Providers with Taxonomy: Optometry in the state of South Dakota

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Optometry
in the state of South Dakota:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Gregory Allan Kouri 57078, SDOptometry1336142272
Douglas D. Tassi 57105, SDOptometry1306840111
Douglas Dean Wallin 57108, SDOptometry1114923034
Keith O'neil Rasmussen 57108, SDOptometry1831195759
Steven J Ferguson 57049, SDOptometry1952309502
Ryan Arlt 57004, SDOptometry1265432751
Eleanor Susan Haney 57252, SDOptometry1982604591
Chad Donald Beynon 57201, SDOptometry1528068152
The Eye Doctors Pc 57108, SDOptometry1285635250
Larry L Vanderzee 57108, SDOptometry1174524144
Philip G Sietstra 57108, SDOptometry1376544833
Paul A Greenfield 57108, SDOptometry1093716557
Lisa M Kollis-young 57108, SDOptometry1609869262
Charles R Howlin 57108, SDOptometry1518950179
Wayne G Slothouber 57108, SDOptometry1710970371
Michael Scott Bogaard 57706, SDOptometry1083607535
Bobette N Greenfield 57105, SDOptometry1467453928
Pauline Susan Weichler 57702, SDOptometry1699768010
Tiffany Joy Brink 57108, SDOptometry1275527475
Jeffery Allan Sayler 57108, SDOptometry1831183359
Jodie S Larson 57042, SDOptometry1417942251
Brandy L Morrow 57108, SDOptometry1346237724
Judson J Bergan 57042, SDOptometry1710976378
Daniel S Rabbitt 57049, SDOptometry1134119761
Eternal Vision, P.c. 57701, SDOptometry1497116677
Anne Britton 57701, SDOptometry1154310019
Brian L Piearson 57006, SDOptometry1801870340
Brad Jerome Moriarty 57701, SDOptometry1023092988
David J Prosser 57785, SDOptometry1386623395
Jason M Hafner 57785, SDOptometry1376522029
Eric D Porisch 57701, SDOptometry1174502330
Amy M Dejong 57069, SDOptometry1013997147
James Torsney 57066, SDOptometry1326024886
Tammy Kay Hersch 57783, SDOptometry1609855980
Thomas J Garrity 57450, SDOptometry1730150731
Glen D Nydam 57301, SDOptometry1003887688
Huron Eye Clinic Pc 57350, SDOptometry1386616480
Laura J Slowey 68776, SDOptometry1992777221
Randy Carl Oliver 57706, SDOptometry1841263977
Royce L. Grimsrud 57262, SDOptometry1033182936
Robert A Carlson 57625, SDOptometry1871567198
Andrew Scott Qualm 57752, SDOptometry1881669661
A B Hauge 57783, SDOptometry1982671145
Scott Kennedy 57783, SDOptometry1871561795
Dawn Wattenhofer 57701, SDOptometry1154390573
Jodi Traub 57106, SDOptometry1629037189
Paul Gregory Sampson 57108, SDOptometry1336109289
Gregg A Bleeker 57301, SDOptometry1942271382
Derek M Allmer 57701, SDOptometry1164482907
Jonathan Toso 57013, SDOptometry1154381770
Mark Thomas Steckler 57078, SDOptometry1245292499
Patrick Britton 57702, SDOptometry1750344701
Weiss Eye Care Clinic 57201, SDOptometry1902862717
Conroy Eye Care Pc 57252, SDOptometry1063479426
Dennis L Murschel 57105, SDOptometry1306894746
Gregory J Flaitz 57752, SDOptometry1548210131
Angela J Hase 57401, SDOptometry1730139221
Nicholas Roy Gilmore 57252, SDOptometry1124079223
Thomas J Rieger 57110, SDOptometry1972554988
Loretta M Flaitz 57702, SDOptometry1588615132
Daniel L Peters 57580, SDOptometry1730131392
Greg Sorensen 57701, SDOptometry1699728766
Robert G Goodrich 57783, SDOptometry1730133422
Gregory Hill 57105, SDOptometry1003868860
Drs. Tucker kudrna holec young Eye Care Centre Llp 57702, SDOptometry1225090459
Mabee Clinic Ltd 57301, SDOptometry1922053933
Michael J. Guilbert 57732, SDOptometry1881649135
Jeffrey James Browen 57105, SDOptometry1699720987
Brown Optometric Clinic Pc 57069, SDOptometry1831144153
Advanced Eyecare, Pc 57105, SDOptometry1417902743
Carol A Byrd 57105, SDOptometry1811943244
Douglas E. Torbert 57301, SDOptometry1457308363
John Wesley Joseph Sivesind 57110, SDOptometry1285672246
Joseph Hartford 57701, SDOptometry1265470025
Rebecca L Larson 57108, SDOptometry1841239910
Kevin M Brown 57069, SDOptometry1619916871
Cynthia Johnson 57069, SDOptometry1063451276
Jason Arthur Lorenz 57401, SDOptometry1619918216
Terry J Wolthuis 57701, SDOptometry1770524688
Michael Jerome Johnson 57201, SDOptometry1548204191
Family Eye Care Center, P.c. 57106, SDOptometry1932144870
Gary Lee Vanderzee 57105, SDOptometry1497782221
Justin A Schweitzer 57108, SDOptometry1023047867
Falon S Young 57702, SDOptometry1295765055
Slingsby & Wright Eye Care Llc 57701, SDOptometry1841223278
Clayton Paul Twitero 57006, SDOptometry1174556344
Bowen Michael Mollman 57078, SDOptometry1699791947
L L Menning 57325, SDOptometry1982623088
Thomas Billars 57105, SDOptometry1043230584
Marshall Dorsett 57401, SDOptometry1427078997
Stuart N Quam 57401, SDOptometry1073533287
Aaron Feser 57078, SDOptometry1497775308
Bruce M Siegling 57201, SDOptometry1487674305
Craig Dockter 57601, SDOptometry1629090162
Mark Struble 57380, SDOptometry1477575827
James Olson 57401, SDOptometry1548283229
Thomas Kessinger 57104, SDOptometry1962425637
Brian Keith Gill 57783, SDOptometry1285657742
Chadron Vision Center, Inc. 57770, SDOptometry1134142243
Paul G Penn 57117, SDOptometry1265455513
Thomas A Young 57301, SDOptometry1417964792
Michael Steven Brooke 57042, SDOptometry1306854062
Michael S Brooke 57042, SDOptometry1063420719
Sioux Valley Heart Partners 57105, SDOptometry1033127956
Kathryn Opbroek Haivala 57783, SDOptometry1477564771
Eye Works, Inc. 57702, SDOptometry1083729479
Paula Sorensen 57702, SDOptometry1831206200
Paul S Anderson 57078, SDOptometry1356364236
Shane Nicholas Vogel 57108, SDOptometry1225146160
Michael S Richey 57783, SDOptometry1992815500
James Nelson 57350, SDOptometry1841302700
Dwayne Robert Ice 57701, SDOptometry1447362074
Spearfish Vision Works, P.c. 57783, SDOptometry1720190457
Willcockson Eye Associates, P.c. 57078, SDOptometry1992802920
Dr Daniel L Peters Od Pc 57580, SDOptometry1649371667
James Michael Barnett 57105, SDOptometry1861592974
Kyle Porisch 57350, SDOptometry1275625071
Darren Dohman 57401, SDOptometry1265524078
Daniel Albert Watson 57741, SDOptometry1205928827
Ryan Ellwein 57106, SDOptometry1801981030
Nancy Lynn Hetland 57301, SDOptometry1659460889
Julie Kristina Williams 57380, SDOptometry1679653208
Jared Carl Pearson 57701, SDOptometry1124109848
Bradley G Meier 57201, SDOptometry1831278621
Michael J Guilbert, Od, Pc 57732, SDOptometry1932288131
Sivesind, Tims & Clarke, Prof. L.l.c. 57108, SDOptometry1003305772
Ryan Leo Scarborough 57701, SDOptometry1679653240
Michael Scott Ellender 57701, SDOptometry1245301787
Elizabeth Ann Ellender 57701, SDOptometry1417028051
Bert C Corwin 57701, SDOptometry1710051602
Kendra I Ott 57106, SDOptometry1326116930
Melanie Dawn Weiss 57201, SDOptometry1073674115
Aimee Marie Schulte 57201, SDOptometry1992860886
Richard George Barnett 57105, SDOptometry1730244567
Michael Robert Bartlett 57501, SDOptometry1760549943
Douglas C. Beemer, O.d., P.c. 57501, SDOptometry1336206556
Douglas Charles Beemer 57501, SDOptometry1316004575
Randall Lee Edwards 57701, SDOptometry1467502518
Karla Enochson Bucknall 57702, SDOptometry1477607877
Precision Eyecare Pc 57701, SDOptometry1912053976
Paul Horner 57005, SDOptometry1962557066
Joe Krall 57301, SDOptometry1811043102
Dawn Wattenhofer, O.d., P.c. 57701, SDOptometry1487790234
Wayne David Jones 57701, SDOptometry1174660252
Madison Vision Clinic 57042, SDOptometry1861531642
Kevin L Crouch 57106, SDOptometry1740324367
Family Optical Pc 57783, SDOptometry1003950122
Monty S. Riley 37415, SDOptometry1023153368
Jeff Krall 57301, SDOptometry1083741839
Jill Marie Hart 57064, SDOptometry1871623074
Vernon Wong 57730, SDOptometry1245360510
Krall Optometric Prof Llc 57301, SDOptometry1013049410
Jeffrey L. Rausch 57501, SDOptometry1811013154
Denette K. Eisnach 57501, SDOptometry1467578716
Howlin Vision Clinic, P.c. 57108, SDOptometry1083777676
Britton Eye Care Pc 57701, SDOptometry1154448082
Gaylene R. Kudrna 57702, SDOptometry1063570349
Lynn R. Tucker 57702, SDOptometry1245398510
William Joe Holec 57702, SDOptometry1720146095
Sioux Falls Family Vision Pc 57108, SDOptometry1831259191
Ronn E Mcdaniel 56278, SDOptometry1134271323
Canton Family Vision Clinic, Pc 57013, SDOptometry1134292378
Beth Bruening Pc 57049, SDOptometry1053446443
Thomas George Pratt 57049, SDOptometry1073661187
Ryan Gregory Haiar 57108, SDOptometry1689795494
Lifetime Eyecare 57783, SDOptometry1346362373
Robert Bruce Wilson 57701, SDOptometry1710107909
Cary S. Feldman 57701, SDOptometry1073735759
Scott Schirber 57701, SDOptometry1558575498
Barnett Vision Center Llp 57401, SDOptometry1861609075
Vermillion Vision Clinic, Pc 57069, SDOptometry1861694812
Michael S Richey, Od Pc 57783, SDOptometry1457554610
John Boer, Pc 57201, SDOptometry1336345560
John D Boer 57032, SDOptometry1225234453
Robert W Dohman 57401, SDOptometry1558567677
Megan Beth Nelson-hartman 57350, SDOptometry1760680508
Harrisburg Eye Care, P.c. 57032, SDOptometry1245438894
Central Dakota Eyecare, Llp 57501, SDOptometry1043418510
Matthew Charles Kunkel 57201, SDOptometry1538369665
Beth Ann Kunkel 57201, SDOptometry1053511188
Kunkel snyder Optometric, P.c 57201, SDOptometry1376733949
Rebecca Franey 57105, SDOptometry1134313489
John B. Jarding Od, Llc 57701, SDOptometry1528255924
Black Hills Vision Care Prof Llc 57717, SDOptometry1497944953
Jill Elizabeth Thompson 57339, SDOptometry1174705115
Chad D. Beynon, O.d., P.c. 57201, SDOptometry1760664346
Milbank Eyecare Center, Prof. L.l.c. 57252, SDOptometry1578747143
Becker & Sorensen, Pc 57702, SDOptometry1558545152
Huron Vision Center 57350, SDOptometry1538343934
M. Scott Ellender, Od And Elizabeth A Ellender, Od, Pc 57701, SDOptometry1568630085
Empire Vision, P.c. 57106, SDOptometry1942478235
Bradley G Meier O.d., Meier Visual Clinic 57201, SDOptometry1700057932
Pietz coats Optometry Inc 57006, SDOptometry1316119738
Dr Eleanor S Haney Pc 56308, SDOptometry1083873160
Dawn Wattenhofer 57701, SDOptometry1821258104
Heidi J Nash 57717, SDOptometry1134382104
Nathan Henry Wiederholt 57730, SDOptometry1447414461
Crouch Vision Clinic 57106, SDOptometry1154586014
Howlin Vision Clinic, P.c. 57022, SDOptometry1407037443
Howlin Vision Clinic, P.c. 57104, SDOptometry1538340575


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Q: What is a NPI number?
A: As per CMS, a National Provider Identifier (NPI) is a unique identification number for covered health care providers, which was created to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of electronic transmission of health information.

Q: How does NPI number registration work? How do I get, apply, or register for a NPI number? Is there an easy way of obtaining an NPI number?
A: As per CMS, the most convenient method of registering for a NPI number is to visit NPPES and follow the on-screen instructions. If you have any questions during the registration process, you may contact NPI customer service at 1-800-465-3203.

Q: Is there any easy-to-read NPI number list or a list of NPI numbers?
A: There are several lists that you may find online, but an example of an official one is from CMS, which allows you to view certain data using table-like interfaces. An NPI number search can also be performed via the NPPES NPI registry.

Q: What is my profession's NPI number? How about my group NPI number? And my medical NPI number?
A: The NPPES NPI registry is the official website for finding / locating and verifying your NPI number and related details. Our website does indeed utilize NPPES data as one of its sources and we encourage you to explore all possible sources for NPI verification.

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