Providers with Taxonomy: Oral Surgery in the state of California

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Oral Surgery
in the state of California:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Anthony Joseph Rega 94583, CAOral Surgery1588668206
Michael A. Arrow 94513, CAOral Surgery1134123623
Central Valley Dental Implant 93291, CAOral Surgery1467457465
David H. Crane, Dds, Inc 93230, CAOral Surgery1154326031
Robert E. Bell, Dds, Inc 93274, CAOral Surgery1841295730
Terry R. Wood, Dds, Inc 93257, CAOral Surgery1750386645
Craig Steven Morris 90703, CAOral Surgery1497750368
Parish Paymon Sedghizadeh 90089, CAOral Surgery1760488167
Donald Yuen Sze 90073, CAOral Surgery1972509685
Alexander Youngwhan Kim 92078, CAOral Surgery1457356057
Phillip M Seim 92270, CAOral Surgery1679570972
Stephen L Kreizenbeck 92270, CAOral Surgery1962409268
Peter M Scheer 92270, CAOral Surgery1255338208
Duong C. Nguyen 92683, CAOral Surgery1144229527
Rick Chien Chi Tsay 90024, CAOral Surgery1851392062
Richard J. Torchia 92120, CAOral Surgery1124020045
Alan Gene Shelhamer 92009, CAOral Surgery1578565081
John Ray Gordon 92108, CAOral Surgery1326030990
Savannah Waddy 90746, CAOral Surgery1598758427
John C Jeppesen 93003, CAOral Surgery1952394421
Samuel Young 92563, CAOral Surgery1881686285
Paul Grin 90503, CAOral Surgery1700888278
Fremont Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery 94538, CAOral Surgery1396211926
Timothy C Snyder 95945, CAOral Surgery1164415527
Kuei Shu Liao 91770, CAOral Surgery1407840523
Richard S Eng 95116, CAOral Surgery1508850652
William Joseph Ferguson 93003, CAOral Surgery1588658413
Lewis Clayman 94564, CAOral Surgery1992799613
Irving Norflin Riley 95688, CAOral Surgery1215922760
Edward Charles Marshall 92591, CAOral Surgery1568457729
David Lee Wilson 93551, CAOral Surgery1902892540
Mcbride & Wittenberg, A Dental Corporation 95023, CAOral Surgery1083600365
Larry Paul Parworth 94535, CAOral Surgery1023005923
Timothy Stevens 92243, CAOral Surgery1164416731
Stanley S Koh Dds Inc 93301, CAOral Surgery1417945601
Randall Robert Maahs 95128, CAOral Surgery1861481509
Sanjay M Mallya 90095, CAOral Surgery1538158043
Nanlin Chiang 95864, CAOral Surgery1265422893
Vidal Solis Arroyo 90640, CAOral Surgery1356331581
Craig A Chan 92024, CAOral Surgery1063493658
Thomas Gail Auyong 91765, CAOral Surgery1396726782
Brian Burke Blatter 94520, CAOral Surgery1750363602
Martina T Parrone 94103, CAOral Surgery1952390692
Yan Kalika Dental Corporation 94559, CAOral Surgery1497223382
Jeffrey Gerald Ant 96860, CAOral Surgery1881670412
Kimberly A Ebner Dds Inc 91106, CAOral Surgery1801872395
David Allen Pulsipher 92563, CAOral Surgery1750367751
Milan John Jugan 92270, CAOral Surgery1063491785
Kurt Gerard Hummeldorf 92108, CAOral Surgery1679543599
David R. Cummings 92660, CAOral Surgery1609846542
Rex C. Moody 92660, CAOral Surgery1043280985
Donald Testa 92649, CAOral Surgery1821068644
Mark Breese 92008, CAOral Surgery1518947704
Jeffery Robert Graves 94591, CAOral Surgery1184601791
Center For Oral Health 33612, CAOral Surgery1376933622
James H Macdowell 92131, CAOral Surgery1629053798
Albert Farrer Steunenberg 94592, CAOral Surgery1912977240
Richard P Merrifield 92134, CAOral Surgery1396716676
Harry Richard Cole 92134, CAOral Surgery1366413361
Sohrab Moshiri 91364, CAOral Surgery1528039138
John Alex Tomaich 95616, CAOral Surgery1164494514
Joseph Vincent Olszowka 92134, CAOral Surgery1790756294
Lee James Slater 92122, CAOral Surgery1336112721
Simmon Chan 91803, CAOral Surgery1710950175
Mark Scott Ericson 94541, CAOral Surgery1952374761
Harvey Zalsman 92354, CAOral Surgery1538132204
Sharon Michelle Crowder 91301, CAOral Surgery1356315469
Robert E Huntington 91767, CAOral Surgery1497720775
David H. Gilbert 91786, CAOral Surgery1447228523
Lester Machado 92103, CAOral Surgery1598733727
Thomas Michael Baransky 92055, CAOral Surgery1417926478
Larry J. Moore 91709, CAOral Surgery1992773022
Gary H Chan 92373, CAOral Surgery1700855350
Trent Howard Westernoff 92677, CAOral Surgery1174592372
Paul David Braun 92868, CAOral Surgery1376502344
Thomas Francis Kelly 94535, CAOral Surgery1013977008
Gregory Arthur Kasten 93906, CAOral Surgery1467412361
Dr. Jiachang Zhang, Inc. 92024, CAOral Surgery1124585773
Lewis R Eversole 92123, CAOral Surgery1649230608
L R Eversole A Dental Corporation 92123, CAOral Surgery1861452641
Derrick Flint 94143, CAOral Surgery1265493373
Philip J Sapp 90095, CAOral Surgery1205897311
Oregon Health & Science University 97201, CAOral Surgery1609837574
Thomas Terumi Omoto 90274, CAOral Surgery1407817208
Henry Hang yee Fung, D.d.s. Inc. 90022, CAOral Surgery1497716930
Jeffery C.b. Stewart 97201, CAOral Surgery1639131089
Cynthia Kleinegger 97239, CAOral Surgery1366404717
Mary Alicia Delsol 92629, CAOral Surgery1629030994
Richard C.k. Jordan 94143, CAOral Surgery1710949979
Ian S. Mcdonald 92025, CAOral Surgery1992767735
Evan S Gold 92025, CAOral Surgery1699738930
Scott W Podlesh 95050, CAOral Surgery1861455917
Kirk Kwan Yen 95125, CAOral Surgery1013971555
Russell Christensen 90095, CAOral Surgery1821052796
John S Greenspan 94143, CAOral Surgery1427012392
William Carpenter 94143, CAOral Surgery1598729477
Richard Charles Kasper 94115, CAOral Surgery1730143520
Martin Chin 94115, CAOral Surgery1043275738
Michael A. Pogrel 94143, CAOral Surgery1679539530
Roland I. Young 95355, CAOral Surgery1609832427
David Salehani 90069, CAOral Surgery1760448351
George A Maranon 91436, CAOral Surgery1780640144
Richard A. Smith 94143, CAOral Surgery1306803960
Karin Vargervik 94143, CAOral Surgery1265499842
Hieu D Pham 94143, CAOral Surgery1972560043
Dale E. Stringer 92506, CAOral Surgery1861440836
Gordon Robert Osborn 93309, CAOral Surgery1578511796
Janice Lee 94143, CAOral Surgery1649228073
Michael Gene Neilson 94535, CAOral Surgery1811946841
Donald Tyler 94535, CAOral Surgery1386694644
Sam Gilani 90210, CAOral Surgery1134179443
Lan Su Dmd Phd 91362, CAOral Surgery1164472353
Joseph A Foroosh Dental Corp 92395, CAOral Surgery1639120041
Rudolph Dean Lang 91307, CAOral Surgery1770534257
Adam Joseph Janette 93405, CAOral Surgery1104877380
Roger Stephen Kingston 95618, CAOral Surgery1316999600
Victor T Pak 95382, CAOral Surgery1912950080
Gerald P. Unhold 92025, CAOral Surgery1225090053
Robert Glenn Hale 91367, CAOral Surgery1366404410
Kevin J Cebula 91105, CAOral Surgery1962464040
Scv Oral And Maxillofacial Surgery 91355, CAOral Surgery1649717075
Ucsf Dermatopathology Service 94115, CAOral Surgery1235191305
Mastour & Fard Dental Corp 91320, CAOral Surgery1750848776
An Hong Vuong 92708, CAOral Surgery1508813510
Ronald Yueh 91343, CAOral Surgery1699722314
Robert T. Wheeler 92630, CAOral Surgery1184663262
Joseph R Rosenberg 91775, CAOral Surgery1275572539
Jone Kim 92821, CAOral Surgery1982643110
John Bartholomew Pick 91355, CAOral Surgery1699714105
Alexander P Ierokomos 95231, CAOral Surgery1528009990
Jeffrey Christopher Payne 95207, CAOral Surgery1649213174
Marwood M Stout 93030, CAOral Surgery1598708190
Shelley Hiroko Miyasaki 94121, CAOral Surgery1750325130
Nicholas William Rotas 95661, CAOral Surgery1750326500
Robert Vaifro Fontanesi 92868, CAOral Surgery1558306746
Jeffrey Politz 94558, CAOral Surgery1023044260
Sean William Digman 94535, CAOral Surgery1538195326
Phillip Merrell 94115, CAOral Surgery1316974454
James Steven Supancic 93291, CAOral Surgery1831125160
Eric Boles Wall 95207, CAOral Surgery1366479230
Deborah Greenspan 94143, CAOral Surgery1841228285
David Ehsan 94108, CAOral Surgery1295764678
Khaldoon Rammo 92648, CAOral Surgery1275562340
Pearlman David Hicks 90806, CAOral Surgery1215966809
James W Mcleod Dds & D John Webb Dds 91361, CAOral Surgery1467482422
Adam J. Janette, Dds Inc. 93405, CAOral Surgery1144251307
Nestor Karas Dds Md Inc 94596, CAOral Surgery1942232541
Chad Allen 93901, CAOral Surgery1538484662
Robin L. Reisz, Dds. A Professional Corporation. 93720, CAOral Surgery1962447557
Benjamin Yagoubian Dds, Md A Pc 90505, CAOral Surgery1154878544
Yan Kalika Dental Corporation 95304, CAOral Surgery1003384991
Yan Kalika Dental Corporation 94520, CAOral Surgery1912475807
Jagdev Singh Heir 95834, CAOral Surgery1851320584
Mark Allan Weiner 95816, CAOral Surgery1831121250
Gerald D. Horner 92130, CAOral Surgery1871526764
Mark G. Womack 95973, CAOral Surgery1437182334
James William Mcleod 91361, CAOral Surgery1831121177
Donald John Webb 91361, CAOral Surgery1649202987
Kierian Brian Kuklok 92129, CAOral Surgery1609800671
Francis Hyunjin Chung 94110, CAOral Surgery1205860665
James P Jensvold 91367, CAOral Surgery1134153315
Rebeka G. Silva 94121, CAOral Surgery1801811864
Leon Robert Peck 90211, CAOral Surgery1538185376
William B. Williams 94611, CAOral Surgery1073539086
Peter S Wohrle 92660, CAOral Surgery1871519033
Craig B Dever 92037, CAOral Surgery1760408223
Grant Jong 92506, CAOral Surgery1255358172
Azeem K. Lakha 94301, CAOral Surgery1053338087
Kian Farzaneh 94526, CAOral Surgery1982621942
Stephen Earl Needle 90404, CAOral Surgery1659399145
Joel Sheldon Berger 92123, CAOral Surgery1841218229
Erick James Eklund 95062, CAOral Surgery1154348704
Michael P Morrissette 93010, CAOral Surgery1093733453
Louis Gallia 95825, CAOral Surgery1932127156
Mark L Pledger 92562, CAOral Surgery1659399285
Robert Charles Curreri 92653, CAOral Surgery1467470401
The Regents Of The University Of California 90095, CAOral Surgery1689692303
Brian T. Bast 94143, CAOral Surgery1689693087
Dieu Quang Pham 92708, CAOral Surgery1205856598
Barry Johnsin 90277, CAOral Surgery1841210036
Peter S Lam 91722, CAOral Surgery1437179264
Theodore A Tanabe 90601, CAOral Surgery1982625372
Michael Lee Rowe 91723, CAOral Surgery1639199417
Torrey Pines Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery 92130, CAOral Surgery1699796276
Michael P. Shaw 95350, CAOral Surgery1679594113
John J. Holton 91786, CAOral Surgery1417978339
Dustin L. Rowe 90808, CAOral Surgery1215959671
Robert Steven Kiken 93105, CAOral Surgery1982626255
Charles Clayton Phillips 92130, CAOral Surgery1912920745
Charles Bernard Stuller 92357, CAOral Surgery1346263092
Kenneth Wayne Pierson 93274, CAOral Surgery1174546675
Alan Harris Kaye 90210, CAOral Surgery1437173564
Charles Shubert Ricks 93291, CAOral Surgery1740294412
Terry W Slaughter Dds Msd Inc 95023, CAOral Surgery1770598328
Donald L. Cram, D.d.s., Inc 92506, CAOral Surgery1154336501
Marc Peter Salomone 92262, CAOral Surgery1942216239
Robert Larry Bass 92260, CAOral Surgery1891701009
Leonard Lem 91007, CAOral Surgery1356357636
Richard A. Petty 91030, CAOral Surgery1831105105
John A Boghossian 94070, CAOral Surgery1598771875


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