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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Sarah Irene Kuo MDOral Surgery1487877288
Saul Schweber MDOral Surgery1497044002
Stanley Watson Mcghee MDOral Surgery1871568840
Stewart Alan Bergman MDOral Surgery1508867599
Theodore Stuart Freedman MDOral Surgery1225139967
Timothy Eugene Simmons MDOral Surgery1982761045
Vandana Kumar MOOral Surgery1770817231
Victor Kit MDOral Surgery1225108863
William Henderson MDOral Surgery1134170251
William Webster Mitcherling MDOral Surgery1356336499
Timothy J Carrion MDOral Surgery1528153798
Oral & Facial Surgery MEOral Surgery1275642456
Northeast Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery Associates P.a. MEOral Surgery1255474698
R Dan Moore Dds Md Oral And Facial Surgery MEOral Surgery1609001676
Ahmed Messahel MEOral Surgery1083215404
Eron Charles Aldridge Oral Surgery1790911121
Jeffrey Steven Fister MEOral Surgery1760563910
John F Crowley MEOral Surgery1548297476
John S Largey MEOral Surgery1922333202
Mark Edward Grubb MEOral Surgery1518003094
Robert Danny Moore MEOral Surgery1669511374
William Alexander Deighan MEOral Surgery1073659538
Oral Surgery Center, S.c. Oral Surgery1245374362
Erich Herbst WIOral Surgery1285789495
Steven K. Anderson WIOral Surgery1265587497
Romeo N. Laureano, D.m.d., P.s.c. Oral Surgery1750552733
Romeo Nantes Laureano KYOral Surgery1538150016
Lanoka Shores Llc Oral Surgery1992118087
Kathy A Banks NJOral Surgery1124090212
Luis Cohen Rubin MAOral Surgery1861950040
New England Oral Surgery Pc VTOral Surgery1235572918
Barrington Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery ILOral Surgery1073780599
Jerome E. Schoen ILOral Surgery1114967205
John Walker Vangilder ILOral Surgery1639236755
Matthew R Asaro RIOral Surgery1124158589
Matthew Joseph Zielinski Oral Surgery1760831465
Craig S Cochran OKOral Surgery1811980170
Weronika Paulina Bluma PAOral Surgery1891110763
De Omilia Plastic Surgery Pc NJOral Surgery1164618435
David Z Evdokimow NJOral Surgery1508930678
Deryl Palmer Kipp MEOral Surgery1609103803
Ochsner Clinic Llc Oral Surgery1407848443
Richard Tipery Akin Dds Md Apc Oral Surgery1477630515
Walter J. Jung Professional Dental Corporation LAOral Surgery1659404077
Drs Towns Hornsby Regan And Casadaban LAOral Surgery1861691545
Doctors Charles Grady Hornsby Jr, Robert Leo Regan, And Michael Charle LAOral Surgery1649450594
Our Lady Of The Lake Oral Surgery Clinic Oral Surgery1073794731
Flanders Drive Properties Llc LAOral Surgery1104058049
David Werner Barnett Dds, Md, Llc Oral Surgery1760777288
David M Vieth Dds, A Professional Corporation Oral Surgery1992037758
Vinci Oral & Facial Surgery Inc LAOral Surgery1659401966
Andrei Marechek Oral Surgery1033539606
Andrew Frederick Wetterlind MNOral Surgery1871882480
Baker K. Vinci LAOral Surgery1194909705
Brian Nelson Dyess LAOral Surgery1609815380
Charles Grady Hornsby LAOral Surgery1407824204
David Werner Barnett LAOral Surgery1639211097
John Ben Ragusa LAOral Surgery1720354822
Lynn Joseph Philippe LAOral Surgery1407897150
Marshall Dexter Harrison LAOral Surgery1649321035
Michael C Casadaban LAOral Surgery1497723118
Michael Emile O'brien LAOral Surgery1407065162
Richard Tipery Akin LAOral Surgery1194996637
Robert Leo Regan LAOral Surgery1548238942
Tooley Morris Towns LAOral Surgery1720056120
William A Couvillion LAOral Surgery1740209139
Yasser Saad Alali LAOral Surgery1184059818
Battle Creek Oral And Maxillofacial Surgery MIOral Surgery1548443294
Longhorn Ranch Oral And Maxillofacial Surgery Pc MIOral Surgery1831546407
Gary Lee Zoutendam MIOral Surgery1225131782
James M Grubka MIOral Surgery1578648648
Jonathan Bonnet MIOral Surgery1447679444
Michael R Loudon MIOral Surgery1992880066
Farrel F Levasseur Pc MIOral Surgery1952438780
Farrel Francis Levasseur MIOral Surgery1528089778
Marc E Mulholland MIOral Surgery1417030388
Dr Richard K Akin Oral Surgery1457521163
Richard A Haimes Dds, Pc NYOral Surgery1144489121
Craig L Levine Dds Pc Oral Surgery1659573442
Andrew Bernard NYOral Surgery1063435790
Craig Lenard Levine NYOral Surgery1285774851
Richard A. Haimes NYOral Surgery1588706246
Ihor J Danko OHOral Surgery1760523211
Third Molar Inc PROral Surgery1750712162
Clinica Las Americas Guaynabo, Inc Oral Surgery1003033747
Adriana Del Llano Torres PROral Surgery1265778161
Angel M Otero PROral Surgery1629036744
Diego Alberto Gallardo PROral Surgery1003104464
Efrain E. Montanez Morales PROral Surgery1750707832
Johjanniesmagno Griffith PROral Surgery1235158825
Rafael E Ramirez Diaz PROral Surgery1467450809
Gaetano G Spinnato Dmd Md Llc NJOral Surgery1639409782
Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery Associates, Pc NYOral Surgery1598787624
Rallis Dentistry Of Bayside,pllc Oral Surgery1578684866
Nira Dwivedi NYOral Surgery1497935704
Peter A Rosa NYOral Surgery1861675233
Scott Goldstein NYOral Surgery1558408716
Gholam R. Zakhireh, Dmd TXOral Surgery1881051654
Baytown Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery Associates Oral Surgery1841590536
Bobby Hughes Dds Inc TXOral Surgery1588718670
Bernardo Roblesgil TXOral Surgery1790822286
Bobby Harold Hughes TXOral Surgery1154460285
Deeba Sarah Azhar TXOral Surgery1265739403
Daniel Schwartz, Dmd, Md, Llc Oral Surgery1740846559
Daniel M Schwartz OHOral Surgery1255624698
Edward Leigh Ruch OHOral Surgery1679671192
Michael S Hauser OHOral Surgery1275554065
Nicholas Kiplimo Bett PAOral Surgery1912141177
Robert S. Adkins, Dmd Psc Oral Surgery1659411825
Beaufort Oral And Facial Surgery, Llc SCOral Surgery1447769831
Port Royal Oral Surgery Pa SCOral Surgery1437365996
Aaron Partha Sarathy SCOral Surgery1184695355
Charles Thomas Quasney SCOral Surgery1235511890
Donald Marvin Phillips SCOral Surgery1174509319
Judd Ellis Partridge IDOral Surgery1588728646
Stephen Wilson Ferry SCOral Surgery1457469736
Thomas Blair Hines SCOral Surgery1720067416
Edward F Rod Jr, Dds, Inc. TXOral Surgery1366511339
R.m.phillips, D.m.d. And J.r.laughlin,d.m.d., Inc. TXOral Surgery1699003566
Greater Beaumont Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery, Pa TXOral Surgery1790199461
Billy D Sturrock, Dds, Pc TXOral Surgery1609917426
Arthur G. Howe TXOral Surgery1629286570
Billy Dwain Sturrock TXOral Surgery1952441990
Edward F Rod TXOral Surgery1174521843
Mark A Pigno TXOral Surgery1407941065
Mohamed A Ganni TXOral Surgery1679679666
Prashanth Ravi TXOral Surgery1356577175
Dcp Of Pennsylvania (beaver Valley), Inc. Oral Surgery1780656314
Atcheson Oral Surgery Llc PAOral Surgery1194911842
Ira David Atcheson PAOral Surgery1215906268
Dr. Mary Grote WIOral Surgery1740336114
Mary A Grote WIOral Surgery1629171962
Jeffrey Eskendri CTOral Surgery1912230533
Ahmad Ali Millwala Dmd Oral And Maxillofacial Surgery Co OHOral Surgery1285041186
Jon R. Ewig, Dds, Inc. OHOral Surgery1982650560
Cathy Berry Shaw OHOral Surgery1881920932
Jon Robert Ewig OHOral Surgery1720094246
Mikelle Louella Kernig GAOral Surgery1114004579
Beaverton Oral Surgeons Oral Surgery1811121932
Beaverton Oral Surgeons Equipment Llc Oral Surgery1730229774
Anthony B. Bouneff OROral Surgery1972643963
Michael Joseph Isaac OROral Surgery1578884912
Philip P Green OROral Surgery1518007582
Dr L E Syner And Dr W M Wine Assoc In Oral & Maxillofacial Surg Inc, Oral Surgery1346333168
Tkr Oral Maxillofacial Surgeons Corporation Oral Surgery1710518543
Dr. Joseph M. Duda WVOral Surgery1285742270
Drs Krajekian,brock,henderson & Diprisco Inc Oral Surgery1235546813
Drs. Krajekian,brock,henderson & Diprisco Inc Oral Surgery1194364398
Clarence Macdonald Worley GAOral Surgery1922080993
Glenn Artie Greene WVOral Surgery1356366611
Joseph Matthew Duda WVOral Surgery1972610509
Kristopher Neil Reynolds WVOral Surgery1700225141
Lawrence E Syner WVOral Surgery1952331357
Martin Ignacio Salgueiro WVOral Surgery1265654602
William M Wine WVOral Surgery1649204405
Bedford Assoc In Oral&maxillofacial Surgery TXOral Surgery1740423011
Errol Derouen TXOral Surgery1477609972
John Patrick Mcphillips TXOral Surgery1548251531
Marshall A. Baldassarre NHOral Surgery1659462216
Pavithra Soundarapandian TXOral Surgery1922348051
Stanley M Kerpel NYOral Surgery1942397120
Oral Surgery Associates P.a. MDOral Surgery1720315732
W. K. Smith & J. A. Smith, Pa Oral Surgery1346548245
Wksmith & Jasmith, Pa MDOral Surgery1215023288
Aaron James Vafakos MDOral Surgery1487732491
Charles Monroe Gongloff MDOral Surgery1184771578
Gary Merle Epstein MDOral Surgery1336293018
John Alexander Smith MDOral Surgery1821161191
Wilbur King Smith MDOral Surgery1275611105
Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeons Of The Midcoast MEOral Surgery1760586135
Cynthia Ann Battel MEOral Surgery1578778767
Saewon Alta Oh Dds Inc Oral Surgery1366064891
Bernard B. Natkin, D.m.d. Oral Surgery1891838397
Phillip T. Iero, Md, Dds, Pa TXOral Surgery1669640595
Ayman Chritah TXOral Surgery1457483372
Bernard Boris Natkin TXOral Surgery1124138177
Deborah Lee Cooper-newland TXOral Surgery1689679227
Heamo Lee Koo TXOral Surgery1548465610
James R Newland TXOral Surgery1689638355
Phillip T Iero TXOral Surgery1497722664
David Bulot LAOral Surgery1225204837
Pranathi Vangapalli Reddy MOOral Surgery1538321583
Belleair Oral Surgery And Implants, Pllc FLOral Surgery1720380207
Southern Illinois Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery, Ltd. ILOral Surgery1538180617
Center For Oral And Maxillofacial Surgery, P.c. ILOral Surgery1801000443
Oral Facial Surgery Institute Of Il. P.c. Oral Surgery1740697333
Edgar J Breda ILOral Surgery1497742407
Glenn A Miller ILOral Surgery1922198118
Kenneth C Pinkerton ILOral Surgery1396835583
Michael R Hesterberg ILOral Surgery1184611212
Shea M Mccue ILOral Surgery1114185204
Bellevue Oral And Maxillofacial Surgery NEOral Surgery1467901405
Trippel & Audia, Pllc WAOral Surgery1700054913
The Center For Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery WAOral Surgery1992183594
Eastside Oral Surgery Associates Oral Surgery1588112957
Sea Mar Specialty Dental Group Oral Surgery1568981470
James M. Thomas, P.s. Oral Surgery1144760992
James C Rice And Robert J Dixey Dds Ps WAOral Surgery1265408108
Washington Jaw And Facial Surgery Pllc Oral Surgery1144797499
Clem C Pellett WAOral Surgery1922013507


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