Providers with Taxonomy: Optometry in the state of Virginia

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Optometry
in the state of Virginia:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Michael Briggs Bauman 24540, VAOptometry1457356297
H. Mike Johnson 27804, VAOptometry1841283702
Thomas Kent Wilcox 24018, VAOptometry1013993963
Ann Groomer Moore 27612, VAOptometry1861463960
Jaime Renae Easton 22942, VAOptometry1780639351
Melissa A Barbor 20815, VAOptometry1477589042
Stephanie Corbin 27605, VAOptometry1124545603
Andrew Jason Harris 27858, VAOptometry1396830840
David A Mohrman 23230, VAOptometry1144309238
Jawad Daniel 10065, VAOptometry1841605730
Laura Leslie Brykczynski 20121, VAOptometry1750452926
Diana Tran Od 22101, VAOptometry1588729495
Erin C. Vogt Stromberg 23451, VAOptometry1184821472
Jennifer Dawn Partlow 28711, VAOptometry1588826424
Adriana Silvia Wiseman 22060, VAOptometry1982817151
Nickolas Wilson Clark 24134, VAOptometry1740478403
Helen Jacqueline Clark 24134, VAOptometry1972788610
Steven R Thurston 92020, VAOptometry1851520498
Joy C Tomko 23703, VAOptometry1366771024
Jimmy Chen, Od, Inc. 20120, VAOptometry1568756179
Emily Ngo Chen 20120, VAOptometry1760778799
Beverly Alana Brown 98072, VAOptometry1558611871
Lisa M Abraham 20147, VAOptometry1477897346
Stephanie Lyn Fisher 47405, VAOptometry1275938433
Jennifer D Luckie 20036, VAOptometry1942674197
Charles Gamboa 20006, VAOptometry1548675515
Rosemary Ying-hwa Liao 27617, VAOptometry1700258316
Jared Charles Tyhurst 24266, VAOptometry1467945931
Kaitlin Elizabeth Keyes 23301, VAOptometry1942794490
Kristin Stupiansky 20895, VAOptometry1912310673
Rebecca Lynne Kivlin 22031, VAOptometry1811369044
Anh Tram Nguyen 22033, VAOptometry1477807279
Ashwynn Halbert 22901, VAOptometry1801122866
Alyssa Shema 20105, VAOptometry1083139463
Michael G. Kwok, O.d. Pllc 22407, VAOptometry1093171225
Tyler Mcclarnon 27704, VAOptometry1376093245
Gregory Luke Johnson 22041, VAOptometry1295188290
Amanda Khalil 06877, VAOptometry1659808707
Andrew Hardison 23229, VAOptometry1770081465
Gargee A Patel 23226, VAOptometry1609396084
Robin Mcclenny Ayers 24502, VAOptometry1770517328
Sarah Marie Zink 24012, VAOptometry1699964189
Kathleen J Clark-gelburd 22980, VAOptometry1184660227
Allison Hatley Harris 27889, VAOptometry1649237223
Sean Dempsey 56303, VAOptometry1063863819
Eye Doctor Office, Inc. 22401, VAOptometry1033562814
Savannah Renea Sheets 24153, VAOptometry1235623216
Shannon Alisha Howell 24354, VAOptometry1861988610
Kathryn Rosa Johnson 24014, VAOptometry1467931246
Roshni A Patel 20147, VAOptometry1417437203
Julia E Pierce 22033, VAOptometry1811425705
Dr. James Komornik Llc 23518, VAOptometry1003385600
Arezou Azizaldin 20147, VAOptometry1225550742
Katherine K. Won 17112, VAOptometry1649267279
Cova Vision, P.c. 23322, VAOptometry1407413149
Stephanie Sonnenburg 24541, VAOptometry1144889585
Nguyen Waterman 20002, VAOptometry1528098415
Brittney Morales 45229, VAOptometry1306339734
Jediah William Harrison 24343, VAOptometry1962068379
Russell Beach 23320, VAOptometry1801818109
Abhner Roycee Wang 23456, VAOptometry1780661298
Melissa Jane Ogden 22206, VAOptometry1821657016
Jenna Elise Stoddard 20175, VAOptometry1184101602
Tabitha D Combes 37745, VAOptometry1750506127
Lenna Elizabeth Walker 23219, VAOptometry1679065254
Diana Tran 22401, VAOptometry1376567669
Gino J Bianconi 23322, VAOptometry1386129252
Nikita Aneja 02119, VAOptometry1861984031
Paul J Palisano 23226, VAOptometry1861408858
Katherine A. Schlieper 22903, VAOptometry1770011751
Amy Brooke Logan 35294, VAOptometry1235623281
Monique A Smyth 37215, VAOptometry1376035576
Anne Elizabeth Braim 23072, VAOptometry1093209942
Lindsey Kentner 45848, VAOptometry1396115606
Patricia A Youngquist 06477, VAOptometry1972650430
Keith James 22150, VAOptometry1235430992
Bhavita Patel 23113, VAOptometry1720557101
Russel E Bessell 23666, VAOptometry1487693883
Michael Patrick Bert 60035, VAOptometry1306844261
Corey Crouch 49002, VAOptometry1457912578
Rachel Lynne Willcoxon 23451, VAOptometry1306468269
Anthony Bardia Kouchak 22041, VAOptometry1518044924
Jeromica Bosshera Ward 38132, VAOptometry1295387629
Ruvina Ranasinghe 27612, VAOptometry1588163000
Emily A Bennett 24073, VAOptometry1245856970
Ariel J Taylor 22556, VAOptometry1598388001
Brooke Nicole Mathie 41017, VAOptometry1851959761
Kristy Lynn Campbell 23708, VAOptometry1437305976
Jeffrey H Doty 24541, VAOptometry1730158080
John Linton Press 22560, VAOptometry1629067285
Charles P. Gilchrist 22560, VAOptometry1245265313
Gurkiran Kaur Gulati Virdee 76039, VAOptometry1942604491
Michelle My Le 22315, VAOptometry1902356157
Sadia Karim 22025, VAOptometry1720428899
Purvi Gala 78045, VAOptometry1174605257
Julia Lam 20109, VAOptometry1710503198
Alicia E Kinch 22903, VAOptometry1275989642
Jennifer Lauren Steckenrider 12550, VAOptometry1154986057
Lauren Schwalb 92284, VAOptometry1629521570
Rasika Khatu Whitesell 28403, VAOptometry1750717336
Vivian Vuong 20165, VAOptometry1063075422
Jia Yu Liu 22903, VAOptometry1679128482
Derek Alan Black 30041, VAOptometry1114353232
Alan Mach Wong 22554, VAOptometry1245888932
Nina J. Cox, O.d., P.c. 23236, VAOptometry1740457753
Tracy A Dzibela 22560, VAOptometry1912096314
Devin Williams 23669, VAOptometry1548797715
Elizabeth Noel Distefano 25570, VAOptometry1639458276
Amy Marie Combs 22102, VAOptometry1760885800
Kayleen Dempsey 56379, VAOptometry1639622376
Logan Thomas Powers 20170, VAOptometry1629630439
Seth Gorman 23231, VAOptometry1629627559
Rajanish Setty 23111, VAOptometry1285824219
Vasuki Anandan 23111, VAOptometry1538350715
Michel Paul Kish 23111, VAOptometry1336257989
Gabriel Santos-delgado 00738, VAOptometry1760724777
David L East 24551, VAOptometry1235147364
Christopher R Testa 23111, VAOptometry1255581997
Deena T Falsetta 23451, VAOptometry1730158908
James Ronald Komornik 23518, VAOptometry1366971574
Ballston Optometry, Llc 22203, VAOptometry1083779094
Martha Kalasky Overmeyer 23602, VAOptometry1346681749
Sherri L Becker 23666, VAOptometry1306809629
Eye Care Of Virginia, P.c. 22701, VAOptometry1275809980
Erdal Bekir Adam 22939, VAOptometry1861473050
Christopher Norman Pierce Hansen 24740, VAOptometry1447332242
Kerry Keith Cline 24651, VAOptometry1922177823
David M Harman Md Llc 24551, VAOptometry1306950431
Lindsay Jung 85295, VAOptometry1487062709
Michael James Collins 22601, VAOptometry1669931077
Camille R. Singh 85374, VAOptometry1982034401
Kristyn Marie Goff 23502, VAOptometry1841878782
Miranda A Collins 37874, VAOptometry1639308778
Forchin Eyecare, P.c. 24541, VAOptometry1366443186
Gontarek Optometric Consultants, Llc 23321, VAOptometry1396747879
David R. Gore, O.d. P.c. 20169, VAOptometry1033101498
Michael K Haskett Od Pc 24592, VAOptometry1821088923
Dr. James V. Cornetta Ltd 23704, VAOptometry1194716928
Michael K Haskett Od Pc 23924, VAOptometry1649251695
Southside Eye Care Pllc 23321, VAOptometry1992794325
Anh thu N. Phan, Od, Pc 22031, VAOptometry1528045077
Pegram & Cornetta P L C 23517, VAOptometry1770558561
Dulles Eye Associates 20176, VAOptometry1144289661
David A Gladwell Od Inc 24523, VAOptometry1922060979
Nancy Coppic Clark Od 24540, VAOptometry1447218524
Mark Rodammer Od Pc 23847, VAOptometry1104884477
Dominion Eye Care Pllc 23502, VAOptometry1093762965
Cornea Consultants, P.c. 22102, VAOptometry1396789673
May & Hettler, Od Pc 22310, VAOptometry1386689081
Adam H Madison Odpc 22401, VAOptometry1518993641
Dr Ralph A Swetlow Ltd 22041, VAOptometry1326075862
Sushil K Jain Od Pc 22101, VAOptometry1033140793
Peter E. Wilcox, Od, Plc 23072, VAOptometry1144250804
Peter Guhl Plc 23692, VAOptometry1932145349
Dr. Lauren Lucas & Associates 23294, VAOptometry1538524509
Blue Ridge Eye Associates Pc 24450, VAOptometry1043240278
Daniel Poth O D And Associates P C 22182, VAOptometry1154354041
Eyecare Salem, Inc 24153, VAOptometry1073545539
Hal W Breedlove Od Pc 23454, VAOptometry1346273877
Insight Vision Care Inc 21601, VAOptometry1467485763
Piedmont Ophthalmology Clinic, Inc 24541, VAOptometry1255365573
Drs Record & Record Optometrists Pc 22911, VAOptometry1073539490
Riverside Physician Services Inc 23606, VAOptometry1083630651
Riverside Physician Services Inc 23666, VAOptometry1962428532
Dr. Roy W. Whitehouse, P.c. 23824, VAOptometry1932128220
Fs Optometry Llc 20147, VAOptometry1104848050
Dr. James A. Mcclellan, P.c. 23901, VAOptometry1922021807
Riverside Physician Services Inc 23602, VAOptometry1962425884
Crystal Eye Care,inc 22202, VAOptometry1083637466
Dr Finleys Family Eyecare Optometrists Pc 20170, VAOptometry1568486223
Euphemia Huggins Williams Od Pc 23225, VAOptometry1669487062
Eye Doctors Of Richmond, Pllc 23226, VAOptometry1497763437
Premier Eyecare, Angela Tsai, O.d. And Associates, P.c. 22405, VAOptometry1134137086
William R Kossol Od Pc 22407, VAOptometry1669482600
Drs Gilbert & Farley Odpc 23834, VAOptometry1497765739
Stephen S Jennings Od Llc 23228, VAOptometry1558373621
Friedrichs Family Eye Center Pc 24531, VAOptometry1285647891
Friedrichs Family Eye Center Pc 24112, VAOptometry1114939378
Virginia Eyecare Llc 24614, VAOptometry1710991708
Visual Health Doctors Of Optometry 22150, VAOptometry1386186138
Robert Seim Od, Pc 23452, VAOptometry1801903745
Northern Neck Eye Center Od Pc 22576, VAOptometry1790892750
Adam P Parker Od Pc 23112, VAOptometry1871601021
Zoe Inc. 23608, VAOptometry1619087608
Jonathan R Noble Od And Associates Pllc 23005, VAOptometry1972614170
Stephen S Jennings Od Llc 23116, VAOptometry1396848891
Medical & Surgical Eye Specialists Inc 23502, VAOptometry1851495139
Johnson Curran Optometry Centers Pc 24012, VAOptometry1487750683
Richmond Mobile Optometry, Pc 23113, VAOptometry1376649954
The Eye Place Optometry, P.c. 23113, VAOptometry1548366123
N2 Eyes Comprehensive Optometry Inc 23601, VAOptometry1780782011
Wally Betton Od Llc 24078, VAOptometry1982705448
Dr. Blake Mitnick, Optometrist, Plc 24091, VAOptometry1013018423
Patterson Eye Clinic Optometrists Pc 23226, VAOptometry1376644278
Larry N London Od Pc 22203, VAOptometry1295826220
Gontarek Eye Care Optometrists Llc 23320, VAOptometry1801987912
Eye Care Christiansburg Inc 24073, VAOptometry1619068640
Central Virginia Eye Specialists 23294, VAOptometry1376634014
The Eye Specialists Ltd 23455, VAOptometry1720179104
Dr. Karen E. Boro And Associates 24018, VAOptometry1063504538


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Q: What is a NPI number?
A: As per CMS, a National Provider Identifier (NPI) is a unique identification number for covered health care providers, which was created to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of electronic transmission of health information.

Q: How does NPI number registration work? How do I get, apply, or register for a NPI number? Is there an easy way of obtaining an NPI number?
A: As per CMS, the most convenient method of registering for a NPI number is to visit NPPES and follow the on-screen instructions. If you have any questions during the registration process, you may contact NPI customer service at 1-800-465-3203.

Q: Is there any easy-to-read NPI number list or a list of NPI numbers?
A: There are several lists that you may find online, but an example of an official one is from CMS, which allows you to view certain data using table-like interfaces. An NPI number search can also be performed via the NPPES NPI registry.

Q: What is my profession's NPI number? How about my group NPI number? And my medical NPI number?
A: The NPPES NPI registry is the official website for finding / locating and verifying your NPI number and related details. Our website does indeed utilize NPPES data as one of its sources and we encourage you to explore all possible sources for NPI verification.

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