Providers with Taxonomy: Optometry in the state of Pennsylvania

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Optometry
in the state of Pennsylvania:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Christian Jay Thompson 86047, PAOptometry1013912534
Jamie Jill Brosof 19067, PAOptometry1982186839
Premier Eye Care Group, Inc. 17011, PAOptometry1538161989
Joseph Paul Winberry 17013, PAOptometry1336136464
Maria C Ruduski - Downey 19607, PAOptometry1679543664
Mark Schnitzel 18929, PAOptometry1134191919
John T Kardos 17361, PAOptometry1811953292
James P. Allison 16201, PAOptometry1508809476
Michael D Burkhart 19610, PAOptometry1649213273
David E Paden 17013, PAOptometry1295755866
Rebecca L Rudisill 17402, PAOptometry1487678157
Doan Trang Kwak 19141, PAOptometry1093060444
Jason D. Guilford 17402, PAOptometry1508877390
Shawn David Tubiello 18960, PAOptometry1679582050
Leanne Laporte 19149, PAOptometry1891295333
Anh T Nguyen-liang 17601, PAOptometry1437209103
Sheralyn Kyle King 17268, PAOptometry1104025089
Tiffany Sheree Frey 17201, PAOptometry1790946556
Shelley Renee Diggins 15238, PAOptometry1043422470
Premier Eye Care Group, Inc 17104, PAOptometry1407342611
James Arthur Harper 32507, PAOptometry1093914087
Wesley David Cox 15235, PAOptometry1700309556
Yami Yadav 08619, PAOptometry1275807067
Briggsy, P.c. 17701, PAOptometry1891019949
Lindsey Parker Schaale 17402, PAOptometry1033523568
Andrew Tang 11214, PAOptometry1437533452
Yealy Eye, Llc 17603, PAOptometry1700276656
Genna Higbee 60654, PAOptometry1104233436
Stacey Keppol 98133, PAOptometry1093155103
Amanda Mammano 10012, PAOptometry1053795922
Brian Swoyer 17042, PAOptometry1184118747
Kelsey Moody Mileski 30322, PAOptometry1023492741
Yunah Kim 18936, PAOptometry1992104764
Rachele Margaret Siegel 16438, PAOptometry1407385362
Chad Thomas Edmonds 19026, PAOptometry1598265696
Navpreet Hehar 19141, PAOptometry1801247291
Lauren Marjorie Shaffer 17404, PAOptometry1598288565
Hei In Tang 19141, PAOptometry1689197683
Tyler Crouse 19141, PAOptometry1881117570
Alexandra Lee Oszustowicz 19141, PAOptometry1336662295
Emily Wilson Weaver 17313, PAOptometry1225552425
Christin Noel Demoss 19141, PAOptometry1902336043
Shakera Holmes 19004, PAOptometry1891208252
20/20 Retail Management, Llc 20707, PAOptometry1598286932
Heather Danielle Whyte Demarco 27284, PAOptometry1659825339
Temple University Of The Commonwealth System Of Higher Education 19140, PAOptometry1265666929
Vision Source Meadville Llc 16335, PAOptometry1467967794
Alice Hyun Jin Lim 19141, PAOptometry1164918033
Eric Noll 99702, PAOptometry1174864904
Kylie Ann Auman 19141, PAOptometry1043706377
Andrew S. Do 19141, PAOptometry1558847723
Kelly Moritz 19104, PAOptometry1104366053
Margaret Nikituk 15235, PAOptometry1316429004
Nicholas James Karbach 19141, PAOptometry1588191985
Silvia Han 92807, PAOptometry1366707721
Temple Faculty Practice Plan, Inc 19140, PAOptometry1972086627
Ophthalmic Surgical Associates 19013, PAOptometry1659583862
Van Luong 08016, PAOptometry1699243410
Biernacki Wagner Eye Associates Pc 18701, PAOptometry1235608357
Saurin Patel 19082, PAOptometry1689965097
Lucas R Baird 19460, PAOptometry1417202250
David A. Briggs 17701, PAOptometry1245235357
Lizabeth Frontino 66503, PAOptometry1669968509
Corinne Elizabeth Belanger 18372, PAOptometry1700236825
Tyler Reppert 17584, PAOptometry1215486121
Rebecca J Miller 17402, PAOptometry1871017012
Justin Shearman 16602, PAOptometry1306330022
Kristin Nikolle Goodling 17603, PAOptometry1841641271
Katherine K. Won 17112, PAOptometry1649267279
Natalia Gordillo Yealy 17402, PAOptometry1093804080
Aeg Pennsylvania Professional Inc 15218, PAOptometry1851958854
Phu Ngoc Hoang 97233, PAOptometry1326473505
James Edward Hill 15131, PAOptometry1275658247
Suemayah Gouda 19007, PAOptometry1588003958
Melissa Risoli 19083, PAOptometry1871598698
Reta Guirguis 19341, PAOptometry1619366036
Megan Mcconville 19382, PAOptometry1639484058
Allison Paige Coll 32608, PAOptometry1376007096
Ting Liu, O.d. & Associates, Inc. 16066, PAOptometry1346709805
Amy G Brown 29708, PAOptometry1548441272
Laura Kwai Swartley 19406, PAOptometry1508172065
Vantage Eyecare, Llc 18966, PAOptometry1689184384
Joseph Edward Ellwood 17901, PAOptometry1427496256
Yeseul Kim 17112, PAOptometry1427610807
Melissa Marie Debello 17050, PAOptometry1124471669
Look Eye Care 15237, PAOptometry1043701964
John Forrest 19438, PAOptometry1346808110
Ioan Ciocotisan 19087, PAOptometry1043864283
Elizabeth Ann Karns 17055, PAOptometry1306330337
Kriti Bhagat 02906, PAOptometry1427464510
Eric James Neelans 19426, PAOptometry1972763571
Jessica Rossman 16001, PAOptometry1164977096
Jean A Astorino Od Pc 19063, PAOptometry1750310330
Jason Hull Od Llc 16125, PAOptometry1699324400
Pediatric Ophthalmology & Strabismus Inc 16066, PAOptometry1285665356
Ashley N Harris 16565, PAOptometry1780946624
Emily A Jones 18503, PAOptometry1164872727
Nicole Choe Ma 21045, PAOptometry1730443987
Sandy John 19462, PAOptometry1548802440
Bomee Kim 39232, PAOptometry1114467172
Ihor J Zalipsky 19007, PAOptometry1346253549
Michael John Macey 15650, PAOptometry1942351648
Saba Hans 48313, PAOptometry1578086427
Martin Bruce Simmons 45429, PAOptometry1588696280
Lauren Peirish 15237, PAOptometry1356902159
Jason James Simonton 15215, PAOptometry1205035953
Michael John Brownfield 15650, PAOptometry1760460364
Matthew Alan Christianson 15650, PAOptometry1184937732
Kathryn Ann Hopper 19610, PAOptometry1205493111
Nicole Marie Schwartz 18704, PAOptometry1366597056
Magi Labib 18104, PAOptometry1467867986
Natalia Kobrenko 18960, PAOptometry1245768043
Deena Ghazzi 21204, PAOptometry1972025104
Kathleen Brianne Tariq 18071, PAOptometry1437670080
Allison Belfer 19122, PAOptometry1609429554
Shannon Eunhwa Lee 19020, PAOptometry1558919449
Meghan Shirley 15217, PAOptometry1275917858
Jennifer Lynn Mcgrath 16001, PAOptometry1790002905
Arezo Pirzad 19343, PAOptometry1407491350
Matthew Lloyd Burr 17050, PAOptometry1356304364
Nicole Elise Takita 18917, PAOptometry1114540762
Sabrina Sherman 19341, PAOptometry1073138251
Kristi K Weatherly 15010, PAOptometry1376983445
Eagle River Ophthalmic Surgeons Llc 06053, PAOptometry1275781429
Brian E Harry 17822, PAOptometry1407811979
Amanda Ehrgood-perry 19106, PAOptometry1801100987
Sydney Rae Cooper 21740, PAOptometry1942867981
Katie Jo Sider 80112, PAOptometry1740621424
Michael Richard Josefowicz 18704, PAOptometry1164465795
Eyeway6 15904, PAOptometry1821603028
Urmi Khatri 19406, PAOptometry1457960544
Christine Majida Gieringer 19610, PAOptometry1548894082
Lucinda Ann Kauffman 19610, PAOptometry1184286973
Marion J Haligowski 17042, PAOptometry1508978941
Sarah Elizabeth Zambotti 15224, PAOptometry1083062822
Stanley W Hatch 19141, PAOptometry1720077902
Erin Fuchs 28403, PAOptometry1710017975
Ophthalmic Surgical Associates Inc 19013, PAOptometry1619921327
Dawn E Hornberger 19565, PAOptometry1821094137
Refocus Eye Health Of Pa, P.c. 19124, PAOptometry1962003418
Shevanie Latchmi Jallim 18045, PAOptometry1548861800
Laura Z. Lehman 19355, PAOptometry1114124385
Kelly M. Seidler 21702, PAOptometry1881180644
Pius Seong Jung 19149, PAOptometry1235511171
Allison Stemko 16652, PAOptometry1477177970
Shruti Desai 32605, PAOptometry1588140636
Robert Edward Stauble 19107, PAOptometry1417472614
Anita Pandya 30214, PAOptometry1871117879
Giulia Tinari 19301, PAOptometry1043625791
Eye Consultants Of Pennsylvania, Pc 19610, PAOptometry1033181904
Veena Adusumilli 18045, PAOptometry1891856225
Eye Surgical Medical Associates Pc 19152, PAOptometry1558305219
Rachel Fritz Kishel 17837, PAOptometry1245646561
Robert Thomas Nible 17701, PAOptometry1487798658
Abbey J Bonnell 16823, PAOptometry1306109087
Lindsey Perno 19141, PAOptometry1740620855
Vincent Michael Deninis 29909, PAOptometry1730660846
Radhika Patel Bera 17325, PAOptometry1659752657
Tera Lyn Unzicker-fassero 17847, PAOptometry1578625158
Soby A Russal 19141, PAOptometry1538471172
Emily Chu Od Pc 18104, PAOptometry1700305026
Cora Josette Talarigo 16801, PAOptometry1811581184
Nhu Y Le 19967, PAOptometry1700433505
Michael William Murphy 15801, PAOptometry1013164698
Cassandra J Pastier 18252, PAOptometry1730766502
Caleb Nelson Tennant 26041, PAOptometry1124258009
Samantha E. Myers 41501, PAOptometry1023504974
Lauren Theresa Moore 16365, PAOptometry1639520943
Ralph G. Witchey 16365, PAOptometry1124060462
Ryan Eric Kern 41501, PAOptometry1497232425
Hamilton Eye Institute 18106, PAOptometry1972867513
Lars Daniel Bogar 17050, PAOptometry1649824533
Michael Thomas O'neill 16365, PAOptometry1215317177
Hamilton Eye Institute 18062, PAOptometry1043828049
Avani Patel Amin 19382, PAOptometry1407377674
Michelle Beachkofsky 28105, PAOptometry1457370405
Matthew J Deluca 15005, PAOptometry1417946468
Alexa Ives 15668, PAOptometry1205492998
Chad Clark 83709, PAOptometry1205241577
Neil A Kenney 18951, PAOptometry1104884618
Jessica Kaminsky 17331, PAOptometry1043870272
Berks Family Eyecare P C 19565, PAOptometry1982600136
Victoria Shust 19805, PAOptometry1902475809
Katrina Ann Kotcho 18103, PAOptometry1891310603
Jenna Quasmieh 19134, PAOptometry1821668823
Karenjit Kaur 17552, PAOptometry1427624881
Amalia Catherine Burrell 19403, PAOptometry1821660572
Jill Kathyrn Schuerman 15228, PAOptometry1134792237
Kaitlyn Brosie 17313, PAOptometry1710588652
Matthew J. Deluca 16066, PAOptometry1336763101
So Ri Park 17408, PAOptometry1790458487
Kathleen A Nadler 19468, PAOptometry1366674988
Matthew Richard Eernisse 16365, PAOptometry1477172138
Bailey Sheridan Ford 19141, PAOptometry1730854589
Tracy Lukasiewicz 85016, PAOptometry1962014225
Bernstein Hilliker Hartzell Eye Center 17821, PAOptometry1104040625
Tessa Lane Ives 15668, PAOptometry1245906056
Stephanie Sikora 15146, PAOptometry1447926084
Kayla Volkert 19148, PAOptometry1790207041
Samuel Stack 03561, PAOptometry1114542149


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Q: What is a NPI number?
A: As per CMS, a National Provider Identifier (NPI) is a unique identification number for covered health care providers, which was created to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of electronic transmission of health information.

Q: How does NPI number registration work? How do I get, apply, or register for a NPI number? Is there an easy way of obtaining an NPI number?
A: As per CMS, the most convenient method of registering for a NPI number is to visit NPPES and follow the on-screen instructions. If you have any questions during the registration process, you may contact NPI customer service at 1-800-465-3203.

Q: Is there any easy-to-read NPI number list or a list of NPI numbers?
A: There are several lists that you may find online, but an example of an official one is from CMS, which allows you to view certain data using table-like interfaces. An NPI number search can also be performed via the NPPES NPI registry.

Q: What is my profession's NPI number? How about my group NPI number? And my medical NPI number?
A: The NPPES NPI registry is the official website for finding / locating and verifying your NPI number and related details. Our website does indeed utilize NPPES data as one of its sources and we encourage you to explore all possible sources for NPI verification.

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