Providers with Taxonomy: Optometry in the state of Oklahoma

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Optometry
in the state of Oklahoma:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Charles Wendell Gurley 74820, OKOptometry1245240217
Lindsey Alizabeth Young 73104, OKOptometry1962571133
James H Hsiau 98431, OKOptometry1235449869
Michael Andrew Wiles 73160, OKOptometry1689057648
James Thirion 74012, OKOptometry1093157281
Tyler Kitzman 38104, OKOptometry1164875787
Stephanie P Souvannachak-cowick 74133, OKOptometry1962926253
Bao-tran Walton 74133, OKOptometry1295188530
Kimberly Nicole Kwong 39534, OKOptometry1952854465
Travis Partin 74133, OKOptometry1982181855
Natalie Marie Mccord 73130, OKOptometry1346727864
Melanie Elizabeth Newcomer 73069, OKOptometry1699252213
Kalyn Dawn Austin 73069, OKOptometry1114417805
Jennifer Larie Renard 98801, OKOptometry1699183061
Newview Oklahoma 74135, OKOptometry1306293394
Newview Oklahoma Inc. 73118, OKOptometry1073827200
Peter G Bako 75503, OKOptometry1629590450
Wesley J Derosier 74135, OKOptometry1760401764
Jeffrey Michael Rice 73533, OKOptometry1821641341
Andrew Henderson 73013, OKOptometry1699328013
Maggie Man Ki Ho 73118, OKOptometry1184186538
Kelsey Rae Crawford 76384, OKOptometry1992267017
Britton Adams 74804, OKOptometry1447737960
Alex Conley 76135, OKOptometry1568816635
Stephanie Marie Cooper 74114, OKOptometry1255619771
Janet Poole Naguib 74011, OKOptometry1992330534
Joni S Couch 74401, OKOptometry1073592002
Ashley Elizabeth Norum Ellis 73127, OKOptometry1700239126
Jessica Leigh Lucas 73104, OKOptometry1750669479
William Colton Cheek 72703, OKOptometry1649890930
Jesse James Wald 73651, OKOptometry1982214045
Dean Mcgee Eye Institute 73104, OKOptometry1245209675
Daniel Richard Galle 67221, OKOptometry1407296940
Madison Rhodes 73521, OKOptometry1760094262
Kristen Nichole Moore 74361, OKOptometry1588277248
Jenny Ga-yee Lau 54701, OKOptometry1093292849
Duncan Family Eye Care Inc 73533, OKOptometry1750613626
John David Macarty 74056, OKOptometry1184712069
Loving Eyecare, Inc 74055, OKOptometry1871939033
Kyle Henderson 73099, OKOptometry1780069609
Carissa Villaflor Beaudreau 73114, OKOptometry1154933638
Warner Family Eye Care Inc 74434, OKOptometry1427173970
Kimberly Dawn Durossette 74434, OKOptometry1992732119
Byron Bonner 73110, OKOptometry1821430299
Irefract Pc 40218, OKOptometry1679166193
Salwa Ghous Khan 73120, OKOptometry1740664564
Lisa L Mayes 73139, OKOptometry1083763072
Cassondra Jo Lux-o'callaghan 68803, OKOptometry1386121911
Patrina Sattiewhite Walter 73120, OKOptometry1457489437
Kristen Lantz 42701, OKOptometry1073132395
David Simpson 80045, OKOptometry1316388218
Payton Atchley 73533, OKOptometry1992378590
Conner Michael Kapperman 28304, OKOptometry1356961213
Abbas Malik 74063, OKOptometry1699448191
Tara Comingdeer Fields 73601, OKOptometry1861166241
Tyler Nelson 74401, OKOptometry1770104069
Steven B Moyer 73013, OKOptometry1215071881
Ncb Eyecare Llc 73072, OKOptometry1871167437
Randy Cox 73005, OKOptometry1467939249
Guthrie Eye Care Clinic, Inc. 73044, OKOptometry1063415396
Affordable Price Vision Ctr Inc 73119, OKOptometry1356348783
K. Dean Evans Jr., Od Pc 74834, OKOptometry1235116898
Mcray Denton Vision Center 73018, OKOptometry1982678181
Mcray Denton Vision Center 73065, OKOptometry1457325490
James D Coffey O D P C 73601, OKOptometry1619936911
Claremore Pryor Eye Clinic P A 74017, OKOptometry1124076823
Thomas Eye Care Pc 74055, OKOptometry1861443772
Oklahoma Eye Institute, Llc 76309, OKOptometry1730611401
Northeastern State University College Of Optometry 74464, OKOptometry1437106333
Eyecare Of Claremore claremore 74017, OKOptometry1083654842
Jamie Archer Bennett, Od,pc 74003, OKOptometry1114953197
Triad Eye Institute Pllc 74133, OKOptometry1093743213
Guthrie Vision Source Pc, Inc. 73044, OKOptometry1982625703
Eye Associates Of Oklahoma Pllc 73130, OKOptometry1588685622
Fulton Eyecare Center Pllc 73018, OKOptometry1255353223
Ocular Physicians Associates 73120, OKOptometry1245253509
Ward And Hall, Pc 74447, OKOptometry1992719306
Hefner Eye Care & Optical Center, L.l.c. 73142, OKOptometry1447265269
Muscogee Creek Nation 74447, OKOptometry1013922624
Justin W Hogle Od Pllc 74403, OKOptometry1922019587
Ward And Hall, Pc 74008, OKOptometry1902812308
Vantage Vision Care Quail Springs, Pc 73134, OKOptometry1841769791
Insight Eyecare Jenks Pllc 74037, OKOptometry1215401146
Nelson Nelson Nelson Od Inc 73772, OKOptometry1285736355
Gary R. Morgan Optometrist Pc 73065, OKOptometry1700988524
Vincent Michael Young Od Pc 73010, OKOptometry1912009234
D. Bradley Cobb O.d., Pllc 74006, OKOptometry1669577086
Hiskett And Elliott Ptr 74010, OKOptometry1215032883
Ruthie Xin Ruan, O.d., Pllc 73013, OKOptometry1144327776
Todd E. Wright, Od, Pc 73013, OKOptometry1750480513
Smith & Smith Optometrist Inc 73717, OKOptometry1033218904
Midtown Eyecare 74120, OKOptometry1003900010
Eyecare Associates Of South Tulsa Pc 74133, OKOptometry1750475760
Dobbs Eye Clinic, Inc. 74955, OKOptometry1437245750
David Macarty, Od Pc 73632, OKOptometry1578651188
Warren Eye Care Center Llc 73064, OKOptometry1023199379
Billy G Sloat Pc 73703, OKOptometry1760565410
Leslie White O D Inc 74023, OKOptometry1790868719
Matt Grantham, Od, Pc 74953, OKOptometry1477637643
Ralph A. Latimer, O.d., P.c. 73159, OKOptometry1831273671
Reichert Reichert Optometrists A Professional Corporation 73036, OKOptometry1851476634
Kingfisher Eye Clinic Inc 73750, OKOptometry1215012091
Jones Eyecare Associates Pc 73139, OKOptometry1407933153
Vision Source okc South Pllc 73159, OKOptometry1629156617
Seminole Vision Care Inc 74868, OKOptometry1245318864
Frank N.moore Inc. 74133, OKOptometry1437238961
Scott Eye Care P L L C 73858, OKOptometry1245309095
Brownlee Optometry Pllc 73078, OKOptometry1174693279
Phillip A. Walker O.d. Inc. 73013, OKOptometry1548330053
Eye Associates Of Miami, Inc. 74354, OKOptometry1881778355
Dr Paul Brinckman Od Llc 66062, OKOptometry1912426917
Wagoner Eye Clinic Inc 74467, OKOptometry1497826358
Drs. Odom Coburn And Richardson 74403, OKOptometry1083787535
Tecumseh Eye Clinic Pllc 74873, OKOptometry1972661882
David R. Free, O.d. Pc 74120, OKOptometry1598824914
R.w. Varley, Inc. 73018, OKOptometry1073673802
Southern Oklahoma Eye Center Llc 73086, OKOptometry1184785867
Lt Lantz Inc 74344, OKOptometry1457413569
Frederick Eye Care Pllc 73542, OKOptometry1164585758
Thomas H Berenson O D P C 74012, OKOptometry1205999471
Optique Professional Eye Care, Pllc 74135, OKOptometry1649333451
Glenpool Eye Care, Pllc 74033, OKOptometry1366505448
Family Vision Trends Llc 73069, OKOptometry1013071588
Walt P. Megown Od Inc. 74447, OKOptometry1710043708
Sight To See Vision Associates P C Inc 73034, OKOptometry1346397445
Glenn Baggs, Od, Pc 74401, OKOptometry1730238080
C Scott Cowell Od Inc 73077, OKOptometry1538218557
Max D. Venard, O.d., P.c. 73160, OKOptometry1881745768
Drummond Eye Clinic, P.c. 74074, OKOptometry1487706313
Kathy J. Mckenzie, O.d., Inc. 73109, OKOptometry1114071552
Matt Grantham, Od, Pc 74578, OKOptometry1124174966
Gerald W. Mcmullin, O.d., Inc. 73750, OKOptometry1265588602
Ultimate Vision, Pllc 73099, OKOptometry1750428728
Len D. Hart, P.c. 74021, OKOptometry1710025697
Myra Joy Frantz O.d., P.c. 73096, OKOptometry1013057496
The Lasik Vision Institute Llc 73132, OKOptometry1447391883
North East Family Eyecare Pc 74571, OKOptometry1205977394
Southern Oklahoma Eye Center, Llc 73098, OKOptometry1699818864
Dr Donald B Cobb Od A Professional Corporation 74003, OKOptometry1801939996
Rlp Eyecare Pc 73401, OKOptometry1487789483
Kolker Vision Care 74105, OKOptometry1700911542
Samuel C. Oliphant, Inc 73134, OKOptometry1033244033
Nicholas Eye Clinic, Pllc 73703, OKOptometry1487789913
Owasso Eye Institute Inc 74055, OKOptometry1972639722
J D Hudkins O D Inc 74011, OKOptometry1669509683
Mark A. Manahan, O.d., Inc 74063, OKOptometry1568599496
Eye Care For Tulsa Inc. 74105, OKOptometry1215064308
Advantage Eyecare, P.c. 74070, OKOptometry1720116932
Andrea B Dudley Od, Inc Pc 74105, OKOptometry1235267394
Keys Family Eye Care Plc 74451, OKOptometry1699804062
Thomas Blue Eyecare Pllc 73115, OKOptometry1083743983
Crystal Y Mosteller O D Inc Pc 73089, OKOptometry1952431439
Omni Eye Center Edmond Inc. 73013, OKOptometry1902936347
Stacy G Presley Od Pllc 74820, OKOptometry1063542199
Dr Charles W Gurley Od Pc 74820, OKOptometry1689704702
Cockrell Eyecare Center 74074, OKOptometry1306978044
Nicole M. Kish, O.d.,p.c. 73072, OKOptometry1588796049
Nicole M. Kish, Od & Associates, Pc 73118, OKOptometry1629101522
Quail Springs Optical Services, Pc 73134, OKOptometry1518090414
Ada Family Eye Care Inc 74820, OKOptometry1285767848
Timothy D Moore Od Pc 74079, OKOptometry1508999145
Triad Eye Medical Clinic & Cataract Institute Co Inc 74105, OKOptometry1265565147
Drs. Hinkle & Cash Opt,, Inc. 74055, OKOptometry1235263799
Jeffrey M. Butcher, Od, Pc 73134, OKOptometry1013031525
Kenneth W Guthrie Od Inc 73120, OKOptometry1205953759
John A. Mcferron, O.d. Inc. 74354, OKOptometry1538287057
Triad Eye Institute Pllc 74401, OKOptometry1447382833
Denise Spears Roddy, Od, Pc 74136, OKOptometry1427196146
Butcher Optical Ii, Pc 73069, OKOptometry1750406997
Butcher Optical I, Pc 73134, OKOptometry1962527119
Scott M. Carlson Od Pc 73703, OKOptometry1801924519
Creek Nation Hospital & Clinics 74859, OKOptometry1366593923
Hubertina J M Hagen Od Inc Pc 74066, OKOptometry1073644720
David C Brewer Optometrist, P C 73099, OKOptometry1619096021
Drs. Odom Coburn And Richardson 74432, OKOptometry1124147541
Stacey L. Wilda, O.d., P.c. 73077, OKOptometry1003935487
Gerald W. Graefe Odinc 74129, OKOptometry1760501928
Drs Higgs & Morris Optometrists Inc 74066, OKOptometry1578682647
Broadway Vision Associates, Plc 74401, OKOptometry1154441848
Vision Source Of Hugo, Inc. 74743, OKOptometry1134249683
Steven D Cartmell Inc 74145, OKOptometry1629198833
Cockrell Eyecare Center 74058, OKOptometry1225158314
Lewis & Lewis Eye Care Clinic, P. C. 73020, OKOptometry1548483100
Dr Jay D Johnson Optometrist Plc 73149, OKOptometry1841413622
Oklahoma Vision Development Center 74135, OKOptometry1598989543
Bonavision Eye Center, Pc 73106, OKOptometry1992920144
Drs Peck & Peck Pc 73801, OKOptometry1598980625
Kong L Chang Optometrist Pllc 73112, OKOptometry1487879227
Cameron E. Herrin, O.d., P.c. 73080, OKOptometry1710102348
Catherine F Carlin O D,p C 73008, OKOptometry1689890840
Jeremy D. Roach, O.d., P.c. 74462, OKOptometry1174749386
Jon E. Painter O.d.,p.c 73160, OKOptometry1770709941
Phillip D Grimes P C 73064, OKOptometry1386860443
William E. Lee, Od, Inc. 74003, OKOptometry1316163371
W D Diehl Od Inc 73701, OKOptometry1184840795
Joseph H Phillips Od Inc 73132, OKOptometry1023235371
Eye Solutions Inc 73401, OKOptometry1356568117
Waymon D. Harrison, O.d. P.c. 73170, OKOptometry1316165491
Eye Care Associates Of Yukon 73099, OKOptometry1831318633
Crossroads Vision Center, Pc 73159, OKOptometry1447479159


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Q: What is a NPI number?
A: As per CMS, a National Provider Identifier (NPI) is a unique identification number for covered health care providers, which was created to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of electronic transmission of health information.

Q: How does NPI number registration work? How do I get, apply, or register for a NPI number? Is there an easy way of obtaining an NPI number?
A: As per CMS, the most convenient method of registering for a NPI number is to visit NPPES and follow the on-screen instructions. If you have any questions during the registration process, you may contact NPI customer service at 1-800-465-3203.

Q: Is there any easy-to-read NPI number list or a list of NPI numbers?
A: There are several lists that you may find online, but an example of an official one is from CMS, which allows you to view certain data using table-like interfaces. An NPI number search can also be performed via the NPPES NPI registry.

Q: What is my profession's NPI number? How about my group NPI number? And my medical NPI number?
A: The NPPES NPI registry is the official website for finding / locating and verifying your NPI number and related details. Our website does indeed utilize NPPES data as one of its sources and we encourage you to explore all possible sources for NPI verification.

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