Providers with Taxonomy: Optometry in the state of Rhode Island

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Optometry
in the state of Rhode Island:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Tatiana Giraldo 02914, RIOptometry1801317797
Peter James Perno 08053, RIOptometry1326499914
Erica Whitmire 80031, RIOptometry1942602263
Elizabeth Wassenaar 02906, RIOptometry1972025187
Integrity Eye Care Llc 02461, RIOptometry1841856697
Eyes On Lincoln Llc 02865, RIOptometry1437791746
Ronald Owen Furman 02886, RIOptometry1134287006
Allison M Leblanc 02852, RIOptometry1255568317
Vania Yip Bae 02919, RIOptometry1396094249
Amy L Uddin 02886, RIOptometry1205319944
Saad Ahmed 02895, RIOptometry1336619550
Stewart Martin Rosenfeld 02886, RIOptometry1225097314
Jane Ireland 02886, RIOptometry1629032743
Vinh Tran 02895, RIOptometry1689128795
Andy Huynh 02368, RIOptometry1780065813
Kristina Dimova 02891, RIOptometry1811120538
Basant T Sidhom 02888, RIOptometry1548789654
Clarissa D. Lewis 03101, RIOptometry1558845669
Jia Yu Liu 22903, RIOptometry1679128482
Jeffrey Ferrucci 01757, RIOptometry1487143657
Micaela Rae Gobeille 06415, RIOptometry1033602230
Jared James Scaramuzzi 02828, RIOptometry1003298506
Noelle Tiberi 02828, RIOptometry1447827142
Earle Ullman Scharff 02886, RIOptometry1982637153
Tess Ann Deresienski 02852, RIOptometry1720631211
Ophthalmology Inc 02906, RIOptometry1366429102
Ocean State Eye Care 02886, RIOptometry1396711347
Dr. David W. Ferris And Associates Inc 02888, RIOptometry1972572998
Vision Associates Inc 02828, RIOptometry1346296209
Croce And Pugliese Vision Care 02865, RIOptometry1376579821
Ezra L. Galler, M.d., Ltd. 02906, RIOptometry1184630717
Advanced Eye Care Associates 02904, RIOptometry1518973056
20/20 Vision Care, Inc. 02809, RIOptometry1700991932
Cumberland Family Eye Care, Ltd. 02864, RIOptometry1760578181
Cumberland Family Eye Care, Ltd. 02915, RIOptometry1922195890
Ltr Eye Inc 02816, RIOptometry1730278227
Michele R. Palazzolo, O.d. 02886, RIOptometry1255412557
Coastal Eye Associates Inc 02891, RIOptometry1174601132
Westminster Eyecare Associates Inc 02903, RIOptometry1538266804
I For An Eye, Llc 02909, RIOptometry1376054445
Dr Lyn marie Behmke Od 02914, RIOptometry1295893790
Providence Eye Associates, Inc. 02908, RIOptometry1619036589
Drs Fogarty & Pliakas Ltd 02828, RIOptometry1609938240
Cranston Eye Associates Inc. 02910, RIOptometry1487717708
Joseph V Girgenti Od Inc 02857, RIOptometry1477618841
Mark G. Blasbalg Od Inc 02816, RIOptometry1902963457
In sight 02888, RIOptometry1720130545
Klibanoff Eye Associates, Ltd 02860, RIOptometry1467508556
The Eyeglass Store Inc 02860, RIOptometry1437290889
George D. Bertherman,o.d., Inc. 02905, RIOptometry1316072143
Waterman Eye Care, Inc. 02852, RIOptometry1891822797
Eastern Vision Group 02904, RIOptometry1407980352
Atlantic Family Eye Care Inc 02895, RIOptometry1184769010
Brown Vision Care, Inc 02914, RIOptometry1235293580
Eye Care Services 02904, RIOptometry1053512236
Shalmar Eyes N Optics Inc. 02919, RIOptometry1487855029
Thames Eye Group, Inc 02891, RIOptometry1013100957
Blackstone Valley Eye Care, P.c. 02895, RIOptometry1285827824
Optometric Providers Of Rhode Island, Inc 02842, RIOptometry1770777997
Optometric Providers Of Rhode Island, Inc 02904, RIOptometry1598959710
Optometric Providers Of Rhode Island, Inc 02920, RIOptometry1528252731
Optometric Providers Of Rhode Island, Inc 13224, RIOptometry1295929404
Optometric Providers Of Rhode Island, Inc 02916, RIOptometry1053505263
Optometric Providers Of Rhode Island, Inc 02882, RIOptometry1184818007
Specs Eyecare Inc 02842, RIOptometry1427245067
Rory H. Oefinger, Od 02891, RIOptometry1427246412
Carol J Hamel, Od Inc 02865, RIOptometry1437348505
Dr. Elissa M. Contillo Inc 02920, RIOptometry1881874196
Dr. Harvey D. Rappoport Pc 02920, RIOptometry1033399548
Phillip G. Wright, Optometrist, Ltd 02904, RIOptometry1669650644
Paul A Decesare O 02909, RIOptometry1225207038
Everett J Federici 02920, RIOptometry1780854349
Vision Associates 02828, RIOptometry1033380415
Envisions Eyecare Centers Inc 02914, RIOptometry1902079841
Bling Eyewear, Llc 02920, RIOptometry1508033853
University Optometrist Services Inc 02881, RIOptometry1205098050
Family Eye Health Associates, Llc 02886, RIOptometry1598911224
Jennings Eyecare Inc. 02771, RIOptometry1568613784
Maria Florio Jablonski, O.d., Llc 02920, RIOptometry1407099690
Dr. Lam Dao & Associates, Inc. 02886, RIOptometry1053555664
Robert E Miller Od Pc 02818, RIOptometry1275767527
Dr. David G. Wright Od Inc 02852, RIOptometry1730412289
Brown Vision Care, Inc 02864, RIOptometry1295065332
Brown Vision Care, Inc 02840, RIOptometry1326379041
Brown Vision Care, Inc 02806, RIOptometry1417288143
Victorian Eye Care Inc. 02893, RIOptometry1194043000
Ltr Eye Inc. 02898, RIOptometry1487974671
Klibanoff Eye Associates Ltd 02860, RIOptometry1528373743
Hindsight 20/20, Pc 02771, RIOptometry1861700395
Eye Associates Ltd 02865, RIOptometry1598075459
Dr Steven Michael Kreiger & Associates, Inc. 02879, RIOptometry1316247273
Eye Stop, Inc. 02917, RIOptometry1679875900
Eye Care, Llc 02871, RIOptometry1902196694
Joseph F. Osmanski, Od, Inc 02904, RIOptometry1598036790
Vision Associates Inc 02895, RIOptometry1336405422
Dr. Robert Vaughn Llc 02888, RIOptometry1114447547
Sampalis Eyecare Pc 02886, RIOptometry1497016661
Glenn S. Prescod, M.d., M.p.h., Inc. 02860, RIOptometry1114271053
Eyes & Optics, Inc. 02919, RIOptometry1215373360
East Side Vision Care Inc 02906, RIOptometry1073959151
Southern New England Eye, Inc 02904, RIOptometry1821438524
Sakonnet Eye Care, Inc. 02842, RIOptometry1013324250
Toll Gate Vision, Ltd 02886, RIOptometry1881002038
Koch Eye Associates, Llp 02895, RIOptometry1235534272
Koch Eye Associates, Llp 02903, RIOptometry1447655485
Koch Eye Associates, Llp 02852, RIOptometry1881099810
Koch Eye Associates, Llp 02879, RIOptometry1609271642
Koch Eye Associates, Llp 02886, RIOptometry1275939027
Koch Eye Associates, Llp 02919, RIOptometry1609272459
Advanced Vision Care Network, Inc 02914, RIOptometry1700259249
Rhode Eyeland Llc 02852, RIOptometry1518367937
Mvp Vision Llc 02771, RIOptometry1851643993
Brown Vision Care, Inc 02745, RIOptometry1104368463
Westerly Eye Care, Llc 02891, RIOptometry1992253827
Koch Eye Associates 02842, RIOptometry1992255236
Pamela S. Sheffield, O.d. 02828, RIOptometry1497268189
Mandalay Optical Labs, Llc 02903, RIOptometry1396251740
Prytula Eye Associates Inc 02816, RIOptometry1790293850
Blackstone Valley Optometry Pc 02895, RIOptometry1669976858
Modern Eyes Llc 02861, RIOptometry1265938179
The Eye Doctor, Llc 02818, RIOptometry1265904536
Rhode Island Optometrics, Llc 02904, RIOptometry1427549385
Rhode Island Optometrics, Llc 02842, RIOptometry1780175653
Rhode Island Optometrics, Llc 02920, RIOptometry1942791736
Rhode Island Optometrics, Llc 02882, RIOptometry1316438286
College Hill Eye And Optical Inc. 02903, RIOptometry1922661685
Garden City Eyecare, Inc 02920, RIOptometry1295856540
Koch Eye Associates Llp 02919, RIOptometry1568534246
Clarity Eye Care, Ltd. 02920, RIOptometry1487208138
Dr. Degiulio & Associates Inc 02886, RIOptometry1316581424
Cvs Aoc Corporation 92602, RIOptometry1891201141
Eye Health Associates Of Rhode Island Inc 02842, RIOptometry1124370176
Koch Eye Associates Llp 02886, RIOptometry1194881961
Koch Eye Associates Llp 02886, RIOptometry1689109365
Koch Eye Associates,llp 02919, RIOptometry1386195808
Koch Eye Associates,llp 02903, RIOptometry1104377621
Koch Eye Associates Llp 02852, RIOptometry1194276618
Koch Eye Associates,llp 02895, RIOptometry1720539240
Koch Eye Associates Llp 02879, RIOptometry1093266512
Cvs Aoc Services, L.l.c. 60010, RIOptometry1972125425
Sightrite Medical Ri Llc 02907, RIOptometry1144845017
Giulio G Diamante Md Inc 02919, RIOptometry1770761660
Cvs Aoc Services, L.l.c. 02895, RIOptometry1487176012
Optometric Care Inc 02842, RIOptometry1821047143
Optometric Care Inc 02879, RIOptometry1023067337
Optometric Care Inc 02904, RIOptometry1063461382
Optometric Care Inc 02914, RIOptometry1619926920
Optometric Care Inc 02920, RIOptometry1427007731
Gerald W. Glaser, O.d. And Associates, Inc. 02886, RIOptometry1982764288
Donna Gavin Dba Donna Gavin Od 02835, RIOptometry1942325287
Kirsten M. W. Healey, Od 02842, RIOptometry1679794390
Richard P. Belhumeur, Od Ltd 02886, RIOptometry1437367141
Toll Gate Vision, Ltd 02886, RIOptometry1265604862
Raphael Corp 02888, RIOptometry1134759350
Smithfield Eye & Optical Llc 02828, RIOptometry1073116240
Cvs Aoc Services, L.l.c. 11701, RIOptometry1083120216
Cvs Aoc Services, L.l.c. 10956, RIOptometry1104332428
Cvs Aoc Services, L.l.c. 60618, RIOptometry1134741622
Cvs Aoc Services, L.l.c. 10019, RIOptometry1013423359
Cvs Aoc Services, L.l.c. 11729, RIOptometry1144736406
Cvs Aoc Services, L.l.c. 11426, RIOptometry1154973097
Cvs Aoc Services, L.l.c. 11236, RIOptometry1164074159
Cvs Aoc Services, L.l.c. 11385, RIOptometry1174175004
Cvs Aoc Services, L.l.c. 20720, RIOptometry1285140525
Cvs Aoc Services, L.l.c. 20707, RIOptometry1306351101
Cvs Aoc Services, L.l.c. 10018, RIOptometry1306352117
Cvs Aoc Services, L.l.c. 60014, RIOptometry1326554130
Cvs Aoc Services, L.l.c. 21403, RIOptometry1376059618
Cvs Aoc Services, L.l.c. 60201, RIOptometry1376164830
Cvs Aoc Services, L.l.c. 11756, RIOptometry1386150605
Cvs Aoc Services, L.l.c. 10801, RIOptometry1407362213
Cvs Aoc Services, L.l.c. 60101, RIOptometry1487160198
Cvs Aoc Services, L.l.c. 60062, RIOptometry1508487067
Cvs Aoc Services, L.l.c. 21144, RIOptometry1558877894
Cvs Aoc Services, L.l.c. 11722, RIOptometry1578079893
Cvs Aoc Services, L.l.c. 20852, RIOptometry1659887990
Cvs Aoc Services, L.l.c. 10543, RIOptometry1750897070
Cvs Aoc Services, L.l.c. 10583, RIOptometry1770099038
Cvs Aoc Services, L.l.c. 60563, RIOptometry1801302161
Cvs Aoc Services, L.l.c. 20866, RIOptometry1821504168
Cvs Aoc Services, L.l.c. 11510, RIOptometry1841706181
Cvs Aoc Services, L.l.c. 11557, RIOptometry1851807184
Cvs Aoc Services, L.l.c. 11801, RIOptometry1871009134
Cvs Aoc Services, L.l.c. 11234, RIOptometry1952953895
Cvs Aoc Services, L.l.c. 60630, RIOptometry1972155802
Cvs Aoc Services, L.l.c. 07094, RIOptometry1740841543
Lifespan Physician Group, Inc. 02903, RIOptometry1407116643
Duquette Family Eye Care Inc 02896, RIOptometry1336471747
Lawrence S. Cohen, O.d., Llc 02865, RIOptometry1588033690
A. Robert Child 02920, RIOptometry1366599441
Abby Lynn Raposo 02909, RIOptometry1427400118
Abdoulaye Wann 02906, RIOptometry1770152993
Aiden Philip Cwynar 02886, RIOptometry1497125199
Albert M Glucksman 02889, RIOptometry1205958030
Alerino M Iacobbo 02886, RIOptometry1811948193
Alessi A Rispoli 02842, RIOptometry1164568531
Alexandra E Sexton 02903, RIOptometry1477903490
Alyssa Campagnone 02888, RIOptometry1184147811
Amanda Glickman 02909, RIOptometry1386222370
Amanda M Hunter 02902, RIOptometry1114368164


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Q: What is a NPI number?
A: As per CMS, a National Provider Identifier (NPI) is a unique identification number for covered health care providers, which was created to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of electronic transmission of health information.

Q: How does NPI number registration work? How do I get, apply, or register for a NPI number? Is there an easy way of obtaining an NPI number?
A: As per CMS, the most convenient method of registering for a NPI number is to visit NPPES and follow the on-screen instructions. If you have any questions during the registration process, you may contact NPI customer service at 1-800-465-3203.

Q: Is there any easy-to-read NPI number list or a list of NPI numbers?
A: There are several lists that you may find online, but an example of an official one is from CMS, which allows you to view certain data using table-like interfaces. An NPI number search can also be performed via the NPPES NPI registry.

Q: What is my profession's NPI number? How about my group NPI number? And my medical NPI number?
A: The NPPES NPI registry is the official website for finding / locating and verifying your NPI number and related details. Our website does indeed utilize NPPES data as one of its sources and we encourage you to explore all possible sources for NPI verification.

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