Providers with Taxonomy: Optometry in the state of New York

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Optometry
in the state of New York:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Ronald Austin Meeker 13850, NYOptometry1194728188
Richard Soden 11779, NYOptometry1578566485
Dawn Louise Pisello 14424, NYOptometry1386647154
Joel Sklar 11235, NYOptometry1316940869
Katherine Mastrota 11235, NYOptometry1154324457
Christopher Scott Couzins 14080, NYOptometry1407859879
Joseph Gerard Morra 13212, NYOptometry1760484091
Gena Kochin 11218, NYOptometry1548263833
Dmitry Gutkovich 11362, NYOptometry1962405258
Danielle R. Smith 14569, NYOptometry1316940661
Andrea P Thau 10016, NYOptometry1699777946
Robert Kenneth Norris 11757, NYOptometry1801898937
Fran Laurie Reinstein 10016, NYOptometry1962404079
Alan B Schlussel 10016, NYOptometry1538161740
Daniel Scott Mirkin 11694, NYOptometry1558363630
Thomas Norbert Helget 13027, NYOptometry1053315333
Jeffrey M. Rubin 10954, NYOptometry1396749651
Allan Paul Kravitz 11356, NYOptometry1841294816
Brad C Gollinger 10950, NYOptometry1699779678
Kathy L. Allen Aquilante 10013, NYOptometry1083618920
Lamont Pierre Freeman 11216, NYOptometry1013911973
Bradley Ross Meltzer 11767, NYOptometry1558363861
Gwenda Renee' Gnadt 11767, NYOptometry1689676728
David Yip 10013, NYOptometry1336143890
Elzie C. Chan-englender 11375, NYOptometry1508860065
Matthew R Durkin 13027, NYOptometry1417951872
Charles Joseph Hornberger 14043, NYOptometry1376548735
Melanie Metsa 14223, NYOptometry1447255807
Michael J Krieger 14225, NYOptometry1902801376
Patricia L Orzech 14219, NYOptometry1508861972
Lawrence Z Levy 11021, NYOptometry1386649697
Michael G Howard 14221, NYOptometry1306841531
Jay S Zimmerman 14225, NYOptometry1912902180
Dawn Schad Chivers 12801, NYOptometry1477558344
Jeffrey Genshaft 12538, NYOptometry1942205885
Jason Kelsey Maclaughlin 14228, NYOptometry1235134313
Lisa Marie Genovese 14228, NYOptometry1487659553
Allen H Cohen 10033, NYOptometry1578568333
Veronique Baptiste Germaine 10801, NYOptometry1548265226
Michael Shane Murphy 14221, NYOptometry1073518759
Donald S Smith 14206, NYOptometry1649275850
Philip A Sarikey 14731, NYOptometry1841295292
Michael Robert Schroedl 12143, NYOptometry1740285840
Happy Hong 10016, NYOptometry1427052984
Chad W. Lewick 12603, NYOptometry1215932959
David Sarason 11385, NYOptometry1184629834
Linda M. Kleinhenz 12590, NYOptometry1790780443
Joseph J Mueller 12477, NYOptometry1093710642
David Thomas Turtle 14120, NYOptometry1134124704
Joel B. Goldberg 10952, NYOptometry1184629719
Stacy Michele Friedman 10036, NYOptometry1407851900
Richard S. Wurzel 10950, NYOptometry1669477162
Jeffrey David Varney 12205, NYOptometry1093711558
Lynn Anne Finnegan 11768, NYOptometry1679579189
Scott I Morrison 12561, NYOptometry1720083231
Ami C Ranani 10589, NYOptometry1306841838
Robert S Greenbaum 12540, NYOptometry1750387973
Mitchell Horowitz 10305, NYOptometry1437155728
Henry Bickoff 11788, NYOptometry1336145507
Harvey I Estren 11757, NYOptometry1407852684
Stephen J Fine 12401, NYOptometry1003812223
Steven R Levy 11364, NYOptometry1891791018
Barbara L Reiss 11743, NYOptometry1972509057
Dana L Getz 11040, NYOptometry1669478699
Barry T Kissack 14472, NYOptometry1629074554
Laraine Linda Viviani 11747, NYOptometry1891791679
Michael D Depaolis 14618, NYOptometry1720084346
Charles M Sangeorge 14075, NYOptometry1750387353
Mark Hershowitz 13601, NYOptometry1275530834
Yoonsung Kim 10001, NYOptometry1982600185
Gina Maria Cardone 11772, NYOptometry1134125909
Timothy J Schwach 14221, NYOptometry1447255195
Howard Jeffrey Kass 13041, NYOptometry1073518858
Ilana Gelfond-polnariev 10312, NYOptometry1619972361
Allan E Davis 11530, NYOptometry1215933072
Melvin Kalmenson 11212, NYOptometry1689671778
Edward V Cordes 14830, NYOptometry1144227299
Michael R Waterman 13413, NYOptometry1730186768
Lynn R Henry 13357, NYOptometry1447257480
David Walter Worksman 11702, NYOptometry1558368506
Francesco John Barbarossa 14217, NYOptometry1407853369
Jill A. Marcus 11803, NYOptometry1154328821
John Price Macdaniel 13084, NYOptometry1285632927
David Alan Burstein 14216, NYOptometry1215935994
Robert A Ryan 14618, NYOptometry1851398630
Kevin Douglas Komm 14092, NYOptometry1013914894
Lawrence John Waite 14901, NYOptometry1578561122
Martin O Mark 10029, NYOptometry1609874221
Jose Antonio Chan 11358, NYOptometry1326046939
Neil F. Henninger 14886, NYOptometry1174521579
Rita Ellent 11372, NYOptometry1649278953
Mary Ellen Loughrey 14221, NYOptometry1801894068
Samuel Schenker 12542, NYOptometry1922006907
Michael James Mcgovern 11779, NYOptometry1669470530
John Viviani 11747, NYOptometry1427057041
Gina Minucci 11790, NYOptometry1760481311
Christopher Richard Scheno 11710, NYOptometry1215936877
Richard H Pagan 12566, NYOptometry1235138561
Julie A. Pagan 12566, NYOptometry1649279647
David John Vinci 13309, NYOptometry1952300824
Christy Ann Sell 10036, NYOptometry1184624702
Peter S. Bae 10468, NYOptometry1245230861
Caroline Harrison 10036, NYOptometry1063412674
Audra D Steiner 10036, NYOptometry1194725606
Israel Greenwald 10305, NYOptometry1932109543
Diane Adamczyk 10036, NYOptometry1710987326
David Horn 10475, NYOptometry1760482244
Catherine Pace Watson 10036, NYOptometry1437159910
David Libassi 10036, NYOptometry1497755763
David M Krumholz 10036, NYOptometry1124028402
Sherry J. Bass 11598, NYOptometry1104826536
Grigoriy Shimonov 11103, NYOptometry1215938139
Diane Lakomy Cress 14301, NYOptometry1598766461
Leslie A Long 14221, NYOptometry1336140151
Anastasios Fokas 11105, NYOptometry1275533432
Steven Hammer 11235, NYOptometry1861491946
Michael B. Ditkowsky 11725, NYOptometry1629079546
Steve D Rubinstein 10543, NYOptometry1528067766
Neera Kapoor 10036, NYOptometry1902806359
John T Hammersmith 14221, NYOptometry1245231067
Ezra M Cohen 11223, NYOptometry1487655965
Frank J Pirozzolo 10305, NYOptometry1952302440
William A Butka 14075, NYOptometry1447251590
Regina F Panzone 13440, NYOptometry1043212822
Duane Snyder 14094, NYOptometry1346242955
Steven Lieberman 11374, NYOptometry1013919521
John J Maurillo 13152, NYOptometry1558353599
Peter J Vishton 14727, NYOptometry1952393779
Terry Raymond Scheid 11566, NYOptometry1184616773
Harvey Allen Dubin 10606, NYOptometry1083606479
Jeffrey Calhoun 14221, NYOptometry1700878006
Eva Yan 10461, NYOptometry1508858820
Frances M Ward 11783, NYOptometry1659364818
Charles Hollander 10036, NYOptometry1518950799
William James Leahey 12047, NYOptometry1730172842
Gary M Weiner 12524, NYOptometry1134112030
Angelika Karalnik 11235, NYOptometry1982697702
George Templeton Roberts 13850, NYOptometry1245223965
Mark Richard Sukoenig 13204, NYOptometry1407848724
Lisa Ann Ortenzio 10017, NYOptometry1598766248
Glen H Blustein 10954, NYOptometry1609868728
Jeffrey Louis Lubin 11797, NYOptometry1285627687
Sharon P Ng-yow 10954, NYOptometry1720072937
Christine Dayton White 14414, NYOptometry1801880919
Judy M Jeffers 14830, NYOptometry1285628123
Edward A Segal 13760, NYOptometry1457345399
Thomas J Landry 14830, NYOptometry1356335202
David Alan Bryant 13760, NYOptometry1952395667
Matthew James Casey 14830, NYOptometry1770577488
Richard Raymond Socash 13903, NYOptometry1659365369
Joseph C Biondolillo 14075, NYOptometry1104810845
Todd Walton 12095, NYOptometry1174518583
Mario Jilbert Craig 11757, NYOptometry1932194297
Paul R Cosenza 11757, NYOptometry1275528358
Martin Kornblatt 11355, NYOptometry1144215922
Demetra Hamakiotes 10028, NYOptometry1467447318
Paul D Brodsky 11733, NYOptometry1548255391
Michael Dale Mortimer 14760, NYOptometry1801881578
Richard B Krzyzak 13088, NYOptometry1013903632
Brian Eugene Bleiler 14891, NYOptometry1255327854
Wayne T Miller 12491, NYOptometry1114913639
John Kaknis 12550, NYOptometry1053307512
Myoung Hee Esther Han 10036, NYOptometry1821084203
Elaina M Groo 12550, NYOptometry1205822590
Jeffrey Slaney Williams 11901, NYOptometry1225024490
Thomas Michael Erichson 12603, NYOptometry1356337471
Deborah Chava Roodner 12533, NYOptometry1366438350
Casimir Karol Bobowski 13152, NYOptometry1326034240
Spencer T Moy 11229, NYOptometry1710973557
Michael Paul Brehm 12180, NYOptometry1598752289
Kevin Bradley Wynne 14534, NYOptometry1598752784
Jessica Yang 10016, NYOptometry1134117633
Reem Kandah Wlaschin 12065, NYOptometry1689660003
Kelly Siahpoosha 12010, NYOptometry1598147852
Nina Gelfond 14226, NYOptometry1679568018
Douglas Scott Franz 12901, NYOptometry1952395253
Michael Joseph Cieri 14120, NYOptometry1700872322
Matthew S Curtis 13820, NYOptometry1538153838
Brian P Maillard 12043, NYOptometry1598752636
Luz Amaro-quireza 10032, NYOptometry1134113921
Michael P. Spellicy 13413, NYOptometry1477548063
Matthew Jude Watson 10960, NYOptometry1952398802
Mark S Vogel 11772, NYOptometry1114915600
Jay B Stockman 10016, NYOptometry1508854837
Brian Jon Lewy 10022, NYOptometry1750379087
Fai Hung 10002, NYOptometry1477542256
Joel N Kestenbaum 11803, NYOptometry1447249933
Alfred A Wagner 13732, NYOptometry1114916665
Gregory L Jones 14701, NYOptometry1447249859
Henry W Mole' 14701, NYOptometry1518956929
David L Kirkpatrick 12901, NYOptometry1568451904
Steven Andrew Ohlbaum 13413, NYOptometry1134118227
Eric Rafael Guzman 13602, NYOptometry1356330385
Wade Fiegl 13850, NYOptometry1245229244
Richard Christian Malara 13027, NYOptometry1386634210
Ronald H Poulin 13316, NYOptometry1982694832
Jack Fried 11021, NYOptometry1952391708
Steven Schiff 11729, NYOptometry1699765321
Glenn Seifert 11946, NYOptometry1992795678
Ethan Marc Bellin 11229, NYOptometry1669462701


Explanations of Terms and Helpful Links

Q: What is a NPI number?
A: As per CMS, a National Provider Identifier (NPI) is a unique identification number for covered health care providers, which was created to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of electronic transmission of health information.

Q: How does NPI number registration work? How do I get, apply, or register for a NPI number? Is there an easy way of obtaining an NPI number?
A: As per CMS, the most convenient method of registering for a NPI number is to visit NPPES and follow the on-screen instructions. If you have any questions during the registration process, you may contact NPI customer service at 1-800-465-3203.

Q: Is there any easy-to-read NPI number list or a list of NPI numbers?
A: There are several lists that you may find online, but an example of an official one is from CMS, which allows you to view certain data using table-like interfaces. An NPI number search can also be performed via the NPPES NPI registry.

Q: What is my profession's NPI number? How about my group NPI number? And my medical NPI number?
A: The NPPES NPI registry is the official website for finding / locating and verifying your NPI number and related details. Our website does indeed utilize NPPES data as one of its sources and we encourage you to explore all possible sources for NPI verification.

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