Providers with Taxonomy: Optometry in the state of Nevada

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Optometry
in the state of Nevada:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Cory Thomas Steed 89148, NVOptometry1831193663
Curtiss R Johnson 89511, NVOptometry1245234921
David Samuel Davis 89110, NVOptometry1649276312
Jennifer Lynne Peterson 89703, NVOptometry1013915313
Robert A Colon 89801, NVOptometry1821096991
Kurt G Alleman 89801, NVOptometry1619975786
Douglas Orton 89074, NVOptometry1346249935
Vincent Gassen 89074, NVOptometry1356340863
Douglas Orton O D Llc 89074, NVOptometry1447259544
Romy Park 89103, NVOptometry1215155254
Timothy R Landis 80914, NVOptometry1578555645
Laurie Rene Davie 89408, NVOptometry1285626259
David P Smith 89014, NVOptometry1861484347
Grant David Cox 89121, NVOptometry1558353912
Janet Kathleen Corbit-drakulich 89706, NVOptometry1598759409
Thomas R Kroll 89074, NVOptometry1114913472
D Cory Rath 89074, NVOptometry1568458859
George Dennis Leaks 89048, NVOptometry1942296868
Conrad Lochner 89191, NVOptometry1255327011
Frank E Schneider 89117, NVOptometry1427045608
Robert Allen Pearson 89108, NVOptometry1023007416
Randall L Jensen 89040, NVOptometry1659361921
Ettore A Angelini 89503, NVOptometry1871583120
Mark T Hunt 89030, NVOptometry1457334740
Vorapas Thunyalukul 89191, NVOptometry1184607095
Eric R Kroll O D Ltd 89509, NVOptometry1588648927
James F Williamson 89119, NVOptometry1760466171
Doris Wong 89119, NVOptometry1659355048
Gabriel Hernandez 89108, NVOptometry1134103393
David J Mietzner 89086, NVOptometry1972587962
Jacqueline Hiroko Cavanaugh 89086, NVOptometry1942793336
Raymond James Ruckman 89703, NVOptometry1134106842
Keith J. Castleton 89436, NVOptometry1730168071
Carl D Robertson 89408, NVOptometry1659341782
Gregory S Koenig 89408, NVOptometry1255301388
Janet Lee Carter 89436, NVOptometry1043280860
Somer Johnson Lyons 89423, NVOptometry1497725212
Robertson & Koenig, Ltd 89408, NVOptometry1699745059
Girisgen & Kopolow Od, Pc 89108, NVOptometry1457716391
Robertson & Koenig Ltd 89406, NVOptometry1194798231
Richard Frederick Meier 89509, NVOptometry1578530119
Richard F Meier Od Ltd 89509, NVOptometry1821065475
Cody Sam Bengoa 89445, NVOptometry1053388603
Douglas K Devries 89431, NVOptometry1629037296
Patrick Brian Adlington 89509, NVOptometry1619936317
Jeffrey K Austin 89106, NVOptometry1891755930
Mary Alyster Grant 89121, NVOptometry1558321208
Lucas Glenn Hum 89431, NVOptometry1154382208
Christopher B Stanley 89191, NVOptometry1932160744
Steven Louis Kline 89511, NVOptometry1083676761
Robert D Morrison 89123, NVOptometry1043273980
Brian S. Kawasaki 89086, NVOptometry1689630535
Ryan Kent Peterson 89014, NVOptometry1902864614
Michael Jones 89146, NVOptometry1174571442
Kevin Jay Wogalter 86401, NVOptometry1316996895
Gomesindo Edward Hendricks 89015, NVOptometry1316999436
Donald S. Mazzulla 89032, NVOptometry1194777219
Michael Gene Mayer 89123, NVOptometry1043262025
Steve T Girisgen 89109, NVOptometry1295788859
Marilyn Lehrner 89052, NVOptometry1952354359
Erika Duggan 89052, NVOptometry1790738870
Jean Sugimoto 89110, NVOptometry1487006136
Geoffrey F. Chiara 89086, NVOptometry1811941065
Jonathon C. Thomas 89103, NVOptometry1942254214
Harlan Kenneth Kopolow 89117, NVOptometry1013962604
Kelly Stetson 89128, NVOptometry1497700900
Mark I Ohriner 89103, NVOptometry1922053784
Hilaire Pressley 89131, NVOptometry1255386702
Josephine Vu 89128, NVOptometry1053366310
Angela Hahn 89123, NVOptometry1417902677
Linda M Bayerkohler 89128, NVOptometry1689620437
Ellen Merkin 89146, NVOptometry1942257928
Karen J Hsueh 89146, NVOptometry1083661342
Lane Fujimoto 89103, NVOptometry1417904723
Kopolow & Girisgen Professional Corporation 89128, NVOptometry1518904622
Steve Girisgen O.d., P.c 89109, NVOptometry1427095538
H Kenneth Kopolow O.d & Assoc P.c 89107, NVOptometry1336186444
Kelli Mclaughlin 89128, NVOptometry1538106315
Vivienne Velasco 89147, NVOptometry1902844608
Laura Faith Patterson 89521, NVOptometry1871534768
Brian Benitz 89701, NVOptometry1851335061
Chen Young 89117, NVOptometry1871538876
Evan F Pritchett 89436, NVOptometry1619912508
Stephanie Lee 89117, NVOptometry1174568158
Kyle Devon Andrus 89027, NVOptometry1316982028
Scott Kirk Brotherson 89027, NVOptometry1063457422
Jennifer C. Mallinger 89134, NVOptometry1083659254
Erika Duggan 89052, NVOptometry1194760454
Mark Lee Guisti 89801, NVOptometry1679518757
David P Yesnick 89147, NVOptometry1255377040
David Hubbard 89521, NVOptometry1043246929
Brad C Stewart 89121, NVOptometry1497782437
Marilyn S Gonzalez 89121, NVOptometry1235166109
Clearvision Eye Centers Clark County Llp 89005, NVOptometry1356379408
Mark Robert Lee 89117, NVOptometry1669400172
Mark D Michitsch 89523, NVOptometry1043249394
Eye Institute Of Kentucky 42718, NVOptometry1245269539
Marla Faye Plecha 89502, NVOptometry1083643779
Duyen B Le 93309, NVOptometry1952331449
Mark Ohriner Od Ltd 89103, NVOptometry1538191705
Cindy F Lum-kawasaki 89131, NVOptometry1467485185
Todd Charles Angell 89104, NVOptometry1265465306
Merle I Barber 89104, NVOptometry1497788434
Mark Ohriner Od Ltd 89103, NVOptometry1043244767
Joseph N Fermin 89117, NVOptometry1316972045
Jonathan Mark Christiansen 89121, NVOptometry1750306395
Tony Jay Jensen 89005, NVOptometry1336164896
Ryan Peterson O.d., Inc. 89014, NVOptometry1013933704
Grady Joseph Williams 89102, NVOptometry1346266095
Jack E Abrams Md Pc 89148, NVOptometry1881611887
Clearvision Eye Centers Clark County Llp 89121, NVOptometry1730106816
Paul Stephen Johnson 89014, NVOptometry1972521235
Ryan Peterson O.d., Inc. 89146, NVOptometry1962420455
Stacy Maria Washington 89048, NVOptometry1679592349
Optical Management Systems, Inc. 48603, NVOptometry1033130778
Optical Management Systems, Inc. 48340, NVOptometry1659392397
Optical Management Systems, Inc 46241, NVOptometry1275554917
Corinne Cooper 89434, NVOptometry1871515809
Jason Allan Bolenbaker 89511, NVOptometry1851315212
Kenneth C Mccandless 89119, NVOptometry1063426740
Optical Management Systems, Inc. 44484, NVOptometry1255345062
Jefferson Robert Langford 89119, NVOptometry1265446751
Denis M Humphreys 89434, NVOptometry1659386225
Debry Jackson Ophthalmology Pllc 89052, NVOptometry1609377423
Optical Management Systems, Inc. 44515, NVOptometry1053327411
Troy M Humphreys 89434, NVOptometry1992712194
Becky R Humphreys 89434, NVOptometry1629085824
Evan R Marchant 89434, NVOptometry1457368664
Courtney Lynn Reed 89523, NVOptometry1184632481
Jean Charles Erramoupe 89502, NVOptometry1316955461
Tyson Franklin Kales 89509, NVOptometry1891705398
Robert Andrew Griffith 89014, NVOptometry1104836253
Lara Alicia Mcknight 89701, NVOptometry1649281403
Terance Allen Cochrane 89523, NVOptometry1699787838
Paul Jon Thompson 89102, NVOptometry1104839026
My My Vuong 89131, NVOptometry1245344761
Leslie Lynne Demers 89431, NVOptometry1487769030
John H Staub 89703, NVOptometry1326154659
Erin Coleen O'brien 89128, NVOptometry1417063066
Scott Hulme Demers 89431, NVOptometry1710095476
Demers Family Vision Group, Inc. 89431, NVOptometry1649388794
Civia Elizabeth Mccaffrey 89128, NVOptometry1104935972
James Aniello Beckwith 89117, NVOptometry1336259332
Kareen Yeung Landerville 89128, NVOptometry1699885830
Chin Choi 89048, NVOptometry1629189121
Pritchett Eye Care Pc 89436, NVOptometry1033212030
Accutech Ventures, Inc. 89436, NVOptometry1396841144
John Hatley Sutton 89509, NVOptometry1689771859
Chrys Manos 89123, NVOptometry1376641753
Amy Apisa Hitzeman 89147, NVOptometry1770544801
Central Nevada Vision Inc 89406, NVOptometry1841391810
Michelle Marie Miller 89406, NVOptometry1073614038
Sahba Fakhra 89117, NVOptometry1942652706
Janet Nguyet Tran 89123, NVOptometry1386736569
Matthew H. Lipparelli 89801, NVOptometry1649362559
Pamela Moore 89121, NVOptometry1063506483
Christopher Burt 89074, NVOptometry1982797460
Toan Dinh Ha 89145, NVOptometry1801980321
Brian Anderson 89129, NVOptometry1356436661
Harvey Ohriner 89147, NVOptometry1831284371
Gary W. Abel O.d., Llc 89703, NVOptometry1588758262
Kent Dwight Helmick 89169, NVOptometry1134214703
Aaron Mancuso 89052, NVOptometry1003901851
Jennifer Chow 89084, NVOptometry1023104775
Karen Hsueh Od Pc 89146, NVOptometry1619064409
Cynthia Sue Payne 89117, NVOptometry1922195742
James William Pittman 89705, NVOptometry1912094764
Karl Martell Larsen 89129, NVOptometry1235226523
William F Harvey 89101, NVOptometry1336237999
Nicole A. Tradup 89460, NVOptometry1114016938
Adam A Schwartz 89102, NVOptometry1548359920
Rhett L Dadej 89149, NVOptometry1073603957
Tamara S. Old 89511, NVOptometry1104906759
Cynthia Kiernan 89123, NVOptometry1396825014
Paul D Wilson 89511, NVOptometry1710067277
James V Conkey 89511, NVOptometry1669552287
Larry Lee Davis 89146, NVOptometry1467533182
Stephen Scott Palazzolo 89703, NVOptometry1700967635
John C. Lawyer 89014, NVOptometry1952483596
Fanny W Chan 89431, NVOptometry1518049014
William Leonard Carpi 89104, NVOptometry1750463477
Thomas Joseph Gibbons 89703, NVOptometry1932282415
Helen Lee 89511, NVOptometry1316020175
Spencer Quinton 89074, NVOptometry1356425847
James A Soumbeniotis 89509, NVOptometry1598848111
Drs. Sadberry & Helmick, Ods, Ltd. 89110, NVOptometry1730263252
Jennifer L Shane 89511, NVOptometry1134203763
Eyetech Visioncare, Ltd 89434, NVOptometry1669557948
Paul A Speakman 89434, NVOptometry1235214628
Don D Staten 89434, NVOptometry1053496448
Roger Mateossian 89509, NVOptometry1275618597
Michael Keyes 89509, NVOptometry1336224625
Colon & Alleman Od Ltd 89801, NVOptometry1760568422
Glenn K. Roter 89148, NVOptometry1245316629
Esther H Tan 89014, NVOptometry1972689099
Troy Hajin Chang 89109, NVOptometry1891871927
Stuart E Richardson 89406, NVOptometry1528144656
Robert Mark Wlodek 89183, NVOptometry1295812063
Todd A Hartman 89149, NVOptometry1336226356
Eric Noel Larsen 89129, NVOptometry1083793004


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Q: What is a NPI number?
A: As per CMS, a National Provider Identifier (NPI) is a unique identification number for covered health care providers, which was created to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of electronic transmission of health information.

Q: How does NPI number registration work? How do I get, apply, or register for a NPI number? Is there an easy way of obtaining an NPI number?
A: As per CMS, the most convenient method of registering for a NPI number is to visit NPPES and follow the on-screen instructions. If you have any questions during the registration process, you may contact NPI customer service at 1-800-465-3203.

Q: Is there any easy-to-read NPI number list or a list of NPI numbers?
A: There are several lists that you may find online, but an example of an official one is from CMS, which allows you to view certain data using table-like interfaces. An NPI number search can also be performed via the NPPES NPI registry.

Q: What is my profession's NPI number? How about my group NPI number? And my medical NPI number?
A: The NPPES NPI registry is the official website for finding / locating and verifying your NPI number and related details. Our website does indeed utilize NPPES data as one of its sources and we encourage you to explore all possible sources for NPI verification.

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