Providers with Taxonomy: Optometry in the state of Ohio

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Optometry
in the state of Ohio:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Julie Feduik Henry 43219, OHOptometry1295735611
Larry A. Hookway 43068, OHOptometry1710988076
Alecia R Palmer 29720, OHOptometry1275535825
Donald James Kamer 29303, OHOptometry1164416020
Julie A Curtis 43221, OHOptometry1073597191
John C Mullins 44012, OHOptometry1043276223
Jennifer Erin Shewring 43240, OHOptometry1831135797
Katrina Marie Schlarman 45883, OHOptometry1083142889
Ann Kurzer 45211, OHOptometry1790711422
Kelly Ann Ryen 43701, OHOptometry1588689780
Maggie A Herman 44333, OHOptometry1285037135
Helen F Dashti 40222, OHOptometry1366551574
Scott Leonard Sedlacek 44138, OHOptometry1497855084
T. R. Stahl & Assoc. Inc. 45420, OHOptometry1033299532
Christine Ryan Graley 44062, OHOptometry1720157134
Ellen Sanders 40508, OHOptometry1194248641
Joanna Lynn Corbit 29492, OHOptometry1376688846
Evan Andrews 43228, OHOptometry1861912073
Chu Yong Jeong 80015, OHOptometry1750554002
Christine Graley Od Llc 44062, OHOptometry1447432083
Caitlin T Kelly 43082, OHOptometry1184152977
Gary L Watts 47807, OHOptometry1538394143
Janessa Marie Simon 45331, OHOptometry1053644575
Northeast Ohio Eye Surgeons, Inc. 44333, OHOptometry1871888669
Julie A. Mackall Od Llc 44460, OHOptometry1871738898
Eyecare Center Of Monroe County 43793, OHOptometry1497081343
Jennifer R Thatcher 44122, OHOptometry1851520043
Marcia Elizabeth Hoepf 43065, OHOptometry1942513064
Sarah Renee Scalley 43701, OHOptometry1063709202
Ari T Yoder 44681, OHOptometry1790031920
Adam J Fannin 45152, OHOptometry1043567332
Katherine Hastings Zajac 44240, OHOptometry1215370143
Namrata Shah 60706, OHOptometry1366824138
Zanesville Vision Care Llc 43756, OHOptometry1760868525
Candace Cordero 33744, OHOptometry1902212525
Ryan Earl Hooper 44116, OHOptometry1104231265
Ashley Schoenherr 45828, OHOptometry1952831844
Ashley Rae Shields 43701, OHOptometry1245585694
Amy Lynn Bankey 45883, OHOptometry1740410422
Elizabeth Ann Bower 43537, OHOptometry1578064168
Lindsay Marie Stronz 80219, OHOptometry1457791675
Brianne Rene Galloway 43214, OHOptometry1184039844
Julie Tuten 44129, OHOptometry1689056459
Sarah Kathleen Roberts 26505, OHOptometry1811371602
Priya Subramanian 98125, OHOptometry1033449855
Eve Nicole Grelle 46240, OHOptometry1861841942
Sara Nicole Sanders 43050, OHOptometry1962851014
Nicholas A Holden 04330, OHOptometry1366891434
Kimberly Lynn Rock 43119, OHOptometry1568990919
Corrie Ann Lesher 44136, OHOptometry1205364312
Erin Rolfes 41017, OHOptometry1003344375
Bita Asghari 02494, OHOptometry1174974380
Jamie Rosenberg 44035, OHOptometry1689029795
Bradley Robert Kubis 44512, OHOptometry1851829584
Price Family Eyecare Professionals, Llc 43130, OHOptometry1801302906
The Eye Place, Inc. 44138, OHOptometry1316268246
Sherry Lynn Compston 45701, OHOptometry1942262423
Donald R Faimon 47405, OHOptometry1639124761
Taylor Mcgann 43210, OHOptometry1053849323
Tawni Leanne Cashon 43054, OHOptometry1952892937
Emily N Rausch 43119, OHOptometry1245721232
Tyler Dowdall 45249, OHOptometry1356832380
Daniel Daugherty 44312, OHOptometry1336630383
Jessica Lynn Bodamer 44663, OHOptometry1295226215
Pratik Patel 10021, OHOptometry1134656366
Benjamin Frederick Kolle 45245, OHOptometry1841525524
Lauren M Mckinch 40065, OHOptometry1366963274
Sean O'brien 44062, OHOptometry1598248635
Rawzi A Baik 45242, OHOptometry1548613391
Elizabeth C Correa 45239, OHOptometry1316199953
Erica Lucia Keller 44319, OHOptometry1649624990
Lindsey Wilson 45150, OHOptometry1033568159
Grant Allan Lepley 54935, OHOptometry1831538727
Jennifer A Center 45220, OHOptometry1558702241
Insight Vision Care, Inc. 44681, OHOptometry1902079247
Nathan M Goedde 45817, OHOptometry1558801613
Kyle Koubek 44114, OHOptometry1629546668
Whitney Spitnale 45840, OHOptometry1821654542
Heather Renee Frideger 45365, OHOptometry1679139315
Kayli Nicole Davis 43081, OHOptometry1457917023
Daniel Crawford 43221, OHOptometry1336706639
Alexzandra Amelia Rudinoff 43420, OHOptometry1053978361
Brandon Randall Maceyko 44512, OHOptometry1649837964
Daniel Joseph Slavik 44312, OHOptometry1982261210
Jeffrey Cole 45140, OHOptometry1952715369
Jayeanna Rae Hanning 22903, OHOptometry1225000615
Jenna Nieman 45236, OHOptometry1629428511
Alicia Borer 46016, OHOptometry1639737356
Christianne K Belair 45424, OHOptometry1972157279
Lauren Rowland 44070, OHOptometry1790072189
Kaitlyn Mcbride 45305, OHOptometry1699333625
Zahraa Khan 45219, OHOptometry1609434778
Marcus Richard Noyes 52242, OHOptometry1093206096
David Beckett 44240, OHOptometry1841794880
Steven Paul Gordon 44122, OHOptometry1104907575
Nina Li 45219, OHOptometry1942795067
Haley A Duhaime 44641, OHOptometry1508867953
Katherine Scullion 43110, OHOptometry1306220892
Rachele Liette 43204, OHOptometry1992186209
More Than Sight Llc 43050, OHOptometry1962043893
Haifa Stephanie Lattouf 44001, OHOptometry1831693050
Elizabeth Hardin 45305, OHOptometry1831255207
Julie Brown 24078, OHOptometry1114254877
Cara Marie Wampler 45309, OHOptometry1447784582
Luke G Fullenkamp 45246, OHOptometry1619191368
Jessica Marie Bergana 43230, OHOptometry1598311979
Samantha Zaczyk 44240, OHOptometry1609257070
Jennifer Sidun Vincent 44240, OHOptometry1326483546
Megan Rath 44718, OHOptometry1508497041
Clarkson Optometry Midwest Inc 45305, OHOptometry1073917597
Benjamin Doering 44663, OHOptometry1588188346
Valerie Rose Korb 94105, OHOptometry1023559887
Unlimited Eyecare Llc 43016, OHOptometry1700413903
Denise A Bell Optometry Inc 43219, OHOptometry1144857152
Paulette Kelbley 43210, OHOptometry1366935587
Joseph John Razzano 43212, OHOptometry1760898233
Ryan Bretz 44122, OHOptometry1982262192
Wendy Sue Hallier 43068, OHOptometry1003868571
Elizabeth Jean Cockerill 43228, OHOptometry1124259064
Alicia Zhou 45005, OHOptometry1902256332
Heather Renee Bowen 43219, OHOptometry1093002107
Michael R Byars 43140, OHOptometry1477545382
Brice Anthony Arnold 44833, OHOptometry1093337925
Paige Scott 44514, OHOptometry1447872304
Clarkson Optometry Midwest Inc. 63011, OHOptometry1225499098
Joseph Daniel Culp 45503, OHOptometry1043833320
Farah Hamade 43764, OHOptometry1164045159
Zachary Aaron Leach 43713, OHOptometry1720608342
Layelle Tony Abi-rached 90247, OHOptometry1922594647
Eric T. Combs 45042, OHOptometry1679860753
Nadine Sadia Laila 43616, OHOptometry1730702689
Erin Michelle Ross 45211, OHOptometry1124684774
Janet Michelle Harawa 43212, OHOptometry1851749980
Christina Joan Locke 30328, OHOptometry1558925248
Ally Pettit 48083, OHOptometry1487173514
Jacob Lloyd Brown 08690, OHOptometry1427670256
Jeffrey H Doty 24541, OHOptometry1730158080
Precision Vision Of Edmond, Pllc 73013, OHOptometry1871923458
Taylor Samantha Hicks 45066, OHOptometry1952911604
Dalya Qaisi 45428, OHOptometry1255981973
Bridget Mcmurray 44107, OHOptometry1558714675
Bridget Mcmurray, Od Llc 44107, OHOptometry1285250886
Sheila Taj Soltani 90815, OHOptometry1972066843
Megan Elizabeth Hart 14624, OHOptometry1962062000
Amy R Keller 43230, OHOptometry1861494643
Sarah Baughman 43207, OHOptometry1467944710
Razzano Vision Care Llc 43212, OHOptometry1134748346
Lauren Janelle Pallet 45103, OHOptometry1487183919
Isaac J Lindemuth 44094, OHOptometry1396266375
Kelly Richmond Revy 29445, OHOptometry1790952711
Jodi L Rowson And Associates Inc 44070, OHOptometry1134399181
Jodi Lynn Rowson 44070, OHOptometry1700804705
Denise M. Kuder 44011, OHOptometry1609959436
Denise M. Kuder,o.d. 44011, OHOptometry1912051988
Elizabeth Ann Barnabei 26062, OHOptometry1538103031
Caitlyn Suzanne Reynolds 37232, OHOptometry1689179939
Zachary Stapleton 45150, OHOptometry1912499765
Samantha Hoelzer 43528, OHOptometry1174025100
Ryan Owen Mckinnis 44087, OHOptometry1134432230
Darya Mcdaniel 57325, OHOptometry1477931954
Eric Weston Fox 45238, OHOptometry1275017451
Daniel C Harris 45249, OHOptometry1508858267
Micah Jason Kinney 23551, OHOptometry1982918181
Laurence Rahardjanoto 43123, OHOptometry1689030413
Gregory Nixon 43201, OHOptometry1972629467
Logan Thomas Powers 20170, OHOptometry1629630439
Afra Hussain 43528, OHOptometry1184232381
Elizabeth Clara Fahy 45013, OHOptometry1962988550
Robin E Parnell 45680, OHOptometry1063700102
Archana Rani Chitkara 43026, OHOptometry1003011040
Joshua Ryan Morris 43110, OHOptometry1982261202
Diane L Giffen 44240, OHOptometry1891796207
Dominique Ivette Garcia Robles 38118, OHOptometry1285085548
Jenny Tran 44224, OHOptometry1881186302
Northshore Optometrists, Llc 44012, OHOptometry1891386702
Family First Vision Care, Llc 43240, OHOptometry1427462183
Amy Ruzicka 32301, OHOptometry1508368556
Robert M Burley 44115, OHOptometry1952376006
Kelsey Ann Doering 45750, OHOptometry1215448238
Mobile Physician Services Inc. 34653, OHOptometry1003002759
Chad Edward Mckinney 85741, OHOptometry1407944812
Kathleen Sue Adkins 44904, OHOptometry1528657244
Andrea Kaye Dietz 45865, OHOptometry1649568577
John Michael Elchinger 43623, OHOptometry1629505581
Anthony T Swanholm 41011, OHOptometry1609228089
Emily P Amweg 43338, OHOptometry1356879910
Kristin Sue Mcdougall 43160, OHOptometry1588655492
Alexander Pasquale Lamorgese 44141, OHOptometry1205415965
Isaiah Jordan 45601, OHOptometry1801414925
Patrick Leigh Shepard 44023, OHOptometry1760066906
Emma Ivory Thompson 43213, OHOptometry1356915540
Scott E Keating 44622, OHOptometry1144287830
Juliana Kay Derksen 45434, OHOptometry1376759266
Auston Hood 43619, OHOptometry1740854389
Jackson David Carey 43213, OHOptometry1790350866
Kylee Devin Swingle 43756, OHOptometry1407421407
Aditha Ponaka Reddy 45219, OHOptometry1831764778
Zachary Charles Sherman 44319, OHOptometry1578066742
Meagan Marie Mahoney 44319, OHOptometry1902334949
Nikita Patel 44319, OHOptometry1952830861


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Q: What is a NPI number?
A: As per CMS, a National Provider Identifier (NPI) is a unique identification number for covered health care providers, which was created to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of electronic transmission of health information.

Q: How does NPI number registration work? How do I get, apply, or register for a NPI number? Is there an easy way of obtaining an NPI number?
A: As per CMS, the most convenient method of registering for a NPI number is to visit NPPES and follow the on-screen instructions. If you have any questions during the registration process, you may contact NPI customer service at 1-800-465-3203.

Q: Is there any easy-to-read NPI number list or a list of NPI numbers?
A: There are several lists that you may find online, but an example of an official one is from CMS, which allows you to view certain data using table-like interfaces. An NPI number search can also be performed via the NPPES NPI registry.

Q: What is my profession's NPI number? How about my group NPI number? And my medical NPI number?
A: The NPPES NPI registry is the official website for finding / locating and verifying your NPI number and related details. Our website does indeed utilize NPPES data as one of its sources and we encourage you to explore all possible sources for NPI verification.

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