Providers with Taxonomy: Optometry in the state of Pennsylvania

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Optometry
in the state of Pennsylvania:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Lisa M Mcdevitt 19607, PAOptometry1750384863
Bradley L Loeb 19608, PAOptometry1437152535
Stephen Dimarco 18343, PAOptometry1609879576
Jon L Marberger 19038, PAOptometry1770586687
Joel Philip Ways 16146, PAOptometry1497758635
Patrick Stone 19610, PAOptometry1194728295
Gary Steven Litman 19462, PAOptometry1790788230
Philip Anthony Sabetti 18064, PAOptometry1669475091
John J O'donnell, Jr. 17104, PAOptometry1467454785
Robert F Stegura 17104, PAOptometry1336141654
Andrew L Leitzel 17345, PAOptometry1124020441
Joseph Michael Haggerty 18337, PAOptometry1629070875
Jason Michael Paist 19468, PAOptometry1376545467
Michael Dennis Reddig 17522, PAOptometry1447254354
Paul J Lobby 16201, PAOptometry1245234160
Eric Scott Batiste 16602, PAOptometry1720080781
Craig M Match 17032, PAOptometry1437153186
David M Skettini 17042, PAOptometry1720082191
James V Mascoli 17042, PAOptometry1235133604
Jennifer Demott-camp 15301, PAOptometry1851396170
Bernard K Feinman 15045, PAOptometry1639174022
Albert Fonticoba 19148, PAOptometry1093710402
Gerald Scott Bell 15224, PAOptometry1053316406
Olga M Womer 17601, PAOptometry1205831625
Lisa J Kott 17601, PAOptometry1447255765
Your Eyes, Inc 15301, PAOptometry1174528491
Bruce William Pierson 15825, PAOptometry1255336467
Esther Y Yu 19064, PAOptometry1295730398
Kevin Rehak 19468, PAOptometry1063417202
John A. Guzzetti 15009, PAOptometry1114922234
Robert Craig Wheatall 16001, PAOptometry1003811126
Carol Anne B Luchanko-ganly 19348, PAOptometry1942205976
Susan C Covey 16823, PAOptometry1336144476
Ken E Ganly 19348, PAOptometry1609871763
Kenneth W Savitski 18452, PAOptometry1568467629
Eva Doyle Markward 19422, PAOptometry1801891601
Kurt Stoltz 19444, PAOptometry1700881513
On Site Health Services Pc 19422, PAOptometry1720083553
Tyler Joseph Wright 17111, PAOptometry1730184508
Steven L. Follansbee 18428, PAOptometry1346245123
Chelise Firmin 19126, PAOptometry1245235035
Edward Mekel 19083, PAOptometry1154326940
Dana Mignogna 18052, PAOptometry1942205745
Gary Itzenson 19444, PAOptometry1508861311
Karen French 19444, PAOptometry1912902727
Zeest Pervaiz 19104, PAOptometry1699770420
Stuart S Cohn 19605, PAOptometry1386649838
Jessica L Reiniger 19605, PAOptometry1174528624
Yuliya Leyzerzon 19030, PAOptometry1376548909
Janice Bianchi Frederickson 15601, PAOptometry1124023619
Raymond A Skelton 16438, PAOptometry1033114525
Kara Cook Ritchey 16652, PAOptometry1891791307
Lebanon Eyecare Associates 17042, PAOptometry1417953928
John Eder 17042, PAOptometry1144226655
Jessica Haney 19444, PAOptometry1497751754
Mark Andrew Spering 18017, PAOptometry1164428314
Jeffrey F Desimone 16105, PAOptometry1982600243
Linda L Heisey 19610, PAOptometry1518963842
Lora Jane Smith 17109, PAOptometry1376549535
Rocio C Pasion 19083, PAOptometry1538165840
Robert L Owens 17557, PAOptometry1871599068
John Michael Cook 16652, PAOptometry1396741450
Dennis A. Reddig 17522, PAOptometry1477559573
John Balko And Associates Inc 16148, PAOptometry1932105996
Amanda Georgiann Temnykh 17751, PAOptometry1407852296
Kim B. Even 19406, PAOptometry1689670473
Joseph Y Hsu 17325, PAOptometry1750387304
Mark Margolies 19055, PAOptometry1043216898
Diane B. Catania 19438, PAOptometry1437155082
Anthony S Diecidue 18360, PAOptometry1285630996
Maureen Oberle 19124, PAOptometry1174520753
Senior Healthservices Inc 16148, PAOptometry1043216005
A. Gale Heckert 15701, PAOptometry1205831757
Dennis A Reddig Od & Michael D Reddig Od 17522, PAOptometry1336145812
Nicole M Forney 19610, PAOptometry1053316687
Stuart J Burg 19007, PAOptometry1376540898
William B. Putterman 19128, PAOptometry1861499386
Frank Edward Zbignewich 15701, PAOptometry1588661250
Adamstown Eye Care, Llc 17569, PAOptometry1487652194
Robert Bernard Garfield 17569, PAOptometry1265439160
James T Rhoades 15461, PAOptometry1770580623
John H Broaddus 17601, PAOptometry1477551133
Lois Jean Wida 17569, PAOptometry1205834926
Alan John Roth 15857, PAOptometry1669470175
Thomas Balitski 15061, PAOptometry1003814559
James J Veliky 15219, PAOptometry1215935648
John Doyle Knouse 18917, PAOptometry1851399281
Sean D Hyman 19611, PAOptometry1780682120
Janet Marie Wilamowski 19406, PAOptometry1881692135
Stephanie S Brien 19038, PAOptometry1720086093
Nicholas Drobny 17815, PAOptometry1174521371
Laurie Costarelli 17815, PAOptometry1417955600
Carl J. Urbanski 18704, PAOptometry1417955618
Charlie John Parsons 17225, PAOptometry1366440588
Martha Shipe 18704, PAOptometry1548268758
George J Grisnik 15025, PAOptometry1154329381
Michael R Mohn 19607, PAOptometry1023016284
W. David Rule 19607, PAOptometry1790783959
Martin D Markowitz 15601, PAOptometry1588662654
Roger K. Johnson 15065, PAOptometry1649278763
Timothy J. Corcoran 15108, PAOptometry1639176050
Jamie Jill Brosof 19067, PAOptometry1982186839
Richard J Wiscount 18106, PAOptometry1134128952
Bloom Vision, Llc 17815, PAOptometry1255339065
Paul J Hoolahan 15212, PAOptometry1194724807
Tara Kern Rose 15122, PAOptometry1083613541
Brian David Odonnell 18708, PAOptometry1033118427
Soll Eye Pc Of Pa 19124, PAOptometry1558360123
Barry S Zelesnick 17331, PAOptometry1619976727
Jeffrey Alan Brooks 19082, PAOptometry1235138322
David John Cage 16506, PAOptometry1376542449
Thayne W Maurer 17257, PAOptometry1861491896
Robert L Albertson 18603, PAOptometry1124027073
Philip J Schaville 16105, PAOptometry1932109774
Mary L Petrunyak 15714, PAOptometry1780684472
Frank M. Scatton 18201, PAOptometry1447250113
Frank M. Scatton 18201, PAOptometry1558361071
John Allen Reimold 16125, PAOptometry1366442808
John A Reimold Jr Od Pc 16125, PAOptometry1538169073
James M White 17325, PAOptometry1922008218
Edwin M Schott 16743, PAOptometry1366442535
David L Schmolly 16102, PAOptometry1043210487
Roger W Alburn 19380, PAOptometry1285634626
Barry G Millis 19095, PAOptometry1912907106
David Hardic 19390, PAOptometry1235139478
Ac Visioncare,pc 17324, PAOptometry1134129372
Chad E Green 15601, PAOptometry1700886942
Northeast Eye Specialists Pc 18202, PAOptometry1295735389
Beth Lisa Brooks 19027, PAOptometry1851391841
Christopher Robert Rugaber 16025, PAOptometry1548260532
Wills Eye Ophthalmology Clinic, Inc 19107, PAOptometry1184624009
Bonnie S Eldredge 19047, PAOptometry1932100997
Leslie E Odell 17345, PAOptometry1922009745
Robert A Gladnick 19446, PAOptometry1700885969
Ephrata Family Eye Care Llp 17522, PAOptometry1164423869
Richard L Rosen 15146, PAOptometry1376544031
Louis S Markowitz O D & Associates Inc. 15701, PAOptometry1629079124
Steven M Siegel 15203, PAOptometry1174524540
George M Toohey 15022, PAOptometry1598766990
Anita M Cichon 15102, PAOptometry1881695955
Lonny Weslee Harrison 15102, PAOptometry1225030299
The Brande Saad Group 16601, PAOptometry1033111877
Guy R Brignola 19106, PAOptometry1669474557
Christopher Michael Short 15205, PAOptometry1871595777
Rebecca L Matscherz 15090, PAOptometry1497747620
Elizabeth Bc Huynh 19107, PAOptometry1740272905
Kenneth A Bova 15401, PAOptometry1477545630
Christopher N Carver 15143, PAOptometry1154313385
Gerald G. Soltis 16063, PAOptometry1518969047
Lawrence A. Rand 17043, PAOptometry1184616211
Nancy L Herrold 17347, PAOptometry1760474647
Glen W Elliott 17201, PAOptometry1851383830
Foster E Kreiser 17055, PAOptometry1841282829
William R Weimer 15102, PAOptometry1013909944
Rebecca L Woodring 16046, PAOptometry1841282522
Danielle Staresinic 15201, PAOptometry1790777498
Richard M Hope 17552, PAOptometry1306838073
Jeffrey Brosof 19128, PAOptometry1730171323
David M English 16046, PAOptometry1407848047
Paul Fred Ives 15089, PAOptometry1922090323
Karen W Malleus 17543, PAOptometry1164415303
Pamela L Snavely-dickow 17543, PAOptometry1578556734
Harry W Wertsch 17543, PAOptometry1558354795
Walter Robert Guss 17057, PAOptometry1205829504
Stephen P Meier 17543, PAOptometry1497748545
Anne Marie Hein 15090, PAOptometry1760475941
Barry L Gellis 16502, PAOptometry1235122136
John F Vilcheck 19320, PAOptometry1780677740
John Kurovsky 18508, PAOptometry1447243282
Craig A Luchansky 15213, PAOptometry1437142163
Glenn S Levin 19040, PAOptometry1376536938
J L Eye Associates, Pc 19474, PAOptometry1992902795
David H Foster 19606, PAOptometry1770575276
Leigh A Moser 17543, PAOptometry1427041680
Joanna Godlewski 15025, PAOptometry1760484802
John R. Kerr 15143, PAOptometry1417958968
Gary L Reck 15626, PAOptometry1073515482
Premier Eye Care Group, Inc. 17011, PAOptometry1538161989
Joey Lynn Lane 17233, PAOptometry1043203409
Devyn Lee Usuka 17961, PAOptometry1003809401
Soll Eye Pc Of Pa 19116, PAOptometry1285628636
Soll Eye Pc Of Nj 08103, PAOptometry1821081258
Thomas P Brutto 18018, PAOptometry1053305342
Todd K Goundie 18018, PAOptometry1215921507
Tracy M Schroeck 16508, PAOptometry1144214453
Bob L Lazer 15522, PAOptometry1508850702
M Alan Mclin 17110, PAOptometry1386638534
Carla K Mariscotti 17110, PAOptometry1902890155
Michelle A Wetherhold 17110, PAOptometry1811981061
Morrison Eye Associates Inc 17110, PAOptometry1578557732
James W Riegel 17110, PAOptometry1093709255
Brian Olzinski 18360, PAOptometry1760476758
Neil S Boderman 18104, PAOptometry1952395998
Shillington Eye Associates 19607, PAOptometry1548254626
Edmund W Burdick 18834, PAOptometry1598759383
Shane S Obrien 17566, PAOptometry1720072705
Greg S Robinson 17566, PAOptometry1275527251
Matthew James Casey 14830, PAOptometry1770577488
Cheryl L Marinchak 18235, PAOptometry1679568166
Asal H. Sepahi 19010, PAOptometry1689669020


Explanations of Terms and Helpful Links

Q: What is a NPI number?
A: As per CMS, a National Provider Identifier (NPI) is a unique identification number for covered health care providers, which was created to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of electronic transmission of health information.

Q: How does NPI number registration work? How do I get, apply, or register for a NPI number? Is there an easy way of obtaining an NPI number?
A: As per CMS, the most convenient method of registering for a NPI number is to visit NPPES and follow the on-screen instructions. If you have any questions during the registration process, you may contact NPI customer service at 1-800-465-3203.

Q: Is there any easy-to-read NPI number list or a list of NPI numbers?
A: There are several lists that you may find online, but an example of an official one is from CMS, which allows you to view certain data using table-like interfaces. An NPI number search can also be performed via the NPPES NPI registry.

Q: What is my profession's NPI number? How about my group NPI number? And my medical NPI number?
A: The NPPES NPI registry is the official website for finding / locating and verifying your NPI number and related details. Our website does indeed utilize NPPES data as one of its sources and we encourage you to explore all possible sources for NPI verification.

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