Providers with Taxonomy: Optometry in the state of Utah

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Optometry
in the state of Utah:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Lynn Rex Purcell 84337, UTOptometry1013910397
Dale F Hardy 84095, UTOptometry1356343487
Jeffery Donald Graf 84770, UTOptometry1184628091
Jeffry Reed Ricks 84790, UTOptometry1871599225
Jason William Hauck 84790, UTOptometry1548266992
Lawrence Michael Zubel 84026, UTOptometry1053319525
David P. Lewis 84302, UTOptometry1487653218
Richard J. Bigler 84302, UTOptometry1235138066
Michael Merlin Judkins 84405, UTOptometry1699774026
Russell B Jackson 84631, UTOptometry1922008663
Jeffrey Paul Tipton 84041, UTOptometry1366443079
Dallin W. Rice 84020, UTOptometry1467444273
Rick W Winward 84663, UTOptometry1750373411
Traer Gary Caywood 84604, UTOptometry1164414744
Robert Bradley Rice 84020, UTOptometry1740272319
Ryan J Mortensen 84095, UTOptometry1003818576
Roger M Pickering 84043, UTOptometry1770577058
Scott H Kowallis 84066, UTOptometry1861487050
Jon Preston Wilson 84066, UTOptometry1760477731
Roosevelt Vision Clinic, Pc 84066, UTOptometry1710973052
Andrew Perry Rockwood 84414, UTOptometry1487641213
Michael Marty 84107, UTOptometry1497743942
Joseph Patrick Mcfadden 84056, UTOptometry1295724151
Roy Raymond Gibson 84405, UTOptometry1104816743
Stephen Gerard Reinhart 84056, UTOptometry1366432841
Phillip Anthony Plothow 84604, UTOptometry1235110149
Terry H Berner 84111, UTOptometry1295716538
William J Bogus 84106, UTOptometry1265414569
Stacy Lynn Rencher 84067, UTOptometry1265414163
Berner Eye Clinic, Inc 84111, UTOptometry1902889165
Jeffrey L Broadhead 84095, UTOptometry1306829569
Mark T Hunt 89030, UTOptometry1457334740
Steven Orland Tuttle 84513, UTOptometry1912981036
Frank Louis Salimeno 84403, UTOptometry1659355212
Kevin Mark Ellsworth 84341, UTOptometry1669457024
Steven J Weaver 84003, UTOptometry1487630588
Greg M. Pickett 84403, UTOptometry1639155617
Nathan Ray Green 84115, UTOptometry1821076555
Dane F Dansie 84403, UTOptometry1770562985
Keith W. Linford 84403, UTOptometry1275512493
Nolan Jepsen 84041, UTOptometry1437129681
Jeffery J Thatcher 84780, UTOptometry1750351979
Charles Henry Kinney 22182, UTOptometry1124004338
Dell C Morris 84604, UTOptometry1619947991
Mike Mitchell 84107, UTOptometry1851362339
Robert F Gray 84043, UTOptometry1790757904
William Carlan Reese 84097, UTOptometry1790757110
Robert Murray Wilkes 84010, UTOptometry1093788184
Esplin Eye Center Llc 84660, UTOptometry1649245333
Kevin Jay Fromm 84003, UTOptometry1659347144
Steven C Taggart 84720, UTOptometry1386612810
Craig J Cutler 84102, UTOptometry1720056161
Michael C. Dorius 84737, UTOptometry1235107434
Paul A. Paxman 84003, UTOptometry1124097068
Robert Harding Meek 84088, UTOptometry1356310940
Robert Lynn Simmons 84003, UTOptometry1689633877
Stuart K Allan 84741, UTOptometry1114986270
Richard L Luekenga 84701, UTOptometry1891754933
Darin R. Cummings 84627, UTOptometry1306805007
Todd J Lewis 84604, UTOptometry1801856976
Steven B Sargent 84070, UTOptometry1508839770
Dale A Woodfield 84403, UTOptometry1386612919
Kenyon B Anderson 84655, UTOptometry1043280555
Mathew Gene Findlay 84107, UTOptometry1255391090
Robert Warren Keller 84115, UTOptometry1376503730
Robert S. Briggs 84060, UTOptometry1063472538
Douglas Stewart Satterfield 84097, UTOptometry1255392569
Lanny F Duclos 84074, UTOptometry1508827262
Stuart I Anderson 84107, UTOptometry1750342564
Michael S Peterson 84106, UTOptometry1528020955
Chad H Campbell 84107, UTOptometry1083676845
Russell M Miller 84770, UTOptometry1730141375
Christopher Mark Troxel 84120, UTOptometry1023071214
Roland Espeleta Abundo 84047, UTOptometry1013970235
Bart Paul Hamblin 84097, UTOptometry1326001124
Kenneth E Hooton 84003, UTOptometry1144285925
Lori K. Hooley 84003, UTOptometry1780649566
Roland K Monson 84604, UTOptometry1811952799
Denmark R Jensen 84041, UTOptometry1538127170
Scott Roberts Haderlie 84302, UTOptometry1386694677
Daniel Mark Weir 84106, UTOptometry1578513727
Steven Charles Dewey 84123, UTOptometry1063462810
Alan Hastings 84341, UTOptometry1679523245
David Nelson Later 84093, UTOptometry1710938071
Maria L Rhazi 84058, UTOptometry1811948805
Jason Edward Holmes 84088, UTOptometry1194776005
Shopko Stores Operating Co. Llc 84088, UTOptometry1679525109
Carrie Ann Palmer 84404, UTOptometry1265484620
Shopko Stores Operating Co. Llc 84604, UTOptometry1982656419
Shopko Stores Operating Co. Llc 84041, UTOptometry1790737229
Shopko Stores Operating Co. Llc 84341, UTOptometry1609828136
Shopko Stores Operating Co. Llc 84123, UTOptometry1861444010
Shopko Stores Operating Co. Llc 84107, UTOptometry1437101698
Shopko Stores Operating Co. Llc 84093, UTOptometry1346292505
Shopko Stores Operating Co. Llc 84404, UTOptometry1790737955
Shopko Stores Operating Co. Llc 84106, UTOptometry1568415339
Shopko Stores Operating Co. Llc 84302, UTOptometry1700839545
Shopko Stores Operating Co. Llc 84120, UTOptometry1588617351
Shopko Stores Operating Co. Llc 84058, UTOptometry1396798161
Shopko Stores Operating Co. Llc 84010, UTOptometry1205889078
Shopko Stores Operating Co. Llc 84660, UTOptometry1114970985
Shopko Stores Operating Co. Llc 84405, UTOptometry1295788065
Bruce Todd Childs 84020, UTOptometry1235194838
Robert P Wooldridge 84107, UTOptometry1013962828
Marizel M. Derby 84047, UTOptometry1619923794
Jerry Dale Carlson 84660, UTOptometry1982651287
University Of Utah Hospitals And Clinics 84119, UTOptometry1982642252
Shawn Page Murray 84010, UTOptometry1437199544
William L Harrison 84302, UTOptometry1124068788
Sandra Jolene Lehman 84060, UTOptometry1598708182
Mobile Eyecare Of Utah Llc 84044, UTOptometry1245274521
U Of U Rocky Mountain Ophthalmology 84107, UTOptometry1831134519
Department Of Ophthalmology Pediatric Division 84112, UTOptometry1467497156
Randy B Carter 84107, UTOptometry1174569990
Lincoln Dygert 84403, UTOptometry1336175298
Rich H Humpherys 84404, UTOptometry1275569444
Department Of Ophthalmology 84132, UTOptometry1851327415
Shaun Dean Larsen 84044, UTOptometry1073540167
James A Cope 84648, UTOptometry1780611954
Jerald T Jolley 84102, UTOptometry1538197330
James D. Sargent 84084, UTOptometry1942238670
Castle Valley Eyecare Pc 84513, UTOptometry1174551246
David Ivan Jones 84660, UTOptometry1427087741
Bruce T Potts 84003, UTOptometry1598794281
Stephen Charles Lewis 84119, UTOptometry1184653818
Paul Edward Reed 84302, UTOptometry1396792982
Jodie J Johnson 84065, UTOptometry1629001474
Visionworks, Inc. 84102, UTOptometry1649203381
Sherman H Peirce 84020, UTOptometry1164455317
Thomas Jefferson Schell 76308, UTOptometry1669406187
Camron John Bateman 84102, UTOptometry1902839905
David Kay Morrill 84074, UTOptometry1528085016
Loy D Brown 84721, UTOptometry1407873904
Michael Scott Croft 84770, UTOptometry1720007313
Daniel Wayne Pace 84010, UTOptometry1447271721
Bradley Dallas Freestone 84148, UTOptometry1134133960
John Marion Brand 84148, UTOptometry1184631475
Duane Lee Tanner 84047, UTOptometry1730197245
Kris Alfred Hill 84047, UTOptometry1043228554
Jeffery Lovell Mellor 84107, UTOptometry1518975226
Edwin C Winder 84074, UTOptometry1457369621
Angela D. Hill 84047, UTOptometry1982613865
Kerry Allen Okelberry 84084, UTOptometry1013928118
Brent Larry Croft 84770, UTOptometry1043222383
Frank A Siddoway 84604, UTOptometry1255343695
Kent S Albrecht 84770, UTOptometry1144232323
Jeffery D Graf Od Pc 84770, UTOptometry1558374173
Dr. Dale A. Woodfield And Associates, Llc 84405, UTOptometry1659384204
J. Ray Wirts 84107, UTOptometry1225141120
Ryan Earl Robison 84790, UTOptometry1679686547
Harold Brent Parker 84701, UTOptometry1063526432
Jeffrey L Cromwell 84341, UTOptometry1801902333
Wendy Nguyen 84148, UTOptometry1679953400
Ryan T Barlow Od Llc 84075, UTOptometry1700313236
Bradley Budge 84341, UTOptometry1851708846
Adam Larry Maddocks 84321, UTOptometry1922478239
Rhett D. Veater 84088, UTOptometry1154438182
Stephen Brockbank 84101, UTOptometry1508973397
Rory J. Christian 84720, UTOptometry1326158551
Chad L Rigtrup 84604, UTOptometry1821109059
Roger F Young 84120, UTOptometry1366554461
Adam Ray Hunt 84078, UTOptometry1184735961
Kerry Smithson 84123, UTOptometry1407968969
Richard James Houghton 84003, UTOptometry1336241926
Donald Wayne Baker 84084, UTOptometry1942302716
Barry Paul Cook 84501, UTOptometry1215031372
Samuel P Robison 84120, UTOptometry1982709937
Ronald M Pugh 84604, UTOptometry1013012715
Loran D Cook Md Pc 84604, UTOptometry1750487609
Gary C Slaugh 84403, UTOptometry1376649152
Allen D. Labrecque 84302, UTOptometry1770680399
Timothy Arthur Briggs 84302, UTOptometry1124125745
Neldon Scott Seitz 84078, UTOptometry1649377615
Reed Thomas Gibb 84770, UTOptometry1568569721
Gordon Alan Seitz 84078, UTOptometry1215034202
Michael D Conklin 84115, UTOptometry1013015650
Glen Claude Turner 84041, UTOptometry1316044209
Shaune Wallace 84765, UTOptometry1467550335
Conklin Eyecare Pllc. 84115, UTOptometry1174622922
Neil J Roberts 84057, UTOptometry1619077286
Jason Price Behunin 84058, UTOptometry1952401291
Shane Jensen 84759, UTOptometry1154422822
Standard Optical Co 84094, UTOptometry1073614582
Standard Optical Co 84010, UTOptometry1467553990
Standard Optical Co 84097, UTOptometry1093816548
Carlyle Derek Swain 84095, UTOptometry1184725632
Standard Optical Co 84118, UTOptometry1689775041
Ross Frandsen 84651, UTOptometry1760583223
Standard Optical Co 84074, UTOptometry1477654846
Standard Optical Co 84107, UTOptometry1508967977
Standard Optical Co 84403, UTOptometry1538260021
Standard Optical Co 84341, UTOptometry1215038724
Standard Optical Co 84088, UTOptometry1861593386
Standard Optical Co 84041, UTOptometry1760583298
Standard Optical Co 84790, UTOptometry1780785238
Tina C. Martin 84047, UTOptometry1821189689
Randall K. Winder 84790, UTOptometry1659462257
Craig W Vanleeuwen 84107, UTOptometry1427149905
William Scott Albrecht 84720, UTOptometry1427140417
James L Frost 84403, UTOptometry1740372846


Explanations of Terms and Helpful Links

Q: What is a NPI number?
A: As per CMS, a National Provider Identifier (NPI) is a unique identification number for covered health care providers, which was created to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of electronic transmission of health information.

Q: How does NPI number registration work? How do I get, apply, or register for a NPI number? Is there an easy way of obtaining an NPI number?
A: As per CMS, the most convenient method of registering for a NPI number is to visit NPPES and follow the on-screen instructions. If you have any questions during the registration process, you may contact NPI customer service at 1-800-465-3203.

Q: Is there any easy-to-read NPI number list or a list of NPI numbers?
A: There are several lists that you may find online, but an example of an official one is from CMS, which allows you to view certain data using table-like interfaces. An NPI number search can also be performed via the NPPES NPI registry.

Q: What is my profession's NPI number? How about my group NPI number? And my medical NPI number?
A: The NPPES NPI registry is the official website for finding / locating and verifying your NPI number and related details. Our website does indeed utilize NPPES data as one of its sources and we encourage you to explore all possible sources for NPI verification.

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