Providers with Taxonomy: Optometry in the state of Washington

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Optometry
in the state of Washington:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Angie Nguyen Pham 98406, WAOptometry1528511573
Steven J Park 98233, WAOptometry1730306374
Dina Hamideh 85022, WAOptometry1235268061
Windy Chen 92083, WAOptometry1518190123
Jasmeen Kaur Bhangu 98034, WAOptometry1780209304
Christine H Le 98037, WAOptometry1053692905
Encore Eye Care, Inc 98037, WAOptometry1922377753
Washington Visionary Eyecare Pllc 98275, WAOptometry1629671599
Molli A Dutra 98506, WAOptometry1710013263
Victoria Tammy Kung 98493, WAOptometry1295110195
Sepideh Pourpirali Sabet 98248, WAOptometry1366907321
Ryan Beck 98031, WAOptometry1104289792
Jennifer Phuong-uyen Nguyen 98042, WAOptometry1255680781
Seth Etan Bronstein 98037, WAOptometry1538652573
Joseph Sheng Zhu 95066, WAOptometry1356750798
Linda Tran Chau 98409, WAOptometry1457843773
Huong Le Fearington 98686, WAOptometry1992064596
Tessa Delaney 99501, WAOptometry1518495191
Kyle Crance 99156, WAOptometry1114372000
Cody Good 98270, WAOptometry1124642475
Christina Leigh Bailey 98373, WAOptometry1861855389
Crystal Vision Care, Pllc 98037, WAOptometry1639557952
Carol Kim 98037, WAOptometry1700084456
Kathy Thu Quynh Nguyen 98409, WAOptometry1194347674
Emily Yuwen Liu 98493, WAOptometry1265847990
Joshpal Singh Gill 98225, WAOptometry1962026419
Angela Rachel Barnes 97502, WAOptometry1699260513
Frederick Satkowiak 98431, WAOptometry1235103789
Lawson Jones, Inc. 98057, WAOptometry1467700567
Nathan J Ho 98409, WAOptometry1093207110
Sara Nichol Bresnahan 02891, WAOptometry1568659845
Kimberly Pandiangan 98059, WAOptometry1992297493
Benjamin David Crowell 98188, WAOptometry1316252190
Tri Minh Pham 98506, WAOptometry1386997856
Jason Thomas Hair 99352, WAOptometry1366730210
Jessica Vuong 98037, WAOptometry1821549072
Nicole Shams 98052, WAOptometry1942582440
Kirkland Vision Center, Llc 98033, WAOptometry1578999215
Aida Mekouar 98112, WAOptometry1154661791
Flynt E Davies 98502, WAOptometry1447875661
Ashley Nicole Calvert 97103, WAOptometry1104486356
Joshua Clermont 98037, WAOptometry1174971337
Sylvianne Youngblood 98087, WAOptometry1295396257
Patrick Sung 98037, WAOptometry1033722988
Lauren M Talbert 98271, WAOptometry1366824344
Christine Stabile 78236, WAOptometry1720063126
Mill Creek Family Eyewear 98012, WAOptometry1922633270
Alana Nicole Curatola 98133, WAOptometry1922487669
Joseph I-fine Lee 98033, WAOptometry1346683349
Valley Eye And Vision Clinic , Pllc 98837, WAOptometry1881236909
Allison Moy 98059, WAOptometry1013320217
Anna C Wohlgemuth 14701, WAOptometry1578898656
Rebecca Jourdan 76017, WAOptometry1710331160
Joseph John Theodore Renaud 98584, WAOptometry1952926636
Christopher R Cannon 98531, WAOptometry1811195977
Tina Zhu 85308, WAOptometry1568957884
Amanda Gable 99201, WAOptometry1699000778
Enjoli Oleeta Cooke 83843, WAOptometry1457793507
Vida Kazempour Matanagh 98004, WAOptometry1356750111
Catherina Min 98007, WAOptometry1124469275
Rebekah W Louie 98332, WAOptometry1467892174
William S. Fine 98004, WAOptometry1598812372
Jan T Hajnosz 98004, WAOptometry1144378423
Jeffrey S Mcfeely 98004, WAOptometry1427101500
Lauren Lock 98101, WAOptometry1467860932
Andy C Lai 98188, WAOptometry1689234577
Ana Maria Zeek 98103, WAOptometry1902363195
Sandy Wong-tran 98188, WAOptometry1669060836
Allison Kuo 97239, WAOptometry1740816768
Roosevelt Vision Source, Pllc 98115, WAOptometry1235109182
Eric John Bergstrom 98109, WAOptometry1588687040
Michael L Giese 98125, WAOptometry1639366354
Dr. Yousim Chhim Llc 98106, WAOptometry1841448073
Sea Mar Specialty Dental Group 98004, WAOptometry1568981470
Yousim Chhim 98106, WAOptometry1699708305
Lauren Anne Hansen 64506, WAOptometry1285049767
Wen Jen L. Lawson 98506, WAOptometry1881714228
Lisa Noriko Dote 98201, WAOptometry1962658476
Jon Charles Converse 98383, WAOptometry1356523807
Stuart B. Frank 98115, WAOptometry1831242601
Sarah Marie Gabrielson 98374, WAOptometry1679821177
Larry Edward Otwell 98112, WAOptometry1750487898
Alanna Louie 98027, WAOptometry1144678772
Derek Sturtevant 98597, WAOptometry1275885519
Patricia S. Daly 98366, WAOptometry1356408678
James Albert Moore 98383, WAOptometry1336117290
Spanaway Eyecare, P.s. 98433, WAOptometry1346574290
Denis R Holmes 99207, WAOptometry1114913589
William C Gimness 99218, WAOptometry1346307055
Brandon Mcfadden 99216, WAOptometry1821402066
Lindsay Sue Kleinschmit 99205, WAOptometry1447772041
Optic One Eye Care Centers Of Spokane Pc 99207, WAOptometry1801948013
Mel L Lindauer 99207, WAOptometry1275634206
Emily Murphy Korszen 99216, WAOptometry1932551975
Haley Vision Center, Pllc 83814, WAOptometry1598319337
Brayden Petersen 83864, WAOptometry1932767753
Alyanna Acala Schild 99218, WAOptometry1750839742
Carolyn Grout Gonzales 99202, WAOptometry1285721076
Valerie Sachiko Kitamori 96740, WAOptometry1548512874
Mckenzie Suzanne Fogarty 98115, WAOptometry1063995181
Bradley Jansen 99201, WAOptometry1376998310
Benjamin Grant Nielson 99201, WAOptometry1598295149
Kristine Thompson 99208, WAOptometry1568816718
Tapuwa L. Chikwinya, Pllc 98406, WAOptometry1194336602
Joel R. Tuttle 97321, WAOptometry1336322056
American Healthy Vision Clinic 98001, WAOptometry1902330343
Kristin Francies 98506, WAOptometry1326574641
Aimee Liu 98188, WAOptometry1013371384
Dr. Mai X. Nguyen & Associates, Pllc 98027, WAOptometry1679851737
Allison Zimmer 98801, WAOptometry1275815359
Kristen Lambert 54701, WAOptometry1306121454
Chynna Rachael Tang 97239, WAOptometry1942786082
Robert Gilbert 98604, WAOptometry1215389721
Sydney Kapp 97015, WAOptometry1487290763
Sonya Tran 98604, WAOptometry1508423997
Jodi M. Moore-weiss 55905, WAOptometry1003036427
Vally Moua 98604, WAOptometry1295258986
Dana Spearin 98908, WAOptometry1659725547
Janet L. Huber 98837, WAOptometry1598768731
Jay L Huddleston 98221, WAOptometry1396748174
Suzanne Therese Zamberlan 98685, WAOptometry1396748620
Michael Kalani De Rosier 99006, WAOptometry1518960954
Judy Chan 98662, WAOptometry1801899117
William Joseph Prothero 98007, WAOptometry1144223405
Mark Christopher Barry 98007, WAOptometry1326041666
Matt W. Conner 98908, WAOptometry1477555704
Edward Seungho Lee 98001, WAOptometry1083616288
James C Simmons 98188, WAOptometry1578567483
Dale K. Graf 98942, WAOptometry1881698793
Kevin Y Hirano 98072, WAOptometry1215931001
Darren L Thorsen 98631, WAOptometry1720082415
Gregory Greer 98409, WAOptometry1184626301
Jeremy Kyle Marcuson 99006, WAOptometry1356345078
Benjamin Scott Chudner 98310, WAOptometry1063416485
Laura A. Toepfer 98390, WAOptometry1619972809
Marlene J. Inverso 98506, WAOptometry1295730307
Ronald Lee Scaman 98631, WAOptometry1821093741
Kenneth Charles Dahlin 98409, WAOptometry1699770461
Michael J. Mckinney 98310, WAOptometry1114922184
Tiffany Joy Hollenbeck 98104, WAOptometry1669477725
Aaron D Qunell 98942, WAOptometry1477558336
Duane Lewis Zink 99205, WAOptometry1205831476
Happy Hong 10016, WAOptometry1427052984
Dennis W Goodman 98383, WAOptometry1639175011
Charles A. Wardle 98632, WAOptometry1649277245
Paul Scott Jensen 98057, WAOptometry1891792370
Overlake Eyecare, Ps 98007, WAOptometry1770580086
Nils W. Ohlsen 99037, WAOptometry1457358657
Erick Albert Hartman 98466, WAOptometry1700883824
Jeffrey Bernard Sutro 98036, WAOptometry1619974771
John D. Kivle 99204, WAOptometry1376541110
Tara Lynn Pinske Backus 98683, WAOptometry1821096116
Philip Thomas Williams 98223, WAOptometry1467459511
Jennifer J. Kerns 99204, WAOptometry1144228982
Mitchell J.v. Maier 99204, WAOptometry1306844154
Alan Johnson 99204, WAOptometry1851399679
Edward Henry Kosnoski 98031, WAOptometry1891794509
George B Symonds 98362, WAOptometry1124028782
Edward Michael Kosnoski 98031, WAOptometry1942200415
Mark H Cohn 98008, WAOptometry1407856735
Pamela J. Chin 98105, WAOptometry1669472908
Todd L. Richardson 98684, WAOptometry1346240512
David A Cantley 99352, WAOptometry1689674863
Donald A Travis 99336, WAOptometry1881694941
Alan Paul Chous 98466, WAOptometry1851391866
Rhonda Swanson 98226, WAOptometry1093713828
Brett G Bence 98133, WAOptometry1821097056
Michael A Hsu 98115, WAOptometry1790785251
Elizabeth Klasch Chous 98466, WAOptometry1760482772
Donald A Carroll 98356, WAOptometry1265433510
Paul F. Hartkorn 98841, WAOptometry1114928694
Denise Marie Iversen 98332, WAOptometry1346241544
Stephanie Kitamura 98005, WAOptometry1366444069
Gary E Smith 98030, WAOptometry1285626143
Mark George Mceathron 98225, WAOptometry1972595551
James H. Grimes 98502, WAOptometry1104818814
Rodney Alan Windhorst 98258, WAOptometry1962494609
John E Lange 98382, WAOptometry1659363281
Michael Dennis Erickson 98029, WAOptometry1093707556
Curtis R. Baxstrom 98003, WAOptometry1699767285
Roy W. Hinze 98902, WAOptometry1932191236
Bruce T. Williams 98101, WAOptometry1790777001
Garard Melvin Gustafson 98354, WAOptometry1114919420
Joel Scott Jansen 98404, WAOptometry1558353862
Steven J. Davis 99362, WAOptometry1558354704
Harry Walter Wiessner 99362, WAOptometry1386637668
Jasmin K Dhesi 98104, WAOptometry1679566103
Earl Mark Ryder 99202, WAOptometry1700879335
Barbara June Hetrick 99362, WAOptometry1710971528
Jerry Raymond Jones 98373, WAOptometry1467446211
Wesley Richard Herbert 99403, WAOptometry1639163389
John Leigh Otto 98133, WAOptometry1811981418
John Iwao Kikuchi 98104, WAOptometry1437143922
Milton Paul Herman 98856, WAOptometry1407841919
Charles J Clayton 98005, WAOptometry1487649810
Patricia Murphy Keech 98133, WAOptometry1023003381
Dale L Tosland 98502, WAOptometry1285629485
Robert V Glaze 98005, WAOptometry1386639490
Kerri W. Scarbrough 98072, WAOptometry1699760744
Richard S Green 98042, WAOptometry1184619132


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Q: What is a NPI number?
A: As per CMS, a National Provider Identifier (NPI) is a unique identification number for covered health care providers, which was created to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of electronic transmission of health information.

Q: How does NPI number registration work? How do I get, apply, or register for a NPI number? Is there an easy way of obtaining an NPI number?
A: As per CMS, the most convenient method of registering for a NPI number is to visit NPPES and follow the on-screen instructions. If you have any questions during the registration process, you may contact NPI customer service at 1-800-465-3203.

Q: Is there any easy-to-read NPI number list or a list of NPI numbers?
A: There are several lists that you may find online, but an example of an official one is from CMS, which allows you to view certain data using table-like interfaces. An NPI number search can also be performed via the NPPES NPI registry.

Q: What is my profession's NPI number? How about my group NPI number? And my medical NPI number?
A: The NPPES NPI registry is the official website for finding / locating and verifying your NPI number and related details. Our website does indeed utilize NPPES data as one of its sources and we encourage you to explore all possible sources for NPI verification.

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