Providers with Taxonomy: Optometry in the state of Tennessee

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Optometry
in the state of Tennessee:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Shawn T Sussmane 37909, TNOptometry1386644151
Michael T Kolarik 37918, TNOptometry1184617342
Scott L Spivey 38201, TNOptometry1861481095
Sharon M Billingsley 37801, TNOptometry1740263722
Benjamin Gootee 47448, TNOptometry1235687948
Kendall B. Harris 37214, TNOptometry1275582009
Glynetta Shepherd 37643, TNOptometry1447203740
David Michael Orwig 38343, TNOptometry1609820190
Alan G Kabat 19141, TNOptometry1740354588
Donald Wayne Connell 37918, TNOptometry1790947836
Nicole M. Mills 38063, TNOptometry1578753810
Charles A Rosenthal 37421, TNOptometry1801014840
Dr. Daniel D. Gottlieb Optometrist, Pc 30004, TNOptometry1720285307
Erin Kindy 72756, TNOptometry1720420037
Mardia Mohsin Ahmed 37923, TNOptometry1528335999
Mavis Jo Bulger 37067, TNOptometry1558599621
Jamin D Quilla 28715, TNOptometry1386193050
Resolution Eye Care,llc 37206, TNOptometry1669980108
Steven D. Elliott 37716, TNOptometry1306904107
Steven D. Elliott, O.d. & Associates, Inc. 37918, TNOptometry1871762856
Raymond John Lambert 64014, TNOptometry1114282258
Michael R Politzer 37069, TNOptometry1922091354
Paige A Reese 37013, TNOptometry1205357563
Molly Tonos Pace 37027, TNOptometry1053805960
Dr Garrett C Shepherd 38501, TNOptometry1629560438
Austin Pace 37135, TNOptometry1295229714
Optimeyes Inc 37027, TNOptometry1417439027
Mana Boushehri 38016, TNOptometry1851731145
The Vision Center 38464, TNOptometry1568938421
Frankie Goolsby 37167, TNOptometry1124104617
Campbell Cunningham Taylor Pc 37909, TNOptometry1407850944
Divya Patel 37040, TNOptometry1528498565
Marianne Johnson 37203, TNOptometry1376900555
Jessica Fawer 70461, TNOptometry1497105308
Rjr Properties, Pllc 37650, TNOptometry1558925586
Elizabeth Geary 08078, TNOptometry1780023010
Thomas Cross Coleman 38134, TNOptometry1215070628
Christiana Vanzant Montgomery 38119, TNOptometry1669550786
Lex Douglas Barkley 38111, TNOptometry1518165547
Fallon Nichole Cone 38139, TNOptometry1619358462
Annedrea Leigh Morreale 37013, TNOptometry1265091672
Kathryn V Kibler 37909, TNOptometry1235628884
Nicole Rebecca Lamb 37830, TNOptometry1770079287
Christina Marie Martin 37027, TNOptometry1932547452
Sarah Rohr 80516, TNOptometry1790208239
Cynthia Boger 37934, TNOptometry1669949764
Constance Jean Allmond 37075, TNOptometry1356575740
Jeffrey S Silbernagel 37934, TNOptometry1326088410
Emma Elizabeth Letlebo 53593, TNOptometry1609357359
Integrity Eye Care, Pllc 37128, TNOptometry1194224550
Joshua Dwain Garrett 37128, TNOptometry1093858136
Jane Elisabeth Wheeler 38501, TNOptometry1477546638
Sachie Hase Craig 37203, TNOptometry1518264969
Cara Marie Wampler 45309, TNOptometry1447784582
Tyler Ross Boone 37087, TNOptometry1841727286
Kevin A Mysliwiec 37757, TNOptometry1275539736
Stephen M Mckinley 42653, TNOptometry1902903511
Theresa Karyn Cassidy 38132, TNOptometry1124511266
Nicholas Paul Marcopulos 75503, TNOptometry1891823258
Wesley J. Sands Vision Center 38485, TNOptometry1912544214
Alex Soliz 75605, TNOptometry1629547971
Mullins Vision South, Pllc 38583, TNOptometry1972141877
Bart D Lynn 37043, TNOptometry1457325201
Alex Mitchell Jackson 37043, TNOptometry1851814396
Lynn & York, Optometrists, Pc 37043, TNOptometry1346449733
Dar Salud Care Pllc 38119, TNOptometry1598018806
Southeast Eye Specialists Pllc 37421, TNOptometry1518961176
Jacqueline Burgess 37919, TNOptometry1154858116
Aleen Sarah Kaltakdjian 36608, TNOptometry1396392437
Shelby Haviland 38401, TNOptometry1013438050
Pamela Lynn Helbling 38558, TNOptometry1114917028
Kyley Mitchell 38068, TNOptometry1962012369
Hilarie Nixon Holt 39157, TNOptometry1508351628
April Marie Smith 38016, TNOptometry1295397016
Andrew B Costello 37215, TNOptometry1861683781
Karen Elaine Conway 38138, TNOptometry1063408672
Corinne Bacher 37043, TNOptometry1184007304
Jennifer Taylor Elder 38355, TNOptometry1548600414
Melissa Nichole Thomas 37748, TNOptometry1982982187
Sarah Fowler 37148, TNOptometry1407416225
Ross B Lumpkin 38320, TNOptometry1841518479
Dora Sztipanovits Mathe 37232, TNOptometry1952545345
Nicole Leigh Roddy 37232, TNOptometry1215550439
Southeast Eye Specialists Pllc 37205, TNOptometry1003437138
Graham Taylor 37745, TNOptometry1306468731
Lorig Sildiryan 38103, TNOptometry1376062729
William L Jones 37067, TNOptometry1831101856
Blair Solomon 37146, TNOptometry1104440890
Dominique Ivette Garcia Robles 38118, TNOptometry1285085548
Chattanooga Eye Care, Llc 37402, TNOptometry1477082287
Five Rivers Eyecare Center, Pllc 37813, TNOptometry1578807269
Evan Shields 37135, TNOptometry1790212827
Leann Jaroczynski 70119, TNOptometry1669855110
Apex Eye Care Llc 37874, TNOptometry1235614157
April Chiu 97211, TNOptometry1891225736
Sarah Elizabeth Martine Maxey 38671, TNOptometry1629562905
Caroline Elizabeth Vollberg 37421, TNOptometry1619585130
Danielle Zasoski 38125, TNOptometry1831768407
Kailey Thomas 38555, TNOptometry1285203547
Anna M Girsky 37043, TNOptometry1275103046
Parth Amin 38672, TNOptometry1184286874
Sierra Laray Unruh 58701, TNOptometry1063895027
Ashley Savage 35242, TNOptometry1972111995
Ty Smith 38017, TNOptometry1992282529
Trent Wayne Martin 38305, TNOptometry1023504818
Torrie Marie Garner 38133, TNOptometry1760096788
Alyssa Erin Invergo 37909, TNOptometry1689200156
Anna Soyoung Yi 37013, TNOptometry1043524283
Kelly Jane Hoy 38115, TNOptometry1437177318
Katelyn Shea 37013, TNOptometry1053727099
Jacquelyn Gayle Short 37919, TNOptometry1588072003
Swapanpreet Kaur Sandhu 93292, TNOptometry1578164422
Southern College Of Optometry 38104, TNOptometry1851384986
Politzer And Durocher Plc 37205, TNOptometry1396738720
North Park Eye Center P C 37343, TNOptometry1073503298
Mt Juliet Family Vision Center 37122, TNOptometry1982684106
East View Eye Care, P.c. 37745, TNOptometry1174594667
Chattanooga Vision Center, Plc 37415, TNOptometry1982679296
Lantman Eye Care 37416, TNOptometry1902861719
Optical Investment Inc. 38401, TNOptometry1619926359
Medical Personnel Services Llc 37130, TNOptometry1003854001
Franklin Eye Center Pc 37067, TNOptometry1548208945
Paris Eye Care, Llc 38242, TNOptometry1780626168
Larry Lee Nicholson Ii Od 38344, TNOptometry1477595783
Turner Vision Of Tennessee, Psc 37924, TNOptometry1558306043
Dr Ted S Cooper Optometry Llc 38017, TNOptometry1629013040
Center For Visual Independence 38120, TNOptometry1568498046
Southern Eyecare Associates Inc 37343, TNOptometry1881625770
Optometry Group 38111, TNOptometry1871548107
Vision Improvement Professionals, Inc. 37130, TNOptometry1770514960
Middle Tennessee Eye Associates, Plc 37932, TNOptometry1225060718
Ultra Eyecare 38111, TNOptometry1760417968
Carol P. Lagrange, O.d., P.c. 38305, TNOptometry1972520807
Dr. Mark Lynn & Associates, Pllc 37067, TNOptometry1194739490
Halls Vision Clinic, Inc. 37938, TNOptometry1699889899
Foster Family Eyecare, Pllc 37874, TNOptometry1356457220
George Steven Malone, O.d.p.c. 37879, TNOptometry1427162338
Steven D. Elliott, O.d. & Associates, Inc. 37918, TNOptometry1962867010
Steven D. Elliott, O.d. & Associates, Inc. 37716, TNOptometry1609231752
Steven D. Elliott, O.d. & Associates, Inc. 37920, TNOptometry1265898852
Ronda F Smith 37620, TNOptometry1164530374
Foster Family Eyecare 37885, TNOptometry1194812735
Remke Group Pc 38464, TNOptometry1215024666
The Eye Group, P. C. 37934, TNOptometry1417037136
Eyecare Associates Of Morristown, Inc. 37813, TNOptometry1659452639
Eye Center Of Oak Ridge,pc 37830, TNOptometry1235201393
Nursing Home Eyecare Pllc 37062, TNOptometry1730251323
John E. Anderson 37214, TNOptometry1245304914
Hamilton Village Eye Care 37421, TNOptometry1669545448
Dyersburg Family Eye Care 38024, TNOptometry1841367950
Memphis Optical Dispensary Inc 38117, TNOptometry1710055280
Drs. Shields And Shields 37922, TNOptometry1114085701
Rogersville Vision Clinic, Pllc 37920, TNOptometry1699834564
Sullins Eye Care P.c. 37303, TNOptometry1841351269
West Tennessee Eye, Plc 38127, TNOptometry1558423962
River Valley Eye Clinic P C 37185, TNOptometry1316009319
Family Eye Care And Pediatric Vision Center, Pllc 37664, TNOptometry1871656926
2001 Vision Center Pc 38118, TNOptometry1134282163
Sullins Eye Care P.c. 37354, TNOptometry1720142771
University Eye Surgeons, P.c. 37814, TNOptometry1770648016
Eye Care Centers Pllc 37748, TNOptometry1922164276
Eye Care Centers Pllc 37771, TNOptometry1982760229
Eye Care Centers Pllc 37909, TNOptometry1568528818
Advanced Eye Care Group, Pllc 38017, TNOptometry1386701845
Gregory Reeves 38068, TNOptometry1235286881
Miller Eye Care 37922, TNOptometry1215086558
James L Ducklo Od 37013, TNOptometry1285786145
Dr William L Jones 37067, TNOptometry1932254380
Mbc Inc 38060, TNOptometry1013062298
Drs Chambers Chambers & Assoc Pc 37857, TNOptometry1437295417
Cool Springs Eyecare, Pllc 37067, TNOptometry1104968817
The Lasik Vision Institute Llc 37027, TNOptometry1699817478
Optometry Group Enterprises, Pc 38002, TNOptometry1104968338
Tullahoma Vision Associates P C 37388, TNOptometry1598808909
Totalvision, Pc 38351, TNOptometry1639214828
Mark R. Kapperman, Od Pc 37421, TNOptometry1821125485
Cox Vision Center Pc 37312, TNOptometry1134258338
Pete And Marietta Vestal Ptrs 37745, TNOptometry1366572570
Patrick D. Shorter 37659, TNOptometry1013047166
Keith Family Vision Clinic 37615, TNOptometry1801927546
Total Eye Care P A 38119, TNOptometry1851423669
Mills Optometric Associates, Pc 37643, TNOptometry1669505939
Riolan Marbun 37211, TNOptometry1871627729
West Tennessee Eye, Plc 38053, TNOptometry1760516017
Robert Patterson 37312, TNOptometry1003931965
Karin Moore 37312, TNOptometry1669597514
Kelli Jackson 37312, TNOptometry1619092574
Optometry Unlimited, Llc 37015, TNOptometry1114043197
Patrick Fitzgerald Od Pa 37862, TNOptometry1851417380
Thomas E. Townsend O.d. 38242, TNOptometry1831215417
Optometry Unlimited, Llc 37211, TNOptometry1114043189
Sites Vision Clinic 37040, TNOptometry1235256512
Excel Eyecare Pc, Inc 37388, TNOptometry1316064983
Keylon Eyecare, Pc 37303, TNOptometry1457478158
Eye Care Centers Pllc 37763, TNOptometry1558488262
Primary Eyecare Group, P.c. 37027, TNOptometry1760500821
2001 Vision Center Pc 38116, TNOptometry1578615571
Well Child Of Georgia, Pllc 38104, TNOptometry1740655158
Drake Eye Care And Eyewear 37128, TNOptometry1942653803
University Eye Specialists, P.c. 37922, TNOptometry1821153768


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Q: What is a NPI number?
A: As per CMS, a National Provider Identifier (NPI) is a unique identification number for covered health care providers, which was created to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of electronic transmission of health information.

Q: How does NPI number registration work? How do I get, apply, or register for a NPI number? Is there an easy way of obtaining an NPI number?
A: As per CMS, the most convenient method of registering for a NPI number is to visit NPPES and follow the on-screen instructions. If you have any questions during the registration process, you may contact NPI customer service at 1-800-465-3203.

Q: Is there any easy-to-read NPI number list or a list of NPI numbers?
A: There are several lists that you may find online, but an example of an official one is from CMS, which allows you to view certain data using table-like interfaces. An NPI number search can also be performed via the NPPES NPI registry.

Q: What is my profession's NPI number? How about my group NPI number? And my medical NPI number?
A: The NPPES NPI registry is the official website for finding / locating and verifying your NPI number and related details. Our website does indeed utilize NPPES data as one of its sources and we encourage you to explore all possible sources for NPI verification.

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