Providers with Taxonomy: Optometry in the state of Tennessee

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Optometry
in the state of Tennessee:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Arthur Tom Hyde 37813, TNOptometry1801899307
Patricia Cisarik 38104, TNOptometry1508869009
Thomas Arthur Currey 38138, TNOptometry1295738862
John T Lee 38117, TNOptometry1407859853
Clifton J. Randle 38556, TNOptometry1528061835
Elizabeth E. Goodman 37075, TNOptometry1205839586
Hughlon Brown Scarbrough 38344, TNOptometry1235132572
Joseph M. Dzik 37421, TNOptometry1316949696
Travis L Oliver 38133, TNOptometry1235133588
Lori A. Weiss 37055, TNOptometry1265436083
Donald L. Weiss 37055, TNOptometry1518961325
Brent B Fry 37922, TNOptometry1154325819
Jason C Clopton 38501, TNOptometry1972507614
Lopasteeda Derosa Stephens 37110, TNOptometry1972507317
Charles Allyn Hildebrand 37909, TNOptometry1194729624
Daniel C Horton 37909, TNOptometry1659375186
David G Evans 38119, TNOptometry1063417863
Matthew Patrick Hughes 38305, TNOptometry1740285527
William David Sullins 37303, TNOptometry1306842729
Norman L Elliott 37343, TNOptometry1841296183
Stacy Rebecca Conrad 37343, TNOptometry1902802176
Carl L Vinson 37130, TNOptometry1316943525
Christa H Sullins 37303, TNOptometry1861498917
Stuart Sullins 37303, TNOptometry1396741161
Kenneth A Weinberg 38117, TNOptometry1740287853
Antoniette Johnson Driver 38351, TNOptometry1356348320
Sharon S Adhami 37174, TNOptometry1225035983
Bruce Devin Gilliland 37912, TNOptometry1184622441
Amy Lackey 37421, TNOptometry1588661292
Richard Coombs Orgain 37075, TNOptometry1831197771
Stephen M Richardson 38501, TNOptometry1801895438
Thomas A Roberson 37122, TNOptometry1649279076
Amy F. Waymire 38104, TNOptometry1225037286
William R Pedersen 37801, TNOptometry1568461564
Charlene N Burnett 38305, TNOptometry1114927761
William Hall Mcconnell 38320, TNOptometry1073513636
Blake Allen Peterson 37311, TNOptometry1942200159
Walter F Peterson 37311, TNOptometry1649270703
Petrina L. Meyer 37087, TNOptometry1578564423
Shawn T Sussmane 37909, TNOptometry1386644151
John R Gallaher 37087, TNOptometry1205837234
William Marlin Hicks 37398, TNOptometry1558362681
John Kevin Clement 37745, TNOptometry1740282417
Steven A Jaworski 37343, TNOptometry1578565008
Charles L Sanders 37343, TNOptometry1477555837
J Lancaster Rose 37091, TNOptometry1932191954
Kenneth W. Brawner 37072, TNOptometry1477545341
Thomas K Smith 38201, TNOptometry1538151154
Brian Calvin Joslin 37865, TNOptometry1073505574
Bryce Hickman Joslin 37865, TNOptometry1942292438
Leroy Norton 38116, TNOptometry1609869866
Kathryn Allyson Bohlman 37604, TNOptometry1316930662
Katherine Denton Sanford 38104, TNOptometry1982697025
James E Venable 38104, TNOptometry1891788956
Bernard I Sparks 38104, TNOptometry1336132497
Charles Haine 38104, TNOptometry1528051612
Cheryl M Ervin 38104, TNOptometry1811980097
Tressa F Eubank 38104, TNOptometry1467445643
James M Newman 38104, TNOptometry1255324448
David A Damari 38104, TNOptometry1578556627
Southern College Of Optometry 38104, TNOptometry1851384986
Michael D Gerstner 38104, TNOptometry1215920350
Ralph E Parkansky 38104, TNOptometry1184617250
David Keith Talley 38127, TNOptometry1982697058
Christopher W Lievens 38104, TNOptometry1912990086
David J Shen 37064, TNOptometry1063405066
Glen T Steele 38104, TNOptometry1568455749
Scott A Steel 38104, TNOptometry1730172917
Janette D Dumas 38104, TNOptometry1720071913
Jared Thomas Powelson 38104, TNOptometry1992798185
Erin Davis Newman 38104, TNOptometry1629061817
Sylvia Elizabeth Sparrow 38104, TNOptometry1265425458
Janna Suzette Smith 37055, TNOptometry1083607279
Jeremy Wade Anderson 37355, TNOptometry1063405256
Aaron M Kerr 38104, TNOptometry1972596161
Jason D Duncan 38104, TNOptometry1881687077
John B Campbell 38104, TNOptometry1144213331
Andrew John Rixon 38104, TNOptometry1912990102
John Mark Jackson 38104, TNOptometry1992798193
Patricia Hatley Koester 38017, TNOptometry1215920152
Brenta Medley 38017, TNOptometry1639162688
Frank S Gibson 38104, TNOptometry1578556247
John S Sharpe 38104, TNOptometry1114910981
Mark R. Kapperman 37421, TNOptometry1295728863
Betty J Harville 38104, TNOptometry1215920954
Kristin K Anderson 38104, TNOptometry1124011739
Christopher John Eiler 37174, TNOptometry1043203565
Dennis E Mathews 38120, TNOptometry1184617367
Michael T Kolarik 37918, TNOptometry1184617342
Erin R Nosel 38104, TNOptometry1922091321
Politzer And Durocher Plc 37205, TNOptometry1396738720
Daniel Dejarnatt 37334, TNOptometry1023002458
Richard Daniel Durocher 37205, TNOptometry1073506408
Troy R. White 37421, TNOptometry1376537662
James Allan Williamson 38104, TNOptometry1831183060
Joseph E Crump 37830, TNOptometry1942294962
Whitney Hargrove Hauser 38104, TNOptometry1215921085
Jackie Lynn Greene-gunter 37748, TNOptometry1386638203
Scott Lloyd Baer 37830, TNOptometry1912991837
Charles Larry Rollins 37771, TNOptometry1982698817
James Edward Kuneman 37830, TNOptometry1699769521
Thomas Luther Gunter 37748, TNOptometry1992799670
Helen Ong Lim 38116, TNOptometry1801880406
Clayton B Rhodes 37343, TNOptometry1194719674
James Harrell Blanks 37388, TNOptometry1518952910
Terri Denise Anderson 37214, TNOptometry1306831409
Paul William Tappan 37748, TNOptometry1457346694
Gregory Leonard Muse 37388, TNOptometry1861487944
Peter T Van Hoven 37027, TNOptometry1427043348
Kenneth A Young 37027, TNOptometry1184619009
Greg M Beem 37211, TNOptometry1417942343
C Wade Hyatt Iii 37211, TNOptometry1669467452
Michael D. Weinberg 38104, TNOptometry1770578403
David Corbett Holliman 37664, TNOptometry1649265299
Melissa Marlo Holliman 37664, TNOptometry1043205693
Allison H Miller 38301, TNOptometry1427044668
Michael Alan Schwartz 37934, TNOptometry1922094663
Frances Dickson Bynum 38237, TNOptometry1982691812
James H Burke 38104, TNOptometry1497742233
Walter L Choate 37072, TNOptometry1083608459
Rose Mary Brown 38305, TNOptometry1578559167
Susan N Kegarise 37214, TNOptometry1184617680
Douglas Hassenpflug 37027, TNOptometry1285621672
Aaron L Spivey 38201, TNOptometry1114916590
Robert M Bishop 37013, TNOptometry1396734463
Gene A. Harman 37220, TNOptometry1679562607
Margaret L Roberts 37083, TNOptometry1912997941
David H Mills 37643, TNOptometry1184614083
Charles P Haddad 38068, TNOptometry1316937568
Joseph D Weatherford 37146, TNOptometry1417947656
North Park Eye Center P C 37343, TNOptometry1073503298
David E Mcafee 37174, TNOptometry1669462743
Kevin D Schmidt 37013, TNOptometry1063403095
Terry Lane Hendrickson 38401, TNOptometry1801887765
Jeffrey C Mcclain 37129, TNOptometry1306837885
Linda Tharp 38104, TNOptometry1053302331
David E Harmon 37814, TNOptometry1639150527
Marietta T Vestal 37745, TNOptometry1992786420
D Pete Vestal 37745, TNOptometry1134100662
Martin William Parod 38583, TNOptometry1023090594
Zachary Taylor Boyd 38555, TNOptometry1558343095
Ralph H Mullins 38501, TNOptometry1366425605
Charles Russell Orr 37040, TNOptometry1962485359
Charles Garry Collins 37027, TNOptometry1861482093
Samuel Harvey Horner 37311, TNOptometry1164412102
Jeremy Christopher Scoggins 37122, TNOptometry1942281530
Scott L Spivey 38201, TNOptometry1861481095
Kristina Marie Haworth 38104, TNOptometry1124018510
Brad Stephen Lindsey 37813, TNOptometry1588647309
Steven B Routledge 37040, TNOptometry1477537124
Estel Ray Sparks 37381, TNOptometry1265418537
Jeff A Mcmillian 38004, TNOptometry1194701110
Donald Christopher Bates 37066, TNOptometry1437135480
Robert W Turney 38555, TNOptometry1033196886
Anita L. Cranford 37064, TNOptometry1306823968
Scott F Cranford 37221, TNOptometry1124005780
W E Eichenberger 37398, TNOptometry1770560807
John Eric Anderson 37214, TNOptometry1922086743
Charles Avery Rice 38257, TNOptometry1740268531
Joe Allen Chambers 37650, TNOptometry1225016207
James Preston Smith 38375, TNOptometry1437138492
Katherine Hinson Laney 37814, TNOptometry1811976905
Cherie Renee Archambeault 37760, TNOptometry1972582070
Richard Steven Savoy 38104, TNOptometry1376523142
Louis Arthur Hyde 37814, TNOptometry1710967385
Joe John Harper 38063, TNOptometry1033199492
George S Malone 37879, TNOptometry1639159098
Mt Juliet Family Vision Center 37122, TNOptometry1982684106
Bobby Harold Larson 37830, TNOptometry1770553620
John Hk Lorey 37043, TNOptometry1255317541
Mary Grace Summers 38016, TNOptometry1780664706
Jeffrey Lee Summers 38016, TNOptometry1316927494
Jeffrey L Kegarise 37067, TNOptometry1841276904
Tommy S Louthan 37938, TNOptometry1548240906
Kurt T Steele 37821, TNOptometry1366420267
Eddie H Abernathy 37857, TNOptometry1831178508
Sharon M Billingsley 37801, TNOptometry1740263722
James Shawn Mcbride 37388, TNOptometry1700856267
Brooks Arthur Harris 38063, TNOptometry1912978180
Leslie Brian York 37363, TNOptometry1154392868
East View Eye Care, P.c. 37745, TNOptometry1174594667
Bradford Mark Emde 37745, TNOptometry1336110709
Gary Earle Radish 37043, TNOptometry1881666030
William French Casteel 37321, TNOptometry1639141229
William Trump Frye 37388, TNOptometry1083687230
William E Conn 37027, TNOptometry1710951298
John Michael Pino 37087, TNOptometry1538133681
Edward Russell Hoge 37388, TNOptometry1811961741
Don W Gayso 38119, TNOptometry1518932805
Chattanooga Vision Center, Plc 37415, TNOptometry1982679296
Jill Suzanne Browning 37757, TNOptometry1235104092
Gene M Rudnick 37421, TNOptometry1609842368
Lorena R Cron 37060, TNOptometry1346216173
Janice A Barr 38119, TNOptometry1649246158
Richard Ronald Goldston 37343, TNOptometry1275509598
Harold Eugene Morrill 37760, TNOptometry1205803582
Michelle Hejny 24201, TNOptometry1144298456
Marie I. Bodack 38104, TNOptometry1356310353
David Harold Faulks 37055, TNOptometry1982673935
John F Holland 37643, TNOptometry1912976788


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Q: What is a NPI number?
A: As per CMS, a National Provider Identifier (NPI) is a unique identification number for covered health care providers, which was created to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of electronic transmission of health information.

Q: How does NPI number registration work? How do I get, apply, or register for a NPI number? Is there an easy way of obtaining an NPI number?
A: As per CMS, the most convenient method of registering for a NPI number is to visit NPPES and follow the on-screen instructions. If you have any questions during the registration process, you may contact NPI customer service at 1-800-465-3203.

Q: Is there any easy-to-read NPI number list or a list of NPI numbers?
A: There are several lists that you may find online, but an example of an official one is from CMS, which allows you to view certain data using table-like interfaces. An NPI number search can also be performed via the NPPES NPI registry.

Q: What is my profession's NPI number? How about my group NPI number? And my medical NPI number?
A: The NPPES NPI registry is the official website for finding / locating and verifying your NPI number and related details. Our website does indeed utilize NPPES data as one of its sources and we encourage you to explore all possible sources for NPI verification.

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