Providers with Taxonomy: Optometry in the state of South Carolina

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Optometry
in the state of South Carolina:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Harold Bruce Bell 29631, SCOptometry1407859614
William T Nimmons 29678, SCOptometry1821091042
Marvin S Mcmeekin 29650, SCOptometry1598768913
Jerd Watts Poston 29575, SCOptometry1720080971
Joseph Edwin Hopkins 29621, SCOptometry1952305211
Rosalie Lee 29615, SCOptometry1174525281
Jay S Shelley 29302, SCOptometry1477557403
Richard D Sprouse 29302, SCOptometry1548264575
Margaret Fern Powell 29302, SCOptometry1891799854
Stephanie L Younger 29388, SCOptometry1417952375
Malissa T Mathis 29340, SCOptometry1487659256
William Michael Younger 29302, SCOptometry1528063682
Michael David Schall 29406, SCOptometry1639175987
Heber Grant Sims 29301, SCOptometry1588661649
Steven C. Dugan 29582, SCOptometry1760489520
Michael Joseph Jerjos 29102, SCOptometry1043705288
Edgar Morgan Poole 29302, SCOptometry1770580755
Larry F Jerge 29708, SCOptometry1861492407
Jason L. Diamond 29566, SCOptometry1780683698
Zack C Clarkson 29201, SCOptometry1356333413
David W Hamill 29505, SCOptometry1851383806
Gill P Thomas 29325, SCOptometry1134111297
Thomas Edward Talkie 29418, SCOptometry1558353409
Norden W Davis 29341, SCOptometry1083606552
Joseph Michael Dipasqua 29341, SCOptometry1386636744
Jeffrey Stephen Pockl 29205, SCOptometry1659364826
Ryan L Crockett 29910, SCOptometry1295728954
Alecia R Palmer 29720, SCOptometry1275535825
Michael Allen Campbell 29926, SCOptometry1306839881
Donald Joe Koets 29483, SCOptometry1689667016
Robert Mendenhall Cress 29115, SCOptometry1043204183
Lisa Hand Turbeville 29575, SCOptometry1720072325
Julianne Stuck Kleckley 29033, SCOptometry1881689263
William Herbert Davis 29033, SCOptometry1821083049
James M Coker 29575, SCOptometry1235124900
David W Bang 29485, SCOptometry1003802687
Sandra L Kozel-diamond 29566, SCOptometry1316933989
Jason C Lee 29501, SCOptometry1245227321
David Martin Andrews 29501, SCOptometry1669465084
Donald James Kamer 29303, SCOptometry1164416020
Francis Weston Shealy 29407, SCOptometry1891780508
John Hayes Smith 29576, SCOptometry1144218470
Richard R Poole 29379, SCOptometry1578551735
Rufus Bedford Antley 29006, SCOptometry1306835582
Donna M. Guettler 29732, SCOptometry1568451664
Michele Ann Donovan 29407, SCOptometry1336130095
Melissa Schwebach Wood 29732, SCOptometry1417948175
David E. Weaver 29615, SCOptometry1790766426
Thomas E. Tucker 29615, SCOptometry1114908837
John L. Mason 29223, SCOptometry1134100530
Valerie S Urban 29611, SCOptometry1265413587
David G Porter 29621, SCOptometry1477534782
Marion K Williams 29697, SCOptometry1710969969
William J Milford 29621, SCOptometry1841272010
Shaye S Hurd 29406, SCOptometry1174505853
David M Eulau 29464, SCOptometry1609858398
Shane Spittler 29115, SCOptometry1528040243
Eric William Brown 29642, SCOptometry1164404737
Lori Rene Roberts 29464, SCOptometry1467435883
James Britt Blackwell 29732, SCOptometry1770572224
Jennifer Joyce Camp 29229, SCOptometry1083604664
Ronald M Cedrone 29732, SCOptometry1386633089
William Christopher Orr 29464, SCOptometry1043293939
Dorothy J Park 29201, SCOptometry1932183852
Thomas F Macmillan 29325, SCOptometry1154305910
Freeman Edward Huskey 29169, SCOptometry1770567505
Sara Marie Bustamante 29902, SCOptometry1861477481
Bob H Barrett 29812, SCOptometry1073598348
Scott C Oliver 29730, SCOptometry1316922446
Jeffrey D Kozlowski 29841, SCOptometry1598740631
Lee J Raykovicz 29732, SCOptometry1417932559
David B Oliver 29730, SCOptometry1679558399
William C Oliver 29745, SCOptometry1396720017
Robert Neal Williams 29588, SCOptometry1417933078
Edward Lemon 29812, SCOptometry1437135795
Arnold Shapiro 29115, SCOptometry1386620334
Thomas George Croffead 29414, SCOptometry1417934951
James D Elliott 29414, SCOptometry1437136975
Joel G Bailey 29072, SCOptometry1326025453
Joi L. Tyler 29204, SCOptometry1336127505
Steven K Dean 29150, SCOptometry1619955788
Richard M Straker 29640, SCOptometry1255310207
Amanda K Lee 29579, SCOptometry1871572453
John D Randall 29072, SCOptometry1033199914
Jesse B Rivers 29072, SCOptometry1346220225
Furman M Smith 29464, SCOptometry1336129683
Val S Dyches 29607, SCOptometry1932179934
Kathleen Purcell-cannon 29063, SCOptometry1316927221
Mark Paul Lambrecht 29902, SCOptometry1447237326
Melissa Binder 29204, SCOptometry1588648489
David G Corcoran 29605, SCOptometry1649259805
Mark Wayne Foust 29732, SCOptometry1588647598
Edward C Johnson 29556, SCOptometry1366412140
Steven J Wearden 29102, SCOptometry1043280829
Catherine S Bowden 29607, SCOptometry1477523132
Albert James Lyday 29607, SCOptometry1669442240
Thomas W Smith 29607, SCOptometry1487624912
Henry V Sawyer 29571, SCOptometry1679544530
William W Spearman 29671, SCOptometry1639141930
Dana E Kuhl 29691, SCOptometry1043282031
Stephen Powell 29115, SCOptometry1134192081
Susan A. Holt 29577, SCOptometry1770557522
Kendra W. Voss 29607, SCOptometry1659346039
John D. Voss 29690, SCOptometry1689649600
Mark D Roemmich 29650, SCOptometry1265408827
Phillip Meredith 29210, SCOptometry1740256841
John R Stewart 29651, SCOptometry1386612315
Elizabeth James Beaty 29512, SCOptometry1033187117
Philip Dunne Flynn 29204, SCOptometry1952370926
Jeffrey C Magun 29649, SCOptometry1962471821
Frederick Adrian Shinners 29464, SCOptometry1316916075
Warren Paul Wise 29902, SCOptometry1417926122
Mark Tracy Dean 29588, SCOptometry1164491718
Nancy Mahlie 29642, SCOptometry1467421909
Katherine Savas Mason 29223, SCOptometry1619946027
Charles Jason Turner 29492, SCOptometry1689643918
Daniel D Coyle 29483, SCOptometry1467411181
Thomas M Hoskins 29212, SCOptometry1922067610
Jennifer R Lippens 29649, SCOptometry1942269576
Farah R Wise 29902, SCOptometry1851350201
Timothy A Stafford 29108, SCOptometry1306805692
John Michael Mills 29575, SCOptometry1730149964
Samuel D Garrett 29605, SCOptometry1982664702
Jo Ann Jeffers 29582, SCOptometry1821058926
Mark W Taylor 29223, SCOptometry1811957962
Benjamin Derrick Ingram 29206, SCOptometry1356301485
James D Taylor 29223, SCOptometry1114987260
Jeffrey C Rockwell 29649, SCOptometry1760442651
Michelle M Cooper 29605, SCOptometry1265491260
Brian Wayne Cannon 29203, SCOptometry1164494423
Wayne M Cannon 29203, SCOptometry1801861836
Gary Bodofsky 29575, SCOptometry1639148554
Michael C Mcclay 29223, SCOptometry1881669802
Ben P. Clark 29585, SCOptometry1487626743
Marion Mance Kenney 29406, SCOptometry1275506180
Paul W Derrick 29063, SCOptometry1083674113
William H. Ballinger 29605, SCOptometry1659341170
Robert Wade Branch 29036, SCOptometry1154381101
Samuel J Singleton 29577, SCOptometry1942260716
Elizabeth Prescott 29672, SCOptometry1972563633
Robert William Crenshaw 29301, SCOptometry1174584502
Christopher Cutright 29803, SCOptometry1497717433
Jeremy Patrick Anderson 29301, SCOptometry1942262621
Rhett Hamer Richardson 29803, SCOptometry1467414029
Theron C Smith 29650, SCOptometry1477516987
Rosalind O Smith 29650, SCOptometry1366405771
Kenneth Mack Nash 29646, SCOptometry1922061209
John W.l. Smith 29841, SCOptometry1376506402
Nikhil Bansal 29708, SCOptometry1396708475
Brenda M. Mcgregor 29607, SCOptometry1194788166
Michael Z Morabito 29412, SCOptometry1265495220
Randall Baughman 29607, SCOptometry1528021276
Kerri Hopkins 29301, SCOptometry1225092737
Andrew L. Hopkins 29301, SCOptometry1043274558
Brent C. Collins 29607, SCOptometry1497719157
Christian Keen Benner 29229, SCOptometry1902860323
Vickie L Jewell 29720, SCOptometry1861456899
John L Brinkley 29212, SCOptometry1952365702
Mohamed Shabir Bharadia 29210, SCOptometry1003870890
Michelle L Spittler 29206, SCOptometry1134183932
C. Eric Richardson 29627, SCOptometry1174588859
Thomas Joseph Mirabile 29466, SCOptometry1679538284
Alva S Pack 29302, SCOptometry1407811573
Phillip Brian Jacobs 29706, SCOptometry1710942784
Louis Ligon Martin 29302, SCOptometry1922063940
Raymond Ellsworth Jimison 29906, SCOptometry1346206919
Neil William Draisin 29407, SCOptometry1548226822
Vincent F Zeplin 29649, SCOptometry1700842861
James Keith Anderson 29615, SCOptometry1548227283
Kerry R Steck 29650, SCOptometry1760449003
Sam O Russell 29501, SCOptometry1063479111
Clarence Earl Loftis 29201, SCOptometry1518925791
Charles J Woody 29650, SCOptometry1942268560
Robert M Kriegshaber 29212, SCOptometry1467410696
Jordi S. Jones 29550, SCOptometry1023066115
Peter Charles Dubin 29488, SCOptometry1720036759
Keith A. Jones 29550, SCOptometry1942258900
Diane Juras 29445, SCOptometry1629026570
Caryn Mcnaney West 29150, SCOptometry1356390652
Richard E Owens 29520, SCOptometry1124077276
Michael L Mills 29569, SCOptometry1023067501
James F Matthews 28079, SCOptometry1811946460
Gary Alfred White 29210, SCOptometry1922058767
Tammy T Tully 29579, SCOptometry1043261084
Henry B Miller 29204, SCOptometry1386695294
William H Moore 29020, SCOptometry1942252721
Owen Cannon Johnson 29440, SCOptometry1346292059
Maria Shields Dickerson 29180, SCOptometry1457304560
Benjamin C Poole 29710, SCOptometry1871550897
Jennifer M. Kane 29201, SCOptometry1578529996
Charles A Wilfong 29501, SCOptometry1942267968
Kimberly K Hinson 29909, SCOptometry1508820721
James Bradley Majors 29464, SCOptometry1497716153
Dirk Graves 29625, SCOptometry1548215015
Kurt Blaettler 29625, SCOptometry1093760555
Rossie Edward Watts 29223, SCOptometry1578500047
Carol A Myers 29926, SCOptometry1396783650
Frank W Forgnoni 29670, SCOptometry1598703878
Theodore W Newman 29550, SCOptometry1225078983
James F Deavers 29483, SCOptometry1154364693


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Q: What is a NPI number?
A: As per CMS, a National Provider Identifier (NPI) is a unique identification number for covered health care providers, which was created to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of electronic transmission of health information.

Q: How does NPI number registration work? How do I get, apply, or register for a NPI number? Is there an easy way of obtaining an NPI number?
A: As per CMS, the most convenient method of registering for a NPI number is to visit NPPES and follow the on-screen instructions. If you have any questions during the registration process, you may contact NPI customer service at 1-800-465-3203.

Q: Is there any easy-to-read NPI number list or a list of NPI numbers?
A: There are several lists that you may find online, but an example of an official one is from CMS, which allows you to view certain data using table-like interfaces. An NPI number search can also be performed via the NPPES NPI registry.

Q: What is my profession's NPI number? How about my group NPI number? And my medical NPI number?
A: The NPPES NPI registry is the official website for finding / locating and verifying your NPI number and related details. Our website does indeed utilize NPPES data as one of its sources and we encourage you to explore all possible sources for NPI verification.

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