Providers with Taxonomy: Oral Surgery in the state of Texas

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Oral Surgery
in the state of Texas:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Michael Andrew Sitters 77090, TXOral Surgery1801899802
Zahid S Lalani 77379, TXOral Surgery1396748299
J. Steven Widner 78731, TXOral Surgery1801899711
Carlos Cruz 78539, TXOral Surgery1639172109
Marcus L Mcroberts 78550, TXOral Surgery1487657953
Karl F Frey 78550, TXOral Surgery1821091398
Russell King Bass 75019, TXOral Surgery1134121288
Lavelle Ford 76548, TXOral Surgery1184626210
Terry D Taylor 77030, TXOral Surgery1891797130
Dale Mark Gallagher 78727, TXOral Surgery1851395321
Thomas Maurice Weil 77063, TXOral Surgery1356346613
John R Zuniga 75390, TXOral Surgery1588660856
William Jacob Wintersteen 77494, TXOral Surgery1861498164
Stephen C Walters 76017, TXOral Surgery1306842273
David R Mulherin 77090, TXOral Surgery1053317933
Stephen C Dwyer 77304, TXOral Surgery1366448284
Martin James Clark 77381, TXOral Surgery1447256367
Charles M Repa 77382, TXOral Surgery1629074547
Daniel W Williams 77379, TXOral Surgery1356347272
Deborah Lee Cooper-newland 77401, TXOral Surgery1689679227
Edward F Rod 77702, TXOral Surgery1174521843
Gary Wayne Mcdonald 77339, TXOral Surgery1275531774
William Ralph Phillips 75225, TXOral Surgery1225036759
Sandra Milburn Edwards 79912, TXOral Surgery1588662365
James Lucente 75150, TXOral Surgery1811996457
Jack R. Vizuete 78229, TXOral Surgery1477552925
Ronald R Schlimmer 78413, TXOral Surgery1245239755
Mance A Cutbirth 78413, TXOral Surgery1750380283
Stephen Earl Davis 77340, TXOral Surgery1558360826
Richard P. Harper 75110, TXOral Surgery1598765455
Wendell Alan Edgin 78229, TXOral Surgery1619977493
Jimmie L Burk 78229, TXOral Surgery1710987516
Richard Frank Montgomery 78028, TXOral Surgery1326048133
Donald V Nix 75023, TXOral Surgery1063412849
James Michael Startzell 78229, TXOral Surgery1073513347
Gregory Keith Spackman 78229, TXOral Surgery1790785061
David George Leibold 78229, TXOral Surgery1245231810
Thomas S Jeter 76903, TXOral Surgery1740282748
Ronald Coulter King 78229, TXOral Surgery1871585927
Prashant Reddy 75093, TXOral Surgery1174515563
Larry Wilson Spradley 76244, TXOral Surgery1386637536
Charles M Gray 77845, TXOral Surgery1205829041
James Douglas Bates 75205, TXOral Surgery1730172347
Aesthetic Oral & Facial Surgical Center Of The Southwest, Pc 76248, TXOral Surgery1790778314
David Edward Parmer 76244, TXOral Surgery1356334502
Scot F. Collins 76712, TXOral Surgery1699760041
Bruce Stewart Smith 77429, TXOral Surgery1417942871
John William Hultquist 78236, TXOral Surgery1194710053
Wayne D Scott 75460, TXOral Surgery1689669236
Monta Cutbirth Kennady 77845, TXOral Surgery1144216599
James Curtis Garrett 77845, TXOral Surgery1952397135
Raymond L Wiggins 77450, TXOral Surgery1942297510
Texas Oral And Facial Surgery 77450, TXOral Surgery1477540052
Dale Eugene Renner 77069, TXOral Surgery1104813294
Max Gregory Neill 76109, TXOral Surgery1538156658
Jason K Potter 75231, TXOral Surgery1467449207
Brian Michael Unterman 77381, TXOral Surgery1134117765
Teresa Ellen Reeves 78236, TXOral Surgery1023003183
Bradley Michael Turner 78236, TXOral Surgery1982698700
Schwarz, Cruz, Llp 78504, TXOral Surgery1609864958
Reconstructive Oral And Maxillofacial Surgery Pa 78539, TXOral Surgery1629067657
Francisco M Perez 78539, TXOral Surgery1851381214
John Patrick Mcphillips 76021, TXOral Surgery1548251531
Ronald Lewis Berry 78251, TXOral Surgery1912998410
Harold Odell Marshall 75230, TXOral Surgery1962483768
John David Wallace 75231, TXOral Surgery1811978349
Haroon Ismaili 76017, TXOral Surgery1215919337
Orthodontic Smile Design, Pc 75052, TXOral Surgery1831554708
Carlos J Villarreal 78539, TXOral Surgery1609865641
Carl Anthony Labella 78236, TXOral Surgery1881683530
Raymond W Kaercher 78023, TXOral Surgery1336122886
John P Schmitz 78231, TXOral Surgery1295719508
Richard Lee Johnson 76311, TXOral Surgery1174509665
Samer Dar 77024, TXOral Surgery1477539435
Joseph Dylan Bowles 76033, TXOral Surgery1922085331
Diane Jane Flint 75246, TXOral Surgery1922086230
George Allen Nail 75010, TXOral Surgery1952380826
William E Thornton 78216, TXOral Surgery1083693600
Jack W Pool 78216, TXOral Surgery1427037068
Michael A Casillas 78216, TXOral Surgery1407835069
San Antonio Surgical Arts, P.a. 78216, TXOral Surgery1952380511
Lavan R Parker 78216, TXOral Surgery1063491462
Jeffrey S. Dombrowski 75010, TXOral Surgery1023088143
John Michael Ray 75246, TXOral Surgery1164492344
Mark Edward Ranschaert 75032, TXOral Surgery1689644536
David Wills Nunez 78552, TXOral Surgery1730163585
Phil Joe Kim 75024, TXOral Surgery1720064132
Robert R Lemke 78216, TXOral Surgery1750364295
Dentalworks Of Pleasant Hills Inc 15236, TXOral Surgery1457323388
Fred J Voorhees 78750, TXOral Surgery1417920950
Sam B Fason 78705, TXOral Surgery1093788556
Andrea L Quaroni 78705, TXOral Surgery1063484558
Brad A Theriot 78745, TXOral Surgery1649242132
James C Fuselier 78745, TXOral Surgery1174595664
Barry D Cunningham 78750, TXOral Surgery1942272430
Gregory N Burroughs 78628, TXOral Surgery1386617835
Robert Lynn White 78759, TXOral Surgery1851364970
Thomas S Weil 78759, TXOral Surgery1831162957
George M Grant 78666, TXOral Surgery1871566984
Yi-shing Lisa Cheng 75246, TXOral Surgery1245204684
John Paul Stella 76104, TXOral Surgery1114992757
Charles Keener Scruggs 77590, TXOral Surgery1043285109
Peter L Holland 76201, TXOral Surgery1013982016
Alan L Peet 78258, TXOral Surgery1356317036
Robert Paul Johnson 78229, TXOral Surgery1780650721
B.d. Tiner 78229, TXOral Surgery1285601534
Phillip T Iero 77401, TXOral Surgery1497722664
James Edward Franco 78229, TXOral Surgery1063480077
Christopher Curtis Medley 78209, TXOral Surgery1679541288
Mary Thomas 77030, TXOral Surgery1699743302
Rick Lee Hurst 75965, TXOral Surgery1477522266
Greg S Tate 75965, TXOral Surgery1861461121
Robert Jason Pavelka 75080, TXOral Surgery1700845930
Glenn Joseph Makowski 76248, TXOral Surgery1275592701
David Ventura Malave 78258, TXOral Surgery1134188576
Robert Bryan Roach 78258, TXOral Surgery1972562312
Charles L. Clark 78130, TXOral Surgery1659331650
Lee Parsons Oneacre 75028, TXOral Surgery1861452906
Larry Roland Stewart 75075, TXOral Surgery1891755864
Meckler Dental Providers (dublin), Inc. 43017, TXOral Surgery1366415051
Dcp Of Brookfield Square, Llc 53005, TXOral Surgery1659344349
Meckler Dental Providers (belden), Inc. 44718, TXOral Surgery1346212974
Dcp Of Illinois (irving Park), Ltd. 60641, TXOral Surgery1831162528
Texas Dental Associates, Pa 77389, TXOral Surgery1942712377
George J. Trakakis D.d.s. & Associates (fox Valley), Ltd. 60504, TXOral Surgery1326010950
Dcp Of Pennsylvania (beaver Valley), Inc. 15009, TXOral Surgery1780656314
Eric R Pierchoski Dmd & Assoc (westmoreland) Inc 15601, TXOral Surgery1184696015
Dcp Of Pennsylvania (robinson), Inc. 15205, TXOral Surgery1629040555
Meckler Dental Providers (garfield), Inc 44125, TXOral Surgery1457324147
Meckler Dental Providers (south Plaza), Inc. 44319, TXOral Surgery1275506966
Illinois Dental Providers (harlem & North), Ltd. 60130, TXOral Surgery1013980705
Meckler Dental Providers (river Oaks), Ltd. 60409, TXOral Surgery1235101866
Illinois Dental Providrs (schaumburg), P.c. 60173, TXOral Surgery1407828031
Dcp Of Southridge Shopping Center, Llc 53220, TXOral Surgery1568435253
Dr. Raina & Associtates (chicago Ridge), Ltd 60415, TXOral Surgery1053385567
Dr. Tabachnik & Associates (richmond), Inc. 44124, TXOral Surgery1720051410
Meckler Dental Providers (strongsville), Inc. 44136, TXOral Surgery1639142326
Mark Allen Miller 78229, TXOral Surgery1083680367
Dentate 75965, TXOral Surgery1487623104
Madhu K Nair 75082, TXOral Surgery1952370322
David Majid Fallah 79905, TXOral Surgery1598735292
Garrett Steven Nelson 75034, TXOral Surgery1528028040
Richard Cardoso 77030, TXOral Surgery1861453961
Robert Bryan Ioppolo 79423, TXOral Surgery1225099906
Lance A. Read 76508, TXOral Surgery1659332351
Howard F Cooke 75237, TXOral Surgery1477514230
Pedro F Franco 75038, TXOral Surgery1073574760
Likith V Reddy 75246, TXOral Surgery1104887645
Geraldine A. Koehler 76508, TXOral Surgery1205898582
David Isaac Tucker 78234, TXOral Surgery1053373175
Juan Fernando Gonzalez 78759, TXOral Surgery1073575130
Faith L Oliver 75208, TXOral Surgery1295797926
Kirk Scott 75034, TXOral Surgery1003879156
Joseph John Dusek 77598, TXOral Surgery1902869183
Christine Jeanette Coke 75013, TXOral Surgery1528021672
James R Newland 77401, TXOral Surgery1689638355
John-michael Stewart 75225, TXOral Surgery1497719751
Carina Lynn Schwartz-dabney 75390, TXOral Surgery1740245547
Jess M Hamilton 77339, TXOral Surgery1821053497
Joseph R. Raub 76508, TXOral Surgery1861457996
Philip Wayne Vance 76508, TXOral Surgery1750346656
Pathology Affillates Of Houston Pllc 77074, TXOral Surgery1114983012
Gregory David Taylor 76092, TXOral Surgery1851358956
John Jasper Lovoi 77573, TXOral Surgery1659339455
Richard Allen Finn 75390, TXOral Surgery1992763643
Douglas Philip Sinn 76063, TXOral Surgery1780632307
Donald Cohen 77030, TXOral Surgery1194773432
Dean B Spingola 75063, TXOral Surgery1588615108
Craig E Buchmann 76248, TXOral Surgery1144272832
Chad Russell Seabold 77027, TXOral Surgery1316990419
David K Hunter 76051, TXOral Surgery1285687582
University Of Texas Southwestern Medical Center At Dallas 75390, TXOral Surgery1770537508
Leonard Wilton Smith 79106, TXOral Surgery1376596189
Jesus A. Gomez 78414, TXOral Surgery1396701561
James David Lussier 78028, TXOral Surgery1851353957
George Kevin Pollock 75032, TXOral Surgery1659329175
Zachary H. Highberger 76544, TXOral Surgery1679521660
Ryan Max Johnson 79601, TXOral Surgery1336190099
Edward Ellis 78229, TXOral Surgery1750348199
Meckler Dental Providers (great Lakes), Inc. 44094, TXOral Surgery1801859681
Matthew Eric Robertson 78745, TXOral Surgery1750343802
Mark Francis Duvernois 79912, TXOral Surgery1245284306
Michael Derae Sheppard 76063, TXOral Surgery1871547893
Michael B Gissell 78216, TXOral Surgery1255386140
Larry Dean Chelsey 79106, TXOral Surgery1427003037
Seth L Witcher 78222, TXOral Surgery1881640779
Phillip Kattchee 77098, TXOral Surgery1104873009
Carlos Portales 78230, TXOral Surgery1770530081
Don N. Test 78216, TXOral Surgery1164469938
Frank Roger Louis Frishkey 77089, TXOral Surgery1710925961
James W Kennedy 77030, TXOral Surgery1356380596
John Graham Whinery 79106, TXOral Surgery1508806472
William R Patterson 75028, TXOral Surgery1871533943
William Richard Knoderer 75087, TXOral Surgery1649212168
Mark Gregory 75150, TXOral Surgery1619919545
Sandra Vergara 76301, TXOral Surgery1528000841
Gregory Blaine Scheideman 76109, TXOral Surgery1225070030
Corpus Christi Oral And Maxillofacial Surgeons Pc 78413, TXOral Surgery1669416475
Lisa Susan Jacob 78723, TXOral Surgery1386688331
Robert G Mcneill 75042, TXOral Surgery1881638989


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