Providers with Taxonomy: Optometry in the state of Texas

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Optometry
in the state of Texas:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Mark Gerard Carolan 78130, TXOptometry1073516241
Robert Brian Yeaman 76048, TXOptometry1134122260
Jeremy Liam Danson 78611, TXOptometry1962405134
Martin Joseph Baumohl 77388, TXOptometry1629071865
Dan Bailey 78611, TXOptometry1740283944
Christopher David Cheyne 76048, TXOptometry1831192962
Kathleen E Goff 79903, TXOptometry1144223058
Tony Yu Tao 75013, TXOptometry1710980479
William Lee Aston 76179, TXOptometry1275536005
Melissa Ann Aston 76179, TXOptometry1619970431
Mark G Lloyd 75701, TXOptometry1184627044
Juan Jose Barajas 78572, TXOptometry1134122088
Kenneth Ray Falknor 79903, TXOptometry1073516910
Larry W Falknor 79903, TXOptometry1891798534
Han Cheng 77204, TXOptometry1083617682
Jan Bergmanson 77204, TXOptometry1902809627
Deborah Bernay 77571, TXOptometry1992708606
Roger Boltz 77204, TXOptometry1316940950
Apeameokhai Philip Aitsebaomo 77045, TXOptometry1710980438
D. Rudolph Black 77204, TXOptometry1508869215
Teresa Ramirez 77204, TXOptometry1801899505
Robert Bailey 77204, TXOptometry1932102621
Karen Ebling Oglesby 77056, TXOptometry1144223637
Sara Brown 77056, TXOptometry1932102571
Timothy P Kret 76107, TXOptometry1669475182
Tim P Kret Od, Pa 76135, TXOptometry1922001445
Danielle Gardner 77204, TXOptometry1699778084
Tonya Ketcham 77204, TXOptometry1902809338
Ralph Herring 77204, TXOptometry1417950841
Nicole Hooper 77204, TXOptometry1841293297
Kathryn Keyzer 77204, TXOptometry1881697217
Mary Montemayor Morales 77008, TXOptometry1376546796
Karen Fern 77204, TXOptometry1912900317
Kimberly Lambreghts 77204, TXOptometry1538162839
Russell Malik 77061, TXOptometry1588667869
Ruth Manny 77204, TXOptometry1922001205
Jill Autry 77401, TXOptometry1922001270
Seema Nanda 77074, TXOptometry1568465813
Marcus Piccolo 77204, TXOptometry1184627416
Amber Gaume Giannoni 77204, TXOptometry1689677064
Samuel Hanlon 77204, TXOptometry1023011400
Jill Liu 77380, TXOptometry1073516324
Christopher D Allee 77401, TXOptometry1154324408
Julie Ann Jackson 77024, TXOptometry1760485106
Randall Jose 77204, TXOptometry1477556819
Norman Leach 77204, TXOptometry1689677981
Danica Marrelli 77204, TXOptometry1609879980
Bronwen Mathis 77204, TXOptometry1013910389
Laurel Masin 77204, TXOptometry1447253711
Jerrad Scott Mills 77536, TXOptometry1104829464
Randall N. Reichle 77401, TXOptometry1477556736
Swati Modi 77204, TXOptometry1548263809
Shawn Muldoon 77057, TXOptometry1356344618
Rhonda Jo Manuel 77355, TXOptometry1225031578
Vu K Nguyen 77505, TXOptometry1457354706
Joy Annalee Bate 76020, TXOptometry1275536518
Phillip Brandon Brunson 77002, TXOptometry1265435507
Katrina Parker 75390, TXOptometry1700889045
Anastas Pass 77004, TXOptometry1972506210
Honour L Cessac 78746, TXOptometry1417950759
Lloyd Pate 77204, TXOptometry1316940653
Ana Perez-franco 77204, TXOptometry1649273988
David Perrigin 77204, TXOptometry1912900242
Judith Perrigin 77204, TXOptometry1467455790
William Miller 77204, TXOptometry1548262835
Stephen Mcdaniel 75033, TXOptometry1427050715
Joy Rosner 77479, TXOptometry1689676868
Gregory Stephens 77204, TXOptometry1831193176
Stephanie Tom 77204, TXOptometry1235131376
George Steed 77204, TXOptometry1407858657
David Matthew Way 77379, TXOptometry1316941669
Sam Quintero 77008, TXOptometry1639171945
Richard Redfield 77034, TXOptometry1336141522
Padhmalatha Segu 77204, TXOptometry1780686956
Lanny Shulman 77204, TXOptometry1114929387
Janice Wensveen 77204, TXOptometry1104820471
Cathy Ann Norton 75225, TXOptometry1932101995
Charles Robert Gibson 77598, TXOptometry1205830262
Cameron Smith 77204, TXOptometry1043214018
William Robert Chafin 79109, TXOptometry1033113972
Mona Younes 77450, TXOptometry1801890777
Eye Vision Care Pllc 77024, TXOptometry1619428919
James Walters 77204, TXOptometry1063416923
Michelle Steenbakkers 77204, TXOptometry1972507663
Michael D Conte 76135, TXOptometry1417951179
Teresa Brewer Lutz 77598, TXOptometry1962406496
Suzanne Wickum 77204, TXOptometry1386648731
Stanley Woo 77204, TXOptometry1265436612
Lee Anne Collins 77504, TXOptometry1629072103
Kevin Lin Gee 77459, TXOptometry1932104171
Bruce Allen Krawiecki 77338, TXOptometry1821093014
Paul Michael Mann 77338, TXOptometry1366447559
Debra Currie 77204, TXOptometry1255336442
Matthew Charles Morello 77450, TXOptometry1699770883
Dana Marie Ondrias 77002, TXOptometry1871598060
Amanda Louise Hunt 77327, TXOptometry1912902156
Nancy Prevost 78738, TXOptometry1770588964
Robert Bruce Schuchert 77494, TXOptometry1386649150
Michael A Orozco 78240, TXOptometry1568467298
Perla Venette Bermudez 79830, TXOptometry1659376374
Amy Diane Smith Rasmussen 75033, TXOptometry1376548099
Earline P. Morse 77002, TXOptometry1700881547
Medical Center Ophthalmology Associates 78240, TXOptometry1659376226
Robert Earl Brumbelow 77340, TXOptometry1982600474
Karl Michael Ermis 77437, TXOptometry1972509461
Geoffrey Christopher Calaway 77027, TXOptometry1497751986
Gary Lewis Buettner 77024, TXOptometry1922004415
David Bradley Beeler 77535, TXOptometry1093711582
Berkeley Eye Liberty, Lp 77575, TXOptometry1205832649
Berkeley Eye Institute, Pa 77027, TXOptometry1740286186
Robert Lee Reid 77069, TXOptometry1033115365
Russell Owen Bond 77377, TXOptometry1942206271
David Adrian Garza 77027, TXOptometry1194721423
Matthew C Snyder 77316, TXOptometry1487650628
Shuk-bing Susie Mehta 77546, TXOptometry1518963792
Brenda K Byrd 76102, TXOptometry1376549600
Michael L Bond 76234, TXOptometry1093711293
Emile B Fadel 78759, TXOptometry1972509164
Micheal T Wingard 78550, TXOptometry1932105020
Angela M Ahrens 75069, TXOptometry1629074612
Norman Lee Smith 78411, TXOptometry1720084882
Sean Christopher Healey 76102, TXOptometry1437155462
James Wachter 63011, TXOptometry1689670697
David Dixon Golden 75935, TXOptometry1568468585
Charles Wade Hollas 77010, TXOptometry1831195890
Joseph M Constable 75231, TXOptometry1598762197
Michael Eugene Lawson 78411, TXOptometry1467459024
James D Hamilton 79424, TXOptometry1396741955
Thomason J Shirey 76108, TXOptometry1740287234
John M. Nevelow 78258, TXOptometry1710984067
Mark Allison Little 75601, TXOptometry1699772863
Gregory Lorkowski 75225, TXOptometry1083611164
Reza Davoodabadi Farahani 77069, TXOptometry1063419042
Cristian Radaneata 78363, TXOptometry1992702864
Thi Truong Le 78705, TXOptometry1124025911
Thomas Koepke 76018, TXOptometry1598219784
Charles P Mcgonagill 75773, TXOptometry1063419778
Joshua S Hooper 75701, TXOptometry1154328870
Victor T Chu 77084, TXOptometry1083612725
Donald Dean Derryberry 75287, TXOptometry1194722082
John K Deaton 75702, TXOptometry1497752109
John T Ardill 75766, TXOptometry1700883428
William E Mccaleb 78751, TXOptometry1184622649
Martin, Wedel & Bullard, O.d., P.c. 76031, TXOptometry1245238815
Martin, Wedel & Bullard, O.d., P.c. 76065, TXOptometry1437157047
Jessica Sumrall 76908, TXOptometry1568869881
Shannon M Wong 78759, TXOptometry1497753040
Mitchel Wong 78751, TXOptometry1659379204
Karl L Wedel 76033, TXOptometry1235137811
Heath L Bullard 76033, TXOptometry1174521769
Traci L Kuykendall 76033, TXOptometry1811995418
Martin Wedel & Bullard, O.d.,p.c. 76665, TXOptometry1467450072
Joe R Martin 76033, TXOptometry1285632786
Corwin A Brown 76033, TXOptometry1801894308
Richard E Nieman 78751, TXOptometry1770581175
Antonio E Hachem 77904, TXOptometry1306844709
Westheimer Vision Associates, Pc 77042, TXOptometry1013910058
Kia Eldred 77204, TXOptometry1427056787
Wade Allen Konvalin 75078, TXOptometry1386642635
Dallas County Hospital District 75235, TXOptometry1649278995
Dipak T Patel 75034, TXOptometry1841298973
Lindsay Bond 76234, TXOptometry1396743662
William R Burges 78009, TXOptometry1437157690
Carey A Patrick 75002, TXOptometry1104824242
Dana Craig Ziskrout 77429, TXOptometry1720086663
Jorge San Martin 78207, TXOptometry1811995780
James H Moser 75503, TXOptometry1972502763
Aaron Erdmanczyk 78215, TXOptometry1578562377
David Orrin Peters 78644, TXOptometry1073511838
Harry Ha Tran 77521, TXOptometry1679571459
Katherine Prichard Hyde 77340, TXOptometry1407855232
James Noel Baker 76248, TXOptometry1295734010
Hans Oosterbaan 78624, TXOptometry1245239953
Agnes Lorraine Palys 78228, TXOptometry1831198548
Mark Allen 75503, TXOptometry1245239904
Nancy Elhitamy Amir 78240, TXOptometry1568461242
Julie Baker Anderson 64086, TXOptometry1609875988
Matthew Hildebrand 76018, TXOptometry1932677101
Wallace R Ryne 76092, TXOptometry1164421319
Anthony G Eby 78404, TXOptometry1568461762
Casey N Holdridge 76092, TXOptometry1457350605
Larry D. Gunnell 76308, TXOptometry1265431340
Craig Eye Associates 75654, TXOptometry1003815945
Amador Flores 78041, TXOptometry1851390736
Dai Dinh Bui 77096, TXOptometry1184623050
James Oevermann 77433, TXOptometry1972503746
Landon Lance Liska 78504, TXOptometry1396745998
Mark Robert Hanson 76012, TXOptometry1962402412
Bright Eye & Vision Consultants, P.a. 77478, TXOptometry1386644854
Helen Shirley Kuo 77096, TXOptometry1831199363
Edward Fong 77478, TXOptometry1023018306
Judy M. Yep 75235, TXOptometry1760482020
Erika P Densmore 79424, TXOptometry1962402131
Hans M. Kell 77339, TXOptometry1194725382
E. Bean 76053, TXOptometry1265432249
Adam Matthew Pratt 78666, TXOptometry1770583767
Richard Duwayne Rowe 75428, TXOptometry1235130188
Northwest Eye Associates 77008, TXOptometry1154322022
Stephen G. Hlis 76801, TXOptometry1811998503
Jill Marie Haven 78746, TXOptometry1265433924


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Q: What is a NPI number?
A: As per CMS, a National Provider Identifier (NPI) is a unique identification number for covered health care providers, which was created to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of electronic transmission of health information.

Q: How does NPI number registration work? How do I get, apply, or register for a NPI number? Is there an easy way of obtaining an NPI number?
A: As per CMS, the most convenient method of registering for a NPI number is to visit NPPES and follow the on-screen instructions. If you have any questions during the registration process, you may contact NPI customer service at 1-800-465-3203.

Q: Is there any easy-to-read NPI number list or a list of NPI numbers?
A: There are several lists that you may find online, but an example of an official one is from CMS, which allows you to view certain data using table-like interfaces. An NPI number search can also be performed via the NPPES NPI registry.

Q: What is my profession's NPI number? How about my group NPI number? And my medical NPI number?
A: The NPPES NPI registry is the official website for finding / locating and verifying your NPI number and related details. Our website does indeed utilize NPPES data as one of its sources and we encourage you to explore all possible sources for NPI verification.

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