Providers with Taxonomy: Optometry in the state of Oklahoma

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Optometry
in the state of Oklahoma:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Richard W Varley 73018, OKOptometry1699778449
Larry Randall Henry 73013, OKOptometry1932102894
Jason Lee Ellen 74037, OKOptometry1962405928
Jorge Luis Solorzano 74820, OKOptometry1952304586
Lisa Marie Cook 73044, OKOptometry1942203203
Max L Carlisle 73737, OKOptometry1205839685
Douglas Todd Cook 73044, OKOptometry1417950775
Judith Ann Riley 74017, OKOptometry1609879238
Jeffrey T Duff 74501, OKOptometry1780688374
Tami Ra Ross 73102, OKOptometry1285638627
Greg Alan Ketcher 73507, OKOptometry1710982160
William A Stuever 74601, OKOptometry1659376853
Dwight Charles Shreck 73096, OKOptometry1851396873
Max D Venard 73160, OKOptometry1497750251
Jerry Dean West 74136, OKOptometry1669478962
Joe D Cope 74464, OKOptometry1760488951
Gregory Donald Mclain 74884, OKOptometry1871599704
Brian F Williams 74133, OKOptometry1902802895
Gerald C Roberson 74133, OKOptometry1558368613
Jack E Hopkins 73110, OKOptometry1255338315
Larry Wayne Higgs 74066, OKOptometry1366449225
Douglas Bryant Pearson 74361, OKOptometry1366440075
Dennis Martin Morris 74066, OKOptometry1720086408
Tiffany Ann Harrel 74135, OKOptometry1265430839
Catherine F Carlin 73008, OKOptometry1902804172
William Brian Shewey 73701, OKOptometry1912905126
Thomas M Nicholas 73703, OKOptometry1184622235
Michael W Geiger 73521, OKOptometry1871591800
Monte Elvin Harrel 74135, OKOptometry1740288414
Sarah Litteken Ross 73401, OKOptometry1417955352
Ronald Edward Sellers 73507, OKOptometry1124027313
Terry Neal Lewis 73020, OKOptometry1053311183
Larry Joe Lewis 73020, OKOptometry1952301095
Robert L. Irby 74848, OKOptometry1942200969
Bradley William Fielding 73034, OKOptometry1952301475
Thomas Hailey Kanard 74501, OKOptometry1992706675
David A Cockrell 74074, OKOptometry1295737872
Nick G Martin 74133, OKOptometry1215939988
Cherry B. Cockrell 74074, OKOptometry1316949894
Jeff D. Miller 74074, OKOptometry1154323632
Gary A Dorman 74601, OKOptometry1467444315
Stacey Wilda 73077, OKOptometry1578555447
Lance L. Ledbetter 73160, OKOptometry1538151337
Michael Hennen Nelson 74403, OKOptometry1720070394
Paul Brian Snowden 73159, OKOptometry1235121872
Monty Larue Snowden 74074, OKOptometry1720070253
Letitia Anjanette Brassfield 74012, OKOptometry1770576530
Eddie Alan Smith 74074, OKOptometry1104828946
Olin W Fenton 74571, OKOptometry1164416574
Sherri C Eakins 73120, OKOptometry1235123506
Mark B Privott 73120, OKOptometry1164416343
Aaron Michael Scavezze 74146, OKOptometry1215922737
Cheri A. Watkins 74137, OKOptometry1083609416
Elisabeth C. Wilkerson 73034, OKOptometry1669467635
Steve L. Smith 74017, OKOptometry1386630721
Curtis Lynn Farrar 74019, OKOptometry1447246657
Carl Wade Newton 73728, OKOptometry1548257074
David L Roberts 74953, OKOptometry1427045921
Gerald William Graefe 74129, OKOptometry1518954783
Glenn Elwyn Partin 73064, OKOptometry1124015151
David M Huey 73521, OKOptometry1336136134
Don Paul Martin 73401, OKOptometry1932197720
John Barry Barringer 73401, OKOptometry1528056140
Greg Sandy 74137, OKOptometry1265427652
Stephanie Michelle Rice 73127, OKOptometry1316931694
Thomas Dean Blue 73115, OKOptometry1548258767
Richard S Swales 73505, OKOptometry1447248646
Erich William Wanagat 73703, OKOptometry1568452043
Howard K Ross 73505, OKOptometry1730179169
Billy D Miller 74403, OKOptometry1518957620
Blane Eldon Snodgrass 74136, OKOptometry1104816289
Dawn Elaine Teel 74136, OKOptometry1639169766
Bruce Wayne Varner 73075, OKOptometry1194716019
Justin Robert Lindsey 74136, OKOptometry1578554515
Leland Carr 74464, OKOptometry1891786778
Penny B Smythe 74401, OKOptometry1124009428
Billy Wayne Hill 74426, OKOptometry1669454856
Lisa Ann Hatfield 74464, OKOptometry1972585545
Gary Robert Fox 73159, OKOptometry1023099801
Jackie Harold Clark 74012, OKOptometry1790769065
Eric Ray Kuykendall 74017, OKOptometry1144204983
Donald C Rice 73533, OKOptometry1316921091
Gary Lee Wade 73160, OKOptometry1245215524
Chris J Fry 73008, OKOptometry1295711836
H N Dubin Pc 74133, OKOptometry1184600033
Timothy Dean Moore 74079, OKOptometry1417935008
Tonya Ward Jackson 74133, OKOptometry1821077579
Thomas Howard Berenson 74012, OKOptometry1942280896
Valerie Ridgena Hatley 73099, OKOptometry1326028838
James K Butner 74301, OKOptometry1376523639
Steven Christopher Gurley 74820, OKOptometry1972573186
George Mark Redwine 73118, OKOptometry1235109232
Timothy L Nelson 73772, OKOptometry1720058654
Robert Lee Morgan 74058, OKOptometry1154306249
Mark C Gibson 78734, OKOptometry1437133444
Theodore F Hill 74008, OKOptometry1033180732
Jay P Ward 74008, OKOptometry1679544191
Denise B Johnson 74055, OKOptometry1609847102
Todd Earl Wright 73013, OKOptometry1114999893
John Garber 74820, OKOptometry1710950159
Laura Hill 73460, OKOptometry1427021864
Daniel Woods 73401, OKOptometry1902879356
Steven Hill 74820, OKOptometry1265405278
Michael Glenn Williams 74571, OKOptometry1578536132
Andrew Paul Kraft 73701, OKOptometry1811961170
Stephen Mcray 73018, OKOptometry1245204437
Monte C Denton 73018, OKOptometry1922072123
Donald Jay Farris 74112, OKOptometry1902872146
Vincent Michael Young 73010, OKOptometry1376519397
Robert D Slavin 73005, OKOptometry1285601195
Jerry K Coburn 74403, OKOptometry1083681159
Robert Charles Duke 74015, OKOptometry1104894088
James L Janowiak 74066, OKOptometry1851369888
Ray V Odom 74403, OKOptometry1396713178
Ann L. Mciver 73448, OKOptometry1275501033
Lorrie A Richardson 74403, OKOptometry1003884875
Benjamin Campbell Thompson 74462, OKOptometry1639147093
Leslie Rene Trimble 74401, OKOptometry1992773345
Candace Yolande Stewart 74401, OKOptometry1588633697
Cameron Eugene Herrin 73080, OKOptometry1902865744
Larry L. Olsen 73013, OKOptometry1740240852
James Matthew Gentry 73170, OKOptometry1093787574
John D Edwards 73644, OKOptometry1821059940
Matthew E Ozment 74011, OKOptometry1669433249
Michael Joseph Hampton 73099, OKOptometry1073575072
Craig Kennedy 74501, OKOptometry1992768113
Arthur Kevin Young 73071, OKOptometry1700841657
Marshall R Gleckler 74804, OKOptometry1235195975
Myra Joy Frantz 73096, OKOptometry1215993001
Lisa Ann Walker 73644, OKOptometry1871559575
Jimmy D Smart 73542, OKOptometry1114983897
James Larry Charles 73003, OKOptometry1184681306
Paul C. Tisdal 73096, OKOptometry1760430938
Henry Duncan Reeves 74074, OKOptometry1629027933
Chad A Bagg 73069, OKOptometry1992756159
Neal Stanley Krieger 74701, OKOptometry1043260516
Terresa R Harrington 73072, OKOptometry1629029988
Somer Austin Ray 74604, OKOptometry1073564092
Ralph Alan Latimer 73159, OKOptometry1558312140
Lanita R Thomas 74055, OKOptometry1518919299
Kimberly Sue Hefner-poe 73142, OKOptometry1225081367
Gina C Kincheloe 74701, OKOptometry1154374999
James C Stover 74105, OKOptometry1760438931
James Gibson Mahaney 74464, OKOptometry1689621021
Joseph H Phillips 73116, OKOptometry1407803703
Kong L. Chang 73112, OKOptometry1669429809
Brad F Wells 74105, OKOptometry1801833991
Susan A Vaughan 74338, OKOptometry1124065479
Jari J. Frazier 73651, OKOptometry1326087636
Leonard Duane Hart 74021, OKOptometry1518907765
Burness R Yandell 74344, OKOptometry1962442848
George S Shields 73134, OKOptometry1346280641
Samuel H Schmid 73114, OKOptometry1548200108
Robert W Cashman 74820, OKOptometry1699716266
Michael L Brian 74437, OKOptometry1790726842
James M Nelson 74403, OKOptometry1912948175
Brian R Gumm 74074, OKOptometry1649211301
David T Reynolds 74074, OKOptometry1285675942
Gary Jay Lavalley 74437, OKOptometry1285676205
James L Slatten P.c. 73069, OKOptometry1669414538
Michelle Hardin 74525, OKOptometry1124060371
James C Stark 74074, OKOptometry1598708950
James Edward Dunn 74953, OKOptometry1730122813
Victoria Raquel Strange 73034, OKOptometry1639113939
J Travis Yadon 73159, OKOptometry1700820925
Lance Christopher Miller 73069, OKOptometry1457397127
Wade A. Walls 74354, OKOptometry1992741250
Thomas M Baker 74464, OKOptometry1134165459
Jeremy D. Roach 74462, OKOptometry1598792624
A. Clark Mcquigg 74354, OKOptometry1952338055
Richard Victor Simon 73034, OKOptometry1457388456
Daryle Jay Riner 74146, OKOptometry1487681920
Francis Edward Smith 74501, OKOptometry1831127661
Wesley J Walker 73055, OKOptometry1245269570
Thomas Adam Geurkink 73072, OKOptometry1356370654
Austin Eugene Quinn 74804, OKOptometry1548291065
Jennifer Katherine Jones 74120, OKOptometry1588695290
Gregory Dale Clift 73005, OKOptometry1255362646
Chris Paul Swanson 73505, OKOptometry1376587154
Dawn Pewitt 74344, OKOptometry1942248323
Walter Clay Mclaughlin 74804, OKOptometry1730126905
David L Epp 73662, OKOptometry1548204621
Larry A Riley 74017, OKOptometry1053352047
Orlando A Diaz 73160, OKOptometry1396790671
David J Gerchak 74464, OKOptometry1508898925
Nicole M. Kish 73072, OKOptometry1952334906
Terry A Bush 74136, OKOptometry1760407704
David Steve Hobbs 73401, OKOptometry1790710101
William Lee Evans 74525, OKOptometry1154356590
Gary Frances Flusche 74403, OKOptometry1780601666
Henricus Vanveen 74464, OKOptometry1871510461
Debbie S Coy 74434, OKOptometry1407874993
Scott J Ellis 73644, OKOptometry1417975079
Fredrick J Pembroke 74464, OKOptometry1578582573
Douglas Penisten 74464, OKOptometry1487673489
Heidi Thoden 74464, OKOptometry1295754299
Christopher Ray Chenoweth 74631, OKOptometry1750300992
Rodney Bendure 74464, OKOptometry1033138037
Debra Jean Bezan 74137, OKOptometry1942229943
Lynn Cyert 74451, OKOptometry1851310858


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Q: What is a NPI number?
A: As per CMS, a National Provider Identifier (NPI) is a unique identification number for covered health care providers, which was created to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of electronic transmission of health information.

Q: How does NPI number registration work? How do I get, apply, or register for a NPI number? Is there an easy way of obtaining an NPI number?
A: As per CMS, the most convenient method of registering for a NPI number is to visit NPPES and follow the on-screen instructions. If you have any questions during the registration process, you may contact NPI customer service at 1-800-465-3203.

Q: Is there any easy-to-read NPI number list or a list of NPI numbers?
A: There are several lists that you may find online, but an example of an official one is from CMS, which allows you to view certain data using table-like interfaces. An NPI number search can also be performed via the NPPES NPI registry.

Q: What is my profession's NPI number? How about my group NPI number? And my medical NPI number?
A: The NPPES NPI registry is the official website for finding / locating and verifying your NPI number and related details. Our website does indeed utilize NPPES data as one of its sources and we encourage you to explore all possible sources for NPI verification.

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