Providers with Taxonomy: Oral Surgery in the state of New York

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Oral Surgery
in the state of New York:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Jeffrey M. Tulman 11747, NYOral Surgery1265435259
George A Schabes 11040, NYOral Surgery1356344113
John S Mcintyre 11243, NYOral Surgery1992708689
Harry G Sacks 11040, NYOral Surgery1669475992
Angela Jiyeon Yoon 10032, NYOral Surgery1760486377
Paul Anthony Patella 10530, NYOral Surgery1639173040
Doron Kalman 11373, NYOral Surgery1306841754
Morris J Feder 11219, NYOral Surgery1982609939
Paul Gates 10457, NYOral Surgery1033115506
Marc D Brown 10457, NYOral Surgery1396741328
Michael J Fidler 13905, NYOral Surgery1568468130
Carl Gerard 14626, NYOral Surgery1902803794
James Robert Cella 11580, NYOral Surgery1396743274
Scott A Harwood 11557, NYOral Surgery1225036619
Harry Lumerman 10029, NYOral Surgery1154329910
Hope Lynn Wettan 11554, NYOral Surgery1619976164
Michael Steven Rothberg 11596, NYOral Surgery1154320448
Steven Schwartz 11776, NYOral Surgery1083614804
Kenneth Lee Stoler 11776, NYOral Surgery1679573455
Mario Joseph Capuano 11784, NYOral Surgery1831199694
Bartley R. Labiner 10457, NYOral Surgery1780684373
David Behrman 10065, NYOral Surgery1609876671
Robert Douglas Kelsch 11040, NYOral Surgery1972505493
Sharon Ann Pollick 11772, NYOral Surgery1770576001
Jay William Bridbord 11030, NYOral Surgery1235122821
Jeff Rossman 11724, NYOral Surgery1184617797
Seth Martin Black 10065, NYOral Surgery1093707036
Stuart Lee Fischman 14214, NYOral Surgery1710971536
Steven Richard Schwartz 11235, NYOral Surgery1073500849
Steven H Cho 10022, NYOral Surgery1326034380
Jay P Goldsmith 10022, NYOral Surgery1780670745
William Frederick Down 12305, NYOral Surgery1588652473
Steven R Izzo 11385, NYOral Surgery1750379699
Dino Michael Defilippis 10801, NYOral Surgery1568451250
Ralph Thomas Costagliola 10314, NYOral Surgery1730178120
Steven Joseph Caldroney 10010, NYOral Surgery1083603450
William F Pochal 14901, NYOral Surgery1942299094
Matthew B Brown 14901, NYOral Surgery1851381867
Daniel H Farr 14901, NYOral Surgery1780674796
Steven Alan Kollander 11385, NYOral Surgery1841280724
Lawrence E. Way 13601, NYOral Surgery1932199635
Robert Mines 10467, NYOral Surgery1366432817
Dwight Williams 10467, NYOral Surgery1679563761
Abraham` Nathan Finkel 12180, NYOral Surgery1699766444
Erhard Alfred Beuttenmuller 13602, NYOral Surgery1578554119
Alvin H Bregman 13619, NYOral Surgery1720079155
Bruce James Dines 13601, NYOral Surgery1871584193
John Michael Fox 12078, NYOral Surgery1184605305
Bolaji Olusola Ogundare 10016, NYOral Surgery1831170042
Anthony Trevor Green 11432, NYOral Surgery1972584969
Alvaro Jose Marin 11372, NYOral Surgery1598746315
Michael D. Turner 10003, NYOral Surgery1760463137
Noel Hecht 11206, NYOral Surgery1194706630
Harvey Meranus 11590, NYOral Surgery1174505903
Marc Benjamin Hertz 11230, NYOral Surgery1952383663
Jeffrey Alan Goldberg 11791, NYOral Surgery1962484360
David Lee Schneck 13602, NYOral Surgery1316920705
James Yu-jen Su 10033, NYOral Surgery1710976923
Terrence R Mclean 14215, NYOral Surgery1275524316
David V Valauri 10016, NYOral Surgery1659353167
Robert J Licul 11590, NYOral Surgery1700869765
Kenneth Alan Paticoff 11729, NYOral Surgery1174506976
Brad A Levine 11050, NYOral Surgery1144203613
Sachin Jamdar 11717, NYOral Surgery1770567133
John L Guariglia 11717, NYOral Surgery1891779278
Steven I Snyder 11741, NYOral Surgery1801870282
Guenter J Jonke 11790, NYOral Surgery1730163106
Marvin Paul Anderson 13602, NYOral Surgery1962487926
Marshall P. Solomon 11203, NYOral Surgery1134104110
Mohammad Baghaei-rad 12010, NYOral Surgery1649256173
Ngozi N Etufugh 11550, NYOral Surgery1598741043
Timothy D Bonniwell 14850, NYOral Surgery1386622173
Daniel Buchbinder 10003, NYOral Surgery1407835390
Mitchell S Brookstone 11793, NYOral Surgery1992784748
Joseph M Huryn 10021, NYOral Surgery1023097409
Jerry L Halpern 10019, NYOral Surgery1881673143
Steven J Tunick 10065, NYOral Surgery1407836604
Jonathan Bruce Kameros 11419, NYOral Surgery1871563478
Jose Ruiz Villanueva 09244, NYOral Surgery1396710695
Stewart Keith Lazow 11203, NYOral Surgery1295701779
Rory Sadoff 11554, NYOral Surgery1407822653
Michael James Smith 10950, NYOral Surgery1023084274
Christopher Joseph Lane 10601, NYOral Surgery1205802345
Malcolm Baldwin Zola 10457, NYOral Surgery1083681597
Barry W Langsam 10804, NYOral Surgery1144299207
Dolores J. Wawrzynek 14120, NYOral Surgery1215996871
Joseph Edward Margarone 14221, NYOral Surgery1609849058
Lynn Pierri 11788, NYOral Surgery1275506008
Ralph J. Cangiano 11501, NYOral Surgery1518927102
Victor L. Nannini 11501, NYOral Surgery1750341368
Phillip Geoffrey Cary 14424, NYOral Surgery1205896735
Michael E. Lessin 11040, NYOral Surgery1922069293
Scott A Siegel 11747, NYOral Surgery1841251956
Alex V. Meneshian 11501, NYOral Surgery1396706412
Leonard R. Hoffman 11501, NYOral Surgery1487615670
Lawrence E. Becker 11501, NYOral Surgery1235190430
Charles Irwin Adler 11372, NYOral Surgery1316909765
Andre H. Montazem 10029, NYOral Surgery1740242437
Jeremiah D'anna 10312, NYOral Surgery1063475424
Nancy Creed 13202, NYOral Surgery1356304877
Adam T. Hershkin 10017, NYOral Surgery1396708525
Mark Stein 10305, NYOral Surgery1093778102
David Hoffman 10305, NYOral Surgery1407819501
Warren C Hammert 14642, NYOral Surgery1710940788
Denise Amanda Trochesset 11794, NYOral Surgery1841253788
Juan Carlos De Fex 11372, NYOral Surgery1821052317
Anthony James Mastroianni 14301, NYOral Surgery1134183197
Jay Matthew Neugarten 11042, NYOral Surgery1922062728
Stephen Alan Sachs 11042, NYOral Surgery1437114931
Michael Howard Schwartz 11042, NYOral Surgery1518922012
Gilbert Harold Schulenberg 14209, NYOral Surgery1124084389
Stanley Adam Youdelman 11717, NYOral Surgery1831147032
Amy Ruth Bryan 14209, NYOral Surgery1841248226
William James Friedel 11772, NYOral Surgery1659320976
Patrick Vincent Scott 14127, NYOral Surgery1740239037
Kristin Nicole Leis 85254, NYOral Surgery1750330916
Samuel Goodloe 14221, NYOral Surgery1144279191
Paul Norman Rogow 10548, NYOral Surgery1902855075
John Michael Allen 10025, NYOral Surgery1396796793
Ronald Adam Chmiel 14221, NYOral Surgery1386696722
Sherrill Fay 10007, NYOral Surgery1043273089
Michael Marshall 10016, NYOral Surgery1275594186
David Lee Anderson 14626, NYOral Surgery1417906249
Moses Datson 11226, NYOral Surgery1679534580
Steven Vukas 14150, NYOral Surgery1972560910
Brian L. Schmidt 10016, NYOral Surgery1417906777
Robert L. Cronyn 30905, NYOral Surgery1528016631
Bradley Adam Hirsch 10032, NYOral Surgery1174573976
Kim E Goldman 10010, NYOral Surgery1689634404
Michael H. Chan 11209, NYOral Surgery1093769317
Bret D. Gelder 12308, NYOral Surgery1972557999
Michelle Leivette Bryant 07701, NYOral Surgery1699721290
Harvey Lawrence Shuster 10573, NYOral Surgery1427096635
Julia Abend 10553, NYOral Surgery1740229186
Ross Oran Chavkin 11747, NYOral Surgery1093754467
Shahin Shahgoli 10036, NYOral Surgery1700825627
Gayle Tutone Miranda 10010, NYOral Surgery1497794341
George E Anastassov 10022, NYOral Surgery1174564322
Nebridio Mario Dinardo 14224, NYOral Surgery1013958065
Carmen P Fasulo 12203, NYOral Surgery1740222942
Kenneth Sherman Roll 12401, NYOral Surgery1912949934
Christopher M First 11717, NYOral Surgery1831133362
Thomas Arcati 11743, NYOral Surgery1720023757
Edward Boyczuk 14224, NYOral Surgery1770527921
Fred Rodems 14224, NYOral Surgery1497799647
Andrew E Zeidman 10019, NYOral Surgery1356386353
Bruce T Ridolfo 14127, NYOral Surgery1437195443
William X Schneider 11743, NYOral Surgery1922044676
William Boyczuk 14224, NYOral Surgery1891721874
Michael Boyczuk 14224, NYOral Surgery1821024670
Brian David Simpson 10954, NYOral Surgery1326074808
Steven D'abundo 11566, NYOral Surgery1225064611
Robert A. Engl 14217, NYOral Surgery1508893470
William K. Kopp 11373, NYOral Surgery1518994268
Paul Edward Gould 10954, NYOral Surgery1043248354
Martin Garfield 11566, NYOral Surgery1093743130
Peter M. Sherman 10016, NYOral Surgery1427087915
Lionel Angelo Bulford 12866, NYOral Surgery1033149018
Eric William Ruckert 14618, NYOral Surgery1851322531
Richard Charles Edwards 14618, NYOral Surgery1720019409
Lawrence James Busino 12203, NYOral Surgery1487699211
Ida Anjomshoaa 11372, NYOral Surgery1316284763
Neil Richard Mcgowan 11554, NYOral Surgery1063444156
Pierpaolo Preceruti 12205, NYOral Surgery1265465611
Renrick Benn 11201, NYOral Surgery1851325757
Anthony M Cuomo 10512, NYOral Surgery1720012578
Richard G Harwood 11103, NYOral Surgery1215962576
Haitham Ennabi 12590, NYOral Surgery1437174398
Josef G. Bieber 12524, NYOral Surgery1790700383
Clayton J. Hise 12524, NYOral Surgery1811912421
Herbert J Shaprio 10601, NYOral Surgery1750307518
Jeffrey I Stein 10601, NYOral Surgery1144246901
Michael A Caruso 10601, NYOral Surgery1043236805
Earl I Clarkson 11206, NYOral Surgery1659397578
Peter Evan Protzel 11714, NYOral Surgery1700802980
Michael Charles Mistretta 10019, NYOral Surgery1780602920
Joseph J Nicols 11795, NYOral Surgery1760400964
William James Simmonds 13021, NYOral Surgery1316966641
Boris Zats 11229, NYOral Surgery1134147770
Frank T Sindoni 14221, NYOral Surgery1144249368
Steven Verveniotis 11570, NYOral Surgery1730109786
Linda Ling-hua Huang 11355, NYOral Surgery1962423517
Thuan C Loi 13021, NYOral Surgery1588685838
Michael N Hatton 14221, NYOral Surgery1265454599
Andrew Bernard 11706, NYOral Surgery1063435790
David Kessler 11211, NYOral Surgery1881617363
Karen Simmonds-brady 13021, NYOral Surgery1407879711
Michael B Brady 13021, NYOral Surgery1972526127
Andrei Mark 10019, NYOral Surgery1992729628
Kenneth Kai Cheng 07018, NYOral Surgery1811911506
David M Miller 11725, NYOral Surgery1285658120
Jack Kaufman 10901, NYOral Surgery1558385591
Francis James Murphy 11570, NYOral Surgery1467475673
John Robert Keene 11590, NYOral Surgery1588678502
Lester David Stein 11788, NYOral Surgery1851315014
Martin Rosencrans 11373, NYOral Surgery1982628392
Mitchell Myles Rubin 11570, NYOral Surgery1003820671
Clifford Salm 10022, NYOral Surgery1003820663
Charles John Ptak 11222, NYOral Surgery1083629778
Orrett Everard Ogle 11206, NYOral Surgery1194731646


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