Providers with Taxonomy: Optometry in the state of Oregon

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Optometry
in the state of Oregon:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Winona J. Firth 97477, OROptometry1295738318
George Lam 97504, OROptometry1861495970
Roger Munk 97355, OROptometry1316940281
Frances G Cloyd 97501, OROptometry1639172471
Dennis Pearson 97355, OROptometry1356344220
Scott J Wojciechowski 97202, OROptometry1164425948
Cloyd Family Vision Llc 97501, OROptometry1336142140
Jeffrey Scott Pelson 97526, OROptometry1578567244
Garry Dwayne Kappel 97630, OROptometry1831193432
Gerald R Starchvick 97504, OROptometry1972508596
David Steven England 97520, OROptometry1942205448
Dean Randolph Brown 97502, OROptometry1497751275
Michael Lane Garton 97862, OROptometry1447257043
Kenneth Alan Loftus 97520, OROptometry1659378677
Steven F Tronnes 97470, OROptometry1528065356
Ronald L Kerns 97030, OROptometry1821095597
Lee Azpiroz 97401, OROptometry1184622300
Michael W Schwartz 97526, OROptometry1992703037
Michael K Estes 97321, OROptometry1619975588
Jordan David Brown 97302, OROptometry1083613848
Ed Charles Baer 97330, OROptometry1356341275
Douglas John Walker 97415, OROptometry1902806375
Curtis L Dix 97741, OROptometry1164422101
Jessica Ann Lynch 97124, OROptometry1154322105
Brad C Richardson 97116, OROptometry1922009836
Brett G Bence 98133, OROptometry1821097056
Jeffrey Charles Lind 97124, OROptometry1508867433
Donald Leon Peterson 97756, OROptometry1215939137
David A Drotzmann 97838, OROptometry1407848476
Julie D. Danielson 97530, OROptometry1710979240
Brett Agost 97030, OROptometry1326030883
Dan Caldwell 97030, OROptometry1780676254
Chalres Albert Mcbride 97005, OROptometry1053303495
Candace D Hamel 97023, OROptometry1679565915
George Richard Nelson 97205, OROptometry1205829421
Donald J Johnson Od Pc 97520, OROptometry1992798136
Sheryl L Blankenship 97814, OROptometry1255324158
Stephen J Olsen 97034, OROptometry1730172438
Robert D Rolen 97838, OROptometry1902899651
Leslie M Elms 97814, OROptometry1790778231
Rebecca R Chown 97031, OROptometry1497748255
Ray J Weekly 97305, OROptometry1407840630
Toby Lloyd Andreasen 97123, OROptometry1174517098
Shannon Marie Downey 97140, OROptometry1346234275
Timothy J Arbow 97401, OROptometry1619961422
Bradley George Smith 97223, OROptometry1699769380
Matthew Robert Perry 97123, OROptometry1518952985
Drs Mauck & Perkins Opt Pc 97058, OROptometry1407841406
Wesley Vorpahl 97301, OROptometry1568457414
Tigard Vision Center, Inc. 97223, OROptometry1821083635
Willamette Vision Center Inc 97301, OROptometry1053307413
Murray Scholls Optique Inc 97007, OROptometry1598751802
Jeffrey Allen Morey 97402, OROptometry1841287455
Kristine Gyving 97415, OROptometry1922095306
Rita Debbie Cook 97007, OROptometry1326035544
D Gregory Luce 97007, OROptometry1386631380
David A. Wolf 97035, OROptometry1861489874
John Edward Perkins 97401, OROptometry1144217068
Donald L Harr 97132, OROptometry1063409837
Trevor Hay 97227, OROptometry1700874492
Karen M Rice 97210, OROptometry1902894520
Toby Palm 97479, OROptometry1366430936
Diane Robbins-luce 97007, OROptometry1447247440
Daniel Allen Robison 97035, OROptometry1487641080
Treasure A. Wheeler 97504, OROptometry1750379673
William Todd Briscoe 97068, OROptometry1497743371
Silver Falls Eyecare, P.c. 97381, OROptometry1043208937
Michael A Egger 97045, OROptometry1427047273
Gary H. Wheeler 97504, OROptometry1316936214
Barbara Holzknecht Briscoe 97068, OROptometry1780673996
Daniel Dayton Bishop 97301, OROptometry1740279793
Robert David Peek 97225, OROptometry1437149390
Kenneth Warren Eakland 97116, OROptometry1962492595
Alan Colin Love 97215, OROptometry1730179318
Charles Milton Statton 97113, OROptometry1427048784
Paul F Roline 97401, OROptometry1518957745
Lawrence Chan Jr. 97236, OROptometry1760473854
Samantha Kelly Caggiano 97233, OROptometry1811988900
John Patrick Lowery 97116, OROptometry1578554523
Carole Anne Timpone 97205, OROptometry1114918059
Richard London 97205, OROptometry1629069547
Amanda Marie Balsalobre 97401, OROptometry1184615981
Armando Jerry Zelada 97212, OROptometry1992796668
Beth Toshiko Kinoshita 97116, OROptometry1063403798
Scott Lawrence Stanley 97470, OROptometry1023009610
John Wilfred Randall 97116, OROptometry1982695524
Ann Mary Slocum-edmonds 97217, OROptometry1194716449
Patrick Ayres 97702, OROptometry1639150873
Jeremy Wade Taylor 97132, OROptometry1700867983
Phuong Le 97210, OROptometry1871575092
Mark Gotcher 97424, OROptometry1588646673
Ronald H Meier 97045, OROptometry1417939471
Charles Duane Radebaugh 97477, OROptometry1710969480
Gary Dean Crowell 97128, OROptometry1194707315
Scott Henry Overton 97203, OROptometry1083604656
Denise Goodwin 97116, OROptometry1730162694
Shari L Mace 97035, OROptometry1760466015
Jay Wilfred Mauck 97058, OROptometry1184608325
Ryan Michael Lebreton 97058, OROptometry1528042769
Fraser Campbell Horn 97116, OROptometry1467436766
Susan Fay Littlefield 97116, OROptometry1871577528
Robert Ray Perkins 97058, OROptometry1164406740
Eric Halperin 97141, OROptometry1306821913
Beatrice H Michel 97141, OROptometry1841275450
Kirsten Carmiencke Scott 97701, OROptometry1952386575
Scott Leonard Nehring 97071, OROptometry1265417760
Rosemary F Detmer Stone 97005, OROptometry1801871223
Neeru Verma Shore 97214, OROptometry1548245343
Cynthia Suzanne Strawn 97303, OROptometry1821074493
Keizer Vision Source Pc 97303, OROptometry1083690655
Michel A Gaynor 97303, OROptometry1629054200
Patricia B Gates 97420, OROptometry1255317665
Robert Allan Mans 97439, OROptometry1588642086
Julie Ann Cecelia Kittock 97439, OROptometry1285612788
Raymond Gene Mans 97439, OROptometry1457339954
Ann Adele Easly-debisschop 97914, OROptometry1992783468
Richard P Snyder 97401, OROptometry1356320824
Bonnie Marie Gauer 97471, OROptometry1164401634
Gilbert Le Cren 97365, OROptometry1700865961
Frank Y Lam 97601, OROptometry1558331645
Dr. Han Tran & Associates, P.c. 97086, OROptometry1396109039
Mark Jared Fast 97301, OROptometry1831173590
Chris Omar Jamus 97062, OROptometry1245717792
Paul H. Shih 97006, OROptometry1821068321
Yun Fan 97006, OROptometry1720058225
Mary Ann Button 97630, OROptometry1851362453
Pamela Lammers Decalesta 97401, OROptometry1790757185
William Dale Rowe 97401, OROptometry1235100736
Catherine B Saul 97030, OROptometry1457323495
Jabeka Inc. 97404, OROptometry1881667160
Michael S. Lackman 97404, OROptometry1497728398
Eric H Knutson 97330, OROptometry1982679114
Richard Wayne Ehlen 97401, OROptometry1740255082
Robert Bruce Young 97330, OROptometry1821063694
Xiaofeng Fu 97239, OROptometry1518933019
Scott E Woodruff 97470, OROptometry1235105461
Omar J Noles 97223, OROptometry1326015280
James Ross Hale 97330, OROptometry1215903125
Daniel R Beckner 97850, OROptometry1205804275
Thomas Gene Leech 97470, OROptometry1952378945
Terry L Steckman 97701, OROptometry1861460404
Douglas Carl Melzer 97230, OROptometry1184693095
Gerald Henry Shepard 97402, OROptometry1639148513
Merle Nye Berry 97322, OROptometry1164491825
George W Curnutt 97051, OROptometry1104895804
Kevin Dean Blair 97322, OROptometry1023087525
Christopher Joseph Berry 97322, OROptometry1568431831
Wayne L Gerig 97223, OROptometry1922067701
John Zelnar 97601, OROptometry1376502807
Jennifer Rebecca Keady 97720, OROptometry1376502153
Jeffrey Donald Harris 97005, OROptometry1629046818
Julie A Demaree 97215, OROptometry1508837337
Edwin Tuhy 97601, OROptometry1447219977
Jeffrey A Fries 98632, OROptometry1407821499
Kristin J Gurholt 97415, OROptometry1982673927
Klamath Ophthalmology Pc 97601, OROptometry1730148271
Jennifer Dawn Sparks 97601, OROptometry1285694000
Jeffrey S Rinkoff Md Llc 97504, OROptometry1568422053
Lawrence Alfred Froland 97222, OROptometry1134180524
Bruce Franklin Breckenridge 97230, OROptometry1346201886
Dennis Reid Kantor 97504, OROptometry1316901952
Denise Graessley Maier 97401, OROptometry1477517704
Kenneth Lee Harris 97520, OROptometry1245294255
Daniel Leroy Mannen 97051, OROptometry1609831973
John V Rickman 97385, OROptometry1760447239
Lynette R Dziuk 97761, OROptometry1629033527
Trevor John Cleveland 97477, OROptometry1407812480
William Dunn 97478, OROptometry1285691048
Greg Brophy 97030, OROptometry1699733758
John Paul Reslock 97423, OROptometry1356309645
Kirk Joseph Parker 97225, OROptometry1457319725
Margaret A Foley 97401, OROptometry1194774224
J Douglas Stahl 97034, OROptometry1659320117
Canby Eyecare Inc 97013, OROptometry1750331880
Sarah Elizabeth Fox-hocking 97116, OROptometry1629028816
Julie A Weber 97330, OROptometry1265482947
Tammie Krisciunas 97239, OROptometry1992756191
Rachael Lynn Garrett 97239, OROptometry1225080559
Allison Irene Summers 97239, OROptometry1770535007
Christopher G. Barbour 97058, OROptometry1619929650
Ochoco Vision Source Llp 97754, OROptometry1134172687
Gretchen Irene Chadwick 97756, OROptometry1811940778
Nicole A Rush 97411, OROptometry1467400952
Christopher Jacob 97038, OROptometry1336520386
Timothy Allen Speck 97116, OROptometry1093067324
Randy H Norris 97914, OROptometry1619928587
Jamison Riley Soupir 97116, OROptometry1952826513
Moreland Family Eye Care Pc 97202, OROptometry1487156683
Spectacle Llc 97005, OROptometry1639646912
John Michael Boyer 97239, OROptometry1891742722
Kirk Parker, Od Pc 97225, OROptometry1700833209
Lynn H Ueshiro 97116, OROptometry1295772853
Joanne M. Hammar 97459, OROptometry1104863448
Hannu Robert Viljo Laukkanen 97116, OROptometry1811935331
Shannon Cathleen Lutz 97116, OROptometry1063450443
Christopher David Pearce 97206, OROptometry1043259419
Claude Brist 97477, OROptometry1427098755
Brian K Mitchell 97504, OROptometry1417998006
Karl Citek 97116, OROptometry1750322111
Blair Burton Lonsberry 97205, OROptometry1982645370


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Q: What is a NPI number?
A: As per CMS, a National Provider Identifier (NPI) is a unique identification number for covered health care providers, which was created to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of electronic transmission of health information.

Q: How does NPI number registration work? How do I get, apply, or register for a NPI number? Is there an easy way of obtaining an NPI number?
A: As per CMS, the most convenient method of registering for a NPI number is to visit NPPES and follow the on-screen instructions. If you have any questions during the registration process, you may contact NPI customer service at 1-800-465-3203.

Q: Is there any easy-to-read NPI number list or a list of NPI numbers?
A: There are several lists that you may find online, but an example of an official one is from CMS, which allows you to view certain data using table-like interfaces. An NPI number search can also be performed via the NPPES NPI registry.

Q: What is my profession's NPI number? How about my group NPI number? And my medical NPI number?
A: The NPPES NPI registry is the official website for finding / locating and verifying your NPI number and related details. Our website does indeed utilize NPPES data as one of its sources and we encourage you to explore all possible sources for NPI verification.

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