Providers with Taxonomy: Optometry in the state of Virginia

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Optometry
in the state of Virginia:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Peter Edward Wilcox 23072, VAOptometry1265435283
Gray W. Friedrichs 24112, VAOptometry1174526008
Jeetandra M. Athelli 20151, VAOptometry1902808181
Lisa Anderson 22066, VAOptometry1952303042
Donald Mac Scothorn 24019, VAOptometry1013911387
Charles C Pegram 24523, VAOptometry1740282839
Nancy Jane Graves 22192, VAOptometry1043214836
Cecilia Pursel Williams 22150, VAOptometry1649274457
Alice S. Oh 20190, VAOptometry1851395461
Shelly R Hayes 22405, VAOptometry1275537771
Forrest Lowell Haddock 23320, VAOptometry1508861550
Joshua Forest Shows 23229, VAOptometry1750386785
Valarie Simpson Jerome 23219, VAOptometry1265437164
Van Anh Thi Nguyen 20754, VAOptometry1922003748
Marcia K Leverett 23452, VAOptometry1578568283
Michael Briggs Bauman 24540, VAOptometry1457356297
Robbie D Sawyer 24219, VAOptometry1366447021
Kevin J Green 23220, VAOptometry1699770495
William B Hutcheson 20170, VAOptometry1376548024
Howard A Ossen 23464, VAOptometry1801891478
David W Weiss 22209, VAOptometry1366447872
Gregory Keith Lowe 30705, VAOptometry1598761991
Roxann L Robinson 23112, VAOptometry1851397244
Kevin Thomas Coolbaugh 24018, VAOptometry1306842695
Daniel P Gray 23227, VAOptometry1194721449
William R Waldron 23693, VAOptometry1386640308
Frank Benedict Villa 24502, VAOptometry1366448144
Michael Gary Cohen 22302, VAOptometry1093711640
Andrea Susan Bassi 23521, VAOptometry1912903683
Steve E Jacobs 24060, VAOptometry1033115779
James H Belcher 24641, VAOptometry1568468379
Jamie Clay Simmers 22602, VAOptometry1215933981
Walter Ernest Schlabach 22801, VAOptometry1871590455
Shari L Coolbaugh 24018, VAOptometry1649277229
Louis Ira Gordon 21701, VAOptometry1629075197
Edward Evans Crowe 24592, VAOptometry1740287176
Robert Michael Krym 22949, VAOptometry1760489843
Kenneth Bryce Gordon 23231, VAOptometry1497752208
Dawn Devaney Gammon 20190, VAOptometry1659379345
Chrystyna P. Kuzmowych 22066, VAOptometry1558368373
Denise Louise Paquin 20109, VAOptometry1447258934
Robert Lebo Bass 20110, VAOptometry1275531824
Courtney D. Thelen 22003, VAOptometry1639177108
Tammy Jane Panner 20109, VAOptometry1295733798
William C Holcomb 23322, VAOptometry1639177017
Floyd L Griffith 22576, VAOptometry1790783181
Susan K Crews 24541, VAOptometry1396743738
John E Crews 24541, VAOptometry1295733533
Ajit D Tiwari 23803, VAOptometry1053319293
Norman Miles Kahn 24551, VAOptometry1659379782
David Tang 23454, VAOptometry1922006998
Elina Blaha 23602, VAOptometry1770582108
Alan Gregory Toler 23225, VAOptometry1639178072
Nancie H. Nguyen-marynell 28273, VAOptometry1245239516
Gregory Matthew Schultz 23188, VAOptometry1801895891
Greg Wesley Mcgrew 20175, VAOptometry1386643344
Michael Caplan 22015, VAOptometry1780684563
Tuong-linh T. Hoang-braley 22204, VAOptometry1982604633
Ally Stoeger 20155, VAOptometry1366442063
Theodore M Hallberg 23321, VAOptometry1255331757
Paul Chmielewski 20175, VAOptometry1801896402
Brian Matthew Spittle 23113, VAOptometry1407856040
Thomas B Wood 20109, VAOptometry1144220419
Anne Meccariello 22015, VAOptometry1295735587
Kirk Randall Harris 22182, VAOptometry1104826387
Arthur Gregory Toler 23225, VAOptometry1902806060
Waiyen Chin 24540, VAOptometry1285634386
Jeffrey Adam Sterling 27834, VAOptometry1861492019
Thomas Schlater 23521, VAOptometry1073513099
Michael Edward Ford 24112, VAOptometry1922008952
Donna R Wike 28677, VAOptometry1114928132
George Nathan Butterworth 24112, VAOptometry1114928934
Frederic Alan Munz 27587, VAOptometry1912908872
Forchin Eyecare, P.c. 24541, VAOptometry1366443186
Neal S Jessup 24012, VAOptometry1972504645
Linda S. Pinsky 23298, VAOptometry1831190255
Scott E Gontarek 23320, VAOptometry1740281104
Ayesha Mecci Rahman 23502, VAOptometry1659372993
Allen Paul Lallande 24641, VAOptometry1164423208
George Thomas Rader 20176, VAOptometry1528069747
Nhi Nguyet Phan 46074, VAOptometry1508331018
Patricia Louise Testamark 23805, VAOptometry1902808710
Nina Javier Cox 23236, VAOptometry1093717936
Gontarek Optometric Consultants, Llc 23321, VAOptometry1396747879
Brian J Mcnerney 22601, VAOptometry1205828217
Robert R Mitter 21502, VAOptometry1841282910
Spring Luellen Plihcik 20374, VAOptometry1417949413
David R. Gore, O.d. P.c. 20169, VAOptometry1033101498
Caroline Hart 21045, VAOptometry1538151907
Stephen Lee Crawford 24401, VAOptometry1194717579
Thomas R. Cheezum 23510, VAOptometry1932191327
Charles Winston Harrill 23111, VAOptometry1851383186
Laura Li 23456, VAOptometry1003298829
Scott Douglas Burnop 24354, VAOptometry1295728103
H. Mike Johnson 27804, VAOptometry1841283702
Kenny Holloway 30120, VAOptometry1912990714
Thomas William Voglewede 24354, VAOptometry1053304618
Melvin E. Jackson 23455, VAOptometry1588657217
Patrick W.a. Ryan 23233, VAOptometry1497748016
David R Johnston 23230, VAOptometry1477546091
Amber Middleton Slagle 24151, VAOptometry1033103213
Bridget I Fath 20032, VAOptometry1245224476
William Scott Slagle 24153, VAOptometry1578557757
Amber Slagle Od Pc 24151, VAOptometry1548254733
James F Forrest 23665, VAOptometry1881688877
Nicole Swistak 20332, VAOptometry1720072630
William Overton Wills 22401, VAOptometry1083608061
Jeffrey Carter Michaels 23063, VAOptometry1174517726
Mark Aaron Lipton 23454, VAOptometry1023002557
Jerry J Deola 22193, VAOptometry1093709594
Jonathan Alan Gudeman 24153, VAOptometry1760477228
Stacy Trego 28262, VAOptometry1982699013
Jeffrey Robertson 23666, VAOptometry1720073869
Jeffrey Allen Dunn 23454, VAOptometry1295720423
Stacy Levinson 28273, VAOptometry1013902154
L. Woodrow Story 23238, VAOptometry1275528150
Cynthia Reynolds-temple 20781, VAOptometry1932194891
Beach Eye Care, Inc. 23454, VAOptometry1013902873
Shawn H Hobbs 23233, VAOptometry1295720019
Donald W. Lumpkin, Jr. 23060, VAOptometry1437144136
Morris Sheffer 28207, VAOptometry1306831003
Robert William Scherrer 23113, VAOptometry1518952134
William Robert Kossol 22407, VAOptometry1649266248
Debra L Bashkoff 23606, VAOptometry1144216730
Kenneth A Lebow 23462, VAOptometry1902892599
Richard N Douglas 23238, VAOptometry1033105515
Mary Lee Pemberton 22980, VAOptometry1003802422
Mark K. Meadows 23072, VAOptometry1104812536
Andrew S Miller 23452, VAOptometry1891781274
Huong T Nguyen-duong 22015, VAOptometry1326034711
Gemma C. Meadows 23072, VAOptometry1114913381
Steven Michael Laderberg 23464, VAOptometry1538155577
William W Royall 20110, VAOptometry1811984511
Katherine K. Won 22031, VAOptometry1649267279
Amanda Brewer-lord 24382, VAOptometry1679560254
Elena C Byrnes 20110, VAOptometry1033106638
James Andrew Miller 23320, VAOptometry1750378204
Nicholas Gerard Luthman 22601, VAOptometry1285621706
Margaret Marie Read 22134, VAOptometry1649267022
Tamara J Brothers 23452, VAOptometry1659368983
David Darnell Smith 22939, VAOptometry1265429328
Thomas H Tsai 22407, VAOptometry1518954619
Robie Harold Robinson 23112, VAOptometry1700873692
Kathleen Brady Moore 20121, VAOptometry1275521486
Lori Mandy Pennington 23502, VAOptometry1295723526
Sheebani Bathija Grewal 20190, VAOptometry1902894256
John Linton Press 23801, VAOptometry1629067285
Ronald M Cedrone 29732, VAOptometry1386633089
Theresa M. Shin 21045, VAOptometry1053300616
Matthew Louis Gada 23188, VAOptometry1578552097
David Michael Andrews 23831, VAOptometry1609865039
Michael Kent Haskett 24592, VAOptometry1215926647
Southside Eye Care Pllc 23321, VAOptometry1992794325
Diane Marie Wallach 23510, VAOptometry1497744791
Emery Ward 22182, VAOptometry1740279892
Christine Ware Cook 23455, VAOptometry1164411310
Keith Harvey Schmidt 22211, VAOptometry1538159355
Livia Ivette Perez 20307, VAOptometry1548250053
David Bruce Gorski 22211, VAOptometry1598755928
Angel L. Rivera 32308, VAOptometry1184614232
Michael K Haskett Od Pc 24592, VAOptometry1821088923
Carlos R Villa 32073, VAOptometry1942291901
Dr. James V. Cornetta Ltd 23704, VAOptometry1194716928
Peter G. Nardone 23226, VAOptometry1215928866
Laurel E/ Loukx 23226, VAOptometry1033100607
John R. Miksch 23226, VAOptometry1063403210
James Vincent Cornetta 23704, VAOptometry1689665861
Joseph Digirolamo 22903, VAOptometry1154302396
Michael Patrick Gowen 22801, VAOptometry1831170026
Janice Elaine Di Girolamo 22903, VAOptometry1568443737
Erdal Bekir Adam 22901, VAOptometry1861473050
Michael K Haskett Od Pc 23924, VAOptometry1649251695
Anita Lowe 30705, VAOptometry1457332470
Michael Perry Haedt 22060, VAOptometry1932180312
Lindi Marie Williams 24333, VAOptometry1053898726
Michael Joseph Digirolamo 22903, VAOptometry1144202797
Kelly Lynne Hale 20121, VAOptometry1336122761
William Anthony Hill 23460, VAOptometry1528041415
Myeyedr Optometry Of Georgia, Llc 30907, VAOptometry1689657322
George Worthy Pegram 23324, VAOptometry1740264662
Marc A Hudson 24450, VAOptometry1497730923
Cleo Herbert Smith 28025, VAOptometry1447235742
Wallace M Handeland 23452, VAOptometry1598740581
Earl M Pollock 23321, VAOptometry1427033174
David Arthur Haine 23005, VAOptometry1285619965
Jing Guo 22180, VAOptometry1487630067
Theresa L Batac 23505, VAOptometry1346226008
Robert P Seim 23452, VAOptometry1205812971
Catherine S Vugia 22044, VAOptometry1811973134
Charles Henry Kinney 22182, VAOptometry1124004338
Bruce J Keenan 22601, VAOptometry1932185022
Ha-phuong T Tran 22044, VAOptometry1518943539
Thomas Kent Wilcox 24018, VAOptometry1013993963
Michael G Sternberg 23185, VAOptometry1417933342
Brian Gerard Nichols 23665, VAOptometry1780661579
Veronica Butrese Fowler 23602, VAOptometry1982681797
Carla A Sappenfield 23606, VAOptometry1346227923
Abhner Roycee Wang 23456, VAOptometry1780661298
Jennifer K Gadams 23061, VAOptometry1598742009
Anh-thu Nguyen Phan 20120, VAOptometry1952388498


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Q: What is a NPI number?
A: As per CMS, a National Provider Identifier (NPI) is a unique identification number for covered health care providers, which was created to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of electronic transmission of health information.

Q: How does NPI number registration work? How do I get, apply, or register for a NPI number? Is there an easy way of obtaining an NPI number?
A: As per CMS, the most convenient method of registering for a NPI number is to visit NPPES and follow the on-screen instructions. If you have any questions during the registration process, you may contact NPI customer service at 1-800-465-3203.

Q: Is there any easy-to-read NPI number list or a list of NPI numbers?
A: There are several lists that you may find online, but an example of an official one is from CMS, which allows you to view certain data using table-like interfaces. An NPI number search can also be performed via the NPPES NPI registry.

Q: What is my profession's NPI number? How about my group NPI number? And my medical NPI number?
A: The NPPES NPI registry is the official website for finding / locating and verifying your NPI number and related details. Our website does indeed utilize NPPES data as one of its sources and we encourage you to explore all possible sources for NPI verification.

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