89032, NVOptometry1215261847
American Optical Services Llc 30328, NVOptometry1780919175


Explanations of Terms and Helpful Links

Q: What is a NPI number?
A: As per CMS, a National Provider Identifier (NPI) is a unique identification number for covered health care providers, which was created to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of electronic transmission of health information.

Q: How does NPI number registration work? How do I get, apply, or register for a NPI number? Is there an easy way of obtaining an NPI number?
A: As per CMS, the most convenient method of registering for a NPI number is to visit NPPES and follow the on-screen instructions. If you have any questions during the registration process, you may contact NPI customer service at 1-800-465-3203.

Q: Is there any easy-to-read NPI number list or a list of NPI numbers?
A: There are several lists that you may find online, but an example of an official one is from CMS, which allows you to view certain data using table-like interfaces. An NPI number search can also be performed via the NPPES NPI registry.

Q: What is my profession's NPI number? How about my group NPI number? And my medical NPI number?
A: The NPPES NPI registry is the official website for finding / locating and verifying your NPI number and related details. Our website does indeed utilize NPPES data as one of its sources and we encourage you to explore all possible sources for NPI verification.

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