Providers with Taxonomy: Optometry in the state of Puerto Rico

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Optometry
in the state of Puerto Rico:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Fernando Luis Padilla 00623, PROptometry1295737591
Angel Madera 00698, PROptometry1871597229
Eric N Rodriguez-benitez 00617, PROptometry1013913334
Jaime Rodriguez 00698, PROptometry1114923216
Maria L Robles Rodriguez 00957, PROptometry1679570790
Mary Merced 00956, PROptometry1639177116
Liza Colon 00660, PROptometry1487653366
Western Optical Outlet, Inc 00660, PROptometry1083613988
Inter American University Of Puerto Rico 00957, PROptometry1013916147
Myrna M Agosto 00719, PROptometry1427057801
Maria Eugenia Latoni Benedetti 00725, PROptometry1588665921
Osvaldo Antonio Negron 00646, PROptometry1770575946
Victor Manuel Rosa Reyes 00729, PROptometry1811980915
Jovino Diaz-fernandez 00791, PROptometry1700879483
Jorge L. Bonilla Davila 00717, PROptometry1053303289
Wilberto Rivera Lanzo 00772, PROptometry1447252259
Jose Luis Key Oyola 00705, PROptometry1619961406
Andres Gonzalez Aviles 00676, PROptometry1346234150
Yanira Griselle Garcia 00926, PROptometry1396731725
Raymond Rodriguez 00926, PROptometry1093701997
Vilmarie Talavera 00659, PROptometry1740277961
Angel Luis Romero 00969, PROptometry1710975503
Janine M Toucet 00624, PROptometry1366430761
Maria T. Ocasio 00725, PROptometry1538157748
Angel Whatts 00674, PROptometry1952399164
Alberto J Santiago 00659, PROptometry1245228147
Virginia Nelta Cedeno 00926, PROptometry1205825098
Wilda Ivette Santiago 00961, PROptometry1679562052
Norma R Santiago 00680, PROptometry1679562904
Ivan Robles-martinez 00961, PROptometry1285623454
Ernesto Sepulveda 00610, PROptometry1013907518
Leslie M Garcia 00705, PROptometry1093706673
Jose A Ferrer Tanco 00969, PROptometry1184615569
Magaly Figueroa 00698, PROptometry1699766857
Adalberto Molina 00783, PROptometry1538150743
Marvin Rivera 00680, PROptometry1528049921
Luis Aramburu Diaz 00925, PROptometry1225010721
Carmen R Hess 00751, PROptometry1538142914
Norma Iris Rodriguez Maisonet 00982, PROptometry1780666263
Maria Josefina Rodriguez 00683, PROptometry1689665838
Ilian Y. Diaz 00777, PROptometry1598753048
Jose A Mattei 00717, PROptometry1457335788
Luis E Barbosa Texidor 00719, PROptometry1508840422
Lines Moux-davila 00687, PROptometry1831175439
Elliott Rodriguez 00698, PROptometry1528044534
Hiram Maldonado 00961, PROptometry1114903028
Myriam Martinez 00720, PROptometry1770560088
Denis M Livingstone 00725, PROptometry1326026295
Maria Anca 00927, PROptometry1033193958
I.c. Better Corp. 00738, PROptometry1033602958
Gian Carlo Murati Herrera 00966, PROptometry1114466935
Javier M Ramirez Gonzalez 00911, PROptometry1275516148
Magaly Gonzalez Mestre 00685, PROptometry1306816640
Ana Fernandez 00725, PROptometry1538130935
Jose N. Lugo 00985, PROptometry1396717716
Margaret L. Matos 00926, PROptometry1114999745
Olimpia Vargas 00692, PROptometry1497729149
Maria I Flores 00784, PROptometry1073589966
Angela M Medina 00918, PROptometry1194791129
Luis Francisco Rivera 00603, PROptometry1104893841
Zaida Janette Artigas Luciano 00659, PROptometry1174590426
Wendy R Shaw Figueroa 00693, PROptometry1578530515
Ana M Pico 00959, PROptometry1053380162
Wanda M Tort 00959, PROptometry1447229521
Rosanie Torres 00723, PROptometry1447229240
Jose J Loyola, Martinez 00738, PROptometry1376502419
Ericberto Cotto 00784, PROptometry1932168994
Optometras Pico, Tort Y Gorbea, Llc 00959, PROptometry1255390340
Adalberto Rodriguez Rivera 00918, PROptometry1326007188
Rita Maria Pagan Silva 00730, PROptometry1063472314
Cynthia E Villalobos Ortiz 00738, PROptometry1710956339
Manuel J Morell Agrinsoni 00680, PROptometry1467412890
Pedro J Gorbea 00921, PROptometry1730140674
Janisse A Monzon 00925, PROptometry1992767412
Joshara M Perez Moreno 00623, PROptometry1609838556
Gabriel Rodriguez Quijano 00678, PROptometry1992767768
Rafael E Toro-landron 00637, PROptometry1013970631
Ettienne Lugo Delgado 00627, PROptometry1982669750
Anouk Michelle Underwood 00959, PROptometry1306801550
Luis A. Ortiz Whatts 00961, PROptometry1467418376
Exa L Ramos 00602, PROptometry1265499735
Maria P. Sifontes 00927, PROptometry1396702502
Maria T Lago 00959, PROptometry1104884261
Lourdes Natalia Beauregard 00919, PROptometry1295783793
Maritza Lopez Rodriguez 00680, PROptometry1457303257
Jaime J Colon Perez 00680, PROptometry1396797122
Mylthia P Matos 00954, PROptometry1417900283
Jose M Muniz 00736, PROptometry1447204169
Lylka Rios Aviles 00719, PROptometry1730147927
Delmari Rivera Fernandez 00985, PROptometry1881655587
Jorge G. Acevedo 00623, PROptometry1770532939
Edmundo Torres 00716, PROptometry1588617765
Noelia Eusebio 00957, PROptometry1932154663
Ana D Cruz Rodon 00738, PROptometry1598710709
Laura V Solano 00924, PROptometry1134176001
Luis Edgardo Padilla 00988, PROptometry1720025471
Salvador Luis Perez 00918, PROptometry1154369445
Haydee Cuellar 00918, PROptometry1306885629
Gloria Lopez 00918, PROptometry1497794721
Sonia Morales 00719, PROptometry1801835699
Juana Elizabeth Echeverria 00988, PROptometry1548209042
Neisha M. Rodriguez 00976, PROptometry1487695599
Hojat Olah Zarkani 00727, PROptometry1699716944
Gladys Cobian Ayala 00705, PROptometry1831132661
Magda Iris Diaz Velazquez 00784, PROptometry1780627588
Eva Josefina Lopez-mendez 00725, PROptometry1033152749
Rosa Margarita Fonseca 00953, PROptometry1366485088
Zahira I Davila 00791, PROptometry1225072416
Iris R Cabello 00919, PROptometry1851335921
Jose Guillermo Santini 00783, PROptometry1437194602
Carmen A Fernandez 00969, PROptometry1588600324
Wilfredo Cruz-martinez 00725, PROptometry1710913538
Nylia Michelle Armstrong-badillo 00985, PROptometry1710913561
Sylv Ia Iris Antunez-gaud 00953, PROptometry1942237524
Eileen Marrero 00985, PROptometry1407884265
Ivonne V Acevedo 00918, PROptometry1083642193
Jose R Nieto 00603, PROptometry1700817145
Sorivett Cotto Rosario 00727, PROptometry1144265331
Yamil Guzman 00680, PROptometry1841239639
Viveca Maldonado 00716, PROptometry1760420947
Celiade Lourdes Feliciano 00757, PROptometry1134150618
Monica Nieves Colon 00693, PROptometry1154378438
Manuel Santiago-rivera 00924, PROptometry1114959566
Rosa Ana Maeso 00921, PROptometry1881627917
Ruben Roman 00918, PROptometry1407880800
Laura E. Dalmasy-frouin 00921, PROptometry1063438331
Angel Francisco Romero 00739, PROptometry1891714390
Lilliani Arroyo Lopez 00757, PROptometry1083636310
Ricardo Latimer 00725, PROptometry1881602464
Luz J Rivera 00725, PROptometry1952310096
Janet Ivonne Rodriguez 00653, PROptometry1043229172
Jose A Perez 00731, PROptometry1184634222
Alex Garcia 00680, PROptometry1013928902
Walter Steve Ramirez-pagan 00924, PROptometry1598878290
Perla Rosa 00791, PROptometry1386750743
Isamar Dorta 00659, PROptometry1558477505
Osvaldo Carriles 00754, PROptometry1376566240
Nayip Rodriguez Pellicier 00623, PROptometry1376556845
Elsa G. Barroso-herrans 00921, PROptometry1962427286
Roberto Enrique Latimer Arsuaga 00961, PROptometry1972511350
Xiomara Ivellisse Matos 00659, PROptometry1376577916
Celeste W Ramos 00959, PROptometry1245714674
Viviana Lojo 00925, PROptometry1922114560
Gladys Acevedo Dba Pearle Vision Center 00736, PROptometry1104934884
Nestor Jose Toro 00918, PROptometry1942318415
Veronica M. Czerniak-torres 00918, PROptometry1558479030
Edgar Davila 00907, PROptometry1457469959
Andres Rivera 00627, PROptometry1053429217
Alvilda Maria Rodriguez 00716, PROptometry1669581625
Nellie Valentin 00777, PROptometry1669582730
Iris L. Sanchez 00968, PROptometry1821100702
Hector E Donato 00603, PROptometry1902918592
Pedro Javier Migenes 00969, PROptometry1730290628
Maria I. Freire 00961, PROptometry1598877433
Ruben Neil Nieves 00959, PROptometry1437252350
Jose D. Valles 00961, PROptometry1962505404
Maria Yolanda Salas 00961, PROptometry1871696310
Carlos J Rodriguez Torres 00674, PROptometry1255435491
Korak Roca 00693, PROptometry1316042724
Manuel A Conde 00919, PROptometry1720189855
Kay M Hernandez 00687, PROptometry1639261605
Family Vision Center Inc 00730, PROptometry1548352024
Sharlene Monique Miranda 00968, PROptometry1609961291
Optical Enterprises Of Pr Inc 00962, PROptometry1851485676
Cheryl Rodriguez 00736, PROptometry1154419992
Johanna Loyola Martinez 00725, PROptometry1184713158
Caroline Perez Aleman 00727, PROptometry1205925013
Gonzalo Cardona-irizarry 00674, PROptometry1609956424
Carmen M Suarez-castro 00918, PROptometry1295816395
Flor M Muniz-yordan 00736, PROptometry1124109269
Rafael Amador 00918, PROptometry1750462818
Aura A Berdecia 00987, PROptometry1457432544
Hector M Perez 00934, PROptometry1255412250
Daphne Aponte-ramos 00985, PROptometry1356422414
Madeline Rosario 00959, PROptometry1487737979
Raul Cruz Detres 00603, PROptometry1649353137
Janisse N Santiago-gonzalez 00685, PROptometry1457434953
Ivan M Saavedra 00641, PROptometry1003999574
Sixto Pacheco-garcia 00791, PROptometry1689757171
Miguel A Pagan 00739, PROptometry1043393549
Maria C Prieto 00959, PROptometry1750464244
Paul Velazquez 00988, PROptometry1083797583
Carlos Padilla-torres 00791, PROptometry1013090315
Maria C Lopez-atienza 00968, PROptometry1790868537
German Muniz Bernabe 00968, PROptometry1164505152
Rafael A Fernandez 00985, PROptometry1235212127
Jose Rafael Guerrero 00646, PROptometry1124102728
Enid Gonzalez-pagan 00667, PROptometry1326121013
Ismael E Carlo 00612, PROptometry1417032095
Brenda L Perez-portalatin 00959, PROptometry1831274307
Jose H Ramirez 00683, PROptometry1437236213
Yaisa Z Ruiz 00659, PROptometry1851479547
Hector L Sanchez 00693, PROptometry1922186790
Ramon Noe Ramirez 00682, PROptometry1609954403
Jennifer Marie Alsina Cardona 00926, PROptometry1003995440
Ramon Armaiz Guzman 00693, PROptometry1043389497
Jose Ricardo Lopez 00685, PROptometry1922178128
Madeleine M Lopez-jimenez 00961, PROptometry1184707408
Perla Rosa Alicea 00791, PROptometry1619073871
Niset M Perez 00662, PROptometry1114007499


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Q: What is a NPI number?
A: As per CMS, a National Provider Identifier (NPI) is a unique identification number for covered health care providers, which was created to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of electronic transmission of health information.

Q: How does NPI number registration work? How do I get, apply, or register for a NPI number? Is there an easy way of obtaining an NPI number?
A: As per CMS, the most convenient method of registering for a NPI number is to visit NPPES and follow the on-screen instructions. If you have any questions during the registration process, you may contact NPI customer service at 1-800-465-3203.

Q: Is there any easy-to-read NPI number list or a list of NPI numbers?
A: There are several lists that you may find online, but an example of an official one is from CMS, which allows you to view certain data using table-like interfaces. An NPI number search can also be performed via the NPPES NPI registry.

Q: What is my profession's NPI number? How about my group NPI number? And my medical NPI number?
A: The NPPES NPI registry is the official website for finding / locating and verifying your NPI number and related details. Our website does indeed utilize NPPES data as one of its sources and we encourage you to explore all possible sources for NPI verification.

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