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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Charles D Farrell IAOral Surgery1063497766
James R Morgan IAOral Surgery1184609026
Bruce Evan Partnoy SDOral Surgery1487639316
Daniel Lew IAOral Surgery1699750539
Jane Marie Daly MDOral Surgery1245215193
John Joseph Mennitt MDOral Surgery1316922263
Robert Michael Buxbaum MAOral Surgery1952386609
Louis Allora NJOral Surgery1497731129
Martin Edward Eichner PAOral Surgery1992781512
Daniel S Sarasin IAOral Surgery1518943174
Nathaniel D Tricker VAOral Surgery1114903739
Jeffrey Gerald Ant IAOral Surgery1881670412
Kurt Jeffrey Westlund IAOral Surgery1821074477
Jack Capodice ILOral Surgery1053397612
Mohammad Baghaei-rad NYOral Surgery1649256173
Eric Ryan Smiga PAOral Surgery1861478455
Craig A Wagley OHOral Surgery1235115833
Brian Byung Chang VAOral Surgery1457337982
Ngozi N Etufugh NYOral Surgery1598741043
Kimberly A Ebner Dds Inc CAOral Surgery1801872395
Richard Lee Johnson TNOral Surgery1174509665
Jeffry R Shaefer MAOral Surgery1306822606
Sarah Lawson WAOral Surgery1801872114
Glenn N Gorab NJOral Surgery1700862059
Charles R Griffith PAOral Surgery1235115569
Michael Paul Gress PAOral Surgery1497731723
Raymond Carl Trop PAOral Surgery1083690358
Teresa A Morgan IAOral Surgery1356327712
John R Van Heukelom IAOral Surgery1891771960
David Efaw ILOral Surgery1700862877
Donald Marvin Phillips SCOral Surgery1174509319
Deepak Kademani MNOral Surgery1356327431
Eugene E Keller MNOral Surgery1437135498
Frank Brown Strickland VAOral Surgery1598741548
Samer Dar TXOral Surgery1477539435
Richard Alan Laing PAOral Surgery1710963699
David Allen Pulsipher CAOral Surgery1750367751
Willard William Wentz VAOral Surgery1770569691
Herbert C Manry VAOral Surgery1265418198
Scott A. Drooger MOOral Surgery1225015068
Michael Roger Kahn PAOral Surgery1033195938
James J Osetek MIOral Surgery1003892944
Peter Theoharidis MAOral Surgery1831176494
Alexandria Oral Surgery Associates Llp Oral Surgery1588641096
James Immanuel Midtling MNOral Surgery1194702647
Thomas Philip Englert PAOral Surgery1891772323
Ralph Szilagyi CTOral Surgery1578540043
Barry J Agranat Dmp Pc MAOral Surgery1629055017
Paul F Fitzgerald MAOral Surgery1851378442
Georgina Camillo MAOral Surgery1326025883
William Henry Logan NCOral Surgery1508843913
Joseph Dylan Bowles TXOral Surgery1922085331
Christopher Andrew Blount MAOral Surgery1710964028
J Victor Ehrens PAOral Surgery1114904331
Brian L Gallagher MEOral Surgery1407833668
Stuart A Schwartz PAOral Surgery1558348623
T. William Evans OHOral Surgery1699752758
Casey Patrick Leser WIOral Surgery1659358893
James Joseph Closmann TXOral Surgery1568449700
Mark Richard Baus COOral Surgery1003893249
Dale R Bays MNOral Surgery1326025461
James Dan Meehan NMOral Surgery1417934480
Dieter Werner Leipert PAOral Surgery1750368734
Michael Dotson Elliott AZOral Surgery1760469787
Joseph Won-joon Park SCOral Surgery1205813227
David Brian Tevepaugh SCOral Surgery1871570804
Heath Mcalvin Stewart SCOral Surgery1164409058
James Lemon SCOral Surgery1518944404
Thomas J King IAOral Surgery1942287875
Kevin Rand Torske MNOral Surgery1760469696
E Frank Hancock NCOral Surgery1114905080
Timothy D Bonniwell NYOral Surgery1386622173
Matthew J Karban MNOral Surgery1174501092
Kenton C Nicholas COOral Surgery1407834120
Massachusetts General Physicians Organization, Inc Oral Surgery1801874573
James R Hughes MNOral Surgery1972581650
Robert C Pfeffle ALOral Surgery1164400669
Gregory A Zieman ALOral Surgery1699753111
Jeffrey M Gitelman DCOral Surgery1629056361
Barton George Bycroft KSOral Surgery1881672319
John I. Gray, Iii, Dmd, Psc KYOral Surgery1790763258
Robert H. Morris, Dmd, Psc KYOral Surgery1043298508
C. Allen Martin ALOral Surgery1003894536
Diane Jane Flint TXOral Surgery1922086230
Oral Facial Surgery Pa Oral Surgery1710965991
Michael G Ireland VAOral Surgery1316925696
Roger William Childress TNOral Surgery1467430538
Melissa A Hamilton MAOral Surgery1730167826
Dennis Morris Mahan ILOral Surgery1952389066
Gilbert Raoul Kleiff MIOral Surgery1396723375
Gilbert R Kleiff Dds Pc MIOral Surgery1467430439
William J Demsar NCOral Surgery1881672863
Karen Marie Keith ILOral Surgery1912985912
James B. Mazock TXOral Surgery1801875836
William Joseph Starsiak ILOral Surgery1073592093
Darrin James Violi KYOral Surgery1306825369
Matthew R Hlavacek MOOral Surgery1285613240
Joseph E Canzona ILOral Surgery1265411276
Michael P Powers OHOral Surgery1528047479
John Raymond Carlson VTOral Surgery1215916291
Thomas C Whittaker TNOral Surgery1194704171
Daniel Buchbinder NYOral Surgery1407835390
Loretta Ann Schueler MDOral Surgery1295714004
Frederick J Ciabattoni PAOral Surgery1740269687
Michael R Stohle ILOral Surgery1750360608
John J Ciabattoni PAOral Surgery1154300028
George Allen Nail TXOral Surgery1952380826
Kevin R. Riker SCOral Surgery1447239330
Milan John Jugan CAOral Surgery1063491785
John Joseph Richard ILOral Surgery1700865441
Thomas Blair Hines SCOral Surgery1720067416
James F Paul IAOral Surgery1467431213
Roger Rangarajan Thayer FLOral Surgery1558340232
Mitchell S Brookstone NYOral Surgery1992784748
Bruce John Bobofchak ILOral Surgery1700865284
Ryan Michael Bailey VAOral Surgery1588643068
Dan Wilbert Kaspar ILOral Surgery1730168212
William E Thornton TXOral Surgery1083693600
Micheal Anthony Williams TNOral Surgery1598744120
Jack W Pool TXOral Surgery1427037068
Michael A Casillas TXOral Surgery1407835069
Joseph M Huryn NYOral Surgery1023097409
San Antonio Surgical Arts, P.a. Oral Surgery1952380511
South Central Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery, Llc INOral Surgery1760461339
Andrew Alan Bookwalter MDOral Surgery1780663161
Thomas Herbert Simpson SCOral Surgery1891774162
Susquehanna Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery Oral Surgery1851370217
Jerry L Halpern NYOral Surgery1881673143
Lavan R Parker TXOral Surgery1063491462
Dorrance T Kelly CTOral Surgery1619956059
River Ridge Oral & Maxillofacial Surgical Center SDOral Surgery1376522714
The Center For Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery Oral Surgery1417936782
Daniel P. Clifford FLOral Surgery1144209412
Steven L. Thomas KSOral Surgery1801875109
Andrew C Hille SDOral Surgery1750360004
Howard Hancock Mohler INOral Surgery1689653834
Ronald Patrick Morris MIOral Surgery1821077090
David C Swiderski MNOral Surgery1356320576
Aric A Murphy MNOral Surgery1679552707
Kurt F. Martin KSOral Surgery1306825476
Robert D Hille SDOral Surgery1205815370
Kevin L Rieck MNOral Surgery1043299126
Ted A George TNOral Surgery1942289020
Thomas J Schugel KSOral Surgery1548249634
Kirk C Collier KSOral Surgery1306825401
Andrew M Rowan PAOral Surgery1932189099
Amy Douglas Field NHOral Surgery1922088087
Erwin H Wolf PAOral Surgery1821078981
Jeffrey David Stone MAOral Surgery1053391102
Donald D Dinello PAOral Surgery1255311205
Bruce W Albright KSOral Surgery1760462675
Tate Lott Viehweg UTOral Surgery1063492981
Fredrick A Menghini MNOral Surgery1801876792
Fredrick C Disque PAOral Surgery1871573857
James F Gustainis PAOral Surgery1093795080
Cynthia D Trentacosti PAOral Surgery1326028317
Stephen Joseph Hess NEOral Surgery1689654519
Michael Edward Werner WAOral Surgery1588644413
Thomas King Wilson KSOral Surgery1669452595
William R Baker MNOral Surgery1023098993
Laurier Mccravy FLOral Surgery1821078718
Jeffrey Ralph Vinton NCOral Surgery1538149117
Michael Kim Ban PAOral Surgery1962482562
David Bryan Powers NCOral Surgery1730169459
Joseph E Carlisle SCOral Surgery1063492791
Steven F Rodgers INOral Surgery1609856343
Fred J. De La Cotera, Dds ILOral Surgery1437139185
Howard J Sosna NJOral Surgery1073593729
Paul Kimball Hartmann VAOral Surgery1376523076
Hugh Marchmont robinson Dds Sc ILOral Surgery1578543245
Scott D Van Dam SDOral Surgery1407836992
Southpark Community Hospital Oral Surgery1275513798
William P Rieger WIOral Surgery1457331092
Edwynna Hale Miller KYOral Surgery1093795536
Thomas Allen Trowbridge MAOral Surgery1407836927
Mariam Alexes Hamidi WAOral Surgery1710967252
Rhonda Gail Carter SCOral Surgery1073593448
Mark Thomas Billman SCOral Surgery1235119504
Alan R. Hecht NJOral Surgery1790765014
Joel R. Efron NJOral Surgery1952381279
John S Foss MNOral Surgery1184604464
Marjorie J Risser SCOral Surgery1215917687
Clayton Scott Harper COOral Surgery1851371025
John Clifford Lasnetske WAOral Surgery1972573111
James Michael Solomon VAOral Surgery1669442828
Michael G Savage COOral Surgery1730159930
Jeffrey S. Dombrowski TXOral Surgery1023088143
Thomas Joseph Canaan VAOral Surgery1104896398
Robert E. Scheiber OHOral Surgery1457331662
John Michael Ray TXOral Surgery1164492344
Robert Bruce Felsenfeld MIOral Surgery1235109349
Steven J Tunick NYOral Surgery1407836604
Martin A Tahara MNOral Surgery1053381061
Richard G Long NCOral Surgery1760452551
Gary M Brousell NJOral Surgery1356311302
Mark Edward Ranschaert TXOral Surgery1689644536
Michael John Piccione GAOral Surgery1295705150
Albert W Parulis VAOral Surgery1003886912
Meadows Lutcavage Smith Vinton Fidler Long & Armstrong Pa NCOral Surgery1912977802
Kurt Gerard Hummeldorf CAOral Surgery1679543599


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