Providers with Taxonomy: Optometry in the state of West Virginia

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Optometry
in the state of West Virginia:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Larry Wayne Carr 26170, WVOptometry1508869298
Jeffery Lee Whittington 25302, WVOptometry1710980107
Joseph M. Bannon 26003, WVOptometry1821090184
Richard B. Stender 26175, WVOptometry1205830551
University Physicians & Surgeons, Inc. 25701, WVOptometry1003810557
Thomas A Stout 26505, WVOptometry1336144294
Martin B Gresak 26505, WVOptometry1417952037
James W. Herman 25526, WVOptometry1376548974
Gregory Allen Browning 25530, WVOptometry1477559599
Terry S Mangold 26726, WVOptometry1689671877
Michelle Renee Wickline 26426, WVOptometry1174521850
David Barry Morrison 25404, WVOptometry1710984109
Martin Wayne Carpenter 26554, WVOptometry1417956210
Theodore D Kress 26330, WVOptometry1346240413
Timothy Shawn Stephens 26101, WVOptometry1619979630
Carrie Kimble Stephens 26101, WVOptometry1285636084
Douglas Frederick Ritchie 26105, WVOptometry1255333829
Mark C Brown 25705, WVOptometry1811980949
Rebecca V St Jean 25309, WVOptometry1215922174
Jerry Allan Lantz 26104, WVOptometry1407842529
David W. Harshberger 26155, WVOptometry1225024235
Lynn Ellen Engle-laneve 25311, WVOptometry1659367498
Dennis Wayne Hedrick 25311, WVOptometry1871580548
Mark D Robinson 26501, WVOptometry1780671917
Frank Salvatore Decaria 26062, WVOptometry1750378790
Michael R Looper 26501, WVOptometry1891782629
Brett K Radow 25276, WVOptometry1154315992
Craig Clifton Hyre 26241, WVOptometry1992795835
Adrienne Melgary 26070, WVOptometry1497745384
Edward Clifton Hyre 26241, WVOptometry1447240205
Mason Edward White 25601, WVOptometry1689665671
Robert N. Christen 26175, WVOptometry1215919188
Steven W Odekirk 25064, WVOptometry1972585669
Terry L Williams O D Inc 26038, WVOptometry1053393645
Sherry Lee Knotts 26354, WVOptometry1013990241
Sarah Yates Taylor 25303, WVOptometry1063403459
Travis Taylor 25303, WVOptometry1134110851
David Brent Gomez 25801, WVOptometry1174512453
Jack Wayne Harvey 21502, WVOptometry1326020850
Scott Lauer 26101, WVOptometry1538142039
Vicki Lauer 26101, WVOptometry1245213743
Donald Raymond Taylor 26003, WVOptometry1932183175
Daniel D.t. Farnsworth 26452, WVOptometry1952385536
Neill R Marshall 26155, WVOptometry1770560674
Donald G King 25271, WVOptometry1306823299
Craig Arthur Liebig 26301, WVOptometry1164400891
Hobart J Seese 26501, WVOptometry1437137890
Joseph Winfred Myers 26041, WVOptometry1063491082
Everett S Coffman 25143, WVOptometry1063491983
Byron J Nibert 25901, WVOptometry1760461727
John F. Wiles 25177, WVOptometry1942289418
Charles Waitkus 25801, WVOptometry1083694129
Beth Ann Esposito 26330, WVOptometry1356321525
Joy Hovick Kissel 24870, WVOptometry1952371122
Kevin Todd Kissel 24874, WVOptometry1770553943
Thomas E Griffith 25177, WVOptometry1093785115
William F. Johnston, 25405, WVOptometry1891765830
Donald Alan Seibert 25569, WVOptometry1699745174
Nunya Corporation 26571, WVOptometry1245203900
Christine R Mize 26164, WVOptometry1235104480
Jesse Ben Mize 26164, WVOptometry1235104068
Adam W. Casseday 26280, WVOptometry1144296286
Donald Kenwood Taylor 24701, WVOptometry1861460354
Harry F. Anderson 25276, WVOptometry1659340206
Nancy A Collins 24901, WVOptometry1427017656
David G Clarke 25801, WVOptometry1255391595
Belinda D Russell 25705, WVOptometry1699735829
Scott J Henry 25301, WVOptometry1982664116
Joseph Audia 26426, WVOptometry1679535777
Stephen Glenn Bailey 25504, WVOptometry1699737759
Fairmont Eye Care Inc 26554, WVOptometry1104889971
Philip Marc Wilmoth 26554, WVOptometry1427011360
Mitchell Lee Koerber 26187, WVOptometry1801851316
Matthew Gene Cordes 25704, WVOptometry1861457392
Mark James Cinalli 26101, WVOptometry1376508549
John A Stavrakis 26105, WVOptometry1578521407
Joseph L Trupo 26241, WVOptometry1306804596
Vision Associates, Inc. 25177, WVOptometry1003864976
Donald Michael Manzo 26105, WVOptometry1578511382
Lana Marie Mohr 26105, WVOptometry1518915347
Malinda Lucky Flores 26351, WVOptometry1154370492
Rusty Joe Weaver 26105, WVOptometry1386692770
Jesse Ben Mize Iii & Christie Mize Ptr 26164, WVOptometry1881643583
Charles D. Field 25801, WVOptometry1760433916
Burton L. Abel 26201, WVOptometry1932159555
Tasso S Butler 24901, WVOptometry1205888757
Melissa Louise Leoni 25504, WVOptometry1184675746
Walter Seth Ramsey 25301, WVOptometry1689626509
Mark Edward Holliday 25801, WVOptometry1457304701
Eye Doc Inc 25143, WVOptometry1962455261
David Ross Holliday 25801, WVOptometry1881647113
Mark Dale Cox 25504, WVOptometry1619921244
Ronald David Frame 26101, WVOptometry1609831874
Joanna Gail Frame 26101, WVOptometry1750346300
Lauer Vision Inc. 26101, WVOptometry1801840087
Gino Francis Abruzzino 26301, WVOptometry1114967718
M F Anwar Md Inc 26041, WVOptometry1548201247
Edward Mcdonald 26038, WVOptometry1043252893
Mark J Cinalli Od Faao Pllc 26351, WVOptometry1285677013
M F Anwar Md Inc 26456, WVOptometry1043255706
Dr. M. F. Anwar, Inc 26062, WVOptometry1811932445
Edmund Leo Prendergast 26651, WVOptometry1134165251
Matthew Rossland Ingram 26105, WVOptometry1801832225
M F Anwar Md Inc 26104, WVOptometry1013943653
M F Anwar Md Inc 25550, WVOptometry1073549598
M F Anwar Md Inc 26601, WVOptometry1295761534
Mark J Cinalli Od Faao Llc 26147, WVOptometry1053348284
Kissel Family Optometry, Inc. 24874, WVOptometry1275560179
Access Vision 25827, WVOptometry1174551196
M F Anwar Md Inc 26726, WVOptometry1598794059
Taylor Eye Associates, Pllc 25303, WVOptometry1508895475
Arnold P Tanguilig 25705, WVOptometry1891725099
Joey Matthew Weaver 26105, WVOptometry1760414312
Marlene B Mowery 25301, WVOptometry1831139419
Emily Mcneely Bosley 26836, WVOptometry1154354702
William Gerald Bosley 26836, WVOptometry1770516320
Brett Edward Zwolensky 26301, WVOptometry1396778460
Donna M Chaney 25130, WVOptometry1902830458
Gregory S. Moore 25309, WVOptometry1821023839
R Keith King 25271, WVOptometry1578598579
Robert William Powelson 26431, WVOptometry1619902822
Stephen L Gaal 25389, WVOptometry1376569384
Holly Laraine Sprout 45750, WVOptometry1316966823
Randal L Zink 26155, WVOptometry1043230790
Blue Ridge Eye Care, Inc. 24701, WVOptometry1649293473
Shirley Jean Willis 25901, WVOptometry1427062926
Zane Rene Lawhorn 24740, WVOptometry1184638413
Kent K Hall 25302, WVOptometry1952318156
Sandra H Whittington 25302, WVOptometry1417964891
David Michael Watson 25801, WVOptometry1851309199
Michael L Adkins 24901, WVOptometry1609885649
Cynthia Lynn Zwolensky 26323, WVOptometry1073523775
Joseph Christopher Yearego 26241, WVOptometry1558374082
Edward E Happe 26041, WVOptometry1740393727
Leon J. Pendracky 26062, WVOptometry1740395342
Carleton J Wood 25508, WVOptometry1548376098
Michael P Kucher 26062, WVOptometry1831203884
Laurie A Raab 26062, WVOptometry1174637128
Christopher Alan Stansbury 25301, WVOptometry1376569814
Cynthia Dawn Inman 24382, WVOptometry1215950472
Charles Robert Welshans Jr 26101, WVOptometry1124047964
Larry Earl Williams 26201, WVOptometry1205943487
David Scott Carpenter 24740, WVOptometry1164530754
Alan L French 25070, WVOptometry1073623831
Aristotle J Lysandrou 41101, WVOptometry1750491189
John Charles Myers 26041, WVOptometry1033221791
R Joe Weaver Od 26105, WVOptometry1770694390
Alicia D. Hanna 26501, WVOptometry1669584751
Monongahela Valley Association Of Health Centers Inc 26554, WVOptometry1790888766
Barbara A Sharps 26554, WVOptometry1598868713
Dr Larry W Carr Pc 26170, WVOptometry1356446082
Steven C. Wilson 25661, WVOptometry1538265178
Kelly Nicole Slater 45680, WVOptometry1811093024
Patricia Neal Ross 25876, WVOptometry1477659159
John D Janney 25901, WVOptometry1417055260
Kathlene Ferrell Harrington 24901, WVOptometry1922106376
Wing Christine Lam 26508, WVOptometry1619075587
William Alan Rada 25304, WVOptometry1790885655
Claudia C Morgan 26301, WVOptometry1538268578
White Eye Care Center Inc. 25601, WVOptometry1023118841
Richard Carl Rebuck 25438, WVOptometry1174614689
William J. Tomasik 26330, WVOptometry1295827178
George Frank Britton 24701, WVOptometry1225122963
Lonnie Kent Lucas 25601, WVOptometry1548355951
Randolph County Eye Care Center Pc 26241, WVOptometry1780779835
Jenna Louise Gongola 26241, WVOptometry1194810242
Chaney Eye Care Pllc 25130, WVOptometry1669569182
John Randall Harman 26807, WVOptometry1659461580
Melvin Lee Mann 25309, WVOptometry1861572885
Eli Dragisich Od Inc 26062, WVOptometry1407936925
Daniel Joseph Holovic 25801, WVOptometry1225110299
Harold Rose Od 25702, WVOptometry1740362524
Monongalia Eye Clinic Llc 26505, WVOptometry1992887731
Lee Richard Moore 25414, WVOptometry1306920913
Vision Health Care, Inc. 26554, WVOptometry1255416137
Nicholas Stephen Guzic 25401, WVOptometry1841375060
Patrick Mills Fleming 25401, WVOptometry1336224542
Robert Brian Pate 25309, WVOptometry1508941675
Cheryl Colleen Van Horn 26554, WVOptometry1649355520
Carrie Jo Fick 26554, WVOptometry1578648572
Terry L Williams 26038, WVOptometry1306922125
Complete Eye Care Pllc 26354, WVOptometry1730265562
James M Fick 26301, WVOptometry1942386958
Annette Marie Hoover 25414, WVOptometry1225115835
Optometric Physicians Of Parkersburg Inc 26101, WVOptometry1659459592
John Scott Pockl 26003, WVOptometry1548347776
Joseph M. Bannon Od Inc. 26003, WVOptometry1861571002
John William Barnes 26330, WVOptometry1316017262
Harry M Murray 26330, WVOptometry1801966775
Dr Craig Liebig O D Inc 26301, WVOptometry1477623312
Alvin Ginier 25504, WVOptometry1619085800
Greenbrier Vision Center Inc 25311, WVOptometry1699859157
Arabel E Hatfield 25601, WVOptometry1104902428
Stephen P Cassis Md 25304, WVOptometry1770663866
Gregory A Groves 26330, WVOptometry1386714889
John Philip Romans 25504, WVOptometry1588735450
Bosley Eye Care, Inc. 26836, WVOptometry1932271459
Dunbar Eye Associates 25064, WVOptometry1225101363
Daniel J Demarino 26301, WVOptometry1720153174
Dr. Donald K Taylor 24701, WVOptometry1003982588


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Q: What is a NPI number?
A: As per CMS, a National Provider Identifier (NPI) is a unique identification number for covered health care providers, which was created to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of electronic transmission of health information.

Q: How does NPI number registration work? How do I get, apply, or register for a NPI number? Is there an easy way of obtaining an NPI number?
A: As per CMS, the most convenient method of registering for a NPI number is to visit NPPES and follow the on-screen instructions. If you have any questions during the registration process, you may contact NPI customer service at 1-800-465-3203.

Q: Is there any easy-to-read NPI number list or a list of NPI numbers?
A: There are several lists that you may find online, but an example of an official one is from CMS, which allows you to view certain data using table-like interfaces. An NPI number search can also be performed via the NPPES NPI registry.

Q: What is my profession's NPI number? How about my group NPI number? And my medical NPI number?
A: The NPPES NPI registry is the official website for finding / locating and verifying your NPI number and related details. Our website does indeed utilize NPPES data as one of its sources and we encourage you to explore all possible sources for NPI verification.

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