Providers with Taxonomy: Optometry in the state of Ohio

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Optometry
in the state of Ohio:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Jerome Sude 44278, OHOptometry1982607727
Reed T Roth 43551, OHOptometry1679576474
Joseph Pirman 44278, OHOptometry1578566303
David K Stewart 45432, OHOptometry1578566386
Cheryl Strickling Ricer 45140, OHOptometry1073516407
William Robert Roscoe 44109, OHOptometry1932102340
Keith Alan Basinger 45342, OHOptometry1841293263
Peter Michael Guster 44667, OHOptometry1548263924
Pamela Bernard 45140, OHOptometry1750384194
Pamela J. Locke 45419, OHOptometry1093718330
Michael Frederick Ringel 45030, OHOptometry1881697126
Karen Riccio 43054, OHOptometry1427050749
Rhonda Bronston Riles 44903, OHOptometry1952303257
Joseph M. Bannon 26003, OHOptometry1821090184
Angelo Joseph Devivo 44060, OHOptometry1326040536
James D. Studebaker 45322, OHOptometry1982608261
Jonathan Mark Schonfeld 44130, OHOptometry1689676645
Holbrook Riles 44903, OHOptometry1780686873
Jeffrey A. Myers 43110, OHOptometry1457355422
Kelly Lyn Bruch 43302, OHOptometry1164426078
Jeffery L. Morehead 44035, OHOptometry1881698751
Peter A Studebaker 45322, OHOptometry1710981691
James C Robinson 43566, OHOptometry1215931076
David M Anderson 45342, OHOptometry1497759344
Rebecca J Lauffenburger 44691, OHOptometry1881698694
Brett Dennis Mcvey 44052, OHOptometry1639173453
Jeffrey E Schultz 44131, OHOptometry1437153129
Joann L Vasko 44130, OHOptometry1245234020
Lindsay Niccole Florkey 45385, OHOptometry1558365395
F. Todd Perzy 44212, OHOptometry1922002641
James D Egbert 45424, OHOptometry1134123722
Steven C Connett 45424, OHOptometry1487658076
Jennifer S Felbinger 43452, OHOptometry1629072244
Dale P Lindsey 44410, OHOptometry1093719627
Douglas E Egbert 45424, OHOptometry1073517611
Jack B Bridge 45056, OHOptometry1447254099
Joseph B Studebaker 45322, OHOptometry1124022090
Chris D Thon 41017, OHOptometry1871595025
David L Bejot 43623, OHOptometry1588668222
Gregory J Bruchs 45409, OHOptometry1245234749
Dennis O Roark 45503, OHOptometry1588668081
Robert Everett Woodruff 44067, OHOptometry1194729533
Patrick R Dawson 45503, OHOptometry1437153814
Kaleel James Shaheen 44708, OHOptometry1215932652
Christopher W Colvin 45503, OHOptometry1528063963
Debora Lynn Wright 45236, OHOptometry1013912401
Thomas M Abruzzi 44483, OHOptometry1588669790
Randall R Hieber 44833, OHOptometry1114922218
Douglas Alan Huff 43713, OHOptometry1730184656
Stephen R Belanger 43623, OHOptometry1316942352
Linda Brassil Dawson 43230, OHOptometry1164427225
Scott Robert Sadowski 43615, OHOptometry1750386710
David Michael Melgary 43906, OHOptometry1912902693
Lisa M.t. Wiseman 44256, OHOptometry1891790531
Mark K. Robinson 45215, OHOptometry1003811837
Joseph T. Marra 43623, OHOptometry1831194869
Bruce Jeffries 44672, OHOptometry1629073440
Lawrence A Gill 43123, OHOptometry1114922127
Todd A Hershner 44053, OHOptometry1528063229
Chris A Smiley 43235, OHOptometry1689679946
Kara S Hampton 45066, OHOptometry1285639930
Jay William Henry 43147, OHOptometry1437154044
Joseph D Schwallie 43528, OHOptometry1386649820
James A Dickey 45309, OHOptometry1508861006
Marc Randolph Gilbert 45404, OHOptometry1659377190
Michael R Schmit 45247, OHOptometry1376548891
Ronald Myron Gilbert 45404, OHOptometry1811993124
Kenneth Crawford O.d. Inc. 45069, OHOptometry1295731552
William Doyle Marks 44130, OHOptometry1982600268
Ronald J Mihalko 44512, OHOptometry1255337234
Brian L Starr 43338, OHOptometry1588660567
Cindy Ann Pezo 43560, OHOptometry1558367599
Jeffrey Wade Collins 45056, OHOptometry1295731156
Kenneth H Kling 43567, OHOptometry1649276528
Brice Russell Musser 45875, OHOptometry1033115936
Heath Bradley Gilbert 45404, OHOptometry1114923844
H Robert Gaetano 44511, OHOptometry1235135807
Christina Hickle Walker 44833, OHOptometry1972509586
Katie Wulff 43016, OHOptometry1396853743
Mark Alan Abplanalp 45056, OHOptometry1174528962
Patrick Henry 43460, OHOptometry1073519849
Richard Scott Penny 45504, OHOptometry1831194612
William Rohl Daniel 86503, OHOptometry1174529978
Michael S Heidish 43103, OHOptometry1306843727
Alvin Zohn 43611, OHOptometry1295732303
Raymond Larwence Weiskind 45415, OHOptometry1659378339
William Edwin Schemmel 45365, OHOptometry1063419935
David Morris Stine 45415, OHOptometry1942207717
Aaron C Lahman 44622, OHOptometry1225036940
Thomas B Dankworth 45036, OHOptometry1821096587
William Ryan Davis 45242, OHOptometry1033117528
Bonny Dawn Henning 43209, OHOptometry1720086127
Robert J Glosik 44131, OHOptometry1912905514
George N Glosik 44131, OHOptometry1457359036
Paul W Wilken 45822, OHOptometry1376541714
Jeffrey M. Mcleod 44718, OHOptometry1982602132
Michael A. Fishbaugh 45883, OHOptometry1225036197
Alexandar Andrich 44133, OHOptometry1356348437
Malinda Berning Pence 45243, OHOptometry1649277062
Lamar G Zigler 43202, OHOptometry1447257852
Bradley J Baughman 45415, OHOptometry1215934625
Carisa Mcfadyen 45245, OHOptometry1194723767
Thomas R Connon 45429, OHOptometry1386642205
Keith A Woodard 43506, OHOptometry1124027982
Richard Harris Billman 45640, OHOptometry1174522981
David Noel Lasse 45212, OHOptometry1427057124
Robert L Hill 43506, OHOptometry1669471306
Tara L Richmond 43506, OHOptometry1346249083
Stacy Louise Stutler 43081, OHOptometry1073512562
Timothy D. Fries 43160, OHOptometry1538168943
Stephen N Cajacob 45805, OHOptometry1699774901
John D Hill 45805, OHOptometry1932108248
James R. Scholles 45231, OHOptometry1245239573
Arthur Robert Newman 44118, OHOptometry1982603320
David H George 43452, OHOptometry1114926334
Peter E Sforza 44420, OHOptometry1538168596
Douglas R. Mccloy 43302, OHOptometry1962401059
Christopher C Long 43952, OHOptometry1245230119
Diana Watkins Gilbert 45069, OHOptometry1003816950
Jeffrey Scott Lauf 43545, OHOptometry1043210883
Robert L. Limbird 43545, OHOptometry1548260300
Elizabeth Muckley 44240, OHOptometry1568462174
Michael L. Giovanetti 45248, OHOptometry1679573216
Kurt L Ebersole 45840, OHOptometry1790785210
James R Conway 44654, OHOptometry1891795365
Holly C Conway 44654, OHOptometry1619977980
Melanie Lynn Lang 44691, OHOptometry1033119300
Eric Robert Buckland 43123, OHOptometry1639179070
Duane Douglas Deeds 45619, OHOptometry1851391007
Anne Michelle Deeds 45680, OHOptometry1487654620
Walter H Oxley 43420, OHOptometry1578564449
Jennifer Fogt 43210, OHOptometry1639179674
Vidhi Shah 43213, OHOptometry1730689621
Julie Feduik Henry 43219, OHOptometry1295735611
Elizabeth Perch 45601, OHOptometry1770077232
William Kegerize 43430, OHOptometry1306847157
Mark Leonard Smith 45601, OHOptometry1851392054
Michael E Chester 45601, OHOptometry1780686774
Robert M Kabbes 45503, OHOptometry1972505824
Mary Jo Stiegemeier 44122, OHOptometry1598767337
Frank A D'apolito 44484, OHOptometry1801898606
James Cooke Bieber 43221, OHOptometry1821090614
Ronald Barry Arenstein 44646, OHOptometry1942202510
Kelley Melissa Basinger 45440, OHOptometry1376545905
Douglas James Schumer 44907, OHOptometry1205838943
Nathaniel James Leggett 44707, OHOptometry1144222613
John Anthony Kruszewski 43617, OHOptometry1497757967
Heidi A Loy 44601, OHOptometry1821080912
Duane L Wires 45810, OHOptometry1427040633
Alvin Sid Charme 45424, OHOptometry1417949355
Paula M Andros-andrzejewska 44136, OHOptometry1740272582
Douglas D Hocking 43950, OHOptometry1659363406
Gary J Crapanzano 44134, OHOptometry1013909894
M Dean Kiesling 45133, OHOptometry1922090653
Angelo Gagliani 44129, OHOptometry1033101779
David Allen Howe 45504, OHOptometry1801888458
Timothy Edward Reineck 45840, OHOptometry1679565022
Philip W Valentine 45365, OHOptometry1487646816
John C. Heiby 43950, OHOptometry1790778074
Thomas G Ruh 44089, OHOptometry1811980121
Andrea Michelle Dinovo 43015, OHOptometry1821080151
Angela Kathryn Jackson 43460, OHOptometry1366435471
Ronald Allan Wheeler 44068, OHOptometry1134112022
Jeffrey Clay Fogt 43512, OHOptometry1427041342
David Andrew Erwin 43812, OHOptometry1770576514
Alan Joseph Patterson 43701, OHOptometry1457344087
Robert C England 43701, OHOptometry1124011648
Peter V. Mogyordy 44145, OHOptometry1043203078
Robert J Gerberry 44502, OHOptometry1083616676
Kenneth David Boltz 43017, OHOptometry1699767632
Joseph M Pederzolli 44601, OHOptometry1306839527
Larry A. Hookway 43068, OHOptometry1710988076
Alecia R Palmer 29720, OHOptometry1275535825
Carla Darak-bolino 44484, OHOptometry1467454405
Lawrence J. Barger 44333, OHOptometry1144213521
Steven E Hansen 44646, OHOptometry1285628412
Tina M Pawlikowski 43210, OHOptometry1285628420
Kenneth R. Gilfillan 45305, OHOptometry1780678847
Deborah Lynn Gerbetz 44320, OHOptometry1992799852
Paul J Kleemann 45005, OHOptometry1356335228
Rodney Thorpe 45005, OHOptometry1538153382
John Joseph Garrity 45202, OHOptometry1205820768
Charles E Bohman 43338, OHOptometry1811981376
Michael John Zysik 43551, OHOptometry1619961208
Julie Yi Zysik 43551, OHOptometry1811981301
Robert Kreuter 43130, OHOptometry1154316461
William U Reeves 44240, OHOptometry1306831631
Rex Alden Lutes 45431, OHOptometry1629063466
Gene F. Knapke 45869, OHOptometry1346235009
Robert P Liggett 43113, OHOptometry1457347825
James J. Rocklin 43113, OHOptometry1881680346
Teresa T Cooperrider 44842, OHOptometry1790771160
Josephine Mangoni Kosunick 44147, OHOptometry1477549764
Keith Allen Holden 45236, OHOptometry1548256712
Stephen Michael Baldwin 43068, OHOptometry1881680064
William Merle Miller 43130, OHOptometry1699761858
Darrell Lynn Laughlin 44663, OHOptometry1922094010
Jon H Cooperrider 44906, OHOptometry1730175829
Robert Eric Liggett 43113, OHOptometry1780670877
Richard E Vanarsdel 45433, OHOptometry1861488769


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Q: What is a NPI number?
A: As per CMS, a National Provider Identifier (NPI) is a unique identification number for covered health care providers, which was created to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of electronic transmission of health information.

Q: How does NPI number registration work? How do I get, apply, or register for a NPI number? Is there an easy way of obtaining an NPI number?
A: As per CMS, the most convenient method of registering for a NPI number is to visit NPPES and follow the on-screen instructions. If you have any questions during the registration process, you may contact NPI customer service at 1-800-465-3203.

Q: Is there any easy-to-read NPI number list or a list of NPI numbers?
A: There are several lists that you may find online, but an example of an official one is from CMS, which allows you to view certain data using table-like interfaces. An NPI number search can also be performed via the NPPES NPI registry.

Q: What is my profession's NPI number? How about my group NPI number? And my medical NPI number?
A: The NPPES NPI registry is the official website for finding / locating and verifying your NPI number and related details. Our website does indeed utilize NPPES data as one of its sources and we encourage you to explore all possible sources for NPI verification.

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