Providers with Taxonomy: Oral Surgery in the state of Michigan

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Oral Surgery
in the state of Michigan:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Kenneth J Mulder 49546, MIOral Surgery1982796447
Brent James Dingman 49546, MIOral Surgery1518187806
George Kirby 49423, MIOral Surgery1770846834
Chandini Hudson 08002, MIOral Surgery1396942397
Kathryn Vorwald 33612, MIOral Surgery1689961385
Central Michigan Group 48823, MIOral Surgery1124540240
Cornelius William Henry Hoekstra 49424, MIOral Surgery1114928454
Jeffrey Avaron Osguthorpe 84120, MIOral Surgery1427127422
Amir Allhaji 48201, MIOral Surgery1619479763
Claude Charles Lerose 48236, MIOral Surgery1831536861
Robert M Laughlin 70123, MIOral Surgery1831310135
Suzanne Pasternak 48201, MIOral Surgery1912035817
David Russell Montgomery 34471, MIOral Surgery1528366473
Alamat Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery Pllc 48316, MIOral Surgery1265955082
West Shore Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery Associates, Plc 49444, MIOral Surgery1053458604
Michigan Oms P C 48322, MIOral Surgery1801906458
Julianna M. Hukill 48439, MIOral Surgery1720175631
Premier Oral Surgery And Implants, Plc 48439, MIOral Surgery1033594411
Reju Palakatt Joy 06030, MIOral Surgery1609322965
Rohin Ambaram 91356, MIOral Surgery1457747123
Austin Be 48154, MIOral Surgery1538574009
Choo-soon Kua 48154, MIOral Surgery1447643283
Nicole Elizabeth Stehle 48640, MIOral Surgery1659764652
William A Schiro 48911, MIOral Surgery1255385704
David Scott Coviak 48092, MIOral Surgery1164829438
Steven Wolf, Dds, Pc 48091, MIOral Surgery1801896923
Mid Michigan Oral Surgery Pc 48823, MIOral Surgery1174516413
Midwestern Oral Surgery Associates, Pllc 48126, MIOral Surgery1992754022
Cadillac Oral Surgery Assoc 49601, MIOral Surgery1588618912
The Huntington Group, P.c. 48070, MIOral Surgery1548208010
Plymouth Oral & Facial Surgery, Plc 48170, MIOral Surgery1245253111
Specialized Surgeons Llc 48152, MIOral Surgery1528072303
Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery Associates Of Western Michigan Plc 49504, MIOral Surgery1598772626
Oral Surgery Associates, Pc 49546, MIOral Surgery1033223250
Birmingham Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery, Plc 48009, MIOral Surgery1598255044
Oral And Facial Surgeons Of Michigan, Pc 48353, MIOral Surgery1275640369
Richard F Scott Dds Ms Pc 48103, MIOral Surgery1558472332
Robert Bruce Macintosh D.d.s., P.c. 48025, MIOral Surgery1649371543
Great Lakes Oral Surgery And Implants, P.c. 48507, MIOral Surgery1902993819
Timothy Schmakel Pc 48025, MIOral Surgery1316016561
Regents Of The University Of Michigan Dental Faculty Associates 48109, MIOral Surgery1932279882
Summit Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery Pc 48092, MIOral Surgery1811066129
Oral Surgery Associates Of Lansing Pc 48917, MIOral Surgery1881797983
Great Lakes Bay Health Centers 48607, MIOral Surgery1255422143
Garfield Road Dental 2 48195, MIOral Surgery1861950701
Cosmetic Dentistry Institute 48083, MIOral Surgery1528131364
Northern Michigan Oral And Maxillofacial Surgery Pc 49770, MIOral Surgery1154483014
West Michigan Oral And Maxillofacial Surgery Pc 49423, MIOral Surgery1326197880
Metropolitan Oral And Maxillofacial Surgery, P.l.l.c. 48507, MIOral Surgery1619021862
American Professional Oral Surgery 48304, MIOral Surgery1386780179
Midwest Oral And Maxillofacial Surgery P C 49036, MIOral Surgery1649316183
Oral And Maxillofacial Surgery Associates Of Michigan, P.c. 48334, MIOral Surgery1235273152
Baumstark And Hyde Oral Surgery, P.c. 48638, MIOral Surgery1982748802
Farrel F Levasseur Pc 48708, MIOral Surgery1952438780
Regents Of The University Of Michigan Oral Pathology 48109, MIOral Surgery1083739262
Robert A. Miller, Dds, Ms, P.c. 48124, MIOral Surgery1114045259
Great Expressions Dental Centers Of Connecticut, Pc 48304, MIOral Surgery1700922671
Steve L Wolf Dds Pc 48375, MIOral Surgery1386867802
Cardon & Sorrow Oral And Maxillofacial Surgery Plc 49203, MIOral Surgery1639369358
Daniel C. Madion Dds, Md Pllc 49686, MIOral Surgery1194916981
William A. Schiro, D.d.s, P.l.l.c. 48911, MIOral Surgery1790978385
Michael R. Meyrowitz, D.d.s, P.l.l.c 48911, MIOral Surgery1801089487
Mark S Medel Dds Pc 48831, MIOral Surgery1598951055
Renaissance Oral Surgery Pc 48066, MIOral Surgery1235325499
Facial Pain And Sleep Center Plc 48083, MIOral Surgery1215124672
Dynamic Dental Services, Plc 48083, MIOral Surgery1396932752
Lynn Hyland Dds Pcs Pc 49008, MIOral Surgery1275721532
Grand Traverse Oral Surgery, P.c. 49684, MIOral Surgery1003095605
Arvind Gulati Dds Pc 48375, MIOral Surgery1003097650
Lawrence H. Beck, D.d.s. Inc 48060, MIOral Surgery1033391230
Battle Creek Oral And Maxillofacial Surgery 49015, MIOral Surgery1548443294
Bloomfield Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery, P.c. 48304, MIOral Surgery1720262348
Detroit Receiving Hospital & University Health Center 48201, MIOral Surgery1497939607
Downriver Surgery Center, Pc 48192, MIOral Surgery1023295474
L Van Ameyde Dds, Pc 48316, MIOral Surgery1700064847
George A Cripps Dds Pc 49548, MIOral Surgery1750569323
Warren Vallerand, Dds, Md, Pc 48375, MIOral Surgery1376712968
Jeevaka Yapa Dds Pc 48034, MIOral Surgery1457523755
Robert B Felsenfeld Dds Pc 48124, MIOral Surgery1457523714
Dearborn Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery Associates, P.c. 48124, MIOral Surgery1972777514
Mid Michigan Oral Surgery 48837, MIOral Surgery1942468186
Mid Michigan Oral Surgery 48813, MIOral Surgery1861650095
Upper Michigan Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery Pc 49855, MIOral Surgery1316110778
Bay Area Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery, P.c. 49684, MIOral Surgery1972750826
Jeffrey N Hamlin Dmd Pc 49008, MIOral Surgery1285885459
Michael J. Cusatis Dds Pllc 49735, MIOral Surgery1518118454
Regents Of The University Of Michigan Oral Pathology 48109, MIOral Surgery1285889709
Regents Of The University Of Michigan Dental Faculty Associates 48109, MIOral Surgery1386899805
Stephen E Nechvatal Dmd Pc 48446, MIOral Surgery1316185150
Oakland Oral Surgery Associates 48150, MIOral Surgery1710127188
Oakland Oral Surgery Associates 48375, MIOral Surgery1437399870
Alpine Oral Surgery Pc 49544, MIOral Surgery1992945943
Eric K. Taylor, Dds, Pc 48307, MIOral Surgery1104058478
Michigan Center For Oral Surgery 48183, MIOral Surgery1982937454
Detroit Receiving Hospital And University Health Center 48201, MIOral Surgery1679808042
Bliss Oral & Facial Surgery 48192, MIOral Surgery1881920619
Northville Oral &facial Surgery Center 48167, MIOral Surgery1861729261
Lawrence W Pompili Dds Pc 48162, MIOral Surgery1689906349
Great Lakes Family Dental Group livonia, P.c. 48154, MIOral Surgery1497077630
Regents Of The University Of Michigan Dental Faculty Associates 48109, MIOral Surgery1528370434
Lake Michigan Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery Pllc 49085, MIOral Surgery1245544824
Gregg D. Bobier, Dmd, Pc 48307, MIOral Surgery1841505088
Hyde Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery Pllc 48638, MIOral Surgery1740596857
Reynold J. Baumstark Dds 48638, MIOral Surgery1477860716
Kris A. Stegmann, D.d.s., P.l.l.c. 49686, MIOral Surgery1366741498
Kossak Consulting Llc 48236, MIOral Surgery1679856637
Randy L Bisping Dds Ms Pc 49441, MIOral Surgery1174892772
Norbert E. Fernandez, Dds, Pc 48103, MIOral Surgery1245509710
John M Kim Dmd Pc 49085, MIOral Surgery1144537333
D Gary Wolford Dds Pc 48080, MIOral Surgery1114229911
Rochester Hills Oms, P.c. 48307, MIOral Surgery1366745119
Bradley Dental 48091, MIOral Surgery1770848129
Nick Leone Dds Pc 48081, MIOral Surgery1043568694
Paul M. Flynn, Dds, Pc 48917, MIOral Surgery1356782155
Northville Oral & Maxiollofacial Surgery Plc 48167, MIOral Surgery1932540366
Anchor Bay Oral Surgery, P.c. 48047, MIOral Surgery1386052991
Care Dental Pllc 48126, MIOral Surgery1245649789
Keystone Oral And Maxillofacial Surgery Pc 48036, MIOral Surgery1427457191
Joseph M Hildebrand Dds Pc 48317, MIOral Surgery1023416732
Oral Surgery P.l.l.c 48316, MIOral Surgery1295133460
Sundus Marogy Hy Llc 48310, MIOral Surgery1881084234
Cass A. Radecki, D.d.s., P.c. 48176, MIOral Surgery1124414800
Kalamazoo Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery, P.c. 49024, MIOral Surgery1265522262
Davison Family Dentistry, P.c. 48423, MIOral Surgery1033589734
Norton Shores Dental Pc 49441, MIOral Surgery1255719456
Centerpointe Oral And Maxillofacial Surgery 48236, MIOral Surgery1245692425
Advanced Oral Surgery & Implant Center P.c. 48130, MIOral Surgery1629422597
Forest Hills Dental, P.c. 49546, MIOral Surgery1932554995
Derek R. Nykiel Dds Pc 48025, MIOral Surgery1528413812
Longhorn Ranch Oral And Maxillofacial Surgery Pc 49015, MIOral Surgery1831546407
Dds tapestry 48214, MIOral Surgery1629510482
Gd Surgeons Pllc 48375, MIOral Surgery1679075782
Prosthodontic & Implant Consultants Pc 48322, MIOral Surgery1972794352
Gregg S Resnick Dds 49707, MIOral Surgery1366957862
Cynthia A Rider Dmd Pllc 49203, MIOral Surgery1760900120
I Care Oral Surgery And Dental Implant Center Pllc 48382, MIOral Surgery1356865174
Omfs Enterprises Pllc 48307, MIOral Surgery1821584681
Garfield Road Dental 1 48038, MIOral Surgery1962969634
Advanced Oral Surgery, Pllc 49546, MIOral Surgery1508324732
Wdwrosevillepllc 48066, MIOral Surgery1659936441
Albert J Wesley D D S Pc 48308, MIOral Surgery1497317705
Western Lake Erie Oms, Pc 48162, MIOral Surgery1629445986
Albert J. Wesley, Dds Pc 48363, MIOral Surgery1134564537
Splendent Implant Center 49444, MIOral Surgery1891297057
Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery Of Greater Grand Rapids Llc 49316, MIOral Surgery1295375137
Midland Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery P.c. 48640, MIOral Surgery1619964715
Rabban acho Dental Pllc 48038, MIOral Surgery1578192712
Great Lakes Oral And Maxillofacial Surgery P.c. 49770, MIOral Surgery1760008528
Michigan Maxillofacial Surgery & Implants Pc 48604, MIOral Surgery1619322526
Great Lakes Jaw Surgery, Pc 49508, MIOral Surgery1326291816
Gilbert R Kleiff Dds Pc 48183, MIOral Surgery1467430439
Arunas S Vaitiekaitis Dds Pc 48060, MIOral Surgery1902871767
Michigan Oral And Maxillofacial Surgeons, P.c. 48104, MIOral Surgery1528008042
Oral And Maxillofacial Surgery Services, Plc 49546, MIOral Surgery1548283559
James W. Lepczyk D.d.s., P.c. 48025, MIOral Surgery1053328245
L Van Ameyede Dds Pc 48316, MIOral Surgery1740393719
Nicholas Thomas Dds & Robert Shore Dds, Pc 48021, MIOral Surgery1841383841
Oakland Oral Surgery Associates 48314, MIOral Surgery1033299052
Plymouth Dental Associates Pc 48170, MIOral Surgery1164506135
Hennig Woodbury & Howard Pc 48603, MIOral Surgery1952476269
Washtenaw General Dentistry Associates 48197, MIOral Surgery1245392307
Eastside Dental Specialists Pllc 48021, MIOral Surgery1740324052
Oral And Maxillofacial Surgery Associates 49735, MIOral Surgery1669675567
The Huntington Group, P.c. 48070, MIOral Surgery1306047600
Clayman & Riley Pc 48034, MIOral Surgery1083819601
Clayman & Riley Pc 48034, MIOral Surgery1366648909
Facial Surgery Institute, Plc 49855, MIOral Surgery1740533892
Anish Gupta Dds Pllc 48165, MIOral Surgery1821685041
Michigan Family Dentistry, Pllc 48034, MIOral Surgery1902389984
Regents Of The University Of Michigan 48109, MIOral Surgery1467487694
Regents Of The University Of Michigan 48109, MIOral Surgery1023043296
Ascension Medical Group Michigan 48236, MIOral Surgery1629272968
Legacy Oral And Facial Surgery Center Pc 48103, MIOral Surgery1841862232
Regents Of The University Of Michigan School Of Dentistry 48109, MIOral Surgery1124143300
Regents Of The University Of Michigan School Of Dentistry 48109, MIOral Surgery1912152430
North Oaks Dental Pllc 48073, MIOral Surgery1588962351
Palm & Panek Dds Pc 49341, MIOral Surgery1437206745
Palm & Panek Dds Pc 49525, MIOral Surgery1649361999
Third Coast Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery 49315, MIOral Surgery1902551351
Dhillon Dental, Pllc 48307, MIOral Surgery1114675816
Center For Implant Dentistry 48334, MIOral Surgery1033851241
Henry Ford Health System 48202, MIOral Surgery1801970124
Lansing Oral Surgery, Pc 48911, MIOral Surgery1831465871
South Shore Oms Pc 48183, MIOral Surgery1861122871
Great Lakes Sleep And Orofacial Pain Clinic 48307, MIOral Surgery1083350581
Seven Oaks Professional, Pllc 48359, MIOral Surgery1558510537
Aaron Michael Pokorny 48307, MIOral Surgery1366589228
Aaron Ruskin 48334, MIOral Surgery1154388098
Abigail F Cook 48109, MIOral Surgery1750951919
Adam Fisher 48124, MIOral Surgery1427336940
Adam Lawrence 48640, MIOral Surgery1134525967
Adam James Lytle 49546, MIOral Surgery1770780330
Albert Wesley 48363, MIOral Surgery1073770855
Alena Marie Fear 48103, MIOral Surgery1427445295
Alex Abramson 48109, MIOral Surgery1861914707
Alvin Yousif Daboul 48073, MIOral Surgery1033362793
Amy Man-wai Chin 48109, MIOral Surgery1114144581
Andrew A Afshar 48640, MIOral Surgery1659314888
Andrew Nicholas Fulgenzi 48219, MIOral Surgery1417149303
Andrew Meram 48116, MIOral Surgery1518122845


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