Providers with Taxonomy: Optometry in the state of South Carolina

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Optometry
in the state of South Carolina:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Melanie P Erickson 30022, SCOptometry1063775781
Sakesha Yolonda Caston 29732, SCOptometry1053365114
Steven M Andreasen 29607, SCOptometry1821002072
Emily 'bambi' Childress Bollin 29910, SCOptometry1518066208
Sherri Christine Rast 29681, SCOptometry1619046687
Shalini L. Maharaj 29730, SCOptometry1326233073
Brooke Millison Lane David 37421, SCOptometry1326442559
Michelle L. Brooks 29501, SCOptometry1760737175
Wanda Threadgill 29607, SCOptometry1821123142
William David Coleman 29681, SCOptometry1275889503
Kimberly Marie Hunt 29102, SCOptometry1851763726
Cassandra Hinderscheid 28262, SCOptometry1285914820
Erica Ryan Juras 29445, SCOptometry1497284517
Lindsay Leigh Totten 27407, SCOptometry1083044515
Lauren Dallas Rigsby 29649, SCOptometry1962939082
Family Vision Pc 29625, SCOptometry1427552447
Brandon Marshall 29488, SCOptometry1154830743
John A Kauderman 31098, SCOptometry1760885057
Anna Frances Kauderman 31088, SCOptometry1851726384
Clark Optometric Center Of Sc, P.a. 29681, SCOptometry1063981900
Clemson Eye, Pa 29615, SCOptometry1447383831
Harry Lewis Bowers 29303, SCOptometry1194831123
Derek Scott Maroun 29455, SCOptometry1013218254
Eyecare Specialties Of Charleston 29414, SCOptometry1487631867
Benjamin July Bittner 29588, SCOptometry1518185180
Dianne Louise Williams 39710, SCOptometry1235129206
John Steve Mcphail 29316, SCOptometry1568566719
Rachel Elizabeth Muessel 46168, SCOptometry1578056263
Prisma Health University Medical Group 29605, SCOptometry1396141875
Vaught Eye Associates, Pa 29526, SCOptometry1720187172
Focus Eye Care Center, Pc 29063, SCOptometry1417317280
Nicole Walker 29651, SCOptometry1780656884
Breyne Louise Middleton 40511, SCOptometry1003041211
Jervey Eye Group, Pa 29607, SCOptometry1992775696
D.j. Miller O.d. And Associates, Llc 29150, SCOptometry1891332383
Kathleen A. Clary 29909, SCOptometry1609849389
Brandon H King 29650, SCOptometry1184282220
Benjamin J Bittner Od Inc 29588, SCOptometry1396142899
Clemson Eye, Pa 29550, SCOptometry1629686373
Chicagoland Eyecare Inc 60521, SCOptometry1417451436
Nicholas Ryan Green 33328, SCOptometry1922532811
Michael Richard Campbell 29926, SCOptometry1013515014
Lauren Schwalb 92284, SCOptometry1629521570
Elizabeth Ann Braun 29464, SCOptometry1861748329
Jarrod Ross Nigrelli 06349, SCOptometry1083104962
Wayne Matthew Young 45601, SCOptometry1003988197
Ellesse Boiwka 29464, SCOptometry1306256003
Nicol L. Mayfield 29466, SCOptometry1487604898
Leslie Elizabeth Kirk 29466, SCOptometry1871721910
Steven Edward Metras 29624, SCOptometry1336231315
Sandra K Jones 44060, SCOptometry1003104365
Bonita Cherice Miles Mack 29732, SCOptometry1821218835
Jordan Max Paul 32508, SCOptometry1730595521
Derek P Vanveen 29640, SCOptometry1518177708
Easy On The Eyes Llc 29302, SCOptometry1912574526
Eventus Wholehealth, Pllc 28025, SCOptometry1548759392
James Hartwell Hildebrand 29730, SCOptometry1609549971
Nikhil Bansal 29708, SCOptometry1396708475
Cari Lynn Moore 29801, SCOptometry1265572085
Steven C. Nigh, Od, Pa 29607, SCOptometry1750568002
Vision Therapy Institute Of Sc 29169, SCOptometry1114569795
Nicole Marie Pecko 29910, SCOptometry1154851376
Coastal Vision Center 29575, SCOptometry1962404111
Sidney F Thomas Pa 29115, SCOptometry1336137504
Anderson Optometric Associates 29697, SCOptometry1487635702
Anderson Optometric Associates 29621, SCOptometry1174504401
Anderson Optometric Associates 29654, SCOptometry1023090370
Anderson Optometric Associates 29611, SCOptometry1033190350
Irmo Primary Eyecare Llc 29063, SCOptometry1518466135
Stokes Regional Eye Center 29150, SCOptometry1518955087
Theodore G. Crook Inc. 29020, SCOptometry1255314274
Westminster Vision Associates 29693, SCOptometry1891770020
Sentinel Health Partners, Pa 29020, SCOptometry1033196282
Manter Optometric, Llc 29150, SCOptometry1295713980
Blackwell Eye Associates, P. A. 29732, SCOptometry1396724472
Bowen Family Eyecare, P.a. 29620, SCOptometry1982675377
Eye & Contact Lens Associates, Llc 29678, SCOptometry1043282452
William W. Spearman O.d., P.a. 29671, SCOptometry1922070234
Medivision, Pa 29691, SCOptometry1518939511
Beaty Eye Clinic & Associates, Inc. 29512, SCOptometry1821066911
Scheele Eye Associates, Pc 29150, SCOptometry1649249541
Dr. N.w. Davis, P.a. 29341, SCOptometry1316916992
Drs Eye Care, Inc 29063, SCOptometry1316919665
Eye Associates, Pa 29625, SCOptometry1134180383
Coastal Vision Center Inc 29585, SCOptometry1407819956
Andrews Vision Center 29510, SCOptometry1316900863
Eye Associates Of Carolina, Pa 29650, SCOptometry1336102276
Palmetto Eye Specialists, P.a. 29926, SCOptometry1437108404
Ben P. Clark, Od Pa 29576, SCOptometry1982654109
Jones Family Eyecare, Pc 29550, SCOptometry1033162946
Benjamin C Poole Od Pa 29710, SCOptometry1699733501
Brinton Family Eye Care, Llc 29707, SCOptometry1225504806
William Christopher Orr 29464, SCOptometry1669429445
Owens Eyecare Center Inc 29520, SCOptometry1861432569
Fort Mill Optical Inc 29715, SCOptometry1548201908
Eye Associates Of Little River, Llc 29566, SCOptometry1568404044
Focus Eye Care Center, Pc 29212, SCOptometry1295777696
Eye Care Of Lexington 29072, SCOptometry1194767962
Focus Eye Care Center, Pc 29210, SCOptometry1801830146
Folline Opticians Inc 29201, SCOptometry1114962586
Eye Associates Of Winnsboro 29180, SCOptometry1003851775
Folline Opticians Inc 29206, SCOptometry1326083908
Folline Opticians Inc 29020, SCOptometry1366487787
Landmark Leasing Inc 29150, SCOptometry1538104963
Palmetto Eye Associates 29205, SCOptometry1972549954
Eyewear Inc 29210, SCOptometry1518902659
Focus Eye Care Center, Pc 29207, SCOptometry1538197561
Harrington Vision Center Inc Ii 29501, SCOptometry1306890231
Devine Eyes Inc 29205, SCOptometry1366481210
University Specialty Clinics Ophthalmology 29203, SCOptometry1447282736
Loftis & Associates, Pa 29201, SCOptometry1326071135
Loftis & Associates, Pa 29209, SCOptometry1790719391
Carolina Vision Associates, Llc 29302, SCOptometry1255357356
Dr Michael L Mills Pa 29569, SCOptometry1790701159
Grand Strand Vision Services, Inc. 29588, SCOptometry1942226337
Dr John Janvier & Associates Pc 29910, SCOptometry1750308102
Anderson Eye & Ear Associates, P.a. 29621, SCOptometry1568483568
Park & Phillips Eye Care Pa 29201, SCOptometry1902828585
Premier Eye Care, P.a. 29464, SCOptometry1841212651
Alva S Pack Iii Pa 29302, SCOptometry1780608463
Dr. Mcgregor And Associates Pa 29607, SCOptometry1043228851
Dillon Eyecare Associates Ltd 29536, SCOptometry1437167558
Zack C Clarkson Jr Llc 29201, SCOptometry1336159680
University Medical Associates 29425, SCOptometry1780601393
Summerville Pediatric Eyecare Pc 29483, SCOptometry1114490976
Pee Dee Eye Associates Pa 29550, SCOptometry1508973462
Chandler Eye Associates, P.a. 29627, SCOptometry1821100140
Chandler Eye Associates, P.a. 29654, SCOptometry1073616140
Danny A Burns Inc 29550, SCOptometry1326146325
Oliver Eye Associates Pa 29730, SCOptometry1528168937
Clarendon Eye Center P A 29102, SCOptometry1174619423
Dr. E. M. Poole Jr. Llc 29302, SCOptometry1801983705
Oliver Eye Associates Pa 29745, SCOptometry1245329853
Rufus B. Antley, O.d. 29138, SCOptometry1497830996
Rufus B. Antley, Od 29164, SCOptometry1124103536
East Coast Optometric, Inc. 29169, SCOptometry1285711721
East Coast Optometric, Inc. 29020, SCOptometry1558448001
Pelham Vision Center, Pa 29650, SCOptometry1558448852
East Coast Optometric, Inc 29210, SCOptometry1790862597
East Coast Optometric, Inc. 29209, SCOptometry1770660482
East Coast Optometric, Inc. 29206, SCOptometry1891874061
Voss And Voss, O.d., P.a. 29607, SCOptometry1659441632
Branch & Stafford Optometric Associates, Pa 29108, SCOptometry1194895805
Harrington Eye Center Llc 29501, SCOptometry1043307861
Eye Site Llc 29926, SCOptometry1013007210
Eye Site Of Bluffton Llc 29910, SCOptometry1902988173
Boulevard Plaza Inc 29485, SCOptometry1184719387
Branch & Stafford Optometric Associates, Pa 29212, SCOptometry1235218496
Branch & Stafford Optometric Associates, Pa 29036, SCOptometry1134290869
Vision Care P A 29571, SCOptometry1669545273
Vision Care P A 29536, SCOptometry1528130424
Dr. Alice C. Sun & Associates, Pc 29412, SCOptometry1245303270
Jackson Davenport Inc. 29401, SCOptometry1073688602
Jewell Vision Care 29720, SCOptometry1952469348
Michael D. Fulford, Pa 29801, SCOptometry1154489573
Angel Oak Eye Center 29455, SCOptometry1548329097
Lorimax, Llc 29464, SCOptometry1922168459
Vision Plus Llc 29334, SCOptometry1770644825
Perkins Eyecare Llc 29461, SCOptometry1790848455
Jeffrey R Geer Od Pc 29824, SCOptometry1508920646
Jeffrey R Geer Od Pc 29842, SCOptometry1508921495
Palmetto Vision 29488, SCOptometry1861540569
Optical Express, Inc. 29640, SCOptometry1346399052
Lessco, Inc. 29406, SCOptometry1831248483
University Medical Associates 29425, SCOptometry1477604403
Specs Vision Center Of Aiken Inc 29803, SCOptometry1912058900
Palmetto Optometry Associates, Pa 29229, SCOptometry1891849006
Craig T. Rumple, O.d., P.a. 29680, SCOptometry1700922853
Phillip Reiheld, Od 29401, SCOptometry1679610414
Appel & Appel Vision L L C 29461, SCOptometry1801933452
Shell Point Optical, Inc 29906, SCOptometry1902945124
Skufca Enterprises Llc 29020, SCOptometry1467594408
Caugh Eye Care 29582, SCOptometry1881738862
John Steve Mcphail Od 29316, SCOptometry1013051010
Brian Colletto Od, Inc 29730, SCOptometry1356485346
Coastal Grand Eye Associates Ltd. Co. 29577, SCOptometry1780728824
Dorman Centre Eye Care, Pa 29301, SCOptometry1811022957
Richard R. Poole, O.d. 29379, SCOptometry1639206956
Marlboro Eye Care Associates, Llc 29512, SCOptometry1669509980
Greenville Eyecare Associates Pa 29615, SCOptometry1134258759
Drs. Miller & Flynn, Optometrists Llc 29204, SCOptometry1477683001
Perception Eye Care, Pa 29621, SCOptometry1205969557
Dr. E.r. Bang & Associates, Pa 29621, SCOptometry1356475834
Siegmund Eye Care Pa 29579, SCOptometry1912021759
Stephen Buck 29307, SCOptometry1295850824
Macmillan Optical, Inc. 29301, SCOptometry1972628055
Carolina Forest Family Eyecare, P.a. 29579, SCOptometry1972621423
East Coast Optometric, Inc. 29229, SCOptometry1275651382
Orangeburg Optometric Llc 29115, SCOptometry1588726905
Parkereyesllc 29406, SCOptometry1346611969
Family Vision Of Anderson 29697, SCOptometry1306999867
Dubin Optometric Associates, P.c. 29488, SCOptometry1649342205
Palmetto Eyecare, P.a. 29646, SCOptometry1245384726
Sansbury Vision Services Llc 29204, SCOptometry1053847749
Family Vision Of Anderson Pa 29625, SCOptometry1629121165
3 D Optometry Pc 29466, SCOptometry1376604546
University Medical Associates 29425, SCOptometry1356492300
Georgia Eye Institute, Inc. 29909, SCOptometry1871613554
David H Mckenzie Jr Od Inc 29918, SCOptometry1881817526
Allouch Optometric, Pc 29577, SCOptometry1073737870


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Q: What is a NPI number?
A: As per CMS, a National Provider Identifier (NPI) is a unique identification number for covered health care providers, which was created to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of electronic transmission of health information.

Q: How does NPI number registration work? How do I get, apply, or register for a NPI number? Is there an easy way of obtaining an NPI number?
A: As per CMS, the most convenient method of registering for a NPI number is to visit NPPES and follow the on-screen instructions. If you have any questions during the registration process, you may contact NPI customer service at 1-800-465-3203.

Q: Is there any easy-to-read NPI number list or a list of NPI numbers?
A: There are several lists that you may find online, but an example of an official one is from CMS, which allows you to view certain data using table-like interfaces. An NPI number search can also be performed via the NPPES NPI registry.

Q: What is my profession's NPI number? How about my group NPI number? And my medical NPI number?
A: The NPPES NPI registry is the official website for finding / locating and verifying your NPI number and related details. Our website does indeed utilize NPPES data as one of its sources and we encourage you to explore all possible sources for NPI verification.

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